Oshkosh Lanes

Oshkosh Lanes

  Name: Oshkosh Lanes  
  Address: 275 N Washburn Street  
  City: Oshkosh  
  State: WI  
  Zip: 54904  
  Phone: (920) 426-5445  
  Hours: See website  
  Lanes: 36  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
  Comments: I would like to thank everyone that posts comments, good or bad, they help us to better our business.  
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Oshkosh Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 4/17/2011 Name: elizbeth
A group of us 3 adults, 2 16yr olds and 3 little boys (6, 5, & 4) went this afternoon to bowl, their internet was down so they were listening to CD’s. It was rap, F-this F-that white d****s, B*tches, and it was loud! We were not the only group to have little ones also! We as a group paid $70.00 plus to play 2 games….we got the pitcher of soda and pizza deal, and 2hrs of bowling. 5 adult players on one lane couldnt manage to play more than 2 games in 2 hrs….we couldnt even finish our 2nd game because the lane broke. The 3 little boys had their 2 games done and over with! They had soo many problems with the lanes we were on, the supervisor was embarassed for us, but since it was his last day and there wasnt a manager they couldnt do anything for us!!! We have to wait till tuesday to talk to someone?? The supervisor told us he was quiting because of the lanes being run down and broken all the time and hes sick of dealing with all the drama that follows with the problems! Too bad shore view had a tournament and we were forced to go to oshkosh lanes….will never go there again….ever!

Comment Date: 3/22/2010 Name: anonymous
I teach at a local Oshkosh elementary school and have been bringing the students to Oshkosh Lanes for field trips. The staff there is wonderful with children! This is the reason we keep coming back. They even turned on the techno lights for us! The kids love this place and I love this place, because of the great discounts it gives school groups! Whenever I am there the manager Chris is working our school group. He has always been incredibly nice to us. When the younger students get their ball stuck in the gutter, he is so friendly towards them as he fixes this problem! They provide a great family atmosphere that is reasonably priced for everybody. It also helps to have a friendly staff that works well with people of all ages! Thanks oshkosh Lanes!

Comment Date: 3/14/2010 Name: Amber
Some of these comments are so far fetched… I have been coming to the lanes for their free bowling on Mondays (i can’t make wed.)… The first week I was there it was only my boyfrind and I, so they put more people on our lane. I guess that’s what happens when it’s BUSY! I can’t complain – because we foudn new friends to meet with every Monday 🙂 I always have a great time! The bartender that works every Monday is amazing… he shakes dice with us for shots and I don’t think the drinks are expensive. Especially when you’re bowling for FREE! 🙂 I love this place, which is why I come back every monday for sure !

Comment Date: 3/14/2010 Name: Pack4Eva
I was recently bowling at Oshkosh Lanes for the State Tournament. I actually own a bowling center that has hosted this tournament before. I understand how hectic it can be! You get 10 crap comments to every good comment- hence why I’m posting…. This place doesn’t get the credit it deserves…. The staff there is incredible! I bowled a Friday shift and saw how crazy it was. The bartenders were all focused, the cooks were so busy I don’t see how they caught up, the floor people caught machine calls quicker than I did, and more importantly- they had FUN! The counter girl had to switch over from tournament mode to their lights out disco bowling mode. She was very impressive. This was a great experience and I plan to take with some helpful pointers when I head back home to help improve my center. Hats off to the ‘people behind the scenes’– your hard work is not going unnoticed… Thank you!

Comment Date: 3/8/2010 Name: OutOfTowner
I moved to Oshkosh right around two years ago to be with my fiance an personally i have not found a better establishment. It has a friendly atmoshpere that i can’t get enough of. My fiance and i usually bowl there 3 nights a week and next year i plan on joining a league. The staff has been extremly friendly to me, the pizza is amazing and i feel the prices are just right. If you go down the street to The Bar you’re paying twice as much for your drinks. I understand they don’t have the prices of all the college bars downtown, but here you have room to move and breathe rather than having a bunch of drunk college students sitting on your lap waiting for beer. I know right now that they have at least one lifetime customer right here.

Comment Date: 2/26/2010 Name: Ken Baker
This placec s*cks. The lanes are always dry and the service s*cks. Especially the little short fat manager. we only used to some there on free bowling nights because the lanes are a waste of money as they dont take care of them and the computer is always going haywire too.
Even when they do have free bowling, we get there to wait in line around 8:40 as it starts around 9. then we get a lane for 3 people. then here comes 10:15 rolling around and we get 3 strangers added to our lane. it should be a first come first serve basis especially since we were the ones that came ealr to wait in line for a lane. So we played another game and left.
I know its only free bowling and yadda yadda yadda but who cares… their drinks cost a lot and never offer any kind of specials.. wait.. happy hour for what, like 2 hours or something like that. but other than that pitchers are always $8 everytime. If they would let us we’d just purchase a 1/4 barrell or something but they wont.
bottom line is management s*cks, lanes s*ck, pricing s*cks, and everything about this place is horrible. Shoreview is my new bowling alley….

Comment Date: 2/23/2010 Name: Jack Henry
I think Oshkosh lanes is a big and busy place. The only thing I have to comment is the manager there. I hate when i get serviced by him. He is very rude. And the lanes there s*ck. lanes are dryer then ever. But the manager s*cks. I sure hope shorevies starts to expand there hours.

Comment Date: 2/18/2010 Name: luv 2 bowl
What a small world!! I bowl league at Oshkosh Lanes 2 nights a week for the past 12 years and was bowling when the prior situation happened. It was me who alerted the staff to an underage situation as I frequent the bar that this person bartends at – – – – you can guess the rest. The proof of a good business is “how busy you are” and this place is very busy which brings me my only gripe. They book too many tournaments taking away all the lanes. In fact, they have virtually no open play lanes available on the weekend for 4 months. But I guess the local businesses LOVE Oshkosh Lanes as they are responsible for bringing in millions of dollars into the area. My guess is that the people running these tournaments think very highly of Oshkosh Lanes as well…….

I was appalled at the service i recieved at Oshkosh Lanes, my friends and I had decided to go bowling after a nice dinner we had. They are in their 20s and im only 20 while i payed for the games and got their shoe sizes they went to the bar for a drink to take to the lane to bowl. I went to the bar and waited holding the shoes. My friend had gotten 2 drinks for herself right away so she didnt have to get one in the middle of the game. I was asked for my ID and i said i didnt have one the drink is for her, and she replied she was drinking it as well. The bartender assumed it was for me, however it was not. I carried the shoes to the lane as they carried their drinks. Within 1 minute of sittng down a lady approached me screaming and causing a scene..She yelled who is under age and drinking? i replied im not 21 but im not drinking. My friend also replied they were hers and i handt even touched or held the glass for her, she continued to snap her fingers and yell in all of our faces threatening to kick us all out and to shut up she dosent care,.She accused me of drinking and continued to yell. Stating i know you did! over and over! I no longer wanted to bowl and asked for a refund of the 2 games and was told they do not issue refunds. I then asked to speak to the manager about his staffs rude behavior and was directed around the corner into the bar. While talking to him the lady approached me again screaming saying i can not be in the bar and to leave, i replied im talking to the manager right now and she said whatever and walked away yelling again. The manager did not say anything in my defense, he also was drunk at the bar when told of the situtation he replied ”Well i dont think she did anything wrong and i dont care.” He stated it was his policy, however i explained to him i also bartend and Im not disagreeing with the policy im just stating she did not have to scream and be so rude to customers like that,,she could have been professional about it. He then stated ”Lets talk about this when im sober,,so you can come back later” My friend then asked if she could talk to or contact the owner since she is a paying customer and your drunk. The manger replied absolultley not your only gonna deal with me and i dont care. I walked away and left the establishment at that point apalled at the behavior of the staff. I would not recommend this place to anyway, the staff is unprofessional and extremely rude! I will not be returning.

Comment Date: 1/28/2009 Name: Anonymous
we left and went to rec lanes they care more about poker than bowling

Comment Date: 12/8/2008 Name: Anonymous
I have bowling at Oshkosh Lanes for about 10 years now. And I think some of the comments are so far fetched it’s not funny. I think what the employees and the bar manager have done to the place is awesome. They have turned that place into a great place to go. Not just to bowl but just to go and have a good time.

Comment Date: 10/1/2008 Name: Anonymous
whoever just made that last comment is completely insane, I am in there quite often and see how the bar manager treats people, other than his friends. He is rude, arrogent, and does not care about other customers, only his friends

Comment Date: 10/1/2008 Name: Anonymous
I have been a long time bowler at osh. lanes and will not ever return there. I have seen the place go so down hill ever since the old bar manager left, and has been replaced with Chris, who could care less about us customers. So if you want a good place to bowl at, go anywhere but the lanes.

Comment Date: 9/21/2008 Name: Blank
Oshkosh Lanes is a great place to visit time and time again. I have gone their for many years and plan to keep going. I have read some of the comments below and find it funny what some people have written. Have you seen the new menu it’s great and there is something for eveyone at everytime including breakfast. The staff is alwasy smiling. The place is clean no matter how many times i have been in the building. The bar staff and mostly the bar manager, his name is chris are great. Lastly i would tell eveyone to see what i see. Go see them and enjoy your time like my family does…

Comment Date: 8/13/2008 Name: love 2 bowl
Oshkosh Lanes is the best center in Oshkosh. It’s a clean, fun, and friendly enviroment. The current staff rocks!! Those of you who post bad things about this place clearly have another agenda or are just plain stupid.

Comment Date: 4/19/2008 Name: bowling luver
oshkosh lanes is a great time. i love everything about it and their pizza is great. when i was there, there was a 7 pound ball that worked like magic for me. i was using a 8 pounder and i wasnt doing very good. so i started to use that lucky 7 pounder and then i got 2 spares and strike in a row. overall i love the place!! =]

Comment Date: 4/19/2008 Name: liza
omg oshkosh lanes is a great bowling expeirience and im so glad i went. there’s one bad thing about their website. THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THE FOOD. I WANT TO LOOK UP THE PRICE OF A DANG PIZZA BUT NOOOO. THERE STUPID WEBSITE DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING ABOUT PIZZA.

Comment Date: 4/15/2008 Name: Anonymous
I do go to Oshkosh Lanes however not as much as I use to. Their bar manager they have now is arrogant and not people friendly unless it is someone he apparently knows and their is another guy bartender their a bigger guy who is just plain rude. What ever happened to the good employees that use to work their 2 years ago. You still have a couple good employees like that little blonde girl but not many. What a shame.

Comment Date: 4/15/2008 Name: Anonymous
Oshkosh Lanes use to be a much friendlier establishment! One I use to want to take my children too. But ever since that one nice friendly lady who worked during the day and weekends left I feel things in the friendly family department has gone down hill. What a shame that establishments don’t know the value of an employee. The lady working now is rude and vulger in her comments towards people especially to children and I will not bring my children back there.Maybe Oshkosh Lanes should learn the value of there employees and keep the good ones that bring repeat business back instead of replacing them with employees that are losing them business. Word of mouth is worth alot in repeat business and my word of mouth does not have anything good to say about Oshkosh Lanes.

Comment Date: 4/11/2008 Name: anonymous
Oshkosh lanes is the best! Their Pizza is Great and there employes are nice and friendly.. all u guys that complained about oshkosh lanes are lying. All u guys need to grow up!!!

Comment Date: 2/8/2008 Name: Anonymous
I have had similar bad experiences at Oshkosh lanes. The staff has never been very friendly or helpful, and the lanes tend to be very bad. The bar staff is especially rude. If your looking for a good place to go bowling with your family I would recommend going to Shore View lanes or one of the centers in Appleton.

Comment Date: 1/7/2008 Name: Brian
Oshkosh lanes is pewp.

Comment Date: 1/3/2008 Name: Anonymous
Just because some of you had bad run ins with employees does not make this a bad establishment. Ive been to Oshkosh Lanes several times and enjoyed myself with friends. Ive never been the butt-end of a joke from an employee, no one has ever made racial slurrs at me, you’re all just focusing on the bad! It’s a pleasant environment! I go there almost every Friday or Saturday night for Techno Bowling, and I dont intend on stopping because a few people post bad reviews. Of course your going to run into jerks wherever you go, but you can’t let ONE bad experience ruin your outlook.

Comment Date: 12/1/2007 Name: Anonymous
Talk about racist, rude, inconsiderate, and ignorant people in Oshkosh! You’ll find it all and more at Oshkosh Lanes. My club at UW-Oshkosh decided to celebrate the end of the semester at Oshkosh Lanes, only to find out that the people there are narrow minded! A classmate and I were outside smoking a cigarette, while warming the car, and these two guys, who were transporting poker chips & tables inside, made unnecessary comments towards us. One of the guys asked, �So are you guys bowling?� He asked as though we were just there to have a cigarette; so we looked at each other thinking, �Are you kidding me?� Then he proceeded and said, �What, can�t understand English? You don�t understand English?� That was the most thoughtless and discourteous thing anyone could have asked. To be so judgmental towards someone of a different race without even knowing that we COULD understand his foul language. We decided that it was best to just ignore him, and when we went inside to gather up the rest of the club members, the two guys walked behind us and the same guy said, �Boy, I need a cigarette after carrying these tables in. Don�t you? But I thought that you had to be 18 to smoke.� The other guy replied sarcastically, �Yeah you do, but not in Wisconsin. You only need to be 12 like them.� Okay, for their information, we were well over the age to smoke. We were 21 years old for heaven�s sake. We could have gone into the bars, and showed them our VALID ID�S! I cannot believe how ill-mannered these two guys were! Just because we were Asians, short, and looked as though we were in middle school, DOES NOT give them the right to make such outrageous comments. For the years that I�ve been going to school here in Oshkosh, never have I�ve felt so disgusted with the people here. I will never go back to Oshkosh Lanes again, and I will indeed let my advisors and the university community know about my experience there.

Comment Date: 4/25/2007 Name: Luke
I had the worst experience in Oshkosh Lanes, I went to Oshkosh lanes for junior state bowling tournament. Me and a few of my friends went to check out the lanes the night before the tournament, when we walked in, a lady came over and asked us if we had on wristbands, we said no so she said we needed to leave and watched us as we walked out. When we were walking to our vehicle, a worker at the dumpster we had to walk by stopped us and asked us what we were doing, we said we were leaving, he said “YOU NEED TO WALK THAT WAY RIGHT NOW!!” and pointed to the road, we then asked if we could go to our car first, then he made me run to my car, get my license while my friends had to stay with him until I returned. I’m 18 years old and I don’t look that young. That was the worst experience I’ve ever had at an establishment, and will never go back again if I don’t have to.

Comment Date: 7/15/2006 Name: Amber
I just went to Oshkosh Lanes tonight. I was there on the record hottest day of the year. I asked to turn on the air conditioning and they refused. It was 93 degrees in the place and the guy I talked to said “the owner are cheap and will not turn it on.” I just want to let everyone know that I spent $75.00 in this establishment tonight. I am extremly dissapointed and I will never return.
Amber and Matt

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