Bowling Pin Types

The Winsom pin. This is a Asian made Brunswick pin. It was cheaper for them to ship Canadian Rock Maple to Asia and have them shipped back than to use US labor. This pin is the prototype for the Killer “B” pin. The Brunswick “Max”. This is the current pin with the trademarked crown logo. The AMF Sumo pin. This is a novelty pin based on the very popular Sumo bowling ball.

A rare AMF pin, violated Brunswick’s crown logo trademark and was discontinued. The Brunswick “Flyer”. This is one of Brunswick’s first injection molded pins. Injection molding made the coating thicker than the original dipping process. The Brunswick mixer. This pin was the last in the series of plastic dipped pins for Brunswick.

The Vulcan Vultex II. Vulcan was a competitor to both AMF and Brunswick. It is a surlyn coated injection molded pin. Vulcan was eventually bought by Brunswick. The Brunswick “B” Max. This is an early version of the Brunswick “Max” pin.. The Brunswick Killer “B”.

The Brunswick PBA gold pin. This 3lb 10oz pin is heavier than the normal pin. The pin pictured here has the “colored” PBA logo and can only be used in PBA tournament play. A similar pin with the black logo can be used in regular scratch and league play. The Brunswick WWF “The Rock” pin. The Brunswick PBA gold pin an souvenir autograph pin.

The candle pin.

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