Top 10 Best Bowling Gloves For 2024

When you step out onto the lanes, having the right bowling glove can make all the difference. Whether you want extra wrist support, a glove limiting the effects of arthritis on your game, or just a new glove that’s more comfortable, there are plenty of bowling gloves from which you can choose. For 2023-2024, here are our recommendations for the 10 best bowling gloves.


Brunswick Deluxe

If you are new to bowling or just want an inexpensive glove that is no-frills but still comfortable and effective, we suggest you try the Brunswick Deluxe. Inexpensive, lightweight, and featuring a low-profile, the Brunswick Deluxe has the two fingers between your pointer and pinky finger exposed at the tips, while the pointer and pinky finger are completely protected. However, note that Brunswick only offers this version of bowling gloves right hand bowlers can wear, so you’re out of luck if you’re a lefty. Also, this glove offers little if any wrist support. Nevertheless, it gets outstanding reviews and bowlers we know highly recommend it, especially for beginners.

Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner


If you are looking for bowling gloves for arthritis or are coming off a wrist injury and want to avoid future injuries, we think the Kool Kontrol bowling wrist positioner glove offered by should merit strong consideration on your part. Featuring metal supports in the glove’s front and back, you’ll also love the ample amount of Velcro on the glove that helps you get a customized fit. Since we often find sizing correctly for a bowling glove can be tough when purchasing online, the glove’s Velcro allows you some room for error. To play it safe, we suggest your order the next size up. As for drawbacks, the Kool Kontrol bowling gloves with wrist support do have a tendency to get warm during a game, which could leave your hand sweatier than you prefer. But overall, we think you’ll like its look and feel.

Storm Xtra-Grip Plus


If you bowl more than a few games per week, we believe putting the Storm Xtra-Grip Plus on your right hand may take your game to the next level. If you’ve had problems in the past with improper technique, this glove is well-known for featuring a backhand support that gives bowlers of all skill levels a consistent wrist position time after time. Also, we especially like this glove’s ventilation, which almost guarantees your hand won’t get sweaty as you get closer to the last frame. In fact, it’s considered to be arguably the best bowling glove on the market today for bowlers who have problems with sweaty grips. However, some bowlers do express concerns about this glove’s durability over time, since its grip has been known to wear off after substantial use. Yet with all its benefits and very simplistic design, we think this glove is well worth trying.

Storm Power Glove Left-Hand


While this bowling glove comes in right-handed versions, we’ve noticed it’s also one of the best bowling gloves in use today by left-handers at the lanes. If you are less concerned about getting additional wrist support and instead are more focused on getting more grip, the Storm Power Glove will give you this and lots more. By not having a brace, we find this glove allows you more flexibility to try the trickier shots. Like other gloves, this one also features a very low profile, but is credited by many bowlers for greatly increasing their grip. However, if you are a bowler who likes to style and profile while knocking down the pins, you might be disappointed to find out the Storm Power Glove only comes in one color.

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace


Though one of the more bulky bowling gloves available today, the Mueller brand is well-respected throughout the bowling world for its braces and supports. A good and affordable brace that will definitely give you plenty of wrist support, we don’t hesitate in saying this is one of the best bowling gloves for arthritis money can buy. Even though it is bulky, it does still allow bowlers who have arthritis or wrist issues to bowl without pain, and it is much easier to fit than most bowlers expect prior to putting it on for the first time. Usually only recommended for bowlers who have wrist issues, we have found bowlers who use the Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace sacrifice practically nothing regarding their bowling skills. But should you be looking to enhance your grip with this brace, you’ll be disappointed. Yet since the Mueller brand is so trusted for its quality, it’s worth trying if your arthritis or other wrist problems have kept you from bowling as much as you would prefer.

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove Right-Hand


Even if you are not a pro bowler, we guarantee that when you slip the Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove on your right hand, this bowling glove with fingers will give you the look and feel of wearing a glove that has a professional aura about it. Made primarily of high-quality leather, you may initially think this glove will have your hand sweating nonstop. However, that’s not the case. Since it also contains plenty of spandex fabric on its inside, the glove has far more breathability than you would expect. As for the glove’s gripping compound, we think you’ll be hard-pressed to find another bowling glove on the market today that can match the Ebonite. Even if you bowl lots of games each week, it will be a long time before you start to notice the gripping compound starting to wear down on this glove. From its comfort and wrist support to its sleek look and professional feel, our opinion is that once you slip on the Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove, you will immediately realize you are getting the best of everything regarding your bowling game. But be prepared to pay for this quality, since this glove is one of the more expensive bowling gloves on the market today.

Hammer Tough Left-Hand Glove


When you first look at the Hammer Tough bowling glove with thumb, you will likely think you are looking at a work glove more so than a bowling glove. However, it is well-named, since it is a bowling glove that is made to stand the test of time. Featuring nothing fancy, it does outdo other bowling gloves with its unique color scheme, which features its bright orange and diamond plate pattern. Given its low profile, wearing the Hammer Tough glove will almost surely enhance your grip. If there is one thing you may or may not like, it is the tight fit of this glove. In fact, we know more than a few bowlers who say this glove feels like a second skin when they get it on their hand. Thus, if your hand gets somewhat sweaty during a game, this glove may be harder to get off than other bowling gloves with fingers you’ve had over the years. Finally, the elastic band on this glove has been known to be fragile at times, especially after the glove has been used over a long period of time.

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Right Glove, Extra Large


While the Hammer Tough is a bowling glove known for its tight fit, this version of the Ebonite Pro Form Positioner is the one we think is perfect for bowlers who have very large hands and may have had trouble in the past finding bowling gloves that fit comfortably. In addition, this is a great glove for beginning bowlers, since it offers a fantastic backhand support system that lets beginners have much better luck with their grip and aiming the ball at the pins. If this problem does not get corrected early on, beginning bowlers develop bad form and bad habits that eventually result in less than stellar scores and sometimes painful wrist injuries. Unfortunately, this glove does not come in a left-handed option, and the backhand support system can also result in limited flexibility on the lanes, so keep this in mind. But if you’re tired of trying to fit your large hands into bowling gloves made primarily for small to average-size hands, give this glove a try before your next game.

Professional Anti-Skid Bowling Gloves


Though you probably don’t see too many bowlers doing this, we can tell you there are more bowlers than you probably realize who like to wear bowling gloves on both hands during their game. As to why, it usually boils down to wanting a good grip on both hands, and to also help them feel more balanced when they throw the ball down the lane. Also, if sweaty hands are a factor in your bowling game, having two gloves can sometimes lessen this problem. However, even when you buy this pair of gloves, remember that you don’t necessarily have to wear both gloves simultaneously. As far as style is concerned, we don’t think you’ll find bowling gloves on the market today that can match the style these gloves possess. But more importantly, these are gloves that provide plenty of flexibility and grip, meaning you’ll look good while you’re improving your bowling game. But remember, since these gloves do come as a pair, you should think about whether or not you will really want or need to wear two gloves while you are bowling.

Ebonite React/R Bowling Glove


Yes, this is yet another Ebonite glove on this list, which should tell you that this company knows what it’s doing when it comes to making bowling gloves. When it comes to the React/R, it is the best glove we know of for helping bowlers of all levels gain complete control during their swing. Available in plenty of sizes, you should not have any trouble finding a size that fits you as close to perfect as possible. As for the grip on this glove, you’ll be glad to know we can say it is the absolute best of the best. Not only will you have improved grip the first time you wear this bowling glove, but you’ll also have a solid grip after you’ve bowled more games than you ever imagined. Though the grip may start to break down after you’ve used the glove over and over, cleaning the glove and storing it properly will definitely extend the life of this glove’s grip. Whether you are a right-hander or a lefty at the lanes, we have little doubt that you will walk away from your next bowling game very impressed with the results you get using this glove.

Selecting Your Glove

Now that you know 10 of the best bowling gloves for 2023-2024, we would be amiss if we didn’t give you a few tips to use when selecting the glove that will get you closer and closer to the ever-elusive 300 game. Before selecting a glove, take into consideration such factors as its material, design, stability, style, and that it does in fact comes in the type you need. After all, you don’t want to pin your hopes on one particular glove, only to realize it does not come in the left-handed version or size you may need. Also, take some time to read reviews about certain brands you may be interested in, since some brands like Brunswick, Mueller, and Ebonite have excellent reputations among some of the best bowlers in the world. Finally, also look closely at bowling gloves that may be designed especially for bowlers who have arthritis or other related wrist issues, since these can give you greater control and comfort, allowing you to bowl using correct form while being pain-free.

Once you find a bowling glove you can fall in love with and trust each time you release the ball, you’ll hang onto it for years and be more anxious than ever to get to the bowling alley with your friends.

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