Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes For 2022



10. KR Strikeforce Mesh Flyer

The Strikeforce Mesh Flyer delivers style and quality in one affordable bowling shoe. Although the Flyer comes in a regular size, they also cater to bowlers with medium and wide feet. Finding bowling shoes for medium to wide feet sometimes proves difficult; not anymore.


The shoes feature Komfort-Fit construction for added comfort when it’s most needed, as well as a breathable design that reduces sweating for a more comfortable bowling experience.


Thanks to FlexSlide technology, sliding into the game is easier than you thought possible. The bowling shoes for men earn a top spot on the list of best bowling shoes for good reason.


  • Choose regular, medium, or wide fit
  • Non-marking rubber sole
  • Microfiber slide pads on each side with FlexSlide technology
  • Shoes include a two-year warranty
  • Helps better control your slide


  • Limited style choices
  • Wider design could affect players with smaller feet

9. Dexter Jack

Another quality shoe with a reasonable price attached, the Jack bowling shoe by Dexter exudes style thanks to the premium leather design. Men love bowling in a shoe that improves their game without taking away their swagger!

Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes
Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes

The Jack shoe has a padded tongue that helps avoid abrasions for a fool–proof game time after time. Dont forget teh side pads that add comfort to the already relaxing shoe. Jack makes sliding easy, for a better game through and through.


This shoe is designed for the needs of most any bowler looking to improve his game.


  • Premium leather design
  • Affordable price
  • Avoid abrasions with the padded tongue
  • Durable shoe for long-lasting wear


  • Sticky toe

8. Brunswick Vapor

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe
Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe

Available in three color patterns, the Brunswick Vapor bowling shoe accommodates every style. With shoe sizes 10 to 14 available, most men can find the right size for their needs.


Not only do the Brunswick Vapor bowling shoes for men look good, they’re also comfortable and durable. This shoe will be around for the long run, even if you frequently bowl.

Features include a padded tongue and collar for added abrasion resistance and comfort. The shoes also have a lightly molded EVA insole and microfiber side pads for added stability for bowlers.


  • Can inser your own pads for extra comfort
  • Affordable price, great starter bowling shoes
  • Non-marking soles
  • Long-lasting design
  • True-fo-fit sizing


  • None we can think of

7. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

One of the best bowling shoes for the price, the Kerrie by Dexter is super stylish thanks to its sneaker-like design with a lace-up closure. Along with style, the Kerrie bowling shoe is super comfortable and lets bowlers gain the stability and slide they need for strike after strike.

Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes
Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

For bowlers who are constantly on their feet, the Dexter Kerrie makes it easier to stand without discomfort thanks to padded sides that cushion the feet. With the breathable mesh material, feet sweating is another concern eliminated from your worry.



  • Accommodate people with all foot sizes and shapes
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Helps prevent abrasions
  • CVO upper pattern
  • Preffered by bowlers over many other bowling shoes


  • Need time to “break in” the shoe before its comfortable
  • Stiff sole

6. Bowlerstore Classic

The Bowlerstore Classic bowling shoe will put the nostalgia back in your bowling game. Available for men and women, the classic bowling alley shoe gives bowlers a little more to talk about during their game.

Bowlerstore Men's Classic Rental Bowling Shoes
Bowlerstore Men’s Classic Rental Bowling Shoes

Sold in sizes 6 to 16, most anyone can find the right size for their feet. No matter the size you need, expect the Classic shoe to have a grat price.


With tons of features, the Classic bowling shoe gives style and plenty more to love. This includes a rubber heel and non-skid sole for a better slide. They also feature a padded tongue for less abrasion.

As far as color options, the Classic comes in three choices, including red, blue, and black.


  • Great for men and women
  • Classic style
  • Non-skid soles
  • Comfortable


  • Stiff sole that can easily detach

5. Dexter Rikki IV

Dexter Men's Ricky IV Bowling Shoes
Dexter Men’s Ricky IV Bowling Shoes

Another Dexter bowling shoe makes the list, this time the Rikki IV. Improved from the Rikki III, this updated version comes in three color patterns, including black and red and blue and gray.


The shoe is made from quality craftsmanship that shoes in the design and in the feel as you wear the shoes. The Rikki IV offers a midsole stabilizer that helps keep feet grounded for better bowling capabilities every shot.

Other important features offered with the Rikki IV bowling shoe include a lightweight design for easier maneuverability, awesome flexibility, and a fabric supportive footbed.

Plus, this shoe is reasonably priced, like most other choices on our list. When you want cheap bowling shoes loaded with features, the Dexter Rikki IV will not disappoint.


  • Flexible shoe
  • Toe bumper
  • Padded tongue
  • Lightweight design


  • Tongue does not stay in place

4. Linds Heritage

For bowlers looking for bowling shoes offering every feature, they could possibly want or need, the Linds heritage is the clear winner. This shoe is pricier than some others on the list but still costs under $100. It’s worth the cost.

KR Strikeforce Linds Heritage Performance Men's Bowling Shoes
KR Strikeforce Linds Heritage Performance Men’s Bowling Shoes

Biomechanically engineered, the shoe helps maximize your performance as well as comfort. Enjoy a 3D deluxe insole for maximum comfort, as well as a Sta-Dry open mesh tongue for fewer abrasions, an elastic ankle band for a more secure fit, and more.



  • Biomechanical design
  • 3D deluxe insole
  • Ankle band
  • Secure fit
  • Improves your bowling game


  • Designed only for right-hand bowlers
  • More expensive than other bowling shoes on this list

3. Dexter Raquel V for Women

For women, the Raquel V is named as one of the best bowling shoes for women. The shoes have a quality design combined with durable construction for long wear and nice comfort even when wearing the shoes for extended periods.

Dexter Raquel V Womens Bowling Shoes
Dexter Raquel V Womens Bowling Shoes

Designed for synthetic materials, the white color with pink line is feminine but still serious. The shoes come in assorted sizes to cater to the needs of more women, and fun to wear.


Without a heel, you have far more comfort and balance. These two benefits alone add tons of sliding and stability if it is part of your game. The shoes include EVA technology and slide microfiber on each side.


  • Performance-enhancing uppers
  • Affordable price
  • Synethic materials
  • Stylish design
  • Micrfiber sides
  • Exra foam padding for more comfort
  • Fit any feet


  • Durability can be a problem with the shoes

2. Pyramid Women’s Rise

Women’s bowling shoes like this pair from Pyramid deliver quality and comfort in one affordable product. That’s why women favor the shoes over others. Wear the shoes and enjoy added comfort, improved game, and of course, awesome style that helps you stand out from the crowd. The Pyramid Rise show is just what she needs! The black shoe has hot pink lines and stars running along each of its microfiber sides.

Pyramid Women's Rise Black/Hot Pink
Pyramid Women’s Rise Black/Hot Pink

Available in shoe sizes 5 to 11, the Rise women’s bowling shoe delivers quality and performance rolled into one unique, fun shoe. Women who choose the Rise shoe by Pyramid can also enjoy the easy break-in that ensures maximum comfort quickly after the first wear.



  • Ideal for right or left-handed bowlers
  • Includes two-year warranty
  • True-to-size fit


  • Lacks tongue padding

1. Black Ops Bowling Shoes

Black Ops bowling shoe is available in widths and sizes perfect for men and women. They’re also available for both left-handed and right-handed bowlers. The shoe is completely black so it coordinates well with any team apparel or uniform.


The shoes included two heels so every bowler has the perfect feel and fit for their game. The light EVA molded tongue and padded sides ensure men and women alike feel comfortable when they bowl.

The overall quality of this shoe adds ensures wearers get the longest possible life expectancy as well as maximum comfort every time they put them on their feet.


  • One-year warranty
  • Extra toe-tap coverage
  • Synthetic performance uppers for better slide and grip


  • Only available in one color/design, limiting options for bowlers looking for style

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