Top 10 Best Bowling Bags For 2024 Reviews


Below is a review of top bowling bags off 2024 that allows you to carry all the accessories you need for a fulfilling bowling session.


1. Pyramid path Deluxe Durable Roller Bowling Bag

Pyramid path Deluxe Durable Roller Bowling Bag

• 600-denier polyester oxford construction
• 21.5-inch retractable wheels
• Double roller

This is a bowling bag with durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction. It also comes with three-inch rubber wheels that allow you to manoeuvre stairs easily. The wide wheels offer the bag stability and the 21.5-inch extendable handle ensure you can easily pull it along. This easy-rolling bag allows you to bring with you, everything you need for your bowling session. It has enough room to hold one pair of size 16 men’s shoes or smaller.

With two bowling balls and all personal belongings crucial to your game, you don’t have to worry about carrying an extra bag. The high-quality material used to fabricate this bag allows you to use it for an extended period of time. The sturdy bag ensures you comfortably carry your bowling essentials without worrying that the bag will be ripped off by the weight. Besides, the padded carrying strap ensures that the weight does not weigh down your shoulder.

This is a bag made of custom material to guarantee it has a long lifespan. It is sturdy for its price with impressive performance. Aside from being aesthetically appealing, this bag is also functional. It rolls like a dream and is spacious enough to function as it should. The wide and deep accessory compartment allows you to carry bowling accessories and easily access them.

• high-quality fabrication
• stable and functional bag with enough space for all your accessories
• Padded carrying straps takes the pressure off your shoulders
• Is a pull the only bag since the extendable hand does not lock in position


2. Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

• Padded ball holder
• Detachable metal hooks that connect handles to the bag
• Cushioning and protection

This a tote bag with a padded ball holder to ensure your bowling ball is protected from damage. Aside from one bowling ball, the bag also fits one pair of bowling shoes, size 14. The high-quality polyester construction ensures that this bag has a long lifespan. You get to have all your bowling gear in one place and easily access whatever you need.

The front compartment is small and low profile, allowing you to secure your keys, cell phone and other essential item’s you’ll need to access easily. The padded adjustable shoulder straps are durable and sturdy to ensure the weight of the bag does not weigh you down and that it doesn’t snap.

Additionally, the bad comes with a padded ball holder that holds your bowling ball in place in the central compartment. The equipt foam ball holder does not wear off over time, ensuring that your bowling ball is always protected. This is a bag that is built to last thanks to the high-quality materials used. Reinforced stitching prevents the bag from tearing open from the weight of the bowling ball.

• Built to last thanks to the high-quality material used for fabrication
• Offers protection for your bowling ball
• Has enough space to accommodate all bowling essentials

• Keeps rolling to its side


3. Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag

• Designed to hold two bowling balls
• Sturdy fabric construction
• Welded steel hardware

This superior quality bag is manufactured using durable denier with a 480D dobby accent colour. It can hold two bowling balls, bowling shoes, as well as, bowling essentials and accessories. It is a dual-zippered bag that ensures everything inside is secured from falling out. The thick transparent top flap is durable enough to ensure it doesn’t wear and tear over time. The bag can hold men’s shoes up to size 12, allowing a wide variety of individuals to use it.

Additionally, the bag features heavy duty stitching and elaborate logo embroidery that is identical with all products. Besides, the welded steel construction, as well as, the durable nylon straps ensure that the bag does not come apart. You can comfortably hold this bag in hand or on your shoulder.

• Padded nylon handle to easy off pressure when the bag is on your shoulder
• Dual zippered to ensure the contents do not fall out
• Sturdy fabric construction that guarantees a long lifespan

• The shoe compartment is tight, making it hard for you to get other accessories out.


4. Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bowling Bag

Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bowling Bag

• Removable top bag
• 600D/1680D fabric
• Five-year warranty

The bag comes with 5-inch kruze urethane wheels with steel bearings that guarantee ultra smooth and quiet rolling. There is also a removable top bag that you can leave behind for a less bulky bag. This bag is fabricated with a 600D fabric that ensures it has a long lifespan. Besides, the extendable handle ensures that it is accessible to a wide variety of users. The handle is 32-inches when in down position and 40-inches when extended.

The five-year product warranty reassures you that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of the product. Aside from a size 15, men’s shoes, the bag can also hold all essential bowling materials and accessories you need for a fulfilling experience. The functional zippers are low profile yet really easy to find. This bag works as advertised and it ensures your bowling essentials are secure.

• Features many compartments for storage
• Has a good bag balance
• Functional zippers that are easy to locate

• Handle does not collapse fully


5. Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus Bowling Bag

• Detachable top accessory pack
• Low profile accessory pocket
• Hook and loop fastening

This heavy-duty bowling bag that is manufactured using durable 1680 denier construction and 840D dobby accent colour is easy on the eye. The detachable top accessory pack offers you ample storage for additional accessories you might want to carry. This bag features compact wheels give you an easy time transporting the bag.

The padded strap handle also allows you to carry the bag on the shoulder without feeling the pressure of the weight. This is a bag that has been thoughtfully designed to offer convenience in storage and movement. There are dual rolling wheels at the back and operate smoothly to ensure you don’t draw attention when rolling it on the ground.

Not to forget the low profile accessory pocket that you can use for your phone and keys, as well as, ready-to-go tools that you need within reach. There is another large and spacious accessory pocket that can be used for towels, shoe protectors and other bowling essentials. The easy and quick retrieval this bag allows ensures you are not frustrated in your efforts to get to whatever you need. You can leave the detachable compartment if you don’t need the extra storage space. The hook and loop fastening guarantees confident and secure transport.

• Comes with a detachable top accessory bag
• Durable build that guarantees a long lifespan
• Spacious and secure

• Does not stand up


6. Storm Solo Bowling Bag

Storm Solo Bowling Bag

• One year limited warranty
• 600D denier polyester fabric
• Zippered accessory pocket

This bag can hold one bowling ball, and it also features an internal shoe pocket that can hold men’s shoe size 15. The adjustable non-slip shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder without worrying about the weight of the bowling ball. The reinforced stitching ensures the handles do not come off at the point where they connect with the bag.

The bag is great for its price and has impressive performance. There is enough room to accommodate all you need for a wholesome bowling experience. This is a perfectly sized bowling bag that you can use to carry shoes, braces and any other thing essential for a bowling session. The bag is comfortable to carry, and the padding ensures your shoulder don’t feel the weight.

• Thoughtfully designed to ensure all you need can be accommodated
• Reinforced stitching for confident and secured transportation
• Fulfils both aesthetic and functional purposes.


7. Ebonite Transport II Roller

Ebonite Transport II Roller

• High-quality fabric
• 600D oxford construction
• 3-inch wheels

This is an excellent quality bowling ball that comes with a separate shoe compartment for better storage arrangement. The high-quality material used to manufacture this bag ensures you don’t have to worry about it wearing and tearing. The oversized zippered side pocket offers additional storage space for anything you’ll need to carry for your bowling session.

There are mold ball cups at the base of the bag that holds the bag in place. There are also thinly padded inserts inside the bowling balls compartments that keep the balls from knocking into each other. Since bowling balls are quite expensive, this additional protection ensures they are in good shape.

There is no doubt that this is a long-lasting bowling bag thanks to the great foam factor and functionality it features. You can now leave the house knowing your bowling balls are secure and that you have everything you need for a fulfilling bowling experience.

• A thinly padded insert protects bowling balls
• High-quality guarantees a long lifespan
• Great form factor and excellent functionality


8. Storm Bowling Products 2 Ball Rolling Thunder

Storm Bowling Products 2 Ball Rolling Thunder

• Reinforced zippers and stitching
• 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
• Huge and wide wheels

The bowling bag’s appearance is easy on the eye, and you get ample storage space. The shoe compartment is spacious enough to fit size 15 men’s shoes. The handle extends up to 39 inches, allowing people with different heights to use this bag. This product features excellent building quality that prevents it from wearing and tearing over time.

The 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is a show of confidence in the quality of the product. The huge and wide wheels offer the bag the stability and balance it needs to roll smoothly without falling to the side. Aside from the excellent building quality, this product also features high-quality, nylon fabrication that is easy to clean. The sturdy zippers do a good job in keeping all your belongings inside the bag. This is an outstanding product that offers great security for your bowling bags thanks to the well thought out design.

• Quality materials used in the fabrication
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Strong zippers that keep all your belongings inside the bag

• Expensive


9. Pyramid Path Deluxe Single Tote Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Deluxe Single Tote Bowling Bag

• Heavy duty construction
• Separate shoe compartment
• Webbed nylon carrying handles

This bag features heavy-duty construction; it ensures it lasts you for an extended period. The product features adjustable and removable straps that have a non-slip pad that keeps the bag hanging over your shoulder. The handles are also padded to take off the pressure due to the weight of the bowling balls.

Welded steel hardware is used in the construction of the handle to ensure it does not easily get damaged. The separate shoe compartment allows you to have an easy time packing what you need in the bag. All in all, this is a great quality product that gives you value for your money.

• Comes with a separate shoe compartment
• Constructed with heavy-duty material
• Adjustable straps

• There is no way of seeing balls in the bag


10. KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote

KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote

• Designed for one bowling ball
• Comes with a side shoe compartment
• Has foam ball inserts

This is a high-quality product that ensures you have a fulfilling bowling experience. You can carry one bowling ball plus one pair of bowling shoes. Besides, the foam ball inserts ensure that your bowling ball is protected. This is a decent bowling bag that is compact sized to ensure you fit everything you need without t looking bulky.

• Decent looking and functional
• Compact size
• Holds your bowling ball plus one pair of shoes

• Holds just one bowling ball

Bowling Bag Selection Tips

Serious bowlers put a lot of thought into the type of bowling ball they use. From the weight to coverstock and core, different bowling styles dictate the type of bowling ball to use and how to care for it. It makes sense that bowlers would put an equal amount of thought and planning into their bowling ball bag, but how do people decide on one bowling bag over another? Bowling bags safely transport bowling bags, shoes, and any other important accessories to and from the lanes. Below are some tips on selecting a bowling bag.

Bag Construction

When looking for the perfect bowling bag, consider the bag’s quality of construction. The bag has to tote around quite a substantial weight, so be sure that any bags you are considering are strong, durable, and rugged with a strongly-attached handle.

A single bowling ball can weigh up to 16 pounds, plus the added weight of shoes and any other accessories. You should also try and find a bag that is water-proof; that way, the contents are protected against inclement weather as exposure to weather extremes can cause the core to destabilize or the finish to crack.

Bowling Bag Styles: Luggage and Tote

Luggage and tote are the two main bowling bag styles. Luggage style bags have more space and are ideal for transporting multiple balls and related accessories. Also known as ‘roller bags’, they most often come with an option for adding wheels and an extendable handle. For professional or serious bowlers with multiple balls to suit a variety of lane conditions, expensive shoes, and an extensive bowling-accessory list to transport, luggage-style bags are ideal as the heavy contents can be easily transported to and from the lanes, in and out of vehicles, and can be rolled along instead of carried. This can save your back the strain of bearing the weight so your back muscles are preserved for those perfect strikes.

Tote bags are recommended for beginners or for those who won’t be carrying multiple bowling balls. The handle or shoulder strap will be cushioned for comfort and durability. The main qualities to look for in a tote bag is sturdy construction and a bag that is well-balanced. A bag that is well balanced evenly distributes the weight of its contents and can make the load feel lighter than it is, not to mention saving on arm, shoulder, and back pain. For those looking for a bag that is compact and takes up less storage space, the tote style is for you.

Top Bowling Bag Brands

Just like anything, there are lesser- and higher-quality brands to consider when shopping for your bag. For those just starting out, doing a little due diligence on the top bag brands before committing to one is a positive first step to take. You will want to go with a brand with a solid reputation. Finding out the brands that are preferred by the pros is always a good move as they know what they are talking about and have likely sampled a wide variety of brands.


BSI is a brand of renown in the bowling industry. Their bags are made from heavy-duty poly fabric that is water-resistant and durable. BSI bags have different compartments for the ball, shoes, and accessories to keep the ball from getting scratched. BSI bags are known to be perfectly balanced and most often come with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for ease of transport and comfort. The zipper is strong and high-quality with little chance of getting stuck or breaking. Some of the BSI bags even contain a zippered personal-organizer pocket as an added bonus. The BSI brand is synonymous with superior quality design, material, and craftsmanship.


Another solid brand name in the bowling industry is Pyramid. Pyramid is known for its high quality bowling bags offered at affordable prices. Most Pyramid totes are ideal for transporting a ball, a pair of shoes, and any additional accessories. Pyramid bags are made of high-quality material that is weather-resistant and feature an adjustable shoulder strap to best suit its carrier. Pyramid roller bags are also known as one of the best for transporting multiple balls to and from the lanes with ease and a minimum of effort.


The Hammer name is interchangeable with ‘stability’ and ‘durability’. Hammer bags are known to offer their owners a lot for their affordable price point. Hammer bags often feature plastic rails in the bottom of the bag to keep it ridged and make it easy to slide up and down stairs. Their larger bags can hold up to three balls and feature high-quality fabric and a solid-wheel construction for easy travel. The Hammer brand is known for its neat features such as a clear-zippered top so owners can easily see the contents. The Hammer brand is a name chosen and respected by serious bowlers, especially those who are transporting multiple bowling bags at one time.


In the bowling industry, the Brunswick name is known for its reliability and affordability. Many of their bags come with additional foam padding so the balls are extra cushioned and protected during transport; this keeps those balls nice and shiny and scratch-free. The bags have small pockets that are useful for bowlers needing to remove rings or watches. The padded adjustable shoulder straps are known for comfort even when the bag is fully loaded. The Brunswick brand is said to produce some of the best bags in the market.

Average Pricing

Now that you are up to speed on the types, styles, and brands of bowling bags, you are likely wondering about the pricing. While price varies greatly depending upon the brand, size, and style, most often, a single tote from one of the aforementioned brands can run anywhere between $30 and $50. Obviously, double or larger totes would increase in price from $40 to $60. Once you get into the bags with wheels and extendable handles, the price can jump significantly from $70 to $200. For heavy-duty hard-shell cases with wheels, you can be looking at spending around $160, but these are fantastic in their ability to keep the balls separate and protected.

How to Clean Bowling Bags

The importance of keeping your bowling ball clean begs the question, “How does one keep their bowling ball bag clean?” When it comes to transporting your balls around, your bag is the single most important factor. Keeping your bag clean will ensure that your ball is being kept as clean as possible during transport.

Most bags are made from high quality and super durable fabric that is water-resistant or fully waterproof. Individual cleaning instructions are likely to come with your bag and will vary from brand to brand. In most cases, wiping your bag down with a cloth moistened with soap and water or with some diluted detergent will more than suffice with keeping that bag as shiny and clean as the ball/balls within.

The Best Bowling Bag for Tournaments

When it comes to tournaments, you are bowling in the big leagues. Pro bowlers put a lot of thought into what type of ball they will use and most often show up to games with more than one ball. This allows them to strategize and choose a ball that best works with the individual land conditions such as well-oiled or not. For that reason alone, many pros opt for the luggage-style bags with extendable handles and wheels.

For those attending tournaments, that means a lot of travel, which means a lot of transporting those heavy balls and accessories from place to place. Hard cases on wheels or luggage-style bags that hold multiple balls are the best choice of bags for competing in tournaments.

Bowling is a healthy, enjoyable, and social activity to engage in. Whether you are just getting into it or have been for quite some time and are now considering bowling competitively, there are a lot of factors to consider. From choosing the perfectly-weighted bowling ball to the ideal bag for transporting your equipment and accessories, these decisions can greatly impact your enjoyment of the game. If you choose a ball that is not ideally weighted or sized to your fingers, you can experience discomfort during the game and poor results.

If you choose a bag that does not provide adequate protection for your ball or is uncomfortable to carry, you could damage your ball or strain your back and not have as much strength for the lanes. When it comes to choosing the perfect bag for transporting your ball, shoes, and accessories, consider a number of factors such as material, size, durability, comfort and portability. Professional or frequent bowlers who like to bring multiple balls to a game will likely opt for a double tote or a rolling luggage-style bag that offer the very best in ease of transport and comfort while doing so. Hopefully, you’ve gleaned enough knowledge from reading about how to select the perfect bowling ball bag to go out and make an informed purchase that will honour the game.


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