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Top 7 Most Expensive Bowling Balls That Are Worth the Money 2020


Those who are not active in the bowling culture might question exactly how different one bowling ball could be from the next. For those in the know, there are huge variations between ball types, costs, and the type of bowler they suit. Those who are planning on getting into bowling in 2020 or who are planning on upping their game will want to invest in the perfect ball that is most likely to give them the most comfort while playing, pleasure in the game, and produce the most strikes. While there are numerous bowling brands out there, not all are created equal, which is why we’re going to take a look at the most expensive bowling balls that are worthy investments for 2020.


1. Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball

The Hammer Black Widow is a bowling ball to be reckoned with. This is one for the serious bowlers and pros. It comes without the holes drilled so owners can get the holes drilled to precisely the ideal comfort and fit. This ball is known to dominate the lanes with both its look and ability.

The super cool black widow image in orange and the black and smokey finish on the ball makes it a site to behold as it crushes those pins. For those wanting a ball that makes a strong visual statement, the Hammer Black Widow will more than suffice.

The Hammer Black Widow features a hybrid coverstock, offering the best of both worlds and has a strong angular core: the gas mask. This ball is known to produce good carry-through with a strong backend and a great hook. For those who like an angular approach to knocking down those pins, the Hammer Black Widow will not disappoint.


• Super cool look
• Hybrid coverstock suits a variety of lane conditions
High hook potential
• Strong carry through
• Weighs 15 pounds
• Comes with holes undrilled


• The additional cost of getting the holes drilled yourself
• Not so good for beginners


2. Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball- Purple/Smoke/Orange

Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball- Purple/Smoke/Orange

The Hammer Gauntlet Fury bowling ball features a very impressive look with a smokey purple and orange finish that is sure to cause a stir at your local alley, not to mention the ‘Gauntlet’ name and image of the historical gauntlet sword.

Hammer’s Gauntlet features their most durable pearl coverstock. Of the coverstock types available, pearl goes the longest. Many pros will switch to a pearl coverstock ball at the end of their game when their arm is getting tired and they are not producing the carry-through they need. This ball will give bowlers more length in their carry-through and a more precise response on the backend.

The extra length and carry-through that this ball offers makes it ideal for slower bowlers or those without enough strength to consistently launch the ball down the lane. The Hammer Gauntlet performs the best on medium- to heavily-oiled lanes.

The Ball is carbon-fibre infused: one of the strongest materials known to man. Hammer added it to the ball’s asymmetrical core to enhance its strength and durability, which is why they offer an impressive 3-year warranty. The ball’s weight can be selected between 12-to-16 pounds to suit a variety of bowler preferences.


• Stylish smoky finish in purple and orange
• Strong asymmetrical core
• Long carry-through
• Ideal on well-oiled lanes
• Sharp back-end response
• 3-year warranty
• Available in a variety of weights
• Pearl coverstock


• The additional cost of getting the holes drilled
• Not ideal for performing on non-oiled lanes


3. Storm Drive Bowling Ball- Gold/Navy/Red Hybrid

Storm Drive Bowling Ball- Gold/Navy/Red Hybrid

The Storm Drive ball has the look of a classic bowling ball. It features swirling gold, navy and red finish that calls to mind the classic look of bowling balls from the 50s.

The Storm Drive features a R2S nano hybrid coverstock that is ideally suited for lanes that are well-oiled. The ball is seen as a predictable midline performer with a dual-drive core that is ideal for those who like to strike at an angle and appreciate good hook.

The Storm Drive’s dual-drive core is made up of a weight block within another weight block. The two blocks work together to establish a core that produces significantly faster revving action and transfers higher energy at the pins.

While this ball has great hook, it is recommended that it is reconditioned every few games so it does not lose its turn. With a little maintenance, the Storm Drive is an ideal choice for those looking for a ball with a classic look and an epic hook.


• Classic look
• Dual-drive core for better revving action
• More energy transfer at pins
• Performs well on oiled lanes
• Great hook


• Additional cost of getting the holes drilled
• Not ideal for lanes that are low- to medium-oiled
• Has to be reconditioned to maintain its turn


4. Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

The Storm Code Red bowling ball features an aggressive colour for a reason: epic torque. This high-performance bowling ball continues the international success of Storm’s Code Black with its high-differential core technology and a RAD4 core.

The Storm Code Red pairs its core with the R2S hybrid reactive coverstock for a versatile performance and is finished with a 1500-grit polish. What this stellar combination produces is a bowling ball that glides through the lane’s front portion to create the impressive breakpoint shape and backend response that is the Storm name’s signature touch.

This ball performs the best on lands that are medium- to heavily-oiled. The Storm Code Red comes undrilled so you will have to pay for drilling services, but this also produces a better fit for more serious players who are in the game for the long run.

For its price point, the Store Code Red is a wise investment. It is a high-performance ball with durability and epic torque potential on its side.


High-differential core technology
• Hybrid coverstock
• Great backend response
• Performs well on well-oiled lanes


• Additional drilling services cost
• Performs a bit aggressively for beginners


5. Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball – Black/Silver/Purple Pearl

Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball - Black/Silver/Purple Pearl

From Brunswick, one of the most trusted brands of bowling pros, comes the high-performance Tenacity bowling ball. Finished in a silver-purple colour combination, this ball will turn heads.

The Brunswick Tenacity is praised for its strong carry-through and has a high transfer of energy at the pins for the best strikes. Featuring an ultra responsive pearl coverstock, this ball is ideal for slower bowlers who need their balls to have that extra oomph to make it to the pins with some strength and power left.

This ball is known as highly responsive to friction with an angular breakpoint shape and high hook potential. The Brunswick Tenacity is known to perform best on lanes that are heavily oiled.


• Trusted brand
• Strong carry-through
• Ideal for slower bowlers
• Good energy transfer at pins
• Angular breakpoint
• Good hook potential
• Good ball for beginners trying to build their strength


• Doesn’t perform as well on lanes that are not highly-oiled
High price point

6. Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball- Coal/Fuschia/Sky Blue

Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball- Coal/Fuschia/Sky Blue

The Roto Grip Halo bowling ball has features a bright and eye-catching colour combination of coal, fuchsia, and sky blue.

The Halo ball was designed by Roto Grip to dominate in lanes that are heavily oiled. The ball features a Centrum asymmetrical core paired with the MicroTrax-S18 coverstock. This ball is renowned for its strength and sharp hook.

Bowlers who have switched over to the Halo have found it extremely easy to adjust to, while some even report that it is too much ball for them and wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. Sanding pads are recommended for keeping the ball looking new and out-of-the-box.


• Super strong ball
• Great hook
• Ideal for well-oiled lanes
• Asymmetrical core
• MicroTax S-18 coverstock


• Too much power and weight for beginners
• Not as ideal for bowlers with a straight launch

7. Motiv Primal Rage 5-Year Anniversary LE

Motiv Primal Rage 5-Year Anniversary LE

While this lava red pearl bowling ball may not be the ideal gift for a five-year wedding anniversary, the Motiv Primal Rage five-year anniversary ball is a limited-edition release that will not last long. For bowling-history buffs, this ball could be a necessary addition to your collection. This ball was originally released five years ago and is being re-released in the hopes of duplicating its original success. It’s only being produced once in limited quantities, so enthusiasts are rushing out to get one before it is too late.

The bowling world stood up and took notice of this ball five years ago and is doing the same this time around. This ball is designed for peak performance on medium-oiled lanes. Added to its original Impulse V2 core is the new Fusion HX pearl coverstock using Fusion-and-Hexion technology to improve the ball’s backend reaction. The high torque and continuation of this ball outshines its predecessor and eliminates the wiggle associated with the original when oil was carrying down.


• Limited-edition
• Affordable price for a high-performance ball
• Impulse V2 core
• Fusion FX pearl coverstock
• Less wiggle than the original
• Good torque and carry-through


• Not many available
• Only carries a one-year warranty

Types of Bowling Balls

Bowling balls might mostly all look the same, but there is a little bit of variety when it comes to how they play. When people talk about types of bowling balls, there are usually two characteristics that can separate a ball from others. The coverstock is certainly a difference maker, and the weight block also has a pretty big impact.

When asking how to select a top quality bowling ball, these two factors can really change how a ball plays. Here’s a closer look.

Types of Coverstock

The cover stock is basically the outer shell of a bowling ball. It is responsible for the amount of hook a person can put on a delivery. They can be made of different materials, and that is how the ball plays differently.


A plastic or polyester coverstock is a popular choice for a lot of people because it is durable, inexpensive and easy to access. The downfall is that it is pretty much designed for beginners and intermediate players at best, because there is not a lot of hook potential. Plastic is harder than the other options out there, making it easier to control but harder to get any type of action on it.

Just about every single house ball at a bowling alley is going to be using a plastic coverstock. That is why most experienced bowlers will not even mess with those balls.


Urethane has a lot of the same qualities as a plastic coverstock, but the opportunity to add a decent amount of hook is there. It is still a very easy ball to control, and the durability is solid as well.

For those who want a slight step up from plastic, this might be the move to make. People will probably notice a little bit better pin action on impact as well. While a little bit more expensive, it is not so much that people are turned off by it.

Reactive Resin

This is the best way to get complete control when bowling. The special type of resin does a very good job of creating friction, which in turn allows people to add additional hook. There are actually different types of reactive resin, and each one can work well for an individual if they do their research.

Lanes can differ quite a bit from bowling alley to bowling alley, so having something that is so adaptable is certainly a plus. This resin allows a person too pretty much make every bowling alley as close to the same as possible. That is about all somebody can ask for out of a bowling ball.


This coverstock is pretty much reserved only for the best players. There is definitely a learning curve when using this coverstock, as the ball actually has a bumpy surface. In the beginning, most people will actually see their scores go down. Everything changes once a person gets a good feel for it.

Types of Weight Block

As the core of a bowling ball, the weight block is going to have a big impact on how a ball performs once it hits the pins. Finding a bowling ball that fits a specific style can really make a big difference.


Two-piece bowling balls are going to have symmetrical wait blocks. This is going to really be beneficial for people who bowl on drier lanes for the most part. A slower ball is also going to benefit more, because the arc motion is going to be a little bit smoother.


Any drilled bowling ball is going to be considered asymmetrical. The advantage to using a ball like this is that a person can get more hook on balls, and more precision as well. With just a bit more revolution on the ball, many bowlers appreciate the overall feel of this weight block.


The pancake weight block is designed so that the ball doesn’t roll too heavily. One end of the ball is going to be a little bit heavier than the other, allowing for hook to be easier and more effective. The pancake-type weight block is very similar to the symmetrical weight block, but the pancake is just a bit more high-level player friendly.

Best Bowling Balls for Tournaments

If a person is bowling at a tournament level, more than likely they have more than one bowl that they use on a consistent basis. A lot of it will depend on the lane conditions when picking out the right ball for a specific tournament.

The first thing bowlers will look at is the Radium of Gyration, also known as RG. The lower the RG, the more mass there is in the center of the ball. This will get the ball rolling in a hurry. A higher RG ball will have more mass around the shell area, so it will take longer to get into a steady roll. Asymmetrical balls tend to have the lower RG, while a symmetrical one has higher RG.

Most tournament bowlers are going to tinker with knowledge like this, and use different balls on different lanes before fully settling on the right option. It might seem like a ton of information, but tournament bowlers have been at it for a while, so they are very well versed in a bunch of different types of balls.

All tournament bowlers need to have their own finger and thumb holes, because otherwise it is just not going to feel right out of the hand. No one should be playing with a ball that is not customized in that way when participating in any type of tournament.

Compared to casual play, the majority of tournament bowlers will also go with a heavier ball if at all possible. For the most part, the heaviest ball a person can control is going to provide the best amount of success.

Finally, the best bowling balls for a tournament will need to be clean and ready to go. Just a little bit of dirty residue can hurt the overall performance of a ball. Most people will clean their balls beforehand, but also clean their balls between each shot if possible. It is more of a habit for seasoned tournament players these days.

Top Bowling Ball Brands

There are a decent amount of bowling ball brands that put out quality products. Most people know about Brunswick, Columbia, Storm, Hammer and Pyramid. They seem to be the most popular options for people to use when they are looking for an affordable bowling ball option to call their own.

Each of the major brands are going to have a number of options for different levels of players, and also those with different tastes when it comes to color scheme. A lot of companies tried to differentiate themselves with a good-looking ball that people can be proud of when they are using at the local bowling alley.

Although a lot of people like to go with trusted brands, there are plenty of other alternative options as well. Some of the most creative designs are made by smaller companies and brands that are trying to really get some attention. Innovation is hard when it comes to a bowling ball, because there is only so much one can do. With that being said, design options are pretty much endless, so chances are more unique and customized it looks Will be emerging in the future.

Average Pricing

Pricing for a bowling ball is going to be different depending on the quality that a person wants. It is all going to come down to the skill level of a bowler to really get the right idea.

Those shopping for their very first bowling ball to call their own are probably looking at around $50 to spend. That might seem like a decent amount of money, but it is well worth the investment. Not only can a person have the consistency of using their same ball every single time, but it can be a very custom fit for any individual.

Even the inexpensive balls are going to be shipped without holes cut in them. That means just getting in the proper fit is going to make this ball more consistent for a user. It can be frustrating to go around the bowling alley and try to find something that works, but having a trusted ball every single time is certainly a positive thing.

In the $50.00 to $100 range, there are a lot of decent intermediate balls for people to consider. This is also the range where people can start to find some professional options. It is always a good spot for people to shop around, because sometimes a casual bowler is only going to need a certain type of bowling ball.

Finally, anything over $100 is generally going to be something close to what professionals use. Of course, when shipped, the bowling ball is really going to be rather generic. It takes time for a person to fully customize the look and feel of the bowling ball so that it can be used consistently to its full powers. Once it is figured out though, it is a big change from the community balls.

Top 10 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners For 2020 Reviews


Shopping for a bowling ball cleaner might not seem like the most important thing in the world, but it is definitely not something to overlook. Many casual bowlers do not understand just how much a good cleaner can make a difference. Not only is it going to provide more consistency, but it is also going to increase the durability and lifespan of a ball in general.

There are a number of solutions out there for people who are looking for the perfect type of cleaner. With that being said, a few options online stand out above the rest. Here is a look at the top bowling ball cleaners right now available for purchase.


1. Storm Bowling Products Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner – 8oz

Storm Bowling Products Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner

Reacta Foam is a good starting point for a lot of people looking to keep their bowling ball clean. It consistently ranks as one of the best selling options online, and Storm has perfected their solution after years of tinkering.

The foam does a very good job of actually sticking to the ball, allowing for a quick and easy clean. It is designed with reactive balls in mind, but it can really be used as a general ball cleaner if a person wants to.

The dispenser works well, allowing a person to directly put the foam on the ball. This saves a person from wasting too much of the product. The downfall is that the dispenser, if stuck inside a bag, can be prone to leaking or setting off by mistake. So people need to be careful when handling the bottle and throwing it around in a bag.


– Excellent for deep cleaning
– Works quickly and effectively
– Foam works better compared to similar liquid options


– Bottle leaks a little too easily
– Isn’t the best on belt marks


2. Pyramid Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner

Pyramid Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner

Belt marks don’t stand much of a chance with the Monster Tac from Pyramid. The liquid comes in a spray bottle, and a person can use it every single day if they want to keep their balls looking great.

The USBC approved cleaner is safe for all bowling balls as a general cleaner. It might not deliver a truly deep clean, but if a person stays on top of minor cleans on a regular basis, a deep clean won’t be needed as much.

Getting the 4 ounce option won’t last all that long, but they also sell a 32 ounce bottle. Some people have complained about the durability of the bottle, but other than that the cleaner pretty much works as expected.


– Works on all types of balls
– Good value when purchased in bulk
– Approved by the USBC


– Bottle is not that durable for continued use
– Does not have the ability to deliver a deep clean


3. Ultra Tac Remove All Bowling Ball Cleaner – 8 fl oz Ultra Tac Remove All Bowling Ball Cleaner - 8 fl oz

This cleaner shares a lot of similarities with the previous one, and the pricing is pretty much the same as well. People should be able to get a lot of uses out of this, and the ball looks as it should after using a little bit each time.

There is a little bit more tack using this cleaner compared to Monster Tac. It isn’t that noticeable, but it is something to consider if a person is complaining about that. Balls can get dirty in a hurry, so having tack on some of the dirtier lanes will definitely make a difference.


– Provides solid amount of tack
– Lasts for a long time
– Minimal leakage


– Smell can be a little harsh
– Does not have the ability to deliver a deep clean


4. Bowling Basics Kit Bowling Basics Kit

Instead of just a cleaner, some people might be looking for an entire kit. A kit will be able to handle a bunch of different things that will make a bowling ball act as it should.

This kit in particular includes hey ball cleaner, a pad for cleaner application and a grip ball. All three of these things can combine to provide quite a bit of value for a good price.

The cleaner does a good job dealing with general Lane debris and Bell Marks. The pad is pretty good quality, allowing for easy application so that the cleaner does not come in contact with a person’s skin. The grip ball definitely works for those people who might have sweating issues when they are playing.

For under $15, it is hard to argue with this kit in particular. It is a great way to pretty much figure out what works and what doesn’t work for an individual. It’s an excellent option for people just making their first purchase to clean a ball.


– Provides three different items for the price of one
– Pad and ball are very durable
– No messy clean up


– Cleaner doesn’t last as long
– Some people might not need all three things when purchasing


5. MOTIV Power Gel Clean

MOTIV Power Gel Clean

A gel can actually differ quite a bit from what is offered by a lot of other companies. With just a little bit of extra bulk, this gel is easier to keep on the ball before it is rubbed and he used completely.

The gel is going to provide a little bit of a deeper clean if the person needs it. It also works as a very valuable cleaner before every single play. It is a big reason why it is one of the most highly regarded cleaning options for people to consider.

Unlike a lot of the other options, many people find the smell to actually be pretty tolerable. It smells a little bit like oranges, which is much better than smelling chemicals on the ball at all times.


– Gel holds form better
– Can be used as a deep cleaner or a standard cleaner
– Has a pleasant orange smell


– Slightly more expensive than other options
– Somewhat easy to be wasteful by using too much

6. Washable Giant Microfiber Bowling Ball Polisher Cleaner See Saw Washable Giant Microfiber Bowling Ball Polisher Cleaner See Saw

A ball is only going to stay clean with the right type of cleaning materials. While a lot of people focus on the actual cleaner itself, it actually takes a very good microfiber cloth to keep things smooth as well. This is where this seesaw option from comes into play.

It looks somewhat like a hammock for a ball, but the giant size does come in handy for people who wants a complete coverage. It can actually hold even the heaviest bowling balls, and microfiber never really it Is compromised at all.

If the cloth gets dirty itself, it is 100% washable. For under $10, this is a true essential for people to have in their bag.


– Holds up the 7x its weight
– Microfiber is high quality
– Washable


– Needs regularly cleaned itself
– Wears out after heavy, continued use

7. Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner- 8 Ounce

Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner- 8 Ounce

Having a versatile cleaner can be very valuable for any type of bowler. Tac Up can basically do a little bit of everything for those people who want to take great care of their ball. Not only does it help with removal after every shot, but it can be used as a deep cleaner as well.

The biodegradable formula does a great job of keeping and even restoring the natural tack that a ball might have. Keeping a ball looking as good as new and playing very well is going to really be beneficial for players of any skill level.

It is even safe to use in a ball spinning system at a local alley. Just apply the right amount and wait a few seconds before letting it go.


– Bio-degradable
– Can be used after every single ball
– Restores the finish of a ball


– Smell can be off-putting for some
– Expensive

8. Ebonite Power Wash Ball Cleaner, 5 Oz.

Ebonite Power Wash Ball Cleaner, 5 Oz

There are pretty much two defining factors of the Ebonite Power Wash ball cleaner, and neither one has to do with the actual performance. Although it is a very dependable cleaner, so are many other options in this list.

The first thing is that it is made in the United States. For some people, that is a major selling point because they feel like they are supporting local businesses to the country. Another difference is that they try to do something about the chemical smell so many other cleaners have. The spray is something that smells like apples, and the pleasant smell makes it easier to use on a consistent basis.

The cleaner itself does everything right, and the formula even helps with backend motion. It’s a good overall spray that people will not be ashamed to use out in public.


– Dependable cleaner for any issues
– Made in the USA
– Smells like apples


– More cleaner is need any compared to competitors for same results
– Can cause skin irritation if not used properly

9. Storm Reacta Wipe Ball Cleaner Wipes

Storm Reacta Wipe Ball Cleaner Wipes

To round out this list, two different types of cleaning wipes are looked at. While they are not extremely popular for people to use, more and more like the convenience factor. This is the more expensive option, but these wipes have a good reputation of working very efficiently.

Not a lot of people are going to be fans of the smell, but they can be properly stored so that it does not spread to the rest of the bag. A wipe is generally going to last for about three or four different balls, but it needs to be used at the same time.

The brand is a major reason why this is a little bit more expensive, but honestly, there is not a lot of difference between this and the one listed below. It really comes down to personal preference and what actually works for an individual.


– Very convenient to use
– Comes in a resealable package
– One wipe can be used for three or four different balls


– Smell is very strong
– Pricey compared to alternatives

10. Motiv Bowling Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes

Motiv Bowling Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes

There is a lot alike with these wipes, as a total of 20 come in a package for around $10. The wipes do a very good job of keeping a ball clean and ready to be used.

The wipes are not going to provide any type of truly deep clean, but the maintenance of the ball on a consistent basis can just keep the ball movement very smooth.

Since this is a cheaper option, many people will throw these wipes in their bag as an alternative option to a more traditional cleaner. This is something that can work pretty quickly and efficiently if time is pretty limited. Just be aware that the smell will be strong once the package is opened.


– Inexpensive solution
– Wipes can handle multiple balls
– Works in seconds


– Smell is very strong
– Package doesn’t always seal up properly

Bowling Ball Cleaner Selection Tips

Many people might wonder why a bowling ball would even need a cleaning, outside of a casual wipe from time to time. Frequent and pro bowlers understand the need for a a good bowling ball cleaner as the ball absorbs a lot of the oil from the lanes, making dust and dirt particles cling to the ball easily. When you are selecting a bowling ball cleaner, you don’t need to break the bank, but you will want a good-quality one you can use during and after a game.

USBC Approved Cleaners

If you are bowling competitively, every product you use while participating in a game has to be approved by the United States Bowling Congress. Before you purchase any particular product, ensure it is USBC approved.

Size of the Cleaner Bottle

When it comes time to pack your bowling bag, you will be frustrated if your cleaner is to big or an awkward shape to fit into your bag with all your gear. So think before you buy and keep the bottle size in mind for easy packing and transport.

Cleaner Composition

Cleaners are composed of different ingredients and have different purposes in mind. Many cleaners fulfill the purpose of removing the oil ring from the ball, but still leaving the ball’s grippy texture in tact. These types of cleaners remove the dusty and oily layer from the ball, but they have to be applied regularly and mid-game so that any build-up doesn’t impact the ball’s hook potential.

Bowling Ball Cleaner Price

The aforementioned features will add up to the eventual product’s cost. Many bowling balls come at a fair price, and when you add the bowling bag, shoes, and glove, you can already be looking at a high total. There is no need to add to that expense with a custom-made cleaner for a high price.

When it comes to average cleaner pricing, they are fairly close to one another, and the best cleaners known in the industry are generally fairly priced. The average pricing is, of course, determined by the bottle size you are purchasing. Smaller bottles cost less, but like most things, buying in larger amounts will save you money; then you need to consider how easy the bottle is to fit into your bowling bag and transport it to and from the lanes. Larger bottles can always be purchased for their cost-saving benefits and then be transferred into a smaller bottle for portability.

For the smaller-size products of 4 ozs, these sizes generally are around $30, mid-size at 8 ozs running at $60, and the large size at 32 ozs are getting close to $110 to $130, depending on the brand.

Different Cleaners for Different Players

Now that you’ve done a little research and know some of the key features of the different mixtures, you are likely more prepared to select the ideal product to suit your ball and playing style. What is most important is that you select the one that best suits your ball and game; players using a ball with high hook potential will need a product that won’t strip the ball of its tac, as this will affect the grip. You don’t want any product that will affect the ball’s hook potential.

Top Bowling Ball Cleaner Brands

When it comes to the top cleaner products for your bowling ball, there are many brands to choose from, but that does not mean they are all created equal. Some are designed to keep the ball’s tac in tact, while others are more designed around producing a nice shine.


The Brunswick name will be well known to bowlers. They produce some of the best and most popular bowling balls on the market, so it makes sense that they would also feature a ball-cleaning product. The Brunswick cleaners help wipe excess oil from the ball’s surface and helps keep your ball in the best possible shape. Brunswick cleaners are known to be versatile enough to work on a variety of balls without compromising the tac and maintaining that impressive-looking shine that freshly-polished balls have.


The Storm name is also well-known within the bowling industry and is the trusted brand of an extensive line of bowling products. Storm cleaners come in a handy and user-friendly foam dispenser. Their foam cleaners can be applied directly to the ball and are designed for efficacy with small amounts so their cleaners last longer, thus each clean is more affordable than other cleaners that accomplish the same results, but by using twice as much product. The Storm cleaners are designed as a one-step cleaner and ball rejuvenator and are ideal for reactive balls. These cleaners will restore the ball’s tacky feeling, allowing players to maintain that perfect hook and grip on their ball.


Yet but another trusted name in the bowling industry, Monster has an extensive line of cleaners in their arsenal. From tac, gel, foam and shine polish, the Monster products also are available in sizes ranging from 4-to-34 ozs. The larger the bottle, the more you save, and the Monster products are known to keep equipment in the best possible shape and ready for the lanes. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is the size of the bottle and how easily it will fit into your bag for transport to and from the lanes. They are easily applied and if too much is used, they are easy to remove. They come in convenient sizes to easily fit into a variety of bowling bag sizes and are USBC approved. Safe for all bowling balls, the Monster products are known as some of the most versatile and effective on the market.


The Neo-Tac cleaner is designed to maintain the ball’s natural hook potential. It safely and easily removes dirt, oil, and any belt marks left behind. It is ideal for a number of ball surfaces: reactive, urethane, plastic, and particle. It cleans away any layers on the ball while keeping its surface in tact. The Neo-Tac cleaner is ideal for balls using medium-to-oily lanes. The Neo-Tac cleaner comes in a one-quart bottle, so fitting it into your bag is a factor to consider.

Questions and Answers

What Can I Use to Clean My Bowling Ball?

Just as in any other sport, maintaining equipment is key to good consistent performance. There are a number of factors that can affect your game, and a bowling ball that is clogged with dirt and oil is one of them. The best way to clean your bowling ball is to invest in a high-quality cleaner and apply it regularly. With an oil-free cloth, you squeeze some of your cleaner onto the cloth, spread it around the ball, and wipe off the excess. Most serious players do this throughout a game so there is no build-up or accumulation of dirt or oil on the ball’s surface that can affect their game.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean my Ball?

For those wanting to save some money but still maintain their ball, there is a commonly-used home recipe for ball cleaner using rubbing alcohol. Making your own degreaser involves combining Simple Green, rubbing alcohol, and water in equal parts. Regardless of how much you clean your ball, the coverstock will absorb oil over time. If you find your cleanings are not producing the same results, taking your ball in to a pro bowl shop for a deep clean is highly recommended.

How Do I Keep My Bowling Ball Shiny?

There is nothing like a brand spanking new bowling ball. They are shiny and sleek looking, and that is a look many owners will do their best to maintain throughout its use. One of the best ways to keep that new shiny look is to apply a bowling ball polisher to the ball’s surface. Just like waxing a car to get that ‘new’ look, buffing your ball with a high-quality polish can help keep your ball looking as close to new as possible.

Do Bowling Balls Wear Out?

When you invest good money into a bowling ball, you are likely wanting to know how long it will last. While there is no quick answer regarding a ball’s lifespan as it varies depending upon its brand, quality, and maintenance, there is a fluctuating guideline to consider.

Just like skin, bowling balls have pores. Their coverstock surface will absorb any dirt, particles, debris, or oil that they roll over in the lanes. Regardless of how much you clean your ball throughout and after your games, all balls eventually start to absorb too much into their coverstock, and this is the point where your game will start to be affected. Proper maintenance and deep cleans provided by your local pro bowl shop can greatly increase your ball’s lifespan, but most commonly, a good-quality bowling ball that is regularly maintained and stored at ambient temperatures to avoid core and coverstock cracking will last for around 5-to-10 years.

When it comes to caring for your bowling equipment, adding a good-quality and reputable ball-cleaning product should be an essential part of your arsenal.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes For 2020 Reviews


The right bowling shoes will make a world of difference in the alley. In addition, with the right shoes you will be given the capacity to run up and roll the ball without slipping or having to watch your step. This will result in a much more balanced game. Below are the top bowling shoes for 2020:


1. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes

Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes

These shoes are made from synthetic materials and have a low-profile design. They are also ambidextrous for both the right-hander and left-hander to comfortably play without having to adjust the style.

The heel of the shoe provides outstanding sliding capabilities, which allows for a great game. The extra-thick inner padding is designed to prevent potential abrasions. They are ideal for beginners or casual players who want to take their game to another level.


• Black soft, man-made uppers
• Synthetic
• Wide width
• Universal soles

Pros and Cons


• Really affordable
• Excellent developmental shoe
• Resistant to abrasion
• Stylish design


• The fit is wider than expected, even for a wide width shoe


2. Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White/Black

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White

These bowling shoes have a sporty look and are sold at a value price. They are highly comfortable, designed to deliver superior slide and to improve your bowling performance. Made from high-quality material, these shoes are visually appealing in their classic styling. In addition, they are flexible and are ideal for many different foot shapes. Their breathability feature minimizes skidding and both beginners and professionals can benefit from them.


• Extra light EVA outsoles
• Padded tongues and collar
• PureSlide technology offers superior slide on both feet, right outside the box

Pros and Cons


• Impressive breathability
• Comfortable and lightweight


3. KR Mens Flyer Shoes Black

KR Mens Flyer Shoes Black

These are a remarkable choice for many reasons. Their soft and comfortable uppers are made out of synthetic materials and uses Komfort-Fit construction. This new construction technique guarantees absolute comfort. The shoes are designed to mold to the shape of the feet, making it an easy-to-wear piece of bowling equipment.

In addition, the look of the shoes is incredible and feels like you are wearing your favorite, most comfortable sneakers. The non-marking rubber outsole has FlexSlide technology and this makes them a wonderful option for any bowler.

This type of outsole can be a remarkable addition to shoes since it is beneficial to both you and other players. It keeps the lanes clean and does not hold on to a lot of dirt and grime; this makes it a lot easier for you to slide.


• FlexSlide Technology
• Synthetic
• Komfort-fit construction

Pros and Cons


• Universal bowling shoes
• Padded collar and tongue
• Non-marking outsole


• Runs narrow
• Too much traction


4. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

With its sneaker-like design, the Dexter Kerrie shoes bring something innovative to the game. They also help you in standing out among the competition. These shoes are designed with decent textile materials and rubber outsole for even more ventilation and comfort.

The foot bed is made from EVA, which enables the footwear to mold to the shape of the feet. They will accommodate just about any foot type. The padded collar will help to prevent potential abrasions.

The breathability of the shoes is among the extremely fascinating features. They enable the feet to get adequate air and prevent potential buildup of sweat that could cause you to slip.


• Medial side vents
• Classic CVO upper pattern
• Traditional lace-up closure
• Lightly-cushioned tongue and collar

Pros and Cons


• Outstanding durability
• Excellent ventilation
• Reasonably priced
• Includes an EVA midsole
• Provides great sliding


Stiff sole
• It requires a short break-in period
• Does not work well for wider feet
• Sticky rubber sole


5. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

BSI Women's Classic Bowling Shoe

These bowling shoes have a more traditional design and it is intended to provide you with the same high quality fit and features as the previous one. In addition, they are made out of synthetic leather and deliver decent ventilation and breathability that could prevent the perspiration from building up. Additionally, the artificial leather seems to be tremendously durable for extended use.

On the inside of the shoes, wearers will be treated to a padded tongue and collar once again, which should make the period of break in more bearable and easier to get used to. The foot bed is made out of EVA and this is meant to seamlessly mold to the shape of the feet in a comfortable manner, providing wearers with the ideal shoes, especially for those who are suffering from problems with pronation or supination.


• Glued and stitched slide sole
Sport leather uppers
• Common sliding sole

Pros and Cons


• Tremendously durable
• Exceptional breathability
• Padded tongue and collar
• Very affordable
• Includes an EVA midsole


• It runs a bit small

6. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes

Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes

These shoes provide a comfortable and stylish option for both left-handed and right-handed bowlers. It has Pure Slide microfiber soles that are identical on both shoes; this makes it universal and will perform optimally irrespective of foot preference.

Its lightweight denim upper is flexible, making it comfortable to wear. It is also breathable and as such, your feet will be cool and dry while playing. In addition, these are customizable and can be easily converted from a lace-up to a slip-on shoe. For a more secure fit, the laces can be tightened. You also benefit from the ease at which they can be put on and taken off.

It is a remarkable deal for individuals who are looking for a stylish and unique pair of bowling shoes. They have outstanding performance properties that provide lots of comfort for a broad range of foot shapes.


• Performance mesh uppers
• Comfort lace-up or slip-on construction

Pros & Cons


• Ventilating perforations
Action leather upper
• Lightweight outsole
• Foam padded tongue and collar
• Plush insole


• Too much grip
• Sole may detach

7. BSI Men’s Basic #521 Shoes

BSI Men's Basic #521 Shoes

There are many remarkable features that come with these shoes. Included among these features is the extra plush insole. The extra-soft insoles are meant to provide additional comfort and safeguard the feet, muscles and joints. Essentially, they are designed to lower leg and foot fatigue, without having to compromise on game-improving features. Firm and supportive action leather is used in the shoe’s upper, which delivers an immense level of comfort.

In addition, the shoes have microfiber soles that help you in effectively sliding and braking. Their sleek, all-black appearance makes them easy to pair with different outfits. Furthermore, these shoes will not take the spotlight off your amazing bowling skills.

These shoes have rubber outsole designed to provide traction where needed, without having to compromise on the slide delivered by the forefoot sliding soles. The outsole is lightweight and also provides shock-absorbing cushioning.

The shoes are universal, which indicates that they will work irrespective of foot preference. The slide cushioning and traction provided by these shoes are a remarkable reason to consider them as a worthwhile investment.


Action leather upper
• Rubber outsole

Pros & Cons


• Extra plush insole
• Padded collar and tongue
• No heel
• Microfiber sliding sole


• Tongue may slide out
• It has a large fit

8. Dexter Dani Shoes

Dexter Dani Shoes

The Dexter Dani shoes are another remarkable pair of shoes for bowling from an established, reliable brand. They are made for the casual bowler, who would like to remain stylish while rolling the balls down the alleys. The chic shoes are also comfortable and lightweight and designed to facilitate happy and relaxed games. In addition, they have an impressive design and are made with wide feet in mind. With these shoes, you are bound to look like a superstar when playing in the alleys.

After looking at these shoes, you will soon realize that they come with heels that are slightly elevated. This design is meant to safeguard your feet when they strike the ground forcefully. In addition, fortified microfiber is used to boost the outsole to enhance its sliding capabilities. Synthetic materials are used to make the uppers and these materials are both sturdy and long-lasting.

Additionally, a soft fabric material is used to line the interior of the shoes. When the soft interior lining, the breathable material, lightweight nature of the shoe and the padded collar and tongue are combined, you will wind up with comfortable bowling shoes. These will boost your approach and slide, while enhancing your overall score. The outsole is made out of durable rubber and as such, it is able to endure all the constant movement and sliding that happen when you are bowling.


• Durable synthetic materials
• Lined interior for added comfort

Pros & Cons


• Lightweight
• Durable
• Comfortable
• Shoes can be worn for other sporting activities


• Requires a break-in period

9. Storm Gust Shoes

Storm Gust Shoes

The bowling shoes are designed to deliver ample flexibility and comfort, as you relish in the game you enjoy. These men shoes come with a canvas upper, which is a highly-breathable material. It stops the buildup of unpleasant odors and sweat inside the shoes, which will keep your feet fresh.

The moment these -shoes are laced up, lightweight comfort will be assured, even if you are playing the entire day. The design is meant to keep your feet as comfortable as ever, while making sure your performances are unaffected. The interior of the shoes is lined with a comfortable fabric, which stops hot spots and blisters. In addition to that, the fully-padded collar enhances comfort, while providing a secure fit around your ankles.


• Arch support and cushioning
• Molded removable EVA foot bed

Pros & Cons


• Fabric-lined with padded collar
• Lightweight, cool and comfortable
• Remarkable fit
• Universal soles


• Subpar material

10. Dexter Men’s DX22551 100-P Pro-AM II Right Handed Shoes

Dexter Men's DX22551 100-P Pro-AM II Right Handed Shoes

These shoes are designed to remove any possibilities slipping during play. They are made out of durable synthetic leather and the upper is soft and pliable, which makes them a bit easier to mold to the shape of your feet for added comfort.

In addition, the collar is fully padded and this allows it to wick away some of the moisture players typically feel when wearing bowling shoes for long games. Rubber is used to make the outer sole, which enables you to slide comfortably when playing. Additionally, it contains an extra heel, providing you with some height and added control over the slide. Over all, these shoes are tremendously comfortable and are perfect for beginners and intermediate players.


• Synthetic
• Durable and comfortable man-made upper
• Raised heel
• Classic rubber outsole

Pros & Cons


• Inner collar is extremely comfortable
• Offers a good slide
• Very affordable
• Fits as expected


• The outer sole could be more durable

Types of Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes really do not have many distinct types, but there are three different categories most fall into. It mostly comes down to the type of player a person is.

The first type of bowling shoe is simply going to be a rental from the bowling alley. These are pretty basic bowling shoes for the most part, and they likely have quite a bit of wear and tear. They will have rubber stopping heels on boat shoes, and the lack of attraction will definitely be noticeable. There is not a lot of support with these shoes, which is why more serious bowlers tend to eventually move on from them.

The next type of bowling shoe that is pretty common is known as an athletic style. These are going to look a little bit more similar to a running shoe, which offers additional support along with more controlled attraction. Rental shoes sometimes use Velcro, but athletic shoes are almost always going to be laced. The shoes are relatively lightweight, but there will be some cushioning for people to use. Those who play a lot of other sports might find this to be the most comfortable shoes that they can go with.

Performance bowling shoes are really designed for the best of the best. This is for someone who wants to customize everything, including slight changes depending on the conditions of the lane. The heels and the soles can be changed at any time. Depending on what hand a person bowls with, there is even an option to have one brake shoe and one slide shoe. The dominant foot is going to be the brake shoe, and it is going to stabilize the body and get the most Power behind every shot.

There are other types of bowling shoes for specific needs, but they usually fall into one of the three categories listed above. For example, if a person is having some injury issues due to sliding incorrectly or twisting an ankle, they might opt for a high-top solution.

High top bowling shoes are not very common, but they do provide ample support. A person can also wrap their ankles up for additional support if they need it while they are bowling.

Custom orthotics are also commonly used by players who have foot issues when they bowl. These orthotics work in the same way they do with other types of shoes. Since a person is doing quite a bit of standing while bowling, it makes sense to have the right type of support to avoid any type of serious, long term issues with their feet.

Top Bowling Shoe Brands

Since bowling shoes are pretty unique, most casual players will know very little about the different types of shoe brands. Companies like Nike have messed around with bowling shoe options in the past, but they are not really focused on that market right now.

Dexter is perhaps the most well-known company for bowling shoes right now. They have a number of high rated options online and in stores. Brunswick is another well-known company, and they are pretty much synonymous with bowling these days. They provide pretty much any type of equipment a person needs for bowling. Pyramid and BSI also get high marks for their bowling shoes, although they are not as universally well known as the others at this stage.

There are not a ton of bowling shoe brands out there, so shopping one of the more trusted companies is the best way to go. They will have a wide variety of bowling shoe options to match up with a person’s playing level, their form and even their style. They have done enough work and research to make these shoes very dependable.

Average Pricing

Bowling shoes have a wide range of pricing depending on exactly what a person wants. Getting a basic, starter or type of bowling shoe is going to be under $50 for most people. They probably will not last as long as other options, but they will still be better than renting shoes at the alley.

For athletic and performance bowling shoes, price can go up in a hurry. There are some decent options right around the $100 range, but people can spend up to $250 or even $300 if they want the best of the best. Since the shoes are used indoors and on pretty clean surfaces, the good news is they will last a pretty long time if properly taken care of.

Athletic and performance bowling shoes are going to come with some extras to justify the price a bit. Most of the top line options will have a number of interchangeable options so a person can customize their shoes without having to spend any extra money.

Discuss Q/A

Do bowling shoes make a difference?

Bowling shoes are always going to make a difference, even if using rentals. People need to be able to slide inappropriate amount in order to get the best results on the lanes. Shoes also need to properly fits, as is the case with just about any other type of sport.

The quality of the bowling shoe also makes a difference. Having the right amount of padding, the right amount of slide it during each bowl and even a brake is going to make a difference in the overall score a person ends up getting.

What are the best women’s bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes for women are not really much different than options for men. The sizing scale is obviously going to be different, and some brands make the shoe slightly more narrow, but other than that, the brands and styles stay relatively the same.

The Dexter Vicky is perhaps the most popular women’s bowling shoe out right now. Priced right around $50 depending on the size, the color scheme (silver/grey/purple) is highly regarded. It also performs very well, even for serious bowlers.

What is the best brand of bowling shoes?

There are a lot of quality brands putting out bowling shoes right now, but the most consistently high ranked brand is Dexter. They have a number of models in different prices ranges that have great reviews online. Not only that, but they seem to be one of if not the most recognizable brand at local bowling alleys when looking at what others are wearing.

What is a right handed bowling shoe?

Once a person starts look at performance bowling shoes, they will notice that there is one brake shoe and one sliding shoe. These shoes match up with the hand a person uses to bowl with.

Right handed shoes are going to have a lot of traction on the right shoes, and a slide sole on the left shoe. The soles and heels are going to be removable, so a person can get the right fit for a specific lane. While casual and even intermediate bowlers might not feel these shoes are necessary for them, most high level players are going to go with these fully customizable options.

There are of course options for left handers as well, although they can be a little bit more difficult to track down at times. Left handers will just have the opposite setup, using the traction on the left shoe and the slide sole on the right shoe.

How much does it cost to rent bowling shoes?

Renting bowling shoes is relatively inexpensive, but it is an important factor to consider if someone is bowling on a consistent basis. Paying for rental shoes every single time can really start add up, and it might just be better and smarter to purchase shoes instead. Usually, rentals are going to be under $5, but bowling just 10 times could pay for a decent pair of shoes to call your own.

Some bowling alleys will have days where shoe rentals are free or heavily discounted. This is always a good way to help keep down costs as well if a person does not want to actually buy their own shoes.

People also need to remember that rental shoes are very poor quality, relatively speaking. They often do not fit properly, they are worn out and they could even still be warm/sweaty from the previous player.

Can you wear bowling shoes outside?

While a person could technically wear bowling shoes outside and be fine, they are not recommended to be worn anywhere outside of a bowling alley. The main issue is that as soon the soles are on other types of surfaces, they can start to be worn out. Sand, rocks and other debris can tear apart the sole, and also stay on the sole to eventually do damage to the bowling lane the next time they are used indoors.

Bowling shoes also don’t have the same type of traction most people are looking for when wearing shoes around. Even if the bowling shoes end up matching a pair of jeans perfectly, they should never be worn outside. When selecting bowling shoes, think of them as only being used indoors for bowling.

Recommended Resources

Top 10 Best Bowling Gloves For 2020 Reviews


There are a lot of differing opinions when it comes to a bowling glove. Some people feel like it is the most important piece of equipment a person can invest in. Others feel like it is simply impossible to use when trying to bowl competitively, because a person loses the natural feel of the ball.

For those who are fans of bowling gloves, there are actually quite a few great ones to consider. Some of them will also provide features such as wrist support, which is great for those coming off an injury or trying to control some slight pain issues. Grip is the main reason why a lot of people will invest in a glove in the first place, but having a glove that can do multiple things can be beneficial. Here are 10 of the top bowling gloves currently out.


1. Brunswick Deluxe Bowling Glove

Brunswick Deluxe Bowling Glove

This glove might be labeled as deluxe, but it is the cheapest good bowling glove a person can invest in on the market today. Brunswick has been doing a very good job with all of their different bowling accessories, and this glove has outstanding reviews overall.

There really isn’t a lot to the gloves in general. It is lightweight and pretty low profile, doing exactly what it needs to do while not getting in the way otherwise. The pointer and pinky finger are fully protected, while the two fingers in between are exposed at the tip.

Unfortunately, the company only offers this glove for right-handed bowlers. Other than that, it is a great first glove for people to try out and see if it is comfortable to use.


– Inexpensive
– Simple, lightweight design
– Comfortable fit


– For right-handers only
– Wrist support is non-existent


2. Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner

A glove with a wrist positioner is going to be very valuable for any type of player out there. Those coming off an injury will definitely benefit from something like this, while those who are looking to avoid injuries will like just how much easier it is on the wrist.

The Kool Kontrol is made up of mostly fabric, with metal supports in the front and back of the glove. Velcro holds everything together, allowing for a customized fit as well. Sizing can be a little bit difficult when purchasing online, so using Velcro certainly helps quite a bit.

Other than some sizing issues, most people are pretty pleased with what a simple solution like this can do for their overall wrist health.


– Provides ample wrist support
– Fully exposed fingers
– Velcro makes for easy repositioning


– Sizing can be difficult to get right (most say order larger than usual)
– Fabric can warm up fairly quickly


3. Storm Xtra-Grip Plus Right Hand Wrist Support, Black, Large

Storm Xtra-Grip Plus Right Hand Wrist Support, Black, Large

The Xtra-Grip Plus is a very popular bowling glove for right-handers who want a little bit of wrist support as well. It is a very simple design overall, but it is able to provide a lot of benefits for people who bowl quite a bit.

The backhand support on this glove is really good, which helps with a very consistent wrist position every single time. Some people actually hurt themselves by having improper technique, and this glove helps correct those mistakes.

Ventilation is actually very good with this glove, and one of the best options on the market for those who are prone to sweating. It can be very difficult to bowl with a sweaty hand, and this glove doesn’t really affect sweating at all.


– Simplistic design
– Gripping material helps with ball control
– Excellent ventilation


– Some durability concerns
– Grip wears off in time

4. Storm Power Glove – Left Hand

Storm Power Glove- Left Hand

The Power Glove by Storm is one of the lowest profile gloves on the market. While a person will not receive any significant wrist support, this is a glove designed for those who just need a little bit more grip.

A brace can be helpful for wrist health, but it does limit flexibility when trying to bowl certain shots. Those who do not need a brace are most likely more than fine with a glove like this.

There are left-handed and right-handed options for people to consider, and the overall look and design of the glove is pretty good. For a lightweight glove to help with grip, this is a great option to consider.


– Lightweight
– Improves Grip Considerably
– Provides great flexibility


– Lacks wrist support
– Only comes in one color

5. Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

Mueller is one of the most trusted names in sports braces and supports, so it should surprise no one that they make something specific for bowlers. This is a very good, affordable brace that provides some of the best support out there. It also does not sacrifice much of anything for a bowler.

There are obvious limitations when it comes to any type of wrist brace and bowling glove that is a little bit bulky, but it is the only way some people are able to bowl when dealing with an injury.

Grip is not really enhanced much with this, which is the only reason why it can’t be fully recommended for general use. This is really only going to be a fit for someone who has wrist pain that is very limiting.


– Best wrist support
– Easy fitting
– Trusted brand


– No added grip enhancement
– Bulky

6. Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove- Right Hand

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove- Right Hand

The Pro Form Positioner Glove is one of the very best on the market today. It looks and feels like a professional glove, and the materials used are some of the best a person can find.

The leather glove might seem a little bit hot for some, but the spandex fabric used inside allows for quite a bit of breathability overall. Basically, people are going to get the best of both worlds. The gripping compound on the glove works well at the beginning, and it takes a lot for it to start to wear down any.

This glove really has everything from ample support to overall comfort. The steel backhand support system allows a person to keep their wrist in just the right position to prevent any injuries from occurring.


High-grade materials
– Excellent breathability
– Provides great wrist support


– A little expensive
– Sizing is hard to get right

7. Hammer Tough Left Hand Glove

Hammer Tough Left Hand Glove

The look and color scheme of the Hammer Tough glove looks more like a work glove than anything, but bowlers are finding it to be a very comfortable, well made option.

There is nothing too fancy with this glove, unless a person looks at the bright orange or the diamond plate pattern on it. Other than that, it is a low profile bowling glove that helps enhance the grip during each bowl.

Hammer wants this to be a tight fit, so some might feel like it is too difficult to get on and off. If that is the case, chances are it is actually the perfect fit. It should feel like a second skin.


– Unique design and color scheme
Low profile
– Provides a nice grip boost


– Might be too tight fitting for some
– Elastic band is a bit fragile

8. Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Right Glove, X-Large

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Right Glove, X-Large

A glove that can help with grip and overall positioning is going to be very beneficial for a a lot of people. This glove is currently only available for right-handers and extra large hands, but it is one of the best for those who might need a little bit of assistance.

Grip is something that a lot of people struggle with in the beginning. They can simply be very difficult to deal with putting a ball exactly where a person is aiming. Sometimes, people will overcompensate, and that could lead to poor form. The backhand support system takes care of that.

Despite the added support, this is a very durable and light weight option that really does not cost to my issues for players. It’s going to limit flexibility a little bit, but it is a trade-off many people are willing to deal with if it means less chance of injury.


– Great grip
Solid wrist support
– Top grade leather used


– Limits flexibility
– Lack of sizes and left-handed option

9. Professional Anti-Skid Bowling Gloves

Professional Anti-Skid Bowling Gloves

For most people, it doesn’t make much sense to have a bowling glove on both hands. However, there are some advantages to doing that. For those were looking for a pair of gloves, these might be the best options out there.

Some people bowl with two hands, while others just want to have grip during their initial approach. There is also the fact that balance is key, and even having a glove on both hands to some people can make a difference.

A person’s off hand can also get sweaty, whether it be from nerves or the temperature in the bowling alley. Having a glove allows a person to eliminate that as much as possible.

Just because the gloves do come in a pair does not mean that a person must use both of them. They work just fine individually, and the grip as well as flexibility is very good. They also have a very modern look and feel to them, making them one of the most fashionable options for bowling gloves out there.


– Comes in a pairs
– Modern design and colors
– Lightweight


– Some will have use for just one glove
– Not the best wrist support

10. Ebonite React/R Bowling Glove

Ebonite React/R Bowling Glove

As the third option from Ebonite on this list, it is pretty clear that the company knows what they are doing with their bowling gloves. This React bowling glove provides complete control during the entire swing of the ball. Not only that, but it allows a person to avoid developing calluses on the hand even after just playing a little bit.

Control is something that a lot of people lack, especially if they are just starting out as bowlers. The best way to get improved control is the have the best grip possible. The compound used on the glove is top-of-the-line, and it is very durable as well. That should allow a person to really put the ball where they want it to be, all while having quite a bit of comfort.

The heavy use of this glove can start to break it down, but like anything else, it needs to be properly cared for. Cleaning it every once in a while and storing it in proper places will help with the durability.

With plenty of sizes available, not to mention options for right-handers and left-handers, this is a glove that makes a lot of sense for many types of bowlers out there. Those who give it a try are usually very satisfied with how it performs and feels.


– Trusted company behind the glove
– Excellent grip
– Complete control during all parts of the swing


– Durability concerns
– Lack of color choices

Bowling Glove Selection Tips

Not all players will feel the need to use a bowling glove, but for those that plan of bowling a lot and professionals, they have a lot of benefits. A good bowling glove can prevent the ball from slipping out of the hand and throwing off your game, as well as protecting your hand and wrist against strain during the game. When it comes to selecting a bowling glove, there are a few key features to keep in mind: material, design, left- or right-handed, stability and style.


The two most common types of materials used for the gloves are nylon and leather. Both have their merits. As nylon is a lighter material, it is more flexible, while leather is heavier and provides more support and durability. It is generally recommended that leather gloves are best with a spandex blend to provide some flexibility and make the overall fit more comfortable to wear.


When considering the glove’s design, the main choice to make is whether or not you want one with a thumb protector or one where the thumb is not covered. While most people prefer the look of the full glove, it does not provide the ventilation that an open-thumbed glove does. Full gloves tend to be a little pricier as they use more material, but for longer games or for players whose hands sweat a lot, ventilation might be a more pressing issue. The downside to an open-thumbed glove is that while it provides better ventilation, it also increases the player’s risk of having their thumb damaged by blisters.

Left- or Right-Handed

When it comes to selecting a bowling glove, keep in mind that not all gloves are designed for use with both right and left hands. Make sure you purchase the correct designation for your bowling hand.


Stability is an especially important factor for beginners as it can take some time to cultivate. For newbie-bowlers, the pros will tell you to keep your palm as straight and rigid as possible to give you more control. Gloves can help with this as some have metal plating to help keep the palm straight so beginners can focus on other parts of the game. While the metal plating does make the gloves heavier, they are recommended for beginners as they can majorly improve their game.


Style is more important to some players than others. You will see some pros that show up at the lanes in total coordination. Their shoes, ball, bag, and gloves will all match for a spiffy style. For other players, they are more concerned with function and performance than style. That is not to say you can’t have both; there are gloves that are stylish and functional. A lot of the glove’s look depends upon the material, so for someone wanting a stylish glove, they will have to consider if they like the look of leather or nylon better.

Top Bowling Glove Brands

As with any product, there are superior- and inferior-quality brands to consider. For those who are just entering the world of bowling and don’t have a firm idea of which brands are better than others, it’s a good idea to go with the brands recommended by the pros and those who are more experienced in the game. When it comes to the top bowling glove brands, the following are some of the most popular brands to use and are more often recommended by the pros.


The Brunswick name is a powerhouse in the bowling industry. Used by a large number of pros, gloves made by Brunswick are known to be made with superior craftsmanship and high-performance materials. Brunswick uses comfortable cushioning to provide bowlers with a relaxed fit that is ultra comfortable.

Brunswick likes to design their gloves with ergonomics in mind, which is why they provide such a bespoke fit. The gloves also feature metal, and while it adds some extra weight, it provides the bowler with the stability so necessary in keeping your palm rigid. Their use of velcro on the wrist is an ideal closure that provides additional support to the wrist, helping to avoid strain and injury.

The Brunswick gloves are also designed for both lefties and righties, so the gloves will more than meet the needs of beginners and pros. Brunswick’s products are also known to be extremely affordable when the quality of craftsmanship and material is considered. With design, material, and stability accounted for, Brunswick produces bowling gloves that are a popular choice for frequent and professional bowlers.


The Ebonite brand is one of the bowling industry leaders most known for their impressive bowling equipment design. Ebonite products and accessories are trusted by a huge number of professional bowlers.

Ebonite gloves are made from top-grade leather with a combination of spandex between the fingers. The spandex combination allows for greater flexibility and stretchability. Steel is added to the glove’s backs to promote stability and the correct hand position. The wrist closures also provide additional support.

Ebonite gloves are known to be lightweight, comfortable, and thanks to the spandex, comfortable and flexible. While some pros have suggested taking off the gloves during playing for some ventilation, they are still regarded as one of leading bowling-glove brands on the market.

You might pay a little more for that high-quality Ebonite name, but if you are a serious bowler, the features and benefits will more than make up for it.

Monster Grip

The gloves made by Monster Grip are known as an excellent choice for beginners. They are made from durable materials that produce a comfortable and flexible fit for playing.

While some of the more pro brands incorporate a metal addition, Monster Grip does not, but they do provide some very effective nylon strapping for added wrist support. The Monster Grip gloves do provide excellent ventilation thanks to the off-finger thumb design. This is a great feature for beginners who will benefit from keeping their hands dry and cool during the game.

Monster Grip gloves are known as one of the most affordable brands on the market. They are highly recommended for beginners who are looking to elevate their game from beginner to intermediate.

Average Pricing

As with any product, pricing varies depending on the brand, style and material of the bowling glove. Brunswick gloves tend to range, in part due to size, from around $12 to $60. Ebonite gloves can generally be purchased from between $25 and $40. Monster Grip gloves average out at approximately $15, for the most affordable option.

Depending on the frequency and seriousness of your bowling, the features necessary will dictate the price point of the ideal glove for you to invest in. From $12 to $60, you will be able to find a bowling glove that will improve your game and help you get to those perfect strikes.

The Best Bowling Gloves for Arthritis

Arthritis of the hands can be a huge challenge when it comes to participating in activities, especially those with repetitive motions. This is especially true with bowling as the hand has to grip the ball and control it to propel down the lane. That being said, that doesn’t mean those with arthritis can’t bowl; it just means there are some steps to take that will help ease the process.

When it comes to bowling with arthritis, there are ways to minimize pain and discomfort. In addition to ensuring you have the ideal-weighted ball, having your finger holes drilled for customization is another great step to take to ensure your fingers and hand is as comfortable as possible throughout the game.

One of the most proactive steps you can take to limit arthritic pain is to invest in a high-quality bowling glove. People suffering from arthritis in their hands often wear gloves during most activities, and bowling is no exception. A good bowling glove to invest in is one that is flexible but offers a tight fit; this can help with inflammation and protect the hands from extreme temperature changes. A glove with a metal insert is also recommended for bowlers with arthritis as it will promote good hand positioning. Gloves with wrist closures provide the wrist with extra support, also a good thing for those with arthritis who still enjoy partaking in the game.

When it comes time to invest in that perfect bowling glove to up your game, there are a surprisingly large number of factors that come into play. Material is important as it effects the weight of the hand. Leather gloves are known to be heavier, while nylon lighter and more flexible. Leather gloves with a spandex addition between the fingers are extremely durable and provide good flexibility and comfort. Gloves with additional cushioning can be extra comfortable, and those with finger and thumb holes are ideal for those who prioritize ventilation or whose sweaty hands can compromise their grip on the ball. Gloves with metal support can promote good stability and hand positioning. Ultimately, different gloves are ideal for different types of players, and once you figure out what type of player you are and want to be, you will know what to look for in the perfect bowling glove.

Top 10 Best Bowling Balls For 2020 Reviews


Bowling is a sport loved by many. Some play it casually, some play in a weekly league, and others take it very seriously. No matter what level of player a person is, having a personal bowling ball can make a huge difference.

Balls that are provided by bowling lanes are going to be sized pretty generically, and most balls will have chips or even small cracks in them. Owning a personal ball allows for customized finger hole drilling, and consistency with the same ball each time.

Below is a look at some of the top bowling ball options in 2020. With balls in different price ranges, many will be surprised that the investment isn’t all that much to have a very dependable ball to turn to each and every time. Some of the top bowling balls are going to actually come in well under $100 for shoppers.


1. Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl Bowling Ball (10-Pounds)

Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl Bowling Ball

Brunswick is one of the most well-known names in bowling, so it should come as no surprise that this is the first of three different bowling balls from this brand. As the most affordable option, this is a nice, light ball for someone who is beginning with bowling or is a bit on the smaller side.

Right away, the look and feel is going to be something people notice compared to all the options at a local alley. It is versatile enough to be used on different types of surfaces, which is always beneficial for those who are only casual players.

Once a person is a little bit more into bowling, an upgrade might be necessary. With that being said, casual bowlers will get more than enough out of it.


Unique, high quality design
Perfect for straight ball bowlers


Not the most durable
Many will want to eventually move up in ball weight


2. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Ball

The Path Rising from Pyramid comes in sizes 8 to 16 pounds, giving people a chance to purchase it to fit their own individual needs. It has a distinctive finish, almost resembling a marble in a total of seven different colors.

It is labeled as an entry level performance ball, but even intermediate bowlers should get quite a bit of use out of it. It doesn’t have much of a hook naturally, but the ball has a 1500-grit/polished factory finish that allows for a true bowl each time.

Depending on how a person drills the holes, more hook can be added. Versatility is huge with this ball, because it can be customized to fit a person’s unique style of play.


Fully customizable
1500-grit/polished factory finish performs great
Ball can be used by many different levels of players


Lacks natural hook
Color looks slightly different in person compared to online photos


3. Pyramid Path Ball

Pyramid Path Ball

The Pyramid Path is going to be similar in a lot of ways to the Path Rising above, but with the price difference being around $40, shoppers should expect a little bit less out of this one. While it is a lesser version of the two, it might be ideal for certain players.

A polyester coverstock is going to provide a very straight shot. This is mostly to help beginners with aim. It is very hard to recommend this ball to anyone trying to put a little bit of spin or hook on the ball.

With a two-year warranty, it is a nice beginner ball for people to feel fully comfortable beating up a bit if they have to. This is a workhorse type of bowling ball. Nothing too crazy or fancy, but still a significant step up from anything found at the local alley.


Pyramid quality at a fraction of the price
Perfect for those trying to bowl straight balls
Two-year warranty shows how durable it is


Polyester coverstock isn’t the best
Not suitable for anything past beginner level


4. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

This is the most expensive ball to make the list. Most people are trying to stay on a fairly strict budget when looking at lists like this, but the more serious bowler might want to gloss over the cheaper models and jump straight to something like this.

The Black Widow Legend is the first in the line of many from the company to use a hybrid coverstock. This coverstock does a great job in helping the ball move naturally, especially on the backend of a bowl.

Available in weights ranging from 12-16 pounds, this ball has a great look and feel to it. The Gas Mask core is something Hammer Bowling is known for, and it really helps the ball plow through pins late that other balls can’t deliver on.

Be warned that this ball won’t perform well if a person is not used to handling a more advanced option. It takes some getting used to with the speed and the amount of hook that can be used. Once a person settles in though, it delivers in a big way.


Best overall ball for more advanced bowlers in this review article
Hybrid coverstock performs as it should
Three year warranty makes for a smart investment


Not beginner-friendly
Some struggle with the ball on lightly oiled lanes


5. Ebonite Maxim

Ebonite Maxim

The Maxim is a straight ball. Some people might pick up a small amount of hook, but this ball is going to work best for the straight bowlers. With a polyester coverstock, it mostly goes where people want it to.

As a spare ball, this is perfect for beginners and intermediate bowlers. This should really only be used for beginners as #1 option. It’s just not going to deliver even a little bit of hook that most rely on.


Works well as a spare ball
Two year warranty
Stays true even after heavy use


Very straight ball
Pancake core is not for everyone


6. Brunswick Rhino Ball

Brunswick Rhino Ball

The Brunswick Rhino Ball is a very popular choice for those who feel they have graduated to at least an intermediate level. With better specs, the ball can allows a person to get a solid amount of hook each time they bowl it.

Shoppers can pick between five different colors, and sizing goes from 10-16 pounds. The ball has a R-16 reactive coverstock, and a 500 siaair/royal compound/royal shine finish to it. The ball can definitely hook a decent amount with this setup, but it is still easy to control.

For an intermediate option well under $100, it is hard to beat the Rhino Ball. It is one of the best reviewed balls on the market today.


Pro quality coverstock and finish
Affordable for the specs
Provides a controllable hook


Some have had issues with durability
Certain colors/sizes tend to go out of stock frequently

7. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball

Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball

The Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball, without question, is going to grab the attention of everyone at the bowling alley. Be prepared to get some stares and questions. With that being said, the ball is more than just looks. It also performs very well, and is built for a consistent player who wants a unique look.

With a plastic coverstock and a somewhat mediocre finish, some might be a little disappointed that the specs are not as good as the Rhino Ball featured above. It does have a nice Brunswick quality to it though.

The ball can hook fairly easily, but not quite as much as the Rhino Ball. Really, this is more of a ball to have a little bit of fun with, without giving up too much on performance. The ball really glows under a blacklight, which is perfect for late night and party bowling.


Beautiful artwork
Glows in blacklight
Performs well given the specs


Paying more for looks than performance
Doesn’t age particularly well after extended use

8. Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball

Another performance bowling ball, the Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball does a lot of things very well. It has excellent specs, is priced very affordably and continues to pick up great reviews as an often overlooked option.

Columbia isn’t as well known as some of the other companies putting out bowling balls, but this one is perfect for the intermediate players. The ball can move a bit, but power bowlers can get a lot of value out of it as well. The heavier balls really crash into the pins well, exploding on impact in a way that others in this class can’t.

Most would label this as a medium hook ball, but it all comes down to how a person drills the holes. It is a solid reactive ball with a nitrous core, a Boost/R coverstock and a 500/2000 Abralon Polish with a Powerhouse Factory Finish. All of this screams a professional level with quality, and it should last years for most bowlers.


Ball has solid, consistent hook
Can be tailored for each bowler’s strengths
Specs are high quality


Heavier balls have less of a hook
Only available in two, very similar looking colors

9. Ebonite Maxim Ball, Black/Purple/Gold, 10-Pound

Ebonite Maxim Ball

The Ebonite Maxim is another entry level type of bowling ball, designed mostly for smaller players. At only 10 pounds, it is easy to pick up and play with, even for those who have no real experience.

The coverstock isn’t anything special, as it is made of polyester and plastic. The 3 piece core is decent, but mostly, this is a ball to learn the basics with and grow as a player.

Some will also use this ball for straight bowls in order to pick up spares. This is an excellent option for that, as it is very easy and lightweight to control. There are times in which a bowler really doesn’t want to have a ton of hook on the ball, and that is where this one comes in handy.


Affordable beginner ball for those getting into the game
Can be used as a spare ball
Beautiful color and design


Several reports of cracking after moderate use
Does not hook at all

10. Columbia Nitrous Red/Gold

Columbia Nitrous

With a very distinct red and gold color, this Columbia Nitrous is very similar to the one listed above. Coming in four different weight options, people love the strong backend of this each time the ball is bowled.

The nitrous core is really what a lot of people love about this model. The core does a great job of plowing through pins and keeping the ball very refined throughout the roll. The coverstock and finish on the ball is also very professional, which is to be expected with a ball in this price range.

There is really not much to say about this ball in a negative way. The company has done a great job with the overall design of the ball, delivering an affordable option for the intermediate players who want similar setups to those who play professionally.


Beautiful color and design
Professional-level specs at an affordable price
Ball comes in four different weights


Not everyone will love the one color option
Doesn’t handle dry lanes well

Bowling Ball Selection Tips

Bowling is a fun, sociable, and healthy activity. One of the key factors of being a good bowler is, understandably, selecting the perfect bowling ball. Every bowler has different needs, size and style requirements that need to be met before they can truly enjoy everything the game has to offer. Many people, especially those just starting out, struggle with how to choose the right bowling ball. From weight, coverstock, reactive resin, cores and holes, there are a surprising amount of factors to consider.


One of the most important aspects of bowling-ball selection centres around the ball’s weight. If your ball is too heavy, you’ll be struggling and not producing your best results in the lanes. If the ball is too light, you might be off balance with how much power you need to launch the ball.

Most pros recommend that when it comes to selecting a bowling bowl of adequate weight, the rule is that the ball should have 1 pound to every 10 pounds of your body weight. This is a good formula to use as it accounts for the fact that every person has different weight requirements and needs to be met. For example, for a 120-pound person, a bowling ball between 12-to-13 pounds should be adequate for that perfect bowling ball that you can control with enough power to take out those taunting pins.

Bowling is all about balance. Another way to ensure you have a bowling ball that is not too heavy is to simply try and hold the bowling ball out with your arm outstretched. If the ball is a good weight for you, it should not make you feel off-balanced. After trying a few bowls, if you are having a hard time controlling the ball, keeping it centred in the lane, and taking out those pins, that is a good indication that the ball is too light. Bowling is all about balance: balance of the bowler and balance of the perfectly-weighted bowling ball is key.


The coverstock refers to the coating on the ball, and many people forget that this can have a strong effect on the ball and its amount of hook. There are different types of coverstock, and plastic is a common one. Plastic has little friction so will allow that ball to sail down the lane.

The next most common coverstock is urethane. This coating is more expensive but gives the ball more friction for gripping the lane. This type produces more hook and is ideal for bowlers who like to take out those pins from an angle. Urethane, however, does yield less control as it grips the lane more. Depending on the conditions of the bowling lanes, some more oiled than others, plastic and urethane coverstock both have their merits and downfalls. Many professional bowlers will take more than one ball with them to important games to account for the differing conditions of the lanes.

Reactive Resin

Reactive resin refers to design elements of the ball. Reactive resin coverstocks come in pearl, solid, and hybrid, and each one has its benefits.

Solid reactive resin is known for facilitating a smooth and even roll and on lanes that are well-oiled, they create more friction. The downside of this is, again, more friction equals less control, so that is something to be considered, especially for beginners who are attempting to cultivate that control.

Pearl is not as reactive to oily lanes and gives bowlers more leverage. What this results in is a ball with more hook, which is challenging to master so better suited to intermediate-to-advanced bowlers.

Balls with the hybrid reactive resin coverstock have a combination of pearl and solid. In hybrid bowling balls, you can often tell because each side of the ball features a different coverstock, often discernible as contrasting colours.

Different bowlers of different levels will have different needs. For beginners, the solid reactive resin coverstock is recommended as it will move easier down the lane and not require as much control.


Different balls have different cores, and each different core-type can have a significant impact on your game.

Pancake cores are most often found in bowling balls for beginners. They are easier to control and not so dependent upon technique. The pancake core tends to keep the ball straighter, producing more of a rolling experience.

Symmetrical cores are more for advanced bowlers and are most often seen in the traditional light-bulb cores found in the majority of balls. As the core is balanced, it tends to produce a more even roll.

Asymmetrical core is what most bowlers opt for as it allows for more control. The asymmetrical core allows for striking the pins without that perfect centre roll and is more suited for striking from an angle.

USBC-Approved Bowling Balls

The majority of modern bowling balls are USBC-approved; that means that they could be used in professional competitions. Obviously, if you are just bowling for fun, this is not a factor you will need to consider. However, if you are considering going pro, you will need to ensure your ball is USBC-approved.

A USBC bowling ball will have to be adequately balanced and weighted. To find out, you can take your ball to a bowling shop where experts can check it out and tell you if it is up to snuff.

Drilling the Bowling-Ball Holes

For those serious about bowling, having your holes drilled is essential as they will be customized to your fingers. This will produce a better grip, more control, and more comfort during the game. To have your ball holes drilled, take it into a bowling shop and have a professional do the job. They will know which holes are best suited to your fingers and will also be able to gauge where and how the holes are best drilled based on which type of core your bowling ball features.

Top Bowling Ball Brands

Any industry is marked by its best and worst brands, and bowling balls are no exception. When it comes to selecting your first bowling ball, relying on a trusted brand is a good place to start.

Storm has been supplying bowling balls since 1985. In that time, they have become a powerhouse and the preferred bowling-ball brand of higher-end and high-performing balls. Storm bowling balls are recommended for players of all levels.

Brunswick has been producing bowling balls as far back as 1880, and although they switched production gears away from bowling balls for a time, their recent balls have been hailed as very impressive and user-friendly.

The Ebonite name is another brand synonymous with high-quality and impressive bowling balls. Ebonite balls are recommended for players of all levels.


Bowling-Ball Logistics

A trip to your local bowling alley will be an eye-opener for beginners. Often, people’s first trip to the alley is marked by amazement at this new and unique subculture. You will likely see some people polishing balls, while others try a wide number in their hands before deciding on that perfect one to use in their game. To newbies, this can be a strange and fascinating ritual to observe that can raise a few questions such as, “Why are they polishing the ball?”

Many bowlers with a little experience under their belt choose to polish their balls for a faster trip down the lane. Advanced players will check out the conditions of the lane and determine which ball they want to use depending on the finish, as well as some of the other aforementioned factors. Lanes that are well oiled will be preferred by players whose ball has more friction, while balls without a lot of friction will prefer non-oiled floors for greater control.

Life-Expectancy of Bowling Balls

Before investing in a bowling ball, you are likely wondering how long they actually last. Does spending more up front mean a ball that will last longer, or do the majority follow a certain timeline? The quick answer is that while most balls last a good five-to-10 years, no one really knows. A ball’s longevity can depend on a number of factors such as its core type, finish, and maintenance. When it comes to maximizing your ball’s longevity, there are a few things you can do.

The most important thing you can do to keep your ball at peak performance for as long as possible is to store it at ambient temperatures. Exposure to harsh weather changes like heat and cold can result in destabilizing of the core, or cracking the finish. Protecting your coverstock by polishing and retexturing is another step you can take to increase your ball’s longevity, and this is best handled by the pros at your local bowling shop.

When it comes time to shop for that perfect bowling ball, remember that every bowler is different and has different needs. The most important factor to consider is the weight, and weight requirements vary greatly from player to player. Ensuring that your ball is neither too heavy nor too light is the best way to determine which is the perfect bowling ball for you.

Top 10 Best Bowling Bags For 2020 Reviews


Below is a review of top bowling bags off 2020 that allows you to carry all the accessories you need for a fulfilling bowling session.


1. Pyramid path Deluxe Durable Roller Bowling Bag

Pyramid path Deluxe Durable Roller Bowling Bag

• 600-denier polyester oxford construction
• 21.5-inch retractable wheels
Double roller

This is a bowling bag with durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction. It also comes with three-inch rubber wheels that allow you to manoeuvre stairs easily. The wide wheels offer the bag stability and the 21.5-inch extendable handle ensure you can easily pull it along. This easy-rolling bag allows you to bring with you, everything you need for your bowling session. It has enough room to hold one pair of size 16 men’s shoes or smaller.

With two bowling balls and all personal belongings crucial to your game, you don’t have to worry about carrying an extra bag. The high-quality material used to fabricate this bag allows you to use it for an extended period of time. The sturdy bag ensures you comfortably carry your bowling essentials without worrying that the bag will be ripped off by the weight. Besides, the padded carrying strap ensures that the weight does not weigh down your shoulder.

This is a bag made of custom material to guarantee it has a long lifespan. It is sturdy for its price with impressive performance. Aside from being aesthetically appealing, this bag is also functional. It rolls like a dream and is spacious enough to function as it should. The wide and deep accessory compartment allows you to carry bowling accessories and easily access them.

high-quality fabrication
• stable and functional bag with enough space for all your accessories
• Padded carrying straps takes the pressure off your shoulders
• Is a pull the only bag since the extendable hand does not lock in position


2. Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball

• Padded ball holder
• Detachable metal hooks that connect handles to the bag
• Cushioning and protection

This a tote bag with a padded ball holder to ensure your bowling ball is protected from damage. Aside from one bowling ball, the bag also fits one pair of bowling shoes, size 14. The high-quality polyester construction ensures that this bag has a long lifespan. You get to have all your bowling gear in one place and easily access whatever you need.

The front compartment is small and low profile, allowing you to secure your keys, cell phone and other essential item’s you’ll need to access easily. The padded adjustable shoulder straps are durable and sturdy to ensure the weight of the bag does not weigh you down and that it doesn’t snap.

Additionally, the bad comes with a padded ball holder that holds your bowling ball in place in the central compartment. The equipt foam ball holder does not wear off over time, ensuring that your bowling ball is always protected. This is a bag that is built to last thanks to the high-quality materials used. Reinforced stitching prevents the bag from tearing open from the weight of the bowling ball.

• Built to last thanks to the high-quality material used for fabrication
• Offers protection for your bowling ball
• Has enough space to accommodate all bowling essentials

• Keeps rolling to its side


3. Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag

• Designed to hold two bowling balls
• Sturdy fabric construction
• Welded steel hardware

This superior quality bag is manufactured using durable denier with a 480D dobby accent colour. It can hold two bowling balls, bowling shoes, as well as, bowling essentials and accessories. It is a dual-zippered bag that ensures everything inside is secured from falling out. The thick transparent top flap is durable enough to ensure it doesn’t wear and tear over time. The bag can hold men’s shoes up to size 12, allowing a wide variety of individuals to use it.

Additionally, the bag features heavy duty stitching and elaborate logo embroidery that is identical with all products. Besides, the welded steel construction, as well as, the durable nylon straps ensure that the bag does not come apart. You can comfortably hold this bag in hand or on your shoulder.

• Padded nylon handle to easy off pressure when the bag is on your shoulder
• Dual zippered to ensure the contents do not fall out
• Sturdy fabric construction that guarantees a long lifespan

• The shoe compartment is tight, making it hard for you to get other accessories out.


4. Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bowling Bag

Hammer Premium 4-Ball Stackable Bowling Bag

• Removable top bag
• 600D/1680D fabric
• Five-year warranty

The bag comes with 5-inch kruze urethane wheels with steel bearings that guarantee ultra smooth and quiet rolling. There is also a removable top bag that you can leave behind for a less bulky bag. This bag is fabricated with a 600D fabric that ensures it has a long lifespan. Besides, the extendable handle ensures that it is accessible to a wide variety of users. The handle is 32-inches when in down position and 40-inches when extended.

The five-year product warranty reassures you that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of the product. Aside from a size 15, men’s shoes, the bag can also hold all essential bowling materials and accessories you need for a fulfilling experience. The functional zippers are low profile yet really easy to find. This bag works as advertised and it ensures your bowling essentials are secure.

• Features many compartments for storage
• Has a good bag balance
• Functional zippers that are easy to locate

• Handle does not collapse fully


5. Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus Bowling Bag

• Detachable top accessory pack
Low profile accessory pocket
Hook and loop fastening

This heavy-duty bowling bag that is manufactured using durable 1680 denier construction and 840D dobby accent colour is easy on the eye. The detachable top accessory pack offers you ample storage for additional accessories you might want to carry. This bag features compact wheels give you an easy time transporting the bag.

The padded strap handle also allows you to carry the bag on the shoulder without feeling the pressure of the weight. This is a bag that has been thoughtfully designed to offer convenience in storage and movement. There are dual rolling wheels at the back and operate smoothly to ensure you don’t draw attention when rolling it on the ground.

Not to forget the low profile accessory pocket that you can use for your phone and keys, as well as, ready-to-go tools that you need within reach. There is another large and spacious accessory pocket that can be used for towels, shoe protectors and other bowling essentials. The easy and quick retrieval this bag allows ensures you are not frustrated in your efforts to get to whatever you need. You can leave the detachable compartment if you don’t need the extra storage space. The hook and loop fastening guarantees confident and secure transport.

• Comes with a detachable top accessory bag
• Durable build that guarantees a long lifespan
• Spacious and secure

• Does not stand up

6. Storm Solo Bowling Bag

Storm Solo Bowling Bag

• One year limited warranty
• 600D denier polyester fabric
• Zippered accessory pocket

This bag can hold one bowling ball, and it also features an internal shoe pocket that can hold men’s shoe size 15. The adjustable non-slip shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder without worrying about the weight of the bowling ball. The reinforced stitching ensures the handles do not come off at the point where they connect with the bag.

The bag is great for its price and has impressive performance. There is enough room to accommodate all you need for a wholesome bowling experience. This is a perfectly sized bowling bag that you can use to carry shoes, braces and any other thing essential for a bowling session. The bag is comfortable to carry, and the padding ensures your shoulder don’t feel the weight.

• Thoughtfully designed to ensure all you need can be accommodated
• Reinforced stitching for confident and secured transportation
• Fulfils both aesthetic and functional purposes.

7. Ebonite Transport II Roller

Ebonite Transport II Roller

High-quality fabric
• 600D oxford construction
• 3-inch wheels

This is an excellent quality bowling ball that comes with a separate shoe compartment for better storage arrangement. The high-quality material used to manufacture this bag ensures you don’t have to worry about it wearing and tearing. The oversized zippered side pocket offers additional storage space for anything you’ll need to carry for your bowling session.

There are mold ball cups at the base of the bag that holds the bag in place. There are also thinly padded inserts inside the bowling balls compartments that keep the balls from knocking into each other. Since bowling balls are quite expensive, this additional protection ensures they are in good shape.

There is no doubt that this is a long-lasting bowling bag thanks to the great foam factor and functionality it features. You can now leave the house knowing your bowling balls are secure and that you have everything you need for a fulfilling bowling experience.

• A thinly padded insert protects bowling balls
High-quality guarantees a long lifespan
• Great form factor and excellent functionality

8. Storm Bowling Products 2 Ball Rolling Thunder

Storm Bowling Products 2 Ball Rolling Thunder

• Reinforced zippers and stitching
• 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
• Huge and wide wheels

The bowling bag’s appearance is easy on the eye, and you get ample storage space. The shoe compartment is spacious enough to fit size 15 men’s shoes. The handle extends up to 39 inches, allowing people with different heights to use this bag. This product features excellent building quality that prevents it from wearing and tearing over time.

The 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is a show of confidence in the quality of the product. The huge and wide wheels offer the bag the stability and balance it needs to roll smoothly without falling to the side. Aside from the excellent building quality, this product also features high-quality, nylon fabrication that is easy to clean. The sturdy zippers do a good job in keeping all your belongings inside the bag. This is an outstanding product that offers great security for your bowling bags thanks to the well thought out design.

• Quality materials used in the fabrication
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Strong zippers that keep all your belongings inside the bag

• Expensive

9. Pyramid Path Deluxe Single Tote Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Deluxe Single Tote Bowling Bag

Heavy duty construction
• Separate shoe compartment
• Webbed nylon carrying handles

This bag features heavy-duty construction; it ensures it lasts you for an extended period. The product features adjustable and removable straps that have a non-slip pad that keeps the bag hanging over your shoulder. The handles are also padded to take off the pressure due to the weight of the bowling balls.

Welded steel hardware is used in the construction of the handle to ensure it does not easily get damaged. The separate shoe compartment allows you to have an easy time packing what you need in the bag. All in all, this is a great quality product that gives you value for your money.

• Comes with a separate shoe compartment
• Constructed with heavy-duty material
• Adjustable straps

• There is no way of seeing balls in the bag

10. KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote

KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote

• Designed for one bowling ball
• Comes with a side shoe compartment
• Has foam ball inserts

This is a high-quality product that ensures you have a fulfilling bowling experience. You can carry one bowling ball plus one pair of bowling shoes. Besides, the foam ball inserts ensure that your bowling ball is protected. This is a decent bowling bag that is compact sized to ensure you fit everything you need without t looking bulky.

• Decent looking and functional
• Compact size
• Holds your bowling ball plus one pair of shoes

• Holds just one bowling ball

Bowling Bag Selection Tips

Serious bowlers put a lot of thought into the type of bowling ball they use. From the weight to coverstock and core, different bowling styles dictate the type of bowling ball to use and how to care for it. It makes sense that bowlers would put an equal amount of thought and planning into their bowling ball bag, but how do people decide on one bowling bag over another? Bowling bags safely transport bowling bags, shoes, and any other important accessories to and from the lanes. Below are some tips on selecting a bowling bag.

Bag Construction

When looking for the perfect bowling bag, consider the bag’s quality of construction. The bag has to tote around quite a substantial weight, so be sure that any bags you are considering are strong, durable, and rugged with a strongly-attached handle.

A single bowling ball can weigh up to 16 pounds, plus the added weight of shoes and any other accessories. You should also try and find a bag that is water-proof; that way, the contents are protected against inclement weather as exposure to weather extremes can cause the core to destabilize or the finish to crack.

Bowling Bag Styles: Luggage and Tote

Luggage and tote are the two main bowling bag styles. Luggage style bags have more space and are ideal for transporting multiple balls and related accessories. Also known as ‘roller bags’, they most often come with an option for adding wheels and an extendable handle. For professional or serious bowlers with multiple balls to suit a variety of lane conditions, expensive shoes, and an extensive bowling-accessory list to transport, luggage-style bags are ideal as the heavy contents can be easily transported to and from the lanes, in and out of vehicles, and can be rolled along instead of carried. This can save your back the strain of bearing the weight so your back muscles are preserved for those perfect strikes.

Tote bags are recommended for beginners or for those who won’t be carrying multiple bowling balls. The handle or shoulder strap will be cushioned for comfort and durability. The main qualities to look for in a tote bag is sturdy construction and a bag that is well-balanced. A bag that is well balanced evenly distributes the weight of its contents and can make the load feel lighter than it is, not to mention saving on arm, shoulder, and back pain. For those looking for a bag that is compact and takes up less storage space, the tote style is for you.

Top Bowling Bag Brands

Just like anything, there are lesser- and higher-quality brands to consider when shopping for your bag. For those just starting out, doing a little due diligence on the top bag brands before committing to one is a positive first step to take. You will want to go with a brand with a solid reputation. Finding out the brands that are preferred by the pros is always a good move as they know what they are talking about and have likely sampled a wide variety of brands.


BSI is a brand of renown in the bowling industry. Their bags are made from heavy-duty poly fabric that is water-resistant and durable. BSI bags have different compartments for the ball, shoes, and accessories to keep the ball from getting scratched. BSI bags are known to be perfectly balanced and most often come with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for ease of transport and comfort. The zipper is strong and high-quality with little chance of getting stuck or breaking. Some of the BSI bags even contain a zippered personal-organizer pocket as an added bonus. The BSI brand is synonymous with superior quality design, material, and craftsmanship.


Another solid brand name in the bowling industry is Pyramid. Pyramid is known for its high quality bowling bags offered at affordable prices. Most Pyramid totes are ideal for transporting a ball, a pair of shoes, and any additional accessories. Pyramid bags are made of high-quality material that is weather-resistant and feature an adjustable shoulder strap to best suit its carrier. Pyramid roller bags are also known as one of the best for transporting multiple balls to and from the lanes with ease and a minimum of effort.


The Hammer name is interchangeable with ‘stability’ and ‘durability’. Hammer bags are known to offer their owners a lot for their affordable price point. Hammer bags often feature plastic rails in the bottom of the bag to keep it ridged and make it easy to slide up and down stairs. Their larger bags can hold up to three balls and feature high-quality fabric and a solid-wheel construction for easy travel. The Hammer brand is known for its neat features such as a clear-zippered top so owners can easily see the contents. The Hammer brand is a name chosen and respected by serious bowlers, especially those who are transporting multiple bowling bags at one time.


In the bowling industry, the Brunswick name is known for its reliability and affordability. Many of their bags come with additional foam padding so the balls are extra cushioned and protected during transport; this keeps those balls nice and shiny and scratch-free. The bags have small pockets that are useful for bowlers needing to remove rings or watches. The padded adjustable shoulder straps are known for comfort even when the bag is fully loaded. The Brunswick brand is said to produce some of the best bags in the market.

Average Pricing

Now that you are up to speed on the types, styles, and brands of bowling bags, you are likely wondering about the pricing. While price varies greatly depending upon the brand, size, and style, most often, a single tote from one of the aforementioned brands can run anywhere between $30 and $50. Obviously, double or larger totes would increase in price from $40 to $60. Once you get into the bags with wheels and extendable handles, the price can jump significantly from $70 to $200. For heavy-duty hard-shell cases with wheels, you can be looking at spending around $160, but these are fantastic in their ability to keep the balls separate and protected.

How to Clean Bowling Bags

The importance of keeping your bowling ball clean begs the question, “How does one keep their bowling ball bag clean?” When it comes to transporting your balls around, your bag is the single most important factor. Keeping your bag clean will ensure that your ball is being kept as clean as possible during transport.

Most bags are made from high quality and super durable fabric that is water-resistant or fully waterproof. Individual cleaning instructions are likely to come with your bag and will vary from brand to brand. In most cases, wiping your bag down with a cloth moistened with soap and water or with some diluted detergent will more than suffice with keeping that bag as shiny and clean as the ball/balls within.

The Best Bowling Bag for Tournaments

When it comes to tournaments, you are bowling in the big leagues. Pro bowlers put a lot of thought into what type of ball they will use and most often show up to games with more than one ball. This allows them to strategize and choose a ball that best works with the individual land conditions such as well-oiled or not. For that reason alone, many pros opt for the luggage-style bags with extendable handles and wheels.

For those attending tournaments, that means a lot of travel, which means a lot of transporting those heavy balls and accessories from place to place. Hard cases on wheels or luggage-style bags that hold multiple balls are the best choice of bags for competing in tournaments.

Bowling is a healthy, enjoyable, and social activity to engage in. Whether you are just getting into it or have been for quite some time and are now considering bowling competitively, there are a lot of factors to consider. From choosing the perfectly-weighted bowling ball to the ideal bag for transporting your equipment and accessories, these decisions can greatly impact your enjoyment of the game. If you choose a ball that is not ideally weighted or sized to your fingers, you can experience discomfort during the game and poor results.

If you choose a bag that does not provide adequate protection for your ball or is uncomfortable to carry, you could damage your ball or strain your back and not have as much strength for the lanes. When it comes to choosing the perfect bag for transporting your ball, shoes, and accessories, consider a number of factors such as material, size, durability, comfort and portability. Professional or frequent bowlers who like to bring multiple balls to a game will likely opt for a double tote or a rolling luggage-style bag that offer the very best in ease of transport and comfort while doing so. Hopefully, you’ve gleaned enough knowledge from reading about how to select the perfect bowling ball bag to go out and make an informed purchase that will honour the game.

Top 10 Best Bowling Wrist Braces for Support 2020 Reviews


Bowling is a fun game but you are going to need wrist support due to the weight of the bowling ball. Purchasing a durable wrist brace as a professional or amateur bowler gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about your wrist getting strained. Consider purchasing products from a credible online retailer to enjoy the convenience of shipping services. The following are Top Bowling Wrist Braces to consider;


1. Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner

• Unique fabric construction
• Three Velcro straps
• Front and back metal support

These straps are made from unique fabrics that ensure the products fulfil both aesthetic and functional purposes. The improved comfort allows you to have a fulfilling bowling experience. The fabric ensures that perspiration easily evaporates to leave your wrist cool. The breathability of the material also prevents the strap from smelling even when you wear it all day long. This product features classic styling that ensures you stand out in the bowling alley.

There are front and back metal support systems that leave nothing to chance when it comes protecting your wrist from major and minor injuries. This way, you can enjoy the game without worrying that the weight of the bowling ball will weigh down on your wrist. Besides, these gloves have three Velcro straps that keep your fingers from snapping. You enjoy and comfortable and secure fit that allows you to focus on winning the game.

These products do everything they are advertised to do, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. The
superior physical properties these affordable products feature ensure you get a good price to value ratio when you make a purchase. Delivering a bowling ball has never been easier thanks to these powerful straps. This product ensures that you enjoy the comfort and support you need without spending an arm and a leg. This is because the wrist is properly positioned to ensure you achieve outstanding results while you’re bowling.

• Superior physical properties
• Offers sufficient support to ensure you have a fulfilling bowling experience
• Enables you to achieve an effective release
• Exceptional support

• Open back behind the fingers gets uncomfortable on release

2. Vive Wrist Brace Carpal Tunnel Hand Compression Support Wrap for Mena in Women

Vive Wrist Brace Carpal Tunnel Hand Compression Support Wrap for Mena in Women

• Removable splint
• Lightweight design
• Adjustability

This product is designed with individuals with carpal tunnel but is also perfect for bowling support. Some other conditions that can be managed with this wrap include tendinitis and sports injuries. This product stabilizes your hand to ensure bowling injuries are minimized. You can also use it when you have an injury to minimize pain. The removable splint makes this product flexible, allowing you to use it how you please.

You get to stabilize your wrist when releasing a bowling ball to protect your wrist from twisting. The support also helps reduce inflammation that results from repeated motion of the wrist. Since the glove is an excellent fit, you don’t have to worry about it slipping out. Aside from protection from injuries, the product features a lightweight fabric that does not weigh you down. You can wear it all down without being conscious of it.

Guaranteed comfort, durability and flexibility are what most people look for in bowling gloves, and these braces offer you all these and more. With adequate wrist support, you can have your wrist in a neutral position, so you master the hook. This product effectively reduces pain and swelling so you can go back to enjoying the game. Whether you have a stress injury, a sprain or stain, these wrist positioners offer you the support you need.

This product feature a universal size to ensure that individuals with different hand sizes can use them. Aside from the lightweight design, this product is also aesthetically appealing. The personalized fit ensures you don’t experience brunching or slipping. There are two adjustable straps which act as strength fasteners for your wrist. The breathable neoprene material prevents the product from smelling even when you wear them all day.

• Comes in a presentable package
• Affordable
• Excellent price to value ratio
• Lightweight design ensures you are not always conscious of this brace

• The brace frays too easily

3. Mongoose Lifter Bowling Wrist Band Support Brace Right Hand

Mongoose Lifter Bowling Wrist Band Support Brace Right Hand

• Right-hand wrist band
• Keeps the little finger tucked in
• Works as advertised

This is a right-hand brace that comes in different colours. It is designed to help you achieve a consistent roll when playing. The proper thumb release can only be achieved with sufficient wrist support. This wrist wrap keeps the little finger tucked inside so that it doesn’t snap when you release the bowling ball.

Aside from working as advertised, there is an elaborate return policy that allows you to get a full money refund if you are not satisfied with the product. This product comes with a user manual that is easy to follow. You don’t have to worry about hurting your bowling hand because the instructions on the user manual are easy to follow. You are having added support when bowling thanks to the grip from the Velcro straps helps to stabilize your wrist.

Whether you are an experienced or amateur bowler, this product is guaranteed to cater to your needs. You get to improve your hook without the product masking your flaws. You can improve on your bad bowling habits and still have the support you need. The mongoose lifer ensures you have a fulfilling bowling experience

• Helps you improve your bad bowling habits
• Comes with strong Velcro straps that stabilize your wrist
• Different colours to choose from
• 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

4. Storm Xtra-Grip Plus Right Hand Wrist Support X-Large

Storm Xtra-Grip Plus Right Hand Wrist Support X-Large

• Reinforced backhand support
• Unique gripping material
• Removable metal bar support

This support wrist brace comes in different colours, allowing you to choose the one that is most appealing to you. The main selling point for this product is that it comes with a reinforced backhand support system. When you swing the bowling back ready for release, you don’t have to worry about a sprained wrist.

Additionally, this brace features a supreme ventilation system that keeps your wrist cool at all times. Even when you wear it all day, you don’t have to worry about the fabric smell. This is a great glove that allows you to remove the metal bar designed for backhand support if you don’t need it.

It also comes with an elastic wrist wrap that adjusts to fit different wrist sizes. With the added control this product offers, you get to enjoy an uninterrupted bowling experience. This is a wrist positioner that gives you value for your money.

• Offers additional wrist support
• Features an elastic wrist wrap
• Comes in different colours
• The metal bar for backhand support can be removed

• Seams around the thumb tend to fray and come apart

5. Mueller Green Fitted Brace Large & Extra Large

Mueller Green Fitted Brace Large & Extra Large

Soft and durable fabric
• Metal spoon at the bottom of the wrist
• Adjustable straps

This brace prevents both hand and wrist injuries. You get to enjoy the game without worrying about your hand getting strained or sprained. Whether you have acute or chronic pain, this product can help you relieve the pain. Pain can be as a result of trauma or repeated motion that comes with bowling.

Common ailments can be prevented or treated by consistently wearing this brace. You can get the brace for the right hand and the left hand as well. Some ailments you can manage with this product include chronic irritation, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The superior physical features of this product ensure that you get value for every cent you spend on it.

Aside from providing additional support for bowlers, it also features a breathable material that prevents the product from having odour; especially when you wear it for long hours at a time. There are adjustable straps that ensure you achieve a perfect fit. This product comes with a metal spoon that sits at the bottom of your wrist to ensure you have contoured support.

• Superior physical properties
• Gives you value for your money
• Can be used to prevent or manage common ailments
• Adjustable Velcro straps that help you achieve a perfect fit.

6. Doctor Developed Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support

Doctor Developed Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support

• Ergonomically designed
• Designed to manage different wrist conditions
• Developed by medical doctors

This is a product designed by medical doctors to ensure you can manage common wrist conditions. It can also be used for additional wrist support by bowlers. This is a product that is comfortable to wear and stays in place throughout the game. You can be assured of a perfect release thanks to this product’s non-slip support. It also comes with a handbook written by medical doctors, so you know about the condition you are managing.

• Non-slip support
• Developed by medical doctors
• Allows you to manage different wrist conditions

• Expensive

7. Brunswick Shot Repeater Right Hand

Brunswick Shot Repeater Right Hand

• Comfortable support
• Designed to help with minor wrist injuries
• Sturdy and durable

This product supports proper wrist positioning as it is designed to improve shot repeated ability. The glove comes with metal inserts on the front and back of your wrist to ensure the wrist is locked in position. The lightweight fabric ensures moisture absorption is increased. This is a breathable product that keeps odour away. It also helps with minor wrist pains that come with repeated action.

• Helps with a sore wrist
• Improves your bowling experience
• Lightweight product that does not weigh your wrist down

• Expensive

8. Ebonite Pros Form Positioner Glove Right Hand

Ebonite Pros Form Positioner Glove Right Hand

• Aesthetically appealing
• Padded steel backhand support
• Supportive and durable

This is a product that features a soft and durable fabric that feels smooth over your skin. The solid support ensures that you master the hook without the product interfering with your motion. It stretches out to fit you perfectly. This is a protected glove that also protects your wrist from a skin infection. This is a worthy purchase as you get an excellent price to value ratio.


• Superior physical properties
• Does not hold odour

• Wears out fast

9. BraceUP® Adjustable Wrist Support, One Size Adjustable

BraceUP® Adjustable Wrist Support, One Size Adjustable

• Neoprene-blend material
• Antimicrobial fabric
• Thumb loop

With this product, you are guaranteed to achieve a much more consistent bowling experience. It minimizes writs pain for competitive bowling. The structure of the product ensures that it fits you perfectly. The glove can be loosened or tightened to ensure it fits you perfectly.

• Superior quality
• Helps maintain a consistently high score
• Expensive

10. BraceUP® Wrist Compression Strap and Support, One Size Adjustable

BraceUP® Wrist Compression Strap and Support, One Size Adjustable

• Adjustable hook and loop closure
• Relives wrist pain
• Antimicrobial fabric

This is a superior quality brace that offers additional support for a more fulfilling bowling experience. It fits both the left and the right wrist, allowing left and right-handed users to benefit from it. Aside from bowling, you can also use this wrist support strap to manage common wrist conditions. The product also features microbial fibers that protect the product from odour. It features adjustability to ensure you achieve a snug fit.

• Superior physical properties
• Gives you value for your money
• Can be used to improve your bowling experience

• Fingers are not protected

Bowling Wrist Brace Selection Tips

When purchasing any type of brace, overall fit and support is probably going to be the first factor to consider. Nobody wants to wear a brace on their wrist that causes more of a hindrance than anything. It can be very frustrating and it possibly messes up a person’s game if that is the case.

The cost is also a factor to consider, and one of the reasons why a lot of different selections are made. If there is just something minor, chances are a person is willing going to want to invest a little bit of money. Those who know pretty much exactly what they are shopping for Will opt for more expensive options.

Finally, the overall look of a brace is always going to be somewhat of a determining factor. If is very cumbersome and just looks like too much, a person is less likely to use it on a consistent basis. There are not a lot of color choices, but some designs just look better than others.

Types of Bowling Wrist Supports

There are a lot different wrist supports for people to consider when doing research online or in stores. With all that being said, they can pretty much be broken into two different categories.

The first type of support is simply going to be for medical reasons. Bowling for a long time can cause some stress on the wrist, and injuries do happen from time to time. Once that pain starts to come in, it can be hard to ignore when trying to still bowl. Medical wrist support is going to stabilize the rest of enough to keep the pain at a minimum.

There will be some people who use these wrist supports after an injury, but others will want to be proactive about injury prevention. These are pretty lightweight options for people to consider, and they really do not stopping a person from having bowling success.

Medical support and stability is obviously very nice, but some people look for wrist supports that also help with bowling success. These can be called wrist positioners or just general wrist braces as well. They not only support the wrist, but they make sure that the right technique is used when bowling.

Injuries in bowling can happen quite a bit if a person is not nailing their delivery. Even if something is slightly off, it can cause some serious injury issues. A wrist position or is going to be able to really healthy person stay healthy and build consistency.

These are going to be a little bit bulkier, and the wrist movement is going to be limited a little bit more. Some people cannot really deal with the lack of flexibility in the wrist when they are bowling. For others, they find it to be much easier to control shots, stay healthy and also put up better numbers.

Any support that goes beyond the wrist is likely going to have something to help grip the ball a little bit better. This is just another benefit of wearing a brace. Anyone who is struggling with sweating issues might initially think that something on the wrist is only going to make it harder, but the grip more than makes up for that.

Top Bowling Wrist Support Brands

A few different brands pretty much dominate the market for wrist support when it comes to bowling. Some of them are well-known names in the medical field in general, while others have a true bowling background.

Mueller is probably the best option for people who actually have injury issues or concerns and want wrist support. They make braces for pretty much every part of the body, and every type comes with different levels of protection. A person can opt for a lightweight brace, or their most intense option that comes with a lot of wrist support and protection.

Vive, BraceUP and AirBrace are a few other companies that do a good job with overall wrist support. These options can work for not only bowling, but general wrist injuries as well.

For full bowling support, most of the companies involved are very well-known in bowling circles in general. Brunswick has an outstanding reputation in the bowling world, and they definitely have a number of options for people looking for a wrist positioner. Storm is another company that really dominates the market. These two companies have plenty of affordable options, but they also have top-of-the-line models that can usually run for close to $100.

Ebonite and Mongoose are two other solid brands for people to consider in order to get the wrist positioned the proper way. There is not a lot of variety, but most people will be able to find something from one of those four brands that fits their needs.

Average Pricing

Entry-level wrist support should really not cost more than $20 in most cases. These are for lightweight wrist braces that can help a person recover from an injury. With the market being pretty competitive since general wrist braces can work, it is easy to avoid spending too much.

More wrist support usually means spending more money, but even the highest level of support for medical reasons shouldn’t be more than $50. These wrist supports will stabilize the wrist a bit more and have more materials to make them work, but other than that, they are still going to be relatively the same.

The price for a top level wrist positioner is where people can expect to spend a decent amount of money. They can run anywhere from $50 to well over $100, depending on the brand and the features.

Wrist positioning is very important in bowling, so the best options are going to be expensive. There is really no way around it. There are a lot of different parts to a positioner, so that is the main reason why they tend to cost a little bit more. The quality of materials are usually a little bit higher as well.

Questions and Answers

Do you need a bowling wrist support?

Wrist support for bowling is not necessary. There are a lot of successful bowlers who do not use any type of support. With that being said, there are some pretty common reasons why people go with some type of wrist support.

The first is the simply stop the back of the hand from tilting too much prior to the delivery of the ball. By limiting the wrist and movement, it regulates each delivery so that it is much more consistent.

With an ideal delivery, the thumb should come out of the hole a little bit before the fingers so that the ball actually falls on the pads of a person’s fingers for that little bit of time. This allows a person to get the right type of delivery and the proper amount of rotation on the ball.

Wrist support also helps with anyone he was coming back from an injury, or if they are trying to prevent injuries in the future. If someone’s wrist is moving too much, limiting it can be extremely beneficial. Bowling injuries can take a long time for people to recover from just because of so many working parts at once.

How much does a bowling wrist brace cost?

The cost of a brace varies quite a bit, mainly because there are so many different levels of support and uses overall. Those who are mainly looking for a wrist brace because they need a little bit of support to prevent injury can usually find a relatively cheap option in the $10-$30 range.

A true wrist brace that also properly aides a person in positioning their wrists properly Will end up costing a little bit more. While some inexpensive options exist around $30, they can easily approach close to $100 for some of the best out there.

Like any kind of shopping, reading reviews and seeing all the features is the best way to make the final decision. There is no reason to spend a lot on a wrist brace if it is only needed for some additional support coming off of an injury. In those cases, a simple brace solution is perfect.

What is the best type of bowling wrist support?

Having a wrist positioner with full wrist support is probably the best investment a bowler can make in the long run. Not only does it help a person’s game overall, but it helps treat and prevent injuries. At one point in time, nearly every type of bowler is going to have some type of pain that they are fighting through. It is up to an individual to take care of the situation before it gets out of hand.

Basic wrist support is better than no support at all, but support made specifically for bowling is the best way to go. Constantly having a bowling ball stressing out wrist muscles can be bad for a person long term if they are injured already. When selecting a bowling wrist brace, keep that in mind.