The Ideal Push Away And Timing

When you set up in the stance hold the ball slightly above waist height, this is the best position for most people. When you push the ball out, on the first step of a 4 step approach, you want to push the ball slightly upwards and fully extend your arms. Don’t rush the push away do it nice and easy. On the start of the 2nd step let the weight of the ball drop down into the swing. On the start of the 3rd step the ball moves into the backswing and on the the start of the 4th step (slide step) the ball comes forward by its own weight naturally (don’t force it).

Keep Your Arm Swing Loose

The key to a loose arm swing is keeping your grip in the ball “relaxed”. In order to have a relaxed grip in the ball your ball has to be drilled and fitted correctly. If your thumb hole feels loose it will cause you to squeeze the ball and muscle your swing. Inserts in the thumb and finger holes can help give you a more secure fit. If you have a large webbing at the base of your thumb adding extra bevel at the top front edge of the thumb hole can also help give you a more secure grip.

Move Chin Up On Third Step

On the 3rd step as the ball goes into the backswing move your chin up and your head back and keep it that way until after the follow through. This will prevent bending forward at the waist when you release the ball and follow through.

Balance Body For Solid Finish

On the last step bend your knee to get down lower to the lane and slide your foot straight towards the foul line making sure it doesn’t turn. Think of it as sliding into a deep knee bend. Counter balance your body by moving your non-sliding leg sideways to the opposite side of your bowling arm.

Follow Through The Arm Swing

The follow through is just a continuation of the arm swing after the ball has left your hand. As the ball leaves your hand continue through the swing by extending your arm outwards towards your target with your thumb pointing up and your hand moving up to the side of the face or ear.

The First Arrow Shot (5 Board)

Normally the easiest shot to play on the lane is the outside line straight down over the 1st arrow (5 board). It offers enough of a break at the back end to carry the pins and it can work for a wide variety of lane conditions from dry to oily just by changing balls. However sometimes the lanes can get very dry up front or have snapping backends and you will have to move left on the approach and play an inside line (cross-alley) over the 2nd arrow (10 board).

The 45 Degree Hand Position

This is the easiest and most natural hand position to use. In the 45 degree hand position the hand is partially under and partially to the side of the ball with the tips of both pinky-s touching. Non bowling hand helps support weight of ball.

Spare Shooting And Ten Pins

There’s no reason to use a special ball for spares as long as you are lined up correctly and go straight as possible at the pin. For the 10 pin I recommend using a reverse hook release but make sure you get the ball way out on the lane.

Develop Good Practice Routine

Analyze your delivery and think about what you are doing when you practice. Feel your good shots when you make them and imprint it into your mind so that you can repeat them again. Use visualization to practice off the lanes at home.

Staying Relaxed Under Pressure

Once you’re set up and ready to go focus your eyes on your target and block out all external noise. Don’t think about the mechanics of your physical game, just bowl reflexively and react to the target as you release the ball.

Shoe Sliding Problems

If you have trouble sliding buy a red slide sole that Dexter sells and some velcro self sticking fastener. Cut both the red slide sole and velcro self sticking fastener the same size as your rubber heel on the slide shoe. Paste the velcro fastener on the rubber heal and then fasten the red slide sole onto the velcro fastener.

Develop Your Own Bowling Style

There is no right or wrong way to bowl and anything can work if you are able to repeat it often enough. Do what works for you and feels the most comfortable. Often times you have to do something, that may be considered unorthodox, to compensate for a flaw in your game. Some of the greatest bowlers had very unorthodox styles such as bowling great Don Carter with his bent arm swing.

Watch Professional Bowlers On TV

Watch the pros bowl on TV and record them with your VCR. Play back the tape and watch in it slow motion. Study how they do the basics to improve your own game, especially the women pros who rely more on finesse than power.

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