Top Ten Best Bowling Balls for 2024


Bowling is fun and amazing sport that is enjoyed by millions. While most people decide to just get a ball from the facility that they decide to use, those who love bowling will get their own. For someone who loves to bowl, they will want to buy the ball that will help them with their game. Every year new materials and techniques advance the art of ball construction. As such, people need to know the top bowling balls to give them an idea of what they could update to help their quest for a better game.

Ball Materials

There are three materials that people will get to choose from when they go shopping for the ball that will elevate their game. The polyester or plastic outer covering is what most beginners will get, and there is a low chance to hook them. Urethane is the type most popular with professionals and is the middle range for people to hook. Reactive resin is a newer covering that is for those who are more experienced and is far easier to get a hook shot with. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but the knowledge and experience helps decide.

Best Hook

Pyramid Path Rising
Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

There are many lists for the best bowling ball for hook potential, and almost every list has the Pyramid Path Rising on it. The outer covering is reactive pearl and the core is Era 139 symmetric to give users a ball that is known for being strong in the back lane. The company is well known to people that buy their own equipment, which means the company is working to keep their reputation as high as it is right now. The ball is primarily used by those that are at an intermediate level, but has many good possibilities.

Best Urethane

Storm Pitch Black
Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball

When looking for a ball with an urethane covering, there are several lists to look through. Pretty much every one of the best urethane bowling ball lists name the Storm Pitch Black with the control solid urethane outer covering. It has a symmetric capacitor core that has a medium to low flare potential. It is made to be more predictable down the land and still be able to provide a good burst of energy when it hits the pin. Storm is another one of those well known companies and made this ball to deal with the wooden lanes.

Best Spare

Hammer Black Widow
Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

The best spare bowling ball that is on many lists from the many experts is the Hammer Black Widow spare bowling ball. Hammer knows how to make bowling equipment, and the Black Widow series of balls is one of the more prestigious that people can buy. There are various types of the Black Widow series, but the spare has a polyester outer covering with a symmetric core. This is better on drier lanes, so those that are made to have more oil can cause less control. Another selling points is that people find the look to be cool.

Straight Bowling

Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball
Brunswick Tzone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball Tzone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball

There are many people who just want a straight bowling ball, and the best bowling ball for straight bowlers could arguably be the Brunswick Tzone bowling ball. There are art options available to allow people to find one that fits their personality. It is a ball that has a polyester outer covering and is known for the durability that it has. The ball is known for its weight, but this helps with the control needed to get the score a person wants. It is an affordable choice that allows people to up their game and not go broke.

Beginner Ball

Ebonite Maxim bowling ball
Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

The best bowling ball for beginners may spark an argument, like most questions, but one that pops up on the lists by experts over and over is the Ebonite Maxim bowling balls. This is a polyester outer covering type that is able to have multiple colors chosen. There is very little hook potential, which can help a new bowler get a straighter throw when learning. The weight choices allow for this ball to be bought for everyone from child up to adult, so people can make this a gift to any new bowler without worrying about this issue.

Another Hammer

Hammer Black Widow 2.0
Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

When doing a top ten list like this, a person needs to examine the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 with the many benefits that it has. This is a ball that has a reactive cover stock and gas mask core that is asymmetrical. This is a ball that can take time in getting used to, but it will allow someone to do all the moves that they need when they have to curve or bowl straight. This is a ball that is made to be both durable and grants the chance to make power shots that bowlers always require.

Bowling Motive

Motiv Venom
Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Another one of those balls that many of the experts like for their lists is the Motiv Venom. It has a Sabotage Hybrid reactive covering and a Top Gear symmetrical core. The ball is known to be overpowering to people who are not used to what they can get out of the ball, but this just means more practice at the person’s favorite lanes. This ball can cover the lanes quite easily and still hit the pins with power a person wants. A person who needs to make a good hook shot will appreciate the ability it brings.

Columbia Bound

Columbia 300
Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball

A company and ball that has not been brought up, yet that has many good considerations, is the Columbia 300. This is another one of the balls that have a bunch of color choices that allow for it to match the personality of the bowler. This has a polyester outer covering and a bullet symmetrical core that can make it good for those just starting out. The experts say this is a good ball for those that are wanting to work up to the intermediate level in improving their skill. The balance and stability are all to be expected.

Charge Ahead

Brunswick Rhino
Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Rhino is another quality ball from a company that people know. It has a reactive cover stock and a symmetrical core that people will see as a common theme. The ball is well known for the ability to cover the land and still have enough energy to knock all the pins down when going for a strike. Out of all on this list, this is the ball that is known to be the most durable and will last for some time. This is not a ball for beginners and have problems if a person is bowling on a lane that is heavily oiled.

Smell Matters

Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

There may not usually be a connection to bowling and scents that people want to think about, but the Storm Timeless bowling ball incorporates aromatherapy. The ball was designed with the help of PBA legend Jason Belmont and is becoming quite popular. The Timeless is known to hit hard when it gets to the pins, but may wear out far quicker on dry lanes. A ball designed by someone who was able to be the PBA Player of the year three times will be made to make the game better, so this will be the ball of someone moving from intermediate to pro.

Bowling Abilities

One of the things that many people do is to think they are better at bowling than they are because of knowing a specific lane or beginner’s luck. Being able to hit a spare or have the right spin for hitting just how a person wants takes practice. Be realistic and make sure to get a ball that fits the level that the person is when they get it. Ask questions of people at the lanes and friends who have played a while. Some of the balls on this list are not for beginners and will hamper their progress more than helping.

Cost Considerations

No prices are listed here, but people need to realize that not all of these balls are cheap. So, do not expect the technology to not cost far more than regular rental prices. People serious about the sport already know the prices they would have to pay, so ask them what they normally spend. If a person is wanting to become serious about bowling, they will know that most hobbies can take some cash for the things they want. Bowling ball technology has grown over the years, and this takes money.

Any list for the best bowling ball 2021 will have people seeing these balls on them. This top ten list is from researching what the experts consider the best and what bowlers are buying when they are needing something. Do the research to see if these choices could help or if there might be one made that is better for a lane or preference. Bowling is a sport that makes a person have to learn about spin, force, and other aspects that can take time. Enjoy spending time with all of these and this could lead to family time that will keep as good memories.

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