Triangle Bowl

Triangle Bowl

  Name: Triangle Bowl  
  Address: 700 Triangle Shopping Center  
  City: Longview  
  State: WA  
  Zip: 98632  
  Phone: (360) 425-4060  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
  Comments: Triangle Bowl features 32 Brunswick Lanes including top of the line automatic scoring with 32 inch flat panel LCD monitors. We have the most experienced staff when it comes to bowling. Great food and drinks are available in Lindy’s Food and Lounge. Monte Carlo is on Saturday nights at 8pm with BK calling all of the action. Karaoke is on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:30pm. Great Birthday party pizza packages available. Call us to make reservations and leave the clean up to us.  
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Votes:    732
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Food: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Price: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Fun: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Overall: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
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Triangle Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 1/19/2012 Name: youth parent
Triangle offers the youth of the community a great affordable place to go. Kids in leagues for highschool and junior leagues get free practice sessions all the time. A true asset to the community. Also how can you beat 99cent bowling 5 days a week and kids bowl free programs all summer long. Showing their true colors……of being great owners and supporters of Longview/Kelso

Comment Date: 11/12/2011 Name: Ticked Off
No shock there. As soon as they become the only game in town, they show their true colors…a second-rate bowling ALLEY with crappy service that only cares about one thing…$$$

Comment Date: 11/2/2011 Name: John
I went there for family night, one of the arcade machines messed up, a guy came out to take a look, said the machine was working just fine, called me a liar in front of my family, I was shocked to find out he was the owner! work experience at any establishment ever.

Comment Date: 3/19/2011 Name: baller
Triangle is easily the best place to bowl in Cowlitz county. Best Staff, best Pro shop service, best prices, best leagues, best Monte Carlo. Simply the best

Comment Date: 3/14/2011 Name: Pepsi Bowler
Your wood lanes knicked up my ball pretty good. Maybe you should get that fixed before bashing Splits. As the previous post eluded to, we had to skip lane 18 there for the JBT, but their staff made it well worth it. Get with the times and go synthetic. That’s what the good bowling alleys do!

Comment Date: 3/14/2011 Name: NW bowler
This is bowling……..the way it should be. Who needs a couch to go bowling? Kurt, Beau, and Scott and staff are the best bowling has to offer. Their service can’t be beat. Employees of splits shouldn’t bash this place. They have enough trouble keeping their two bowling customers happy. Oh ya… long is lane 18 gonna be broken……… bout another month.

Comment Date: 2/24/2011 Name: Kelso Bowler
Corparate America? Do you goe to Wal Mart? Do you eat at any of the Fast food restaurants? What big corpartion does Splits belong to? I haven’t found it. Who cares any way. There is enough room for 2 centers just support both!

Comment Date: 2/1/2011 Name: Just passing through
I had the opportunity to bowl at both centers in the area (Splits and Triangle Bowl). I was very disappointed in Triangle Bowl. Being a long-time league bowler, the lanes and conditions were terrible. I love wood lanes, but these are not taken care of very well.
The customer service was awful. They just didn’t seem like they cared whether you were there or not. Maybe I’m used to something more, but Splits blew Triangle Bowl out of the water in the customer service area.
Prices were exactly the same at both places. I have my credit card statements to prove it. I just don’t feel like this place gives you the bang for your buck that Splits does.

Comment Date: 7/19/2010 Name: foxx bowl
Kelso Bowler…….go ahead and support corporate america while they run mom and pop businesses out. You and the other 2 Longview Kelso yuppies can play with each other in Kelso

Comment Date: 6/29/2010 Name: Kelso Bowler
I will support both also, but you need to get your eyes checked. Its not $5.00 per game nor it is $40.00 an hour. Its $4.00 per game and $20.00 per hour at prime time. So close but not even.

Comment Date: 6/10/2010 Name: foxxbowl
My eyes see: Prime time Triangle $3.25 per game Splits $5.00 per game. Friday night or Saturday night 3 hours of bowling at Triangle $15 per person. 3 Hours at Splits on Friday or Saturday night $40 per hour or $120 totaol. Also who gives a hoot about black light golf. This is supposed to be about bowling not black light golf. I will support both centers though.

Comment Date: 5/23/2010 Name: kelso bowler
you should double check your eyes before you make statements about other centers. Splits’ prices are almost identical to Triangle’s prices. And the value is much better. But if you think it’s just paint and lights, then go ahead and try to play blacklight mini golf at Triangle. I have been bowling at the Triangle for years now and like them very much, but this area is big enough for both centers to do well, so support them both instead of bashing one.

Comment Date: 4/29/2010 Name: foxxbowl
Go ahead and bowl over at the new place……pay double the price for new paint and lights……….the better value is to bowl at Triangle……..Hometown owned and managed.

Comment Date: 4/22/2010 Name: kelso bowler
The triangle has been a good place, but now that old hilander has reopened I will be going back there. They have made so many wonderful changes, the place looks so good. I cant wait until leagues start there.

Comment Date: 3/14/2010 Name: d.d.a
hey good place. food price is dispicable

Comment Date: 12/8/2008 Name: Facts
some idiot once said in regards to the littles and mr bogner, “i admire their passion (refering to the triangle bowl) passion to a fault in my opinion.” well we sure admire mr. springers passion, passion to a fault in my opinion….

Comment Date: 11/12/2008 Name: Am Just Saying
Just would like to tell everyone at Triangle “Thanks” you all do it right. Hilander was closed on Monday more then likely for good. How sad for those bowlers with no place to go. I hope you keep up the good work and stay on top. Times are rough right now and money is hard to come by, people appreciate it when you take the time make sure things are done right.

Comment Date: 9/19/2008 Name: Limbo
I bowled league last year at the newly remodeled triangle and it was a very positive and fun bowling experience I have joined up again this year. Keep up the great awesome job new owners you rock!!!! Best of luck to all of the bowlers at the triangle and the owners too!!!

Comment Date: 11/21/2007 Name: old school
i have been bowling longer than most have been alive. ive bowled every house several leagues. bowling is bowling. yes the game has changed no matter what house you are in. but thats just the way it is. hilander is nice. i like it. dont bowl there presently. triangle has done a nice job getting the place up and going. the shot, ya its easier than it use to be. but hey thats what the bowlers want. it doesnt make that much difference, the best bowlers will still be averaging more than the rest. everything just moved up about a 20 pin notch or so. which house is best? thats up to you. either way, it doesnt make the other house a dump, just different. which house is best, it depends on the individual, and what you want or are looking for. just a game. chill out and enjoy it.

Comment Date: 11/3/2007 Name: Sarita Wines
Thanks for making room for all the teams that needed a place for their leagues, You guys are the best. Bowlers Anounymous Thanks you for making room for us when we needed a new place to bowl. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!, and BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR BUSINESS.

Comment Date: 10/31/2007 Name: Disgusted at Hilander, Happy at Triangle
I have been bowling almost 2 months here now and am not disappointed. So much better than Hilander. Went back to Hilander for the women’s 400 club and what a mess. The approach was sticky and looked like someone had spilled pop on it. Springer was there but didn’t greet anyone on our lanes. There is always a greeting at Triangle, and I have never seen an approach in a mess. Thanks for taking the time to do it right.

Comment Date: 10/28/2007 Name: Limbo
WOW I am so glad that I decided to leave the Highlander for my bowling season. The triangle rocks. Great food and service and Kurt and the boys are just wonderful thanks for reopening and making league bowling enjoyable once again!!

Comment Date: 8/19/2007 Name: Sister Road Warrior
This place is great!! League is starting soon and my teams are looking forward to a great year here now that we have left Hilander behind us. I have bowled several times here this summer and it has been fun, just what you expect your bowling experience to be. The food is wonderful and the service is always top notch. WAY TO GO !!

Comment Date: 6/29/2007 Name: Ernie Gerald
Hi all, We have 2 great bowling centers in this area of Longview/Kelso. Which ever you prefer for the majority of your bowling is fine. I have a lot of sweat in the remodel of Triangle and made many friends and spend the majority of my time there. But, on the other hand I also bowl substitute at Highlander for Art Rusk. My personal thought is, we need to support both Centers and consider this area the Cowlitz Bowling Capitol and not have anamosities toward either. We need to promote bowling to keep it alive, so please everyone promote, not demote. Consider yourself a great bowler in your own mind you can combat and succeed on any lane condition anywhere. Your bowling friend, ERNIE!!

Comment Date: 6/4/2007 Name: ohat
best bowler here

Comment Date: 5/6/2007 Name: rofl

Comment Date: 5/3/2007 Name: Cody Stone.
Do not be upset by the truth. There is nothing to be known or understood by everyone’s complaining.

Comment Date: 4/26/2007 Name: bowler
after Ray Bartness this is what this house and town needed, great job!! May you succeed!!!

Comment Date: 4/26/2007 Name: listen
if you dont know what the situation is….then you shouldnt say a damn word….

Comment Date: 4/12/2007 Name: Cody Stone.
Look guys.. This rivalry between Triangle Bowl and the Hilander doesn’t do any good. I have been in the bowling industry since I was born. Triangle Bowl has came a LONG way to be where they are now. They have a group of very fine bowlers on hand, of both juniors and seniors. The HiLander, on the other hand, has a rare, odd number of lanes. They both have their Pro’s and cons. As for a legal shot. Triangle has to be legal. There is limited cover off of out boards. Hilander is a little drier and has some explaining to do with the whole, not being able to gutterball gig.
But. Valley Lanes in Beaverton OR, has an illegal shot. And people do that to attract bowlers. The common bowler isn’t going to constantly bowl somewhere they can’t score. That is when talent comes into play. And majority of people who don’t have that talent, won’t go far in the game.

Comment Date: 3/18/2007 Name: Sister Road Warrior
Just wanted to say THANKS for taking our Friday night league. It’s been a rough year at Highlander and it will be great to see the fun come back on Friday nights. See you in the fall.

Comment Date: 3/8/2007 Name: seriously
are you serious??? they like there averages really really high huh? the bogners and lindemanns and littles and whites just to name a few just dont know how to adjust? lets take a trip down memory lane….if i remember correctly i think lindemann has been on tv before and did quite well in that tourney on a tough condition. mr. white has won state all events at least 2 times to my knowledge and hold the association record for high average for a season at 241… highlander….and to top it all off mr. bogner winning the international eliminator in 98 for 100,000 dollars….and bogner and lindemann have won numerous oba titles……but i guess all in all, no body here knows how to adjust…we are all just crappy bowlers….oh by the way, could we get some accomplishments for some of your bowlers…..i would love to hear it…..

Comment Date: 3/7/2007 Name: We are REAL
People that bowl at Triangle are Real Bowlers last time I checked……They average what they shoot. Put down a legal USBC pattern and see what bowlers can do. It’s amazing.
Also it is THEIR inflated averages,
(which aren’t) not THERE inflated averages.

Comment Date: 3/6/2007 Name: Happy, happy ,happy bowlers
Place looks really nice, finally WE HAVE A REAL BOWING CENTER!! Great food, nice people.

Comment Date: 3/1/2007 Name: Get Real
People choose triangle not because they are more skilled, but because they like there inflated average. Those so called skilled bowlers could not bowl across the river cause they are not good enough to adjust.

Comment Date: 2/13/2007 Name: Cowlitz bowler
People with more skills choose Triangle Bowl. They want to bowl in a bowling center. Not at a circus tent. Obviously your going to have more people that average 200 and over if you have more of the skilled players. I don’t know any circus clowns that average 200 except for the mechanic over the river.

Comment Date: 2/7/2007 Name: anonymous
Gear for the 200+ averages, not for the person skills any more.

Comment Date: 1/7/2007 Name: Homeless bowler
The only thing that’s gay here, is the atmosphere. Everyone is so happy bowling here, and not at THAT OTHER PLACE down the road, Keep up the good work Triangle! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Comment Date: 12/17/2006 Name: offended
went there the other night with some friends and the tall chubby kid behind the counter was hitting on me. If he’s gay thats fine but don’t think everyone is………………..good prices though.

Comment Date: 12/3/2006 Name: Sister Road Warrior
I have bowled here once since these owners took over. You guys have got Hilander beat by a mile. The food was great, and the service perfect. Now I hear you are updating, Way To Go! Keep up the good work and show Springer how a center should be and how your bowlers should be treated.

Comment Date: 4/21/2006 Name: Triangle Bowler
I love triangle bowl…..

Comment Date: 4/9/2006 Name: Jordan Paul Yoke
I grew up in Triangle. I remember when I would always be there Tuesday night, while my dad would bowl his league, and I would always hang out with my friends, outside running around, or playin hide-and-go seek in the parking lot. This place is great, and since new remodelment, it isn’t the same, but its still MY good ol’ Triangle Bowl! Also, with it’s newly refurnished 32 lanes, this place is “beat-boppen” like never before. The staff is awsome, and are the owners!! I love em all!! ***** (5 Stars)

Comment Date: 1/30/2006 Name: Anonymous Bowler
This bowling alley is back on it’s feet and running again. Nice and friendly service great prices, and family fun 32 lanes of bowling space bowling ball racks with closet like storage near each stairwell very awesome place wooden lanes! This place rocks and I hope it keeps running for a long time since the first time it opened and the grand-reopening!

Comment Date: 9/23/2005 Name: Anonymous
What can I say but WOW. This place is like new again. An awesome bowling alley without all of the extra garbage and high prices. When it comes to bowling this place can’t be beat.

Comment Date: 9/27/2004 Name: Anonymous
I miss this place. A true bowling center coming straight out of the 60’s.

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