Hoosier Bowling Lanes

Hoosier Bowling Lanes

  Name: Hoosier Bowling Lanes  
  Address: 2310 State State  
  City: New Albany  
  State: IN  
  Zip: 47150  
  Phone: (812) 945-6625  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Hoosier Bowling Lanes Rate?
Votes:    29
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Food: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
Price: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
Fun: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Overall: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
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Hoosier Bowling Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 11/29/2011 Name: Visiting Bowler
I must say I am not impressed at all with this place. From my point of view, the lanes are horrid, they tore up my purchased bowling ball and I don’t bowl hard at all. The prices at this place are very very steep, I’m not a conservative type of person ether. I saw a lot of bad reviews on the food so I didn’t eat anything but the prices for that were steep as well. The service there was very cranky and no approachable I must say I will be going to Blackston lanes instead of this place.

Comment Date: 9/3/2010 Name: Terry
Thank you for the love and support you provided for Maurice Fair. We in Alaska (his friends and relatives) were quite touched. May GOD bless each of you for your kindess, dedication and consideration, and dignity you provided this person and to his family.

Comment Date: 8/4/2010 Name: Mike H
I agree, the people were extremely rude. This place is a total dump where a bunch of punks hang out. NOT a family place!

Comment Date: 11/23/2008 Name: Angela
Took my daughter there today for her birthday, and she ended up in tears because of the crazy woman working the front counter.
All she wanted was to try bowling once, but the crazy employee refused to let her use the bumpers, even watched over my husband as he programed the games so that my daughter didn’t get to use them.
As a result of this insulting behavior my little girl was in tears, not wanting others to see her get gutter balls over and over again.
My husband asked for his money back and tossed the shoes on the counter…The crazy woman then ran after my husband and the kids, and told them to leave NOW, or she was calling the police on them all.
Gee hoosier Lanes…way to treat small children!

Comment Date: 7/28/2008 Name: None
I have been to this bowling alley alot of times and bowled quite a few games because Im and avid bowler but when I went here everytime I got horrible service and the counter people were rude and the prices s*ck and food is horrible. The new people that bought this place shouldve make things better not worse. They will see when they start losing alot of business soon thats what they need to do is fix it.

Comment Date: 4/21/2008 Name: Ashley
I got trashed here, good times.

Comment Date: 3/10/2007 Name: Albert Brennamen
I went there yesterday and i could’ve sworn i saw a rat. Maybe it was just my bad eyes but I don’t think it is very sanitary.

Comment Date: 12/31/2006 Name: Beth
Do you allow smoking or not b/c I was thinking about going to bowl there with my cousin and his two daughters

Comment Date: 9/6/2006 Name: some crazy lady
Your crazy that place s*cks i used to be a bartender in the bar next door Monon Station and the place s*cked bad no one came in there new people bought it and theyve ran it in the ground…

Comment Date: 1/1/2006 Name: Samantha
This place rocks!!!!!!!

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