Pro Bowl West

Pro Bowl West

  Name: Pro Bowl West  
  Address: 1455 Goshen Avenue  
  City: Fort Wayne  
  State: IN  
  Zip: 46808  
  Phone: (260) 482-4889  
  Hours: Open at 11am Mondays and Friday other days at 9am.  
  Lanes: 56  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
  Comments: Cornhole Wednesday night at 9pm, Friday Karaoke at 9pm and bands on Saturdays. See our website for more information. Thank you!  
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Votes:    3462
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
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Price: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
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Overall: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
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Pro Bowl West Comments

Comment Date: 9/23/2011 Name: weekend money maker
its one of the nicest centers in indiana… Charlies pro shop takes care of anything you need ball wise and the lanes are well maintain…. this means alot for avid league bowlers not your weekend getaway lets get drunk and go bowling people…

Comment Date: 4/10/2011 Name: Just Wondering
I wonder how many times you can get caught serving minors and still keep your liquor liscense . . . Just wondering

Comment Date: 4/4/2011 Name: an ex customer
I stopped coming to pro bwol for one reason and one reason only nick let go of a bartender who was so kind and made u feel so welcome and made it fun, and that would have done wonders to that bar and the amount of customers she would have brought in wich she was slowly building a client-tell already and she wasnt even there very long she was let go about a yr ago jan. her name was alsiha i do believe, since her being let go i stop comming to the alley bar cant stand the one b*tch who is so rude and always treats u like ur bothering her. bring back alisha and u will see an increse in sales and attendance for your bar.

Comment Date: 2/9/2011 Name: Danger Field
My band has been performing regularly at Pro Bowl West (in the Alley Sports Bar) for about six months. The staff has always been great. The bar itself is very large and has an excellent dance floor. Pro Bowl West is always packed with hundreds of bowlers, but too often the Alley bar gets overlooked. Nick has been working very hard to get top-notch local bands every week. Come party after your game!

Comment Date: 1/31/2011 Name: Anonymous
Just clarifying should seek phsychiatric help, just saying…

Comment Date: 1/31/2011 Name: OK
Obviously Just Clarifying has a personal issue with Bob and Nick, I think the improvements that have been made make a huge diference, and actually management has come up with some great ideas, sucha as put live bands out on the lanes, how fun! Had a great time New Years! Thanks Bob and Nick!!!

Comment Date: 12/1/2010 Name: Just clarifying
It’s not Bob or Nick who are changing anything. The owners in Florida are paying for the interior decorator. They are the ones who should be getting credit. Nick isn’t doing anything but get drunk all the time and never showing up for bowling, even showing up at the END of the high school bowlers tournament! The only reason for having tournaments at the bowling house is because it has the most lanes, that’s it!!

Comment Date: 11/30/2010 Name: George Brummett – President FWUSBCYA
What Bob Gates and Nick Gates has done for Pro Bowl West, and the bowlers in Fort Wayne is amazing. I get to travel to other bowling centers, in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana every month. You will not find a nicer center anywhere. One reason we chose to have the Youth State Tournament at Pro Bowl West,was because of there staff. Bob Gates will go the extra mile, to make sure everything is in order. Pro Bowl West has one of the best youth programs in the city, and that is because of Bob Gates and his staff. There will always be someone at every bowling center, that you may not get along with, but its called being human. To Bob Gates and his staff, keep up the great work that you are doing for all the bowlers.

Comment Date: 11/30/2010 Name: Eric Johnson
Pro Bowl West is 100% better than it was one year when Bob Gates took over the management of the facility. The upgrades are wonderful, the on going remodeling is a vast improvement over where Pro Bowl was in 2009. Next year’s State Junior tournament is scheduled at Pro Bowl next spring and the State Men’s Tournament is here in 2012. Bravo to Bob and his staff

Comment Date: 11/29/2010 Name: Just clarifying
Bob and Nick do NOT own the bowling alley, they are just bad managers! People in Florida actually own the bowling alley…and boy if they knew what was really going on up here, I highly doubt that Nick and Bob would still be here in Indiana. Thanks Bob and Nick for turning one of the better bowling houses in town to now the trashiest! Please go back to Florida or are you still in debt to them too?

Comment Date: 11/9/2010 Name: But seriously folks…
How many times do you find yourself randomly Googling “Pro Bowl West”? People come to this open forum to voice their opinion because someone else has told them it exists. This includes all negative and positive posts. One could even speculate that any positive post could have been solicited by the persecuted (in this case Joni), or even posted by the person themself. Bottom line is that no post is going to create any change of circumstance, nor is anyone going to stop “judging” another (you’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t judge others) – but I have to say that it does provide for interesting reading.

Comment Date: 11/6/2010 Name: Wow
This is pretty sad that people have to resort to a blog to express their opinion about employees. Pro Bowl West is a great place to bowl and have fun. I bowl there 2 nights a week and have no issues or complaints. Joni is a great person who does her job and others’ job as well, on top of things that she has to deal with in life. People who talk crap on this website just don’t have what it takes to actually come in and make a formal complaint. Instead acts like a child and post it on this website that really doesn’t solve anything. So Alexis if you have a problem with Joni then go in and talk to someone about it (which you won’t). So instead just shut your mouth and stay out of pro bowl if you have that big of a problem with someone.

Comment Date: 11/6/2010 Name: ITT Student
I think Joni does a great job at PrO Bowl West. We bowl there every Monday and I have witnessed her at the front counter and running the cafe register, delivering food. She helps everyone. Everyone if you can not post any nice then DO NOT POST ANYTHING AT ALL. You have never walked in her shoes so do not judge someone you do not know very well. I think she is awesome. Keep up the great job Joni. I think your tops! Smile you have a good one Girl! Everyone that post something negative I will post something positive. If you are a previous employee your opinion is not worth posting because you are no longer there to make a point. Joni does a good job so just leave her alone. Gods Blessing to evil people that post bad things! As someone already said do not judge someone when you need to judge yourself. Blessings Joni!

Comment Date: 11/5/2010 Name: agreeing with alexis
joni is a mean person. She bosses people around like she owns the place. ya shes manager WOW!!! good job joni you did somthing with you life. Nick and bob are what makes the place run well. Ive seen how she treats different employees. She yells at them eitther bc she had a bad day or she got into trouble. My moms a manager and she owns two places. I know wen my mom is having a bad day. And she makes sure things run smoothe not yell at everything that walks. The place is better off without the place. Ask the other employees. I have. Theyll tell ya what they think. Its not even the younger ones. Its mostly older waitresses. Like i said the place is better off without her.

Comment Date: 10/30/2010 Name: Against Aleixs Opinion
Well Alexis you obviously DO NOT KNOW what you are talking about. Joni is a really great person! She goes above and beyond to satisfy the customers. We had a problem with a waitress and she fixed it for us. She is a really great person. You must not be very nice yourself to say mean things about someone on the interent.You probably do not know her.Keep up a the great job your do Joni. We will keep coming back. See you soon! Your the best! Bob is too! No comment about Nick do not know or see him much!

Comment Date: 10/29/2010 Name: Anonymous
Bravo Alexis! You speak for many.

Comment Date: 10/28/2010 Name:  alexis
so heres my opinion about pro bowl !! i think joni is not so frendly with people or customers and think she is kinda fake! acts like she likes u but really could {deleted} bout u! with out bob and nick gates…the place wouldnt have gone as far as it has and joni has nothing to do with any of the improvement w pro-bowl! shes lazy and is far behind in her own work because shes too busy running around acting like boss lady! the bar looks great guys! employees r wonderful and cheery except a couple but u probley know who they are! no names r nessasary!

Comment Date: 10/1/2010 Name: Wednesday Night Bowler
The girl you have at the counter is rude and she should NOT be there. I ask her for change and she acted like I put her out. She is short to the bowlers when we call the front counter. You need to get a new person at the front counter. I will bring my own change from now on. She needs to go away permanently!!!

Comment Date: 4/23/2010 Name: THURS LEAGUE BOWLER
This is the most fun I have had in years bowling in league. Since Bob Gates came here, the center has gotten better, scoring is more consistent, the food is better, the service is better, and more friendly employees creating a happier enviornment. Great job Bob.

Comment Date: 4/7/2010 Name: April B
I personal love this place its a place where i can take my family for cheap and have a damn good time. I also work with Aws and here at this alley they go above and beyond so that the clients feel wanted and respected thank you pro bowl west keep up the good work

Comment Date: 3/27/2010 Name: It doesn’t matter
judge not and get over yourself. this website is not for your personal feelings! judge not! forgive and go on by yourself!!!

Comment Date: 3/25/2010 Name: A & R S
We had a family benefit at Pro Bowl West. Joni is the BEST…very helpful and she went above and beyond to help us advertise and set up and help keep everything going smooth. We appreciate her love her. Thanks Joni for all you do for Pro Bowl West. We look forward to working with you again next year.

Comment Date: 3/19/2010 Name: to. It doesn’t matter
I was a friend but its a two way street not one way so take your own advide and JUDGE NOT!!

Comment Date: 3/18/2010 Name: League Bowler
I have bowled here ever since the place opened. I know there have been some problems in the past. However, This year the center has been heading in the right direction. The food is better, the lane conditins are great, scores are higher. I am pleased with all the changes that have been made and are to be made.

Comment Date: 3/18/2010 Name: Anonymous
Although most of the improvements at Pro Bowl have been great, there are still some employees that are determined to drag the place down. I have personally seen Joni and the desk staff be sooooo rude to customers that my family doesn’t come there on weekends anymore. The lanes are great, the bar and kitchen staff are great, but until the owner gets some b*lls and gets rid of the BAD employees (Joni especially)i’m sorry to say we won’t be back anytime soon!

Comment Date: 3/7/2010 Name: bowler z
SHe, and we all know who, is out for herself and nothing else. Hopefully, she will be plain OUT one of these days to come.

Comment Date: 3/6/2010 Name: Q
You have a nasty non smiling bartender. She is so rude. She thinks she is all that.She is nothing at all. This bowling center is great to come too! Get a NEW bartender that smiles and greets the customers. We will be back!

Comment Date: 3/6/2010 Name: it doesn’t matter
You gotta be a friend to have a friend. You obviously was not a friend! Get over yourself – you must not be a friend. Judge not!!!

Comment Date: 2/20/2010 Name: to. � It doesn’t matter
the problem with you is some of the posts have been from people that have know the person for several years. she has even treated friends badly after time –
a lost friend

Comment Date: 2/18/2010 Name: It doesn’t matter
Look, I know that a lot people don’t like some people. However, I also know that people who want to get on here and post horrible rude things about people they don’t really know, well, maybe you need to go out and get a life. How would you feel if it was your mother or your sister, or even a good friend of yours and people were talking the way you rude people are about her. First off, none of you probably know the staff personally. Second, if you can go out here in town and can find some place to hang out and bowl and have fun where you like EVERY single person, maybe you should just go there. Thirdly, if you have never managed people like some of the ones that work at the bowling alley you have NO idea how frustrating it can be when others don’t do their jobs and you have to deal with every single thing and do it yourself when it doesn’t get done…Then there is the point that all you people need to figure out that we as humans are not all alike. There are a lot of people in this world I don’t like, but putting them down on a page where others and her can see it is ridiculous..You all should be ashamed of yourselves. If you don’t know her personally maybe you should make it your goal to help her out and say a nice word to her every now and then instead of back stabbing her. Funny how you can complain about someone and how rude they are when you are on here being more rude and disrespectful than her. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting peoples names on here and not considering the pain you can cause a person. Really,,,,,,,Is it your job to judge, beause the last time I checked there was one person who had that job and I don’t believe he is able to write on pages like this….Judge not..

Comment Date: 2/3/2010 Name: CA.
great lanes,great averages, i am now attempting to get my mix/league team at probowl for next year, had enough of g’town, lanes are so dry. it is just for fun, but a chance at fair scores adds to the enjoyment. come on vick.

Comment Date: 1/28/2010 Name: Serious Bowler
I have read all the comments made and have an issue with them. Do we really know that it is an employee making the comments. Are all the complaints valid. It seems you can post any name and comment here without any real proof but the poster’s opinion. I think you need to take all the comments made here with a grain of salt.

Comment Date: 1/28/2010 Name: New Bowler’s Husband
My wife and children bowled at Pro Bowl West over the holidays with the $1 a game and $1 shoe rental. They had a good time and wanted me to go with them. I have my own business that keeps me busy. However, I went bowling for the first time with my wife on a Saturday night. I had a ball. It was fun and the prices were good. We were there from 10PM till Midnight and the place was packed. There were no available lanes during that time period. I am amazed at the comments made in the previous blogs, but it seems to me that Pro Bowl West is doing something right to have this much business. I have been back on the weekends with my family and will continue to bowl there. We have tried the food and it was good with reasonable prices. I especially loved the breaded tenderloin sandwich.

Comment Date: 1/25/2010 Name: League Bowler
We all should be allowed to continue to post whatever we want good or bad. I happen to agree that the staff at Pro Bowl needs a good change. May be when they sell it the new managment will do just that. If not then I give it a year or two and it may see the same fate as Key Lanes.

Comment Date: 1/25/2010 Name: League Bowler
“I don’t advise you do.”. Sounds like bullying to me. Blogs are meant to serve as a public souning board, and anyone can post what they desire. In an effort to make Pro Bowl West a more enjoyable place to visit, all visitors of this blog or any other should continue to voice their opinions. Good or bad.

Comment Date: 1/17/2010 Name: Joe not my real name
does Susan sound like Joe’s mom? ohh please no My mom was nothing like her. As far as returning I won’t be next season I have a loyalty to my team and league not the alley.

Comment Date: 1/16/2010 Name: League Bowler
This is my first blog. So I hope I get something right. ENOUGH ALREADY! I have read from spring on and all I see is that one person maybe using several names to try to bully their way. That person sounds worse than what they are making Joni out to be like. If Joni is so bad then she will see her end come. But “Anonymous, Joe, whoever you are.” Grow up. Let be what will be. After reading the childish comments on this blog, it almost makes me want to go anywhere but there. It doesn’t matter how improved the facility is if the staff are complaining about each other. You may choose to be childish and come back at me with your rude comments but I don’t advise you to. There is more than one league person present while I compose this. So find a way to stop complaining and gossiping like an old woman and be more positive and your life will improve.

Comment Date: 1/14/2010 Name: none
Is it just me, or does Susan sound like Joe’s mom? Bottom line is that as a patron of a public facility, nobody should ever have to return so that an employee can make something right by you. If you can’t treat your customer properly the first time, YOU should not be returning. Source: Business 101.

Comment Date: 1/13/2010 Name: Joe not my real name
I’ve tried to talk to her. What a joke. She told me if I don’t like her ways to go bowl elswhere. So next season I will do just that and our league is also considering it.

Comment Date: 1/9/2010 Name: Susan
Joe if you are upset with Joni why dont you go into Pro Bowl and talk to her and she will make things right with you. This way you can stop being mean and rude. This is a new year make it happy. Do the right thing and be a man about it. Good Luck and be happy!

Comment Date: 1/6/2010 Name: pro bowl employee
either way you look at it joni needs to go she does nothing but complain about everything that does not go her way and she needs to stop taking credit for everything

Comment Date: 1/5/2010 Name: Joni
Posting a comment without a name does not necessarily mean that the a person is not credible or “chicken”. It simple means that they reserve the right to their freedom of speach with the desire to avoid the possibility to be treated more poorly than what they may have already been. Or worse yet, jeapordizing their employment. Those that feel associations should be made with any blog or public forum should join Facebook and post your comments on Pro Bowl’s page so that EVERYONE can see who you are.
As a regular bowler, I think that maybe the solution to the matter with the staff should be handled via a petition or vote to be presented to the owner.
P.S. Names are meaningless if you cannot be certain that the person posting a comment is truly who they say they are.

Comment Date: 1/5/2010 Name: joe
what difference does a name have. Joni needs to go!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 1/5/2010 Name: Susan
I agree with Alyce if you do not have the nerve to leave your name then you do not have the right to leave a bad comment. Your words mean nothing if you can not be accountable to them. Keep up the good work Joni. Owners do not pay attention to the Anonymous people they are just anonymous. They are to chicken to leave their name. Monitors look great. Keep it coming. Happy New Year!

Comment Date: 1/4/2010 Name: Anonymous
Why is Crazy Pinz a GOLD Standard, please… I bowl in many centers in Fort Wayne.. There is NO GOLD standard in this city… YET

Comment Date: 1/2/2010 Name: none
it appear Judy and Alice may be the only friends Joni has. So they have may not been witness to the true person. Not only bowlers have posted hear about her but also employees. I have seen both sides of her the majority of the time was the bad side. May be it’s something happening in her personal life but this has gone on for years with her. maybe she needs a good doctor to help her but who knows. I hate to see someone go but over the years she needs a help and maybe for her that wakeup call is to move on either on her own or the boot out the door. Other allys have issues also even the gold standard Crazy Pinz has a bad manager they just brought in. I bowl both places and see issues in both. Pro Bowl has had many issues in the past and present and what I see they are centered about her. it’s sad but sometimes change is the best thing to move forward.

Comment Date: 12/30/2009 Name: Alyce Fox
I think the improvements at the bowling alley are great and Joni was the first to help me when I needed help with our Bowling League. She has everything under control at the bowling alley. I think she is a major asset to the bowling alley. I hope she will continue to be there.

Comment Date: 12/30/2009 Name: Judy
On the comments about being blonde and stupid. I am a blonde college graduate and I am anything but stupid. For all those who were anonymous, its easy to be cruel when you don’t have the nerve to leave your name. Joni is a vital member of the staff and is a great help to Bob.

Comment Date: 12/29/2009 Name: none
Fort Wayne Bowler – where do you see several comments about a league? There is one. And whoever is padding the ratings, give it a break, you have added almost 2000 in the last week.

Comment Date: 12/29/2009 Name: Bowler
Just remember that a bowling alley is just a bowling alley that is empty when management are rude, unqualified and just plain blonde and stupid.

Comment Date: 12/23/2009 Name: Fort Wayne Bowler
I see several comments have nothing to do with the bowling center, but a league. These types of comments are not needed. This is a place for comments about the bowling center. I am loving the changes in the way the machines run, bar looks great, love the 56 lanes of 42″ monitors and the ceiling tiles are underway.

Comment Date: 12/21/2009 Name: Seeing things differently
Dear Sanctioned Bowler: I feel your pain. But, unfortunately, you are dealing with a person who is not only dumber than dumb, but also cares about nothing and no-one but herself. She revels in the opportunity to get under your skin, and feeds off of the adversity that it creates. The best advise I can offer is that you should follow through with your statement that your team will not return to Pro Bowl. When the owner truly begins to see that his staff is causing him to lose $, and creating an environment that will make it difficult to sell – he will clean house. Until then, you’re wasting your breath. You also need to consider the fact that she is a grown woman who makes her living working at a bowling alley, where she can boss people around. I’m sure you have aspired to be greater and more successful, and simply bowl for recreation. I wouldn’t stoop to her level. Although, I would have to agree that the place certainly would be a lot more peaceful if we didn’t have to listen to her voice, thrashing demeaning commands for all to hear.

Comment Date: 12/19/2009 Name: Sanctioned Bowler
At our bowling league “Saturday Nite Live II” we received a note with our score sheets explaining that we are taking too long to bowl our league. Joni, is our “PAID” “$7.00 per person” times 120 bowlers equals $840.00 for this supposed job. She basically told teams that if you are not finished timely that she will treat you like the red headed step child and deal with you individually, which we witnessed at the end of league that night. She got nasty with the team we bowled because they seem to take longer than most to bowl.
I have this to say to the management and you particularly JONI. League bowlers are what support and make a bowling alley profitable, not open bowling!! If you didnt want to wait for the last team to finish then maybe you should have thought about that prior to agreeing to taking on the secretary position. I can personally guarantee you that our team will not be bowling at Pro Bowl West after this season is done.
I have talked to Joni repeatedly about handicaps not being right, and averages not computing right. Her response to me is “well, I am having trouble exporting and importing” scores from bowling alley computer to her own computer.
It is my intent to contact the USBC and inform them of the “disaster” that is happening at a bowling alley that I have bowled at for 27 + years.

Comment Date: 12/9/2009 Name: anon
The REAL improvement will be when Joni is GONE then the center will be improved. and the other improvements will be really enjoyed.

Comment Date: 12/6/2009 Name: Anonymous
well, its been what six months and i agree the center and improvements are better but the help is still worthless flirtacious drinking on the job people who will never let it reach its potential.Bob you should know better your management team s*cks,(at their job)

Comment Date: 12/4/2009 Name: Bowling Fanatic
I love the improvements being made. New 42″ flat screen monitors are easier to read. The new ceiling tile being installed is improving the look of the center. Thanks Bob Gates for keeping your promises to improve Pro Bowl West. I can’t wait to see the additional improvements.

Comment Date: 11/23/2009 Name: big dog
always a great shot. high scores expected. cant waite for all the new changes.

Comment Date: 11/17/2009 Name: Pat
Went to a wonderful birthday bowling party with my grandkids at Pro Bowl. There were new balls and shoes for ALL of the kids. Thanks for a great time!

Comment Date: 11/16/2009 Name: Marty Mechanic
Work in the bar has started – 17 new televisions with directv, NFL, NHL, Big 10 Network plus other sports packages to be available on all setup. New paint job with new ceiling and new carpet to come shortly. New overhead monitors for the scoring is scheduled for the first monday in December.

Comment Date: 11/10/2009 Name: Anonymous
Joni had nothing to do with the new balls or shoes. Yelling at customers and employees (like me) when she is in the wrong that she does well.

Comment Date: 11/5/2009 Name: Anonymous
What did Joni have to do with getting new house balls and shoes? I dont think she signed the checks for anything that is being done in there.

Comment Date: 11/2/2009 Name: Here for the Beer andBowling
Pro Bowl West got new bowling balls and new shoes! Yeah…keeping up the good work Joni

Comment Date: 10/25/2009 Name: Anonymous
to the person who commented to Bowling for Fun and Seeing things differently.
You have to be kidding that you like Joni or you are Joni!

Comment Date: 10/21/2009 Name: Anonymous
to Bowling for Fun and Seeing things differently. If you can say anything nice don’t say anything at all. You are probably a rude person and very disrecptful yoursleves. I like Joni and all the other staff members. I will keep coming to Pro Bowl you do not need to! Go somewhere else…Pro Bowl is the BEST!

Comment Date: 10/3/2009 Name: Anonymous
please make fort wayne probowl fun again seams like all the staff is doing good with one exception the blond lady named joni very rude inconsiderate and raceist not too happy with her work ethnics

Comment Date: 10/2/2009 Name: could be happy
do fort wayne a favor and fire joni. heard her screaming at employees in the bowling alley over bowlers very unprofessional

Comment Date: 9/26/2009 Name: Bowling for Fun
to Seeing things differently. Makes sense some of the comments sound like her talking.

Comment Date: 9/14/2009 Name: Seeing things differently
Has anyone considered the possibility that staff members (joni) could post their own positive comments? I’d recommend contacting the owner with complaints. Don’t bother with the new manager. He probably enjoys the tank tops and muffin top too much to do anything about it.

Comment Date: 9/14/2009 Name: Anonymous
Since new management….Much better place to visit and spend time. Cracking down on the unprofessional employees and putting them in their place. Really sprucing up the place and trying very hard to satisfy the customers. This may work after all. Keeping the unruly personnel away from the paying customers and trying very hard to make a change has really made a difference. Keep up the good work Bob. You ROCK!!!!

Comment Date: 9/10/2009 Name: bowling nut
Pro Bowl West is the best bowling center in Fort Wayne. They have a new lane machine. I am a league secretary and Joni goes above and beyond to help myself and the league secretaries to get things correct. She makes sure the leagues are entered correctly. She takes pride in her job and does a GREAT JOB! Keep up the great work Joni. I support your efforts and appreciate you.They are even going to have bands in the bar starting tomorrow and see TV’s.

Comment Date: 9/9/2009 Name: bowlingfan
I think that Pro Bowl West is on the right track. They have new management, great employees, and are going to make many new improvements. Already they have a new lane machine, more consistent conditions, fixing the air condtioning, great new food menu with better tasting food. Some of the plans for the improvement of the center such as new ceiling tile, seating, carpeting, etc will make this a premier bowling center. I can’t wait.

Comment Date: 9/3/2009 Name: Fort Wayne Bowler
Pro Bowl is starting to make changes, New Lane Machine, New Air Conditioning, New and Better food. Heard they are changing Scoring Monitors, The bar is getting a make over of TVs. Also heard New Kitchen and Bowlers area seating. Can’t wait for the changes.

Comment Date: 8/25/2009 Name: Anonymous
Joni is not the only one that needs to go they need to get rid of Ed also who runs the Saturday morning baby sitting service which he calls a youth league.

Comment Date: 8/20/2009 Name: Anonymous
I am so glad to hear that new management is coming in and new training of staff is going to take place. It is highly needed. 🙂 I along with many many others look forward to a new face lift and staff there. Whehew!!!

Comment Date: 8/18/2009 Name: anonymous
the entire bowling alley is now under new management and alot is going to change in the coming months at pro bowl west.

Comment Date: 8/16/2009 Name: Anonymous
Anonymous you DO NOT know what you are talking about. Joni is the BEST! You do not need to go to Pro Bowl West if you don’t want to. I will keep going with my husband every friday night. We have a GREAT time. Keep up the good work Joni!

Comment Date: 8/6/2009 Name: Anonymous
Ya know it is so sad that ProBowl is a decent place to bowl but the staff is so very unprofessional in their dealings with customers. They need to all be trained on how to handle customers with respect and kindness as this is their way of earning money. Hello……… Joni is so out of control and really needs to be terminated and new staff brought in. Her appearance and attitude need serious adjustment

Comment Date: 7/3/2009 Name: Anonymous
Hang on there bowler, help is on the way !!!

Comment Date: 6/25/2009 Name: bowler
This place has the best potential in fort wayne and unless the new owners get rid of all the staff it will never make it. The bartenders would be in the parking lot and bathroom smoking pot ( no wonder they lost the liscense) and the girl at the counter thinks she walks on water and can be sitting there drinking while working. Come on new owners clean house and get it under control the old help will not change their spots

Comment Date: 8/14/2008 Name: Ibowl
Yeah my favorite bowling alley in Ft.Wayne . I have pretty much been to every other one in the area! Even the newly built Crazy Pins which is amazing,but much to expensive…..I gave the food rating a 0 because I’ve never eaten there. The only problem I have with the place is the one old dude with glasses that works at the desk can be very rude at times. This is without being provoked or anything. Other then that I just keep coming back 🙂 I’m there at least 3 times a week trying to perfect my game 🙂 .

Comment Date: 4/3/2008 Name: Anonymous
i love it here.. if i had to pick a place to bowl it would be pro bowl west, and i’m not even from fort wayne! i went there once and now i just keep going back!! 🙂

Comment Date: 3/10/2008 Name: there best selling customer
Ithink pro bowl west is a nice facility to bowlk and i do like the workers and the guys or girl who sent the coment about the rudeness well u just dont know something good when you see it buddy…And they only rude if you are rude first but then they get some attitude. the workers that fallow are respectful to there job and are courtiese;jamie(the cook),ed(front desk worke)JONI(front desk worker)CHARLIE (a funny bartender) and all the others that i dont know there name oh yea and of course emily who is the coolest cafe worker. if i could rate them i would give the a 8 on a scale of 1-10

Comment Date: 3/7/2008 Name:  paying customer
I think their employees need to be respectful to paying customers. Whomever it was I spoke to they were Rude!!I try to be nice to everyone.. But it is hard when they are absolutely Rude.
If I had to rate their service I would give them a 2 on a scale of 1-10. That is terrible .. My whole family loves to Bowl.

Comment Date: 2/29/2008 Name: jon r.
hey you need to tell us what is going on in between 4 and 9pm on fridays you tell us you open at 3pm to 2am. and between 3pm and about 4 to 430pm its 1.25 for shoes and games and then you say stuff about 9pm to 2am but nothing about 430pm to 9pm. think about it if you tell us we will come.

Comment Date: 2/17/2008 Name: someone
Staff of probowl west has a little to learn about business. They should value their customers and be a little nicer. If they have something to say they should approach the customer with respect instead of yelling and screaming at them while standing in their face.

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