Hilo Lanes

Hilo Lanes

  Name: Hilo Lanes  
  Address: 777 Kinoole Street  
  City: Hilo  
  State: HI  
  Zip: 96720  
  Phone: (808) 935-0646  
  Hours: daily 7-11  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Hilo Lanes Comments
Comment Date: 12/30/2011 Name: Hilokineboii808skatebrah
Dis place has da mos ono kine grindz brah. Ho but nah the cashier kinda rude. Garantee brah dis place nice but ho kinda expensive and no moa lanes open. And I kinda lyk wear my own shoes not the ones dey make you put on. I tink dey shud be open lata on weekends. I no have wun bedtime… Cheeeeeeee pono. Shoootttttttzxzxzszxszxxxsss

Comment Date: 8/25/2011 Name: T
they should make it like kona bowling alley exact

Comment Date: 8/25/2011 Name: T
kona bowling alley is the best shuts down hilo bowling alley any day

Comment Date: 1/18/2011 Name: EAST SIDE SLIM
Place is {deleted}…but my homie gonna fix um up so maybe be better after.

Comment Date: 7/16/2010 Name: MusicIsMySavior
This place is totally crappy. Everything is old the workers are @$@#$*@ excuse my laguauge but it true. Workers suppose to be friendly to all the customers is always right because they get paid from customers. I for one NEVER EVER going here again until they remodeled the entire place make it a place of luxury and shape up the workers if they don’t this will be their DOWNFALL.

Comment Date: 5/4/2010 Name: Mary
Went to Hilo lanes for my first time today. Met with others who meet regularly on Mondays at 1pm. Really enjoyed bowling with them, but the lanes are pretty rough; had to push reset button nearly half the times I bowled, had to get staff to help w/ lane problems about 5 times. Was cheaper than most lanes, only $3 game, shoes $2. Staff weren’t noticeably friendly, but I didn’t sense any attitude like some of these other posts. Lots of open lanes during the day, no idea about evenings.

Comment Date: 4/30/2010 Name: keaukaha_homestead
Hilo lanes is basically the only place to gooo when you dont know what to do in this “TOWN of BOREDOM”

Comment Date: 4/6/2010 Name: FIJI M
uncle wilbur say dat, hilo is da kine ole place, but da local folks stay like’um.
if fix’um up, can be mo better for da locals.
hilo side is mo “pure aloha” to me, lie dat!
mo better den oahu side to me!!

Comment Date: 1/16/2010 Name: mother- father!
yeah i kinda jealous of all the seniors bowling. All i can do is drink my beer and watch.

Comment Date: 12/13/2009 Name: LOCAL ME
get this one i eat there all the time.. one nite i ask for a fork and got charged 10 cents. i dont get it they must be hot up for money but never fix up the place one bit. where is the money all going to?????

Comment Date: 12/4/2009 Name: Hilo born and raised
No open bowling, cannot reserve lanes on the phone, very rude on the phone too. When you go down to reserve lanes, they cannot give them out, but next thing you see is their friends getting the open lanes. The AC is never on, it is so smelly in there with no AC and no oil on the lanes it isn’t playable. Can never get a good average and if play @ other lanes, don’t have the confidence to follow through to a high score. The owner play tennis and never did see either of them bowl? So sad, you want to practice but cannot. Can’t wait to get the other alley open up.

Comment Date: 8/17/2009 Name: Troy Lopaka Abraham
I love going Hilo lanes it like a hobbie of mine but it cost use a major change like fix the ceilings and get rid of the mold.Input air purifcation systems and turn the game room into a true gameroom with pool tables,foosball,air hockey,ping pong and arcade games that is a game room what they have now isn’t a game room it only a boring place.It need some major changes then i guarantee Hilo Lanes will be changed forever

Comment Date: 7/31/2009 Name: Allen in My Own Private Idaho
For those of you who dig vintage lanes like Hilo Lanes, check out the bowling alleys in Baker City, Oregon and Joseph, Oregon. They are both major steps back in time. Love them!

Comment Date: 5/20/2009 Name: Anonymous
I went to Hilo Lanes on Friday evening to bowl with my family. When I walked in the place was busy with a league going on. I noticed that there were some lanes available so I asked if we could bowl. The lady (who’s name I found out to be Mary or Marie) said that we could bowl but had to get off at nine (it was 8:00 when I got there)I abliged and took the lane. While getting our shoes and stuff, I overheard her talking to a guy who had a security shirt on. She said RoAnn said to stay open after the league but I ain’t staying open. Are these people trying to make money or loose money. While walking to our lanes I saw one of my friends who bowl and the stories they have about this place is unbelievable. Aparently its a FAMILY RUN business nieces, brothers, inlaws. Thats why nothing will get done. They all back each other up even if they are WRONG.

Comment Date: 3/21/2009 Name: Anonymous
Does Hilo Lanes ever have open bowling? I talked to someone who works there about open bowling and apparently they never have it! It is one of the only family oriented things to do in Hilo but if you’re not in a league you can’t bowl! They are running leagues during weeknights now and one of the leagues is about to end on Monday and when it ends they’re not even going to be open on Mondays!!

Comment Date: 3/12/2009 Name: Anonymous
Bad customer service

Comment Date: 2/8/2009 Name: C.R.
I’m not a “mainland haole” nor am I whining. But I do state a fact by saying Hilo Lanes needs some serious renovating if that’s one of the very few “fun” places for families/youth to go to in this town.

Comment Date: 12/21/2008 Name: junior K.
Hilo lanes ROCKS and the food is super ONO. What are all these mainland haoles whining about?

Comment Date: 12/6/2008 Name: hilo bowler
I agree with most of the comments here. Hilo lanes is probably one of the worst run bowling alleys I have ever bowled at. I’ve seen different managers come and go but since the Kaopuas (sp?) took over the management, it has been a downward slide.
Maybe if they invested in upgraded equipment, better A/C, and cleaned up the place, it might help, but in the end, the management and staff here are still far from satisfactory.

Comment Date: 11/6/2008 Name: Anonymous
When you step into Hilo Lanes you are entering a different culture. People have been bowling the same lanes, sitting in the same seats, and eating the same thing, for decades. Think about it like stepping into a neighborhood bar in a small town on the mainland. You go in humble, patient and observe. Things move slow at Hilo Lanes and new people throw off the staff since they expect that everyone knows what to do, already. I take my girls bowling team there and we have a great time. It would be nice if they would slap on some new paint and upgrade a bit, but its a time warp. I bowl there and I think I’m in high school again. Its not a place that you see many tourists. Tourist places s*ck up and let you act anyway you want to, because they need your money. Hilo Lanes is not one of these places. Don’t get mad when you find out the rules are different there. Be calm and smile.

Comment Date: 9/27/2008 Name: live in hilo…will be here a bit longer
1. Need to update lanes. i understand the old fashioned look is cool, but this old fashioned look is due to lack of updating, not financial strategy.
2. i agree the employees are nice, just a bit slow….i dont mind that, the smiles make up for it.
3. I have discovered that calling on the phone gets me more info than in person because i dont look local….i do mind this…its complete BS.
4. Yes this place is old as dirt and you’ll get inaccurate info in person (i.e.when open bowling begins). But, the employees are at least nice to your face and i have not dealt with anyone saying racial things to me.
5. in the end, i just wish they could update slightly and at least get rid of the Fire Alarm they have at each lane to say there is a problem (i.e. rack is stuck)

Comment Date: 9/13/2008 Name: Hilo Girl
Hilo Lanes is an awesome place! The food is great! If you tried their food and didn’t like it, it’s probably cause your not from here. Local people like local food. If you went there and was dismissed, it’s probably cause you have an attitude problem. For whoever said there’s a “gang” there, get over it, theres no such thing.

Comment Date: 9/10/2008 Name: Happy Hawn
I was at Rock n Bowl and the band was OK. The place was packed,but the service s*cked. Looks like the lady working the desk was to slow. Maybe you should have 2 people woking.

Comment Date: 8/4/2008 Name: new guy
i bowled at hilo lanes yesterday for the first time. it took a few throws to learn how to play these wooden lanes. i have nothing bad to say about this place, it was a mellow atmosphere and everyone else there was respectful to me. on the mainland i average about 250. After learning how to play on these lanes i was bowling an average at about 240. i’m new to this town, if anyone would like a good player on their team let me know. {email address deleted}

Comment Date: 7/6/2008 Name: local 808
I was at the lanes this evening and I found it stupid.The lady at the front desk was telling people about the Rock n Bowl and said you cant make resevations over the phone. Why do you have to come all the way from home 2 hours before the thing starts and make your reservation. That is so stupid. Do you know how much gas cost these days. Why should i drive from Keau only to drive home, then come back 2 hrs layda. Forget it I im not coming anymore. Its a waste of gas and my precious time.

Comment Date: 7/6/2008 Name: Disappointed
Your Rock and Bowl was okay, but the wait was to long . Isnt there someone that can move faster so we dont have to wait to get shoes and lanes. That band that was playing sounded alright, but dont they know that the 80s are over. Play some Hawaiian music. Afterall we are in Hawaii.

Comment Date: 7/2/2008 Name: Anonymous
I was wanting to go bowling and you guys neva have lanes open. When is the best time to bowl and what day? I like now when get specials running too.

Comment Date: 6/24/2008 Name: Anonymous
I like the way the lanes
bowl. Its not often that you can find wooden lanes anymore. The synthetic lanes have a differant bounce to them and I like that the wood doesnt do that. Good job in keeping it real.

Comment Date: 6/23/2008 Name: local 808
I know that the lanes are really old. dont you think they should be updated just a little, I mean we are in the 21st century. The nostalgia look will only take you so far. By the way whos the lady that works on the weekend she has a really nice smile and so friendly.

Comment Date: 6/23/2008 Name: Anonymous
I am one who visited hilo and went to hilo lanes to bowl? I found it to be a very hard lane to bowl on but I liked the change in that. I no that it’s not that great but you can sure try to better you score over there. there are some good and bad thing’s about it but just look at it though the people who live there? they are one of the lucky’s people because they can alway’s hit the lanes with a better score then most of us who live in the mainland get the hard’s time to bowl on the lanes. the hour’s that they open are from 11:00am and I like that?

Comment Date: 6/6/2008 Name: Maui bowler
I was curious about the last post. I did some checking and found out the 808 Boyz are a recognized street gang in the state of Hawaii. If this is where they hang out on the big island, the locals wont even be safe. Unless of course they are gang members too. (Which is exactly what it sounds like. I guess the owners are either part of them or too intimidated to change things.)I think bowling in Kona would be better if you want to have a safe vacation on our islands.

Comment Date: 5/16/2008 Name: 808 boyz
There are alot of bowling places in Hawaii. If you arent from here you can still bowl in Kona cousin. This is our place. It has always been a local place for locals. Why are you bowling anyway on vacation. Go snorkleing and shopping and buy ugly shirts. This is 808 place. Just because you are here for military you are not local or 808. bowl on your base

Comment Date: 5/6/2008 Name: Leonard follow up
Quote) “Please don’t leave your thousand $ here, we don’t need it. Your entitlement attitude is why we in Hilo pride ourselves on not catering to every whim of spoiled tourists like yourself. Signed, embarrassed for the Haole race”
This proves my point about this house. Haoli used to mean visitor but these guys use it as a racial term. See how they refer to it as a “Haoli race”. They treat all tourists the same, Badly. They claim ALL tourists have an entitlement attitude. Thats prejudicial. Do they feel all african americans are beneath them too. Hilo Pride is a good thing. Hilo Pride while down grading others is the same as the Klan. Dont bowl here without back up. I think I may sneak a camera in here next time and video thier Hilo Pride. Might make a good news story.

Comment Date: 4/25/2008 Name: Spc. Kinnard 25th Inf Div
I usually just bowl on Base in Oahu and have never been to Hilo Lanes or the big island. I was called a “Haoli” by the guy at the counter. He said “No Offense Haoli” I asked a local I was there with, what he meant by it and he said it was the same as the “N” word in the south. I understand local pride but this is just racism. It is below anyone I have met on the islands in the 3 years I have served here. The word may mean visitor but it is used as a racial slur in this house.

Comment Date: 2/29/2008 Name: boy
whats the hours of operation at hilo lanes

Comment Date: 9/5/2007 Name: Happy Haole
Hilo Lanes is a fine place for us locals. However as a fellow Haole I would suggest, all of you tourists to quit crying and get some skin. I have found if haoli’s come here with an attitude, they will also find one coming their way as well. If the rules of the establishment are not to your liking, or the air conditioning not cold enough, go bowl somewhere else. (Nearest lanes, Kona, where you will find plenty other haoles to bowl with) I know when I “tour” and am out and about in someone elses city I don’t expect them to cater to my every need. Please don’t leave your thousand $ here, we don’t need it. Your entitlement attitude is why we in Hilo pride ourselves on not catering to every whim of spoiled tourists like yourself.
embarrassed for the Haole race

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: leonard
I know there is a certain pride attached to being a local. I agree with it. I have nothing but respect for you if you live in Hawaii. I wish I did. I also dont think you should be rude to someone just because they are on vacation and you consider them a cancer on your paradise. I (like all tourists) was treated so badly at Hilo lanes I had to leave. I was called names and snickered at by employees for crying out loud. When I go to Hilo I leave thousands of dollars in he local economy. I am always respectful and I love the hawaiian culture. Hilo Lanes is the only bad experience I have had in the state of Hawaii. I was actually told Hilo lanes was “Kapu” for “Hoalies”. I felt endangered and just left.

Comment Date: 2/16/2007 Name: Choc576
I was practically raised in Hilo Lanes and bowled there from 1960 thru 1966; then again living back home from 1994 thru 2002. I currently organize and conduct amateur bowling tournaments around the state of Arizona and live in Peoria.
It has always been a policy, for liability reasons, that children must be of a certain age to get on the lanes – if I remember correctly, it is 8 years old(?). The sign is posted at the front desk. I was and still am, surprised that very young children are allowed to bowl on the lanes here in the mainland. But, every place of business has the right to establish their own policies of how they will operate.
For the comment about “worst conditions” ever bowled on, if you check the Honor Scores Board, as of the date I left (2002) there were only about thirty 300 games shot. In the history of Hilo Lanes only a small amount of bowlers have ever averaged 200+. It is a tough house even for a regular bowler. Hilo Lanes, without intending to be, can be considered to be a “Sport Shot”. I have averaged as high as 226 in the mainland; but, never got higher than 202 but more regularly only managed in the mid-190’s. If you talk to anyone who travels away from Hilo Lanes to bowl tournaments, you will find that they more often than not, win a lot of tournaments because they find other bowling centers to have an “easy” condition to bowl in – you don’t normally have to make a 10 to 15 board adjustment when you are bowling a 3 game series.
I miss Hilo Lanes for the family atmosphere,the local grinds at the snack bar, and the challenging lane conditions.

Comment Date: 7/15/2006 Name: 808local
i honestly like this bowling alley, its the only place on the east side of the island that we can go bowling, and enjoy ourselves. the workers there are really nice, and service is great. if you know what i meen its like the aloha spirt whee everyone is family. yeah our bowling alley isnt nice but at least its there for us to enjoy.

Comment Date: 6/24/2006 Name: HILOgrown
To: family vacation kids
if they turned you down because your kids were too short. they had a reason to. because if your kids got hurt. you probably would have sued them. so they have a reason. & if it’s air condition you’re looking for in hilo. try the movie theater or if you want a more “hawaiian” experience. park at bay front turn the air condition up HIGH & enjoy the view 🙂

Comment Date: 3/5/2006 Name: Local
I happen to like Hilo Lanes and their uniqueness of their old fashion lanes etc. But you’d have to be quite local and experienced there to enjoy it.

Comment Date: 10/24/2005 Name: Loves2bowl from Detroit
We spent a few days on this lovely island to tour the Volcano. Had an extra hour to kill so we found the bowling alley. Worst lane conditions we’ve ever experienced. Had lunch @ the diner, oh my!!! The manager must also be the cook!

Comment Date: 8/22/2005 Name: family vacation kids
That second to the last day of our stay in Hilo was a very very hot day working with 3 kids. Family decided to go Hilo Lanes, their A/C was so inviting, guess what – they turned us down. No bowling for all three kids, they say they’re too short in height. I begged, the lady did not give in. P.S. Whole house was empty, I mean no one was there – only 2 workers talking stories – think they did not want the noise. P.S. Think they had 24 or 26 lanes. IIIII WASSS PISSSSED OFFFF ON THAT VERY HOT DAY. NEVER EVER EVER AM I GOING THERE AGAIN!

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