McHenry Bowl

McHenry Bowl

  Name: McHenry Bowl  
  Address: 3700 McHenry Avenue  
  City: Modesto  
  State: CA  
  Zip: 95356  
  Phone: (209) 571-2695  
  Lanes: 52  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
How Does McHenry Bowl Rate?
Votes:    257
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Food: Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1
Price: Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1
Fun: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Overall: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
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McHenry Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 4/29/2011 Name: RandomMan95348
Unless you’re the only one coming here, don’t mind paying $4.00 per game plus the cost of shoes. If you have an entire family wanting to bowl here, I would recommend going to Yosemite Lanes instead. Although this place has a lot more lanes than Yosemite, I think the price per game at Yosemite compensates for it.
McHenry Bowl charges different prices dependent upon the time of day and/or the day of the week…okay, that’s fine. But, when I can spend $7.50 for three games at Yosemite as opposed to $8.00 for two games here, my money (and respect) is going to Yosemite.
As for the issue of customer service, the staff here is decent. But service isn’t all that attracts customers. Price plays a major role in it, too.

Comment Date: 2/27/2010 Name: foxlover97
i love mchenry bowl they are a little pricey but it is worth it i have lots of fun with my friends there in fact we are going today……i would reccomend mchery bowl to anyone i give it *s all the way……..there food is also great they have soda refils for 50 cents and they have an arcade they also have great deals every day of the week!!! today they have glow bowling i love glow bowling…..who reads this e-mail me at {Sorry, no personal emails – B2U Staff}…..LOVE YOU ALL…

Comment Date: 4/17/2008 Name: Nancy Breshears
This is a great place for families. They have the nicest staff. I bowl in league and have a great time. The staff is always willing to go the extra mile if you have a problem with anything. They are almost finished with the remodel and it looks great. Again great place for family fun!!

Comment Date: 4/1/2008 Name: not needed
hey anonymous, obviously your just a complainer get your head out of your a** and learn to bowl! Or dont bowl at Mchenry if its to tough for your powder puff bowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 1/10/2008 Name: truth
da house s#cks,nuf said.

Comment Date: 9/11/2007 Name: Heath Dougherty
McHenry Bowl is a great place to bowl. The prices in the afternoon and evening are a little pricy. They have good specials on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. On Fridays is Rock & Bowl from 12 midnite to 2:30 A.M. which is 10 dollars for two and a half hours of bowling(shoes included)and prizes are given out(good music too). On Saturdays it is basically the same thing but from 11:30 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. Sunday night is Sunday Night Live where from 9 pm to 1:30 am it is 5 dollars to get in and 25 cents each for (shoe rentals, bowling games, hot dogs, sodas) and 75 cent beers. there are more good deals at McHenry Bowl. Just check out the website at

Comment Date: 5/5/2007 Name: Raina Ruckman
Wonderful bowling alley, the staff is great. Yeah, the lanes sometimes have problems but it’s not a big deal, every alley has some kind of problems at some point or another…I wouldn’t quit bowling there because of it.

Comment Date: 10/3/2006 Name: Anonymous
yeah leaving a solid 2 pin is impossible. Unless your ball speed is less than 3 mph, there’s no way that could have happened.

Comment Date: 4/11/2006 Name: jack
this is for the guy who complained about the lanes on 2/2/06. you said you lost because the pin carry was garbage. so what happened nobody won. take a look in the mirror. you lost because you got outbowled because obviously someone carried the pins. why dont you work on your game and quit complaining about the lanes. everyone bowled on the same condition. if you dont bowl good its you!!! and as for the solid 2 pin we all know thats impossible and totaly distroys your credibility.

Comment Date: 2/2/2006 Name: Anonymous
Weird lane conditions for tournament. I hit slammed the pocket high flush and left a different pin every time. Once I left a solid 2 pin! A 2 pin!! We lost because the pin carry is garbage. I threw the same shot 3 games straight. No misses. And shot only 650! I should’ve had 850! Nice pin carry wow.

Comment Date: 7/31/2005 Name: Brian
Bowling alley is very attractive, but lanes are often dry. Service is often below average and they always play the same music on Wednesday nights! Very high on price and very stingy.

Comment Date: 8/4/2004 Name: Anonymous
Have a lot friends there who work there, staff is great but the lanes need to worked on or replaced or they will lose a lot of bowlers who bowl there a lot.

Comment Date: 7/8/2004 Name: Mary Hargrove
We had our daughter’s birthday party at McHenry Bowling Alley. It was GREAT. They took such good care of our group. The price was right too. You can’t beat this for your party.

Comment Date: 4/18/2004 Name: Rose Brown
Owned by generous people and a great place to have fun. It’s a great way to meet new people and to sign up for leagues with your friends.

Comment Date: 1/26/2004 Name: Anonymous
A dive in every sense of the word.

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