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Guest Post Writing Tips

Write for an Audience of Newbies

This might be a bit surprising, but the majority of people who read your post, sign up to your email list, and ultimately purchase your products, are beginners. Consider the entry route for discovering your post. In most cases, readers either type a question into Google, because they need answers, or they follow links on Twitter/Facebook/Blogs, because they are not familiar with the subject.

A significant percentage of any blog’s readership have little experience of the blog’s subject matter. Usually, this is how new readers become subscribers, because they want a basic understanding of the subject. As time passes, these people frequently trail off and concentrate on other projects, rather than staying around to find out more.

Your guest post will be far more successful, if you concentrate on subjects that are easy to digest by newbies. This is particularly true, if you want to get your article indexed on Google. Aim to write list articles and posts with an educational format, packed with useful links and resources.

Showcase Your Original Perspective

It goes without saying that your guest post should be of the highest quality. In contrast to your regular website visitors, these new readers do not know you at all. You have yet to prove yourself to them. They might be doubtful, because your article is worded in a way that differs from the blog posts they normally read. Be mindful that this audience might criticize the style of your writing.

Avoid letting them down. The guest post you write should closely reflect the articles on your own website. Do not adopt a fake personality. If you normally write in a style that is sarcastic or humorous, carry on using that original voice. Just ensure that you do it tactfully. You do not want to end up offending people and damaging your reputation. That will greatly hinder your promotional efforts.

Add Some Website Links

Readers will not be able to find their way to your site, if you fail to provide any links for them to follow. They are unlikely to type your name into Google, carry out some research into you, then discover your website that way. That is far too long winded, so no one will go to those lengths.

As an alternative, simply add some normal URLs within your article at suitable points. Guest posts are a fantastic way to build backlinks consistently. By doing this properly, you will send people straight to your site with one click.

Check Your Post for Errors

Your content will be read by editors before being published, but you can avoid silly errors and boost your chance of approval by checking your text for typos prior to submission. Apart from proofreading for grammar and spelling, a thorough edit checks the links and evaluates flow. If you have used information from other websites to craft your post, always put it into Copyscape to verify originality. This way, you will not be declined for plagiarizing content, because you failed to reword your sources properly.

Final Thoughts

Take heed of the above advice, and your guest post will result in a surge of new visitors to your site. Write in an authentic way, so that these new readers grow to like your style and want to know more about you. Give them your unique take on things, to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about.

Begin with a compelling introductory paragraph, to pique the readers’ attention. Doing this boosts the probability that they will follow the URLs included in your article. Mention the post on your social network platforms, and monitor your results using analytics tools. This way, you can determine how impactful your writing is.