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Sunset Bowl

Sunset Bowl

  Name: Sunset Bowl  
  Address: 4959 State Route 125  
  City: West Union  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 45693  
  Phone: (937) 544-5205  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Sunset Bowl Rate?
Votes:    3
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
Food: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
Price: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Fun: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
Overall: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
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Deshler Lanes

Deshler Lanes

  Name: Deshler Lanes  
  Address: 739 W Main Street  
  City: Deshler  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 43516  
  Phone: (419) 278-1956  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Deshler Lanes Rate?
Votes:    23
Lanes: Actual Value is 0.8
Food: Actual Value is 0.7
Price: Actual Value is 0.7
Fun: Actual Value is 1
Overall: Actual Value is 0.8
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Deshler Lanes Comments
No comments posted for Deshler Lanes
Comments about Deshler Lanes, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

Freeway Lanes of Mentor

Freeway Lanes of Mentor

  Name: Freeway Lanes of Mentor  
  Address: 7300 Palisades Pkwy  
  City: Mentor  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 44060  
  Phone: (440) 946-5131  
  Lanes: 48  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
How Does Freeway Lanes of Mentor Rate?
Votes:    686
Lanes: Actual Value is 1.4Actual Value is 1.4
Food: Actual Value is 1.2Actual Value is 1.2
Price: Actual Value is 1.1Actual Value is 1.1
Fun: Actual Value is 1.3Actual Value is 1.3
Overall: Actual Value is 1.2Actual Value is 1.2
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Freeway Lanes of Mentor Comments
Comment Date: 2/3/2012 Name: Northeast Industrial Bowler
Our team was very upset tonight to find out that the Audrey has been terminated at the snack bar. She was the only one there who cooked hamburgers properly and made the food presentable. Ironically the new manager also changed the company that did the night cleaning. I guess this is Freeways new way of “Whitening” up the bowling alley. I guess the big Hawaii guy and the mexican will probably be next.

Comment Date: 1/10/2012 Name: Tuesday night bowler
Rumours are aflying that this place has been sold. That would be a godsend. Best thing that could possibly happen. Freeway: take your know nothing manager, your rude, arrogant mechanic, and the stuck up front desk lady, and don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!

Comment Date: 8/23/2011 Name: a 2 house bowler
League started this week at Wickliffe Lanes. Whole new interior there with more space, new scoring, large flatscreen monitors…everything new! Obviously they spent lots of money to make a really nice place even nicer. Was at the officers party at Freeway. Alot of new people now. Now that mama is gone thank god they still kept Nadine, Rene and Leloy. Really nice people and among the only reasons we are still bowling there again on Tuesday night. Will not hold my breath for the snack bar renovations. Should have been done in the SUMMER when business is slow. We were shown plans for this from both Larry and even PAT… years ago. Come on Glenn. Look at your competitors and step up your game. Remember you are in the bowling business and spend your money in Mentor… instead of trying to be the bocce ball queen of Cleveland

Comment Date: 8/10/2011 Name: Glenn Gable
Had not been to this site in a long time. I would like to thank the bowler’s who are contacting me directly with the email at the top of the page. I have found the input very valuable and productive, and man there are a lot of changes coming down the pike! I am there a lot of nights now and will be there lot more. Instead of posting on here, email and come see me directly! I would appreciate it! God Bless Elaine and her Family.

Comment Date: 8/1/2011 Name: wed mens
meeting tonight to vote on staying or leaving. wanna talk to upper managment. hope glen is there. stay tuned.

Comment Date: 7/22/2011 Name: Mix Couple league bowler
I am 59 years old now. The Mrs and I have bowled here since Palisades opened in the late 1970’s. This company has turned Mentor bowling into a joke. High league prices & higher prices in the bar have forced alot of people like us to go quit bowling or go elsewhere. Have not decided on coming back this year. Another league that bowled the same time as us moved to another center last year. Don Kline, please do Mentor a civic service and offer to buy this center back from the fools you sold it to. You will be a hero to many. Mentor is not Solon. People here work blue collar jobs for a living and want to kick back drink beer, belch & bowl. Not interested in the yuppie lifestyle or trying to be something I am not. Please consider selling to an outfit who cares about the league bowlers…the ones who pay your bills, and not the teenagers who come in on weekend, sneak in their beer, and carry on where MPD has to be on duty.

Comment Date: 7/18/2011 Name: Fri night bowler
After talking to Liz and Greg who put money in the league, about 6 to 10 teams are thinking about not coming back. I remember bowling in this league when it was 30 teams, two divisions and nobody had to put additional prize money into the league to attract bowlers. It was not that long ago. Now you are looking at a 12 team league! Of course back then two people were at the desk, the lady doing brackets and the bowlers did not have to make their own trouble calls, snack bar and beer prices were affordable, and when owners came around showing blueprints for all the plans for the remodeling which was why prices were raised, you could believe them! Oh wait…that was before Freeway Lanes.

Comment Date: 6/23/2011 Name: another ex Palasades/freeway fri night bowler
DITTO TO THE LAST POST!!! We came to the Friday league from Wickliffe lanes. After all the drama going on we are going back to a stable/drama free enviroment. Too bad because there are actually a few nice people who work there. Upper manangement tho totally sux and owners could care less.

Comment Date: 6/8/2011 Name: Fri Night bowler
We bowled in the Industial league on Fri for over 20 years. This is the absolute worst year ever. Mentor is fast becoming the armpit of bowling in Lake County. Here it is JUNE and we still have not received the trophies from when the league ended in APRIL. You canned Shane. Forced Larry out, and now the person in charge is the broad who was never behind the desk when she was supposed to be the desk clerk. Four perfect reasons we will not be returning to Freeway in the fall.

Comment Date: 5/21/2011 Name: Tuesday businessman
Dave Patz, the VP of the company took Larrys place as GM for about 3 weeks and now he is gone too. Thursday bowler, you were right. No real summer leagues here. Probably right about the rest of your post too. Rumor is Larrys personal reason was he was forced out. Who next??

Comment Date: 5/6/2011 Name: Monday Bowler
Larry put in his notice for personal reasons.

Comment Date: 4/24/2011 Name: Thur night bowler
Just found out Larry is not with Freeway anymore. They always seem to can their employees who are the most liked by the customers. First Shane, now Larry and I can only guess who is next. Doesn’t matter. Leagues are leaving, open bowling is dying, summer is here, probably zero summer leagues. Glenn please sell this place to someone who cares about it and others and let the profits of your Solon lanes go {deleted} as usual.

Comment Date: 4/22/2011 Name: wednesday no more???
We have bowled in the Wed. league for 17 years. Now Wojo is trying to move the league to Scores because he said Larry ripped up the contract? When I called Joel he says we are coming back and then I called Larry, and he says he has a signed contract and as far as he knows the league is coming back. Wojo you are a liar. Since you wanna move to Scores, cool, take anyone else who wants to move but do not make the rest of the officers and league look like a-h*les.

Comment Date: 1/20/2011 Name: a bowler
Rumor has it Don Klien is coming back!!!!!! Best thing that could happen:)

Comment Date: 11/27/2010 Name: NE Industrial Bowler
Lets see, you raised the prices to make all these supposed “improvements”, then when we come back the only improvement is picnic benches and a painted Freeway Lanes on the wall. And now I find out there will be no more certificates or “thank you gifts” for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Christ, what an all-time cheap outfit! I also bowl at your competition on Sunday mornings. I hope you know they are still giving something to THEIR bowlers over the holidays! Which is probably why they still have full houses and second shifts.

Comment Date: 10/19/2010 Name: N.E. Industrial league bowler
The guy behind the desk b*tched at me for having a cup of pop from McDonald’s when I came in. Bull****! My team spends lots of money on beer and drinks so they are not losing any sales from McDonald’s from me!

Comment Date: 10/16/2010 Name: former worker
i think larry is a pieace of **** he treats the employes like garbage they really need to fire him and hire some one that gives treats people with respect

Comment Date: 8/11/2010 Name: Teri
I feel the one in Solon is far far far better than Mentor I think its time to revamp if your gonna charge the bar prices you do lets have a nicer bar like the one in solon and maybe a private room like Solon…come on guys

Comment Date: 1/30/2010 Name: Gone 4 Good
Last year we bowled on a Sunday morning league and left after one year. The lanes were not as bad as the service. The 2 guys working the desk were absolutely useless. They would not get off their a**es unless it was to get doughnuts to feed their faces. If you want to improve the lanes and keep customers then you should start by giving them the boot! Listen to your customers and make some changes to your staff.

Comment Date: 11/9/2009 Name: Newark Eagle bowler
I read some comments about this place before we came there to bowl last weekend. We were pleasantly surprised what we found. Alot of you people gripe about the alley, but you should see some of the other alleys in the country. The wine price was a little steep, but they had a breakfast which had everything and then some for only 6 bucks. The lanes were oiled fair, and the staff was very friendly. Since the weather was nice and we travel with our dogs I asked about directions of a park and things to do. The desk person was very helpful and we found a great park to walk our dogs and a couple of reasonable local restaurants. Its too easy to find things to moan about. I just wanted to let you all know that we had a fine time in Willoughby and appreciated the friendlyness and kind hospitality.

Comment Date: 10/20/2009 Name: fri ne industrial bowler
amen again. find some new owners who give a {deleted} about their league bowlers.

Comment Date: 10/11/2009 Name: thurs night bowler
amen to the last message.

Comment Date: 9/30/2009 Name: employee
the owner is listed at the top of this page.

Comment Date: 9/30/2009 Name: sadly…
I gotta agree with one of the earlier posters. Maybe find a new owner?

Comment Date: 9/25/2009 Name: for the employee
what good is it going to do calling the owner we will and are doing the talk with our money you should have seen hooleys house monday.I am sure he knows when he reads the reports at the end of the night

Comment Date: 9/24/2009 Name: league officer
actually I have personally talked to the owner first at the officers meeting and again one night when he came to talk to Larry while our league bowled. Dave said he would get back to me. Have not seen him since.

Comment Date: 9/23/2009 Name: Employee
I called the owner and he has not recieved 1 call or email from any of you. Why not email or call him directly? Check your prices across the street, we do.

Comment Date: 9/21/2009 Name: mon nite bowler
we are no longer going in the bar after bowling either. when i asked about the changes in the bar last week, i was basically blown off and not given an answer. somehow the last post makes sense. see you across the street ladies.

Comment Date: 9/19/2009 Name: Monday night
it is amazing how you dont understand what happens in your bar. You have 2 sports bars around you cleats and hooleys house soon to be 3 but yet still same garabage raising of prices nice house renovations.Then goin different directions with some kid that doesnt know what a kalua and cream is nice work guys.Looking for a great year bowling and drinking at hooley house

Comment Date: 9/18/2009 Name: joe bowler
what new direction are you going??? You fire the good looking, personable guy in the bar for an average joe who never bartended, has to look up simple drinks, no personality and doesn’t talk. Then you fire another barmaid whose good looking, loads of personality and fun for a homely, overweight, quiet with no personality girl. And I bet your going to raise prices to make up the difference of nobody wanting to stay to drink and hang out with your new ho-hum employees.

Comment Date: 9/12/2009 Name: soon to beex- member of the ex Howard Hanna league
Freeway Jive: promised renovation: new snack bar, new lounge, patio deck for bar. Spending 2 million on renovations. THE TRUTH IN RENOVATION: painted side walls, and a freeway lanes logo. Cost of two gallons of paint: $40.00
going in a different direction: happy hour prices, friendly bar staff, friendly atmosphere. THE TRUTH: $1.00 draft beer for two hours, finger food munchies, inflated prices after 6pm and new bar staff. One with bar attitude and one who has to look up how to make a 7&7.
New improved lane conditions. THE TRUTH: a s*cky shot. There is more oil in an order of french fries than on on the entire 48 lanes.

Comment Date: 9/12/2009 Name: Boycotting the bar!!!
As faithful Thursday night bowlers for over 30 years, we understand changes happen, but the constant increase in prices along with the changing of staff for dumb reasons along with terrible lane conditions, we will all be joining the guys for drinks across the street. Here’s an idea…rather than firing and overhauling your staff, just find a new owner!!! Happiness for all.

Comment Date: 2/10/2009 Name: Larry DeMoss
President Day (February 16th)the schools will be out and Freeway Lanes of Mentor has a bowling special 12:00PM-2:00PM for $5.95 per person all you can bowl. Shoe Rental is extra.
Freeway Lanes Management

Comment Date: 2/9/2009 Name: The Management
The owner’s email is directly above on this site, or go to We have adjusted our pricing since then, and it was a mistake left over from holiday pricing. There are many specials every day at Freeway Lanes that are less than $2/game.

Comment Date: 1/23/2009 Name: Jim
well i think everybody is correct in saying that the place is getting way to expensive. Bowling used to be something families could do inexpensively, but its not like that anymore. The person who wrote about the bathrooms is correct, somebody should have a watchfull eye on them ever hour they are open, beleive it or not if a women doesnt like a bathroom its make it or break it for business sales. i have four children who like to bowl and my wife does too but we are afraid everywhere is going to get to expensive and im sure we wont be bowling much longer. as for a the pro shop goes you cant even buy a decent ball, they are all between 130 and 200 dollars plus they charge 40 bucks for drilling. its just gotten out of line. we will stay home and have movie night for now on until somebody with some sense start a new alley. hopefully mom and pop. busines owners are making a killing at alleys. little do they know when you have 4 boys in baseball and football, field trips, clothes(which is a bitch for another day) and food and bills and cars ans insurances and my own business to run its to much. we are not poor either, we are just concience about what is going on around us. americans (all of us) are shooting ourselves in the foot because of greed. and wait for the economy to fail even after bailouts!!!!!!!!! WE ARE IN BIG BIB TROUBLE

Comment Date: 1/21/2009 Name: feel ripped off???
took my family bowling monday afternoon since there was no school. when we arrived at about 3pm, the girl told us it was $4.25 a game and 3.00 for shoes. having four kids, this was unbelievable since the last time we were there it was about half that price. i asked since they said this is a holiday, are the employees getting holiday pay??? yeah right was the answer! anyways i called wickliffe lanes and they had open bowling for $2.25 a game for adults and $2.00 for kids. when we got there the place was more than packed, but we did not mind waiting the 20 minutes or so. freeway lanes may be closer to us in mentor, but keep trying to be greedy and squeezing every dime out of us, you will see an empty warehouse in your future.also from a mentor mother!!

Comment Date: 1/19/2009 Name: Cardinal mother
Let me first say, we are not everyday or every week bowlers. We are a family that goes bowling maybe once a month or so. Usually we take advantage of the specials at the lanes, as money is really tight. I understand that during the holiday season when kids are oout of school that you would get rid of the specials, but I do no see how one justifies raising the price of bowling on the weeknites from $3.00 a game to $4.25 a game. The lady initally said this was the holiday price, but as of today Jan 19th, the weeknite price is still $4.25 a game. This is really ripping off the customer. Add the cost of shoe rental (3.00) Bowling three games for my family of four cost over $60.00! A 35% price hike overnight in the cost of bowling is outrageous. Since changing names, this company has done little more than raise prices constantly. This center should be more family friendly, and realize that we are not living in Beverly Hills.

Comment Date: 4/24/2008 Name: bowler
this place is bone-ifide bad a**

Comment Date: 4/17/2008 Name: TUES RAINBOW LADY
Just bowl and have fun, lets face it, everyone that works at the lanes, r happy!!! & bowlers like them or not, things go up and let’s get real look at this world, right now !!!!!

Comment Date: 4/14/2008 Name: a league bowler
We had a meeting as our league ended last week and some of the bowlers mentioned this message board. I had to check this out and was shocked to read some of the messages. However I feel I have to add my two cents. After reading the last message it sounds like it could be an employee there, but hoping it is not, I want to just say that people usually complain about things when they are not happy with what is happening. Not everyone adapts to changes well, but that does not mean that they are mean or wrong! We are now paying $3.35 for gas a gallon. If it is $3.15 across the street, where will you go? I do not think though that people have gripes with most of the employees there. When the weather was real bad one night, the desk guy even went out in the near blizzard to help open and start one of our older league members car. Also the lady in the small bar often helps clean tables and pick up beer bottles when needed. Nobody is cutting down the employees. They only question the direction of the business., and they do alot of this because in the past we have been promised so much. I will still bowl here, but I do not have to eat and have four beers here a nite. Maybe two beers and a stop at Arbys on the way home. It is really good that you all care. But really folks…lighten up!!!

Comment Date: 4/2/2008 Name: Anonymous
Just a comment, but get a new cheap bowling alley that will take your cheap cheap people that you are, people who write on this website have nothing better to do !!!! You don’t go out nor do you eat out or do anything, and if you OMG, don’t bowl here, bowl somewhere else. The employees and the other bowlers that don’t complalin on this website love this place and the people that work there, i think it’s a ditto, go see Glenn Gable at Solon, or Dave Patz at Wickliffe or just don’t bowl at any FWL……

Comment Date: 3/25/2008 Name: Tue Night Miller Mens
I heard the reason prices went up were they use a beverage co to watch the amount of beer and booze they use each week, maybe they should watch the bartender and the waitress how much they drink. They pour themselves drinks first while your are waiting to get a drink at the bar.. I have even told the Mgr on duty about it, it pissed me off and she said she would tell the Bar Mgr, they are still working in there, so my buddies and I don’t go in there anymore, we go have are beers else where.

Comment Date: 3/3/2008 Name: l/g tournament bowler
Just finished bowling there this weekend. The lanes were ok, maybe a little dry if you bowled on the later squad, since they did not oil between shifts. Met the new general manager. Seems nice. Of course anything is better than they had which is why we do not bowl there anymore. Drink prices are same as other Freeway house, which means 25 cents more than normal. Same guys who work the desk have been there for years.even from Palisades days, and are probably the best thing they have going. Really nice guys who remember you by name and because they have been there so long also ask about your family. Only real thing to gripe about was the snack bar just changed there menu and had no prices listed yet. Then I almost dropped when I heard my pretzel was over $3.00. OMG!

Comment Date: 1/31/2008 Name: AND FROM THE MILLER MENS LEAGUE…….
I have to agree with the not so happy hour last line. And as far as talking to the owners, we have; only to be handed the company line by Dave Patts. Having a fun and entertainment center is great. Keep pissing off your league bowlers who support this place for 33 weeks a year, and I wanna see how many people you will have in there in Sept and April when the weather warms up again.

Comment Date: 1/29/2008 Name: Posts with no names
If you really have a problem, you do realize the owner’s personal email is posted at the top of the page? Email them directly!

Comment Date: 1/29/2008 Name: Price Increase
Are you guys living on Mars? Absolutely every business in the Cleveland Area took huge price increases the first of the year on food and beverage which had to be passed along to the consumer. You are mad at the owner’s because of this?

Comment Date: 1/25/2008 Name: a not so happy hour bowler
at bowling tonight, I found out that the bar and snack bar prices have been raised…and in the case of the food, more than a few cents. Now I hear Pat is gone at the end of the month. Have to agree with the last poster. The owners of this company are arrogant and greedy SOB’s who would sell out their families to make a buck. Not just with these latest price increases either. Things like not having porters until last week. Earlier in the season when we went to the desk to report a spill on the table, we were handed a rag, saying bring it back. Cannot wait for this season to end. My team and I know at least two more are so outta here. Why can’t they sell this place to an owner who actually cares and know what happens in MENTOR…NOT SOLON?

Comment Date: 1/22/2008 Name: SWMasonary- Bowler
Couln’t not even wait for the season to be over, they raise the food and drink prices, these owners are full of them selves, Why not wait until next season??? If there is one!!!! We all thought it was Pat, he is leaving. I wonder why!!!!

Comment Date: 10/8/2007 Name: SW BOWLER
When the contracts come up again for renewal, and that 30 cent increase is proposed, maybe you can do as we plan…not sign, unless it is in the contract that we will have a porter for our league. It is hard enough trying to bowl, let alone cleaning off beer bottles and trash at the tables. Christ, I don’t even do this at home! Why do i have to do it here and pay to do it?

Comment Date: 9/13/2007 Name: sunday morning bowler
Well another bowling season is here. First the good. Beer prices have been lowered to where they should be after three years of inflated prices. Bad is that lane fees were raised again. Granted 30 cents is not much, but now we also have to clean our own tables of the beer bottles and the desk guys have to get the pins that the rake won’t get. The guy in the back also had to get the balls that were stuck up front and the desk guy had to go in the back while he did that. Why don’t you just raise our lane fees another quarter so you can hire a person to pick up beer bottles and clean up the rubbish for the three hours we are here? I figured it out. 85 bowlers x 25 cents is $21.25. Maybe we can hire our own porter. I will bring it up on Sunday.

Comment Date: 7/31/2007 Name: Monday Wednesday bowler
Sounds like Discobrian24 got fired from the airline why else would he come work for Pat for Mcdonald wages. Or Pat gave him a raise to say nice things. Whom ever brought up Parma, Pat got himself in a little trouble him and the Police chief thats why is no longer running parma.

Comment Date: 7/24/2007 Name: Drew
Discobrian24, what server do you have?

Comment Date: 7/7/2007 Name: Brian (discobrian24)
For all of you who have not had the chance to work for Pat, Dave, and Glenn you have no clue on the goings on of the company and how much they actually give a damn about their employees. I started working for Freeway Lanes in Parma about 8 yrs ago when Pat ran Parma and all I can say is the man knows the business whether or not you think he does I can tell you he does. As for what has been done to make Mentor a better place, it takes money and the amount of money that has been dropped into all 7 centers they own is amazing. You will not find a proprieter(s) that will put that much into a business in that short of a time. For those of you who don’t work there and comment on how bad it is, you have no idea. They offer great wages, benefits, a new 401K plan. You tell me how many bowling centers offer that much. Plus the owners treat you as if u are part of their family, where else can you get that. Like others have said Glenn is an upfront kind of guy and any issues you may have would probably be better taken care of via his email. He does look at these things and takes them all seriously. Please stop bashing something that some have no clue what they are even talkin about. All in all I have to say workin for the Freeway was the best move I have made. I quit workin for Continental airlines to work here and get more out of it. Drew contact me at (email deleted) I need to talk to you.

Comment Date: 5/18/2007 Name: Employee
Everyone does realize the owner’s personal email is posted at the top of the site? All of you Jerk’s that have so much bad to say, grow some balls and email them directly! You are pitiful example of human existance, hiding behind a website and anonymous posts. I don’t think the owner’s even look at this site. When I try to talk to them about the site they blow me off. EMAIL THEM DIRECTLY! Maybe they will listen.

Comment Date: 4/27/2007 Name: diesel
Mentor free ways a joke a couple times drunk guys were invading my space I was about to freaking bash the #@!# out of those punks …. Serive is ok the one old guy has an attitude Im sick of the garbage I just want the mom n pop lanes…

Comment Date: 4/6/2007 Name: Anonymous
For an establishment that tries so hard to portray themselves as a “high class” place I’m suprised that they are invloved with such a website. I think the employees who have written here have portrayed the true picture of what a shame this chain of bowling alleys has become. Quit spinning stories about ex-employees & get your own lives in check.

Comment Date: 4/6/2007 Name: SAM GREEN
And one more thing, the person that says that they were there when I quit is full of {deleted}. There was no one there because I called and quit! So no there was no childish fit so get your story straight if you want to bash me!

Comment Date: 4/6/2007 Name: SAM GREEN
Leave me the hell alone! I never tried to go back after I quit and to be honest with you, I quit because of Pat! So leave me the hell out of your {deleted}! Enough is enough!

Comment Date: 4/5/2007 Name: current employee
Sam quit??oh you mean tha childish fit she threw because her ex boyfriend got hired on temporarily and she stormed out ??Then she tried to come back and they told her no.Ok ok you’re right she quit.I was actually there when it happened and as far as her bringing families together?Her own family doesnt even like her so she has to incorporate herself into everyones elses familiers until they wise up and kick her to the curb.Seroiusly you all need to just say what ya feel!

Comment Date: 3/26/2007 Name: an ex-employee
They don’t call em’ exes for no reason…..all kinds of crazy shinnanagans!!But then again where isn’t there monkey business at a place of employment…that’s what makes it so captivating to all the people who bitch, yet still go there. Hmmm why do you think that is?? Bet whoever started this little comment board is sorry now especially if it’s management…Peace

Comment Date: 3/24/2007 Name: JAMIE CLYDESDALE
Alls I can say to all of you is that you can’t tear a family apart that was already torn apart! Alls she did was try to push my mother & I together and that didn’t work. So if it wasn’t for Sam, I wouldn’t know what a true family is! Sam was there for me when no one else was and that is the truth. So all of you can bash away because we all know the truth about Sam and she is our family! We are proud to have her!

Comment Date: 3/22/2007 Name: UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….I Think I Will Pass….
I am sorry but SAM is a {deleted}, she tears peoples famiies apart. I know a few peoples families she tore about, and she is a backstaber to. and her only friends our twice as young as she is, shows how childish she is!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA!

Comment Date: 3/6/2007 Name: Anonymous
wow dont you guys have anything else to do then complain. For one then bar price are pretty much the same everywere the only diffrence is the other bars run “ladies night specials”. and as for pat putting cosmic bowlers first maybe its because all the league bowlers do is complain and who wants to hear that!!!!! if you guys dont like it speak up so they can improve whats wrong, insted of backtrashing it to your friends!

Comment Date: 3/6/2007 Name: SAM GREEN
Look, all you people that seem to think I am a loser & classless need to grow the hell up and stop writing {deleted} on this website. Just goes to show who has no life and who does. The people that are important to me in life know the truth and that is all that matters. I don’t need the troublemakers like Doreen, Jessica, and the rest of them to start {deleted}. You want to blame me for {deleted} and I am not there anymore. You have no idea what my life is like and it really is none of your business. If you people are so pissed about mentor then grow some balls and call Glenn or Dave personally. Quit hiding behind these emails and let everyone know who you are. I don’t have a problem with Glenn or Dave and they will listen if you have something worthwhile to bitch about. So act like an adult and use your name. Stop calling me names as that shows how childish you are that you can’t even write your name. As far as the people that got fired, most of them deserved it. You can’t steal and think you won’t get caught. So leave me out of your {deleted} and get a life.

Comment Date: 3/1/2007 Name: JAMIE
First of all, Sam didn’t get fired she quit!!!! Second of all, she could careless about Freeway Lanes. And third of all, it is non of anyones business if she works or not!!!! So leave her and her family out of your petty childish games!!! Enough said.

Comment Date: 2/28/2007 Name: Monday Night Bowler
That is the problem Pat thinks people want stuff for free. Just look at the bar business nobody in there after bowling everyone going drinking somewhere else raise the prices again Pat.Also premix your shots idoit all we do is drink something else good management Pat

Comment Date: 2/28/2007 Name: Bar Worker
Hmmmm…..Let go of Sheila and the bar sales went way up. Oh yeah, all of her customers were mad at me for weeks because there were no more free drinks! Nice going, and even giving your full name to boot. Way to incimrinate yourself!

Comment Date: 2/27/2007 Name: Just a Bowler
I agree with you about Sam she is classless..Nothing but a drama queen.If I had the chance to take over my fathers bowling alley I’d run for it but, she’s so used to having everything handed to her for nothing. What a loser!

Comment Date: 2/27/2007 Name: Jamie
Sam didn’t get fired, she quit so leave her out of your bullcrap!!!!!! And she has nothing to with any of this crap!!!! All of you need to grow up and call Dave or Glen if you have a problem and stop involving people that could careless about the place.

Comment Date: 2/23/2007 Name: wednesday night bowler
Hmm mighty funny how Sam gets fired and all the bs starts up again.Slams on teh bartenders and the management.Just because she cant keep a job doesnt mean she should try to get everyone else fired too.Shes classless as usual.

Comment Date: 2/23/2007 Name: Sheila Bruin
I think you all are way off base about Pat Warren and the Freeway Lanes of Mentor.He at least is up front about his feelings and the way he does things.What you need to be concentrating on is Freeway Lanes of Wickliffe.Their poor management is the reason they are losing so many leagues but what do you expect when you have someone as 2 faced as Karen running your bowling alley.At least Pat doesnt try to pit his employees against each other then accuse them of stealing and fire them becuase they wont lie about their coworkers.

Comment Date: 2/21/2007 Name: PBA Volunteer
The dumbass who keeps bringing up the ceiling tiles, THE PBA MESSED UP THE CEILING TILES HANGING THINGS TO RUN THE SHOW! Your posts are really stupid, and by your grammar and spelling and I would say you back that up. I asked 10 people who work there if they knew of anybody having sex there and not one could even think of a “Sexy” incident. Get a life, and contact owner’s directly. My last time to the site, ever!

Comment Date: 2/20/2007 Name: Management ( Pat )
I’ve been reading this garbage for about a year now and I’m sick of it. All you people want is something for free and I can’t give it to ya. To the last comment on the board, Dan Mahoney knows I take care of him. Anything he wants I’ll give it to him. I thank him all the time for the things he does for freeway Mentor, I wish more of the bowlers were like him. Might I add that freeway Mentor is not a brothel, and if anyone on my staff engages Sexually without me knowing about it will be fired on the spot. To all the bowlers of freeway Mentor. If you have a problem with anything in the center you don’t have to run to Glen or Dave, you can come to me and we can work it out. I tell you guys this all the time. Glen lets me run things the way I want, so talk to me, what’s so hard about that?

Comment Date: 2/7/2007 Name: Great Job
Let’s give a hand to the clueless owners of Freeway Lanes. Well we see in the earlier posts a bunch of people decided to stand up and stick up for management. Well Lanes have been all right this year cant complain unless your getting tapped like no tomorrow and leaving pocket 7-10 splits. What’s with Dan Mahoney fixing your lanes now. Pat makes a joke like its no big deal but im sorry when your bowler is running down the lane to the back and respotting a 9 pin, thats embarrasing. No way should a league bowler during league should be doing that are you guys morons if something were to happen you guys would be sued and possible Dan or his family would be owning freeway lanes. All he got out of it is a free beer. How about a pay check for doing what you call mechanics job. Whats with your bartenders having sex on the job. Yea everybody loves freeway lanes if you wanna get a piece of a** from the employees. SO what does Freeway lanes of Mentor have going this year. Well a brothel with no one doing their job. When will DAVE AND GLEN WAKE UP AND FIRE EVERYONE IN THAT PLACE AND START WITH NEW MANAGEMENT. Our League brings 30k a year not including bar sales and cosmic bowlers is still Pats number one worry sorry guys bad business. Oh saw the pba tour from wicliffe on T.V. nice cieling tiles missing. How pathetic is that. Now everyone in America who watched that episode see’s what a sorry excuse of a bowling alley and management they are. You have lost my services.

Comment Date: 2/5/2007 Name: Long Time Bowler
I just want to say that no matter how much money the owners put into any of Freeway Lanes won’t make the places more enjoyable to bowl at. I was shocked when I used the women’s restroom in the lounge on Sat nite, when the outside temperature was around 10 degrees, it felt colder than that in there!!! Not to mention what a filthy mess it was. I can’t believe the Health Dept hasn’t shut them down yet. Perhaps someone should make a phone call??? I have to agree with the comments about Cosmic Bowlers and Open Bowlers. They do come before league bowlers. Try obtaining a time to prebowl, all you hear is “You’ll take away from my open bowlers”. Excuse me, but I honestly think your League Bowlers helped pay for alot more than your open bowlers or cosmic bowlers ever will. In fact they cause more damage than league bowlers, therfore resulting in more payout. Show me one that has any bowling courtesy or respect for a bowling center, to them it is a place to goof off, make a mess and not have to clean up after themselves. I just wish someone would build a new bowling center so I wouldn’t have to bowl at this one.

Comment Date: 2/5/2007 Name: Anonymous
There is definetly not a consistent shot on these lanes. Do they know how to use the Oil Machine?
And you are right, Pat is another manager who ruined a better than decent bowling alley, but I guess that is what you get when his is in it only for the money.

Comment Date: 2/1/2007 Name: to the PBA Volunteer
Pat cares about his cosmic bowlers, he is at the Mentor location, regardless if it is 1 night, 2 nights, or all days of the week, he is primarily concerned with them and his open bowlers.
All of this is evident on Friday nights when the league bowlers lanes break down for a 1/2 hr at a time because they do not have, with the exception of one, any mechanics who know what they are doing. Due to this delay, if the league bowlers are not done the cosmic {deleted} gets started, or if they just finish and are writing down the scores the staff feels the need to shut off the lights without allowing them to finish because it is cosmic bowlers time.

Comment Date: 1/31/2007 Name: Monday And Wednesday Bowler
I wonder if the idoit manager has figured out that the prices are out of line and is directly related to how many people are in the bar before and after bowlng.I noticed that Pat is not there as much as before. Another Alley ruined by management

Comment Date: 1/5/2007 Name: PBA Volunteer
Why are you calling me stupid when you say that Cosmic is all Freeway Cares about and there is no cosmic in that center? I think they have new lanes in some centers, does a cosmic bowler care about new lanes? Cosmic is only 1 -2 nights per week. For those of you who do not know, the PBA dresses the lanes with PBA patterns. Does the cosmic bowler care about the pro tour stop? The only stop in Ohio?

Comment Date: 1/1/2007 Name: to the PBA Volunteer
Are you stupid? “There is no cosmic at this location.” Are you blind? That is all the Freeway Company cares about because of the money they make.

Comment Date: 12/14/2006 Name: Drew Gurbach
About 9 years ago I took a part-time weekend job as a mechanic on the machines at Palisades IV. Bowling has always been in the family �blood� and I also worked years ago at Regal Lanes and Painesville Lanes in many capacities. Not really needing extra money, I still hired on during weekends at Palisades IV putting in 10 to 12 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. It was a fun place to work I had many times referred to this as my �fun� job. I enjoyed it and the Employee-Family ship we all had. When Don K decided to sell to the Freeway Group, although disheartened, I thought with the new influx on money and corporate mentality that any shortcomings may be addressed and improved. I even thought I might make a career change from my regular �benefits� job and join the Freeway Group. Well, two years have passed, and primarily due to frontline management, I have no desire to ever work for this organization again. Of course, I wasn�t invited back to my weekend/part-time post mostly due to what I see as Pat Warren�s myopic management style and his inconsistent treatment of employees. I will never set foot again in what at one time was a great Mentor institution. I would send Don K a thank you letter at the end of every bowling season expressing my gratitude for having me work for him every year� each one answered with a �Thank You.� I continued that tradition to the Freeway management during my last two years there with nary a response. Enough said

Comment Date: 12/13/2006 Name: PBA Volunteer
Stuff on the ceiling belongs to PBA. There is no cosmic in this center.

Comment Date: 12/10/2006 Name: moose
Once again a great shot out there. But this time for the pros!! A pocket 7 – 10 awesome!!!! I seen alot of pocket {deleted} out there, as normal. Just like that kid that threw a 300 on Friday nite of the same week and ended with a 680. He got tap the rest of the nite. So what are you clowns going to say this time. Are you going to tell a pro to learn and adjust. With all the bragging you do in all the cash you spend, good job on the ceiling tiles that made it on national tv. It looked like {deleted}. But hey those cosmic bowlers don’t mind, right? That is who matters, your bread and butter. More statements to come later…….

Comment Date: 10/27/2006 Name: Ashley
I love this place!!! It’s a good way to have fun! NOT to be waited on!!!! To all you people that think Freeway Lanes is a dump it isn’t. It’s my favorite place to bowl!! All of the employees are very nice, & they work hard.

Comment Date: 10/5/2006 Name: Anonymous
to the porter girl….quit tootin ur own horn honey….who really cares?

Comment Date: 10/5/2006 Name: Dan Mahoney( Friday Night Bowler)
Lets leave the new porter alone… There is nothing wrong with him everything will take time. The night he worked by himself, I got done bowling at 9:30pm and stayed with him to help clean up/stock the bar/empty trash/etc. I was there till 2:00am. Pat kept bothering me if I wanted something and I said I wanted nothing in return. But being secretary of my league I would want my bowlers to be happy and not upset. All I am saying is this: If you bowl there and if you help build it, then help out and make it succeed…

Comment Date: 10/1/2006 Name: Janice
i am the girl porter and i think i am doing a pretty good job when compared to Mox. Mox was not fired, he quit. it was his choice to leave. don’t get me wrong i loved working with him and i miss seeing him all of the time, but it was his choice to leave. i am not overmatched as the fri nite bowler put it. i might not be that strong but after awhile i will have enough muscle to do everything. and that situation mentioned never happened. i never had to change the keg. normally i work behind the snack bar but i wanted more hours and we had a shortage on porters so i decided to porter a couple of nights a week. i am doing the best i can and everyone seems to love having me porter. the bartenders tell me that they wish all of the porters were like me. that’s only because i constantly do work. i hate standing around so i find work to do. i would like to thank all of the bowlers that have complimented my portering skills and for those who don’t think i am that good, give me a break, i’ve only been a porter for 11 days.

Comment Date: 9/24/2006 Name: sun morning bowler
We bowl in Mentor on Sun Mornings. I agree with last post that there are no specials in Mentor. All summer at palace they had buy one get one free twice a week, but not at Mentor. They also have better beer and liquor specials there. If it was not for the people who work there I would not even bowl there on Sun, but it still has somewhat a family atmosphere…at least on Sun mornings. Common sense will ask you; why spend $3.00 a game at Mentor, when it was $1.50 at the Palace. Come on Pat. Come up with some specials and then more people will come back to Mentor.

Comment Date: 9/23/2006 Name: fri nite bowler for 20 years
I have seen things in this center for over 20 years. I have bowled here thru good and bad conditions. Lane conditions now are fine. Prices are still alittle high but the service is god awful. Tonite was an alltime low. The place had almost a full house of league bowling and only had one porter. And when the draft beer had to be changed, the poor girl had to lug the keg, which weighed almost as much as her to the bar. Two of our league bowlers then had to help her carry it and set it up for the bartender. At least before when there was one porter, it was a stronger guy. After finding a better job, word was he was no longer needed because he could not do pats hours. Everyone in the center knows he was replaced because he stood up to Pat and mostly because he is black. Nobody is kidding anyone! Now that he is gone, we have had an autistic kid who could not keep up, and now a girl who altho much better is also overmatched. Customer service??? Don’t ask!

Comment Date: 9/21/2006 Name: the people
Does anyone wonder why the same company owns the palace and there are better specials there.Why do you have to put beer on special for 2.25 thats a deal . Or why no washington apples are black velvet made in a premix bottle and charged the same I think most of the people that are saying its only .30 or .50 cents are the people that are drinking the their pop then going home.

Comment Date: 9/16/2006 Name: Jane Doe
I have always had fun here. The bartenders ie..Bode,Made,Karla,Elaine, are great. They know when we are being ripped off at the bar and try there best to compensate,(way to make an executive decision girls). Speaking of girls why are there no men bartenders?? Hmmmm….Pat has a dress code for employees but if you dress like a tramp he’ll make an exception. I say let’s keep the alley lose Pat.

Comment Date: 9/12/2006 Name: Joe
Monday nite is getting there…Nadine is back…Donna is back….now all we need is Bode in the bar…

Comment Date: 9/5/2006 Name: Chris
Yes, Nadine is back and to the Monday Night bowler, get a life, what is .30 cents and I rather see Nadine, and she did’nt get traded in for two twenty year old they have been there working one of them works at the snakcbar during the day and bar, not it shows you just come in on Monday Nights.

Comment Date: 9/3/2006 Name: Rick
To the Monday Night Guy, what is .30 cents, and They Use Nadine On Wed, Thurs & Fri becasuse that is their heavy nights and most competitive and totally full, and Monday Night, there is only 3 leagues mostly women. Get real with your bowling.

Comment Date: 9/3/2006 Name: chuck
I am so glad to see those gorgeous green eyes back at the front desk, ( Hail to The Queeen Nadine) Pat and everyone else knew they were hurting for personality, classs and I heard color pin on Friday’s 10 people less every week, If you don’t like it there don’t bowl, those 10 did’t bowl, Nadine left, they left, now I know they will return, Great for Dave, Glen, Pat, class and personality is what they need at that front desk and she’s got it and she knows it!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 9/3/2006 Name: Jim
Huraaaaaay!!!!! Nadine is back and I think she is pretty, Monday Night bowler, your comments s*ck, for everyone concern, don’t bowl there if your going to complain, whats .30 cents, get a life and most of us bowlers think for 40+ Nadine is a pretty hot chick. Pick up another sport because you sure can’t afford this one.

Comment Date: 8/30/2006 Name: Employee
Nadine is coming back. Sam is in sales for the whole chain. Everyone really make a lot of assumptions. Beer prices were held, and bowling went up 30 cents for three games!

Comment Date: 8/29/2006 Name: same old monday night again…2006-2007
Another bowling season started tonight. On the plus side, new automatic toilets and sinks in the bathroom, altho it could use a paintjob and even paper towels…there were none. As usual price of bowling was again raised this year. (a Freeway Lames specialty) No more Nadine…at 40+ she was swapped for two hot 21 year olds who know zero about bowling, and get confused when they give you change. So, I guess you could say the scenery is better to look at. Unfortunately if you are here to bowl in a competitive league, well, just don’t get your hopes up too high. Also could your change twice before leaving the desk.

Comment Date: 8/25/2006 Name: Cheryl
How could, should of they let Nadine go! What a devastating thing for Pat, but I heard he hired Sam!!! How in earth, can you get any lower and let her back in just makes you think what is going on. Nadine was so positive, for the Company, Personality was very professional, bowlers love her, she brought class to the bowling alley and she always sucked up to Pat and stuck up for him, she was his girl, now it’s Sam, how sad.

Comment Date: 8/13/2006 Name: Dorothy Brooks
I just came in with my family to bowl and imagine my surprise when I saw Sam {name removed} working for Freeway Lanes.I dont understand the logic behind hiring such a toxic person after the things she posted on this website.Some of those things were so bad they had to be removed by the webmaster.Obviously they dont care that she stole over 25,000 dollars from Don when he owned the lanes adn thats part of the reason he sold them.This very very bad decision by the owners hasnt changed my mind about bowling there.Im just gonna go to one of the other centers.Obviously the owners dont care if the person they have working for them tried to bring a lawsuit against them for sexual harrassment and spread nasty lies via email and this site.

Comment Date: 8/8/2006 Name: The People
Sounds like Pat threaten his employees to right postive things or lose your job. The problem is they dont care because scores is full we tried to move are monday night league there no openings when we are trying to find teams. The prices trust me $7.50 for draft beer not a good price. The bottom line is they dont care unless your twenty and Pats trying to get in your pants.

Comment Date: 8/8/2006 Name: The Same as Everyone
Here is my sound off maybe we can lower the drink prices if Pat quits buying all these young girls drinks that he is never going to sleep with. Also the owners in case you havent figured it out we are funding the improvements not you. The truth of the matter is the people you have working for you are great but the prices you charge you wil not be able to keep them because nobody wil be going in to the bar to drink.You not responsive to the people that are paying your bills bad move guys.I think what needs to happen is people from every league pick a week and do not drink.

Comment Date: 6/20/2006 Name: Vanessa Reshichitsly
For the Mentor Mom, My family was just in on Saturday June 17th, I had a print out of Pizza,Pop,Pins for 39.95 because it was on Freeway Lanes web site, Nadene at Customer Service desk took the print out, even though the price took effect on June 1, I know she said she had to call her Boss, she just wasn’t sure how to ring it up with the old price, her and the girl at the snackbar Katie were very nice and
very polite, and we were the only ones in there also, Nadene mention if we were to come back that she honor that price the rest of the year for us becasuse she was holding so long for her boss. Check the web site, coupons!!!! It tells you wants going on with specials.

Comment Date: 6/18/2006 Name: Current Employee
I knew the old owners and their families and let me just tell you that one of them didnt take the money and run.hes still taking care of his daughters who cant take care of themselves!They were the reason the centers were sold.He knew he could never leave anything of value to them because they would damage it even more than they ever had.You can’t mix business and family,its a bad combination.What do you expect from owners who let their families run a center.Euclid was a disaster with Barb,ronnie and millie running it with their diralect families close behind but the other owners just let it happen.I’m not to happy with the owners just because of the things that has progressed since last season but the center in a whole is 100 times better.

Comment Date: 6/15/2006 Name: Shocked bowler
Just read all the comments dated June 14. Strange that there were that many positive comments for one day. How much were you folks all paid to say all those nice things? You folks certainly are brainwashed.

Comment Date: 6/15/2006 Name: a mom in mentor
I received this address from a friend who bowls in a league here. My family and I do not bowl that often…maybe once a month. Last weekend we went bowling and the place was near empty. I think I know why. The price for the family “special” jumped from $40.00 per lane to $50.00 per lane for two hours of bowling and a pizza. I can understand a raise in the price, but not an increase of near 30%. That is just being too greedy. I thought during the summer you would want people coming to your place. At least we found out there is a cheap nite. Temperature nite on Wed where it is less than $1.00 per game. We will just have to do family weekend afternoons somewhere else.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Ed
Holy Grap!!! I can’t believe this site, you people need to find another bowling alley. This place is sweet and before it s*cked.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Chris (Thursday bowler)
I heard about these site from an employee and I’m happy with Freeway, you people who write bad stuff, call the owners bad names & employees. Get a Life & stay away from Freeway Lanes of Mentor, the place before was pathetic. Now you have these three owners who put alot of money in this place and raise the prices, so what, ever buy gas, ever go to a nice place for dinner? Apprarently not. Do us a favor and vanish from the bowling industry, they don’t need you, you couldn’t even aford a new ball & a pair of shoes or bowl a game, thats why you guys complain. Can not aford this sport, Find another sport, this ones just not for you.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Dawn
I like Freeway lanes, I bowl three times a week, during the season and I go in there now twice a week. You people need to get out of bowling and stop complaining about that workers and Pat it’s a business.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: MARCIA
That’s right, get a life, don’t bowl here if you can’t stand Pat and his cockroaches that you said he hired. That’s why it’s not called Palisades anymore, because they did have cockroaches and for sure it wasn’t their staff. This staff is excellent in every aspect, they try hard to make the bowlers feel special and I heard they are more family now, then ever, close net, watch your back, I heard it’s like maffia related.ha ha ha ha

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Mary
I’m a bowler at Freeway at Mentor and have since P4 in the early 90’s, for years I’ve bowled there, And just a comment to the Palisades sad kid, yeah back then, it was gross, dirty, the people that work there I heard stole money and free, free. Freeway Corp comes in and makes the place nice and have employees that look great, have great attitudes towards the place and are not cockroaches, by the way there are still employees working there from the old crowd, and by the way loved Bill, he was there for a long time and heard they brought in a new mechanic and they didn’t see eye to eye and needed to go forward with two other new guys. If you don’t like the bowling center, don’t go in and you really should have respect on this site and show some respect to the people who stil work there and all the bowlers who go there.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Tony
Thats right!!! Full Every night. This place has issues but, what a business these guys have. Yes, I bowl. The staff is, polite, respectful, and you can tell Pat respects his employees and I’m sure the staff has moments with work, who dosen’t. We all would wish that we would own the center and what would it be LIKE, who do you know in the bowling industry that you would NO HOW TO run it any different. WOULD yOUR prices be different. I heard the NEW SYSTEM, LANES, CARPET AND PRICE TO TAKE THIS CENTER OVER WAS. Well let’s just say those two who owned it, one of them could not wait to sell it. See what kind of HOUSE they live in and didn’t put a PENNY into the center. When FREEWAY took over they Saved this house that we bowl in, the other owners took the money and ran. Freeway has still some bathrooms to do and some renovations issues but I think Pat is a business guy and thats what he does.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Lisa
You people that write stuff about Freeway and Pat and his employees Nadine, Shane, Lee, Mox, Scott, Elaine, Bode, Renee, Trisha, Tony, Dennis,Christina,Wendy,Madeline,Gina,Janice,DianaJamie,and I’m sorry if i forgot anyone, you need to get a life and get up off of your thing, and DO NOT COME BOWLLING IN THIS HOUSE. I’m so glad to see someone woke up, maybe now we can get some more oil. Lanes have been awesome!!!!!

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Dave
We come here to bowl and we drink, and we have fun. And we all have jobs, so we think, some of us have degrees, some of us have money, some of us have both. And it seems to me that they have this kind of web sites for studpid, people to complain and write because they have not a better thing in life nor do they know that Freeway Lanes of Mentor has a corp can do and will do anything to make the SEVEN CENTERS make $$$$$. Good for them and our economy!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Chuck
Well Nadine was right about this web site, All the bowlers I know I’m telling them to write on here. Freeway Lanes of Mentor is coming along just fine with the new ownership, and what a place to bowl, if you hate it, go bowl at Scores, ha ha how many 300 games did they have this year!! Now, Staff couldn’t ask for a better mixture you have people that our normal and have a personallity and all the women that work there are beautiful. Pat is a nice guy, he has a huge business to run, you never see the other guys. Lanes have problems at times but thats bowling. You guys that write bad things about people and swear about them either are an exemployee or just don’t like Pat and his Staff, then don’t go bowling. Sounds like your having a hard time when Freeway took over and you liked it before when it was a dive. The Staff seems to like Pat and the other boss men or else I really don’t think they would work at the center. Watch out!! The positive remarks are coming. You know how many league bowlers Mentor has on a week night, you can’t even go bowling until after the leagues are over, full every night.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: GLORIA
Don’t come bowling here, you will not like it. They have so may seniors that bowl here, we will all get together and throw our medication at you. We like it here and guess what, when we get beat the house ,Pat gives us sandwiches, and burgers, who cares about drinks. Shane, Lee, and Nadine go out of there way for us all the time.

Comment Date: 6/14/2006 Name: Florence
The word is out and here comes another positive remark. Who liked bowling in this center when it was a pit. I love it now!! It’s clean now, before I wouldn’t even go to the bathroom when it was P$. Love the staff & Pat.

Comment Date: 6/12/2006 Name: Jim Haggarty
It seems to me that alot of the people posting on this site are disgruntled ex employees and their friends.Seeing as they all use the same catch phrases and vulgar language.Apparently this isnt getting your point across as well as you hoped.That being said I think its terrible that since last season you have gotten rid of some of your best employees.The only reason we stayed after bowlng at mentor and wickliffe was because of the bartenders.Thats not the case anymore.And honestly I think you need to re evaluate your management especially at the Wickliffe Center.It was easy to accuse your staff of misdeeds and fire them when it was more than clear that management knew what was happening and instead of addressing the situation they looked the other way then put everyone else on the choppng block.I hopethings improve but I dont see that happening given the past treatment of employees and customers alike.The prices arent bad when you actually have employees with personality working foryou to counteract the shock of a 3.00 beer.

Comment Date: 6/12/2006 Name: Jim
This place is such a better place than before and the bartenders are nice and the front desk Employees Lee, Nadine, Shane are professional and great people, the staff couldn’t be better, you complainers need to find another house and stop knocking this one. There are alot of people that don’t like Pat and tons of bowlings that think Pat is a great guy, It’s not just Pat, there is Mr. Gable & Mr.Patz, that have a say in there business. And if you owned this place, I could just see your prices and what you would have done to it. Go bowl some where else.

Comment Date: 6/12/2006 Name: Saturday Night Bowler
You people that write such bad stuff, about Pat and his staff and the owners need to leave this bowling center. Everyone is great here, Elaine, Wendy, Renee, Bode, Lee, Nadine, Shane, Madelline, the girls at the snackbar Gina, the porters Mox, and Scott are excellent. what I have read, that some old employees got the boot and you people are just not real happy, jealously gets you NO WHERE Bullya!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 6/12/2006 Name: Happy Customer
All of you unhappy employees and unhappy, whinning bowlers need to get a life and find another bowling allelly and leave Freeway Lanes of Mentor alone. I’m sure those owners and employees are tired of hearing about what it use to be. Who cares? They own it now!! Look at it before dump! Look at now !!! Get a life out of bowling!!!!! We love Freeway!!!!! Some people like to bowl there!!!!!

Comment Date: 6/12/2006 Name:  Bowler Chick (Comes to Freeway alot)
I’m so sick of all of you so called bowlers that complain about Mentor, if you don’t like the center then don’t come in. The owners, are all about bussiness, and if you owned a bussiness you would do the same thing too. Everyone has to make $$$$ now days. The prices of drinks? Go have a drink in one of the restaurants in the area , HELLO….. or at a golf course, HELLO….the price of game, go to another bowling alley, see what there price is. You must be a cheap cheap Person. This is 2006 not 1996, Wake up and smell that this is a corporation and it’s not Don Kleins place anymore & Bart’s not the mgr and the price to bowl and the drinks are not FREE anymore!!!! Things change and people change and the worst thing is that people don’t like change. No one is Perfect. The reason that there are still people from the old Raceme is becasuse they like it there and they respect people who like to make a better place. They LIKE there job, or else they would not be there, they see the prices go up, it’s bussiness, they must like Pat, Dave or Glen or they would not work there. You people that write comments that are anonymous should talk to the owners not talk about them, oh i forgot people that talk bad about people, call them bad names and talk like they don’t have a vocabulary, and can not write Stay away from this bowling alley, Who needs people like that!!!!!! Soon there will be lots of positive commments on here and all the bad stuff will go away. By the way don’t go bowling there you’ll just won’t fit in. Have respect for people, Oh I forgot, you rather write about people and talk bad about a bowling situation. Can’t believe you people even work, bad enough you bowl..

Comment Date: 5/5/2006 Name: anonymous
if this bowling center is this bad, if it was me DONT GO BACK,,,let see how long it stays OPEN OR LET SEE HOW LONG ITS SELLS

Comment Date: 5/5/2006 Name: sad palisades kid
First of all i would like to comment on the posting that someone made about the bowling center not being a place to bring your children, I had retured to the lanes about a month or so ago since they had taken new managment and let me tell you it brought tears to my eyes,the place looked like a dump.I was one of the original palisades kids that had grown up, bowled and worked for many many years. It was one of those places that you knew everyone and every body was a part of a family.I grew up with the kids of the works,I was watched by the two greatest snack bar ladys(dorthy and mitsy)and had a second dad in danny and knew every square inch of the place, i had brought my son in to vist and show him where his mommy grew up and i was ashamed to say that it was there because the place is ruined. i remember when you could not find a place to sit in the lounge because of the best bartenders that i have ever known(patti,doreen,elain)oh yeah they had the bar packed because they made it fun for people to come in there, and as i recall when new mangement took over they were not even offered there jobs, why is that. The bartenders that i saw in there were the bottom of the barrel, they dont even know how to make a shot if it is not premixed for them now that is a shame,by the way when i left on that thursday night there was not a soul in the lounge. Wow that has got to s*ck looking at old bar rings and not even getting close to them i dont know what you guys were thinking on that one but wow you messed up not keeping the people that made the money and kept the people in the lounge. Elaine is there still but i am sure she is on her way out because she is one of the old palisades people??? Hey I dont know if everyone knows but good luck next year because they just fired Bill Nicholes, just wanted to let everyone know that.All I know is that you guys are quickly losing all of your bowlers.Oh and by the way there are still cockroaches you hired alot of them, could you have scraped the bottom of the barrel any more??????

Comment Date: 4/29/2006 Name: UMBERTO BARBERA
First off for the person who wrote about the french maid outfit, get a life. Adult leagues arent not family nite. children should not be allowed at the bowling alley during adult leagues. I dont have children and yea some of you will be saying then Umberto shut the hell up but why would i bring my kid to a adult league and show him how we curse, drink, smoke, and look at nudy cards. While our children are running around the bowling alley. I bowl Tuesdays and Fridays and on a friday nite i saw two kids fight in the game room NO PARENTS AROUND OR WORKERS around. and you gonna say its a family nite what kind of family lets there kid run loose and let them breathe second hand smoke. look its simple for me When i have children its either they stay home or I dont bowl simple. i Can live without bowling if that means my child can breathe. Some lady brought in a 6month old baby in the bowling alley and im a smoker and i had the respect not to smoke but most people dont care. Im sorry but your a JACK*SS for bringing an infant to the bowling alley during ADULT LEAGUES. family bowling is made for open bowling or ADULT/YOUTH LEAGUES.
On to management some of the statements made are true. Pat your a great guy to talk to when its just regular conversation but when it comes about bowling or you have a complaint you look at us like we are stupid and talk to us at a kids level. Dave I see nothing but you trying to make people happy but its after the complaints have been made. You hear what is going on Start trying to fix it and i see you doing that and we appreciate that.. Glen i dont know you but your comment on what you put into the place as far as money wise means nothing to me. Its how you treat your customers is what counts. I wanna leave the bowling alley knowing i was treated fairly and had a great time with things running smooth. I dont wanna leave a bowling alley treat like dirt but saying “oh but i forgive them cuz all the money they spent” your money doesnt buy customers its your loyalty, caring, kindness, and treated like family that buy customers.
Thank You

Comment Date: 4/26/2006 Name: 🙁 BOOOOO ON MANAGEMENT! when will you wake up
Losses while under Pat’s mgmt
1. Deepwood league-cancelled b/c of Pat
2. Almost lost Fri. night mens league (that league brings in over $100,000/year in profits)
3. Junior bowlers league used to be packed to the max with a waiting list, now you are lucky if you fill 25 lanes.
4. The food prices are way too high for way too little quantity. For two people to get a sandwich, fries, and drinks it would cost over $15, I can go to McDonalds for $7 and get more food.
5. Cosmic bowling #s have dramastically decreased, when it first started you could not walk through the place, now you can space the bowlers to every other lane to possibly make the place look full.
Pat, Glen, and whoever else has a say….
wake up and realize that your half-naked-jail-bait customers are not going to bring the money to you, your leagues are. Try lowering the prices on the food, TURNING ON THE FOUL LIGHTS, decrease the price of open bowling so us leaguers can practice, give us leaguers space prior to allowing the jail bait to walk on down to the lanes, along with every other comment that has been posted.
I am sure all the Freeway Lanes have their problems, but I do not recall going to the former Palace and seeing it anything like Mentor. In fact if I felt like driving there I would b/c overall I feel it is cheaper and more customer oriented.

Comment Date: 4/26/2006 Name: Bruce Wayne
Pat U have just accessed the Hate Experience>There are over 500 experiences 2 choose from, but this is the one you want, here’s a sample.
What can I say about Freeway Mentor that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan, the lanes and the carpet are nice looking, but they s*ck. I lost some candy on the floor and couldn’t find it because of the bright floor.
You guys say you spend all this money on the place, but you have to know all that glitters ain’t gold. The bowlers want a place that’s like home, and a person running the place that cares about people. Not some guy running around trying to act like he’s {expletive deleted} 24 years old again. Pat get a life, these young girls don’t like you, they like the free drinks you give them.
U have just accessed the Hate Experience Pat. Do U wish 2 change your entry? If so let Lee handle your job as manager, he’s really good with the bowlers, we all love him. It would be so great to deal with someone else other then(Pat).Do us all some good Pat and stay home, I’m sure your numbers will stay the same. Hell they might even get better.

Comment Date: 4/26/2006 Name: Disgruntled
The management of this dive claims that the prices for food and drink are not outlanish. He claims that the “Flats” charges these prices, so he can as well. The management should take note that the “Flats” are in deep trouble and they will be as well, unless they change their attitude. Folks: STOP BUYING THEIR FOOD AND DRINKS AND SEE HOW QUICKLY THEY WILL CHANGE!!! I have!

Comment Date: 4/24/2006 Name: Anonymous
nothing never changes this bowling center been like this fore the last 30yrs it will not change and if all you cry babies dont like it then leave no body is holding you at gun point be happy

Comment Date: 4/24/2006 Name: anonymous
dear dan mahoney i dont know if you ever bowl at scores when tom bowl there every body avg 230 or better the shot is real good but like i said ever body bowl good that year thats why you have cry babys every where there not as good as they think they are thank you very much

Comment Date: 4/23/2006 Name: scores
i have bowled at scores the past 2 years and the shot is NOT the same every night

Comment Date: 4/22/2006 Name: just a bowler
I have bowled for many years in this house, and have seen a lot of the good and bad. You have done a lot with rebuilding the lane (FOUL LIGHTS ARE NEVER ON OR DON’T WORK), changed the electronic score centers (MANY OF THE PHONES DON’T WORK OR GO UNANSWERED), it takes forever to get a pin reset(many times it is wrong), breakdowns take forever for someone to first look at it before they do anything. The dead wood is cleaned out of the channel real fast (TAKES FOREVER TO GET YOUR BALL BACK). And you talk about a family center, with many children and babies in attendence during league bowling (because families like to be together), I wonder what effect all the SECOND HAND SMOKE(that hangs in the air) is having on all these young lives, let alone everyone else that does not smoke,(maybe a law suit might take care of that problem) OH WELL, WHATEVER(YOU DON’T CARE ANYWAY). You could have a great place, but like everything else, you can’t buy it to make it good, you have to get down and dirty and work hard at it, WITH EVERYONE, to make it a good place that people WANT TO COME TO (unless that is not your plan). One last thing, I have been on a couple of teams that have been backed by Freeway Lanes, and have yet to meet any of the managers or other higher ups when they are around, not even a Hi HOW ARE YOU (nice people). Keep up the good work THAT YOUR DOLLARS ARE BUYING and keep forgetting about all the people that put down there hard earned money each week, and you may loose use all. REMEMBER ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE THE OUTCOME FOR THE BETTER — EVERYONE WINS AND YOU ARE A SUCCESS.

Comment Date: 4/21/2006 Name: big t
dear dan mahoney i se you kown nothing about bowling every body that bowl at scores fun center that year avg 230 or more the shot was so easy it was a joke tom bumbarger is a good bowler but like i said before the shot was easy

Comment Date: 4/21/2006 Name: Anonymous
I must say that the lanes have taken a sorry turn for thr worst. I have bowled at PALISADES since the year the house opened and have never seen it this bad. I’ve bowled with my husband, my children, by relatives and friends on as many as five leagues a week and this will be my last season. Not because I can’t bowl anymore, but because I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been there when Bart Keys ran it and we had fun while we crabbed about the lane conditions. When Dan Rhodia ran the place we had fun while we complained about the lanes and Danny bowled WITH us on leagues and tournments, and we still felt like a family. Then Don came in and he made improvement and he cared about what the league bowlers wanted and did his best. And remember that Bill, Lee, Marie, Barb, (Patti and Doreen who are sadly gone)and Elaine are still there trying to keep are “family” together, but to no avail. New management is bad enough, but Pat is the tie breaker. Since he has been there I have watched him ignore the bowlers needs and wants, but never his own. I have seen him buy drink after drink for young girls or his friends while he’s playing “big shot” and deny a drink to a bowler on a hot streak. I just had the pleasure of attending a league meeting with him and learned , much to my dismay that he will not even get his investment out of the bowling alley before he dies since the past owners did nothing. That’s why we have to pay .55 more per bowler but only on a two year contract, or we can pay .30 but who knows what will happen next year! But oh the improvements! Gentlemen, it’s not the place it’s the atmosphere and I for one am leaving and taking anyone I can with me. Pat is a joke, and NO ONE is laughing anymore. The best thing that the people who are posting negative comments can do is leave. The true idiot continues on the same path doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. It’s been three years, it’s not going to get better. Please if you know of openings in other houses…post them here! I hope to see all the people that I’ve bowled with, but somewhere else!

Comment Date: 4/20/2006 Name: Thursday night league bowler
I know the “French Maid” and she is a family person and would never do anything to offend anybody. I do agree with most of the comments about Freeway Lanes. They’re going to price themselves right out of the market. I have been coming here for 20 yrs. myself and I’ve seen people come and go, both good and bad, but I never heard such negativity before and it’s a shame. Glenn it is not professional to throw out there how much money you put into the bowling alley, but instead of attacking your customers you should take it as constructive critizism and do something about it. Show up once in a while and greet your customers and find out what is going on there. Pat is an ok guy sometimes, but he yells at little kids for selling candy, which doesn’t take away from the alleys snack bar by the way, and that is totally out of line. If this is supposed to be a “family” environment then they should back that up. The bar prices are outrageous! They are not in line with whoever. High end restaurants charge $5 a shot and when you find out that Pat premakes shots with very little booze in them that really pisses me off. The rest of the staff is really nice and friendly. The little girl Trish needs to go though or get a personality!

Comment Date: 4/19/2006 Name: Pam
Freeway Mentor is a great place to bowl. Management is great(Pat is the best, he always gets me free drinks, I don’t think I’ve payed for a drink this year. Keep up the good work Pat, don’t listen to these little people.

Comment Date: 4/19/2006 Name: Dan Mahoney

We’ll I think it is time for me to say a few things considering I have been bowling in this house for a longtime. I will post my name and email {deleted} cause I am not afraid of anyone and don’t care what anyone thinks. Prices have gone up in this place and you can’t say it is cause of gasoline. There are local bars around in the neighborhood that have kept their prices the same even if gasoline is $3.50 a gallon. When I bowled in the Junior Program that snack bar use to be packed and you would have to wait in line for several minutes, **now who wants to buy anything when the prices have been raised way too much and at the same time you cut the portions in half! **I can honestly say I don’t mind stopping at McDonalds on the way up to the bowling alley. And if i bring the food in the alley I don’t think anyone will tell me to leave. I have worked here in the past when i was little and recently at another bowling alley. There are good points and bad points with what I still call palisades. Bowling prices are high and so is shoe rental. But I will say Pat has given me on some nights bowling for $1.00 a game because I had other bowlers from the league bowl Jackpot. I used to manage a bowling alley and being a bowler myself i know how to make bowlers happy and comeback. (Lee Loy does a great job and no problems from Shane as well) my advice is this:

1.) Management/owners should never brag on how much money they put into the bowling alley (Glen) we can notice what is being done. **More should be done on cleaning the place to make it presentable (bathrooms). Most bowlers don’t care if you have state-of-the-art equipment in the place, they want a clean place. **

2.) Your customers/bowlers will always run your business!! (Not Management) If you tend to them they will always come back. Your customers are always right. If they have Idea at least take it into consideration.

I figured if I post my name and let Glen, Dave or Pat know what I think, They can reply back to me with whatever they have on there mind. I’m willing to give them any ideas that I might have. I know to some bowlers that will read this will laugh and reply back. But like I said this bowling alley has good points and bad points and do they equal out? NO!! But we can make it a better place if the owners would listen to us. **, And not treat us like you are all knowing in the business world and we know absolutely nothing**

The lanes this year have been a little difficult at times (Bill). But hey GOOD BOWLERS ADJUST. That is why they are at Scores Fun Center bowling cause they have the same shot everyweek. Tom Bumbarger went to Scores Fun Center and held HIGH average for the one and only year he bowled **there** (240 average). I personally salute the good bowlers that still bowl here at Freeway:(Bumbargers, Freed, Parks, Zur, Chipps, Emery and etc. I can go on and on but you all know who you are. Wed./Thurs/Fri. Bowlers…

Comment Date: 4/19/2006 Name: No need to mention
I can’t believe the French Maid said “Wednesday isn’t family nite.” Apparently, one doesn’t notice that there are bowlers who bring their children with them at times. I personally feel that a few of the employees don’t dress accordingly.

Comment Date: 4/17/2006 Name: U Probably Know

This bowling center did not become dirty in one day, nor will it be clean in one day. Broken & inoperable parts needed for the machines were not purchased for years, and are now being addressed by two great mechanics, aka Terry and Billy, and their team.

As long as the owners appreciate ALL of the customers (not just the ones that spend 33+ weeks a year in this facility) and are properly recognized and appreciated, all should improve accordingly.

The bathrooms, snack bar, leaky roof and A/C do need some work, however Rome was not built in a day. The former owners did not put as much money back into these buildings as many of you may think.

Comment Date: 4/16/2006 Name: frenchmaid
Hi! I’m the Frenchmaid. I apologize if I offended anyone with my costume that I purchased at Wal-mart. It was all in good fun for the end of the year rolloffs, which my team was competing in. Freeway Lanes is a family center but Wednsdays are not “family nite”. Adult leagues begin at 6:30 pm weekdays. Again, sorry if I offended anyone.Have a great summer!! Many new and positive changes are on the way. Au revoir;)

Comment Date: 4/14/2006 Name: Anonymous
As someone who once worked for Palisades (and loved it) it makes me genuinely sad to see what has happened to what in my opinion was a family insitution. A family can hardly afford to come play a few games, rent shoes and have a snack without making a dent in their budget. The new “corporate” owners treat their customers with a fast food mentality. They seem to be only numbers to them. When I worked for the previous owners it mattered to them as it did me what a persons name was & how many kids they had not pay me, next in line please. It’s a shame.

Comment Date: 4/13/2006 Name: Bowling Dropout
Glenn: I am a former league bowler. I bowled at all the former Palisades houses in the area, and enjoyed the comraderie that existed between the bowlers and management. Lee Loy is a wonderful person to deal with in Mentor, Millie Wonderly a sweetheart in Euclid (until you closed it), and of course, Don Klein was the King of Bowling in Cleveland. The improvements you made in Wickliffe and Mentor are noticable and were necessary to keep the facilities functioning well. But if you don’t invest in management level Dale Carnegie Training for all your key personnel, you’ll soon have the most functional empty alleys in town. I stopped bowling after last years’ league season when a simple question to Dave in Wickliffe earned me a lecture on economics. I have an MBA from Kellogg and hold a senior position at a regional financial institution. While I enjoy bowling, I don’t need to bowl. But you need me to bowl, and from the sounds of this post there may soon be many other league customers heading to the off ramp from Freeway lanes. Lose your arrogance and pickup some people skills. Remember, you are never as smart as you think you are. Don’t assume that your customers can’t understand your business just because they are “just bowlers”.

Comment Date: 4/13/2006 Name: Glenn Gable
My personal Email is and invite all anomynous bowlers to respond to me directly. My only point about investing money is these post do not recognize it. The bowler’s that do appreciate what we have done have added to their leagues. The snack bar and bathrooms are on the list, but those would not be needed if the scoring did not work and lanes could not be dressed. As far as snack bar prices and beer prices, I personally reviewed them and they are competetive in the area. No one ever mentions they miss the cock roaches from before, but maybe there are customers that liked them. Two Brand new air and heat units are going up this spring. I hope that alleviates some of the problems with air. We will keep making improvements as fast we possibly can, but unfortunately it all takes time and money. Business is good for us in Mentor, and hopefully by listening to the constructive comments on these posts we can make it better. I do appreciate the constructive comments a lot more than simply vulgar posts. I have been spending more time at this center, I hope to see you there.

Comment Date: 4/13/2006 Name: anonymous
I thought that this center was supposed to be a family oriented center. A lane waitress in a French maid costume doesn’t look like it’s family oriented. The management wouldn’t say anything because he likes young women with lots of skin showing. Oh well, guess I can go bowl somewhere else!

Comment Date: 4/12/2006 Name: Anonymous
Under the old management of Palisades Mentor, I often commented that if another bowling house was directly across the street, Palisades Mentor would be out of business. I feel no differently since Freeway Group took over. The management, namely Pat Warren, is rude and does not care about the league bowler. He is only worried about his bottom line and could care less about the bowler. Freeway Lanes in general sets outrageous prices on bowling as well as the food at the snack bar. They claim it is a family sport, but they have priced themselves right out of an average family’s budget. They claim they have put thousands of dollars into improvements and that may be true. However, the overall appearance of the center is a disgrace!! They promised that the snack bar would be remodeled – that was 3 years ago. They did remodel the snack bar at the center they closed!!!! Smart?? – I think not. They claimed the bathrooms would be cleaned and remodeled. That too was 3 years ago. Still not done!! When will it be done? When you get a manager that cares about his bread and butter (league bowlers) and does not hide himself behind a locked door when there is a problem, perhaps attitudes of the bowlers will change. I bowled at this house yesterday night, Tuesday the 11th of April, and barely finished due to the heat. We are constantly told that the air conditioning is on. We just wonder if it’s only in Pat’s office. WHEN WILL THINGS CHANGE FOR THE BETTER?????

Comment Date: 4/12/2006 Name: the truth hurts
You say you spent all that money on the center but has anyone every told you that you can only polish a turd so much. Sometimes throwing money at your problems doesn’t help. As many people on here have already said there is one priority that management and the owners need to focus on…the league bowlers. The money you have spent was needed to be spent anyways to keep up with the technology. But I will say this: If you take care of your bowlers they do not need much to return the favor.
You are in danger of losing a very good thing. I suggest you (owners/management) pull your heads out of your behinds and go back to school to learn appropriate customer service. Growing up my aunt and uncle owned the Elyria Bowling Center, which was only 8 lanes. They didn’t make a lot of money of of the place but they treated everyone like gold. Why can’t the bigger houses like Freeway in Mentor (and Solon) learn from this? I have said my peace……

Comment Date: 4/11/2006 Name: Anonymous
the management at this bowling are all extremely rude–on sat. mornings for the junior bowlers–Diane the lady that runs it is a total B****. she has no business being around children with her attitude.

Comment Date: 4/11/2006 Name: Bowler for the ages
You will all like this one. What about the eagles tournament coming into bowl this year and the management(PAT) told deepwood the same week when they were coming into bowl that they were not bowling anymore. He gave deepwood no warning at all. They came into bowl that day only to find out that they were walking right back out the door. Nice Warning. And Glenn you can say what you put into the place. But I agree you have to treat your customers with respect. You are never there and neither is Dave. I have only seen Dave there maybe three times this year. You don’t know what goes on. Money doesn’t bring customers, Friendship/Respect bring Customers. I have brought alot of bowlers in this house to bowl in the league and I can very well take them out. Pat wouldn’t even give Tom Johnson on thursday night anymore lanes cause Tom wanted to expand there league. Pat told them no. That is Poor Customer Service.

Comment Date: 4/11/2006 Name: A league Secretary
There is no question that you have spent some money to update the center. No question indeed. But take a look at Wickliffe Lanes- They stay loyal to the leagues. They have about 4 or 5 – 9:30 leagues scheduled each week. They attract quality bowlers with a quality establishment. (quality in the sense of both management & building) And guess what- NO COSMIC. They don’t need too. They GET IT. They take care of their leagues, and the leagues take care of the house. Quality bowlers don’t tear up the bathrooms, they appreciate them. Wickliffe management looks at the long term- bowlers have kids, these kids follow where parents bowl. Its a perpetual building of clientel. They don’t look at the short term of how much cosmic will pull in on Friday night!!!

Comment Date: 4/10/2006 Name: thursday nite bowler
Lee Loy for management 06’07, that’s all freeway mentor needs. Keep that one guy in his office that’s the place he likes to hide anyway…. The only time I’ve seen that guy out of his office is when he is in the bar drinking, trying to pick up girls half his age, such a sad sight…..

Comment Date: 4/10/2006 Name: WOW IM IMPRESSED
Wow did you hear that guys wow that makes me feel so much better. all that money invested so that gives the right for people to act like a–holes to you.. wow all that money invested and management can sh*t on there customers and treat them like ass.. next time spend the money on getting people with personality and know how to do there job.. stupiest comment i seen yet its great you did that but how about treating people with respect.. all that money spent, it would be a shame when you have no one to spend it on if you keep your customers unhappy. think before speaking…

Comment Date: 4/10/2006 Name: A league Secretary
I am a league sect, and I must agree with the comments. League bowlers are the bread and butter of a houses income. You HAVE to take care of the leagues. I have been a sect for 8+ years now and I have never been so discouraged with how the center was run last season. On a positive note, I do know that upper management has heard the complaints and knows that things must change there or they will be losing leagues. Let’s hope that they do a better job of house management this next season, or this 30+ year bowler will be finding a different house to take my league!!!

Comment Date: 4/9/2006 Name: john doe
the management s*cks, the food is to high jacobs field is alot cheaper, the drinks are over priced could go to giant eagle and get a 6 pack for the price of 1 bottle. the dude that works the front desk on sunday nights needs a additude adjustment and the manager needs to stop trying to pick up 15 16 and 17 year old girls, and needs to stop running the place like it is boot camp.

Comment Date: 4/8/2006 Name: Glenn Gable, Owner
$350,000 in new scoring
$250,000 in new lanes
$150,000 in pinsetter improvements
Cheapest place to bowl in Cleveland by League Lineage, and the biggest complaint is pricing. No other bowling center has invested this kind of money in the Northeast, Ohio.

Comment Date: 4/8/2006 Name: NO NEED TO WORRY
This place stinks, the bathrooms are a disgrace, food is so outragesly priced. Employees have no sense of humor nor a personality. Employees talk about employees in a bad way( WOW GREAT BUISNESS) manager doesnt give a flying you know what about any of his bowlers and he has the balls to sit and tell people he gave so much to us bowlers. Look don’t you ever say you gave so much to us because you haven’t you almost lost a league on friday nights that has been there for what 40 some years.. Just people in that league are afriad of changes. I hope this wakes up the owners and maybe grow a pair and do something about your buisness rather than sit back and collect a paycheck or you wont be recieving a paycheck anymore when people walk out on you like they have boycotted already in some leagues this yr. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND DO SOMETHING IF YOUR SMART.

Comment Date: 4/7/2006 Name: Used to be like a home away from home.
All the negative comments are right on target. The managment is worthless.They only care about the bottom line and have turned this center into the bottom center in the country. I have been to the other Freeway groups centers and all have similiar disregard for their customers, however the manager at Mentor is by far the most worthless person to ever be called a manager. With the previous owner it was like a family, customers were treated with respect, and attempts were made to keep it affordable for all. I agree that a step in the right direction the new owners could have taken was to make Lee the manager and find a position for the manager they selected cleaning the parking lot. Maybe if they put his office in the restrooms they might get cleaned.

Comment Date: 4/7/2006 Name: moose
The place is a dump!!! But there were to many B*TCHES that voted to stay in that sh*thole!! Wake up koolaid drinkers!!!! I would even piss on the place or even the manager (who looks like HITLER) for that matter if it were on fire!!!!

Comment Date: 4/7/2006 Name: A Concerned Customer
It sounds from reading all these emails that no one likes freeway lanes Mentor. well all of your expression are sad but true. Should of made Lee Loy manager of the bowling alley. The management treat the pro shop ladies like garbage. He cares for know but himself. and in order to have a good business you must care for all customers. it used to be 6 strikes in a row for a free drink and you could of got 4 drinks in one night. now they limit it to one drink. that is foolish. when are the upper management including owners going to start paying attention to there customers? it is bad enough we get raped on a 15.00 locker fee. i can go on and on about this dump but it makes me sick.

Comment Date: 4/7/2006 Name: REGULAR BOWLER
I Been waiting for this moment for 3 years, Ever since the new management/part owner took over this place has gone to hell. They worry more about their cosmic bowlers than they do about their league bowlers. I bowl Friday nights and well every Friday there is something going wrong, Kids come in and do what they feel like doing league bowlers are bowling and the kids will come down set balls on the ball return start putting on shows walking on the approach like they own the place, while league bowlers are bowling, Im sorry this is not how you conduct business. then you complain about it, so it stops but the next week it happens agian. Food prices are so high one day i went and ordered a small pepsi and chicken fingers the small pepsi is a 6 ounce if that and you get 5 chicken fingers for 6.32. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. At the end of the night when they are about to close they have a guy that goes down each lane and sweeps all the junk off the lanes and he misses about 5-10 boards each time on the left hand side. employees are nice when they wanna be, my opinion Hire new management or good luck finding tournaments and leagues to replace the ones that have been your bread and butter all these years.

Comment Date: 4/6/2006 Name: Then and Now Bowler
The manager is an idiot. The guy who works the desk on Thursday has no personality – worms have more personality. Doesn’t even say your welcome after you say thank you when asking for change. There is this one lady who thinks she owns the bowling alley … need a major major overhaul of mgt in this center.

Comment Date: 4/6/2006 Name: Bowler 3:16
I have bowled here numerous times and can’t really say that I have ever been overly impressed. There machines had screwed up one of my balls and they kindly offered to resurface it. Ball is not exactly round anymore. Anyways, like everyone else said, most of the employees are pretty good but management is a bunch of hosers.

Comment Date: 4/6/2006 Name: No need for a name
I wanted to start by saying that all of the Freeway Lanes centers that were bought from Palisades now S*CK. I use to bowl in 3 leagues at the Palace and 1 at Mentor and I wouldn’t bowl for them again if you paid me to. All of the people that I know have left too. The new owners only care about raping the blue collar worker with their OUTRAGEOUS PRICES. Who wants to spend $5 on a burger when you can go right in front of 2 of the centers and eat at McDonalds before you go. Not to mention THE OVER PRICED BEER & DRINKS.

Comment Date: 4/5/2006 Name: Not Important !!!
Well at least That’s how the manager/owner (who really knows anymore) makes one feel. I and my Family have been costomer’s for at least 20yrs. And until the last 3 years have felt good about spending our time and money there. Now with the condaceding adittude’s and very unreasonable price’s I am afraid I may have to take my business elswhere. There still are other centers that apreciate their costomers out there. And trained front desk help.

Comment Date: 4/4/2006 Name: bucyrus bowlers
just finished bowling in a tournament here a couple weeks ago. lane conditions were fair and fine. scores for the 12 week tournament were among the beat in the tournaments history. the employees were great, very cooperative, and went beyond the call. prices for the bar and for food are very high however. management was never in the center and could care less about the tournament and its concerns, leaving the employees to fend for themselves. high marks to the staff, zero for management. just seems to coincide with the previous posters on here.

Comment Date: 4/2/2006 Name: John
The employees are very friendly, however the management s*cks. Everything in the bowling center is over priced. The manager/PART owner is a complete idiot. The place would be alot better without him.

Comment Date: 3/6/2006 Name: Taz
I bowled here last fall during the International Mr & Mrs Eagles tournament. I thought the place was nice and the employees were friendly. BUT, they didn’t re-dress the lanes before we started our tournament. On Saturday, we bowled the first shift, right after the kids’ league bowled. I have never participated in a tournament that didn’t even give the first shift fresh oil. It happened again the next day during the doubles & singles. We bowled the first shift and after the kids and a seniors league. NO FRESH OIL. It was really bad. This should not be allowed to happen. These people come from all over the Northeast United States. It gives the Eagles Tournaments a bad name. I hope they do better at the State men’s tournament.

Comment Date: 2/23/2006 Name: Past Customer
It’s an OK place for it’s age. The management needs major overhaul, however.

Comment Date: 2/22/2006 Name: Bob
Whoever gave this place all those stars must have been hit on the head and saw stars and not this place. It is a dump. The restrooms are disgusting. And the place is dirty. The lanes are not maintained for the senior leagues at all. Food, YUK! I would not eat there.

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Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes

Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes

  Name: Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes  
  Address: 38931 Center Ridge Road  
  City: North Ridgeville  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 44039  
  Phone: (440) 327-1190  
  Lanes: 46  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
How Does Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes Rate?
Votes:    51
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6
Food: Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5
Price: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
Fun: Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8
Overall: Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6
 All bowling center ratings are the opinions of visitors to this web site and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of

Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes Comments
No comments posted for Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes
Comments about Brunswick Center Ridge Lanes, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

Greenhills Lanes

Greenhills Lanes

  Name: Greenhills Lanes  
  Address: 13 Eswin Street  
  City: Cincinnati  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 45218  
  Phone: (513) 825-1215  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Greenhills Lanes Rate?
Votes:    9
Lanes: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Food: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
Price: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
Fun: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
Overall: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
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Greenhills Lanes Comments
No comments posted for Greenhills Lanes
Comments about Greenhills Lanes, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

Kosters Bowling Center

Kosters Bowling Center

  Name: Kosters Bowling Center  
  Address: 252 S Abbe Road  
  City: Elyria  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 44035  
  Phone: (440) 366-9211  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Kosters Bowling Center Rate?
Votes:    4
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Food: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Price: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Fun: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Overall: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
 All bowling center ratings are the opinions of visitors to this web site and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of

Kosters Bowling Center Comments
Comment Date: 9/8/2011 Name: bill
I just started league bowling at Koster’s. Although they are having a tough time with Les Koster’s passing, they are doing a great job bringing the teams back and getting the place into shape. I am sure it will take time and money to get it there, but Judy Koster is doing her best and I think a fine job.

Comment Date: 8/2/2011 Name: Anonymous
I use to love this place, but it has gone down hill since the owner Les Koster passed away. I hope a new owner/manager will be in the near future.

Comment Date: 7/12/2011 Name: Anonymous
It would have been a more pleasant evening if the barmaid would remove her cell phone from her ear and hand and stop sharing cell phone info to all the other customers. She needs to be more professional and do her job!!

Comments about Kosters Bowling Center, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

Sherwood Lanes

Sherwood Lanes

  Name: Sherwood Lanes  
  Address: 56 Foss Way  
  City: Troy  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 45373  
  Phone: (937) 339-1601  
  Hours: Call for hours  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: Family fun place!  
How Does Sherwood Lanes Rate?
Votes:    28
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Food: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
Price: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
Fun: Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5
Overall: Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5
 All bowling center ratings are the opinions of visitors to this web site and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of

Sherwood Lanes Comments
Comment Date: 11/6/2011 Name: Anon
Sherwood Lanes is now closed, the equipment is being auctioned off now.

Comment Date: 2/8/2009 Name: abby
saturday nights bowling for coupons was great fun. a good way to change things up. stephanie explaind everything great to us. shes awsome!!

Comment Date: 11/23/2008 Name: crystal
loved the place. steve played some great music. everybody treated us great. we’ll be back

Comment Date: 5/28/2008 Name: Dusty
Wonderful place to take the kids or just hang out with friends. The pizza is amazing and Steve’s chili is the best. The staffs fun and friendly personalities will keep Sherwood Lanes at the top of your, “Things to do for fun” list.

Comment Date: 3/3/2008 Name: seth taylor
It is the best i can’t believe it it is even better than troy bowl!!!!!!!!!!!11

Comment Date: 12/21/2007 Name: RHig
best bowling in troy

Comments about Sherwood Lanes, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

Kay Lanes

Kay Lanes

  Name: Kay Lanes  
  Address: 841 S State Street  
  City: Girard  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 44420  
  Phone: (330) 545-2539  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Kay Lanes Rate?
Votes:    102
Lanes: Actual Value is 0.2
Food: Actual Value is 0.4
Price: Actual Value is 0.3
Fun: Actual Value is 0.2
Overall: Actual Value is 0.2
 All bowling center ratings are the opinions of visitors to this web site and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of

Kay Lanes Comments
Comment Date: 4/30/2011 Name: Anonymous
It may not have the nicest parking lot but it is a great place to have a good time. Everyone is really nice if you take the chance to get to know them. It has a very homey atmosphere there and the prices on the food and bowling are the cheapest around. it’s a shame to see it closing. I will really miss it.

Comment Date: 1/17/2011 Name: BT
I bowl at Kay every Sunday and have for the past several years. No it is not in the best condition but the people who work there are NICE, it’s a good time for the money, and to Kay’s detractors I say, It is a free country, go bowl somewhere ELSE!

Comment Date: 10/12/2010 Name: Saybel’s Mom
Like Youngstown is much better? You got Wedgewood-DUMP, A Plus-DUMP and West Side Lanes-DUMP, the whole city s*cks

Comment Date: 7/21/2010 Name: Saybel
I do agree with the counter people being rude. They need to make people feel welcome and want to come back. If Kay Lanes ran more bowling specials, more families would bring their kids there to bowl. Just a side note to a comment made by someone else, this is not Youngstown, this is Girard!

Comment Date: 6/20/2010 Name: guest
counter people that work saterday morning and night are rude. need new person to take charge of oiling the lanes and to do it right. parking lot s*cks. bathrooms look like a dump.

Comment Date: 6/20/2010 Name: Anonymous
the person who works the counter on sunday mornings is helpful and was really nice to us

Comment Date: 6/20/2010 Name: Anonymous
place is to hot to want to bowl. lane conditions are bad. price of bowling to high for a place that looks like a dump.

Comment Date: 6/20/2010 Name: the dude
Awful place overall. The food is standard for a bowling alley and the snack bar girls are nice. The young men that get the balls in the back are generally cool too. Other than that, the counter people are rude, and the bowling experience is the worst in the tri-state area. FIX THE PARKING LOT.

Comment Date: 6/13/2010 Name: pissed off
almost cracked one of my rims driving into this place. they were closed too. will never come back.

Comment Date: 5/5/2010 Name: Kay
The parking lot is really bad and the counter people were very rude. My daughter had fun bumper bowling at birthday party we attended. would not go there otherwise.

Comment Date: 2/9/2010 Name: Frank Titter
What you expect it’s Youngstown, it s*cks and so does every other center around here!

Comment Date: 2/15/2009 Name: Sallay Jones
s*cky, s*cky, s*cky, good if u want a bad time. bad if u want a good time. lame, lame, lame.

Comment Date: 8/12/2008 Name: Unknown
I know the parking lot may be bad, and it may not be the most inviting place in the world… but i love going here.
you get your privacy and whatver u need. stay away from mean counter people though =P

Comment Date: 5/5/2008 Name: bob
the counter lady barb is rude..the drive and parking lot are filled with potholes..this place just s*cks period..

Comment Date: 11/27/2007 Name: john
definitely the worst place to bowl its crummy and dirty and the lanes are bad they’re always so dry i can’t even score well

Comment Date: 10/29/2007 Name: todd
this place is garbage, leaky roofs, broken oiling machines for the lanes, no oil tracks, and worst of all in a scummy drug filled town.

Comments about Kay Lanes, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

Cedar Lanes Bowling

Cedar Lanes Bowling

  Name: Cedar Lanes Bowling  
  Address: 1935 Cleveland Road  
  City: Sandusky  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 44870  
  Phone: (419) 626-9077  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Cedar Lanes Bowling Rate?
Votes:    13
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
Food: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
Price: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Fun: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Overall: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
 All bowling center ratings are the opinions of visitors to this web site and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of

Cedar Lanes Bowling Comments
No comments posted for Cedar Lanes Bowling
Comments about Cedar Lanes Bowling, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.

AMF Riviera Lanes

AMF Riviera Lanes

  Name: AMF Riviera Lanes  
  Address: 20 S Miller Rd  
  City: Fairlawn  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 44333  
  Phone: (330) 836-7985  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does AMF Riviera Lanes Rate?
Votes:    26
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
Food: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Price: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Fun: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
Overall: Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4
 All bowling center ratings are the opinions of visitors to this web site and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of

AMF Riviera Lanes Comments
Comment Date: 5/8/2009 Name: Cody
I wish that the PBA would stop back. This bowling center is great and the people who work at the proshop are very nice.

Comment Date: 1/7/2008 Name: Anonymous
I just wanted to say that the Friday night DJ here is AWESOME! Karaoke and music has been great, but the guy is super fun. He talks to people and offers to make people night fun. As long as he’s here We will all be up.

Comment Date: 10/8/2007 Name: Anonymous
Can anyone tell me what happened with teh other manager Dave? He was such a great guy and was very well liked by everyone. Dave always made an appearance and was always around to greet his customers. The place just isnt the same anymore.

Comment Date: 2/12/2006 Name: christina richardson
My husband and I have become quite involved in the ‘Riviera’ bowling community. 2 1/2 years ago, we were invited to join some friends there for a little recreational bowling. Since that initial visit, and being bit by the ‘bowling bug,’ if are not there for leagues, we’re there to practice. We attended last years PBA Championships held there, bowled in the Pro-Am, and have already secured our tickets for this year. For the record, we enjoy the ‘Riv,’very much, and as residents of Fairlawn we would like to continue our patronage at this facility. That being said, some comments and concerns have been discussed among our bowling friends and acquaintances, that we feel strongly enough about to mention to those with the authority to change. I’m a parent of 4 ’20 somethings’ so I am definitely hip enough to appreciate youngsters having a (safe) place to hang on Fri. and Sat. nites. We are often there ourselves, but we try to wrap up before ‘lunar bowling’ begins. It’s a pretty good concept for young people who’s eyesite is 20/20, and who are not yet prone to migraines from really loud music. As with any public facility, one must take the good with the bad, which brings me to my point (finally). There is a very unsavory element that is taking over on Fri. and Sat. eve’s. They come in early, and take up residence at tables that belong to leagues/open bowlers and just hang out until ‘Lunar bowling’ begins. When the lights are shut off, and the music (mostly rap) is cranked to 10, it seems condusive to really bad behavior.
The police have had to be called on many recent ocassions to break up fights etc. etc. Part of the problem is probably the fact that the neighborhood directly behind the ‘Riv’ has been recently slated as subsidized housing, and is in walking distance. I was there last evening when the cops had to be called to step in yet again. Here’s just a thought for your consideration; I believe that this situation can be deterred quickly and safely by the presence of a ‘Rent-A-Cop’ for said nites. Sorry for taking so long to get to the point of my letter, but I thought it important enough an issue, to give you a complete picture of what we all see as a potentially serious problem.
Respectfully, Chrissy

Comment Date: 5/27/2004 Name: John Doe
Good lanes, and good, fast help when needed. The extreme bowling at night is also a lot of fun. However, they could use some more bowling balls, and the food is very expensive. Overall though, it is very good, and I highly recommend it.

Comments about AMF Riviera Lanes, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted until verified by a real person to ensure that NO vulgarity is posted. However, we WILL NOT censor a visitor’s comments about a negative experience and invite the centers to post their response.