Landmark Lanes

Landmark Lanes

  Name: Landmark Lanes  
  Address: 1914 Broadway Street  
  City: Superior  
  State: WI  
  Zip: 54880  
  Phone: (715) 394-4422  
  Hours: Depends on the season  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: Great place to bowl, Lots of video games, if your kids don’t bowl.  
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Landmark Lanes Comments
Comment Date: 12/22/2010 Name: Someone
Well first off they kicked out a entire group of my friends because one person didn’t pay the others did and had nothing to do with it also I was accused of not paying (even though I did) because the only guy working there was full out drunk so in other words their workers really need to shape up of they want to keep their customers, other than that everything else is good its a great place to hang out with friends and the prices are decent.

Comment Date: 10/12/2010 Name: Bob
I see a lot of bowling centers with the same complaints.
Recreational bowlers are there to have fun, YES!!!! But the adult leagues with all the alcohol being consumed usually is what pays the house’s bills. The owners love leagues…$$$$$. Simple.
People who truly bowl for sport on tougher shots get PO’d at both of the two previous categories. Previous groups often spill drinks in the settee area and crumb food on the approaches.
A house that is trying to appeal to an overall general market (as this one seems to be) needs to set some ground rules, and enforce them. Young kids should not be running around for two reasons: 1) it does disturb other patrons and 2) if the kids get hurt, the owners gets sued. Parents should be taking responsibility for their children.

Comment Date: 1/19/2009 Name: Anonymous
Love the landmark!! Owners are super awesome and has the friendliest staff around. Ive been bowling leagues there for eight years and hope to for 80 more!! Yea, its old. But you just go to bowl! Why would you need anything fancy?? Hands down great place 🙂

Comment Date: 12/27/2007 Name: Anonymous
Landmark is a good place to bowl league at, they have a great house shot that’s good for scoring high

Comment Date: 9/8/2007 Name: Anonymous
Great place for the price. Good for beginning bowlers trying to practice who don’t like a busy lane. Not too commercial. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Comment Date: 6/15/2007 Name: Anonymous
Pretty bad – always smells like cigarette smoke, pinsetters are old and crap, bowling balls get dirty very fast, a lot of ball tracking. The only good thing is the game room.

Comment Date: 5/7/2006 Name: Anonymous
ALSO has the WORSE scoring system. When you get a strike or a spare, it show animation that doesn’t do with bowling.

Comment Date: 4/22/2005 Name: Anonymous
What a WORSE place to come to bowl. Everything was going great, until around after 6 pm. The music went up to full blast and I was on the 4th frame of my last game. Tried to aim, but that music was so damn LOUD!! Also, had the speed channel on tv, it was changed to another channel. Couldn’t even watch the Nascar to see who gets the pole. Seems to me that the owner doesn’t care about his guest, only cares about getting things ready for the league. Almost felt like looking for the volume control and put it up a bit LOUDER, before leaving.

Comment Date: 2/8/2005 Name: Anonymous
Well sounds to me like you don’t bowl at all, some of us women are single parents and can’t afford a babysitter, bowling is getting expensive alone and I do believe I deserve a night out to talk with the girls. I would think and hope that the people working behind the bar would say something to the parent if the children were bothering or doing something wrong. I dont want to keep on with this so I think it is something that you need to take up with the owners of the alley and maybe come to some conclusion. But I think it is nice that a parent can come and bowl and than there is games for kids.

Comment Date: 1/16/2005 Name: Anonymous
Well, what about kids that are under 10 years old? When there is a league, they are OUT OF CONTROL!! Seems like that NO ONE cares what they do. They think it’s a playground. When I’m playing video games, they are running around. Throwing rubber balls, playing hide and seek and other stuff. League bowlers should leave their kids home with a sitter, but they let the alley babysit them instead.

Comment Date: 1/12/2005 Name: In response to 2/9/04
If you are there to bowl on a league you should
not be playing pool. If you are there to play in
the game room I am sure the owners don’t turn down the money that the girls are spending in the game room or that the parents are spending. My money is just as good as yours and last I played pool it does cost money just like the games do.

Comment Date: 11/29/2004 Name: Anonymous
I don’t think the kids cause a problem. Sounds to me like you don’t have any or maybe don’t spend time with them. Carl is a very nice guy and if these kids want to hang out at the alley with the parents I don’t see a problem with that. That is, I would rather have them there than walking the streets and getting into trouble, thanks to the owners for having the kids arcade there. Nowhere else in town where a parent can mingle with adults and the children are welcome also. At least I can’t think of one.

Comment Date: 10/31/2004 Name: Anonymous
It’s fun to come to this alley to play some video game, but it’s NERVE WRACKING when the bowlers in the league bring their kids and LET THEM LOOSE!!! The kids are RUNNING all over the place, screaming and the ALLEY DOES NOTHING ABOUT THIS!!!! JUST LIKE THEY DON’T CARE WHAT THE KIDS ARE DOING!!!!!

Comment Date: 2/9/2004 Name: Anonymous
Great place to come to have fun. But, when there’s a league, the bowlers come with their kids and let them loose. I tried to play a game of pool, but with them running, I quit halfway. 2 little girls running all over the place. Wish who ever brings them, think about this before taking them to the center.

Comment Date: 2/3/2004 Name: Anonymous
I love this bowling alley. This place is like my house and I will do anything to make this bowling alley a better place for the customers.

Comment Date: 2/3/2004 Name: Anonymous
Its a great place to bowl and hang out with friends!

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