Pacific Lanes

Pacific Lanes

  Name: Pacific Lanes  
  Address: 7015 S D Street  
  City: Tacoma  
  State: WA  
  Zip: 98408  
  Phone: (253) 474-0594  
  Hours: 8am to 2am  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Pacific Lanes Rate?
Votes:    46
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
Food: Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4
Price: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
Fun: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Overall: Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5Actual Value is 2.5
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Pacific Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 4/9/2012 Name: ally
great place to bowl.. participated in many tournaments there and even met my boyfriend there. id recommend it, even all the way from yakima 🙂

Comment Date: 11/11/2011 Name: Thomas
Clark is a dweeb.Fire him and we may come back.

Comment Date: 9/5/2011 Name: Overserved
Got a DUI after leaving great walk to work yeah Pacific Dont see why people even bowl here old place

Comment Date: 5/9/2011 Name: Terry
Scary neighborhood or should I say hood. We had trouble with desk guy what a turd.

Comment Date: 5/3/2011 Name: robert poppleton
have bowled at pacific lanes for years a real nice clean place to bowl lanes are in good cond. people are nice. what they do have better then the other lanes is the best pro shop in town dave does a great job for anyone.

Comment Date: 4/20/2011 Name: Krista
This isn’t the kind of place I want my kids going
Our car was broken into and nothing the bowl could do for us.Sorry but we aren’t coming back.

Comment Date: 1/9/2011 Name: license driver
didt hey leave a voucher for a free 300 game

Comment Date: 12/19/2010 Name: Mike C
Car got broken into.

Comment Date: 10/23/2010 Name: Anonymous
had fun bowling, and we had a blast playing this hunting game that was by our lane.

Comment Date: 4/25/2009 Name: Shaun Davis
Hey just a heads up, I wanted to let everyone know that Xio Dibin speaks English. I hope I posted in the right location?

Comment Date: 4/19/2009 Name: League bowler
I love it at Pacific Lanes. Everyone who works there is great and heart warming. It makes me feel at home. Out of every surrounding bowling center in the area, i would say it is the best. Mike Clark and new desk manager Terry are very comical gentlemen who give the spunk to Pacific Lanes. All employees are very hard working and polite and the kid who runs dead wood is quick and a hard working well raised young man. In the coming year i would love to see the new additions this bowling center will add to make it the best in the north west.

Comment Date: 3/14/2009 Name: Tacoma Bowler
There’s a jerk that works there that was yelling gang related obscenities at me and some friends. I felt threatened and unwelcome. The person walks witha gimp an acts tough to any kid that happens to walk in. True story… Recommended when this particular emloyee isn’t on the job.

Comment Date: 12/12/2008 Name: anonymous
Not bad at all. Cool lane oil machine, not bad lookin help, very helpfull and friendly, drinks price right, would go again

Comment Date: 9/27/2008 Name: Tacoma Bowler
Pacific is one of the best in Tacoma, if not the best center. From staff, to cleanliness, to league play and good if not great scoring conditions (thanks to Mike Clark). They got Steve Fontana over there I hear too; a great manager and bowler in Tacoma over the years
The place did improve when New Frontier closed. Pacific bought all the synthetic lanes and scoring from Brunswick that New Frontier had when they closed (thanks to Don Freund, the crook)
Lots of people moved to Pacific when they knew Mike Clark was going there and it’s a great place bowl… Hilander in Kelso could learn from these owners and staff!

Comment Date: 2/10/2008 Name: Scott F. Guinn
I was born and raised in Tacoma and grew up bowling at Pacific. My grandpa bowled there for years (actually died there of heart failure in 1972!), and my dad still bowls there in a league every week. I have not lived in Tacoma for over 20 years, but still Pacific. The staff doesn’t know me from Adam, but still treat me like family. And Mike Clark is a heckuva guy. (I went to elementary school with him!)

Comment Date: 11/3/2006 Name: Rachael
Pacific Lanes is a wonderful place to Bowl! I’ve gone there many times to hang out with friends and family and it has always been nothing but a fun and memorable experience. its also very clean and the people there are very nice! if you are looking for a fun place to go bowling, Pacific Lanes is most definitely the place to be!

Comment Date: 11/2/2004 Name: Gregg
Pacific Lanes is a friendly, family kind of atmosphere. You get to know everyone and everyone knows you. They have bowling – of course – a restaurant, with good food. And Rose.
Of Rose I cannot say enough, She is the kareoke
host and sings like an angel, no, better. Rose is beautiful, inside and out. When you come to Pacific you have to meet Rose. If you don’t you are missing the best treat in the Tacoma area.

Comment Date: 3/13/2004 Name: sarah
I like Pacific lanes because they have great people working there and they always do their best to squeeze me in to bowl a couple of games.
They also have karaoke and a fun host 5 nights a week.

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