Kent Bowl

Kent Bowl

  Name: Kent Bowl  
  Address: 1234 Central Avenue N  
  City: Kent  
  State: WA  
  Zip: 98032  
  Phone: (253) 852-3550  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: Snack Bar  
How Does Kent Bowl Rate?
Votes:    202
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Food: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Price: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Fun: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Overall: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
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Kent Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 3/4/2011 Name: Matt
Just bowled there today for the first time. I thought it was great. Havent bowled on wood lanes in years. The equipment was old but worked well. It was a throw back to the alleys I bowled in when I was a little kid. Thanks Kent Bowl I’ll definately be back!

Comment Date: 2/13/2009 Name: NA
i,ve bowled at kent bowl for years not the greatest lanes but the casino bowl on saturdays is a great time,rob makes it a blast. i do wish they would get some knew pins that have a little action on them

Comment Date: 4/21/2008 Name: J. Klapperich
I grew up bowling here and this place was never a let down. Just because it isn’t the top of the line or brand new equipment doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work and function just the same as the equipment at other places. Even new equipment breaks. As for the employees, Arnie you are awesome and Rob you are cool too. Arnie coached me in juniors and even recognized me after not being there for almost 8 years. Keep up the good work!!!

Comment Date: 10/5/2007 Name: TJ aka.Jason
I am a long time bowler and have been going to Kent Bowl for over 30 years. I have good and bad comments about the ally. But what people for get is that it is a business that over the years has had to change. Just like going out it eat if you do not like the food then don’t go back. For those of us like myself it is like a 2nd family and like MR.Anderson said “if you have something to say then let us know”. As for the old employees that are asked about well things happen bad judgment, or life happens, people move on. How do you think I felt after being away for 2.5 years and being ID ed when I asked to play pull tabs by a woman doing her job. Not just because Mr. Zab was around but that she didn’t know me from Adam. Most of the workers have been there for 5 years or better with the exception of 2 that I can think of off the top of my head ” no names will be given “. The crew at Kent Bowl have done a great job, yes there are still wood lanes “not the synthetic ones”. But do you remember here 3-4 years ago that every House was putting in a casino and that took up half of the house? Well I for one like that Zab did not go that rout. The last thing I need to think about is some one that is not having good time at the tables then coming out to the lanes were my kids are and telling the world what they think about it, they get enough of that from me after a bad days work. Kent Bowl is and always has been family oriented. By the way mr hill what other houses have you been to over the 15 years that are still privately owned and still open? That do not have a casino in them and know 90% or more of the customers by name?

Comment Date: 4/1/2007 Name: Jerry Good
I grew up in Kent and always have good memories of Kent Bowl–thoughout the 70s watching my dad play in a league with my uncle Wayne, or riding my bike down there in the early 80s to play video games, Kent Bowl is one of those old-school places that takes you back to your roots. The owner of the place was, as far as I recall, always a benevolent local citizen who lived in our neighborhood and donated to local causes. Dig through old community photos and no doubt there are hundreds of local sports teams that Kent Bowl supported over the years. What a surprise that last night, my first time back to Kent Bowl in at least 20 years, one of the first people I saw was the old man himself walking by, still looking the same after all these years, still watching over the bowling alley as he has forever. I asked the guy at the counter–is that Zab? Sure enough he says “Yep that’s Zab, 82 years old and still here every day”. I also noticed the nephew, who I went to school with, seems to be taking care of the place as well. We bowled for a couple of hours, and had a great time, my entire family. The scoring system is updated, it’s clean & organized, and the french fries were just about as tasty as a Swanson Frozen Dinner. It’s nice to know that Kent Bowl is, as the saying goes, Same As It Ever Was.

Comment Date: 2/17/2007 Name: Ashley
Kent Bowl is not as bad as everyone says. If they don’t like it they dont have to do there anymore. Its not the hilton of all bowling alleys but its a place to go any hangout with your friends, or family. I personally like that its not packed everytime I go there, unlike place like Acme. I will probably go bowling at Kent more and more as time goes by.

Comment Date: 1/13/2007 Name: Mike
What ever happened to the great employees there a couple of years ago? The place had a great league coordinator cant remember her name and a great guy on the desk I think his name was Dan. We had a blast bowling in a Mariner league there. Now the place s*cks. Its nice the owner donates money but he should take some money and fix the place up and get rid of his people in the bowling area and bring the old ones back.

Comment Date: 11/17/2006 Name: Arnold Anderson
Kent Bowl has not ever had a manager named Bill. I am an employee there, and would appreciate you coming in and talking to me about any problems you might have. We have spent over $200,000 in new scoring,carpet,and new paint in the last year. We try to keep Kent bowl a family oriented center and believe it is a very safe place to enjoy an evening. Kent bowl has had the same management for over 40 years and has made very generous donations to the community throughout the time I have been there. Including a $50,000 donation to local charities and $50,000 to longtime patrons of the center, all paid for personally by the owner. If you have had a bad experience at Kent Bowl, I would very much like to hear about it. Arnold Anderson

Comment Date: 10/9/2006 Name: justin hall
this place is a {expletive deleted} dirty toilet. mike maccalister was right. this place is the worst place of all. being the only bowling alley in kent and where its located, this place outa just {deleted} rock.

Comment Date: 9/22/2006 Name: Mike MacCalister
I have bowled @ alot of lanes,and this place is the worst.All I see are kids in the parking lot , probably selling drugs. I have told the manager ,I think his name is Bill, and he said , Oh Well, I will not have my league bowl here again

Comment Date: 5/17/2006 Name: Justin Hall
{swearage deleted} it! fix this {expletive deleted} place up!!!!

Comment Date: 3/15/2006 Name: Justin Hall
this place is a real toilet and ill always keep comenting about it until they do some fixing around there

Comment Date: 2/14/2006 Name: bob hanson
This place can kiss my {expletive deleted}.

Comment Date: 2/1/2006 Name: Justin Hall
This place is a real dump. I wish they’d do a little remodeling around here.

Comment Date: 8/15/2005 Name: Bowlingdude
When I went there it was $3.85 a game – give me a break $23.10 for 6 game. I’m on a league at Daffodil Bowl so I could have bowled 46 games for the same price.

Comment Date: 2/20/2004 Name: Anonymous
Provides used bowling pins decorated for kids’ birthday parties.

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