Tech City Bowl & Fun Center

Tech City Bowl & Fun Center

  Name: Tech City Bowl & Fun Center  
  Address: 13033 NE 70th Pl  
  City: Kirkland  
  State: WA  
  Zip: 98033  
  Phone: (425) 827-0785  
  Hours: M-Th 11-12 F 11-2am Sat 9-2 Sun 9-12  
  Lanes: 40  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
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Tech City Bowl & Fun Center Comments

Comment Date: 2/29/2012 Name: Tech City Fan
Walking into the alley with my buddies a few weeks ago, we were amused to see a Venus Fly Trap on display right there in the lobby. The catch? You needed 3,000 redemption tickets to buy it! Where else can you bowl, get a great burger, and win a Venus Fly Trap? To this day, when my friends talk about going bowling, the Fly Trap always comes up!

Comment Date: 2/27/2012 Name: A Mom
I tried to make a reservation the day before my event and was told I couldn’t but it wouldn’t be super busy on sunday. We went there yesterday for my child’s bday party and it was packed. There was a waitlist for lanes and most of the tables were in use or being held for other reserved parties. At this point, i was a little hacked off because I had been told there would probably be no wait when I called in the day before. The Staff there was very friendly and suggested we eat first, while on the waitlist. The person at the desk, shayne, helped us move tables behind the lanes he thought we would be bowling behind. The server, blonde girl, took our order and the food came out promptly. We eventually got our lanes and overall, it was an enjoyable experience.
Pros – Friendly Staff, Cosmic Bowl, good place for kids bday party.
Cons- Wait Time, given wrong information.

Comment Date: 2/16/2012 Name: Happy to return to league
Who said there is no such thing as a free dinner? Apparently nobody told this to the Chef at Tech City Bowl! We just joined the PPP Dinner League. It is priced just like any other league, but it includes dinner! Our team chose the “build your own tacos bar” (delicious), but next week we’re going to try the spaghetti and meatballs. Oh, everyone get’s a beer too! This is much different from the stuffy leagues we bowled in 15 years ago before we quit. Happy to be back!

Comment Date: 1/30/2012 Name: LionKingBoy
This place rocks! My friends meet here every week for the late night value bowling. Staff is awesome. Best deal in town!

Comment Date: 1/16/2012 Name: Troy & Julie
We went x-bowling over the weekend and were surprised to see new flat screen scoring monitors. This place just gets better and better each time we go there! The service is good, but the staff is very sincere. It’s not uncommon to run into an employee in the parking lot, and they will often hold the door open for you, say hello (even if they don’t know you), etc. You just don’t generally see that anywhere else these days.

Comment Date: 6/21/2011 Name: Kolchak, C.
Nice place, and you can bowl and eat pretty inexpensively if you follow their monthly specials. It’s become a place that me and my friends frequent regularly. K.

Comment Date: 6/13/2011 Name: Tom Richie
I love the late night bowling. $10 for unlimited bowling and shoe rental! Best place to hang out with the friends. Service is wonderful.

Comment Date: 6/3/2011 Name: Mr. Mom
Brought the kids bowling a few days ago…Very busy but never saw a table or counter go dirty for more than a couple minutes. Tech City has always been nice, but it seems like they have really stepped it up a few notches over the last few months.

Comment Date: 5/27/2011 Name: Gavin
This is BY FAR the cleanest bowling alley I have ever been to. Looks like the carpets get vaccumed on a daily basis! Very nice! Compared to other alleys this is the cleanest, SunVilla, Kenmore, Acme and even Lucky Strike don’t compare!!!

Comment Date: 4/12/2011 Name: Tom
Spidey, go sit on a fly and spin! This is an old subject and us bowlers have grown tired of it. Yes we miss Heather and wish none of this had happened, but it’s time to deal with it. Get over it. The rest of us have. Enjoy the last 4 weeks of the season. Tom.

Comment Date: 4/12/2011 Name: ?????
This is a forum for talking about the good and bad experiences people have at the center in question. NOT for airing info about peoples personal life. What two people do in private is the business of those two people only. If you are going to post stuff about what you think you know about someone, I suggest you get that persons permission first. I hear the rumors about what this person or that person is doing all the time. Do I know what I hear is true? No. Not until I have BOTH sides of the story. Yes Spiderman I am talking to you. No one brought up L’s name or what L might be doing in private in this forum until you did, with out L knowing I bet. It is not your place to air information about some ones private life. I have heard rumors about who you are, do I know this for fact? No. So there for I wont say anything about you, or who you might be. What J and L might or might not be doing is none of your or our business. Let it go.

Comment Date: 4/11/2011 Name: Jesse W.
The only truth needing to be exposed is who Spiderman is. You have so much inside knowledge but it’s all speculation unless you can back it up.

Comment Date: 4/8/2011 Name: Spiderman
I was on vacation and thought all was well. Now I see it is not. I am not trying to get you fired Jesse. That is not my MO. No, quite the opposite. I wish only to see justice served. Yet I know, throughout my travails in life, that justice does not always prevail. People who should be punished continue to do as they wish while those who attempt to help others end up being the ones who suffer. Wouldn’t it be nice if the ones who do the wrong would say they are sorry and the ones who were wronged would accept the apology and we could all move on with life and be happy? Yet we all know that will never happen because there are those who have too much pride to swallow and admit their faults.
If the people there who lied about the things that happened would be forthcoming and admit their guilt this would all come to an end. It appears they ran John out of TCB also. From what I understand he has paid his dues for what is in his past. Now maybe the ones who lied about Heather should step up and be half the man he is. And it would also be nice if the truth were told about Lyzz. The lies will be exposed and the truth will be revealed. It always comes out. Question is, who will be the one to reveal it?

Comment Date: 3/29/2011 Name: Rodney
…can’t we all just get along? Tech City and the staff has been good to me. I hate seeing it trash talked all the time.

Comment Date: 3/28/2011 Name: Jesse W
I am not the best writer, I’ll be the first to admit it. But at least I represent myself with my name, I don’t know how I wronged you Spidey but you really should be an adult and speak with me in person. I had never said one word on this website until you mentioned my name, which upset me. So if you know me so well come say something, quit hiding. We can settle it without you trying to cost me my job. I like to think most of my co-workers & customers like me enough to have helped me keep my employment for nearly 5 years. As for you, it seems most people disagree with your opinion. Sorry you feel so harshly about the center, and I’m even more sorry I let you get me all riled up.

Comment Date: 3/28/2011 Name: Spiderman
What a response from Jesse the grateful employee! Amazing to see how he can go from cursing someone out being so disrespectful to customers then starting s*cking up to management in order to cover his back-side! Way to go! And all the while showing his “fortitude” and lack of spelling abilities. Seems that is one characteristic most of the staff has at TCB; lack of proper use of grammer.
And the same staff member also has a problem with speaking about things he knows nothing about. To say people are dating (LW & JF) when you know nothing about their relationship or friendship status is really none of your business. Your best bet, as staff at TCB is to remain professional and not talk about customers or former employees. Maybe the management should think about providing a class on etiquette for the staff. Tongue-wagging can be very dangerous when it offends the wrong person (or people for that matter).

Comment Date: 2/8/2011 Name: Jesse Witherbee
Simply put, and this will be my last say in this matter.. We here at TachCity try very hard to serve out customers. So thank you so much for making my 5 years with company great and if any of you ever nees anything feel free to see any of our staff or management! We are ALWAYS glad to help you… and from me personally thanks to our management for busting your hides to give me a GREAT place to be as an employee and cutomer!

Comment Date: 2/6/2011 Name: Venom & Carnage
Spiderman, we in the PPP league don’t care if we are sanctioned or non-sanctioned! We spend more money in the house than any of the stuck up Scratch members! We buy food, we buy booze. To Mr. Don: do us a favor, if you bring back the Scratch league, don’t do it on Wednesday night, we don’t want them! You know what? We think Spiderman might actually be a disgruntled former employee… Tell you what spiderman, demask yourself! You fool no one!

Comment Date: 2/4/2011 Name: Ben
Used to be a frequent Sunset Bowl customer and went searching for a new joint after it closed. Tried West Seattle, Imperial, and Kenwood/Bothell and I liked them okay. A friend of mine lives in Bridle trails said I should try Tech City, and after going, I haven’t looked back. Lanes are kept up pretty well, the scoring systems are a tad old, but once you get used to them, they aren’t bad. Service is very friendly, they can be a tad slow when the house is packed, but with like 25-35 lanes or so I don’t really expect a server for every 4-6 lanes or so, (unless management doubles the price of food and drink or something, lol)… Which leads to, yeah, food and drink are reasonably-priced. So slow service isn’t really a huge deterent, I’ve been to lanes where you go get your own food and drink from the bar/restaurant. Overall, a great place for a typical bowling alley. On a 5 scale, I would probably give it a 4.

Comment Date: 2/3/2011 Name: Jesse Witherbee
Furthermore, “Spiderman” you need to keep good honest peoples names out of you fabricated “Facts” if you don’t know what or who said something. If you knew me well enough to know that I said something you know I have the fortitude to put my real name unlike your ignorant, self centerd a**. Someone said that TCB is on the Eastside & we should dress and act accordingly. Well I’m glad the majority of our clientel is’nt like you, I dont want to have to wear Glad bags to work you spinless piece of trash.

Comment Date: 2/2/2011 Name: Jesse Witherbee
Wow, I had not chimed in on this childish debate, until now. Whoever this gutless wonder “Spiderman” is needs a new moniker. Spider man is an honest hard working person. This jack a** is a spineless know nothing, if you ever worked in the bowling industry it’s no wonder you don’t anymore. I have not said word one on this site and you accuse me of something from behind a veil?! Grow a pair and say it to my face. All of this back & forth is a bunch of passive agressive bull. Anyone who is trash talking the center feel free to NOT comeback, we all know you’ll be back because we are the best center in the area. You can try to refute that fact till you’re blue in the face but I’ll still see you next week!

Comment Date: 2/2/2011 Name: Former Employee
Let me be frank, I used to work at Tech City/bowled on a few leagues there, got fired and here is one thing that everyone on this site has forgotten, it is a BOWLING ALLEY. The only problems that customers have with ownership or management of Tech City is when those same customers spend entirely far too much time there and forget that it is just a game. These are the same guys who root for the yankees every time they come into town (but have lived in Seattle all their lives), bowl multiple leagues in Tech City and treat the staff like subhuman garbage, expect to be treated like the only bowler in the entire center, and blame their poor scores on their ball or the house shot. Maybe these customers should stop making excuses for their short-comings, or blame management for problems that the customer created by treating the staff poorly, or maybe think about how you would feel if someone treated you the same way at your work place.
I may no longer work at Tech City but I still have many friends on the staff as well as with the ownership, if you want the real deal on things going at Tech City talk to the staff, they’re great people if you get to know them. I think DJ Harv hit the nail on the head, it’s about fun people. Grow up, if you don’t like the place or the people in it, then don’t go there, that simple. Yes, I was fired from there and no longer work there, but I still can have a great time every time I go back because there’s a little things called maturity that some other complaining people on this blog should try…

Comment Date: 2/1/2011 Name: Spiderman
PPP was a non-sanctioned league so they are able to have music played when no other league is bowling. The scratch league did not start out on only four lanes. Maybe when you are adding your comments here you should include all the necessary information. Also, John was speaking on behalf of the other members of the league since he was the league president. I have also bowled at TCB for some time and remember when it was Totem Bowl (aka Scrotum Bowl) so you should get your facts straight. And Jesse W, you are too obvious with your comments as to who you are. No web you spin could ever catch me. Also, Lyzz was helping John take care of his dog. As part of the staff at TCB, you really shouldn’t be taking part in the spreading of gossip and rumors in a public forum. Not a smart thing to do when involved in that type of capacity within such said establishment.

Comment Date: 1/31/2011 Name: Spiderman
Wow. This Don fellow, who is part of the ownership of Tech City, seems to be a rather rude and arrogant person when it comes to handling customers of his establishment. All I have to say to the remarks he made to John is this. No matter what you have read or heard about ANY of your customers it should hold no bearing as to the manner in which you treat them. As a service provider, which your establishment is in case you have forgotten, it is your responsibility to do your best to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. I am responsible for bringing quite a large amount of people from a major corporation to your establishment from another to bowl and I too know John. I will say that once the league the teams I am responsible for bringing has completed, we will find another house in which to bowl. I find the manner with which you addressed the concerns of people here to be rather rude, pompous and inappropriate. I have never seen John conduct himself in anything other than a professional manner. These accusations are absurd.

Comment Date: 1/31/2011 Name: Don
Spiderman- We (not me, as I do not own the center) do our best to take care of all of our patrons on a daily basis, our customers that approach our team with concerns are met with respect and care for a resolution, ALWAYS. The customer service team and management of our center, listen intently to customers with realistic concerns and expectations, as there is always opportunity for better performance. The arrogance you perceive is based on your proximity to the situation, and relationships with certain individuals, and my comments are directed only at them. I would invite you of course to meet face to face to answer your personal concerns, and can be contacted through the general manager.
Good Luck to you.

Comment Date: 1/31/2011 Name: Yet another caped crusader.
Alright Spiderman, let me say something, I’ve been on the same league as mr John F for many many years, and bowled at Tech City when it was still Totem Bowl, things have gotten much better in the last few years, the ownership has cleaned house trust me, but they have a lot of crap to deal with! I seem how some people, like John, talk to the staff at the desk, and I don’t know how they put up with it, I certainly don’t want their job. I have seen plenty of disregard from many league bowlers too you know: hitting the ball return covers, cussing out other league members and staff. They put up with quite a bit of childish behavior from us sometimes, and they take it with stride. So please, if you are going to be such a selfish jerk, please leave, we don’t want to share the house with you. Let me warn you though, if you go to Kenmore or Sunvilla, you’ll find staff that really don’t care about you, there is a reason I take the extra time to drive to Kirkland, instead of down the street to Sunvilla, they REALLY don’t care.

Comment Date: 1/31/2011 Name: Venom & Carnage
Hey Spiderman: Don got it right, just the wrong day! We bowl on the Pizza Pints and Pins league on Wednesday nights. In our last short season, we bowled with another league in the house. The scratch league, in which we think John F was a member! For the Scratch league’s benefit, the music WAS shut off or turned way the hell down. After I am sure certain members of the scratch league complained (John F once again). ONLY ONE PROBLEM: the scratch leagues consisted of four lanes, WE (PPP) consisted of 10! Perhaps it was because a certain scratch league member (Mr John once again) always seemed to be quite taken with the FORMER league secretary, Lyzz. I have noticed that she is gone now, and the desk people seem to handling things quite fine WITHOUT HER! As of this season, scratch league is gone, and we have our music. Perhaps her departure seemed to have something to do with it! Because we are in it for the bowling the pizza and the beer! For fun, not for serious! So get it right Spiderman, or else we will catch you in our web!

Comment Date: 1/28/2011 Name: John F
Don, I don’t think you know me “personally” per se since I know I have not once ever met you. Yes there have been complaints voiced to the management at the bowling center by myself and other bowlers. I heard some of the feedback, both positive and negative. The comment made about the lane conditions “taking a dive” was expressed by numerous bowlers on the league. However, they were always deterred from bringing this to the attention of the desk staff because they would always be told the “conditions were fine.” I have experienced first-hand a lack of professionalism by the staff and when I brought it to the attention of management it was brushed under the table. I mentioned a group of teenagers sitting on the ball return machine. I was responded to with, “It won’t do any good to say anything.” Another time kids kept running up on the lane approach while others were trying to bowl. The response for that was, “Well, they’re just kids.” As you said, it should be a good experience for everyone. Does that mean everyone the staff and ownership at TCB likes or everyone that conducts business within your establishment? And unless you truly sit down and talk to someone, you don’t know them. Believing everything you hear about someone or something is not getting to know them.

Comment Date: 1/28/2011 Name: Don- member of the ownership group
My family built this business from the ground up starting in the 30’s in eastern Washington, and then other centers in our area. Our center was built in the late 50’s and has continued to survive through now 4 generations, and many tough economic times. Our current management team has an average tenure of 10 plus years with us. The bottom line that this all comes down to is this for us:
-We value our customers and their patronage, and try to make sure that we always have a clean, fun, and healthy environment to enjoy the sport of bowling. We were non-smoking alomst 5 years before the law came in to effect!
-Our goal is to support and grow the enthusiasm of the sport through league play, open play for the casual bowler, and programs that support the idea that bowling is a fun sport. We are here for sport and entertainment.
-We do our best to make sure our associates are treated fairly, and respectfully, while provided with a fun/safe environment to work in. Common sense will prevail in the case of a former associate versus a business and their claims of treatment or issues that led to their separation, then the courts if necessary.
-While I know personally who John F. is, I am unfamiliar with the others and their super hero names. I would urge them all to get on with more important issues in their lives, and allow this space to be utilized as what it is for, consumer feedback versus school yard debate.
I openly apologize for the situation that has evolved in this space, but I can assure you that our appreciation for your patronage will always be measured by the response that is given to communicated concerns while you are a guest in our center. I would sincerely urge our guests to please contact the management team with your concerns and comments so that they can be addressed satisfactorily.

Thank you.

Comment Date: 1/28/2011 Name: Don
I did not say that I know you personally, I stated that I know who you are personally, there is a big difference. Based on your past that I have read about (not heard), I do not want to know you personally, nor does any other member of my family… can explain away to any one that reads this as to why. You have become the quintessential customer that is never satisfied with any situation or level of service provided, but yet, keeps returning to provide negative feedback about your experiences. Based on the feedback you have provided in the past, our center would be nothing but a quiet, brightly lit mortuary where you can personally come and bowl 7 days a week 24 hours per day, with no children allowed. For your benefit alone, we stopped playing music on Thursday evenings so that you could “concentrate” on your game, yet you still state that you are unsatisfied. I would not clasify the way that you currently communicate with, or treat our associates as being professional or in any way consistently respectful. If you were to approach it that way, your concerns would be as well.
Good Luck to you.

Comment Date: 1/27/2011 Name: Spiderman
John, I admire you for using your real name. I think I know who you are, and if it were me, I would probably have been a little more cautious but man you got guts. No worries. If the people here are anywhere near the man you are they would “unmask” themselves before attacking others, but that won’t happen. Only those who have nothing to hide reveal their true self. And I see DJ Harv is not afraid to be real. John and Harv. Two real men among us. While the batboy is probably hiding in his batcave with boy wonder planning and plotting “oh, what to do!” Be real and be a man. Admit what was done and said. The false accusations. The lying. The slander. Be real. Make what is wrong right and restore balance to TCB.

Comment Date: 1/27/2011 Name: Susies Dad
I am bowling in league at Sunvilla and TechCity this season. Techcity’s lanes started out better than Sunvillas the first month of league, then took a nose dive. They were really bad for a while, but the shot seems like it’s come back the last few weeks. Everyone on my team has been bowling better. The staff at Techcity are more personable and friendly, the food is better, and the service is better. For those complaining about the service, my league at Sunvilla only has 1 server. Not 2 or 3. Let’s all get back to why we’re here: to have fun, and bowl!

Comment Date: 1/27/2011 Name: DJ Harv
It’s a shame the sticks and stones being tossed around in here! No place and nobody is perfect, a little positive communication is needed here. Overall TCB is a great place to spend your time and money. Everyone can have a bad night. Had many a good nights Dj’ing there and I feel we the staff including some negatively mentioned here helped make TCB a fun place to be. I still recommend it to my Eastside friends.

Comment Date: 1/26/2011 Name: John F
I’m not sure who all is saying what here. People are posting under superhero names or fake names and as anonymous. I’ve been asked if I were also posting as one of the super heroes. Well, I’m no super hero. I’m just me. I am no better than anyone else to walk this earth. I’ve made my mistakes and I’ve paid for them. Unlike some people who feel they are holier than others and like to talk about people behind their back, if I have something to say I am man enough to put my name on it and say it. Don’t be a coward and hide behind a screen name and try to portray yourself as a league bowler. You’ve probably never even established an average in the house in the last five years. Tech City is an establishment on Seattle’s east side. You would think the ownership would want the management to dress and act with the dignity and class of the people from the area they interact with.

Comment Date: 1/25/2011 Name: Catwoman
In the last couple of years things have really gone down hill. The staff is too busy texting and reading to do their jobs. You have to get in their face to get their attention. Forget lane service, if there is anyone working they are behind the counter texting on their cell phones or sitting out front talking to their friends. Plus it is hard to tell who the staff is since they are wearing street clothes that look like they were just pulled out of their hamper…NOT professional at all.

Comment Date: 1/25/2011 Name: Anonymous
I agree with John F. The staff on the whole is unprofessional, baggy holey jean, shirts not tucked in, and they seem to have a hard time seeing problems like lane jams and so forth. Plus a few really annoying descisions over the last few years, black light bowling in the middle of the day on wednesdays thursdays and fridays!?! Really dumb.

Comment Date: 1/21/2011 Name: Spiderman
Hey Batman. Figured since you can’t be man enough to give your name maybe I could join the convo and be a super hero myself! I bowl on occasion at TCB and hear things there. Man what I hear with my super hero ears! The management there is bad! Hey people! Did you know that the waitresses should wear low-cut shirts cause sex sells? But we can all lie under oath if we want. Nobody will know. And throw people under the bus too because we can use one person as a scapegoat and make a post saying that things at the alley seem so much happier lately. Oh Batman get real and fly your a** out of your bat cave. You’re not fooling anyone.

Comment Date: 1/21/2011 Name: John F
Hey Batman. Let’s talk facts. Heather didn’t “quit” as you say and it has been more than two months ago. But that’s not the point. Was some of her actions off-color? I would say yes. Then again some of the things management asks the staff to do there is questionable. And the way they handle business is also questionable if you ask me. I feel the professionalism is in need of some serious looking into at the establishment there before it starts to corrode from the top down. Just my perspective.

Comment Date: 1/20/2011 Name: Batman
John we need to keep ‘facts’ seperate from ‘feelings’. I’ve been bowling in the Tuesday league for a few years and they added the 3rd server half way through the 2009-2010 season. It didn’t suddenly start right after Heather left two months ago. That is ‘fact’. Another ‘fact’ is that some bowlers silently cheered when Heather left. Others were very upset, and continue to take it out on the servers and front alley guys. I’ve seen them yelled at, and mistreated as a result. My take on customer service? I think it’s great! But, I also make it a point to be extra friendly to all the Tech staff, and they, in turn, are extremely friendly to me. I wish everyone would try it.

Comment Date: 1/20/2011 Name: Lousy bowler
I bowled in leagues in New York back in the 90’s. I gave it up 15 years ago. Never thought i’d want to do it again. Walked into TechCity with some friends. Nice establishment, good lanes, food, friendly service. What does this really have to do about leagues? PIZZA AND BEER! No ABC sanction card to pay for, very few rules, no pressure … just a fun 9-pin league that includes free pizza and beer every week. I’m in! Oh, and it’s a short season league too!

Comment Date: 1/18/2011 Name: John F
Wow. You can really tell when management is stepping in to defend the establishment. Before they “dismissed” Heather they would only have two lane servers during leagues. I’ve been bowling there for five-plus years. Get real. Now they have three and they can’t keep up. The front desk staff is unprofessional and doesn’t even watch the lanes. And the comment made by someone about joining a league but there was too much pressue to be good? Well, we know that was a jab at someone who decided to move on because of the the way people don’t appreciate a good worker when they have one. Tech-City once was a fine place to bowl. Now it’s becoming as political as the White House.

Comment Date: 1/4/2011 Name: rehtaeh
My friends talked us into participating in the New Years Eve X-Bowl Party. We like to have a good time, but we are not heavy drinkers or big partiers. Our apprehension left the moment we walked through the doors. The staff treats you like family, even though we’d only been there a couple times before. They were very busy. I’d estimate there were 400 people there, but it was very mellow. Nobody was getting drunk or being rowdy…just having a good time. We will probably make this an annual tradition. Thank you Tech Bowl! Rehtaeh

Comment Date: 12/30/2010 Name: Mr. Powers
Took the family to Tech Bowl while the kids were out of school. Positives: very clean, well maintained. Great food, excellent service, friendly staff, fair prices. Negatives: none!

Comment Date: 12/19/2010 Name: Steven
I needed to post that I went in to TechCity this past week and was so impressed with the overall service. I have been bowling there about once every two weeks for years, and it seems in the past week or so, everyone there is so much happier about something. I considered joining a league a while back but it seemed like to much pressure to be good instead of just fun, now I am going to reconsider. Top notch service, and really improved atmosphere.

Comment Date: 12/12/2010 Name: Mike
I want to take a moment to detract from what “Anonymous” submitted on 11/30 because I come in almost every Saturday and deal only with Jon. He is always only the most polite guy when we come in. We always ask for two lanes cause I bowl with my college buddies, and we always want to be away from the annoying people such as little kids who run into our space and abnoxious bachelorette parties. He always gets us what we want and does his best to deal with the jerks who get in our way. One time we had some serious issues with one of our lane messing up setting pins and not returing our balls and he moved us AND hooked us up with extra time on the him, and this was when it was really busy, he had to move around some of his reservations to get it done! The last few weeks we have been here it has been insane busy, and a couple of the times we have had to wait over an hour to get our lanes but Jon always comes through for us! So Anonymous: perhaps you are leaving something out hmmm? Just saying. Everybody this lady is wrong! Jon is the best!!!

Comment Date: 12/4/2010 Name: Single Dad
Took the kids bowling last weekend. The customer service was very friendly and the alleys were level which is not always the case at other centers. Food was above average. Played some great redemption games afterwards, and the kids each won enough tickets to redeem for small prizes.

Comment Date: 11/30/2010 Name: Batman
Replaced her with 3 servers? The alley has always had a total of 3 servers on full league night. Heather was just 1 of the 3 servers. She never did it by herself. Let’s keep it real and stick to facts, please. My opinion is that the service is still very good, and sadly, better than most full service restaurants!

Comment Date: 11/30/2010 Name: Anonymous
After having viewed the review for this place, I decided to have my Bachelorette party at Techcity Bowl a few weeks ago! It was a Saturday afternoon party and when we got there,it was pretty busy. We wanted two lanes together but John, at the Front Desk dismissed us, in a rude manner, by saying that no two lanes are open together and will not be for a while. As we were about to leave, the other front desk staff member (Shayan) stopped us and said that if we waited for a minute, he will figure something out. He went down to the lanes and asked one of the parties if they would move one lane over so that there will be 2 lanes open for us together. And so they did,and we got our two lanes. I specifically wrote down Shayan’s name so I could post a review here. Although the service we got initially from John was terrible, the service from Shayan was exceptional. If it wasn’t for him, we would never bring our business back to Techcity!!! P.S. for the single ladies that go there, Shayan is kind of cute too!!

Comment Date: 11/18/2010 Name: league bowler
Missing Heather…. ya, she could be a bit rough around the edges but she busted butt. They replaced her with three people to handle the leagues and service is a bit slower.

Comment Date: 11/1/2010 Name: Boytano
I worked for Tech City several years ago and I can tell you that I QUIT – walked off the job – because of Heather. The comments i’m reading here don’t surprise me at all. She got away with far too much, for far too long. It was tolerated because she had friends in high places I guess. How else can it be explained?

Comment Date: 10/18/2010 Name: LESTER
I was tired of always having my cheese sticks fondled by that obnoxious server. She turned everything even food into something sexual.

Comment Date: 10/12/2010 Name: Batman
A friend of mine knew I had had run-ins with Heather in the past and told me about this thread… Very interesting indeed. I thought I was the only person that was offended by her actions, and being a guy, made it difficult for me to say anything to someone. It’s about time she is gone!

Comment Date: 10/11/2010 Name: another league bowler
Jackie, Gabbie, and Stephanie, “rock”! The bartenders are all very good too! People come and go, no matter where you go or what you do. It’s just part of life…

Comment Date: 10/10/2010 Name: Sonia
My opinion is that people are let go for a reason. And I think that Tech City only got better. Heather’s service was great but she was a little too much with customers. Many times so many thought she was inappropriate and was surprised this never changed.

Comment Date: 10/9/2010 Name: Lena
I agree that there is no difference now that Heather is gone. Actually the difference is that we don’t have someone who is loud and often indecent or inappropriate. The way she acted belongs in some bar where you basically touch and feel peopple. That does not belong in a bowling ally. She was quick on her feet but the way she acted in the public’s eyes was never appropriate.

Comment Date: 10/8/2010 Name: better than average bowler
My team hasn’t noticed a difference in lane service the last couple weeks. Heather did a good job, but so do all the other girls that work there. I’ve bowled league at other centers, and I can tell you that very few provide the level of service that TechCity does.

Comment Date: 10/7/2010 Name: Josh R.
David is right: do you people really think that TechCity, or any business for that matter, would fire a star performer for no reason? To all of Heathers friends coming to her rescue: how do you know she was fired? I’ve asked, and the staff isn’t talking. Too bad they won’t defend themselves. I;m sure there are two sides to this story, and from my personal dealings with Heather, while her service was great, she did cross the line at times.

Comment Date: 10/7/2010 Name: League bowler
“This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experiences about a particular bowling center.”
This is for positive and negative feedback. Reads as though there is a lot of positive comments dating back to 2008 to now related to Heather. It sure does sound as though “David” works for the company, careful you could get the company in trouble if you say the wrong thing. From what I see out of 6 recent comments only one mentions why Heather is no longer there. The other comments seem to read as though Heather was a bright spot and will be missed. You say dignity David, obviously you are not paying much attention to what the girls are wearing when they are working. I will miss her smiling face and go get em attitude that’s for sure.

Comment Date: 10/6/2010 Name: David
After many years in business, and many years enjoying this sport, centers like this have made one thing clear to me when personnel changes occurred: there had to be good reasons. I noticed a comment from ‘Courtney’ which makes me wonder if that was another server that disappeared. How come? What are the real reasons why these people are dismissed. If you look at what these people have to put in to owning a business of this size and investment, I do not believe for a moment that they would jeopardize that for the sake of dismissing a person ‘just because’. Did anyone ask why Heather is no longer there? If you did not receive the service you thought you should of on your last visit, did you still tip and not contact a manager to comment on your expectations? It is strange that so many comments have emerged that are seeming to only think that Heather could have done nothing wrong to deserve dismissal, which, she could have. If you truly want the best experience possible, communicate your expectations to the person serving your beverage, drilling your bowling ball, and collecting your money. There is human element on both sides of a situation like this, not just the one sided story of the person who is gone. What a good thing it is that the people working there are not spreading rumors about why Heather is not there, allowing her to maintain her dignity.

Comment Date: 10/5/2010 Name: Sarah
I spend most every friday night at tech city have been for almost 2 years. One of the major reasons that my friends and I kept coming back was because of Heather. A couple weeks ago she disappeared and in reading the comments I see she was let go. How unfortunate for this establishment. I can guarentee they will lose a lot of their bar clientele as a lot of them come in knowing that the service they’ll recieve from heather would be second to none, and she always makes you feel like you are the only customer there. Too bad she’s gone now. I went in a with a big group, trying to get service to the group, yea didn’t happen. Everyone had to go to the actual bar to order their drinks. When heather was there she was constantly on the move interacting with everyone and anyone who would have her. My friends and I are really re-thinking our friday night hang out spot. May have to try out one of the other bowling alleys or karaoke spots around town.

Comment Date: 10/5/2010 Name: Biran
I agree with the last few comments and have been debating finding a new place to go for my friday nights out. Heather was fantastic and always had a smile and made it seem like she was having fun even when she wasn’t feeling 100%. She was the best server at tech city and she will be missed terribly.

Comment Date: 10/2/2010 Name: Courtney E.
Heather will be miss not only by me but along with others that come in. The fact that Heather is no longer employed with the bowling alley, I know there are people that are saddened and infuriated by this. Her service was superior to all service staff there. I know that I will no longer be a customer of Tech City’s and there are many others that will follow. In the many years that Heather was employeed there she estabilished an impressive clientele who came in exclusively to see Heather and her service was matched with a positive attitude and a warm smile 100% of the time.

Comment Date: 9/29/2010 Name: Debra
I agree with the last comment, good quality wait staff on our league night is hard to come by, finally we get a great server, Heather, who provides great service with a smile, and now she’s gone too. She’d work circles around the other servers, why mess with a good thing?

Comment Date: 9/27/2010 Name: Rachel
I am curious as to why Heather is no longer working at Tech City Bowl. I have been a patron of this establishment for many years now, and have always enjoyed the welcome and kindness I have received from all members of the staff there. It has come to my attention that over the past year in particular, many of the good quality staff members of yours have disappeared. It seems that a lot of them keep getting let go, and it is somewhat of a disappointment to me. The bowling alley is becoming less of a place that I feel a desire to go to now. I am concerned that all of the great staff you have there will be gone before I know it. They are the main reason that I go to Tech City and have been a patron for so many years. I would like to think that this loss of great employees will stop soon.

Comment Date: 9/27/2010 Name: Amanda
I agree with Rachel! I go every week to watch my boyfriend bowl on league and I look forward to seeing Heather. She is always full of smiles and makes me feel welcome in the midst of all the men!

Comment Date: 3/24/2010 Name: The Artist
This is a clean, well kept bowling alley with great service and good food. It is not overly geared toward families, so adults can have a good time too. Heather was so nice to us when we were there. You can’t get better service from another person. Heather rules!!!

Comment Date: 5/19/2009 Name: TIM
i have recently started bowling at tech city,the staff is great and the lanes are awesome.i will be starting league there on thursday.hope the leageus are as fun as bowling during the day on my lunch.i have never had a bad experience at tech city. give it a shot and decide for yourself

Comment Date: 1/19/2009 Name: justhavingfun
I attended a friends party at Tech Bowl last weekend. They had some funky glow bowling going on. It was really cool – and it reminded me of the VIP sections at some of those ‘trendy’ bowling alleys – just much more affordable. I think they do this most of the time now, but you’d probably want to verify this yourself. Taking the family back next week.

Comment Date: 12/29/2008 Name: Excited Couple
Tech City is clean, friendly bowling staff for the most part depending on what time of day you are there and a nice sit down restaurant. If you bowl first on your receipt there is a coupon for the restaurant. That was a nice perk. We went into the restaurant after bowling on Saturday and Heather was great and the food was surprising for a bowling alley. There was a large group of people there but the service did not suffer. Heather told us about their Friday night events and also about bowling after 9pm. Sundays through Thursday it�s all you can bowl for $9 and that includes shoes. We will be back with friends. Thanks Tech City!

Comment Date: 8/11/2008 Name: Laura
Good place to take the family bowling. My kids really like the redemption game room they have too. Sooo much better than Chucke-Cheese!

Comment Date: 7/20/2008 Name: Gasper T.
Tech City is a bit spendy, but you definately get what you pay for! The alley’s seldom break down, and i’ve never had my bowling ball damaged. The staff is always friendly and the food and drink is good.

Comment Date: 7/16/2008 Name: Billie
What great fun we had! It looks like the alley is doing some remodel work again, but it’s not distracting unless they are real busy and you have to bowl next to the construction.

Comment Date: 4/25/2008 Name: CJ
It’s a sad day when you get better service at a bowling alley restaurant then you get at most restaurants. Such is the case with the restaurant inside Tech City. The service is excellent! Best burgers on the Eastside! Heather rocks!

Comment Date: 4/24/2008 Name: Anonymous
My family has bowled at Sunset for the last several years. We decided to try Tech Bowl. It was more expensive than what we were used to paying, but the staff was very friendly, the place was very clean (yes, even the restrooms), and the food was great. Will we be back? For sure!

Comment Date: 3/29/2008 Name: Anonymous
The bowling alley is clean and has an open atmosphere. The lanes themselves are nice and rarely is there an issue with the return, pins, balls, etc. The pricing is very high. There are a couple staff members who are routinely rude. I go out of my way to avoid them and do not like that I have to do this. The food in the restaurant is a little on the expensive side, but is better than just a frozen burger patty on a bun. Overall not horrible, but not ideal either.

Comment Date: 3/16/2008 Name: bowler
I agree with Capt kang.

Comment Date: 3/11/2008 Name: Capt Kang
TCM you should consider adding a couple of games during the summer. Im sure the thinking is people who use these games wont come in for just 2 games so they will buy more. Maybe reward your bowlers a bit more who are loyal. Dont nickle and dime me to death because I threw a couple of practice shots. Over the last year Techcity has become more friendly, but still has a ways to go to compete with the other party centers around.

Comment Date: 3/4/2008 Name: TCM
Capt Kang –
The centers that do that usually are either deperate or stupid or both. This is just a nice perk. Techcity does offer 2 free games per week for all summer bowlers. Not in a cave, just know the difference between desperate and appreciative.

Comment Date: 2/19/2008 Name: league bowler
I like to start by saying I bowl at tech city a lot, I do 2 leagues there. I’ll start with the pro’s. The lanes and ball return are great. Service meets par. Restraunt and arcade are definitly a plus. The Jason at the proshop is great. The con’s. Pricing is ridiculous. For a non-league bowler the cost for 1 game is $5.60. For a league bowler the cost for 1 game is $3.30. Lanes are $28 an hour. All the specials they have are at hours no one wants to bowl. Tech city is a very nice bowling center,but at a cost. I hope this review is helpful to you.

Comment Date: 2/11/2008 Name: Capt Kang
TCM have you lived in a cave for 20 years?!?! Some centers still give you 3 free games a day if you join a league. Techcity should look into giving every league this great deal or at least something like it.

Comment Date: 1/24/2008 Name: TCM
The new practice is league is amazing! They give you 8 free games a week to be used on our own time! I have been bowling for 20 years and I have never seen anything like this!

Comment Date: 1/17/2008 Name: Anonymous
Your cosmic X-Bowl “rocks”! The staff is very friendly, and my friends like how the DJ interacts with the bowlers, and has then spin the wheel-of-fortune for prizes. The food is pretty tasty – perfect for the lanes! We will be back…

Comment Date: 12/22/2007 Name: TechCity
I am sure I don’t know what you mean. I am sorry if you feel you were treated unfairly while you were here. Obviously that is not our intention. I would love to hear what went wrong, because as you alluded to, customer service is our #1 priority. I hope you do take the time to realize the sincerity of this message, and call or email, even if it is just to cuss me out. I really do want to know why you feel you were treated unfairly, so hopefully we can stop it from happening again. Take Care!

Comment Date: 12/22/2007 Name: TechCity
P.S. Happy Holidays!

Comment Date: 12/20/2007 Name: A Friend
Joey – I know who it is that is doing it. I think it is stupid…I’m their friend and even I think they need to get a life. 🙂 I will email you and tell who it is.

Comment Date: 12/18/2007 Name: Former league bowler
Ill be 100% honest, I was never an employee thank god! You treated our league so poorly I just want to make sure people know your a joke. Its the truth and you know it! What happened to the Customer Service? You rather spend your focus appealing to the little kids so they can spend their parents money than to focus on the league bowlers who are there weekly bases.

Comment Date: 12/16/2007 Name: Does It Matter?
Before you let the ratings on this site effect where you bowl take this into consideration. There is no stopping a former employee from coming on here and running the center into the ground. They can leave comments posing as other people at the center (Like Paula, Rodney, and Brad), and they can rate the center as many times as they like. Such is the case with this center…we went from 300 to 430 ratings in 2 days, and it took our rating from 4 stars, to 2 1/2, right at the time the bogus comments were left. Just visit the center, this one or any other one, and judge for yourself. If you like us, great! If not, then its our loss, but at least it’s our fault we lost a customer, not a former employee who has nothing better to do with his/her time…

Comment Date: 12/13/2007 Name: Rodney
ZOMG FUN!!! Rawr

Comment Date: 11/6/2007 Name: Joey Neibauer
“Brad” & “Paula” – Apparently you have had a bad experience here at Techcity Bowl. We would like a chance to make this right so go ahead and give me a call…i think you know how to get a hold of us! 😉

Comment Date: 8/29/2007 Name: Paula
Joey is a reject of a “bowl manager” Anybody with half a brain would be able to tell he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.

Comment Date: 8/28/2007 Name: Brad
Welcome to the most overpriced bowling alley in the state. 5.60 a game to bowl in a center that is in need of a major facelife. The Owners are too busy trying to nickle and dime every person that walks through the door. Maybe they will get their head out of the clouds and realize there is more to a business besides penny pinching.

Comment Date: 4/26/2007 Name: Joey – Manager TechCity Bowl
Thank you very much for your feedback! We always strive for our visiting friends to have the best time possible

Comment Date: 11/24/2006 Name: Glenn
Went to Tech City for a family day after Thanksgiving. The staff were very helpful and nice. We rented two lanes by the hour and had a great time. Good price for the value. Having the automatic bumpers for kids was really nice. We will plan on going back.

Comment Date: 4/14/2006 Name: tms
I love the moonlight bowling on the weekends. It’s a great price for two hours of non-stop bowling (as long as you don’t get stuck with a bunch of teenagers:-) ). The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is fun.

Comment Date: 4/13/2006 Name: Mindy
The staff is very friendly and the center is always clean. They charge a bit more than some of the bowling centers North of here, but it’s well worth the price! Oh… they have great pizza too!

Comment Date: 4/9/2006 Name: James
I like Tech City bowl because it is fun and the bowling place is big and is fun for parties. i always have fun

Comment Date: 3/26/2005 Name: LM
Tech City Bowl is the perfect place to have a party, for both kids and adults. It’s clean and totally cool, the staff is friendly and helpful and the food is pretty good, too. There’s a gaming area and just a real nice atmosphere to the whole place.

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