Upper Valley Lanes and Games

Upper Valley Lanes and Games

  Name: Upper Valley Lanes and Games  
  Address: 94 Bowling Lane  
  City: White River Junction  
  State: VT  
  Zip: 05001  
  Phone: (802) 296-2442  
  Hours: 9am-11pm S-T, Midnight F-Sat  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: Birthday Parties, Company Parties, Cosmic Bowling  
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Votes:    88
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
Food: Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7
Price: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Fun: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
Overall: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
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Upper Valley Lanes and Games Comments
Comment Date: 5/19/2011 Name: Anonymous
This bowling center isn’t that bad. I don’t bowl in leagues or anything but I have gone there many times with family and friends and we usually have a good time. The staff isn’t the friendliest and the food isn’t great. The bathrooms are pretty gross, but who goes to a bowling alley for the bathrooms?! Just go and have a good time and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Comment Date: 1/18/2011 Name: charles springer
Iam tired of people knocking this bowling center. I have bowling at this center for at least 25 years.When i first started the old owners did nothing to improve the place.At least Dale and Naomi have tried to keepup with improvements. They put in new lanes,bought a new oiler for lanes,put in new carpets and also redid restrooms,the problems are that their are People who come and dont give a damn. It takes money to run this alley and people should respect the place. Dale and Naomi keep up the good work, i know your trying

Comment Date: 1/14/2011 Name: Weetawleagelt
I just want to say Hi to Everyone!

Comment Date: 11/6/2010 Name: not going there again
the fact that there are sleazy strippers with foul mouths in the restroom when young children are there is enough for me never to take my family back there. perhaps the strip joint should go and they should focus on more family related business

Comment Date: 4/14/2010 Name: nunya
this bowling center has its pros and cons, the new lanes are nice but the shot is sometimes hard to find. the pin action def isnt the best but you can still work with it. there have been SO many 300’s so far this year.. very impressive. the owners are ehh. they arent my favorite part of the building to put it in a nice way. the pro shop owner is one of the nicest people ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. the bar manager is a great guy! the food is not bad at all. the bathrooms are absolutely disgusting and i dont use them when i go there. the building itself could use some updating in that aspect but i dont see much wrong with the place in general.

Comment Date: 3/22/2009 Name: Steve Hardy
We reciently visited this center for the NH State Tourn and I have to say it wasn’t my best experience. The approaches are completely worn down and should be replaced, the bathrooms were attrocious from a very bad smell to broken urinals to no paper products, the food what they hadn’t run out of was terrible and the place was very dirty. I really find it difficult to see a good reason why the event was even held at this center. The propriotor actually limited the number of lanes the tourn could use to 16, thats bananas…. This center needs an overhaul, and they should be able to do it there was plenty of business in all areas, bowling, bar and the strip joint as well…

Comment Date: 2/4/2009 Name: Anonymous
I went to use the bathroom at this center and there was a stripper passed out on the bathroom floor. What was even more disgusting is that she missed the toilet and there was blood and feces everywhere. The food was good, and my family and I had an overall good time.

Comment Date: 12/26/2008 Name: mom2boys
I have been coming to this bowling alley for many years as a teenager and later as a parent. The bathrooms are not terribly clean, but that’s my only issue. When we go during the day, it is mostly young families and the staff have always been very friendly.

Comment Date: 12/9/2008 Name: Anonymous
I was there with my son and his friends this weekend and couldn’t believe how disgusting it was. The bathrooms were so dirty I didn’t pee all day!

Comment Date: 8/10/2008 Name: A Disgusted Bowler
A bowling alley attached to a strip club! Naomi is good friends with the owner of the club, Shawn a.k.a Holly. In fact, Hollywood is now the manager of Naomi’s bar, Shenanigan’s. I was in there last weekend, and noticed that the place has gone to hell. Naomi promised new approaches, but there are none. The bar smells funny and there are fruit flies all over the place. The pizza at the birthday party I was at was the most disgusting pizza I’ve ever had. The employees are rude and clueless, and the bathrooms make you want to puke.
I don’t know what’s happened between the end of leagues a few months back until now, but it’s disgusting. I guess the guys and I are going to go somewhere else for leagues this year, because it is obvious from my own experiences, and talking with other bowlers, and the posts here, Naomi cares nothing about the place.

Comment Date: 4/22/2008 Name: Anonymous
We recently had a wonderful experience at the bowling center. The staff was more than gracious. There was a cute little red head server that served us our drinks and she was smiley and bubbly. We will definitely come back for more bowling. Keep up the good work guys!!

Comment Date: 2/25/2008 Name: just an employee
wow i work here and none of this stuff even makes sense people love our service and they love our lanes i think that these people should come in and say something if they want to say something so why doesnt everyone else who has a problem with athority can grow some

Comment Date: 1/22/2008 Name: would rather not say
As I read all these posts, it makes me stand back and wonder WHO these people are that are writing such things. A grown adult slaps a child across the face, and thinks his actions are okay? Regardless of what the child said, you never strike a child let alone across the face. He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested. The fact he was banned, he’s lucky thats all he got. It doesn’t matter if he is a good bowler, has a family that bowls or doesn’t bowl. He was wrong.
Perhaps instead of posting rude comments, he should have written a letter explaining he was WRONG, acted on impluses, is seeking help, and reasons why they should allow him to return after showing it would never happen again. Instead, all he has done as show Upper Valley Lanes and Games is there is a huge chance it will happen again as he hasn’t expressed remorse for his actions. He feels justified for what he has done.

Comment Date: 12/12/2007 Name: cory
great place to bowl nice owners and proshop if you have your own ball. great service.very polite.

Comment Date: 11/11/2007 Name: ????
Upper Valley Lanes is an amazing bowling alley and it is very fun! Me and my friends go every weekend to enjoy the music and bowling.

Comment Date: 8/26/2007 Name: Peg
Shabby looking inside. Not very clean. Stained carpets. Badly scratched counters. Worn approaches. Poorly maintained lanes. Very disgusting bathrooms. Understaffed. Pro shop not open much. Boy am I glad I was only there on vacation and don’t have to bowl there all the time. I feel sorry for thr residents there to have that as the only place to bowl.

Comment Date: 8/26/2007 Name: Bowling Fanatic
My family and I used to be patrons of this center. No longer. We will gladly pay the extra money in gasoline to drive to a much better bowling center. As parents, we believe in raising our children with discipline and will discipline them, in public, should the need arise. The owner of this center, Naomi, does not believe in proper discipline of children for wrongdoing within her center. Recently, a youth swore at his mother and otherwise was disrepectful to his uncle, at the center. The youth was disciplined, appropriately, with a slap across the mouth, in public, by the uncle.
The owner banned the youth’s uncle from the center for life and refuses to post the 300 game the uncle bowled. A bowling center that promotes a lack of discipline and bad youth behavior certainly will not recieve any of our business in the future.

Comment Date: 8/22/2007 Name: with held for family reasons
These are the worst lanes I have ever bowled on. You can never tell from one night to another what your ball will do. Sometimes you can`t even get a consistent line for a whole game.The cost of bowling there is outrageous to say the least. Also this B.S. of 100% handicap is for the benefit of sandbaggers who are afraid of losing to good bowlers.It does nothing to increase league membership or personal pride in bowling improvement. Why bowl good when you can lay back and win with big handicap.This Particular center will never see any of my money again.

Comment Date: 5/2/2007 Name: ?
yes i agree with the people who think that Dale is be ruled by his wife. i think that he does need to GROW SOME. Dale was the best owner when she was in hte hospital and then she came back and it all went back to the normal her ruling the castle thing. She needs to learn that she is not the center of the bowling alley and that alot of people decided not to come back to the alley this year because of her and her rudeness and bossiness.

Comment Date: 4/5/2007 Name: Guess Who
Dear Worker,I know what you mean I tried to talk to Dale when this all happened and Naomi jumped in front of him and said I BANNED YOU. He just stood there like a puppet and said nothing. I hope Dale GROWS SOME and puts her in her place and be willing to talk and maybe settle this once and for all. I hate to travel 30+ mins to bowl but next year I will have to. Rumor has it that another center is opening in the area and I hope this center goes under and nobody to blame but Naomi and Dale’s stupid judgement. I was asked to bowl in local tourney because someone couldn’t last minute I ask to bowl 1 time team event and JC went to owners and was to no. So team had to bowl with someone out of the blue and bowled well except for the sub. I hope people see this as issues in the center and not someone complaining. I help get people in the door, try to boast tournament bowlers into coming to there, get my family into bowling which is a family of 7. Now my kids wont even bowl there no matter what. Next year they will be bowling in Springfield, VT at Springfield Bowl were there junior program has REAL COACHING and not just people off the street. They had one real coach at lanes and games Ken Clifford. Rest of the coaches are bowler like myself,Mandy Founier, Dave Acker with years of experience we had real coaches growing up like Thomas Truman,Ellen Truman, Phylis Eaborn. There upset because the current League officers because they are teaching the kids NOTHING!!!! Just collect there money and do NOTHING!!! It make me mad that kids now a days have places to go and nobody wants to help them get someone with bowling the same way lots of us have like Jeff Schlosser, Nate Clark, Scott Evans, Dennis Burnham, myself. Kids that got great coaching and now its all for nothing just pay and stay away. Kids have go there and talk on cellphones,listen to there ipods,cd players, and horseplay around and nobody cares because they got there money to the house and Dale and Naomi got paid. Sad isn’t it!!!!

Comment Date: 4/2/2007 Name: anonymous
i feel that Dale is being ruled by his wife. His wife is quite the trip. while being on the staff i was treated like dirt. Naomi was spreading rumors about me and an adult while being completely immature. She tried to get me fired but could not succeed.

Comment Date: 3/13/2007 Name: ?
i have been bowling at this bowling alley for ten years and i wish to continue, but there are many thins that the people who work there can do to improve it. if your workers know someone at the alley they should not run away from their duties to talk to them. i was there on Friday night for Cosmic Bowling and the young lady at the counter just left in the middle and sat on a guys lap and talked to him. my friends and i stood there waiting for her, she was the only one who was available at the time the other two were accepting people into the alley. the new worker that has arrived is very rude to customers. PS i think her name was a boys name.

Comment Date: 1/2/2007 Name: R.B
One of the things I appreciate is that I’ve never stood out as a bowler or done anything special to draw his attention to who I am , yet whenever I walk by Dale he always sais hi —-
and as little as that may seam it impresses me as a customer of his buisiness.

Comment Date: 11/4/2006 Name: Banned Bowler
This youth bowler swore at mother with LEAGUE Reps there and has been in trouble with bowling center for not paying for bowling. He’s also been in trouble with law enforcement. There was another person that had struck his kid and only banned for 2 DAYS I got LIFE BAN!!! WHO GOT SCREWED???? This is just a person that just wants people to fear them. The center had banned my 800 series, REFUSED to post a 800 series and a 300 game because I was accused of outside incident and I got screwed again. I got cleared of issued and they still REFUSED TO POST MY 800 series and 300 game. I had to get league president and league secretary involved to get scores posted with other schonor scores that were also achieved. I just want to bowl and put this behind, but she just wants to make me out to be the bad guy. I just want to bowland have a place to go. Because of me being band my kids refused to bowl. Three of the five kids I have qualified for the PEPSI National and because they didnt want to go there because I couldnt be there. They were told that they couldnt bowl state level qualifier in Manchester,NH after they paid $20 EACH and no refund was given back, now I lose $60. This bowling center has lost bowlers , I wont recommend this center to ANYONE!!!! I hope someday this center can come to its senses and let me back before it becomes an issues for some other poor person that gets the shaft like I did.

Comment Date: 7/26/2006 Name: Janet
I’ve been bowling here a few times, the lanes have always been available, and we always have a good time. The only bad thing that I can say about this bowling alley is that there is a lot of grafatti in the bathrooms, and most of it is at least PG if not R rated. Even the food is good.

Comment Date: 4/17/2006 Name: Wow
Naomi; Didn’t you take over in 99. Thats only 7 years. Or is this just another one of your spins

Comment Date: 3/21/2006 Name: Naomi Lucas, Owner
This particular bowler was banned for physically striking a youth bowler durring YABA League play. This is the first time that someone has been banned in 10 years of ownership.

Comment Date: 2/25/2006 Name: Wow
Been there seen that!

Comment Date: 2/21/2006 Name: Anonymous
I don’t recommend this bowling center because if you cross the owners they will bar you from bowling in the center. They have no sense of fairness in the owners opinion. I was banned from the center and NEVER asked what happen just a bunch hear say and then you are black balled from the center and now I have to drive 45 to 60 mins to now bowl. I was never given a fair hearing I was found guilty, before told I was guilty and I hope that everyone reads this and I hope the people I bowl with will read this and banned the center and try to get me back on the lanes. I’m a young amateur with no place to bowl at now. Because of people who just don’t care about you just what others feel about you.

Comment Date: 7/19/2004 Name: o-dog
32 lane center (10 candlepin / 22 10 pin )
Synthetic Lanes and approaches
QUBICA scoring system
Brunswick 2000 ball return
Brunswick A-2 Pinsetter
Lan conditions are dry dry dry… what oil is there ends up being pushed down middle by plastic ball straight bowlers. The only playable line for a hook bowler is a down and in shot from near the gutter line. The ball will simply not hook back if you play an outside shot unless you are cranking your shot to get power.
About average prices, $1.50 game wednesdays from opening till 4pm are the highlight. Along with summer all you can bowl sundays for $7.
JC’s proshop is there for drilling services, but rarely open during the summer hours.
Friendly Staff. Nice size lounge/bar.
Arcade games, skee ball, pooltable, DDR.

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