AMF Shrader Lanes

AMF Shrader Lanes

  Name: AMF Shrader Lanes  
  Address: 8037 Shrader Rd  
  City: Richmond  
  State: VA  
  Zip: 23294  
  Phone: (804) 747-9620  
  Lanes: 50  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
  Comments: In the Fenwick Square Shopping Center, Behind Big Lots and JoAnn Fabrics and across from Quality Inn.  
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Lanes: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Food: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
Price: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
Fun: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
Overall: Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2Actual Value is 2.2
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AMF Shrader Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 6/29/2009 Name: charles a
Shrader, Sunset, and Hanover Lanes are the best looking and best run centers that AMF has to offer. We hope that the Va. State Open Championship or the TNBA Eastern Regional will host future tournaments.

Comment Date: 4/13/2009 Name: A. Daniels
I been to this bowling alley quite a few times. It’s the one I perfer. Very roomy, they wait on you, there is also a Bar for those who would like something besides beer to drink. I’ve been to others but none compare to Shrader Lanes. They will always have my business

Comment Date: 12/28/2008 Name: Denice Davis
I think they have done an AMAZING done with this center. I must admit, that a lot of complaints/issues that I had with them have been addressed, and without having to make it known. Its a wonderful place for family nights. If or when you have the chance, go out and visit Shradder Lanes, and see how impressed you will be with the new updates. All I can say simply say is….. Aweson job guys!

Comment Date: 2/6/2008 Name: Lee
This place is a bit overpriced.

Comment Date: 8/22/2007 Name: James Hardacre
It’s been sometime since I had been back to Shrader Lanes and let me tell you AMF has put some money into this long time alley. It’s about time. My family and I had the best time we’ve ever had in a bowling alley. You have got to see the upgrades and the new way of doing business that AMF is providing. The really put out the red carpet for each and every guest. They even get you your ball and wait on you with waitress and waiters. Take my advice and go by the palace and see for yourself.

Comment Date: 11/9/2006 Name: Lee Blakeman
I have seen quite alot of changes to Shradder Lanes since I first stepped foot in your house in 1995. From wood lanes to synthetic (that was in 2002 the years I shot my 621 all 200 games) new computers and now it looks like a totally different house with all the new up grades. I think your lanes are very nice I have bowled 6 200’s 4 500’s and one 600 series in your house in the last 6 times I’ve bowled there not bad for only bowling 3 games a years in your house I have also won 5 gold medals in your house with the special olympics. I’ve bowled 33 games at Shrader Lanes and I some very fond memories of your bowling alley and hope to add more in future years.

Comment Date: 4/12/2006 Name: Amie
Great center! the updates look great! can’t wait to go back!

Comment Date: 2/3/2006 Name: joe
It is a very nice bowling center. Needs a few upgrades but it’s nice.

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