Village Lanes Bowling Center

Village Lanes Bowling Center

  Name: Village Lanes Bowling Center  
  Address: 49 Catoctin Circle SE  
  City: Leesburg  
  State: VA  
  Zip: 20175  
  Phone: (703) 777-1864  
  Lanes: 24  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
How Does Village Lanes Bowling Center Rate?
Votes:    3517
Lanes: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Food: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Price: Actual Value is 1.6Actual Value is 1.6
Fun: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Overall: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
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Village Lanes Bowling Center Comments

Comment Date: 2/23/2011 Name: Young and careless
I dont really agree with what everyone is saying. im 14, and have been going to the Leesburg bowling lanes since i moved to leesburg, and i have yet to experience a haze of smoke everywhere. everyone there is nice, i love the staff, and i get the pizza everytime i go. It is a great place to have a bunch of friends to just kick back and bowl for fun. once, i there were friends in the lane next to us, and even tho they were total strangers, they would laugh with us and joke around about nothingness. I love this place, and plan to have my friends there for my bday party

Comment Date: 3/11/2010 Name: Your Average Joe
My girlfriend and I just started to bowl and decided to join a summer league, I went into the pro shop to buy a ball and Jeb was very knowledgeable about helping me and my girlfriend select balls. The staff that works there is great. Keith and Patty are two of the coolest people we have met there; they are very friendly and polite. The bowling ally is very clean and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this place for a fun night out with friends or family.

Comment Date: 3/11/2010 Name: bowling fan
There are some great bowlers in leesburg I was really impressed by 2 bowlers in the place one is Mike Stocks and the other is Corey Updegraff awesome bowlers

Comment Date: 7/22/2009 Name: Ellen and Carl
I like bowlimg at village Lane. I love the bowling alley Food. Every one is very nice. Every one work hard to make sure everyone is happy. Its a very clean bowling Alley.Thank You For makeing us feel at home.

Comment Date: 7/20/2009 Name: Some One That Care:
I love comeing to the bowling Alleys, its very clean. The staff in the sanck bar are very nice.MS. Patty has a happy face all the time. That make you to want to come back. All of the staff at Village Lanes is good to be around. Jeb and Linda are the best to run the Bowling Center. And Maex; HE so funny and good at his job. Jeb and Lindy; You know how to pick your Staff. GOOD JOB!

Comment Date: 1/20/2009 Name: crzchk3
I just want to say that Bill Presley could not have anyone better running the place than Jeb Butler. Jeb and his wife Linda are the best managers that I have ever had. As to the bowling center I bowled there long before I started working there and I never had a problem with the center. It’s cheaper than the other bowling alleys around and the food is GREAT! So the only other thing I have to say is “Jeb and Linda I love working for you and keep up the great work.” All of you that are saying negative things about the center and about the management the only thing I have to say to you is if it’s so bad WHY do you keep coming back?????

Comment Date: 1/7/2009 Name: Area Bowler
I can tell those of you who read this that Village Lanes in Leesburg is the best place to bowl of the 3 that I go to regularly, the other 2 being Dranesville and Centreville. The prices are better, the people working are much more friendly and the place is very clean. The only thing I can say that would be negative is, the pizza is not that good.

Comment Date: 1/1/2009 Name: Fast Eddie
I have to agree with Stealth Bowler. There’s nothing wrong with Village Lanes. It’s a good old bowling alley. It’s not a disco, not a sports bar, not a video arcade – a bowling alley. If you go there and act like a {deleted}, expect to be treated like a {deleted}. If you act like a decent human being, you’ll be treated as such.

Comment Date: 6/10/2008 Name: Stealth Bowler
Wow, Just read all the comments about Village lanes. Let me give you the low down from someone in a netrual position. Village Lanes is pretty nice, I mean come on it’s a bowling alley, not much diffrent from any other bowling alley I’ve been in. Food is pretty good, beer is cheaper than Dranesville, Manassas and Fairfax, the lanes are in good shape,oiled well and play well. Not sure where some of the negative comments came from, but they all seem a little off base to me.
You’ll have fun if and when you go there!

Comment Date: 2/22/2008 Name: say hayyy
mkay so first off..
maybe you could post a website on the times and rates of public bowling.. heh thanks
oh and when kids spend their money to go their i expect them to be able to use bumpers their paying!! and uhm you guys are the rudest people i’ve ever met.. you have no respect towards people
were there to have fun not deal with you people.
it also be nice if you could make it a nonsmoking area theres other people that have to be around that gross! and its call cleanliness.. think about it. it would be nice to see the place wiped down and vacuumed once in a while. that be great. thanks for your time and MAKE an easily available website

Comment Date: 2/8/2008 Name: Dwayne
I have lived in Leesburg and Purcellville all my life. I started coming to Village Lanes as a kid of 8 years old with my Grandfather…memories I still cherish. Now I bring my two teenage children and their friends fairly often during the fall and winter months. We especially like Cosmic Bowling night. Now, I am not that good of a bowler…I bowl for fun and Village Lanes is FUN. I don’t know that much about oil patterns, but have learned to throw a moderate hook and have enjoyed adjusting to various conditions. The staff has always been very respectful and helpful. In life you get back what you give. You need to give respect to get respect…you need to give help to be helped. Its just that simple. I have not had any negative experiences here in dozens of exposures. However, I do see abusive behavior by adults and children alike. If you act that way, you are not going to earn anyone’s respect and help…period. I do not think the prices are unreasonable and have generally found the premises clean a kept up. The bathroom is sometimes that function of the last one or two to use it. Its a public facility. Its not a private suite at the Ritz. Jeb is doing a great job. He has been helpful to me and my family and to friends that I have referred to him. They don’t build statutes to critics. Pick up after yourself and the person next you if they don’t have the class to do it themselves. Village Lanes is a great place to spend time with family and friends. I have no complaints.

Comment Date: 2/3/2008 Name: Is This Right?
It cost 3 people to bowl one game $18.00 and they were all three children that could hardly keep the balls on the lane (first timers), is there any place I can see the rates before I bowl?
By the way…the “Pizza Burgers” are great!
Stop the smoking in the lace and give more coupons out to offset the huge prices for big families and you will have yourself a winner.

Comment Date: 1/20/2008 Name: Bowler
You might be a redneck….If you like this house. Where to start? To cramped, Smoke in this place is so thick you can cut it with a knife, ball returns gouge ball (big knicks) all this plus more. This house is a joke As indicated by the small league sizes. Real bowlers don’t like this place PERIOD!

Comment Date: 12/26/2007 Name: Mike
Ok yea this place seemed really out of date. it wasnt really clean and the no outside food or drink just pisses me off… that hobo w/ the ponytail is a drunk jerk. Also, the matinence isnt that great the lanes are squished together so uncomfortably too

Comment Date: 12/25/2007 Name: L
what’s the website link?

Comment Date: 9/9/2007 Name: Champ
I love this place. the only problem is that I can never find their website to see their rates. I always forget how much it costs to go there. I tried to look for their website just today and couldn’t find it so does anyone know what it is? Anyway, the only thing I hate about the place is the smoking. Everything else is fantastic!!!!

Comment Date: 7/30/2007 Name: almighty malachi professional bowling god
well, you know…most of you complaining about the changing of the shot…MOST LEAGUES DO THIS. PERIOD. it makes it so you actually have to think about what you are doing. some nights its more oil, others its less. you have to compensate for that and if you don’t know how, s*ck it up and learn to. also, professionals bowl on different lane conditions EVERY tournament and stuff and they adapt so you should too cause when the oil changes its nowhere near as drastic as the stuff they go through

Comment Date: 4/13/2007 Name: Primetime
The oil pattern is not consistant even after they lay a fresh batch down. Jeb is still living in the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. His lane machine the SilverMullet is a joke in itself, Jeb you have a piece of history there my friend. They make ones now that can oil each single board out there for a consistant shot. But its ok tho Jeb, we enjoy watching Maverick doing the splits out there lifting the lane machine up every 4 lanes because of its constant problems. It drips more oil on the approach than the lanes!

Comment Date: 4/3/2007 Name: Mike
It seems that a lot of the bowlers here are families, but I think they could try a little harder to provide a family atmosphere.
To give my kids a healthy snack (i.e. not hot dogs and beer), I took some Nutri-grain bars and juice boxes out of my backpack for the kids to eat. We went over to the designated tables, to make sure we wouldn’t get food in the bowling area (even though this would have only added to the crushed chips and other debris that was already there next to the lane when we arrived). The alley guy came over and told us we would have to throw out our snacks because there is “No outside food or drink” permitted in the premises. He said our other option was to take it outside. So the four of us go outside the side door and sit on the asphalt in the parking lot eating our snack. A few minutes later, the guy comes out and says we can’t take bowling shoes outside, so we will have to take off the shoes or go back inside. We went back in and the 3-year old hid in the corner to finish his drink while his cousin acted as “look-out”.

Comment Date: 3/11/2007 Name: Lil Ms. Sparkles
I dont know really why most of yall complain about this place. I lOve it. I grew up here so ima still love it no matter how non updated it is here. When u go there u go there 2 bowl not 2 watch the dang game. come on

Comment Date: 2/26/2007 Name: J
ok people dont talk bad about this place there food is excelnt and all the workers are nice and also bye the way there lanes are perfect when i bowl my ball hooks perfect so you other guys dont no what you are talking about

Comment Date: 2/25/2007 Name: Chenel
i LOVE VILLAGE LANES!!!!!!! IT IS SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!I GO THERE EVERY DAY AFTER SCHOOL!!!!! IM ON A LEAUGE AND I ROCK!!!!!!! COME TO VILLAGE LANES!!!!!!!!! the only bad part is that i hate the smell of smoke and there are tons of smokers so PLZ NO SMOKING they have bars for that

Comment Date: 2/25/2007 Name: Miss New Betty
hey there i really liked it! Me and my boy love going there. we are great at bowling..your food is expensive….i think i am going to be a pro bowler

Comment Date: 1/12/2007 Name: Frank
Hey, whiner – if you want to watch the game, stay home and watch the game. It’s so lame that people complain about a bowling center because it doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles. Whatever did people do before there were fancy graphics? And god forbid if you had to keep your own score! Can you not step away from a television for 2 minutes and enjoy real life? How pathetic. If you’re going to bowl, bowl.

Comment Date: 1/7/2007 Name: Paul
Dont come here and expect to watch the game like you can at regular bowling alleys. The screens they have are all warped and from the stone ages. Asked the guy at the front desk to turn on the game beside my lane and nothing but squigles came up. I asked him do I have to pay-per-view for the game too? So we missed the game and had a bummer of a time. It was a ghost town in there when we came in, I guess everyone was home watching the game. GET YER TVS UPDATED!! Now a day they have turkeys runnin accross the screen and a 6 pack when you get a 6 pack. Oooga Booga Jeb get with the time caveman!

Comment Date: 1/6/2007 Name: Leesburg Lady
A little message to Mike Stocks: at least Jeb would never get fired from his job for stealing.

Comment Date: 1/1/2007 Name: Kris Kringle
Happy New Year! Village lanes still s*cks….

Comment Date: 12/28/2006 Name: Miss Common Courtesy
yall got nothin better to do than complain.. i dont see u tryin to buy the place and turn it around make it look good…and you got some nerve complainin bout other people and you sure as heck know you dont clean up after yourself in a clothing store.

Comment Date: 12/12/2006 Name: Mike Stocks
That old Geezer Jeb needs to retire. He cant run the business anymore. His employee’s are sluggish and unhelpful. The crew he had there before was more of a help then the new ones. I know why they all had to leave Jeb, just another reason why you are a crappy manager. Ask the kid with the red hair if Jeb was a good boss, he will tell you that Jeb is washed up. I know Bill Prestly made a mistake and he can undo it to, we just hope he fixes it before its too late.

Comment Date: 12/2/2006 Name: Big League Bowler
We have just started bowling on a league here at Village lanes and they are nice enough to oil the lanes before our games. One thing I do have to complain about is the sanatation of the bathrooms. Im scared to go in there. Each time its a different adventure. First stall the seat isint even screwed on and you fall right off. Second stall doesnt even flush (yuck). The “sanatation” box is always overflowing and there is never any TP! I always have to complain to the front desk attendent, but they never do anything about it. So based off of the sanataton of the bathroom its safe to say we will never eat at the snackbar. The bathroom is only as clean as the kitchen right? And thanks Dave the bowler for confirming my suspessions, thats just down right nasty!

Comment Date: 11/28/2006 Name: Captain Concerned
Whatever happened to that sexy guy with the curly red hair? Seriously, he was the hottest guy on the planet!

Comment Date: 11/14/2006 Name: Cosmic bowler
I go cosmic bowling all the time and the lights arent broken. In all the times I have ever been, and I go a lot, the lights have never been broken, so I don’t know when you’re going. And just so you know, it’s rude to make fun of a person for the way they look. It not only shows that you have no class, but it also shows a complete lack of maturity…doesn’t really put much stock in anything else you say…and by the way, if you found ketchup in the finger holes of a ball it was some jerk customer who did it.. village lanes seems to have a lot of those…

Comment Date: 11/10/2006 Name: James
Village Lames is terrible! You can never find anyone there to fix your lane when it gets jacked up. This seems to happen to me and my friends a lot. We have a policy, if they dont fix the lane in under 10 minutes we start rolling the rental balls into the creek next door! Most of the time the staff here is non exsistant so they dont notice anyway. We pay good money to bowl here and its annoying when your lane is constanly broken and no one is helping you.

Comment Date: 11/3/2006 Name: Heather
Me and my friends like to come here to bowl when they turn the lights out. The music is lame and they dont take any requests but it does make it harder to bowl. This place is really shabby, the “cosmic” lights are always busted and not working. The paint job looks like someone sneezed into a tissue. Not a good place to meet boys. The staff is friendly too, even the guy with the crazy eye. I could tell he was looking at me with one eye while not looking at me with the other one. Watch out for the rental balls some of them have cracks. My friend Stacy found a ball filled with ketchup in the finger holes. This is a fun place to come but it will leave you broke at the end. Very expensive

Comment Date: 10/30/2006 Name: Ms. Bowler
In response to Dave the Bowler- I highly doubt that you saw Jenny of all people picking her nose in the kitchen. I knew Jenny for years and never saw or heard of her doing anything like that. I also find it very interesting that you say you were “watching the game” when you saw her do it. The only time you could have been watching a game was at night and Jenny didn’t even work at night! She also stopped working there like, a month ago so what game were you watching? I happened to bowl on the Wednesday night league and the only thing we really watched on the TV was American Idol, so I don’t know exactly what “game” you were watching. Personally, I think it’s all a bunch of lies!

Comment Date: 10/30/2006 Name: A Frequent Customer and League Bowler
I really have no idea what all of the people who are leaving negative feedback are saying. My family and I have been coming to Village Lanes for years and we have NEVER had anything but positive experiences. For everyone who is complaining that it is too expensive- get a life! The median household income in Loudoun is $98,000 and you’re complaining about having to spend $2.50 on french fries? And to comment on the lane conditions, their lanes are oiled every day. I have seen them doing it on many occasions, and everyone who works there has told me so. I also happen to be a league bowler and I can tell if the lanes have been oiled, and I am very happy with not only the lane conditions, but the staff as well. They always treat me and my family great and the food is awesome. I even know people who go to the bowling alley just to eat! And don’t even start on Jeb! He has always been respectful to me and my family and between me and my husband we have had 6 or 7 balls drilled by him and we are extremely happy with the results. Having been in the bowling business for about 30 odd years, I think he knows what he’s doing. My family didn’t used to go to Village Lanes nearly as much as we have since Jeb has been Manager. He has cleaned up the place and made it a much more family-friendly atmosphere. I’ve noticed business increase tremendously since Jeb has taken over. Oh yeah, and to the lady who was complaining about her 11 year olds not being able to have bumpers- you seriously need to get a life. Part of the fun of bowling is that it’s a challenge. Do you just want everything to be as easy as possible for your kids and for them to not even have to try? That’s great parenting. Why don’t you post something when you have a legitimate complaint? Sorry this was so lengthy, but I had a lot to say. To conclude, Village Lanes is a great place and I would highly recommend it!

Comment Date: 10/27/2006 Name: Dave the Bowler
I have visited Village Lanes on many occasion and bowled many games here and must say the lanes are great.They can get a little dry at times but I dont think they oil the lanes everyday.The food on the other hand you should stay clear of.I was watching the game on tv down by the snackbar and I look over by the grill to see the girl standing there digging for gold. Thats right she was picking her nose for boogers while cooking some poor sap a burger.I couldnt believe what I was seeing.There are just some things the health department cant check for and thats one of them.Stay away from the snackbar when that girl is working, I think she said her name was Jenny. They do have a wide selection of beer at reasonable prices. Its a nice place to come to and unwind.

Comment Date: 10/17/2006 Name: Sharon
Dear Local,
Evidently you have no idea what a mullet is. I do however, thank you for acknowledging she has brains. Jeb and his wife have always been fun to deal with. If you are a local, then you know nothing in Loudoun County is cheap. Their food is good and their report can be looked up on the Health Departments’web site. Their food and bowling games are priced reasonably. If you think not, then go to Dranesville and you’ll see a big difference, and go right back to Village Lanes.

Comment Date: 10/17/2006 Name: Tanya
I have been to this center many times. It is always clean and the staff is helpful and courteous. If you have a problem there, then you have problems period. If your children are rude and misbehave, then don’t go there. If you think you are a pro bowler, then go on tour with the pros. If not than quit crying. As far as parties, my children have been to 9 of them there, and have always had a great time. The manager and staff there are great and my family looks forward to going there again.

Comment Date: 8/21/2006 Name: Rockstar
Yo Phil, just wanna give you a shoutout holmes and keep that beer flowin like the fountain of youth. Free aint no four letter word yo…so tap dem kegs and {deleted for content}. All the haters on here complaining about the high prices didnt talk to my man Phil yet, he would be happy to hook you up. Make him the new manager and see how things change. Peace we out, see you next fri night cuzzzz. AND PUT SOME OIL ON LANE 24 FOR ME DOGGGG!

Comment Date: 8/21/2006 Name: Local
I have been coming in here for a couple of years now and I have got to say this place is going downhill. Prices keep going up while the service level severly goes down. What the place needs is a new manager, someone who knows how to run a bowling business. Jeb, the current manager, doesnt know anything about running a business. His snackbar manager wife left the Farrah “Faucet” running and needs to dye that mullet before anymore brains start to show. I agree with what the parents are saying about bringing their kids, not a friendly atmosphere for them. Do not bring them in for birthday parties because ive heard from the staff what they put in the deep fryer, not a pretty story. So in short, if the losers who run this joint ever quit, come on it! But for the time being you are not missing out on anything.

Comment Date: 8/17/2006 Name: Concerned Mom
Don’t bring your children to this bowling alley. Definitely not kid friendly. My daughter and a group of other aged 10 – 11 girls were told by the staff that they were not allowed to use lane bumpers because they were too old. I can’t believe this. The girls scores ranges from 12 – 48 for an entire game. Obviously not too fun for the girls. Never again will we go there.

Comment Date: 8/14/2006 Name: village lanes blows
village lanes is a sorry excuse for a bowling alley. we spent more time hounding the low lifes behind the front desk to fix our lanes than actual time bowling. what they need is a lane mechanic that knows what they are doing, not some old washed up walker texas ranger lovin fart that barely leaves his chair. if you dont want to get up then why didnt you give us a lane that works? amf are junk machines, give me brunswick any day of the week.

Comment Date: 7/21/2006 Name: Concerned Mom
Anyone thinking about having a birthday party at this place should think twice. The staff here are lazy and didnt help at all. We had a long blonde hair on our pizza and the Lioness behind the counter refused to make us another one. She had the nerve to say it was one of my kids.What a load of bull! Lady it was clearly your hair as you were not wearing a hairnet, didnt even have it pulled back and probably didnt wash your hands either did you. You are lucky we didnt call the health department over this stunt. I am very upset with this establishment as I used to regularly bring my kids here but now they dont even want to come because of the mean lady behind the counter. I dont blame them!

Comment Date: 7/20/2006 Name: Lil Kid Bowler
Village Lanes is awesome! Its just like the real life Sony Playstation bowling games I play. [Deleted for content] Its so real, I recommend comming to check out the arcade too they did a nice job with that. They have 6 lb balls that are just my size. And they have rails so I have a chance against my older brother!

Comment Date: 7/18/2006 Name: observer, sometimes bowler
Great little nostolgic place. Great place to spend some time. Looks like all the negatives are from competitors.

Comment Date: 5/15/2006 Name: Furious Bowler
The Village Lanes staff a bunch of idiots! Jeb is a complete moron. Something told me not to trust this man but I let him drill my new ball and he didn’t even do that right! He got the finger inserts reversed and drilled the ball for a left handed bowler. IM A RIGHTY FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD HOW HARD IS IT TO DRILL A BALL?????!!! You would think it was his first time drilling a ball. Never again will I let this man touch my equipment or buy from his pro-shop(which is ridiculous in price anyway). Id do business with Spares Pro Shop before trusting this incompatant fool. BEWARE HE WITH THE CRAZY EYE

Comment Date: 5/6/2006 Name: High Rev Bowler
Village Lanes should be taken off the map its so small!!! Don’t waste your time coming here! They never oil their lanes, the food is overly priced, just not a good time all around. I HIGHLY recommend bypassing leesburg and going down to road to Drainsville where they will take better care of you. Plus, more lanes means more fun!

Comment Date: 2/26/2006 Name: Xydexx
I’ve been bowling here for about a year now every Monday night (only $1.50/game after 6pm!) and am very satisfied. The staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Comment Date: 7/27/2005 Name: Just A Kid
I like Village Lanes a lot. My friends and I hang out there bowling sometimes. The people who work there are nice and helpful. I’ve gone to many birthday parties at Village Lanes and have had fun every time. My favorite part is midnight bowling when they turn on all the black lights and the lights on the lane barriers and the different moving lights in the ceiling. I love Village Lanes because in Leesburg all that there is to do is bowling, seeing a movie at the Tally Ho (which only has 2 theaters), or going to the skate park.

Comment Date: 2/17/2005 Name: Mr bowler
Village Lanes has great lanes and has good sized balls. You have just got to get your kids in the bowling leagues!

Comment Date: 2/10/2005 Name: High Average League Bowler
Management has done a good job maintaining a fair, yet challenging center. I am sick and tired of hearing the scratch bowlers complaining that they have to change their shot in order to maintain their average. Learn to adapt! That is what the Pro’s do.

Comment Date: 6/1/2004 Name: Mr Leauge Bowler
The Center is clean at all times. That is the only positive thing you can say. The Manager changes the shot to maniputate the outcome of leauge play. He promotes low scores with high handicap. The manager is way too involved with the league. Jeb needs to learn to promote the leauges and make a shot more consistant. That will bring in the bowlers. In my opinion he will be the sole destroyer of Village Lanes. Bill needs to take a long hard look at the way the house is being managed.

Comment Date: 6/1/2004 Name: Concerned Bowler
Jeb the Manager should no longer be in charge of this Center. His power as manager should not be used to influence the league’s voting decisions. Jeb needs to leave the shot alone and not penalize the scratch bowlers. The scratch bowlers are the ones who bring in bodies.

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