AMF Euless Lanes

AMF Euless Lanes

  Name: AMF Euless Lanes  
  Address: 1901 Airport Freeway  
  City: Euless  
  State: TX  
  Zip: 76021  
  Phone: (817) 283-7144  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Votes:    57
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5
Food: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
Price: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Fun: Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5Actual Value is 4.5
Overall: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
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AMF Euless Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 9/28/2009 Name: Strange
It’s strange how people rate AMF Centers. The star rating for this center is very high but there are a lot of negative comments. A center also owned by AMF less than 10 miles is rated very badly. Prices are the same and it’s a smoke free center. I have seen price complaints and still the rating is good.

Comment Date: 8/11/2009 Name: Kevin Collins
I went to Showplace Lanes after a 2-year hiatus from Texas and was shocked that the cheapest single beer was a whopping $4.50! And the cheapest pitcher, $13! When my friends and I want to bowl from now on, we’ll go to the bowling alley in Hurst. Man, I hope they’re losing a lot of business with these absurdly-overpriced alcohol.

Comment Date: 7/16/2009 Name: Lung Cancer free………so far
Rusty, Please get your staff to enforce the NO SMOKING in the pits. Why do I have to get your staff to do it ? Maybe when their cigs fall off the trays and burn through your keyboards things will change.

Comment Date: 7/2/2009 Name: John
Is there someone who can update the hours? I need to know when they open and close.

Comment Date: 1/18/2009 Name: Miss Pissy
We take our kids and some friends with us to bowl. We wait over an hour to get one lane. We finally get a lane and pay $93.00, not one employee mentioned the coupon they have that will get you .99 games up to 10 games. When we went to talk to the manager his body language and tone was very unprofessional. He basicly said we should of had the coupon when we checked in to pay. Had we known there were coupons for .99 we would have used them. We didnt get an apology no nothing. My husband had been going this bowling alley since 1993. But we will NEVER give our hard earned money to place that is so sneaky/secretive of there coupons or specials.

Comment Date: 1/16/2009 Name: JTW
I really love bowling and wish Showplace Lanes in Euless would enforce the no smoking in the no smoking areas. I mentioned to the front desk about people smoking “on” the lanes where you are not supposed to. I was given the comment, OH WeLL! Why even post no smoking signs if you are not going to enforce them. A lot of people in this world don’t want to get lung cancer because of selfish, inconsiderate smokers. I am not perfect and have bad habits too, but I make sure they don’t effect people around me. How would a smoker like it if I spit my tobacco right next to them forcing them to smell it? Not too happy I don’t think. I may get lung cancer too but I am not forcing anyone else too.

Comment Date: 1/16/2009 Name: JTS
PSS-This website was for our opinions so don’t “sit there on your computer” and critisize us for posting them.

Comment Date: 1/6/2009 Name: PSS
Bowling is fun, exercise, and a chance to interact with people. Those who complain about smoke, go to Dallas! Those who complain about prices – try to run your own business and you will see the prices are very reasonable. No business will ever be able to make everyone happy. Anyone who doesn’t want to go to ShowPlace Lanes – don’t go! Don’t get on your computer and post silly comments about the world should revolve around you! sheesh! What about the other billions? What about the people who don’t have opportunities and choices?

Comment Date: 1/15/2008 Name: Lisa
I was interested in joining a league. However due to you being a smoking facility, I have had to decline as I am allergic. What a shame!

Comment Date: 11/13/2007 Name: danny
your beers cost too much but thanks for the 300 game

Comment Date: 2/4/2007 Name: Tami Johnson
We just got back into bowling after 5 years and really enjoyed it. We go to Showplace Lanes in Euless. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Unfortuneatly a few things may drive us away. I realize it can’t be perfect all the time but if this is the way bowling is now, I guess we may not be going back as often. The cigarette smoke,the music, and inconsiderate bowlers who do not know the common courtesys of bowling.
It would be awesome if you designated one side of the alley for non-smokers. You have restrictions on smoking down by the lanes and have an area designated for smoking but no one obeys it and staff do not enforce it. It is very frustrating for my son who has asthma to have to be around inconsiderate smokers. The slight smell of cigarette smoke and he has to use his inhaler. Please consider a more smoke free environment for us bowlers who do not wish to have second hand smoke forced into our lungs. Now the music, PLEASE play something other than hip hop and rap. It is very nerve wracking for us 40 year olds. I realize you have to satify a variety of music tastes but playing consistant hip hop and rap is aggravating. Believe it or not it affects the outcome of a game. I did ask the front desk if they could play a little more variety and he said he had no control over what was played. He said it was satelite radio and on a top hits station. I asked if he could change it to more a variety station. At least play a variety that all would be happy wtih. Stuff for us older folks like Van Halen, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, even Lifehouse, 3 doors down, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Reba, etc. I did notice he tried to cut out some of the rap when it came on.
Courtesy-I think it would be a great idea to post some of the main rules of courtesy on each lane. I grew up with bowling since my dad is a Probowler and taught me to be courteous of people on either side of the lane. Wait your turn, do not run around in your neighbors lane, stay on your side, and only one person at a time on the lane. I know a lot of people are oblivious to the common courtesy when bowling. The last 3 times we had to deal with people who acted like idiots and kept running back in forth in front of us, running into us on our side to the lane, 3 & four people on the lane and using our balls. Staff should do a better job of controlling disruptive behavior. We definatley plan on going every Saturday if we can, and it would be so much better if we didn’t have to deal with these issues everytime. It really takes the fun out of bowling. Thanks for your taking the time to consider our issues.

Comment Date: 1/28/2006 Name: Deanne
Just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable evening last Saturday. Your Xtreme Bowling is great and your DJs are the best. I will be going to my center (Richardson) tonight and wished we had had your DJs. Your staff was polite and helpful as well. Keep up the good work!

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