Tri City Lanes

Tri City Lanes

  Name: Tri City Lanes  
  Address: 5515 Calhoun Memorial Hwy  
  City: Easley  
  State: SC  
  Zip: 29640  
  Phone: (864) 859-7103  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
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Lanes: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
Food: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
Price: Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7Actual Value is 4.7
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Tri City Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 5/8/2012 Name: RC
All I can say is the employees in this place need to change their attitudes. I was at a birthday party for this place over the weekend and the lady running the county was very rude. All this place cares about is making a dollar. I understand this is every goal for a business, but is customers aren’t happy then they will not the repeat customers. Very disappointing. No wonder leagues are quitting.

Comment Date: 2/28/2012 Name: Bring your gun!!!
This place is getting rough. They have had 3 fights in the last week. One fight was started by their new/old mechanic. Per one eye witness, the mechanic started the fight, the other guy was trying to leave, and the mechanic then came over and got in his face again. All of this went down in front of the Manager and Assistant Manager. Of course nothing happened to the employee, but the customer has swore off the bowling center once leagues are done. That’s what happens when you hire crack heads!

Comment Date: 1/31/2012 Name: League Report
In the news this week the leagues report that turn over time for lane repairs during league play has gone from 2 minutes and 30 seconds to 4 minutes and 50 seconds. The reason for the additonal time is said to be the fact one of the mechanics was fired and the Assistant mangers husband is now working more league nights.

Comment Date: 1/24/2012 Name: Mary
Congrats!!! You advertise a 3 game tournament, and announce the information about it, and say your going to have it no matter what, and get a great turnout on Saturday. It’s amazing what running a business like a business will do for you!

Comment Date: 1/12/2012 Name: Boycott!!!!
Boycott this place!!! They fire mechanics for no reason. Hire replacements that they have fired in the past for doing drugs. All because the Assistant Manger is married to the Head mechanic and they covering for his slack butt! Shameful place. Boycott!!!

Comment Date: 1/12/2012 Name: To all concern!
The attitude of the “Employee of the Bowling Center” below is the kind of attitude you will recieve if you go to this Center. Keep that in mind. This is why 80% of the leagues are packing up and leaving after the winter leagues. We are sick and tired of this kind of attitude!

Comment Date: 1/12/2012 Name: Don
Jodi – I for one want to thank you for some of your comments. I have already noticed a slight change in the way the Manager interacts with at least one of the leagues. However, in regards to staff handling money, I know one league voted to have the assistant manager be the secretary. This may have been before you owned the business, but with all due respect, is true. Please know most of us their want the Bowling Center to be a great one. I think a lot of us is wondering if you are getting the full truth about our concerns from your management team. By the firing of your mechanic, which I understand, but to hire a mechanic who is a know drug user, may not help the Center’s reputation. To be honest, it’s decisions like this, that makes the leagues question of the mangement team! Best of luck to you!

Comment Date: 12/23/2011 Name: Jodi Hughes
I am sorry if some of our customers are not feeling appreciated because we certainly are grateful for our customers and I will make sure our employees have a change of attitude in the way they interact with our customers.
But. Again they are some facts wrong….We have never handled league funds it is up to the officers to check league fund balances not the bowling center. If the league officers had followed abc rules it could have never happened. I understand all league funds were paid and no one was cheated out of any monies. As far as our leagues go again we are no lower in count than any of the other center according to lane ratio. I will be glad to talk with anyone concerning any problems they are having with our staff. Just call me and I will set a meeting time.

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name: Prove It!
I can speak for others, but I can prove it very easily. Unfortunately your business is going down 3 and 4 teams a league, every league season. People who have bowled here for years is leaving to drive 30 to 45 minutes away at Greenville or Anderson. You can’t even fill up the house for Glow Bowl. One of the major gripes in leagues is management doesn’t care and Owners are never around. Your head mechanic is part-time with full time hours on another job. Do you really think he can do the job justice part time??? I sincerely hate the owner is sick. Since they are that sick, someone should step up and do the job right like he did! As for as money being stolen, I was in one league where it happened. Have not bowled in that league since. The front counter was blamed by league officals. The main situation of $5000 happened and I was told by the league secretary and President of the situation with the Assistant Manger who is still there. That is why most leagues pay their own secretaries now, they don’t trust the house to control the money. The best way of proving is stating this, It is sad when people like Art, not only stop working there, but also stop bowling there. I could name 2 dozen others who were once league officers who have left the Center. Most bowlers who not only bowl in leagues, no-taps, but open bowl just want to feel appreciated. Good luck and may the owner have a speedy recovery.

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name: BOYCOTT!!!
BOYCOTT!! I agree with bulk of the post. The Mangement at this place is horrible. Shrinking leagues and the lack of money coming in is all the proof you need. It is sad when management is so poor that they can bring in 10-two person teams to bowl a no-tap period! People are pissed off, that is why you can’t get 10 teams.

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name: Chris
Any person who is directly involved in the bowling industry knows the reputation they have, along with their nearest competitors. The reputation for Tri-City lanes has gone down big time in the last several years. I hate it for the people of Easley and the surronding area, but it has really helped out the other local bowling centers. Most people know that you don’t have to put the businss on the “market” to try and sell it. It is very common and easy to put information out there to see what kind of response you get. In regards to no-tap rule changes, the rule changes have really helped other Bowling center on Saturdays and Sundays in the area. The fact is most owners want to here the good and bad about there busniess. For you to pass of the negative comments of you old customers as all lies, is just not that smart. It shows your business is not honest in words or life.

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name: John
With all due respect. If you are the owner, put your money where your mouth is. Why is it, you can have 5 or 6 teams for a four game no-tap. but you require at least 10 for a 3 game. The money in the pots was put in by the bowlers. Let them bowl for it! These are the same bowlers that give you dollar after dollar in leagues and during open bowling. For goodness sake give them a chance to win their money back! Is that asking too much! Should your regular customers suffer because you as a owner or manager don’t have the ability to bring in enough bowlers? That is why we as a family drive to Georgia to bowl some, and we now bowl at other Centers now too. No one wants to run the bowling Center. Most people just want to feel appreciated and beilive their concerns are at least listend too, and taken seriously.

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name: Don
Below is proof in Black and white that this bowling center doesn’t want to here the truth. Because 99 percent of the comments are bad, then they must all be lies! Really. Sometimes the truth hurts. Please take all comments and try and better the business. Otherwise a Star Lanes or Brunswick Center maybe moving to a Easley street near you!

Comment Date: 12/16/2011 Name: Employee of Tri-City Lanes
To Debbie concerning no-tap…
When you have a no-tap of your own then you can
make the rules and not charge for a cup of ice.
I am sure Star Lanes gives you everything.

Comment Date: 12/12/2011 Name: Tammy
These are really nice people who own and run this bowling alley they really go out of their way to help Churches and meals on wheels and needy families. They keep prices as low as possible and I under stand the owners are having some bad health problems, my thoughts are some people are experiencing sour grapes.

Comment Date: 12/12/2011 Name: Victor
Sounds like these so called bowlers are wanting a free ride
There are no better prices around , not everyone can afford
The franchise centers prices. I have brought my family here for the last few years and have found this to be a nice center.
Grown up people…..

Comment Date: 12/12/2011 Name: Joe
I have bowled in this center for many years, I guess the bowlers now don’t remember lanes of old. Terrible lane beds
Would ruin your bowling balls after a game. Iq so have noticed the same terrible comments coming from same bowlers, if they are so unhappy why not go ther go to star lanes and pay 4.61 for shoes and 5.00 per game and don’t come back to Tri city and make everyone happy you and them.

Comment Date: 12/10/2011 Name: Tri-City Lanes
I think it is a shame to make up things about a bowling center that you don’t have a clue about.
The Saturday night no-tap rules has not been
changed. It takes ten teams to bowl for the pots
this is to protect our house bowlers from high average bowlers coming from other houses and taking their pots When our bowlers are out of town bowling in annual tournaments. No one has ever been been cheated out of any money in the 14 years we have been here. We have the bowlers sign up by 6:30 pm for the no-tap tournament so the lanes can be oiled with the no-tap shot. (not the house shot.)
No money is missing from the Jack pots not now not ever. I have checked with all league secretaries and no league funds are missing, again, people spreading lies. Why??? because they didn’t bowl well or the people who work here
wouldn’t give them everything free??? If you do not want to bowl here that is your choice. We wish you would but if you are not happy go to another center and see if they will let you run it. As long as I can pay the bills here I will decide who works here. As far as our leagues go we are no shorter than any other bowling centers in the tri-city area.
Since I own the bowling center I think I should know if it is up for sale. It is not now nor has it ever been just more people spreading rumors that they do not know anything about.
We try very had to please our customers and as any bowling center owner knows this is impossible. I can prove everything I have said
can you????? Jodi Hughes, Owner, Tri City Lanes

Comment Date: 12/10/2011 Name: Vicki
Sunday Bowling has been on special for several
months for 99 cents per game plus Uncle Sams
tax. The special has just went off bowling is now $1.50 per game until 6 PM after 6 PM games are 99 cents this is posted and the owners telephone numbers is all over the center if you are not charged these prices feel free to call.

Comment Date: 12/6/2011 Name: Bill
This place is a disgrace to Easley! This place will take every cent they can from you, and laugh at you while they do it. Pay more and go to Greenville or Anderson. In this case you truly get what you pay for and this place is trash. They can barely fill up half the house with leagues. Needs new Management badly!!!

Comment Date: 12/6/2011 Name: Tom
Debbie is correcet below! This place had a good no-tap tourney every Saturday. Usually 10 to 16 teams showing up to bowl. Once again they get greedy and change the rules tiwce in 3 weeks. First they say people have be there by 6:45 and now it has changed to 6:30. Rumor is current mangement has stolen the $900 in no-tap money on the wall, so they can’t have us bowl for something they don’t have. Bad things is the owners are so stupid, they have no idea how bad mangenment is screwing this place up. It is a shame.

Comment Date: 11/30/2011 Name: Marylin
The place will screw you in a minute! Bowled there on Sunday and paid $1.00 to bowl and have a chance to win a free game to be used on a different day. They got greedy and now charge $2.00 bucks on Sunday! Screw the customer! What a joke this place is!!!!

Comment Date: 11/30/2011 Name: Barrry
Worst group of employees you will ever meet. Don’t care about you as a customer at all. The old lady runs the snack bar, is the most rude person I have ever seen, and she keeps trying to come by and throw away (what I paid way to much) my nasty food away . That was our family’s one and only visit. Star Lanes in Greenville is much better.

Comment Date: 11/30/2011 Name: Jim
I agree with Debbie below. My family and I went in there about 5:30 and bowled one game when we paid for our shoes, we were told the price was $1.00 per game, by some old crabby broad. We bowled our one game went to the counter and was checked out by a younger lady, and was told it was $2.00 plus tax! We won’t be going back. They lost customers over 3 bucks! These people are crazy. What kind of idots would lose customers over that. We paid more than that for our shoes. IDIOTS! Please give Easely a real bowing center with Mangers that care about their customers.

Comment Date: 11/27/2011 Name: Debbie
Management screwing the customers every chance they get. Changed the rules on the no tap. Now everyone is pissed off. This place doesn’t care about their customers at all. Too many drugs in the parking lot!!!

Comment Date: 11/21/2011 Name: Tracy
I survied bowling at this place. It is terrible. First, their is drugs being sold in the parking lot, and the mangers are allowing kids to buy beer inside. They also have illegal poker machines and are paying out money for the winnings. This place is corrupt as they come. The mangers will cheat you any way that can. Could be a good place, if it was under new management.

Comment Date: 10/22/2011 Name: Georgia bowlers
When you work in a job where you serve the public, you need to love what you do. The mustach lady Suzanne obviously doesn’t care one bit. She and the troll Vicky both need to quit. They are running this place in the ground. It is going under very quickly. If they stay and manage it, it will be closed down within a year.

Comment Date: 9/24/2011 Name: Tom
The last few post on this place is dead on. The worst bowling center in America. For the second time in 2 years, dumb and dumber management team just fired the best mechanic they had (Chad). How stupid can you be. They kept the assistant managers husband. Suprise!!! He couldn’t fix a flat tire if he had a spare and AAA! This mangement team is so bad they can’t even fill the house for one winter league, not one! SAD!

Comment Date: 8/30/2011 Name: Cathy
This place will screw you over big time!!! I was told the manager paid off the mechanic on Saturday night so he would delay fixing the lanes to ice several bowlers from having a chance to win the $500 pot. It worked and my understanding the manager put money in the mechanic’s hand immediately following the tournament. The place is full of a bunch of idots that will rob you blind.

Comment Date: 8/30/2011 Name: Betty
Congrats you have found the worse bowling center in America! The last few post are spot on. The personalities of the staff is horrible. They wouldn’t know customer serivce if it bit them in the butt. Current management is the worst excuse for help, I have ever seen. They don’t know how to sell the place either. They have been trying to sell it for 5 or 6 years, but sadly for the bowlers they are asking way to much.

Comment Date: 8/14/2011 Name: BOYCOTT!
Boycott is the right word for this place. They hired a new mechanic and the word is they are now trying to push him out! Mangement has lost their mind. If you want to fire someone fire the mechanic Steve Carver and his wife. You would improve moral in that place by 200 percent!

Comment Date: 7/30/2011 Name: David
BOYCOTT! Stay away from this place. If you want good league bowling, this is not the place for you. The house rips off the league every chance it can. There is no such thing as a house shot. At this time it’s set up for left handers. Have no fear if you don’t like it, it will change tommorrow, and the next day, and so on. Needs new management badly. Only one good employee at the counter, Bobbie Joe, however, mangement keep their knee on her throat, because she is honest. They don’t want that in this house. BOYCOTT!

Comment Date: 7/28/2011 Name: Matt
I agree with the last few post. Boycott this place until new management is brought in. Please league bowl in Greenville or Anderson. They have no idea how to treat their customers, or league bowlers. BOYCOTT!!!

Comment Date: 7/28/2011 Name: Scott,James,Ronnie
Susanne Carver, Steve is the worst 2 people at tri city lanes, they both do as little as possible an get away with it, while everyone else works there butt off an gets disrespected thats not right ALSO BOYCOT the snackbar while denise works cause ive never seen her wash her hands after wipin off table r handlin bowling balls,

Comment Date: 7/22/2011 Name: Anne
I agree with Jim below. BOYCOTT THIS PLACE! They routinely disgriminate against handicapp people. Sorry to say the Counter person, I belive her name is Susanne Carver is one of the main people who does this. Make this place respect all people. BOYCOTT this place until they fire those who do these terrible things. Thank!

Comment Date: 7/15/2011 Name: Jim
PLEASE BOYCOTT this place!!!! They have reached an all time low. The Assistant Manager requested to have two subs to bowl(with well over 200 averages) against a team made up of 3 Handicapped boys. with averages under 100!!! Totally disgraceful. Boycott the place until they fire current staff, and hire people who truly care.

Comment Date: 7/12/2011 Name: Jason
Under new management and have a new mechanic, however still is a terrible place to bowl. They now have a left-handed house shot. They also still have the old assistant manger who steals from the company and leagues on regular bases. Please clear out old staff and bring in honest decent help!

Comment Date: 6/20/2011 Name: aaron.james,mark,
we all like when william is workin we can tell a big differs in how much faster he catches the calls then the other 2 guys, he is a great person and a very hard worker

Comment Date: 6/7/2011 Name: Sarah
It is truely sad that this is the only bowling center in Easely. The current management is so bad, they have brought back the old manager to try and salvage the place. Please fire the current staff and find employees with good people skills. Then some money on the place and fix it up. Thanks.

Comment Date: 5/31/2011 Name: Mark
This place is so run down it’s a disgrace. Almost every pinsetter machine is broke in some way. One of the mechanics told me they were missing several hundred pins, due to the fact so many are cracked, old or just broke. I heard from a lady that is there every week for the no-tap tournaments, and keeps great records, that over a $100 is missing from the jackpots. Guess the assistant manager is stealing money again. It is truley pityful.

Comment Date: 3/31/2011 Name: Jason
The absolute worse bowling center in the world! Before the owner took ill this center was not bad. However now the snack bar is never open, the lanes are always broken, and mangement doesn’t care one bit about the place. They only care about how much money they can steal from the leagues. The bowling association should close this place down.

Comment Date: 3/11/2011 Name: James
Terrible place to bowl. Management stealing money from leagues. Took them a year to paint the walls that should have taken 2 hours to paint. They put no money in the place at all. Using the same pins for the last two years. It has gotten so bad that leagues are now boycotting the place. Buying no beer or anything from the snackbar. Most league members are leaving after the winter season.

Comment Date: 2/25/2011 Name: Caroline Wood (Alex’s Girl!)
i LOVE this bowling alley! it is SOOOO much fun and i love coming out here with my boyfriend. the people are so nice and they DO NOT judge me. ’cause i’m bald. and it’s just so much fun to be out here and after we bowl we usually go and hang out it the parking lot because everyone is so friendly! and it’s so quiet and closed off to where me and my boyfriend can “do stuff” (don’t wanna get too personal on here) but it’s just so much fun at this bowling alley and it’s super duper clean and fun and awesome. And sometime’s my boyfriend Alex will play pool. He wins money off of the games because i need a new wig and i might be pregnant. we really don’t know. but. point is. this place is tha {deleted}! love forever and always your bowling queen; miss diva herself; bald a** b*tch; CAROLINE!

Comment Date: 1/20/2011 Name: elisabeth
me and my friends have started going bowling but i think we made the wrong choice of where to go. this place s*cks. glow bowling had hardly any music at all, and turns out we have to PAY to listen to music. a dollar for one song. no, thats not happening. and the lanes are really crappy. each time we’ve gone the pin things keeps knocking down our pins and taking turns from us. not to mention the beard lady who is an a**. acting like she was going to call to get it reset but then never picked up the phone. someone needs to pick this place up and make it nice again. seriously.

Comment Date: 1/17/2011 Name: earl2
this place needs to bew shut down, it is a disgrace!! the teenage girls run around whoring in the parking lot, yes having sex in the parking lot in cars, pot smoking giving to underage kids, underage drinking, adults giving to them, their youth program is a joke!!!!! they dont influence schlorships, they dont inforce the rules they smoke drink whatever, the rule book is not worth the paper it wrote on!!!! the should be called whores in the alley?!! and some of the counter help cannot even make cheese sticks, i wish this place would be shut down, no under new mamnagement status, boarded up closed

Comment Date: 9/21/2010 Name: Tom
Worse house shot in the upstate. They stopped taking care of the lanes on the weekends and made the shot for winter terrible. They also got rid of the one good employee they had (the bald guy). League bowlers are leaving at an alarming rate. They are having to run more than one league at night just to fill the house up. They two biggest money nights couldn’t even fill the house up. It’s a shame could be a great place with a staff that truely cares for it’s customers.

Comment Date: 7/19/2010 Name: Chris
I went there and found it COULD have been a great place for the family and to bowl, but only if they put some money and time into it. Based on what I was told the manager is only there 2 hours a day. It is my understanding that when then manager comes in, they sit around for a couple of hours, ask some questions of the assistant manager, then leaves. The only employee that seems to care is bald man named Art, I think. The other empolyees only care about reading a book, or talking on their cell phone. New management would do wonders for this place. Could be a goldmine with the right staff or at least people who seem to care like the one bald guy.

Comment Date: 7/16/2010 Name: Walt
The big guy that works the counter is assume, he helped our kids, he said he’s a coach and works with the youth league- we’re bringing our kids back for that in the fall. We’ve been in there other times and the lady sits reading a book and doesn’t seem to care that we are there. You should evaluate your staff if you want ur bowling alley to keep running. You really can’t have it both ways- if someone comes when shes there they will think you don’t care… Nice clean place though, good for my family

Comment Date: 7/11/2010 Name: Tracy
So, went glow bowling tonight. Found out so much. Came there with the family to have lights flashing, strobe lights, and blacklights. However, got there, lights were great, but, NO MUSIC. Every glow bowling there has been music played. As it started, the two ladies working turned the lights and music on. Everyone was shocked. We had the light show but NOOOOO MUSIC. Everybody began to get frustrated and started asking around. As i walked to the desk to ask them what is going on. They were counting their money and would not pay me attention. After saying MAM seven times, she finally turned to me and said “There’s the jukebox, if you wanna hear it, you pay for it.” Were paying TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for bowling to have fun. Cutting out the music is worthless. All that was is for them to pocket a little money. It seemed this place has became all about money. Something needs to be done or get NEW MANAGEMENT to take it in control. This place USEDDD to be amazing. How bout making it less bout the alcohol, AND MONEY, and more bout the FUN WITH THE FAMILY??? 🙂

Comment Date: 7/3/2010 Name: Matt
Bad place to bowl! Current Management is running this place in the ground (guess they are trying to sell it). The same lanes have been broken for a month. They have reduced the food options in the snack bar to nothing. The “house” shot changes every night. They put no money into the place at all. It stays so hot inside the place, that leagues teams are quitting. Needs new management badly!

Comment Date: 6/19/2010 Name: John
This used to be a great bowling center. However, the are now issues with employee’s stealing funds from the several leagues. This is very large sums of money. Theu have also stopped running the air condition, which makes the center extremely hot. Could be a great Center with new management.

Comment Date: 2/19/2010 Name: Tamatha
My friend and I homeschool our children and had scheduled a day off to take the children somewhere on a Thurs. We planned to take them bowling. We looked on the web-site for times, prices, and coupons. Since the bowling alley didn’t open til 1pm, we went ahead and had lunch before. We got to the bowling alley and it was all being used by senior leagues. Now I don’t have a problem with the leagues using the lanes, but why wouldn’t they put that on their web-site? They list the times they are closed, so if the lanes are “closed” to the general public, why not put that? Then we were in Easley with nothing to do. If we had known before we could have planned to go to Greenville. Please put more information on your web-site…that’s what it’s there for!

Comment Date: 3/30/2009 Name: jimmy stone
i enjoy trilanes cause frendly but yallneed to fix it were if u come alot we get at least two free passes but thats all i can say oh oil the lanes a littel more cause it was dry last night

Comment Date: 1/11/2009 Name: Former U.S. Marine
If you go bowling during the nights advertised the games only cost $1 which is nice, the food is alright but steep, I agree with the comments about a foul odor, I went in the restroom and someone had clogged the toilet and there was a used condom lying in the floor. I told the worker when I walked out and she disgustedly went in to take care of it. On Friday and Saturday nights you have to pay a jukebox to play music (they used to play 98.1 f.m. and the music was free). I don’t understand the sudden change in that. The owner of the pro shop is polite however the other workers could be a little more respectful and SMILE 🙂 I come here with my friends occasionally and it is fun, but small improvements should be made. Re-evaluate the workers for friendliness and professional customer service, allow outside food and drinks, the sweep bar and the pin reset machine do malfunction quite often, maybe updated equipment such as scoring machines. They should have signs up that if you choose to bring your own bowling ball some one on the opposite side of the ball return CANNOT use it unless the ask…For example I bought my own $120.00 ball (yes I know expensive but it looked cool and I wanted MY OWN) but the fellow beside my lane picked up my ball and before I could stop him he through it down the lane and when it came back up the shoot i looked at it and it had been chipped (about a .25 inch chunk was gone. When I showed him he said it must’ve already been there before he used it. I told the staff and they wouldn’t do anything. I guess they should have signs that you can only use the house balls if you don’t bring your own…people should respect your personal belongings. Also people drive like maniacs in the parking lot, spinning out and cutting sharp turns in the parking lot…not safe at night like glow bowling

Comment Date: 1/9/2009 Name: Levi P.
Great bowling alley. Beer after work plus bowling and friends equals tons of fun. Love shooting pool and having fun up there at tri-city

Comment Date: 1/7/2009 Name: Jason Waddell
This place is the best! I love bowling here with my pals! Very clean, friendly service, 20 lanes make it spacious enough to accomidate anyone. Couldn’t be better! The other comments about the staff being unfriendly are false. Maybe if people were nicer to the staff, they’d receive quality service in return. If anyone wants to check me out they can at {Sorry, no personal emails or myspace accounts – B2U Staff} I’d love to make new bowling pals!

Comment Date: 1/5/2009 Name: Tin Pin
I’m a teen and love going bowling here when I get the chance. I’ve bowled at Wade Hampton in Greenville and their lanes are a little nicer, but more costly. Tri-city lanes is a lot more affordable, and they don’t allow smoking inside so it’s easier to breathe. My friends and I have a blast bowling here. One negative thing I have to say is about the staff. It may be just me, but they’re not very friendly or polite. It doesn’t stop the crowds from coming in though. All in all it’s a great experience…

Comment Date: 1/5/2009 Name: Kerry
Mean staff, they called me names insulting my sexual orientation. I WILL NOT come back!

Comment Date: 1/5/2009 Name: Chad L.
Too many teens hang out in the parking lot blaring music and driving wreckless on friday and saturday nights. My 7 yr old daughter and I were nearly hit simply walking to our car. Alcohol should be limited. Bowlings great on dollar days. I wouldnt recommend glow bowling with children. I give it a 3 out of 5

Comment Date: 2/21/2008 Name: JEFRE
I love this bowling alley Tuesday/Thursday after 9 1 games and beer greaat

Comment Date: 11/22/2005 Name: cheerleader14
I love this bowling alley! I really like the glow bowlings on Friday and saturday nights. I plan to go here after Christmas with cousin and her boyfriend and her mom.

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