Caveman Bowl

Caveman Bowl

  Name: Caveman Bowl  
  Address: 1230 Rogue River Hwy  
  City: Grants Pass  
  State: OR  
  Zip: 97527  
  Phone: (541) 479-2311  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
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Votes:    143
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Food: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Price: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Fun: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Overall: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
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Caveman Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 9/14/2011 Name: Edge
Bowled at Caveman during the 2009 fall season..lanes were great, atmosphere was nice, and Kevin Croucher is first class.. Certainly am planning a RETURN!

Comment Date: 8/22/2011 Name: Chris Ackerman
@Tom Moore, the lanes are synthetic now, I think they switched over like 10 years ago (give or take). Kevin and the crew have done a great job upgrading everything (he’s put A LOT of money into it), the scoring computers have all been upgraded and there’s now a bank of LCD’s running the length of the alley (when I moved here as a kid in 89, they still had the handwritten scoring but changed to the old brunswick machines shortly after). Even though the new machines are great, I still miss the big, bulky Brunswick computers (made a great place to put your towel). The seats have been there as long as I can remember, they’re beautiful handmade wooden seats (i’m guessing original to the alley which was built in 1955 I think)They have Brunswick badges on the side. I don’t know what “CHUCK NORRIS” is talking about when he said the lanes are illegal. In the 20+ years i’ve been bowling here, i’ve never really had a problem. Now Showtime is another story, I don’t know the management, but the people were always rude to me when I was younger (I haven’t bowled there since High School in the 90s. BTW Ken IS seriously the nicest guy you could ever meet, he’s one of those people that when you meet him, he treats you like he’s been friends with you forever. As a person who loves old buildings, this is a gem. It’s still really nice looking, and is truly a great place to take your family, or if you’re a serious bowler, a great place to practice.

Comment Date: 5/30/2011 Name: Tom Moore
As a junior bowler in the late ’70s, I used to go watch Kevin Croucher bowl just to learn since I’m a visual learner (I’ve been in education for 21 years). Now I find out he owns Caveman bowl, which I’ve not visited for 32 years. Can’t wait to visit and bowl at both houses this summer while on my road trip. Kevin was always nice to me but I could tell he was kidded about me coming just to watch his form and delivery in the scratch league. I only wanted to improve. Nobody would help me. I was brought up poor, bought my own two balls, and have worked since the age of 6. Wish one of the men would have taken me under their wing. Would have helped so much. Maybe I wouldn’t have switched over to golf for the last 4 decades. Been back into bowling for three months. Proud of myself for carrying a 194 average and do not practice. It’s the ball quality really. Kevin, thanks for being nice to me, although you kept your distance…not sure why. When I visit this summer I won’t bring it up, just bowl. Then visit what is now called “Showtime” and see what is up. Is Caveman lanes still real wood? Haven’t lived in GP since 1980. Live in CA, but’ve visited 38 countries, all US states, many more than 5 times, and spend much time in my vacation home in Bali. Go to {Sorry, we can’t print your personal website – B2U Staff} if interested. Thanks for reading this long note. Best to you all.

Comment Date: 10/7/2009 Name: Cami Million
Wow don’t know how i came across this site but it’s quite amuzing. i only bowl at caveman. but showtime isn’t abd just management, workers and everything is better at caveman!

Comment Date: 1/19/2009 Name: herbie kunst
jim call your brother in utah get the number from mom

Comment Date: 11/20/2008 Name: Dave
OK, how can I say this?
There are TWO bowling centers in Grant’s Pass, right? Well Caveman is the ONLY bowling center in Grant’s Pass that IS NOT owned and operated by rude {deleted}.
So there you go.

Comment Date: 6/29/2008 Name: Anthony Matchett
ahh man…that billy kid is so gross…he hardly ever showers and i cant stand the smell of him…i just wish that he wouldn’t come around…anyways, nickel bowl in myrtle creek is way better than caveman so i just bowl there…gosh billy, it’s called SHAMPOO!!!!!!

Comment Date: 4/13/2008 Name: Joseph
hey norm shove it. I’ve know billy along time and respect him alot. And cave man is one of my favorite places to bowl get bent you looser

Comment Date: 1/10/2008 Name: Norm Duke.
Because of Sass L… I will never be attending this place ever again.

Comment Date: 8/6/2007 Name: So. Oregon Bowler
Another great night at Monte Carlo bowling! What a fun place to go!!!! We drove from Phoenix, Or. just to bowl there!

Comment Date: 5/16/2007 Name: Sass L
Forgot…I saw several other post’s by someone with the “same” name. (?). As long as you don’t have to give your real name on posting..or email addy, then this stuff will happen. Such as someone posting under “Norm Duke”..etc. A shame.
Also…each bowling alley in this lil town is entitled to be run as their owner’s choose. We all have the right to choose where we wish to bowl. No need to knock either one of them. Both have their good & bad points. So let’s all be nice & leave it at that.

Comment Date: 5/15/2007 Name: Sass L
First of all, I know Billy Gerber tp be a nice, respectful young man, & he is not at all as that fictional post by “Norm Duke” cites, nor would he write that post about Showtime Lanes owner in such a childish fashion. It is my perogative, but I do not believe that that post was by Billy, nor that anyone with credibility would write that junk about him.

Comment Date: 3/22/2007 Name: Norm Duke
I bowled there and they had a problem with me snortin my crack before the league I subbed on.
Plus, Billy Gerber spit in my Onion Rings.
He asked me if I wanted stilts with that. THATS BULL.

Comment Date: 10/11/2006 Name: Anonymous
Billy is a jerk!!!

Comment Date: 4/30/2006 Name: Chuck Norris
Billy smells like goat cheese…But the lanes are illegal…That’s why everyone bowls good…

Comment Date: 4/2/2006 Name: Buzz
If you’re an avid bowler, this is your place. Owned by one of the top professional bowlers in the northwest. This place has an excellent staff, vastly improved machines, the best pro shop and ball driller in the northwest.
Yes, it’s rustic, but therein lies the charm.
It’s a true “Mom & Pop” operation.
Bowling legends work here.
Kevin Croucher (owner). Kevin is a two time PBA champion who is among the world’s all time leaders in three hundred games and eight hundred series’.
Chris Warren (pro shop). Chris has five title’s on the national PBA Tour. He recently dominated the northwest region to claim an exemption for next year’s PBA Tour. He is the best coach and ball driller that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve made a lot of money bowling since he helped me out.
Ken Wilkinson (manager). Ken has four Southern Oregon All Star title’s and is the former proprietor of Trinity Lanes. The nicest person you will ever meet.
Jim Kunst (customer service). Jim holds multiple state title’s and held the highest average in Grants Pass history at age fifty six using a thirteen pound ball.
Steve Alexander (head mechanic). The finest Brunswick mechanic in the northwest. Steve has the machines running like they’re brand new.
Billy Gerber (snack bar). Finest young bowler in the Southern Oregon. Billy has won every Southern Oregon Junior All Star event that they’ve ever held.
Jamie Koster (customer service). Top female player. Great gal!
Kelly Delisle (customer service) First female in Grants Pass history to shoot a sanctioned eight hundred series.
Brandi Croucher (customer service). Brandi has a master’s degree in education.
Michelle Castleberry (customer service). Michelle has a master’s degree in education.
This is the best and funnest center in Southern Oregon. It’s not the newest or the prettiest. But, if you have goals of getting somewhere in the game of bowling, this is where you need to be. Everything that you’ll need to succeed is there. Plus, the nicest and most knowledgeable staff that you’ll ever see.

Comment Date: 3/10/2006 Name: Linda
I like the armosphere of Caveman Bowl…reminds me a lot of the “old days” back in the ’60’s…I appreciate the fact that you can get good food and a beer here, too AND catch up on Nascar race, pro bowling, etc on the TV…price is right, too…

Comment Date: 1/16/2006 Name: Anonymous
Great management, machine problems solved by addition of new mechanic (One of the best in NW) Alexander- Pro is just that Chris Warren (National champ (many) Best ball driller in NW. Lots of leagues with many skill levels.

Comment Date: 9/18/2005 Name: Sue Trammel
Seems nice enough. Looking for a teacher though, any good ones here or anywhere else close by?

Comment Date: 5/18/2005 Name: billy gerber
First of all showtime is way more expensive and the owner is mean. Caveman is really friendly and nice to bowl at and work there cause I work there.

Comment Date: 5/4/2005 Name: g.l.
Nice, kid-friendly atmosphere. Lanes and machines are a bit old but well-maintained. Very reasonably priced compared to others in the area.

Comment Date: 2/21/2005 Name: Sass L
The lanes keep breaking down, causing delays that should not consistantly happen. My husband & I , & many others have quit going there. We go to Showtime Lanes as they are in excellent condition. & it is a good bowling alley.

Comment Date: 2/21/2005 Name: Sass L
This bowling center used to be good. Not any more. Most of the times lanes are breaking down, & you have to move to bowl. Annoying. We left it for Showtime lanes, as have others.

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