Strike City Lanes

Strike City Lanes

  Name: Strike City Lanes  
  Address: 1170 Hwy 99 North  
  City: Eugene  
  State: OR  
  Zip: 97402  
  Phone: (541) 688-8900  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
How Does Strike City Lanes Rate?
Votes:    52
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Food: Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3
Price: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
Fun: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Overall: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
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Strike City Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 9/26/2011 Name: Hot Spot
Strike City is the HOTTEST SPOT in all of Lane County! Night time is the right time!

Comment Date: 6/11/2011 Name: What Henry?
What manager? When I am there during the day no one is ever at the front desk. Old lady sometimes is willing to help. Bad Bad Bad!!!

Comment Date: 6/9/2011 Name: Scared Mom
After reading these reviews and hearing about the shooting I am scared to go there. I don’t want loved ones getting shot or worse.

Comment Date: 5/13/2011 Name: Tiffany
Strike City is good overall. There is a creapy worker old guy who will look at your boobs though.

Comment Date: 5/12/2011 Name: Henry
I must agree with the last person to type out a review. The manager, Kathi is a rude, arrogant and hateful person. As long as this horrible woman is running the operation, my family, friends and I will never step foot inside that bowling alley again!!!

Comment Date: 4/28/2011 Name: Anonymous
A group of eight very responsible teenagers decided to go to Strike City Lanes after enjoying their Senior High School Prom. A parent was chaperoning them. They were treated very rudely by staff of Strike City Lanes. They were also overcharged for playing only one game. As a parent of one of these teenagers I called to investiagate and I was treated very hatefully and treated as if I was stupid by the manager, Cathy. Because the manager refused to do anything. I was able to finally get the situation rectified only because I was able to finally speak to a different individual which I suspect was some relation to the owner. I will not recommend this business at all. They did indeed ruin what everyone knows is a very special night for these teenagers.

Comment Date: 3/10/2011 Name: krysta
The alley is very nice, bartenders great. The guy at the desk was very rude and all my other 8 friends there with me agreed. But no reason to not go there.

Comment Date: 8/26/2009 Name: Kevin
I�ve been a league bowler here for a year now. I also open bowl and do the occasional cosmic night. It is clean, the machines work, and I like the staff. I�m not an experienced enough bowler to speak to the lane conditions but it seems fine for me.
For those complaining about rude service, I haven�t experienced it. Keep in mind that the desk job can go from slow and boring to total insanity pretty much instantly. Perhaps you called during a busy moment. Give them a break and meet them in person at least once.

Comment Date: 8/25/2009 Name: NCU
We had very polite service on the phone when we called with questions! The service was wonderful and our group of 8 had a wonderful time and great food! We have been prior times to the cosmic bowling and have had great experiences! We will totally be going back!

Comment Date: 8/17/2009 Name: Terry
Great place to bowl. Always clean. Staff is always friendly and helpful, especially Larry & Glenn. Would recommend it for league or open bowling.

Comment Date: 7/30/2009 Name: Anonymous
The new bar is great, had a great time bowling the gentelman at the desk was very help full even took are order for fries and brought them out to us they were great

Comment Date: 6/19/2009 Name: Darlene Penn
I came up to visit some family in Eugene, and they took me to strike city on a Saturday night, for the cosmic bowling, and I had a great time. I thought the atmosphere was good. They had a wide variety of food, and the staff seemed nice to me. They even brought our food to us. Our kids loved it, and I would definitely recommend this place for families.

Comment Date: 4/24/2009 Name: Jim D
I can’t believe so many people thought the phone people were rude. I AGREE! The gentleman who answered the phone when I called could not have been less friendly nor helpful. They are lucky it’s a small town and that one has few options.

Comment Date: 10/4/2008 Name: anonymous
pretty rude on the phone

Comment Date: 9/24/2008 Name: Eric Devin
I don’t know if I’d call the employees at Strike City rude, but they aren’t overly friendly, I’ll give you that. The shot is fine, it’s just really wet, and relatively easy to adapt to.

Comment Date: 6/2/2008 Name: alex
they were very rude.

Comment Date: 4/10/2008 Name: Anonymous
Staff doesn’t even say “goodbye” when talking to them on the phone. They just hang up. Worst customer service in Eugene bowling. Most only go there for cosmic. If they didn’t have cosmic, no one would go.

Comment Date: 4/10/2008 Name: Anonymous
Staff is always rude. Always a bad experience. If you don’t want to work in customer service… GET ANOTHER JOB.

Comment Date: 1/10/2008 Name: Tom Baker.
You don’t know how to bowl… I don’t see you out on the Sr. Tour Shreddin’ Racks and Shootin’ Scouts.
Bring it on Hoss,
Call me {phone number deleted}

Comment Date: 12/30/2007 Name: Tournament Bowler
I bowled in a couple of tournament here. Really tough shot. I was told trhat it was the normal “house” shot. I have been on better shots.

Comment Date: 9/11/2007 Name: Anonymous
Strike city is a great place to bowl for fun or league, Very clean and freindly and help full staff, Larry is the best

Comment Date: 8/14/2007 Name: Anonymous
Tom Baker learn how to bowl!!!!

Comment Date: 8/14/2007 Name: DAN LLOYD
Average house shot is o.k. nothing special
not enough promition for the center.
Last gut to add comment does not know how to bowl!

Comment Date: 3/22/2007 Name: Tom Baker
This place has a terrible shot with even more terrible lanes.

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