BeaverVu Bowl

BeaverVu Bowl

  Name: BeaverVu Bowl  
  Address: 1238 North Fairfield Road  
  City: Dayton  
  State: OH  
  Zip: 45432  
  Phone: (937) 426-6771  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Votes:    81
Lanes: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Food: Actual Value is 1.8Actual Value is 1.8
Price: Actual Value is 1.4Actual Value is 1.4
Fun: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Overall: Actual Value is 1.6Actual Value is 1.6
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BeaverVu Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 1/20/2011 Name: joe mumford
ive bowled here for years and ive come to this conclusion….if they try to make lanes 1 to 24 oiley they will be spotty . but lanes 41 to 64 (the original 24 lanes)will allways be consistant the last 40 lanes work better on a drier condition.

Comment Date: 1/17/2011 Name: Dave
I’ve bowled here for several years and have found the staff friendly and courteous. Several schools (High school and college) bowl there and the lanes are dressed prior to the match. I been to some other houses and watched open bowling on the match lanes just before the match. A lot of people bowl at BeaverVu (they host a number of special events during the year) and the participants seem satisfied with the house.

Comment Date: 12/29/2010 Name: Fat guy
WMASdog, your lucky I didnt stomp a mudhole in your scrawny butt. sue that!

Comment Date: 8/7/2010 Name: love u m—ael
i love it here its so awsu i recomind it

Comment Date: 9/1/2008 Name: Bill
Wsmadog, people like you are the very reason bowling centers don’t like to do coupons anymore.

Comment Date: 5/27/2008 Name: Anonymous
The fat guys at the counter are ignorant and lazy.
The lanes are ok, this is an annoying place to bowl at just go to Capri its way better.

Comment Date: 2/28/2008 Name: Doug is a nice guy
Doug is a nice guy and supports the WSU bowling team. When I was on the team, we were able to practice at Beaver-Vu twice a week free of charge.

Comment Date: 2/28/2008 Name: Your loss
“Response to Comment Date: 5/14/2007 Name: wmasdog
Well from the way you talked, I would have turned down your business.

Comment Date: 2/22/2008 Name: anonymous
i bowl in a legue at beaver vu and they are very nice people. the service is awesome. as far as the lane conditoin goes that couldent get any better. thas is a good bowling alley over all

Comment Date: 5/14/2007 Name: wmasdog
BAD SERVICE!!! I just went to beaver-vu in beavercreek and met up with my brother to bowl a few games and never made it past the front desk person.We had banquet coupons for free game and they expire on 5/31/07 and I ask the fat guys at the desk if we could use two per me and my brother. He said no that we couldn’t because it says one game per person, percoupon, per day and I had a hard time understanding because there was nobody else bowling and we just drove from kettering and gas aint cheap and I want to spend alittle time with my brother, not just one game and leave.I ask why can’t we just use two coupons each because they expire at the end of the month. He replied “it’s my job to enforce the policies and if you don’t like it you can leave. I said “well is there any other policies that I need to be aware of that I may break”. He then begain to denie our service as a customer and said we couldn’t bowl and started to stare at me in a threatening maner and I said so know your going to stare at me. I agreed to just use one coupon for one game and he kept being rude. By now I’m pissed off and saying that he is descriminating our services as customer and now my right to free speech. I told him I will be putting a lawsuit against him(beaver-vu). He began yelling at me saying you want my name, I’ll give you my full name.Isaid no as Ileaving because I didn’t need this abuse anymore and nothing was getting accomplished and I said no I don’t need your name I will just call you fat guy and he yelled back at me your the fat guy.I left and my brother was so disturbed he was already pulling out of the parking lot.

Comment Date: 3/7/2007 Name: Jarod Newport
This is by far the best bowling alley I’ve ever been to. As to the comment above, Beaver-Vu has now banned smoking at any time in there bowling alley. Also, the owner, Doug Wilson, is probably the nicest person you will ever meet. Support a great alley, go to Beaver-Vu!

Comment Date: 1/27/2006 Name: Anonymous
I have bowled at Beaver Vu for about 30 years. The league I bowl in now has several smokers and all our team asked is that we have the fans turned on. These smokers insist the fans be turned off because they are cold. They can wear heavier clothing but we can’t stop the smoke from being in our faces. We have talked to management about this and they side with the smokers. Every time we have the fans turned on, they are turned right back off. This is ridiculous. All of us pay the same amount to bowl and it doesn’t seem fair that we have to have the smoke in our faces when all it takes is turning the fans on. Next year, we will be finding another bowling facility since this one does not care about the health or feelings about their league members.

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