Colonial Lanes

Colonial Lanes

  Name: Colonial Lanes  
  Address: 78 Brookside Avenue  
  City: Chester  
  State: NY  
  Zip: 10918  
  Phone: (845) 469-3005  
  Hours: Sun-Th 12-12, F 12-1am, Sat 10-2am  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
How Does Colonial Lanes Rate?
Votes:    3160
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9
Food: Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9
Price: Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8
Fun: Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9
Overall: Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9Actual Value is 4.9
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Colonial Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 1/15/2012 Name: Anonymous
When do you guys have cosmic bowling ?

Comment Date: 11/22/2011 Name: just wondering
whats going on anything special.

Comment Date: 10/18/2009 Name: Anonymous
Funny, I can’t find his name on the IBPSIA website?

Comment Date: 8/25/2009 Name: Al
Wow,that statement was rude. I know plenty of people including myself that are more than satisfied with the level of service provided by John. I’ve bowled for 50 years and went to every local shop and no one but John has drilled me a ball that I’ve shot 300 with. I don’t understand why people are arguing,people go where they want to go. John is a good kid,and he tries to help anyway he can.

Comment Date: 8/19/2009 Name: Anonymous
We already know who you are, the idiot with bald patch on the back of your head, that can’t drill bowling balls.

Comment Date: 8/2/2009 Name: John L
Whats up people? I already stated I do not hide under fake names etc when speaking on here or any other site for that matter. I think its amusing that so many people are fixated on me. I would love to know who I got my training from, who taught me everything etc. I work at the lanes occasionally, however my father doesnt drill bowling balls so it would be nice if people actually knew what they were talking about before stating so called facts. If you have any questions about who I am, stop by the center and see me.

Comment Date: 7/27/2009 Name: LMFAO
As far as Lewis “Knowing what he is talking about” You either are Lewis, or he has you fooled. He can throw a ball yeah, but I also know who he received most of his training from. You never know who you’re talking to when you’re on the internet……………….

Comment Date: 7/6/2009 Name: mike
man i went there the other day and i won a free bowling card for winning a madden 09 game…i love tht placeee

Comment Date: 6/25/2009 Name: employee
ok, to everyone out there. Colonial Lanes is a good center to bowl in. I do understand that our prices are a little high, that is why everyone should take advantage of our nightly specials. I started bowling at the center before I became an employee, and found it to be a great friendly atmosphere, which has not changed over the years. As far as being poorly run, some things happen that is not in most the employee’s control. If it is something in our control, than we will be happy to take care of it. I personally try to help everyone I can as friendly and politely as I know how to. As long as the person isn’t being rude.
P.S. John Lewis does work there. He definitely knows what hes doing and talking about and holds many of the Mid-Hudson Association records, like high average and series.

Comment Date: 5/23/2009 Name: Anonymous
Lewis doesn’t work there, him and his father just attempt to drill bowling balls and more often than not, screw them up.

Comment Date: 4/30/2009 Name: Bruce
I was bored and reading ALL the comments and it seems that John Lewis works there (??) but if an employee is responding to comments then he or she should at least read what is written. For example the comment by Selena, she never said Colonial Lanes was a dump, she said something about it not being run very well. And I can sort of see what she means because the couple times I have gone there it has been messy in the bathroom with paper all over the place and the tile floor where it meets the lanes looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since they openend. Plus, one of the times I went they didn’t even have Pepsi! How can you run out of soda at the snack bar? On a weekend??? Just my two cents

Comment Date: 3/2/2009 Name: Anonymous
Bring your bullet proof vest, press 9 and 1 on your cell phone, keep your finger on the “1” key just incase.

Comment Date: 1/28/2009 Name: Anonymous
I know people that bowl there Monday nights as well and say the same thing, go to Middletown Lanes. They run a very similar special on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 9 to 11. Plus the pro shop is second to none, all the other local shops go to the pro shop in Middletown Lanes for supplies and advice, cut out the middle man and go straight to the real pro.

Comment Date: 12/22/2008 Name: Janet
Pete: that’s pretty funny that you CLAIM to go there every Monday night and bowl for $8 since I bowl in the Ladies League there and when we’re done bowling they are turning off the lights and putting the chairs on the tables. My guess is that you work there and are trying to give them some kind of plug to get people in the door on Monday nights.

Comment Date: 12/12/2008 Name: Pete
I love Colonial Lanes. They have specials every night of the week. I go there and pay $8.00 as much as I want from 8pm to closing time every monday and tuesday night. The people who work there are always nice to me. Seems funny that this site rarely has something good to say. I guess people always want to complain.

Comment Date: 9/20/2008 Name: Side note for Lewis
If you own a pro shop, shouldn’t you at least know your balls? I know Mo (The “Mo”, in MoRich) and he says it’s not an agressive ball. Just throwing that out there.

Comment Date: 9/8/2008 Name: To: Mr Loose Lip Lewis
Well kind sir it appears that you have read what you wanted to read, and omitted what you deemed fit. If you remove your foot long enough to re-read, the Pioneer was the weakest I had.
I think being in the industry, I would have knowledge of a centers overhead costs. No one asked for anything even close to a hand out. People don’t want something for nothing, for want value for their dollar.
I concur the place is not a dump, and I have no problems moving and playing every single board of a lane if need be. But again with my knowledge of bowling centers, I know a dressed lane compaired to one that collected dust for a day or so. I don’t care if they neglect their lanes, I don’t have to pay to have them fixed, nor fix them.
Ironic that you’re ranting about the rantings of other,eh?
Good day sir.

Comment Date: 6/19/2008 Name: John Lewis
You know its funny, once in awhile I browse the site and read comments from the people in our area. I think its pretty funny when people complain about prices, it’s a business with many overhead costs. This wasn’t a bowling center that closed up and was purchased from scraps! The place costs millions to build. If you live in this day and age you should get used to the economy around you and stop looking for a handout. Everyone wants something for nothing and frankly if you got it you probably would still complain. I also find it funny that people hide their identities instead of letting management or ownership know your concerns. If you think the place is such a dump say something, but I think Anthony, Selena, and “The Local AMF Mechanic” should reconsider because each of you make no sense. 1st: Anthony, if you were unhappy with having to pay that price you could have declined, 2nd I can guarantee if your Black Widow Pearl was damaged to where it would have effected the roll of the ball, it would have been replaced. 3rd There is no such thing as a rubber blanket to stop the ball, the “crash” you heard is from the lanes being hollow underneath nothing more nothing less.
-Local AMF Mechanic…playing different parts of the lane is part of bowling. If you think that a MoRich Pioneer has a non-aggresive coverstock I’m not sure you should be working in any bowling center let alone giving advice on this website.
-Selena, please explain as why this place is a dump? I myself averaged 240+ in this so called dump. I can name atleast another 10 people who were near the 220 average range, so please explain. Thank you.

Comment Date: 5/23/2008 Name: Selena
I agree with Anthony. This place is completely overpriced and run so badly that ANY other bowling center in this county is better. And I’m even including dumps like PJBowl!!! Personally, I’ll drive the extra 10 minutes and go to Middletown where the people that work there are always nice and helpful and they have awesome discount packages.

Comment Date: 4/26/2008 Name: Local AMF Mechanic
Over priced, Brunswick machines are very slow and you don’t actually get your moneys worth when paying by the hour. I don’t know how they could have possible had a synthetic lane bed be as dry as these were. With the weakest core, non aggresive cover stock ball I have (Morich Pioneer), in order to strike I had my backside to the ball return and lofting the gutter cap. Not worth the time or money.

Comment Date: 4/2/2008 Name: Anthony
went here to practice on a week night because all of the better places had leagues going on. I requested a pair of lanes. I was told that I would have to pay $4.75 per game per lane, or $22 per hour (30 minutes per lane). Seriously, did the proprietor of this establishment ever bowl in his entire life. That is the dumbest thing ive ever heard…but unsuspecting “non-bowlers” proabably think they are getting a good rate. WRONG! on top of that, after 1 shot with my out of the box Hammer Black Widow Pearl, the ball came back with a nice gash right on the track. Fantastic! I dont even think the lanes have the rubber blanket in the back to stop the ball. I heard the worst crash ever when my ball hit the back of the alley..Unbelievable!

Comment Date: 2/6/2008 Name: Beth
I like the person who wrote about the 3000 votes– seriously I doubt if you can find 30 bowlers who think this place is good never mind finding 3000!!!

Comment Date: 1/7/2008 Name: Customer
I had a great time at Colonial Lanes on Friday. The staff is helpful and knowlegable. I haven’t been here in about a year. This place is still great. I also went into the pro shop……WOW!! What an improvement!!!! It is stocked well and open. The gentleman in the Pro Shop was very knowledgable and answered my questions quickly and honestly. Great work.

Comment Date: 12/29/2007 Name: going to night
the people below are right i going to night and mybe we can get somthing out of it

Comment Date: 12/12/2007 Name: customer
worst bowling center ever. i live in chester and was very exciting when they opened, only to find that the people running it had no clue what they are doing and are consistantly rude. the approaches are always sticky b/c they allow children to run around unattended. colonial lanes is the only bowling center around that gives more attention to open bolwers than they do their leagues. the lanes are rarely taken care of. the prices are insane and it is not about walking 40 feet its about business tactics. yours clearly stink. bottom line…worst bowling center ever. what a waste. now, i still have to drive to warwick, middletown, or newburgh just to have a good experience.

Comment Date: 11/27/2007 Name: Anonymous
I got quite a chuckle out of reading the comments that others have left before me. First of all the reason why they have 3000 plus votes but only a handful of comments is clearly because some bored kids or employees (who are also kids) just kept hitting the vote button. This bowling alley is a joke. There is like 2 employees there who even have a clue about bowling. Me and my friends bowl there in a league and they are always out of food that we order; it’s so ridiculous and they have even been out of soda. And it’s supposed to be a restaurant??? I feel bad for the people who work there who TRY to do a good job. There are so many better bowling alleys in Orange County to go to.

Comment Date: 4/10/2007 Name: employee
i work at colonial lanes, and i feel i have to defend the establishment and its employees.
first of all, i agree that the $10,000 strike jackpot was a bit sketchy. however, realize that the employees have nothing to do with the strike jackpot. it is run by the bowlers in the mens league. the employees dont even pick the winning ticket. (nice plug for frontier, though)
second, i do not see the problem with paying before you play. is it really a huge deal to walk 40 feet and pay for an extra game. and if it is, just pay for the extra game first, and if you decide not to play, we will give you a refund.
although it is true that the website is incorrect, there is little the employees can do about it. i have offered many times to update the website, only to be ignored. however, it is always a good idea to call first and check for lane availability, and double check prices.
now, on a friday, cosmic bowling is supposed to begin at ten. however, due to the league, we must wait. we turn on the cosmic lights and music as soon as the league is finished. if they take longer, it takes longer for the cosmic bowling to start. also, realize that when someone tells you how long it will take for a lane to be ready, thats an estimation. people buying extra games or time, lane breakdowns and other things out of our control can cause the wait to be longer than first estimated.
if you did not get to use all of the time you paid for, two things are possible. your group was breaking the rules, (hitting the sweep, breaking the bumpers, throwing multiple balls, walking on the lanes, etc) and your group was asked to leave, or it is possible your lane broke down, blacked out, and your group did not know it was simply broken, thought your time was up, and left. otherwise, you would not have been shorted any time.
as far as the staff is concerned, almost all of the employees there are trained well and care about the customers. realize that we may have been training a new employee, someone may have been called out and we were shorthanded,or something to that effect, so that we appeared disorganized. and during the winter, on a friday night, things can get quite hectic. and as far as employees not caring about the patrons, that is simply not true. all you need to do is ask an employee, and your issue will be resolved. however, once again, if your group was acting up, the staff is less likely to help you out when your group causes a problem.
finally, to the customer who insulted marty, how dare you. marty is a great kid, and i assure you he does not smell.

Comment Date: 3/28/2007 Name: peter pan
Ihate colonial lanes!!! The chinese guy Marty that works there always smells like pork fried rice. The food is good though but they have like 2 bowling balls there. James Creamer had his birthday party there and a clown pooped on his face!!

Comment Date: 1/13/2007 Name: Disatisfied Customer
We had a group meetup at this bowling alley. The website posted ALL (cost and times) information incorrectly. Cosmic bowling was supposed to start at 9 and when we arrived, were told it didn’t start until 10. We were told we’d would have a lane before 10, we didn’t get a lane until 10:15 and then was not alotted the full one hour that we paid for. In addition, Cosmic bowling, which costs extra, with lights and music did not start until 10:30 or later. The bowling alley staff was not organized and just didn’t care about any of the issues any of the other patrons had that night. It could have been a great time, the environment was great, but overall a bad experience and a rip-off.

Comment Date: 9/13/2006 Name: davey
They make you pay for your lanes before you start to bowl and if you decide to bowl a second game, you must pay in advance again. THAT’S NOT THE WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS

Comment Date: 6/4/2006 Name: James
The shot is horrible and they rig there $10,000 strike jackpot. The word that comes to mind is rip off.
Go to frontier lanes Warwick N.Y.(845) 986-3565
much more friendly and you’ll have a great time.

Comment Date: 5/5/2006 Name: John
How no comments out of 3040 visitors. Is it good or bad.

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