Solvay Recreation Alleys

Solvay Recreation Alleys

  Name: Solvay Recreation Alleys  
  Address: 1737 Milton Avenue  
  City: Syracuse  
  State: NY  
  Zip: 13209  
  Phone: (315) 488-8072  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
How Does Solvay Recreation Alleys Rate?
Votes:    67
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Food: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Price: Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3Actual Value is 4.3
Fun: Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6
Overall: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
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Solvay Recreation Alleys Comments

Comment Date: 3/11/2014 Name: thinking about checking it out
Hey Im thinking about checking out solvay rec lanes with my 9 year old daughter but Im having trouble finding hours posted online for open bowling anyone want to help me out?? thanks

Comment Date: 2/27/2012 Name: one who knows
consider your intentions. “It’s rock n bowl “NOT” league play and ONLY $10 !!!. Lanes ARE “conditioned” daily. The food is GREAT for a bowling center, it’s NOT Twin Tree’s!!! The staff is there too help in ANYWAY they can, if they can’t, maybe YOUR ureasonable. Sure you can go pay $16, $18 $20 somewhere else for the same you’ll receive for $10 at Solvay. For a bowling center or ANY business that has been around for nearly 90 years!! THEY’RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.

Comment Date: 6/7/2011 Name: Kimmer
My daughter had her 7th birthday here and it was PERFECT for a kids party. We had over 25 kids, 6 or seven lanes and they catered to all our needs. Price was much more affordable than other area lanes and it is smaller facility making it more personal and easier to keep you eye on all the kids. They turned off the lights and made it like rock and bowl and the kids ate it up! Couldn’t have for it to go smoother. I even forgot the candle and the manager pulled out a “7” from behind the bar and saved the day! I would recommend with large groups to bring snacks. They can only cook 2 pizza’s at a time so, it takes a while to get the food ready. Overall a good value for the price. We would have a party here again!

Comment Date: 4/29/2011 Name: Greg
Fun place to bowl… Really fun, nice staff and good lanes

Comment Date: 8/24/2010 Name: anthony
its an amazing place to go and bowl and just hang out with the guys on friday nights

Comment Date: 6/13/2010 Name: Anonymous
awesome place to bowl!

Comment Date: 11/4/2009 Name: Anonymous
this place a great atmoshphere.

Comment Date: 10/25/2009 Name: molly
im on a league here and i think it is really good though the lanes are a little shaped out but overall its really good!

Comment Date: 10/1/2009 Name: Anonymous
you just walk in and say can i bowl. thats what i did and i got in

Comment Date: 3/10/2009 Name: Anonymous
i wanted to know if i wanted to go bowl do i have to call to reserve lanes? or do i just get one.

Comment Date: 3/7/2009 Name: Lex
I also noticed some of the comments are from the people who work there as well as their friends and classmates.

Comment Date: 3/7/2009 Name: Lexy
The people are friendly and the food and drinks are good. BUT the lanes are in poor shape. If you go during rock and bowl when the blacklight is on you can see ALOT of wear in the lanes. The are not oiled well and the ball returns are a major pain in the butt. It was the first time my husband and i went out since our sons birth we had fun but for real bowling I would go somewhere where they take care of the place. It is very dumpy but its good for young children to go for fun not someone who is a bowler.

Comment Date: 2/25/2009 Name: Anonymous
hey Wouldnt you like to know, his son Joe Zollo is hott u no

Comment Date: 2/13/2009 Name: Wouldn’t you like to know
This place is fun with friendly people! OH, and John is a cutie.

Comment Date: 1/24/2009 Name:  ____ MADIGAN_____
A truly friendly staff,clean safe great place to bowl.

Comment Date: 1/7/2009 Name: Anonymous
people should recomend this alley b4 going some where else

Comment Date: 1/3/2009 Name: Rachel DeSantis
Anyone who says to go to a different place to bowl should seriously consider whether or not it was the environment of the lanes, or their own ability to bowl that contributed to their distasteful experience. Solvay lanes, by far provides the best bowling experience with a more than friendly staff and a safe, secure, and completely amazing bowling environment. Kudos to the Zollo family.

Comment Date: 12/18/2008 Name: Anonymous
i love this place

Comment Date: 9/28/2008 Name: connor
i like it there, lots of pin action, but i like to hook the crap out the ball and the ball returns are a real pain

Comment Date: 9/12/2008 Name: Bill
I’ve been there a couple times with friends on Friday nights, and I have to say; what a fun place to bowl, keep up the good work!!!

Comment Date: 8/24/2008 Name: JOE ZOLLO

Comment Date: 8/2/2008 Name: Anonymous
Why does everyone go there? They don’t have oil or good pins or good music. People, go somewhere else if you want to bowl.

Comment Date: 7/23/2008 Name: Anonymous
Anyone thinks that Solvay is the best bowling alleys in the world, that’s a laugh. Try the other alleys before you say Solvay is number one.

Comment Date: 5/22/2008 Name: Anonymous
bestest place ever

Comment Date: 5/14/2008 Name: Anonymous
This place is very awsome! So what if the place is over 80 years old!! it is in good shape and has very awsome employees!

Comment Date: 4/3/2008 Name: Steve
This is one of the most fun places to bowl in syracuse…deffinetly reccomend solvay…very nice atmosphere

Comment Date: 3/28/2008 Name: Joe Zollo

Comment Date: 2/21/2008 Name: Anonymous
Really a last resort, but decent.

Comment Date: 10/30/2007 Name: Anonymous
We go there to bowl & there’s never any oil. Why is this the only place not to have anything out there? The people who bowl there should have oil to bowl on, or else, why bowl there?

Comment Date: 8/22/2007 Name: Monica
It would be helpful to have the hours posted online, or someone at the alleys to actually answer the phone?!

Comment Date: 3/16/2007 Name: Heather
Love this bowling alley – quaint little place with great atmopshere. People are friendly and always a great time.

Comment Date: 1/3/2006 Name: Colin Mulvey
The lanes are decent whenever John decides to oil them. Overall atmosphere is friendly and a enjoyable experience.

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