Lake George Bowl

Lake George Bowl

  Name: Lake George Bowl  
  Address: Lake George Road  
  City: Lake George  
  State: NY  
  Zip: 12845  
  Phone: (518) 668-5741  
  Lanes: 24  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
  Comments: Synthetic heads and wood back ends. Great scoring center.  
How Does Lake George Bowl Rate?
Votes:    48
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
Food: Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3
Price: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Fun: Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7
Overall: Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3
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Lake George Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 3/14/2012 Name: Fr Lewis
People, re comments re “high rices”, remember, this is a resort/tourist town and as such, prices are higher for most things. The taxes are high, rents are high, labor is high, cost of living is high, food supplies are high, etc. etc. If you want “cheap/inexpensive” go to Gloversville or Fair Have, VT centers.

Comment Date: 8/17/2010 Name: Anonymous
I wanted to say that I am impressed with the changes that have been made to this bowling alley. I actually have a reason to enjoy Lake George now!

Comment Date: 6/27/2010 Name: Anonymous
The new manger is hot!!!!

Comment Date: 2/16/2009 Name: Andrew
i find the conditions here to be ok, also ive never payed before but my highschool this is our home ally and we always get great service, a rating out of 10 i would give a 8

Comment Date: 11/15/2008 Name: George Bristol Hoss!
shut up and bowl, doug does alot for the league in fact 110 percent of what goes on in the league, the website? paid for by Bo, mainly to showcase YOUR scores!! if your a scratch bowler you wouldnt complain about the lanes at all

Comment Date: 11/15/2008 Name: LG Lefty Hoss
Bossman puts 110 percent into this league, its the finest scratch league around the tri county area, he runs a website OUT OF POCKET, mainly for bowlers recognition of their scores. guess what move your feet,

Comment Date: 11/2/2008 Name: the skiffer
when bossman avgs 220 i might get past 10 in a row whoever you are complaining about the shot at lake george grow some stones and identify yourself and then stop whinning and go practice

Comment Date: 10/27/2008 Name: Bossman
The former head mech is currently averaging 184. 220? Please, I wish.

Comment Date: 10/21/2008 Name: former bowler
this place s*cks, new manager is horrible. bowl jew england is all about their money. they do not care about anybody. the former head mechanic changes the shot weekly so he can average 220. and as for open bowling, go anywere but here. please the prices are a rip off.

Comment Date: 12/16/2007 Name: Lake George Bowl Sux
Expensive, help is rude! Pay 15.00 for Moonlight Bowling & have to buy your own music @ the juke box….shuts the lanes off 10 mins before…but the helpds friends continue to bowl!!! bs

Hope Steve rock is not the treasurer of any of your leagues up there, he stole all of our leagues prize money and it was read to us in a letter Steve wrote and his brother read to us tonight at the banquet – no prize money!!!

Comment Date: 1/29/2007 Name: me again
Very clean, very new, prices on everything are high. Lack of personality, helpfullness and attention make it a poor facility overall.

Comment Date: 8/30/2005 Name: ken
The bowling alley is very nice, but very expensive. I couldnt believe the price they charged just for shoes, we went on a weekday after school and there was no one available at the snack counter.

Comment Date: 2/19/2005 Name: Russ Tvede Tri County Teachers League
Last year I e-mailed owners of Lake George Bowl and complained about some conditions. I’m very pleased to see a complete makeover. Barnaby Jones is a very good manager who personally handles many situations. With the no smoking law and the bright conditions of the establishment it is again a pleasure to bowl. Thanks

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