Gun Post Lanes

Gun Post Lanes

  Name: Gun Post Lanes  
  Address: 1215 East Gun Hill Road  
  City: Bronx  
  State: NY  
  Zip: 10469  
  Phone: (718) 881-0331  
  Hours: 10:30 am to 1:00 am  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
How Does Gun Post Lanes Rate?
Votes:    138
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
Food: Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1Actual Value is 3.1
Price: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Fun: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
Overall: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
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Gun Post Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 5/1/2015 Name: Ms.Cabrera
This is the worst place !!!!!!!!!! DONT COME OVER HERE !!

Comment Date: 8/4/2014 Name: Summer Camps
Couple week I when to Gun Post Lane to take my summer camp kids and this Puerto guy help us a lot very nice guy that I find out his name was Andy by one of his worker thank you Andy of your help.

Comment Date: 4/23/2014 Name: League Bowler
I see Gun Post Lanes have other Arthur name chubby. Do the same as him, to talk to the customer bad like Arthur dont Gun Post Lanes getting bad now don�t bowl they go to Bowlerland

Comment Date: 3/29/2014 Name: League Bowler
HARRY C I guess Artie pay you of post this because Andy stop working at Gun Post Lane already. You can stop lie we all know that James brown is rude person

Comment Date: 1/14/2014 Name: Anonymous
Congrats to damar and basia on their engagement:)

Comment Date: 4/30/2013 Name: HARRY C
came to gunpost lanes for the past 3 weeks and the staff was good except that a guy that really spooked me was this guy named andy on a saturday night but this other guy who was very helpful was james he was the nicest one there andy should be fired get rid of andy !!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 3/13/2013 Name: Anonymous
Happy Easter damar!!!

Comment Date: 3/8/2013 Name: Basia
Damar congrats on your bowling in new Brunswick. Nj good job. Proud of you!!

Comment Date: 1/18/2013 Name: Anonymous
Where is Andy that i dont see working everyday like before he was very nice guy working and help alot customers

Comment Date: 1/13/2013 Name: Mamaesther
My daughter wanted to go bowling for her birthday and knowing that this bowling center was in the area I decide to go to Gun Hill Post. I came to this site to look at reviews and did not really believe the comments people were leaving. So, I took my chances and when with the family…worst service EVER. This is not a family place I would never go again it not worth the money. When we arrived no one greeted us and when we got to the counter they where not welcoming they did not tell us the rates up front. Then another thing they did not except any type of credit or debit cards and did not offer any ATM. The guy at the counter did not even know how to count the money at first he told me a lesser amount and then he changed it and said it was ten dollars more then what he originally told me. Then we got sent to our station not even escorted. A CHIlD came and reset the score board. Then our shoe rentals look like there was a thousand years old …the pins keeps getting stuck and WE had to keep resetting it . It was just horrible if you plan on cutting a cake fit get about it my friend was stopped at the DOOR and was told that cutting the cake was not allowed. I was pissed. This is not a family establishment I do not recommend it.

Comment Date: 11/28/2012 Name: Anonymous
Merry Christmas damar!!

Comment Date: 6/10/2012 Name: Anonymous
Happy birthday Damar! Ja cie kocham

Comment Date: 11/17/2011 Name: Customer
On Wed I want to Gun Post lanes with my friend and they give me line 26 and this guy call James was very bad mouth and cloth smell like never take a birth. I tell this nice Puerto guy to help me the score and he help me alot plus help me to got kids ball.

Comment Date: 10/21/2011 Name: Anonymous
That 100% true way all the old guy like Andy, Nike or clif that also help peoples with lanes

Comment Date: 9/20/2011 Name: Bronx Bowler
First of all to Artie & all the other Artie lovers out there get a life and face the facts Artie has no clue about the bowling business!
If you want to bowl & get treated right go to Bowlerland & see Gus, believe it or not Gus is Artie’s brother. He knows how to keep people happy, you always hear him saying thank you to customers for coming in! I know hard to believe their brothers!
Hey Artie, you need to treat people better instead of you & your friends writing post to make you sound better!
Hey Gus why don’t you teach your brother some manners?

Comment Date: 8/5/2011 Name: Silv
I love artie! Hi Artie is awesome! I love you Artie! Never stop being the awesome manager you are! you run this place very well. Love you. Silvs 😀

Comment Date: 8/5/2011 Name: PRAAATTT
Artie ROcks! LMAO

Comment Date: 8/3/2011 Name: Mac
Hey Artie

Comment Date: 7/16/2011 Name: Dee
I think that the alley should be run by somelse other than Artie, he do have a smart mouth but if you put him in his place he calms down

Comment Date: 6/30/2011 Name: Joe
I want on Wed and they give me a lanes but it was to much peoples they that I tell them can you move me one more down they tell me no but place was soon empty that it should not be problem. Now i know why is no customer because rude idiot manager

Comment Date: 6/23/2011 Name: League
Now I know why they no customers in Gun post lanes is because of Artie mouth and don’t care about nobody but his self

Comment Date: 6/10/2011 Name: Bill
This place could be so much better if it wasn’t for that rude idiot Artie.

Comment Date: 6/4/2011 Name: Anonymous
On Wed me and my friend when to Gun Post lanes and they give me lanes 10. It have some problem that Mr. brad tell the front desk to move to other lanes and Andy move the lanes this guy was soon nice but if Artie was they he will not move us until he try to fixed it and make us wait long time that my friend will leave. That what they should do kept Artie out of the building and everybody will have fun and more peoples come to bowl.

Comment Date: 5/27/2011 Name: league bowler
I dont understand why Artie brother kept his brother running that bowling alley all his doing making all the league leave. One person that very nice to work with is his Andy very helpful and real care about the league. Thk you Andy

Comment Date: 4/1/2011 Name: Joe
What a dump this place has the rudest and most unprofessional staff in NYC, Artie the owner thinks he is doing you a favor by allowing you to bowl in his dump, very rude. the only decent employee was this guy named Andy who helped me and my friends out every time the crappy computers in this place scored wrong, will never go to this place again

Comment Date: 3/26/2011 Name: larry
arte is a jerk and needs to be replaced should contact his brother at bowlerland and complain as long as he is running gunpost i will never bowl there again once this current league ends

Comment Date: 2/26/2011 Name: bill m
re 007 james is an idiot he could not help me with a clean up at my lane !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 2/5/2011 Name: 007
I go to gun post on sun and i got to say that they one guy call James is a big a**h*le the way he talk but when Andy came to the lanes he help me alot and and question i have he answer like a prof worker. Is like he real care about the customer thk Andy

Comment Date: 1/14/2011 Name: bill m
where is clint the bowling ally s*cks again

Comment Date: 11/19/2010 Name: Bowling Fetish
If you can bowl at GunPost, you can bowl anywhere in the country. Bathrooms smell like pure a**

Comment Date: 11/6/2010 Name: erick gonzalez
i go to gun post lanes every day!!have many lanes to bowl up stairs and down stairs…if u like to spin your ball stay down stairs up stairs have to much oil..but one of the best lanes in the bx

Comment Date: 11/4/2010 Name: C4swifey
Congrats Babe on your umpteenth 300 (1st @ Gun Post) 🙂

Comment Date: 9/9/2010 Name:  Another league house bowler
lanes r good, pro shop is good, league pres. runs the league raggedy makes up own rules changes to suit long time bowlers it was a very dissatisfying experience for me and i will not ever play a league at that house again.the bowling association will recieve a letter from me.

Comment Date: 9/5/2010 Name: ms. larson
gun post lanes has changed alot dont listen to the other review take a shot bowl there if you dont like it go somewhere else. there is a black dude bold very helpfull. thanks for the fun bowling experience

Comment Date: 7/27/2010 Name: Wanda
the new bsrtender i think hes the owner bought me a drink. i think he was flirting with me but i would say he is a weird o.

Comment Date: 7/27/2010 Name: Anonymous
why spanish music bowlers are black we ask for new music they laugh

Comment Date: 6/6/2010 Name: bill m
i go to gun post every week and i got to say i think clint should run the place because he knows how to treat a customer with respect

Comment Date: 5/26/2010 Name: Anonymous
this center isn’t bad but a little ghetto like a month or two ago my friends and I went there and we were greeted about our cups by a guy with a long beard in no work clothes talkin about he works there after I seen everyone elses with red shirts on… 3/5*s

Comment Date: 5/26/2010 Name: J cook
gun post lanes is a fun place to bowl. i went there the last 2 saturdays and the snack bar is amazing.

Comment Date: 4/21/2010 Name: william
my high school bowls here. gooo smith h.s

Comment Date: 4/20/2010 Name: David sierraly
Place is ok not really roomy but I give it 3/5 stars and if u wanna talk about a hot worker then your talkin about the lady at the desk she’s hott.

Comment Date: 4/16/2010 Name: catherine
i been there the past 2 tuesdays and have no complaints in fact my sister cant stop talking about the guy that works there hes a big help to us

Comment Date: 3/10/2010 Name: jess
Well the management don’t really bother but I guess because I go on a non-busy day like tuesday the cute guy helps my family all the time and I been to other allys and I like this the most

Comment Date: 3/10/2010 Name: Jim Demestihas
My dad (Steve) had the concession stand there in the 60’s. Stanley Campos was at the front desk. I worked there many Sundays as a kid. Back then it was a great place….and safe. The inside was very clean considering outside surroundings. The regulars were like family. There was Frank the beak, Ritchie (with the GTX), and others Im forgetting at the moment. When McDonalds was built across the street it greatly affected dads business. Dad used quality food products which cost more than McDonalds sold their stuff for. There was a fountain there so you could get real Cherry, Vanilla, or Chocolate cokes. You could also get real shakes, Malts, and eggcreams. I would go with dad to food suppliers so I know first hand it was quality stuff. McDonalds across the street was the beginning of the end of a great family bowling institution.

Comment Date: 2/16/2010 Name: JS
Reference to William’s comment about the shooting:In the Bronx, shootings happen anywhere not just a bowling alley. They would have to shut down bodegas and subway stations if that were the case.

Comment Date: 2/13/2010 Name: william
the place needs to get shut down, with the recent gun shooting its not a safe place for anyone to be

Comment Date: 2/6/2010 Name: Nature
the bowling alley would be a better place to bowl if they had better owners and managers who care. we came to bowl and brought some cupcakes for my husbands birthday and before i could even get n the big fat guy starts yelling. He made me leave the cupcakes on a table n the bar area and guess what when t was time to get my cupcakes back a ROACH had gotten n the box. The fat guy refused to pay me for them and sad that i wasn’t supposed to have them there at night any way. The spot was cool and the prices are right but their attitudes need to be checked at the door. They also need the department of health to come in. i can only imagine how many ROACHES they have feed their customers.

Comment Date: 1/16/2010 Name: bill
i agree artie should be fired. clint should be new manager!!!

Comment Date: 12/17/2009 Name: jack
the manager bobby,artie,scotty whatever his name is should be fired. he is the main reason why this bowling alley suffers…go clint!!!

Comment Date: 12/11/2009 Name: KAT
SO many different comments on here some say dont go there and some say i should…this is hard LOL…ive been there once ,,,,its not that bad i suppose

Comment Date: 12/6/2009 Name: nikkii
GUNPOST LANES S*CKS! The so called manager is rude. THE staff is unprofessional and the pizza stinks. My sons birthday party was cut short because had i stayed a moment longer i would have caught a case. Do Not spend your hard earned money there. this was the worst bowling exprience i ever had.THE WHOLE STAFF MANAGER INCLUDED SHOULD TAKE A COURSE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE! NICK,AND SCOTT ARE THE WORST. Walking in gupost lanes was the worst thing i ever did, walking out was the best. They STINK!

Comment Date: 10/27/2009 Name: joe reyes
contrary to the remarks about birthday partys, i held my sons birthday there and it was the best time we have ever had at a bowling center. the staff was very courteous and treated us with utmost care. the prices are very reasonable and the shoes are for free. i would highly recommend this bowling alley any day of the week.

Comment Date: 10/24/2009 Name: sons party
it cost $160 to have a party for 10 kids and have pizza and juice. the party did not begin on time because the one in charge was late and he didn’t even apologize or seem in a hurry to get us started – yet they made sure to shut down those lanes after only an hour of play! Its cheaper to just go there to bowl and go have your party across the street at mcdonalds. better yet, go bowling for $55, buy yourself 2 pizza pies and a couple of liters of soda and have it at your place – under $100. you save tons of money and you will less aggrevation. Pleasing their customers is not a priority.

Comment Date: 9/8/2009 Name: kill
gunpost post lanes isthe best bowling alley
in the world i bowl there every day 5 day a week
place is clean lanes are brand new 2008 lanes

Comment Date: 9/8/2009 Name: willer
gunpostlanes has brand new lanes brandnew pba
oil machine ball return lanes work great
like every bowling alley

Comment Date: 8/31/2009 Name: ..
does anyone know the prices on the food @ gun post lanes?

Comment Date: 8/13/2009 Name: Anonymous
the graphics s*ck the workers are cool. Even the one that does not speack much. Artie is ok once you get to know him. The cashier is kind of cute. The girl is “HOT”

Comment Date: 8/13/2009 Name: THESENUS
The graphics suck but lanes work pretty well lately. At $5.50 a game you can’t go wrong though. The lane guys are cool. The dark skin dude and the dude with the pony tail are very helpful. Mr Brad does not talk much and the cashier girl is cute. Everyone knows Artie is a little out there but he is ok if understand that he can’t help the way he is. That bartender dude seems a little wierd maybe he needs some {deleted}

Comment Date: 7/16/2009 Name: Nick
$5.50 a game i’d come here all the time shoes r free hell yeah this is my spot the staff workers are good and the owner is good get to know him and he might teach u bums how 2 bowl hahahaha… but i love this place

Comment Date: 7/15/2009 Name: Anonymous
I am sad to read all these negative comments…I bowled in this bowling alley when I was apart of my high school league and I have enjoyed bowling there ever since….yes its not the most lavish place but….for the price they offer you cant go wrong and…you want to see a trashy bowling alley then go to the one in Parkchester….man that place is horrible…

Comment Date: 4/20/2009 Name: ????
the drinks are wack … nine dollars for 1 teaspoon of a drink …. thats crazzy …. but overall the service is good , its a nice place

Comment Date: 1/20/2009 Name: SJ
Refering to Erik’s,comment.They didn’t shut down the lanes because of slow business. erik and company were a little too much under the influence and made fools of themselves. They were asked to leave.

Comment Date: 1/2/2009 Name: Anonymous
I like the place. The guy who runs the pro shop isn’t the owner, he’s just a manager. The owner is a real nice guy if you meet him and he takes good care of you. I wouldn’t say gun post is bad just because artie is a little crazy. Its a fun and inexpensive place to bowl and I go there all the time

Comment Date: 12/2/2008 Name: ?
I can tell you one thing about gun post. some things they say might be true. Ive been going there about twenty to thirty years. At one time they had the best leagues in the country, and the best action around. But that has changed. One thing I could tell you, artie the nut! can Drill a ball, but you have to get him right after the meds kick in. He.s not that bad. he could be rude at times. but after spending all your live in a bowling center and dealing with the public that long anyone of us, I think would has the same issuses. yeah,the pro shop does need some improvement. the snack bar should be open, and the restrooms should be locked. If you would like to make some donations to help out maybe Artie would entertain the idea. Go Artie

Comment Date: 11/14/2008 Name: Erik
I been going to Gun Post Lanes since I was eight years old, im like a third generation bowler at this place. The Owners are a little rude especially Artie, and act a little godly… Show a smile to get a smile, and some. I finally go there again years later when im old enough buy buy from the bar. I went with some friends, and of course females… Paid for two games, by the end of the first game The shut down out lanes… went to the front desk and saw Artie and his worker standing there and quotes “business is slow, we are closing for the night, we don’t give refunds, but we can give u credit” LoL… Some business man. Yes, the owner Bronco Billy said that to us. I’d recommend another place for sure… Its a has been.

Comment Date: 10/18/2008 Name: 300
thE ownERs BRothER is a ckRazy DuDE wit no REsPEckt But all in all thE woRkERs R FinE anD thE lanEs R FinE But hEy wtF Do u guys ExPEckt 4 that PricE u Dont likE it thEn Pay moRE sum whERE ElsE

Comment Date: 7/17/2008 Name: Alexis
My friend and our children went there expecting to have a great time and boy were we in for a surpriseThe manager attitude s*cks, the service is not bad those guys that fix the lanes really work hard, I actually felt sorry for them. It took us 2 hours to try to get through one game. The screens kept cutting off the lanes kept acting up the manager was very nasty and rude, he said he was the owners brother.I will never play there ever again

Comment Date: 2/11/2008 Name: George Wood
Great place to bowl!! Know the owners. Really great people. Matter of fact I liked it so much, that I will be a service tech on the machines starting 2/17/08. Those Brunswick (vintage 1961) machines are easy to work and I have fun doing it. Also does me good to watch families with kids and the smiles on the kids when bowling. GO GUNPOST!!!

Comment Date: 10/17/2007 Name: Tommy
Best bowling alley around. Great service, great staff, and great lanes. I went there and had a blast. I dont know what you all are talking about, because everytime i’ve been to gunpost lanes the food stand was open and the food is good!!!

Comment Date: 3/30/2007 Name: sylvia
the man working there was very nice and gave me the right sized bowling ball to beat everybody!! yay !

Comment Date: 2/16/2007 Name: THE BIG MAN FROM ROUND THE CORNER
well after reading everyone of these reviews, im disgusted by each and everyone of you. you complain about the snackbar never being open but yet you want to bring in mcdonalds from across the street, you complain about the workers, no one cares what you think anymore cause the workers dont care at all, all the leagues told the owner put in new lanes you’ll get leagues in, ok did that, plenty of money later same amount of leagues as there was when there was wood. now new computers are being put in late march. due to alot of complaints about the computers they are puttin new ones in. keep talking bad about this center, cause in a year if no change in income being brought in by gun post guess whats happening, BOWLERLAND WILL BE SHUT DOWN. just to prove everyone wrong. and when that does happen you’ll regret it, cause gun post lanes is a diamond in the rough waitin to be dug out

Comment Date: 1/4/2007 Name: Anonymous
Gun post lanes is horrible. the staff is so slow, except behind the desk. they are also rude to you when you tell me something bad about the bowling alley. there is barely anyplace to stand, the bathrooms dont have a lock on them, and the lanes are horrible. I dont suggest that you go here any time soon. Go to Bowlerland it is twice as good. Go ernie

Comment Date: 12/27/2006 Name: Anonymous
this bowling alley is a mess. there is barely enough room to stand because of all the tables and ball racks. Also nobody is every working at the snack bar. they need to fix these problems because now even bowlerland is better.

Comment Date: 10/9/2006 Name: common customer
this place is terrible. im on a school bowling team and i go here at least 2 or 3 days of da week. its the worst bowling alley i ever been to in my life. the lanes r terrible, the machines always mess up da scores, the staff is terrible, theres no1 at the concession stand cuz every1 is 2 busy at the bar drinking, the ceiling is very old, i noticed that its almost going to collapse..the gates that cover the florescent lights feel and almost hit a kid, so i think that this place must be shut down or fixed up dramatically.

Comment Date: 5/3/2006 Name: Drew
I see that gun post lanes are making changes now. I don’t know if it will help them much. Hopefully everything will get changed for the better of things.

Comment Date: 4/6/2006 Name: TBC
I don’t like the place at all. The lanes are always breaking down. My friends ball got chipped the first night he used it. The manager is very disrespectful. He doesn’t talk to you as an equal person, he thinks he’s better than you. Since the lanes are old, why not upgrade them. I never see anyone eat the the consession stands. I don’t think I would ever eat there or get a drink there, who knows when they changed the fountain drink. I rather bowl at Bowlerland even thought Bowlerland and Gun Post are owned by the same people. Save your money.

Comment Date: 2/8/2006 Name: Rashad
You cannot call this a bowling alley. CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN!!!

Comment Date: 2/6/2006 Name: Artie
I have to disagree with the bad comments towards this bowling establishment, yes the lanes are old, yes there is oil on the lanes, depends which day you go there, they do a lot of business on the weekend and the lanes dry up. The prices are affordable, the owner is great guy, I’ve bowled there quite a lot of the past couple of months and the owner has helped my bowling game out greatly. The pro shop might not be kept clean but the owner does know how to drill a good bowling ball.

Comment Date: 2/4/2006 Name: JR
Save your money and go to Bowerland. Too many issues to list.

Comment Date: 2/4/2006 Name: AR
The manager is a wild man. The pro shop is a pig pin. I agree with a previous observation that this place needs to be closed down.

Comment Date: 1/23/2006 Name: Stephen
Some people have issues. Do not listen to these folks. Give the place a chance. We go there Sun, Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat and we have a very good time.

Comment Date: 1/23/2006 Name: Ebony
We go to Gun Post with a group of 20 people every Sunday, ranging from 7 to 70 years old and we have a wonderful time. The Pro shop is always open, equipment prices are VERY reasonable, and the pizza is outstanding.

Comment Date: 1/23/2006 Name: Eric T.
This is a great place to bowl and the manager is a very good man. Certainly, the lanes are not new, at the same time, you are not paying
$7 per game & $3 shoes, like New Roc City in New Rochelle.

Comment Date: 8/17/2005 Name: family guy
This bowling alley s*cks. The manager is very rude and doesn’t care about his customers. The bathrooms are dirty and stink. There is a new pin chaser every week who doesn’t know what he is doing. The lanes are always broken and the lanes are always dry. He never puts oil on the lanes. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!!!!!!

Comment Date: 8/16/2005 Name: Frank
I went to this bowling alley and they are (expletive deleted) garbage!!!!!!!!!!! I wasted my money.

Comment Date: 8/6/2005 Name: Infinity
To be short and sweet. The bowling alley needs to be CLOSED down. I have travelled all over the US on Bowling tournaments & I have to say that this bowling alley is the worst I have ever seen. To the Manager on down to the Porter there attitude s*cks. The lanes are garbage. The workers lie about being the Manager. The Pro shop looks like a (expletive deleted). Bowling balls stack all over the places. You can not even get 5 inches inside the door without stepping on something. EVERYONE PLEASE SAY OUT OF THAT PLACE…. No one can call that a bowling alley.

Comment Date: 7/5/2005 Name: R.D.
The worst lanes in New York, the place s*cks, the owner’s attitude s*cks, the service s*cks, the food if available s*cks, the pro shop looks like garbage dump. I will never play there ever again even if it was the last lanes in NY.
Sorry but I’m being honest.

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