Spare Time Clifton Park

Spare Time Clifton Park

  Name: Spare Time Clifton Park  
  Address: 1668 Route 9  
  City: Clifton Park  
  State: NY  
  Zip: 12065  
  Phone: (518) 371-4000  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
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Votes:    271
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3Actual Value is 2.3
Food: Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4
Price: Actual Value is 0.9
Fun: Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1
Overall: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
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Spare Time Clifton Park Comments

Comment Date: 11/29/2009 Name: matt
hahahahha this lady below here is absolutely ridiculous, i can totally see why she is banned. im so glad im never going to run into her.
but i have been going to clifton park bowl since i was about 4 and the service has always been great, the staff friendly and fun and the facility well equipped and clean. I just got back from one of my favorite events they do, midnight bowling, and it is always a blast

Comment Date: 7/24/2009 Name: irene
hello i have a complaint to make. my roommate and me have been coming their a little bit over a year on tuesdays nights for line dancing and karoke. we always had fun , the food is good , and heather is a good waitress. we sit up near the stage at the front table. well something happened first saturday night during karoke, there are a few people that come also and they like to torment my roommate with singing songs that my friend likes to do with the dj these people stopped for a while and then saturday night they started up and sang two songs that my roomate likes to do so i send this person an email and she got upset and mad. it is not fair when my roommate has to go outside every so often because they torment her. she pays to get in like everyone else so she should not have to be tormented by some people. so tuesday night the 21st of july we came for dancing and it started to be fun until these people came. i went back to say hello to one of the girls and she really did not want to talk cause she was mad at me for sending her friend an email which i was sticking up for my roommate. well any way i said to this girl lets go out in the bowling alley and talk, i was talking quietly untill my roommate came out and i told my roommate to talk to this girl but my roommate got loud out in the bowling alley i did not get loud. so after we got done talking we went back in the bar my roommate got her stuff and went out to the car. i was so upset with what happened. i was crying and telling someone that i like i was sitting on the stage telling this person after i got done i went back to this person and wanted to appologize for sending the email and i was crying and it must of sounded like i was screaming. so after a few minture this oriental guy and heather came over to me and said you and your friend have to leave i said my friend is out in the car all ready i told them i did not do anything it was my roommate that got loud. i said i was not leaving so this oriental guy said if i don’t leave they would call the cops. so after that heather went up to two of the girls and asked them if they wanted me to leave so heather came back and the oriental guy said you have to leave otherwise they will call the cops i was so upset so i left. so the next day i called the bowling alley it was wednesday the 22nd of july and i talked to mike the manager and he was nasty to me he did not want to hear anything cause he said i was yelling at him on the phone but i have every right to yell. i was calling to appoligize for my actions and my roommates action on tuesday night the 21st but he told me that we are not allowed to come there anymore because i told him i was going to get a lawyer, he also told me that people were complaining about my roommate and me mike said they have been complaining for a little over a year. i said to mike i have not done anything and i told tuesday was the first time for me and mike said what ever my friend does reacts on me and that is not right. i have not done anything in the past i has been my roommate she booed people doing karoke and people have heard her booed and they did not like it i did not boo anyone because i do not think it is right and i even told my roommate that but she does not want to hear it. and another time when we first start coming to clifton park bowl we brought salads in because we were on a diet but i did not know then that we could not bring food in heather came up and told us and i understood and i said to heather could i talk to the manager so she got a manager for me i do not know who it was i talked to so we worked something and he said it was alright for that night but my roommate got all upset and started yelling and she few her salad out. i did not get route that time either. and i tried telling mike this also. and also mike the manager said we were route to the waitress and that is a lie because i like heather she was really good and did a good job sometimes i was joking around with her but maybe she took it the wrong way if she did i am sorry. we always ordered food every night. we were the first one to sign up for that bowling league that they tried to get together ask shirley. and there is this one guy tony who comes dancing there on tuesday night he is tall and he wears a white cowboy hat well he stamps his feet so loud it goes right through you my roommate does not like it she goes outside when he does and did one tuesday my roommate went outside she heard from outside so if you can hear from outside you know it is loud and he got right behind my roommate and did it to torment her i am surprise he does not damage the floor from stomping so hard, and you should hear the langauge this guy uses also, my roommate tried to talk to him he did not want to hear anything and he called my roommmate fat and ugly so i tried to tell this guy tony can you lower the volume of stomping your feet and tony told me that you can kiss my a** where the sun does not shine. now he uses that language and kind of talk that is not right for a public place and also there are young kids there and this guy tony is trying to get the young kids to stomp there feet also loud. this one young kid has started when you two people doing it is really loud cause they stomp loud. and this guy is doing it purposely to torment my roommate it is not right so if we cannot come back in there anymore then this guy tony should not be allowed to come back in cause he is a trouble maker and also for the language he uses.
so what i am trying to say is tuesday night was my first incident that i had at the bowling alley and i tried to appologize to mike but he would not listen i even said you can ask kevin the dj and mike said to me when kevin is there he works for him so he does not have to ask kevin. i just don’t think it is right that i should be banded because my roommate is route mike said her actions reflects on me and that is not right cause iam a friendly person i like to have fun and i like to joke around but my roommate is different she does not like jokes that hurt people and that is what some of the people did was hurt her and this guy tony put some of these people up to it. so i would appreciate if you ask kevin tuesday night and he probably would tell you i have been good and it is my roommate.. see i drive so i bring her with me so i think that is why we both cannot come but i would leave her home on tuesdays if you let me come back,
please read this carefully and i would appreciate if you would ask kevin about my roommate.
i would also like mike the manager to get fired cause i did not like the way he talked to me.
thank you for hearing me out

Comment Date: 7/19/2009 Name: Andrew
Please check out our website for any information you may need.

Comment Date: 5/5/2009 Name: Tim from AMS.
For those faithful Rock n Bowlers the times have changed starting this weekend, until the fall. It’ll be from 11-1:30. Thanks..

Comment Date: 1/23/2009 Name: Anonymous
In order to assure my note would be confidential, what e-mail would I use for Tim Wedeman? {Have you tried calling the center phone number listed above? Bowling2U has no email listing for Tim. – B2U Staff}

Comment Date: 1/23/2009 Name: Tim Wedeman – Owner of AMS.
**Is Tim Wedeman still the owner of AMS Entertainment?**
Hello. Yes, I’ve owned AMS Entertainment since 2000. I cannot post my web site or email here, but it’s easy to find my information for any questions, etc. Thank you.

Comment Date: 1/21/2009 Name: Anonymous
Is Tim Wedeman still the owner of AMS Entertainment?

Comment Date: 11/4/2008 Name: Tim Wedeman – Owner of AMS Entertainment
We’d like to welcome all of past Spare Time Latham people to come see us at our new home here at Spare time Clifton Park. Just 10 minutes north. We will be running the show for Wednesday nights Team Trivia and Friday nights Rock n bowl, which right now is ran via a satellite system. We are looking to change that along with some other things.
More fun than ever before and look for us to be here on New Year’s Eve!

Comment Date: 10/9/2008 Name: S.O.S. DJ
Hey Everyone! My name is Kasha and I work with S.O.S. Entertainment that runs with the Spare Time Clifton Park. I just want to fill you all in on whats going on. In the new bar, City Sports Grille… on Tues we have gamer nite 8pm-midnight (guitar hero, madden, mario in Wii, xbox and ps2). Wed nites we have team trivia 8:45-midnight. Thurs the bar has acustic guitar player, fri is karaoke and sat they have bands. must be 21 or older for all bar events. In regards to Rock’n’bowl/ galatic bowl- yes most of you are correct. On fridays the center uses a web radio station but you do have an S.O.S staff member doing the contests now. If your not happy about the web music, I suggest you write to the company. If enough of you express your concern, maybe things will change. Saturday nights is when they still have a live DJ. {Deleted website}

Comment Date: 5/28/2008 Name: Bowlingurl
I love going to spare time! SOS does a really good job and the Dj in the bar is so cute!!

Comment Date: 9/26/2007 Name: francesca brown
the bowling alley is so cool. its like my life

Comment Date: 3/24/2007 Name: Tim
To Mr. Curious. Call Rich Sheldon, he is the District Manager. I don’t think #s can be displayed here, so I won’t try. Call Clifton Park, and ask..

Comment Date: 3/10/2007 Name: Mr. Curious
Why is it there can be no information about bowl new england or sparetime on the web,I would like to be able to contact them in regards to thier clifton park center and thier manager,does anyone have any info or there “chain of command”?

Comment Date: 2/21/2007 Name: Anonymous
clifton park is a very nice place to bowl. even though the prices are high the place isn’t so old thats falling down around you. rob cares about his customers and you shouldn’t blame him because the prices are too high, he doesn’t make the rates, bowl new england does.

Comment Date: 3/24/2006 Name: Anonymous
would like to see you take your family to the movies for less. can’t beat bowling for 1.79 per game. guess you just have to know when to go. don’t HAVE to pay full price if you dont choose, plenty of other times when there are specials and thus, more ‘affordable’ bowling for you and your family.

Comment Date: 5/3/2005 Name: tray
The staff at CP bowl is very friendly and helpful. I had lots of fun. Although the price of bowling is slightly high; they have GREAT specials going on daily. The weekends are a blast during Midnight bowl and the bar inside is a great place to have fun in a good atmosphere.

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