300 New York

300 New York

  Name: 300 New York  
  Address: Pier 60/23rd & West Side Highway  
  City: New York  
  State: NY  
  Zip: 10011  
  Phone: (212) 835-2695  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
  Comments: 58 Total Lanes: 50(main concourse) 8 (VIP)  
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Votes:    47
Lanes: Actual Value is 0.8
Food: Actual Value is 0.6
Price: Actual Value is 0.3
Fun: Actual Value is 0.6
Overall: Actual Value is 0.5
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300 New York Comments

Comment Date: 10/14/2012 Name: chuck a
To Lester, you are spot on accurate on most of the things that you said. I will disagree with you on this aspect, League bowling is the lifeblood of a bowling alley. The more leagues you have the better. The “open play”, “parties”, “glow in the dark bowling” are for the “non-serious”; “non-league”; “under the age of 30”; “club going crowd” They are the ones that will pay the premium prices for bowling, shoes, drinks, food. Like you said, the more leagues you have the better, that’s guaranteed money. The Open Play and the parties are profit. You have to have a little bit of both. Also, nowadays there are four types of bowling centers: “Traditional”(primarily 70% income is bowling)”Hybrids”(combination of the traditional and something that is a “non bowling” income; Sports Bar or restaurant or club)”Boutique” (Bowling is not the primary income it’s the food and drinks that are the income) and then “Family Entertainment Center” (A combination of those and maybe adding a movie theater, minature golf, sports bar, etc.) I believe the newer centers now are “Hybrids”, “Boutique” or ” Family Entertainment Centers” The centers where bowling is not the primary income. The older “traditional” centers, not only to have to modernize or renovate your center, you have to add something new that is “non bowling” (sports bar for example) If I were to hit the lottery and build a new bowling center it would be in the mode of a “hybrid” (traditional and boutique) It would be 48 to 60 lanes total. I would have a “traditional side” (40 to 48) that would be for my league play, open play, pro shop. I would also have a sports bar and restaurant with 6 to 8 pool tables) I would have the “boutique” or “VIP” lanes (8 to 12) for primarily for “open play”, parties”; “corporate functions” etc) Now of course, If I have some leagues that are 40 or more teams I would also use them for leagues as well. I think nowadays to be a successful owner you have to have a place that will do well in bowling and non-bowling items.

Comment Date: 5/28/2012 Name: PHIL
way too over priced for my blood!!!! we are talking about bowling here! i don’t want to buy the shoes just rent them, i don’t want fancy food just fries, burgers, hot dogs etc….next you will have a cover charge and have to wear a tie to get in.

Comment Date: 11/7/2009 Name: Lester
To Charles A, you are somewhat correct, but not all the things you said are true. The League is the lifeblood of an alley. They are there every week at the same time on the same day. The more leagues you have the better. GUARANTEED INCOME. Open bowlers don’t have to come if they don’t want to. League bowlers used to drink and eat at the alley tehy bowled at. The PRICES ARE TOO EXpENSive. That is why they go home or try to sneak in food and drink and alcohol. The alleys close in Ny because of the property value, Woodhaven and Van Wyck made money but Brunswick and Amf closed them. Woodhaven because they wanted to give the lease to another buyer(WHICH FELL THROUGH I heard and now sits empty). Amf Van Wyck because they got an unspecified amount of $$$$$ for the property to put up a futness spa. Over development is to blame , thank you King Bloomberg.

Comment Date: 9/2/2009 Name: charles a
I am going to defend AMF and the 300 brand from a business point of view. There a 3 ways that a bowling alley makes money. 1) League Bowling: League bowling does bring some money but not a lot of money. League Bowlers come in bowl and go home. The only money that is made from a league is when they go to the snack bar to eat or drink. 2) Tournaments: Tournament bowlers come in to bowl and leave. The only money that is made is from the pro shop and the snack bar. The biggest portion of where a bowling alley makes money is Open Play, Birthday Parties, Coporate Parties, and extreme bowling or the glow in the dark bowling. They look for the “non serious bowlers” They will bowl, pay for games, eat, drink, get drunk, and pay the premium prices. That’s why on Fridays and Saturdays after 9pm,and Sundays up until 5pm most centers have what’s called glow in the dark or extreme bowling with loud music.Coporate parties and birthday parties are the same thing as open play bowling. The 300 brand is geared for the “non serious and under age 25 crowd.” The “club going crowd.” They will go to bowl, eat, drink, pay for shoes, pay for games at premium prices. The 300 brand is half bowling alley and half club. When bowling alleys go out of business it is not because of the leagues or tournaments, it is because they don’t make enough money from the “non serious bowler” the open play or party crowd. Don’t get me wrong Leagues and Tournaments are important to a bowling alley, but from a money point of view: The open play is where the biggest piece of the pie is.

Comment Date: 11/15/2008 Name: Eddie
This place drove out what leagues were left because they don’t care about the serious bowlers. More money is to be made with corporate parties. The lanes are a joke and the staff is completely inept once they changed to the 300NYC brand.

Comment Date: 2/20/2008 Name: mara
I know that it’s downtown and everything and that the alley is really pretty but it was soooo expensive!! Seriously I left so dissapointed because I paid sooo much money just to bowl for like hald an hour. I wonder where the cheaper bowling alleys are because its like the only thing to do in the city that’s not the same old same old(movies, ice skating, etc.)

Comment Date: 1/17/2008 Name: jai
Forget this place, I have to freakin take out a morgage to bowl and eat here. I am not comin back.Unless you have bucks stay away………..far away…………

Comment Date: 9/2/2007 Name: Mark
This is one of the most beautiful places to bowl that I’ve been too!! It’s not for professional bowlers but if you like the club atmosphere and nice music then this is your place. You’d have a great time here. It is expensive but it’s worth it because of the atmosphere and everything is pretty new. I went to the woodhaven brunswick one today and that place is filthy and disgusting as hell

Comment Date: 8/26/2007 Name: PHIL B.
This is a nice place, but if you are a league bowler, go someplace else. I repeat-NOT FOR LEAGUE BOWLERS— Prices are high for every thing. The food prices(((FORGET IT)))))))). There is a sense that they don’t have many leagues here.
What was AMF thinking when they built this place.

Comment Date: 12/6/2005 Name: Anonymous
The bowling balls are terrible, the lanes ok, but it’s just good fun and CLEARLY not for serious bowlers. Music videos playing atop the lanes is too distracting for anyone trying to improve their average. The staff are attentive, there are other activities on the pier, and they have parking (though not cheap). Yeah, prices are high but .. not as high as Bowlmor. If you’re a real bowler you want to find somewhere out of Manhattan.

Comment Date: 8/11/2005 Name: Marty C.
Beautiful place but way too expensive and not league friendly.

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