Warren Lanes

Warren Lanes

  Name: Warren Lanes  
  Address: 671 Memorial Pkwy  
  City: Phillipsburg  
  State: NJ  
  Zip: 08865  
  Phone: (908) 859-1183  
  Hours: Sun,Mon – Thur 9am-12am, Fri-Sat 9am-2am  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: A great enviorment,fun and clean atmosphere will make your stay with us enjoyable. Great staff that will help you with your every need. Warren Lanes is always a NON SMOKING establishment.  
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Lanes: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Food: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Price: Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3Actual Value is 3.3
Fun: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
Overall: Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5Actual Value is 3.5
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Warren Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 1/1/2012 Name: Anonymous
it is a nice place to hang out with friends and family..I’m glad they are still open…It’s not the cleanest but its clean enough.Thanks WARREN LANES for the dollar deals and rent a lane deals!!!

Comment Date: 10/18/2011 Name: been there twice
I have been there twice with a group of about 40 people and i was very happy with the handling of the staff and pretty good pricing, I can see why some people might not like the appearance of the place but its not as bad at all, if you are looking for a real fancy place then you will have a problem but for any normal person this is a great place,

Comment Date: 7/25/2011 Name: bowling for fun
boy, what rough comments… I like this alley, especially since there is NO SMOKING.. My kids have fun and we get a lot of coupons in email, to lower the cost. It’s never crowded (oc

Comment Date: 2/12/2011 Name: Anonymous
What happend to Amy???

Comment Date: 1/20/2011 Name: Gentleman’s Fifty
I love 80’s night! And dollar a game night! And 2hours for 5 smackers night!

Comment Date: 1/2/2011 Name: 10 pin
the place needs a major cleaning and new ownership and managing. the lanes need work and ball returns replaced. there’s always dust, garbage,food and dirt on the approaches and ball returns. better lighting and ceiling repair would help.

Comment Date: 12/29/2010 Name: The King Of Warren Lanes
This place is garbage.

Comment Date: 1/6/2010 Name: the one that hates warren
you need to get rid of john quick he has been working there for like 50 years and its bull how he runs the place andy meyers should be the new manger thats all i have to say about that… the shot the is great but needs work done to it..

Comment Date: 12/15/2009 Name: NJ Bowler
I have bowled in many different centers throughout the NJ/PA area and I will say that Warren Lanes has the potential to be a very nice bowling center. Along with being a serious bowler, I also managed a bowling center many years ago and from what I see here at this place, is very little initiative from the ownership group and/or general manager of this center. NJ/PA/NY tournament bowling is very popular and its disheartening to see the lack of tournament particiation on behalf of this bowling center. I do not understand why John (the general manager) does not try to put together some decent tournaments throughout the year just as the centers in the Easton area do! Along with the possibility of drawing bowlers from PA, Warren Lanes could also draw bowlers from central and north Jersey as well as New York. Lord knows there are plenty of serious tournament bowlers in the state!
Although scores were fairly low last year, apparently they worked out the kinks with the oil condition this season. I believe Dave sets up the shot here and he has done a great job this year putting out a fair condition which also has created some pretty high scores (most recently the 3-game house record being broken).
The mechanics here seem to do a nice job at servicing the machines as I have not witnessed many lane breakdowns and the pin chasers seem to be very quick in response to lane calls.
The nighttime manager who I believe, his name is Andy really seems to be the one with the most business initiative and personality! Along with being a fairly knowledgable bowler himself, he seems to be great with the customers and does a great job. Very professional and helpful! It’s a shame he is not the general manager of this center. I’m sure his knowledge of the business and the game of bowling could really boost Warren Lanes and draw more competitve bowlers!
All in all, I’d say that Warren Lanes is a mediocre-nice bowling center. With a little more league and tournament promoting, this could possibly be one of the premier 40 lane centers in the state!

Comment Date: 5/8/2009 Name: Friends forever 96
the bowling alley is great. I have a great time their and I even took my friends and they love it too. Its a awesome bowling alley.Overall I would give this bowling alley a 10 out of 10.

Comment Date: 4/6/2009 Name: $1 game bowler
You can’t beat this place. Where else can you go and bowl for a $1 a game 3 nights a week and get $1 draft beer 2 nights a week. Yea ok the place is a little dirty but give them a break its probably a corporate business. They probably only spend money when they need to. That isn’t the employees fault. And speaking of the employees…They guy at the counter with the goatee is pretty cool, he usually talks to me and jokes around which i like that. Then there is the other kid who works on the lanes, he is great b/c he looks like the guy from the movie superbad…McLovin. I like seeing him b/c where else can you see a celebrity and get cheap entertainment. So overall i give this place an 8 out of 10, not bad guys keep it up.

Comment Date: 3/29/2009 Name: T N T
It’s a shame that the only bowling center in town is a dump. The building is dirty and smells. You’ll find food,gum and dust on the approaches and ball returns. The lanes are dry as a bone. The only positive thing is the A2 pinsetters run fairly good but that will probably change. This place needs to be knocked down and rebuilt with new people in charge.

Comment Date: 2/23/2009 Name: Mary S.
This place is horrible. It’s expensive, filthy, and ancient. Most of the employees don’t even care to help you unless you are a regular. The center is mismanaged by two guys that don’t have a clue. I have personally witnessed the manager mistreating employees. Both managers should have been fired a long time ago.

Comment Date: 2/14/2009 Name: Anonymous
I love this bowling alley. I have had an excellent experience with it and I love going there. As other people have posted, it could be a bit tidier and the snack bar prices are outrageos. I bought a pack of Skittles and they were $1.25. Also, when you go to wash your hand in the restrooms, there is only cold water. Well, over all I would give Warren Lanes a 6 out of 10 stars. What did you expect? Bowling alleys these days are pretty much all crumby.

Comment Date: 2/13/2009 Name: Anonymous
Well I have been going to this alley for years and have seen it go down hill big time. Its a shame!! The peoblem is things never get fixed. They have no hot water in the bathrooms, it needs a paint job, the tables and chairs need to be replaced, and it just needs to have a make over. The employees they have now are good people. Amy and Andy are very nice and helpful at the front desk. Jan in the bar is a nice person that is always up for good conversation. Nichole in the snack bar is a good people person always up beat and ready for a laugh. Sadly they have to deal with unsatisfied customers because of the lack of caring. Come on look at the kitchen get some new appliances, change the menu a bit and stop raising prices on the same old things. Look around the alley and tell me that it is in its prime. If it is then its time to retire. Some advice clean it up, fix the problems, and advertise to get some more business.

Comment Date: 2/11/2009 Name: Just a friendly visitor
I beg to differ about the previous comment. Someones breath doesn’t reflect the way Warren Lanes is run or the way a person does their job. I’ve been there several times and have never had a problem with any of the staff there. They are always friendly and helpful, management must do a good job with their employees and train them good. Seems to me that someone has a personal vendetta against Andy and John, and should probably keep it to themselves. Why bash a center and its reputation because you don’t personally like Andy or John. I enjoy talking bowling with Andy and hope he keeps up the good work. Also, I would love to see the prices drop a little. Times are tough financially right now.

Comment Date: 1/20/2009 Name: P-Burg super roller bowler
This place is so so, it was much better back in the 90’s when there was alot of league bowlers and leagues. It’s starting to dwindle down because Nation Wide Bowling Centers do not care anymore about the centers they own. They are constantly changing the shot there, sometimes it’s 30 some feet with very little volume and you just can’t play it with reactive balls. It’s a shame since this was a great center.
The manager, wow stay way from this guy. Potent bad breath, WOW. Super stinky wow. “Quick”ly run and hide from the weapon of mass destruction that comes out of his mouth, other than that the other guy Andy is ok when he isn’t harassing female employees and stalking them by forcing them to work their schedule when he works. How did that law suit work out for you Nation Wide?

Comment Date: 11/29/2008 Name: Anonymous
Be careful when you go. They sometimes act like it’s a bother that you’re there, especially during open play. Wise up–no customers,no job!!

Comment Date: 11/2/2008 Name: Bill Stevens
I have been bowling for only a short time (just learning the game) and currently averaging 184. I would like to thank Andy (assistant manager?) at Warren Lanes for the help and knowledge he has given me. Whenever I am at Warren Lanes, Andy always takes the extra time to assist the customers whether its the league bowlers or families coming in for a night of fun.
The owner of Warren Lanes should consider promotiing Andy if he is already not the manager because he sure is one heck of a guy and a great worker there!

Comment Date: 9/6/2008 Name: Nittel’s
After reading a lot of reviews i expected the bowling alley to be dank and dirty. To our surprise the bowling alley was very clean, had lots of lanes. it was very kid friendly. They had food, a bar and electronic score keeping. The prices are a bit high but otherwise we had a great experience. We cant wait to go back

Comment Date: 9/6/2008 Name: Anonymous
The staff is friendly and knowlegable. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. The appearance needs to be updated. The walls should be graphically fun with vibrant colors. I like the seating areas and computers. I’d like to suggest new carpeting, and maybe a casual uniform for the staff.

Comment Date: 4/27/2008 Name: Anonymous
put some oil on the lanes and get new pins

Comment Date: 3/16/2008 Name: Anonymous
the inside needs to be painted and cleaned. the lanes are either too dry or too oily. the pinsetters are in pretty good shape.

Comment Date: 1/11/2008 Name: ♥amanda♥ & ♥breanna♥
yeah da food is ight. the partys are funn.nd da people are pretty kewl

Comment Date: 11/24/2007 Name: i want sammy the mechanic
he is awsome

Comment Date: 11/19/2007 Name: BOWLING2U FAN
Bring back Bill Reese

Comment Date: 3/6/2007 Name: Unknown
The good- Lanes are incredible!! Food is pretty good. The bad- The place needs to be cleaned a little bit. Sunday mornings the lanes have too much oil. The ugly- Nothing really for this one, just that the place should be cleaned up. I’ve bowled there ever since I was 5 and its gotten worse in cleaness.

Comment Date: 8/25/2005 Name: Anonymous
The good – if you want challenging conditons, they have it. The bad – The place is one day younger than dirt and needs updating. The ugly – I have bowled there for 4 years and watched it go downhill in the cleanliness department. The staff of employees are all good people. Nationwide bowling owns the place and it seems they only care about the $$$

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