Bradley Beach Bowl & Recreation Center

Bradley Beach Bowl & Recreation Center

  Name: Bradley Beach Bowl & Recreation Center  
  Address: 1217 Main Street  
  City: Bradley Beach  
  State: NJ  
  Zip: 07720  
  Phone: (732) 774-4540  
  Hours: M-T 12pm-11pm F-Sa 12pm-12am Su 12pm-9pm  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
  Comments: Call for pricing.  
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Bradley Beach Bowl & Recreation Center Comments
Comment Date: 7/5/2012 Name: sk8ersbus1
I agree Lester. The new management does 100% better job with this place than Brunswick, its a difference of night n day. Hopefully Lakewood will improve also when they take that over next year. Nice new synthetics (with good oil pattern) instead of the old ratty, bone-dry wood, that would leak oil like a siv. Good staff too, including Glenn (manager?), his son, and some young girl, real sweet. $2 games on weekday afternoons til 6. And its WAY better than one of it’s “sister” houses East Windsor. Plus check out the graffiti bowling art done recently (graffiti artist event) outside along side- pretty gnarly!

Comment Date: 9/13/2011 Name: lester
the lanes are much better people working there and the proshop is good too keep up the good work

Comment Date: 6/17/2011 Name: anon
new management!!!!!!!! Yipee, got rid of the liars and losers, maybe i’ll go back now

Comment Date: 12/2/2010 Name: Anon
The place has never been better. Food is great staff is great we always have a good time when we go there.

Comment Date: 11/4/2010 Name: Anonymous
Had a great time there with my husband and children. We bowled and then went in the restaurant to have dinner. Had the prime rib dinner special only $9.95 which was very good. The kids chose from the kids menu which was very reasonable. Definately will be back with my family.

Comment Date: 11/2/2010 Name: willie
took some time to get back to being a good place to bowl/eat/drink and it was worth the wait. But i guess it was too much work for them, because it is back to being a horrible place. Spoke to a bartender there while i was waiting 20 mins for an order of fries (2 other customers in the bar) and she said that the manager of the place had recently gotten rid of the only person that knew what they were doing. Oh well, at least she gave me my fries and a beer for free because i waited so long. Sorry though, I wont be back

Comment Date: 4/20/2010 Name: anonymous
great bowling, friendly staff, excelent bar and food, major improvement from years gone by, just please fix up the out side to match the inside

Comment Date: 7/3/2009 Name: CAG
I took my son and we had a great time. It was $1 bowling from 3-6 Mondays-Fridays. You can’t beat that!! They also have “All you can Bowl” on Friday and Saturday nights for only $9. It may not be the most up to date alley, but for the price it was fine with me!!

Comment Date: 4/28/2008 Name: JiNxX
I go to this alley regularly with a group of my friends from work. it’s not my favorite alley to bowl at, but it’s close to where we work. on 18 April we were there and we asked one of the staff about the closing rumors. he told us that he found out that day that the alley had been bought out (he didn’t say by whom) and would likely remain open. I am going to contact the alley again today since we are slated to return there this Friday (2 May).

Comment Date: 3/20/2008 Name: longhairfish
They will be closing in less than 60 days.

Comment Date: 1/15/2007 Name: Anon
I moved out of the in the early ninties and recently visited the center when I was back in the area. I cannot imagine that this place will be in business much longer. Employess rude and was not very clean. I’m sure the the lady that managed the center when I was a regular is no longer there. Very sad…alot of fun memories at one time.

Comment Date: 7/1/2006 Name: bus driver
yo, why oh why does this place not open until 5 pm!!!! on weekends. that is insane!!! Its bad enough they don’t open til 3pm most other time. This 5pm business hasn’t been going on til recently. I’ve NEVER ever heard of a bowling aley opening that late!!! I’m surprised Brunswick keeps it open; I would think that would be an embarrassment to the company, and that there are no leagues their. I don’t look for this place to be around much longer if this keeps up; just a matter of time!!

Comment Date: 6/9/2006 Name: T Adams
I guess the guy Rich doenst want to work there also the people at the counter were horrible please everyone go somewhere else this place is horrible and its very old looking and you have to wait forever to get service and they take forever to come clear a error at your lane! this place s*cks!

Comment Date: 3/11/2006 Name: Will
I just called to see if any specials were going on and the woman who picked up was extremely rude. Obviously she didn’t want to pick up the phone cuz it rang at least three times before she picked up and was a complete B****!!

Comment Date: 2/21/2006 Name: sk8board dude
For a Brunswick bowling alley they can do much better!!!! Getting off North 35, coming in around back of building along train tracks, it looks so beat up, can see the faded chips of paint of Playdrome theme colors from when they had it. My Dad said he noticed how beat up the lanes are.
I do like the Brunswick 2000 ball returns. Whenever this place closes, they should give/ sell it to Toms River Bowling Alley! Inside there’s a ledge of a few long steps. Wish I could do a 50-50 grind or nose/tail slide on it with skateboard!! LOL!=-)
But when we bowled thank God I had a free game coupon we bowled an hour. Thank you Brunswick!!!
But since according to there is rumors of no leagues there, therefore in danger of closing like Thunder-bowl did. It’s not at all crowded like everywhere else is. Maybe that’s why they don’t bother fixing up the place.
So whenever it ends up closing, I think it would make a great skatepark. Leave the lanes there, wipe off all the oil on lanes, and skate down the lanes, then do 50-50 grinds on the lane divider. Or do nose/tail slide and other sick tricks! Put a quarter pipe behind the pins area. That would be sick!!!

Comment Date: 2/9/2006 Name: Anonymous
I have been bowling at Bradley for years and through my experiences, the times I visit get worse and worse. The service is fine, with the exception of Rich, who manages to piss one person off in our group every time. He ALWAYS cheats us out of every possible coupon we have, despite none of them being out-of-date. Not to mention, the place says they close at a certain time (I believe midnight) but he wants to close it cause he’s tired. (He has been quoted in saying that)
Bowling is way too expensive, especially at Bradley. It would be different if Bradley actually looked nice and then have high prices. But it’s probably the worst bowling I’ve ever been too. Old lanes and never any oil on them. I hope they fix up the place real soon, or go out of business instead.

Comment Date: 2/3/2006 Name: Bowl
The manager Richard is extremely rude, the staff makes you wait 10-15 minutes on average to get a lane even if they aren’t doing anything, the prices are ridiculous, and the place is burning hot constantly. Go somewhere else.

Comment Date: 12/20/2005 Name: Billy McKnight
Great place to bowl with very nice and courtious staff. I will visit as often as times allows.

Comment Date: 1/27/2005 Name: Anonymous
This place is a pile. The lanes are shot and they need to be updated. I bowled a tournament there and there was 0 oil on the lanes.

Comment Date: 12/10/2004 Name: Steve
Very good prices (8.99 for 2 hours ) thats great for practicing, and the people that work there are very friendly!! I will definitly go back!!!!

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