Yankee Lanes

Yankee Lanes

  Name: Yankee Lanes  
  Address: 477 Park Avenue  
  City: Keene  
  State: NH  
  Zip: 03431  
  Phone: (603) 352-5537  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Comments: Newly Remodeled, and under new management, one of bowl New England’s better centers.  
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Comment Date: 8/19/2009 Name: Anonymous
New manager and assistant manager the place is looking up staff seems happier and atmosphere more friendly . i always say good management tone brings great employee tone i think they just might have the right mix now!!!!!!

Comment Date: 8/17/2009 Name: Upper Right Hand Corner
You weren’t bowling in Yankee Lanes Mark if you were throwing at candlepins. Yankee Lanes is a tenpin house. Perhaps you are confusing this with Bowling Acres which is the nearest candlepin house to Yankee Lanes.

Comment Date: 8/13/2009 Name: mark a
I played a couple of times about 20 odd years ago,it was a blast even though I threw a gutterball the 1st ball out. I was trying to bowl like I do in tenpin,curve it off the back of my hand.I’m from SC,wish we had candlepin down here,great for small children or adults /seniors who can’t throw a normal weight ball;or people rehabbing from surgery trying to get back into the gamethe people on the next lane told me to relase the ball straight off my hand and I got 8 on my 2nd ball of the box,finished with a 10box.that was really nice of them to help out someone new to the game,finished with a100game.Maybe one day I’llget up here and play some.Thanks for reading this ,I would like to see candlepin come down southbut I know it would be a lot to pull off considering we’re about 1000miles southnice to dream though.Buy a building and put lanes /machines in itsave on new construction.

Comment Date: 8/4/2009 Name: The T-shirt Guy
There was an article that mentioned this in the Keene Sentinel. However, this was not malicious intent by Bowl New England. During the night time someone rearranged the letters on the reader board to form the anti-Semitic message. An employee noticed the sign and removed the lettering. Really, as simple as that!

Comment Date: 7/31/2009 Name: Long Term Bowler
To Anonymous: I didn’t think so.

Comment Date: 7/18/2009 Name: Long Term Bowler
Can you substantiate your claim? What issue of the Keene Sentinel reported it? Can you provide a link or a source to the supposed article?

Comment Date: 7/17/2009 Name: Anonymous
Keene Sentinel reported it…get your head out of the gutter (no pun intended)

Comment Date: 7/10/2009 Name: Local Bowler
Anti-semetic?? They don’t look anti-semetic to me. What did you read? Please inform us!

Comment Date: 7/7/2009 Name: innocent bystander
and now they are posting anti-semetic messages on their sign…another solid sign of the times for Bowl New England…you gotta nice client base going there boys.

Comment Date: 5/20/2009 Name: Long Time Bowler
It has now become obvious what the real problem is here. Managers come and go because they are puppets. Strung along by a cheap, clueless District Manager who pulls all the strings, and makes very poor decisions. Managers here are only babysitters. They mind the shop. The decisions come from Mike Corley, who has shown that he should have retired a long time ago.

Comment Date: 4/7/2009 Name: Upper Right Hand Corner
Exactly what is Bowl New England supposed to do for the fine people of the Keene community? If you don’t like their service, don’t give them your business. I do agree though that the new so-called manager is extremely bad for business.

Comment Date: 4/4/2009 Name: Anonymous
there is nothing “smart” about Bowl New England…they are vindictive, souless people who do not give a rat’s a** about the Keene community and the fine people of Keene who deserve a better service than what these idiots deliver

Comment Date: 3/10/2009 Name: change.
the new bartenders s*ck, i was in there saturday night and it took along time to get a drink, they do not know what they are doing, people were getting p*ssed. i don’t know what is going on but, this place is going down hill fast.

Comment Date: 2/25/2009 Name: Long time Bowler
That is For Sure.. I hope that Bowl New England really thinks long and hard over the Next manager if that is what is going to happen because this is rediculas adn you wonder why league numbers keep Dropping.. I mean as a manager why don’t you look and act as if you really care about the way you look it leaves a long lasting impression on people… When you look at him all i think about it White Trash Centeral.. Bowl New England is Smarter that that i wouls hope anyways..

Comment Date: 2/24/2009 Name: Neutral Observer
You’re right,the manager has others do his work for him. It’s a combination of his own incompetence, laziness, and wanting the world to know he is in charge. I just wonder if this “manager” ever managed a business before. He has zero people skills and shows us bowlers every day how not to run a business.

Comment Date: 2/17/2009 Name: Never a Dull Moment
Me Neither.. Maybe They can get soeme one in there that can do his or her work themselves instead they have an assistant Manager Do it.. If this is what She is.. But most everything still needs to be Filtered through the Manager.. We will see.

Comment Date: 2/13/2009 Name: Neutral Observer
Don’t know where you heard that. Bowl New England doesn’t normally wait to fire their managers. Once the make up their minds, Mike Corley gets sent to deliver the axe. I hope its true though. This latest manager is the worse one yet. Can’t count Pete because he was never there. This new one is a total bozo.

Comment Date: 2/12/2009 Name: what a Suprise
I heard that the Current Manager of Yankee Lanes is done at the end of the league season, I wonder who they are going to bring in Next..

Comment Date: 2/6/2009 Name: Neutral Observer
I have no vested interest in Yankee Lanes or Bowl New England. This is just my independent opinion. Calling Bowl New England criminal is so way out of line and downright idiotic. They are no different than any other business in the free world. The common denominator for any business is to turn a profit. Bowl New England did not come to own 18 centers by being criminal. Name me one criminal act you think they are guilty of. Maybe you don’t agree with their pricing. Maybe you received less than excellent customer service. But whatever gripe you may have, calling them criminal only shows your lack of intelligence.

Comment Date: 2/5/2009 Name: Never heard a better Idea
Wow isn’t that the Truth. That is the best idea out there.. I wish someone would buy them out maybe they can get a tast of reality..

Comment Date: 1/25/2009 Name: random observer
this company is evil…its too bad cuz it used to be a fun, family friendly establishment…Bowl NE cares nothing about the consumer and only about lining their own pockets. Do yourself and everyone a favor and do not give a penny to these people…someone, please come to the facilty’s and the residents of Keene’s rescue and buy these criminals out and rebuild Yankee Lanes to what it used to be.

Comment Date: 12/19/2008 Name: non bowler
Love the live bands. Shana Stack & Fastlane rule!
Thanks for the entertainment.

Comment Date: 11/27/2008 Name: Friend of bowling alley
Oh oops forgot about that one!

Comment Date: 11/7/2008 Name: Wouldn’t you like to know!
WOW This place will Never Change…….

Comment Date: 11/5/2008 Name: upper right hand corner
The boyfriend does work there as a pinchaser, but he is not the one in question. The boyfriend referred to is the fat cab driver who THINKS he works there and is always in the office at the invitation of the manager and his new assistant.
I have been bowling there long enough to know the difference. I do have my facts straight, thank you.

Comment Date: 11/3/2008 Name: Friend of Yankee
Just so everyone knows the “Boyfriend” you are speaking of works there as a pin chaser. The counter girl is very nice and helpful! Give the new manager a chance. That place has been through a lot of changes lately. Stop making accusations without the facts first.

Comment Date: 9/16/2008 Name: upper right hand corner
This new “manager” is clueless on how to run a bowling facility. I was there on Sunday and there was the boyfriend of the counter girl hanging out in the office with the manager who did nothing about it. How unprofessional is that? Can I walk into a business and just hang out in their offices? This “manager”is continuing the trend of incompetent Yankee Lanes hirings. I may come in and hang out in their office since that seems to be the place to see and be seen.

Comment Date: 9/9/2008 Name: Frequent Customer
Yankee Lanes hired another winner as manager. A guy who walks around with a cup of beer in his hand, a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals. Looks like a lost hippie from the 60s. Is this who Bowl New England is trusting to run this place ? Sad !

Comment Date: 7/28/2008 Name: Frequent Customer
I don’t understand what is wrong with this place. I thought that this was supposed to be a nice friendly atmoshphere but i guess i was wrong.. Whomever they decide to take on as a manager needs to start doing some back ground checks or something. you hire Bartenders that are more worried about going outside than they are taking care of there customers! No offence when i go out for a Drink i don’t want to wait 10 minutes to get one while the Bartenders are outside. Nevermind the Fact that they look like sloppy and shoud not be in a professional place. Hopefully someone will start to hire Some Staff that has some class because as of right now tehy might have a handfull that fit that catagory, not even.

Comment Date: 5/28/2008 Name: Charlie
Hey let’s think positive for a change. It’s a new era at Yankee Lanes. Let’s celebrate the onset of the post-Cory error. The staff is trying and without that pompous a** as manager, maybe things are looking better.

Comment Date: 5/23/2008 Name: just looking
Gee Clint you have alot of free time on your hands since you up’d and quit…another job.
And it’s unfortunate that multiple personality problem is rearing its ugly head again (Jeff, Causal Bowling Guy & Longtime Bowler). Or maybe you just like talking to yourself…get a life!

Comment Date: 5/23/2008 Name: Jeff
It sure is a welcome change reading these eloquent posts. A lot of good points have been made. I do have to take exception to the posts about the new manager.
First of all, just because he interviewed well does not mean he will be a good manager. His shortcomings and ignorance about the bowling business is already obvious. One cannot blame Bowl New England for the manager not putting out the effort a good manager should. Instead, blame rests solely on Pete. He had absolutely no knowledge of how the bowling industry works. Ask him any bowling related question and see what kind of an answer you get. The bowlers know this, and the Corley’s are starting to see this as well. He just is not the right manager for a job with Bowl New England, or any other bowling business. I think Bowl New England has been very patient with him so far. Had he been working for an individual proprietor, he most likely would be gone by now. One also cannot blame the Corley’s for the manager allowing the very young employees to run the place on their own. Come in on a Friday or Saturday evening after 11 and you will see what I mean.

Comment Date: 5/21/2008 Name: Longtime Bowler
I have bowled at Yankee Lanes in many different leagues for 30 years now. I cannot remember a time in those thirty years where things have been as disorganized as the last three have been. From what I have heard about the new manager the trend will continue.
I noticed that someone wrote that this isn’t the place to register complaints. Why do they have this sight then? Did you think all comments were going to be of the positive nature. There is no problem registering complaints here as long as they are not mean spirited.
I have learned over the years that complaining to management, including the home office, does no good. As far as caring nothing except revenue that is why they are in business but I think they have lost revenue because of poor management and there could care less attitude towards the bowlers.
I also read about Yankee Lanes being a country club atmosphere. What do you expect when 75% of your staff is in the 16-20 age group. There used to be a time when they had mature responsible adults. Why don’t they have some bowlers as employees like they used too. Things seem to run smoother back when there were bowlers behind the counter. It seems to be mostly kids running the show and as we all know the kids now a days have no clue about customer service.
The comment that disturbs me the most was accusing the Corley’s of discrimination. I don’t particularly care for the Corley’s but unless someone has proof you cannot accuse someone of something so despicable. You sir or ma’am need to keep those type of comments to yourself.
Wrapping this up let me say this, I bowl with a five man team on Wednesday’s and there is a very good chance we are not coming back. The league is no longer fun and with maybe 16 teams returning why bother. The handicap format needs to change. When we attend the meeting for next season is when we will make up our mind. Also the fact that some of our best bowlers have left for Brattleboro puts a huge dent into the competitiveness of the league and the individual honors.

Comment Date: 5/20/2008 Name: Casual Bowling Guy
Jeff: As far as provable accusations are concerned all one would have to do is actually talk to previous managers at multiple centers. It is the same story over and over again. While Kevin is a great guy and we were fond of Bob on most levels, the downslide of employees can’t be blamed on Bob. Mike Corley was so set on removing everything “Kevin” and wanted the “New Yankee Lanes” that good employees were sacrificed to get that across. Cory fits the mold of what Bowl New England wants, and we all agree that Cory was and is bad for business. As for the newest manager, as I said before that’s what you get when you operate under this type of business model. Managers do not have any control under Bowl New England’s ownership, and that’s a shame because Kevin and Bob had the right mindset that at least made it a fun place, but were never given the oppurtunity to fully execute. As for Cory and the newest one, If they are fed the same line of BS from the Corleys and HR and buy into it, that explains the attitude of “I-DON’T-WANT-TO BE-HERE. All you have to do is read some forums about other centers under Bowl New England here and read it’s the same situation over and over again. Revenue is the bottom line for any business and i agree with that, However for the “sport” this type of grab revenue while we can mentality, ultimately hurts the sport we all love. Thanks Jeff for the most in depth posts, which is a welcome change from most of the garbage on these posts.

Comment Date: 5/20/2008 Name: Jeff
Casual Bowling Guy, nobody expects the manager to be there 24/7. But one does expect a manager to be there at its busiest times. I have come into the center when there were no customers and 3 people behind the desk, including the manager. I have also come in when the place was packed and no manager to be found. I hope that when winter leagues start, the manager puts forth some effort to placate the bowlers. Otherwise, ther will be hundreds of posts on this site calling for his head.

Comment Date: 5/17/2008 Name: RE: Casual Bowling Guy
I couldn’t agree more on the practices of Bowl New England as I have seen it first hand.What used to be a great place to hang out with the guys and relax has been turned into a dump. The employees under Kevin and Bob’s seperate runs with the company had fun and always seemed upbeat..far from perfect but at least it had life. While Bob’s post on here after his departure from Bowl New England was professional and should be applauded as such, it was far from the real inner workings of Bowl New England. Lame bar remodels and poor paint jobs do not add excitement or fun to a business. It is all in the employees and the personality they have. That is a problem that starts at the top of the company,while my dealings with Tim Corley were limited, I can honestly say that the description of Scot (the HR head) is 100%. This guy is has no business being in the position he is in and has ZERO respect from the people within his own company. THAT IS A FACT. As far as emailing or calling Bowl New England with complaints..don’t waste your time, they read these posts and choose to ignore it. If you don’t believe that..Tim Corley’s email is at the top of this him, see what the reply is then compare that with results. Or maybe we can have another “bowlers meeting” where the results are nothing…look at the lane conditions. As for the manager not being there, I still have to laugh at that, for $40k a year is he expected to be there 24/7 ? This is why bowling is in the state it is in.

Comment Date: 5/16/2008 Name: Jeff
Casual bowling guy, I see your point as well. However I do think you are way out of line by accusing Bowl New England of discrimination. Unless that is a proveable accusation, you really shouldn’t make that kind of statement.
As for the sub-standard employees, only some of them are incompetent. Most notably, the front desk staff are basically a bunch of idiots. I also don’t have much confidence in the new manager there. It always appears he would rather be somewhere else.
You also say all Bowl New England cares about is revenue. Well, what business in the world doesn’t care about revenue? Bowl New England, like any other corporation, is a business incorporated to make maximum profits and generate revenue.
You also badmouth the Corley’s. I agree they have made mistakes, and they have let Yankee Lanes evolve into a country club-like atmosphere. They should have been more involved with the day-to-day operations. However, saying they are incompetent is also way out of line. They did not come to own 18 bowling centers by being stupid. The deterioration of service at Yankee Lanes started with Bob and continued through Cory. Only time will tell if things will get better. But it is going to be a long and difficult road to travel to get this place back to being a business.
So before you place blame solely on ownership, start with the horrendous service being offered at the front desk. Then take a look at the I-don’t-want-to-be-here attitude of the new manager. Then add in the obnoxious demeanor of the previous manager and you’ll see the result. It all adds up to the blind leading the blind.
Have a nice day.

Comment Date: 5/16/2008 Name: Casual Bowling Guy
Jeff: I do understand your comment regarding the nature of this forum, however Bowl New England has the habit of letting things go in one ear and out the other. The bigger issue here is letting people know what actually happens at Yankee Lanes. Bottom line is that the Corley’s don’t care about how the bowlers feel about anything, they want revenue. When your District managers ( Mike) and your owners (Tim, & Dick) don’t even know how to operate thier own software or center, That shows where thier mindset is. Add to that an HR head who relys on intimidation tactics and pries into the personal lives of the employees to gain an upper hand, Now you have the reasoning for the sub-standard employees.
Bowl New England, plain and simple is a joke from an employer viewpoint. They discriminate based on color, age, sex, and even weight of employees.When you have that kind of environment, who do you expect to work there? Grr I am to tired to continue on with this, but in some fashion I hope I made my point.

Comment Date: 5/11/2008 Name: Jeff
I do agree this place has terrible customer service. But I don’t think this is a forum to register complaints. If you really are disgusted with service, call or email Bowl New England. Anonymous posts with fictitious names won’t get results.

Comment Date: 5/3/2008 Name: RE: disgusting service
I couldn’t agree more. I wanted to get a draft for me and a buddy a few Saturdays ago but the bartender was to busy singing on the Karaoke Machine. This place has turned into a real joke.

Comment Date: 5/3/2008 Name: Disgusted Bowler
For what I thought is supposed to be a family environment I took my three kids in to bowl one afternoon during school vacation and the girl that came out to wait out me was making out with some fat slob in the office. I was so disgusted with it I left and took my kids to Peterborough instead. When I got home I decided to call to speak to the manager and he wasn’t in. I tried the next day and the following two days and he was never in. Is this the way this establishment is run, UNSUPERVISED. I will never go back.

Comment Date: 3/26/2008 Name: Never going back
Avoid this place at all costs. Disgusting service

Comment Date: 1/3/2008 Name: Upper Right Hand Corner
After reading through all these comments I am not sure what some people realize what the real issue is at Yankee Lanes. First of all the Wednesday Night League President I believe uses an Ebonite NV which is far from a house ball. Also he was not trying to move that league to Brattleboro it was the Northeast Tournament he was thinking of moving to Brattleboro. The reason for contemplating that move was because of the obstinance and the arrogance of the new manager. As far as the league bowlers who complain here most of it is petty whining. There are a lot of league bowlers who like to whine because the shot isn’t made easy for them. You don’t like it get out. What I will say is the bowlers have a right to expect the shot to be consistent from week to week and that is where it lacks the most. If the shot is consistent your good bowlers will figure it out and will roll there normal scores. I think what eats at most league bowlers is the condition of the overall center. You come in and find your table is littered with food, water or soda stains on the floor, food crumbs on the floor, the tiled areas and the approaches not being swept down like they should be. I hear that the new manager whines about his league bowler numbers being down and that is because he doesn’t get it. He shows no respect to league bowlers, the staff while good for the most part they still are not trained in all aspects of customer service. When you do bring something up to the manager you usually get a weak a** answer. What it boils down to is the whole bowling industry is now catering to the open bowlers (non- league bowlers ). The dedicated league bowlers are an after thought and are treated as such. In my 20 years at Yankee Lanes this is the worst I have ever seen it. Bowl New England and Yankee Lanes should be totally ashamed of themselves for the condition of the Saturday Morning Youth Program. 20 kids come on!!! They need to get new blood in charge of that program and regardless of what they say they can if they wanted too. Corey you need to figure out why you are not likable because you really are not by the majority of league bowlers. You came in here with a chip on your shoulder feeling that you needed to strut your stuff and all you have done is alienate people, especially the ones that would have been willing to help you fit in but is obvious you do not. Good Luck and may your tenure be short lived.

Comment Date: 12/11/2007 Name: Snuggles
How did this place rate so high? I understand after going to Yankee Lanes why bowling is not as popular as 20 years ago. All the paint in the world does not make you a family friendly place if you and your staff treat people the way you do.

Comment Date: 11/24/2007 Name: What a bad idea
We will never go back again! We may not be hardcore bowlers but do have class. Place was dirty and staff was rude.We thought it was just a bad employee so we asked for the manager,and he told us he was the manager,and told us if we didn’t like him we could go somewhere else! Last time I take a field trip there.

Comment Date: 11/4/2007 Name: hotfor{deleted}
I have seen the new bartender supervisor. She is so hot !!!! What a sexy body she has !!! I go in there just to look at her.

Comment Date: 10/28/2007 Name: Candlepin
If your bowling in New England, you should be bowling candlepin! End of story.

Comment Date: 10/15/2007 Name: Concerned
What does it say about the conditions of this BNE house when the president of the Wed. Night league (the largest of this house) bowls with a house ball? Any truth that Jeff is talking with Bratt Bowl about moving our league?

Comment Date: 10/2/2007 Name: Keene State Friend
So,has anyone seen that new Bartender/ supivisor. She looks like a {deleted}. I would like to know where Stephanie went, She was awsome!

Comment Date: 9/13/2007 Name: 2BME
Really interesting stuff here,Do you honestly want us to believe that in 2 days Yankee Lanes had 200 people vote this place all HIGH RATINGS? One word sums it up PATHETIC. Cory,isn’t it time to move on yet? Still firing all the left over employees as you keep saying you are? It’s all about loyality my friend, do you have it from them? Based on how they talk about you, my guess is no.

Comment Date: 8/30/2007 Name: bbs
All hail to this Tom…. he’s so smart, and wealthy at that. Guess he will have to put a “botique” center in around here so he will have a place to rub elbows…… 6 lanes would more than accomodate, seeing the complaint seems to be on what centers charge… Me, I will take Strikers or any of our other NH centers…. I like the “common folk”….

Comment Date: 8/30/2007 Name: Marz
Tom, The point you are missing is that Keene is not that type of market. You can only charge what the market will allow. When was the last time you seen a 2 hour waiting list here?

Comment Date: 8/29/2007 Name: tom
Older than dirt bowler,
You stated AS FACT that NOWHERE in the midwest do you pay more than $3.75 per line. You were proven wrong, even by your own admission. So before you criticize me, think before you use your know-it-all attitude. A “boutique center ” is one that caters to upscale clientele during peak hours. As witnessed by the Lucky Strike chain, Strikers, and others like it, this type of center is gaining popularity. The midwest, where you claim to hail from, is a hotbed for this type of “boutique” bowling center. I was at a Lucky Strike in Chicago during peak hours and there was a 2 hour waiting list, at $5.95 per line ! Yet, the closest center to Lucky Strike, a “mom and pop” operation had 6 lanes going. They were charging “no more than $3.75 per line. ”

Comment Date: 8/29/2007 Name: OMG!!!
This is the biggest group of losers, are you people serious! No matter how much you b****, moan and complain about how terrible and expensive, how the owners and management don’t have a clue…..where are you all….that’s right, at the alley. Did you all not get any attention as children? My guess would be NO! That being said maybe you all should get a part time job…ask Cory if he’s hiring, you know you’ll be back anyway, what better way to waste your life!

Comment Date: 8/23/2007 Name: to tom
Lucky Strike chicago $45 per hour… Pool is $10 and bowling per line depending on the hour is $4.50 to a high of $5.95, but then of course that is at a much classier center than most frequent

Comment Date: 8/23/2007 Name: older than dirt bowler
FYI yes! Tom is correct…. there are places in the midwest that charge more. They charge according to what the Market will bare. Area etc) But keep in mind, there are centers on every other block..for the “common” person I suppose, and “most” are in the $3.75 range per line. I have never heard of a “botique” bowling center????? Perhaps that is for the elite, with $$$$$$ I don’t leave it to web sites to check bowling center prices out. I hail from the Midwest… Chicago, Lockport as well as the Wisconsin area etc and frequent lanes out there 2 to 3 times a year, plus know many that bowl there all of the time. So once again…. when you feel the need to make a statement that is not a problem, but there is NO NEED for hostility. It really comes across quite childish and extremely imature….. You have a nice day!!!!!

Comment Date: 8/21/2007 Name: Former Yankee Lanes Fan
My question for Tom is this, WTF? are you serious? The liquor license is in the Managers name,who would do that? Kevin Youngman and Bob both were VERY tough on liquor policies.Do not confuse what the counter people did with the Manager, it only makes you look stupid. I seem to recall when a bartender was caught in the Keene police stings, BOB took the fall for that with his Company and was the only bar in town that didn’t fire the bartender, instead he worked WITH her, that’s the mark of a solid manager, learn your facts “TOM” it was Bob that worked with Liquor Enforcement in Keene to find out the laws and how to protect the business.Before Bob, you couldn’t carry a beer from the bar to the lanes, it was HIM that worked with Liquor Enforcement so we could do that. That is good for business, and was customer friendly. Anyways…are you the “Tom” that he fired for being an idiot?

Comment Date: 8/21/2007 Name: Henry O’ Godwin
This was my bill, 1 lane for 2 hours for my boys $48.00,(they had bumpers so i got my own lane)and 1 lane for 1 hour $24.00. total $72.00, in fairness the young girl at the counter didn’t charge me for shoes.(an additional $9.00) Despite “JOHN’s” claim that the movies are the same price..WHERE DO YOU GO TO THE MOVIES? $8.00 PER PERSON AT THE MOVIES..that’s $24.00 and don’t even bother with the popcorn price theory, Yankee Lanes didn’t include any food..apples to apples, BOWLING IS WAY OVERPRICED! Maybe it’s okay for like once a year, but definately not practical for the average family!

Comment Date: 8/21/2007 Name: Deez 312
Cory: Stop makig it sooo easy to prove what an idiot you are! Did you say challenge us? Are you going to beat us up at recess? Bottom Line: if you had shut your mouth about your personal life, and your professional life and had done your job…nobody would discuss you, frankly, your not that important for us to care about.

Comment Date: 8/21/2007 Name: Bar Hopper
Tom? Are you serious? No one ever let anyone bring in thier own liquor, escpecially Bob.You definately are talking out your a@@. I have personally seen Bob search more bags, and have the Keene police remove more people than any other employee at Yankee Lanes.Get your facts straight.

Comment Date: 8/21/2007 Name: tom
Hey older than dirt bowler I have news for you. In the midwest, there are DOZENS of centers that charge more than the 3.75 per line you are talking about. Every AMF center is charging 4.50 or more. The Lucky Strike chain charges 65.00 per hour and 10.00 per LINE to bowl. Look up their websites and check their pricing before you spout something as true. Call the centers in the midwest that you claim charge ” no more than 3.75 per hour. ” AMF, Lucky Strike, and other “boutique centers” charge at least 4.50 per line. Get your facts straight.

Comment Date: 8/20/2007 Name: Cory J. Dionne
This will be my first and last post on this toilet paper of a site. I appreciate all of your constructive critism on my professional life and my personal life. I would like to challenge any of you to come visit me in the center and we can address any concerns you may have.

Comment Date: 8/19/2007 Name: older than dirt bowler
Whoa!!!! The venom from Strikers East has spilled over to Yankee Lane…. How sad…. go read what occured on the Strikers site and see how rediculous it was. Finally the person (the owner) who was inflaming it all took the advice of many and backed off… for BNE, I have been bowling out of the Manchester house for years. BNE is not the worst of the worst….. try dealing with an indepentant owner, such as Strikers, dover Bowl or Merrimack….. I have personally dealt with the Corleys as well as Ed. Never felt what I had to ask or offer fell on deaf ears. Your center is only as good as your manager. We are very fortunate that BNE has put a great manager at our center, whom listens to the bowlers….. Good luck to you all. And please re read what most have you have chosen to write. Especially the person whom thinks he is above all others… People who have money don’t talk about what they can or can not afford. He can not “afford” to be such a pompous A–!!!! Nothing will ever satisfy him…. As far as picking on his lack of grammar or the English language, how sad his money came so easily, but apparently the education system failed. Me, I rather have simple skills and not be bitter toward life……
For you whom spent $72.00 for two hours of bowling, I plain just don’t believe you….. How many people bowling, and did you rent a lane or just bowl lines….. $12 per line is also from someone smoking dope…. Even in the midwest $3.75 is the MOST you will pay for a line….. which is ONE game. A series is 3 games. Maybe thats what you where talking about, and if thats the case $12 us reasonable…. Do you even know what you are talking about???? Good Lord, do get a life!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 8/19/2007 Name: Bubba
It shouldn’t be long before a Bob bashing session starts. That’s ok, we know who the real man is.

Comment Date: 8/18/2007 Name: Did someone say AMF ??
John, where are these other “centers” located? I think that you are definately talking out of your education level. Perhaps less time in english class and more in the Business course, would have been beneficial for you. If your talking about a more urban environment, then that price can be justified.It seems as though “john” is either doing damage control as the “manager” (center is an industry term) or is someone who is definately not familiar with his target market. The bowlers come to Yankee Lanes simply because we have no other choice if we want to bowl, If your theory was correct “john” why are your leagues down and your casual bowlers just not coming in like before? I know you will blame past managers like Kevin and Bob, but maybe it was Bowl New England, and not the managers…from the sounds of it at least they were liked….can you say that about you or Bowl New England? Instead of wasting time insulting everyone, ask your bowlers and then post the response. YOU ARE A JOKE !!

Comment Date: 8/18/2007 Name: Deez 312
John, er Cory: Would that be the same 10 year old son that now resides with your divorced wife, oh wait…that was a clever way of making it sound like it was not posted by you. Sorry my bad. Bottom line $72.00 for 2 hours for 2 kids to BOWL is overpriced for this area. And could you please give the rest of us directions to the arcade and laser tag complexes in Keene? Oh and John, what are your thoughts on this Manager at Yankee Lanes? (this should be good)

Comment Date: 8/17/2007 Name: Former Yankee Lanes Fan
Bob, you truly are a class act, and are sorely missed. Your open letter is proof positive of this. You could have easily shed light on the bad business decisions that Bowl New England has made, but you chose the higher road. For us that are left behind, hopefully this joke of a manager will be here only a brief amount of time.
Thanks Bob, for making bowling fun, while it lasted.

Comment Date: 8/17/2007 Name: tom
How did Bob make bowling fun ? Was it by letting people bring in their own alcohol, as he did too many times. Not only is this very family un-friendly, but it could cause the center to lose their liquor license.

Comment Date: 8/16/2007 Name: john
Henry, you spent $ 72.00 for two hours of bowling ? I spent that taking the kids to a two hour movie, refreshments included.

Comment Date: 8/16/2007 Name: john
Bowl New England does not need YOUR business. They are better off without whiners like you. The funny thing is, that these same bowlers who bitch and moan all the time, are the same ones who have been coming in for years. As compared to other centers, Yankee Lanes is priced very reasonably. I have been in centers that charge up to $12.00 PER LINE for bowling. Take your kids to the arcade or laser tag and see if you don’t spend a small fortune. Bowl New England is a credit to the industry. Their commitment to bowling surpasses that of AMF and even Brunswick. Nevertheless, I am glad to see you have improved your use of semantics. My 10 year old son couldn’t stop laughing at your atrocious spelling and terrible punctuation.

Comment Date: 8/15/2007 Name: Bob Tacelli
I was talking to a friend today and was informed of the comments regarding BNE and the current manager Cory. Apparently there is some belief that I had a hand in these comments, so I decided that I would take the time to clear up a few things.
First, let me state that for my own personal reasons, I had resigned my position as General Manager with BNE back in the middle of February. It was only my conversation with Tim Corley that made me stay on board until the end of June. BNE treated me with the utmost respect and I harbor no ill will towards them.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a �bowler� (I don�t think my high game of 154 qualifies me) Nor do I have the time to waste reading forums on a business that I have no interest in pursuing again. My background is in IT and Business Management, not Recreational Management.
What I find most disturbing is that no one on this forum gives BNE credit for what they have done for the sport of bowling. In fact, if most of you had any idea on what this business means to the Corley�s you would have a different outlook entirely.
Dick Corley and his son Tim Corley are probably two of the brightest business men that I have encountered during my professional career. They have a desire and pride in ownership that is extremely difficult to come by in this day and age.
My thoughts on these forums are confusing to say the least. What should be a place to openly discuss the business of Yankee Lanes, has been turned into a place of hostility and slander. My personal life should not be posted, without my consent. The passing of my mother back in March was a personal thing that should have stayed within my family. No matter what the intentions of the author, it had no place on this type of forum. I bring this up for a reason, at what point does it stop being about the sport, and become personal attacks?
The issue here is personal agendas; everyone has one, this business especially. This type of High School antics does nothing to get your point across, only makes you look like the real problem.
I could write pages on pricing structure, and what it takes for BNE just to make payroll, in the small demographic that is Keene, but ultimately it comes down to what BNE as a BUSINESS feels is fair market value.
In my opinion, attacking the Manager is barking up the wrong tree, He has no control over pricing. He is a Manager not an Owner, there is a huge difference. In my limited dealings with Cory, he was always professional, and seemed to have a strong desire to succeed in this business. At the end of my tenure, the staffing was solid, you could not ask for a better team that really cared for what they did.
As for myself, I have closed this chapter of my life, I am living in an area that my family and I have wanted to be in for years, and yes I owe that to BNE. I am finally spending time with my wife and our 4 children, something that prior to the last few months I was missing out on. I am grateful for the friends that I have made running Yankee Lanes, and for everyone I met, I wish you all the best�You are all definitely characters in your own right.
For anyone that would like to contact me, my email is (Deleted – We’re sorry Bob, no personal emails – B2u Staff)
Thank you,
Bob Tacelli

Comment Date: 8/15/2007 Name: Henry O’ Godwin
Did you say reasonable rates? John are you high? What family can afford to do this on a regular basis? Before you tell me about taking courses on English…Take a business course, How can you say they don’t need our business? Why are they open then? The rates are not reasonable,the last time I was there i spent $72.00 for 2 hours of bowling,I would have to think long and hard before I returned. This is BOWLING, it isn’t ment to be an ELITE sport!

Comment Date: 8/15/2007 Name: Friend Of John
John, or should I say Cory:
As far as your statement of “having an axe to grind” is concerned,You are exactly correct!As a league bowler it is US that keep Bowl New England in business! Maybe they didn’t teach you that in the Bowl New England Management Training! As far as my sentence structure is concerned, I’ll apologize, I do not have the luxury of hiding in my Manager’s office staring at the computer screen all day. I as many of your other league bowlers actually work for a living.
Maybe instead of telling everyone how great you are,you actually do something that shows it.(No that doesn’t mean hitting on the little girls at your Cosmic Bowl)
Bottom line: Bowl New England apparently doesn’t need our business,and they show it by not taking care of us,are you a bar or a bowling alley? Either way, when was the last time you had a full parking lot?
Not only does your staff not respect you,your lack of knowledge on what makes a bowling alley money, will soon show you what us league bowlers think of you!
On a side note: Nobody cares about your divorce, or your weekend trips to Connecticut,you just like the managers before you, are only there because no one else wants the headache. Be Honest with everyone “JOHN” didn’t you want the connecticut center, only to be told that you were not good enough?
Do your damage control while you can, attack us for our gramma, while not tackling the issues head on. You want to be a manager? Act like one! Take care of what keeps you open….LEAGUES!

Comment Date: 8/13/2007 Name: john
Perhaps you better learn correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling before you flame anybody on this site. You obviously need to go back to grade school to learn proper English and sentence structure. You sound like someone with an ax to grind. Your hostility shows your total ignorance of what Bowl New England is trying to accomplish. That is, provide good entertainment at reasonable prices. You whine about raising prices, but what hasn’t gotten more expensive in the last year ? Bowl New England is no different than any other business. The bottom line is to make money. Bowl New England does not need your business. Perhaps you ought to spend your money on an English language course instead.

Comment Date: 8/11/2007 Name: USBC nh bowler
To Gus:
First let me state, i am not a “mother” so that failed attempt to be the macho superior failed.
But after thinking about this, and my recent visit to Yankee Lanes in Keene, i have to agree, i was disgusted by the “new management” and the new pricing structure.
When there i was talking to the emotional void that is the manager “Corey” was his name, and found out that my league lineage will be that same as open bowling this year, when i laughed and asked why i should bother..i was told by this joke of a manager that ” i didn’t have to bowl” what an a**
The problem with bowling is that companies like Bowl New England which own Yankee Lanes,are greedy, plain and simple, they raise rates when the industry is on a rapid downslide.What a way to run a business.
Anyways, after my conversation with this “manager” i learned that Bowl NEW England Inc. is being bought out by an overseas company, which will be a good thing…just look at the bar Bar remodel? that is the concern of this company? the lanes need to be replaced as we were promised by the joke of the company…whatever Corley it was! The Roof leaks whenever it rains, i give up !! the place is a dump!!
As far as my kids go, maybe i will take up skiing or golf with them, Bowling is definately out for us, and judging by the lack of customers now attending Yankee Lanes, it must be out for alot of us!!
Bowl New England, The Corleys, and the *cough cough* “manager” Corey..can stick it !!

Comment Date: 8/5/2007 Name: gus
Well, USBC Bowler, you are obviously a wife/ mother who spends her time and husband’s money pretending to be “better than thou”. Here’s my point: I was just looking for something for my family to do this weekend; you see, I make plenty of money and have the luxury of doing pretty much whatever my kids want to do, but I agree that, dollar for dollar, bowling has become costly. Figure the hourly rate and you will see that bowling has become rather high in price. I did some figuring and have learned that it is cheaper (hour for hour) for me to bring my kids either skiing of golfing: true!
Also, USBC… you have obviously chosen the right career path of den mother house wife.
And as for the alley itself: I am a Keene resident and have been to Yankee several times and rarely see the snack bar ope. We prefer Olive Garden to the yee-haw Longhorn with all the disgusting animal heads showcased and yokel tunes. However, sometimes people do not want to leave a bowling alley to get a quick snack.
Never thought I would see bowling go “elite” as golf and skiing have, and for nothing more than keeping the average people from participating. Everyone should have the luxury of entertainment.

Comment Date: 7/2/2007 Name: Steve Hardy Jr.
Sorry to post a third time but I feel I must…. I was just attacked by someone who is afraid to place their name, and yet relies on their initials. For your information “C.C.”, this site is for just that commenting, whether it be good or bad. So attack me if you must but at least have the decency to let me know who’s attacking me

Comment Date: 5/18/2007 Name: C.C.
A Hardy complaining about how a center is funny! No need to even comment on this but I will anyways, stay on your side of the state, you and your father! Do you Hardy’s ever do anything else besides complain?

Comment Date: 5/7/2007 Name: Susan Johansen
I just thought that i would point out that the manager’s name is Bob,and oddly enough his email address is already on this site as well as the alley’s myspace page. Personally I think Bob does a great job running Yankee Lanes, and if you guys did your homework instead of just typing away on websites, You would have known that his mother DIED that weekend and he STILL had the dedication to wait untill after the weekend to go back home to deal with that.What more do you people want? I found this out by actually talking to alley personell instead of just going on a rant! Know your facts before you berate someone. My prayers go out to Bob and his family during this difficult time.

Comment Date: 5/5/2007 Name: Mighty Mike Sparks
wow, what a hostile site this is. I bowl at Yankee Lanes, and i love it.I still have to crack up that every one always wants the manager there, i guess she isn’t allowed to have a life, anyways, Why is it that the people that actually keep this place running (regular customers) never seem to complain, it’s always the fly by nighters…I have to agree with USBC BOWLER, majority of bowlers do nothing but complain, its disgusting, and Stephen Hardy or whatever your name is… wasn’t it you that said you wouldn’t be back to this site, wow what a bunch of fakes and liars, here’s a statement from me and quote me on this….You don’t like the lanes…stay away, maybe just maybe, your not one of us, and we don’t want you here anyways, lmao! but it’s okay, i promise i won’t be on this site again, so post away !!

Comment Date: 4/27/2007 Name: Stephen Hardy Jr.
Also USBC NH BOWLER I am not an adult that was taking care of thier children. I was a tournament participant, and yes I agree with you Mr. King the director is not at fault for how the staff took care of thir bowlers. On side note, I, myself have been involved in bowling for almost all of my life so I understand how things should run and during any tournament someone with management authority should be available in case of an emergency, which I did not see. So AS A BOWLER of the tournament not an onlooker, Yankee Lanes was a poor host to this years state tournament. Yes I understand that’s my opnion and thats what this site is for… Opnions of those that have bowled there…..

Comment Date: 4/27/2007 Name: USBC NH BOWLER
lET’S START HERE FROM THE BEGINNING..1. The decline in bowling is not COST as you put it, i have 3 kids, all do different sports, and i assure you, that when i talk to other parents, cost is not the concern, it is lack of sportsmanship, and the constant negativity of parents, cost as you put it, was maybe a close 3rd at best. 2. When i stated the FACT that you hid behind your computer, I proved my point, instead of calling the manager at a time when he/she was there, you chose to fire off on a website, which you obviously are monitoring, you hid case closed. 3. I dont put my name online, due to the childish behavior of other bowlers, look around your own league, and tell me that they all behave like adults., and as far as being an “employee doing damage control” nothing could be further from the truth, I just get disgusted anytime i look for my child’s standings online, and have to suffer through pages where “bowlers” do nothing but complain.I am quite sure you have bigger problems in your life than to worry about lousy snack bar food at a bowling alley, as for the luxury to be able to afford longhorn…well Joe, maybe if you focused more on your life choices than critizing others, you could have obtained more gainful employement!My point was and is this, you took the time out of your day, to critize the alley, you did it in a cowardly way, name posted or not, you did not contact the manager as you stated, so your critizing proved nothing, in life there is a way to get things accomplished, what you did…accomplished nothing! except maybe, stroke your own ego! I am quite sure you wont leave this alone, and you will post again, because that is what your type does, and that is why bowling is on a decline. period the end!

Comment Date: 4/26/2007 Name: Joseph King
1) Counter help constantly outside smoking was a fact, not a dream.
2) Mechanic up front for a NH State Tournament was a fact, not a dream.
3) Snack Bar closed for a NH State Tounament was a fact, not a dream.
My kids bowled great, thank you very much. The lanes were in fine shape and from my perspective, the “shot” was fine considering all wood lanes.
No “hiding behind my computer” here. Thats why my name is on my posts, unlike “NH USBC BOWLER”.
Not all of us can afford The Longhorn, and we were hopeful to just grab a quick bite at the center.
You also have a problem understanding how a tournament is run and how a bowling center in run. I had absolutely no problems with how the folks ran the tournament. I think they did a great job. They are NOT affiliated with Yankee Lanes. My issues are with the bowling center. Thats it. I would have talked to the manager, but he/she was unavailable until the night shift. I think this forum is a good place for constructive critism and also praise when deemed.
Bowling is on the decline for one reason: COST. PERIOD.
“NH USBC BOWLER” – you sound more like an employee doing damage control to me, but if your not, and you want to constructively debate the FACTS then have at it! I will not however debate your assertation of “spending more time with my kids”.
I think its important for an owner/manager to understand and work with patrons to resolve issues. Thats how to make the center better!
I love coming to Keene and Yankee Lanes and will continue to do so. I think its a very nice establishment. They have done major renovations since the last time I was there, and only wish them the best.

Comment Date: 4/24/2007 Name: USBC NH BOWLER
You guys must be joking,as far as this tournament was concerned, it was the best run my kids had been to, hands down the end, as far as the counter help “outside smoking” now i know you are mistaken, when i asked the young lady for a lighter, she didn’t even smoke. move on guys,i bet you didn’t even voice concerns to the tournament director, just ran home and jumped on your computers and hid behind your keyboard! Spend more time with your kids, and maybe they will bowl better! Yankee Lanes did a great job DESPITE being a BNE house! Grilled cheese at a bowling alley? thats the way to take care of your kids, at least we went to longhorn! Any wonder why bowling is on the decline? “grown men” like you guys is the reason !!

Comment Date: 4/23/2007 Name: Joseph King
Only 5 minutes to re-spot a pin? Your lucky. This past weekend my kids bowled there, and the mechanic was always up front. No wonder lane calls take so long. I can’t comment on the food as the snack bar was CLOSED!! ALL DAY! That along with the fact that the counter help spends way too much time outside smoking butts. Poorly run center, which surprises me a little being its a BNE facility. Hopefully they will take care of these issues before they host another tournament.

Comment Date: 4/19/2007 Name: Stephen Hardy Jr.
I recently bowled here for the youth state tournament…. For lack of better words this place was a bomb… I had to wait ten minutes for a ball return and five minutes for each respot we had, which were fequent. The lanes were an absolute nightmare. After I had finished, I had burn lines in my ball. The food was great if you were willing to wait an hour to get your grilled cheese. All in all wish that center the best of luck and I hope it makes steps in the right direction. Oh and for all you people who dont like my comment I wont be here again so no need to say anythig in return.

Comment Date: 1/27/2007 Name: J. P. K.
I was just there last night with a group of friends and I must say that it was a great time! I was impressed by the sleekness of the establishment, the quality of the service, and the overall wonderful time. I’d say the entry fee is well worth the quality of the entertainment that anyone is bound to find at Yankee Lanes!

Comment Date: 1/6/2007 Name: Selena
I just want to say I’m sorry for all of the people who have no lives but to complain about Yankee Lanes. Galactice bowling includes dancing and bowling.. if those are 2 things you don’t like, it’s clearly not for you. There’s no need to go onto a website and post “I HATE THIS BECAUSE…” save time and do something you DO LIKE. It’s more productive. So why am I commenting as well? I was just trying to find the time as to when galactic bowling starts for saturday, and got s*cked into all the stupid comments people make. It’s pretty sad. Get a life doesn’t make sense because you have one, but DO SOMETHING WITH IT is something you all need to hear.

Comment Date: 12/17/2006 Name: Wild Orchid
While some of these comments are amusing,and some of them are true,such as Bob being cool,doing a FANTASTIC job as manager,and most of all doing away with the “country club” scene.
However, you all need to step out of the dark ages,really, it’s 2006 soon to be 2007, get with the program, CHANGE WON’T HURT YOU!!!
You will always have the “village idiot” and the staff will change from time to time,so stop being so “bi-polar”!!
Bob, keep up the good work!! You are what Yankee Lanes was missing!

Comment Date: 12/9/2006 Name: lisa
hey bob!! ur so cool i love yankee lanes keep up thework u be cool

Comment Date: 11/26/2006 Name: Bubba
Yankee Lanes is great,Bob needs to reshave that nice head of his.

Comment Date: 11/13/2006 Name: De Gringo
Well, after a good laugh tonight down at the lanes over this site, I had to check this out.
Looks to me as if it is an axed employee that has nothing to do with her time anymore but to post on the internet, but if it continues, there are alot more of us LEAGUE bowlers than wanna-be hairdressers (beauty school drop out)so keep posting your nonsense, we will keep posting ours.
On a side note:
To Bowl New England, and Manager of Yankee Lanes, you are doing a good job, and we appreciate it. That is the reason you have the regulars! I can’t speak for the women’s room (they keep kicking me out) but the Men’s room could use an upgrade 🙂
Thanks for the parking lot btw, my stang appreciates it.

Comment Date: 11/13/2006 Name: Sharon
Can’t we all just get along?
You all act like your bi-polar or something!
What’s next? You just going to sit there for 2 hours and rate the alley badly? Get a life, Take your life, do whatever, it’s just bowling!
See you at the lanes.

Comment Date: 11/13/2006 Name: Hello
Just a quick question… Since when do places have to change thier underwear?
Oops gotta run, my house needs it’s underwear changed.
Thanks Bob..Your okay in my book

Comment Date: 11/12/2006 Name: Jim
I guess the manager is wrong for taking care of the leaguers and regulars? Isn’t that what all businesses do, take care of the people that actually come in on a regular basis? And posted by a lol..concerned patron..sounds like an ex-employee to me. I am a leaguer, and a regular, and i am very happy with the management of Yankee Lanes,and the direction they have gone in.
My only complaint is that ex-employees should be that ex-employees, just fade away..there is a reason why your not there anymore!
I must echo what the majority of us LEAGUERS and Regulars have already said…Keep up the good work Bob, and for the rest of least have the bowling balls to post your names!

Comment Date: 11/11/2006 Name: Concerned Patron
LMAO…Sounds to me like the previous post was by the “last bartender” on Bob’s cutting board! To which we “regular” and league bowlers applaud him on. If have a “personality” means as soon as the boss leaves, you remove your uniform, and basically act like a 2 year old, than i will take the “brainless” employees anyday. and as for keeping the place packed everynight…do your homework, i had to be put on a waiting list for an hour today just to get a lane, must not be that bad of a boss. you want all the “personalities” go to brattleboro, where the grumps there just throw everything at you. as for the “league bowlers” that bowl new england “caters” to …check your facts biker’s ud that pay the bills, without us leagues there are no loans for improvement, and no gauranteed income,it is clear why bob got rid of you…you have no business sense, why wouldn’t you take care of your regulars? isn’t that what every business does? oh yeah only the good ones..lmao..the rest just wash peoples hair for a living….
Just for the record, i’m not bob’s biggest fan, but i, along with alot of other people that are “regulars” here understand why the brought him in to manage the alley.. IT’S A BUSINESS..and he is the right guy for the spot..if the way kevin ran it was so good…he would still be for former employees go..always remember..there is a reason they are “former”
My only uestion for bob is this…now that the dead weight is gone…can we get the women’s bathroom remodeled? lol…see you WED. night !!

Comment Date: 11/7/2006 Name: Concerned Patron
It’s a shame that this place changes employees more then most change there underwear,Even worse they keep the unqualified , brainless, & not to mention no personalities,as employees.I would never recommend this place to anyone ever again.It’s more cost effective to keep good employees rather then fire them or having them quit.You may need to learn a thing or two about employees.What keeps them and what makes them leave.Also I have to agree with the women about some of the bowlers that are there.It Is supposed to be a place to have fun and enjoy yourself with your family,some of the league bowlers should learn that.Or maybe you should start taking care of all your bowlers and not just your leaguers & regulars,maybe then you might get a full place everynight.

Comment Date: 10/9/2006 Name: Anonymous
Unfortunately, I would not recommend this establishment, not because of the staff or the facility, but because of some of the bowlers. I have seen some of these “village idiots” at their worst. They demean and intimidate, total jerks.
Parents in particular, if you’re looking for someplace to bring your young kids, this is not the place, at least not if you want them to learn the meaning of sportsmanship.

Comment Date: 8/13/2006 Name: Concerned Dad
Wait a second, you dropped your 10 and 11 year old kids off at a place that you know nothing about, all in the effort to save a lousy $15 ?? Shame on you, and you have the nerve to complain about the bowling alleys d.j.? the galactic bowling is from 10:00pm to like after midnight…what kind of antics would you expect at that hour? I am glad they charge EVERYBODY to attend…in my mind, your not gonna cause trouble if you have to pay for it !!
I attend the Saturday night galactic almost every week…because it is less crowded than friday…AND I PAY THE $15 because i do care enough about my kids not to just “drop them off”
And the kicker is….if u were that concerned, you should have talked to BOB…”the boss” he doesn’t tolerate any ill behavior at these programs…and he has his own kids bowl that galactic thing…get a grip lady…instead of hiding behind your keyboard to “alert” parents…what else do these kids have in KEENE??
well..i do guess that they have “concerned” Mom’s…well as long as concerned..doesn’t come at a price…!!
Keep up the good job Yankee Lanes !! we “REALLY CONCERNED AND ACTIVE PARENTS” appreciate it !!

Comment Date: 8/2/2006 Name: Concerned Mom
A couple of weeks ago I called Yankee Lanes to sign up my two kids for the Saturday Night Galactic Bowl. I told the man that answered the phone that my two kids were relatively young (10 & 11) and that I would like to accompany them, but not bowl. After the man “checked with his boss” I was told I would have to pay the $15.00 anyways to just get in and watch my kids! I can understand why they have this policy, to keep people from bowling that don’t pay, but I am a 40 year old mom who just wanted to watch her kids ONCE to make sure this was a proper event for them. Against my better judgement, I let them go alone. I wish I hadn’t. The lady DJ or as my kids called her “DJ helper” continually kept yelling at them and harrassing them as “part of the show”! And, at one point telling them to “bite me”! While this type of banter may be appropriate for older teens, it is certainly not appropriate for younger kids. I post this not to offend those running Yankee Lanes, but as a notice to other parents who may not want their children subjected to this type of event.

Comment Date: 6/20/2006 Name: Bob Tacelli
All I can say is THANK YOU, I just found out about this site, and appreciate your continued patronage and support.Anytime we can get honest feedback like this unsolicitated, it is a wonderful thing.
At our staff meeting this morning, we here at Yankee Lanes, discussed this,and we will continue to monitor this site. Once again, thank you for your continued patronage and support!
For Yankee Lanes updates and continued community involvement, check out our soon to be implemented Yankee Lanes web page at !!

Comment Date: 6/12/2006 Name: Helen F.
Well i am amazed!! Bob FINALLY got rid of that rotten cashier Jane, after what seemed like an eternity she if finally gone,That to me was the biggest improvement that company ever made. From what I have seen on here, everyone has met Bob,what a nice young man, I came in today and he was instructing some young children, and they were having fun, and that is a huge thing if you had been there in the past. Ron the mechanic is a great guy too..the 2 of them work great together, and they make everyone feel at home no matter how busy they are.
It’s kind of funny when you think about it, The company spent TONS of money cleaning up the place, which i think is great, but in my opinion, all that was needed was Bob and his crew of fresh blood. and i believe i am not alone in feeling this way. Keep up the good work guys…and keep smiling..we old ladies enjoy it !!

Comment Date: 4/27/2006 Name: Just another bowler
Overall a good solid bowling alley with a modern flair. Lanes could use replacing.And a bar remodel is long overdo. Manager is Bob Tacelli, a transplant from one of bowl new englands outfits in Connecticut, definately a refreshing change that was desperately needed.Old manager never listened to the bowlers,this one does, takes the time to not only listen,but address the’s all about ACTION ACTION ACTION!He has changed out most of the employees that were left for him…which is a great thing also.If your looking to bowl in keene area stop in and check it out. and by the way,read other comments and prices are posted as u walk in the door. 🙂

Comment Date: 3/26/2006 Name: Charlene
Would like to suggest listing your hours of operation and your rates. If you had them listed I would definately be interested in visiting your facility. With todays prices sometime sit is hard for families to afford to take the family out for a day of fun!

Comment Date: 10/15/2005 Name: Mike
Just arrived at Yankee Lanes in Keene, all I can say is WOW !! What an overhaul there !! Major remodel (except for the bar) since the last time I was there (2004). They just hired a NEW MANAGER, he was great, took care of us and our family, quite a different level of service then what we used to get there…they keep getting people like this, and I will definately have a home…his name is Bob, can’t remember the last name…Italian I think …anyways…keep up the great job guys.

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