AMF Gastonia Lanes

AMF Gastonia Lanes

  Name: AMF Gastonia Lanes  
  Address: 2201 E. Franklin Blvd  
  City: Gastonia  
  State: NC  
  Zip: 28054  
  Phone: (704) 867-7243  
  Lanes: 40  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
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AMF Gastonia Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 8/6/2011 Name: Alley Cat
Di you know that the AMF in Gastonia is getting new HPL lanes and monitors? They are completely redecorating the place and it will be great. You should stop by and bowl soon.

Comment Date: 3/30/2011 Name: Alley Cat
Well I think AMF Gastonia Lanes is a great bowling center. The people are friendly and it is very clean. They do go out of their way to make customers happy. As for your comment Earl I think there are alot of issues with the hours of the pro shop there and if they are not there then they cant fix anything.

Comment Date: 3/19/2011 Name: Earl Cunningham
Too say that customer service at the AMF lanes in Gastonia NC is poor is a gross understatment. My contact with AMF Lanes is over the previous 6 weeks. The overall operation I would rate somewhat satisfactory. The customer service that I experianced with employees and managment I would rate as very poor.
I have been practicing with Gaston County Seniors games at AMF lanes for the past 6 weeks. This is my situation:
The ball return system damaged my ball 3 weeks ago and I immediately showed the ball to an employee behind the counter. The employee was friendly and said that the deep cuts in my ball could be buffed out if I left the ball there. I left the ball and expected to pick it up the following week because the pro shop that was to fix the ball was in the same building as the bowling alley and just a few feet from the customer counter. The following week I was advised that they didn’t know if the ball had been repaired and I would would need to check with the pro shop. Well the pro shop has never been open when I was at the Lanes (1:00-3:00pm) on Fridays over the past 6 weeks. This past Friday I found the manager to see if I could get some assistance withh my situation. The lady manager upon my request for assistance immediately accused me of having an “attitude” and that “AMF Lanes had fulfilled their responsability to me in the matter”. At no point has an employee or managment given me an indication as to when the pro shop would be open or offer me a telephone number or any assistance in the matter.
The manager (sorry, I failed to get her name) Stated that I “shouldn’t expect her to get me a hamburger at McDonalds if they are closed” and walked off. I was totally shocked at her lack of professionalism. I’m glad my bowling experiance at the AMF lanes will end in a few more weeks.

Comment Date: 6/12/2009 Name: barry
If you bowl in a league here practice is only $1.29 a game, which is the cheapest around here.

Comment Date: 5/15/2009 Name: For the adults
I would say it is time to come back since RON is gone but as of June 1st it is a no smoking alley. It is pricey but the staff is very friendly as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, lol! The food is good but as suggested before “gloves” are needed! I love the bowling for bucks and they are the only faclity near me that has liquor and beer. Textile Lanes in Belmont allows smoking but no liquor or beer and their diner closes way to early! Liberty Lanes has smoking after a certain hour and has GREAT food! They only serve beer though. Weighing everything together and considering all bowling is now pricey I choose Liberty off of 321. If Linda was back at AMF I would be a regular again and rejoin with the leagues. There is some young kids with no experience in there now that treat it as a play ground and they **** my ball up! And it only takes THREE days for a plug not a week and a half! They need someone in their that KNOWS what they are doing and they are NEVER open????

Comment Date: 4/8/2009 Name: Anonymous
I miss Dave

Comment Date: 1/19/2009 Name: Shocked….
I wanted to find a nice environment to throw a birthday party. I guess I found it. No one but children come here. Even if you clam to be an adult. Wow I’m shocked!!!

Comment Date: 1/12/2009 Name: Terry Martin
I stopped in here the other day and I must say I was VERY impressed with what I saw. The customer service is MUCH improved, Ron even made sure my order at the bar was being filled- and Ron had SMILE on his face when dealing with customers and staff. The staff is much more friendly, prompt, and courteous that I have ever seen them. They are now running a “Dollarmania”-type event on Wednesday and Sunday nights, which should help relieve some of the high cost of bowling in the Gastonia area. The new Pro-shop makes EXCELLENT use of the space they have to work with and their prices are very competive for the area. Also, changes have been made in the oil patterns that seem to improve the lane play (you can’t put a Shark-type pattern on 25+ year-old wood lanes and expect them to play consistently). This center hosts the best Rock N’ Bowl events in the area on Friday and Saturday nights, with the BEST prices for those events. Their league schedule is also impressive with a league for every level of bowling skill. This center has shown so much improvement that I have decided to join a league here and I also plan on getting my friends together and bringing them here again. I would like to congratulate Ron and the entire staff of Gastonia AMF for a JOB WELL DONE! Sincerely, Terry Martin

Comment Date: 6/17/2008 Name: Anonymous
jim riley,
being a straight bowler is not all that bad! if you will read in the usbc bowler magazine hooking the ball is not for everyone!

Comment Date: 6/13/2008 Name: Jim Riley
First off…I have lived in Gastonia my entire life. I was born at Garrison General and if you don’t know where that was….it is a parking lot now at BB&T; at the corner of York St and Franklin!
Secondly…if you are going to get on here and contradict other posters please act like you have at least passed the 5th grade. The last post from who the hell ever said “well be gone” the word is will. free stuff ect. its ETC! Damn does your computer not have a spell checker?
I came on here tonight to say I bowled tonight and finally bowled over 200. Using the ball that I criticized in my last post. Apparantly I am a straight bowler. No matter how my ball is drilled or what kind it is I still bowl a straight ball. I want to publicly apologize to the LADY and I mean LADY in the pro shop who has always treated me and my family like her own family. Even after I criticized her in my last post. So here I am and doing what I should do. Thank you Linda for tolerating me.

Comment Date: 6/7/2008 Name: F.U.R.
if your boyfriend were to pass gas and ron did not like the way he did it he well be gone. that is the only way ron can keep his job. it is all about money. he dont care about us. we know you get free stuff.ect.

Comment Date: 6/1/2008 Name: Michelle
Why would I be trying to protect someone there? They are all big girls and boys. They can stand up for themselves. As for “forgetting my balls….” if you want to know the whole story….it was Thanksgiving Day. We were at my aunts in Lincolnton, decided to bowl, my balls were at home, stupid to drive to Kings Mountain then back track to Gastonia. And no I do not have hands like a man. It was the thought and kindness that counts. There, are you happy? I might not have been able to bowl with his ball, but that didn’t stop him from offering. Now that I have explained myself…..

Comment Date: 5/30/2008 Name: WHO CARES , I DON’T!
My goodness this site is not meant to fight back and forth with each other . Its purpose is to rate the center not down grade the pro shop lady or the mangager! I have bowled in this center for 4 yrs on a league! Its now better now than ever but who cares! If you don’t like the manager or the center or the pro shop lady who cares! You are to rate the lanes,the food the prices and the staff! Stop the kid stuff and stay off the site if you are Terry and Rob and Ron! Nobody wants to see the crap anymore! And last, I thought that there was person that reviewed the comments? If so why are posting all this stuff anyway!Do your job and stop the fussing! This has turned into a pissing contest! {FROM B2U STAFF -***People can leave comments, both positive and negative, regarding the center, staff, and their experiences thereof (even Terry, Rob, and Ron). All comments are reviewed by B2U Staff prior to posting (if they are posted at all). We do our job and we hardly ever fuss. By the way – What purpose did your comment serve? Not to mention your other comment, posted under a different name, where you criticized another poster. And yet – we posted them anyway! – – B2U…Don’t-piss-in-the-wind…Staff***}

Comment Date: 5/30/2008 Name: Anonymous
You are sprucing up the old wood! You must have put your post on here just because you have someone there to protect! But anyway, I have to say all things you have stated was extemly nice but why would you forget your balls , if you knew you had to have them! I’m a bowler and when I’m going to the bowling alley to bowl I usually have a habit of taking them , since I don’t just go there for the heck of it! Besides do you have hands like a man? Because I’m sure that you didn’t bowl very good using his!

Comment Date: 5/27/2008 Name: Michelle Williams
Two years ago, AMF Shelby Lanes closed down, forcing the league bowlers to either go to another center to bowl or give it up completely. I chose to bowl in Gastonia. At the time, I was upset and did not enjoy myself there, and yes my boyfriend was working there at the time. I hated it. The staff was not that friendly, lane service was very bad, and as far as the manager goes…well lets just say you never seen them. So I quit bowling. Just recently I started bowling again in a summer league. The staff is new and they are great. The manager is always there when I am and he always speaks, as do the other employees. On one occasion I forgot to bring my bowling balls and Ron loaned me his to bowl with. How many people would do that? Everyone is so nice now, and I enjoy myself very much while I am there. The whole mess with the pro shop is crazy to me. Although I have never had a one on one with the owner of the shop, I believe that she would have a great business if she were not in this particular place. If all the fighting is to continue, then I do not believe AMF Gastonia is the place for her. I believe that the drama is too much, and it needs to end. As far as how the bowling alley itself is…I think it has changed greatly, and I am very happy to bowl there now. I look forward to it each week. Keep up the great work guys!!

Comment Date: 5/26/2008 Name: Terry Martin
Sorry, Rob, I do not nor have I ever worked for Gastonia AMF, but I do know bowling very well. I do not hate the Gastonia AMF or anyone that works there (those words have never appeared in my posts- quit trying to read something into them that isn’t there). However the Gastonia center is a great example of a center that isn’t living up to its full potential, so yes I have made some comments about it. Hopefully someone will see them and use them to affect positive changes in the center as it is capable of generating a considerable amount more revenue than it currently is. There do seem to be some things lately that are going in a positive direction and it is my sincere hope that they continue to do so.

Comment Date: 5/22/2008 Name: Rob
I am just curious, If Terry Martin seems to hate AMF Gastonia so much, he sure spends alot of time writing about. Anyone can see it has to be someone he has been let go or replaced at that center. The actual center is a joy to bowl at. It reminds me of how centers use to be, and should be. The staff is friendly, knowledgable and takes the time to let you know that they are glad you are there. If you looking for an excellent family friendly center AMF Gastonia is where you should go. Friends, family and I travel from Charlotte just to bowl there. Thank you AMF Gastonia for the job you do!!

Comment Date: 5/20/2008 Name: gene
rons at it again 73 votes in 24 hrs

Comment Date: 5/15/2008 Name: Jim Riley! I am not a coward who needs to hide!!!!
My children and I started bowling at AMF Gastonia in July 2007. We met Edgar and Becky first. Edgar was the best thing that ever happened to my children. He sat at our lane as we recreational bowled and taught my children to bowl. He asked my children to join the youth league on Saturday’s which they did. Then Ron Rossman came along in August I believe, and I have never been treated so important nor have I seen such customer service. We are recognized by name every time we come in the door. We now bowl in 5 leagues a week plus as a family on Thursday night. Because of the staff at AMF Gastonia. I probably spend $300 to $500 a week at AMF Gastonia. I am a general contractor in Gastonia since 1982 and know customer service. I do work for doctors, lawyers, and business owners who demand specialized service and the AMF Gastonia has shown me and my family the same service I give. I drive past another lane in Gastonia that is managed by a friend because of the service I have recieved at AMF. I have also bought probably 10 bowling balls, a few double ball bags, 8 pairs of shoes, etc. at “A Bowlers Choice” at the AMF Gastonia. I do like the staff in there and they do try to accomodate thier clients but they are not able to drill every ball as they should. I bought a $200 Kinetic “Temper” ball and I tried for 4 months to hook it. I finally tried to use only 2 fingers and could hook it but my fingers were so swollen I could not bowl 2 days in a row. They redrilled it and still no better. The owner finally watched me and determined it was not drilled to hook. They took it back and worked on it again. Now I have a $200 bowling bowl that will not hook unless I palm it. It also has 6 plugs in it and it still won’t hook.
So as I said earlier…..I don’t need to hide behind the computer screen. My name is in the main screen and I will be at AMF Gastonia again.
I have also sent my email to AMF Corporate to let them know how I feel about AMF Gastonia.
Any other brave souls out there that will sign their name and not the safe “Anonymous”? Then get in line behind me.
Once again….Jim Riley

Comment Date: 5/11/2008 Name: gaston bowler
IT does seem odd that AMF Gastonia Lanes has 1835.
The other lanes less than 100 and don’t have all 5s.

Comment Date: 5/7/2008 Name: Terry Martin
Reagrding the post made by “I could lose my job”: It’s very evident that someone on the inside of the center was making the posts AND placing votes. No one would know EVERYBODY that works there by name other than an insider. When I first posted in January regarding this center it had barely over 800 votes with a fairly low rating, now it is nearing 1200 votes and they’re all 5’s? I also suspect Ron of placing negative votes for other centers in the area, particularly Textile Lanes. I posted this center on here to be rated only a couple of weeks ago, then next time I check it, it has 3 votes all rating it ZEROS in every category. Textile Lanes is the LEAST expensive house to bowl at in the immediate area, no one would rate it zeros on price. Only someone with an axe to grind (or their own job to save) would be motivated to do that. Very unprofessional and a VERY obvious indicator of what (and where) the problems are at the Gastonia AMF center.

Comment Date: 5/3/2008 Name: i could loss my job
every one knows ron is the one making up all the good about amf he told us not talk about or we could loss our job.the votes were put on here by ron and others how do i know ? he also is the only person who could pin point each of our jobs and names because my coworkers are not that good

Comment Date: 4/29/2008 Name: league bowler
ok about the sanction and non sanction league. has anyone been in a league meeting before the leauge officially starts? I’ve been on two league and I’m going to join another next tuesday. in the meeting they ask do you this league to be a sanction league or not. you the bowler…the team…the league choses to be sanction if they so chose. I myself go to amf gastonia lanes for my personal reason. I have fun, enjoy the atmosphere and I like to bowl. its pricy but what place isn’t . everything has gone up. gas milk…that’s just the economy. you got to other amf lanes there price is just the same maybe more(carolina lanes). but when you walk in the doors you chose to spend the money. you chose to bowl there. so if you don’t like it, if its to high, or you don’t like the manager, lanes, whatever….don’t bowl there. no one hold a gun to your head. just remember you chose. I enjoy the center and I chose to keep going.

Comment Date: 4/28/2008 Name: Does it matter now!
I have just heard about this site and starting reading all the comments. It makes you mad enough and want to comment back. I have lived in many areas, and I have never seen a better pro shop stocked before. The prices are reasonable, the lady in the pro shop is extremely knowledgeable, and greets everyone. No pressure is given. She will work on little things for no charge, tell you the difference between the balls. I have been getting my equipment from Liberty, but, now me and many of my friends only go to her. As far as critising her size that is just wrong. Have any of you looked at people who go or work in a bowling alley, they are not the best to look at to begin with. She dresses nice, looks good and is very professional. The management at the bowling Center is the one that lies to customers. They have cleaned the area up and they do greet you, and they will talk about the leagues, but take a good look at them, they are not sanctioned leagues. Sanctioned leagues make a difference, your scores are accountable, badges, awards, tournaments, rings etc. Non sanctioned leagues you get no credit for good bowling. Open bowlers come how often? you need both sanctioned and non sanctioned leagues to make any bowling alley work. The AMF Managers don’t even know how to bowl, they are not experienced bowler’s. They come from just another management title. But the Pro Shop owns their equipment this is their livlihood. Ron cannot look you in the eye or stop to talk with you. I was there when something happened to a customer and Ron called his help, he does a good job trying to stay away from problems. Thier food prices are too high and not that good for the price. The balls are damaged if you throw them on those lanes, Belmont and Liberty bowling is better. Basically independent bowling centers are the best.

Comment Date: 4/28/2008 Name: Terry Martin
I agree 100% with what Anonymous posted on 4/19/2008. The problems in the rift between management and the pro shop are being caused by BOTH parties, and I also agree with everything else that was posted. And to TJ who posted on 4/8/08: Ever hear the term “any a coward can throw a rock from a crowd”? I stand behind everything I say, on the net it’s easy to slam people when you stand behind a cloak of anonymity. Nothing I have said has been opinion, they have all been facts, you may need to reread my posts. An opinion would be “TJ is a punk who hides online”, a fact would be “TJ made a negative post about me on 4/8/08”. See the difference? Finally, I have seen some changes for the good being made recently in this center. Hopefully, they will continue to make improvements.

Comment Date: 4/27/2008 Name: just stop
well as far as i can see the center is running great there have been some improvements done like the projectors an new hoods an ball retrun racks added… it looks like this center is productive.. an has a great staff that cares about there costumers…so what is all the drama about if the lady in the pro shop want to re open shelby thats her business… aparentlly the centers is pushing leagues ’cause they gave me a flyer with about 30 news one son it…

Comment Date: 4/19/2008 Name: Money Hard earned
Hey (tired of lies) if you read my comment I did not degrade the lanes only the Manager. If you notice at the end I said don’t let bad management kill your bowling spirit. I have bowled at Amf since I was 15 and now 30. The manager has even sit with me to watch me bowl. Thats why I thought the saying was a rumor untill I heard him say it. As for the Lady in the pro shop. I did hear she was opening lanes in Shelby, but I don’t know her or talk to her. So (tired of lies) I suppose the manaer is lying since his mouth said it. Also amazingly Since talk to Amf he has not been there on my league night since. Noticed one of the helpful staff that I had commented on seems to be running the show. The whole league had a meeting about it after the comment with the staff present. This is fact. (Tired of Lies) keep them balls rolling and good luck.

Comment Date: 4/19/2008 Name: Anonymous
I have bowled at this center for a long time and have witnessed the uneccesary drama between the latest manager and pro shop owners. However, I feel BOTH have acted unprofessional and are BOTH in part responsible for the decline in business at this house by making their personal issues everyone’s personal issues. Ron did tell me open bowlers generated more money due to bowling, concessions, etc. paid at full price vs. league bowlers with league discounts. He has requested feedback from myself and others over the past months in order to address problems. However, issues brought to his attention such as balls damaged from lanes, frequent problems with new machines, inconsistency with oil patters, etc. are supposedly still being resolved. It is true many summer leagues are being offered, however, very few are sanctioned leagues. Almost all the negative feedback posted on this site including staff complaining about working conditions in front of customers is true. I’m sure Ron is good at something, but running a bowling center doesn’t seem to be it. I know the reasons the pro shop owner was asked to leave and I would have threatened Ron myself in that situation. There are good and bad qualities of pro shop and management. However, I wish everyone who bowls here would put aside personal differences and focus on the real issues at hand. If you are satisfied with the lane conditions and like the way YOU have been treated, continue to bring your business to AMF Gastonia. If you don’t, feel free to join the rest of us who have moved our sanctioned leagues to Liberty and Belmont next fall.

Comment Date: 4/14/2008 Name: Bowling Goddess
All though Gastonia Lanes has it’s down side they have two thing no other bowling alley has and that is Tavian and Anthony these two young gentlemen are always backing each other up with dealing with tough customers and treating me and my girlfriends that come in the center to bowl with the at most respect and AMF biggest problem is the PRO SHOP the fat grumpy old lady that works is doesn’t even pay attention to any else if she has her friends in about no customer service if she could be more like Tavian and Anthony she would actuality have a decent bussiness the manament in the center seems to have well trained all the staff if not the would be nothing like it is today i have been bowling there since november every weekend and i see nothing there but a well trained staff due to Managment’s traing

Comment Date: 4/11/2008 Name: league bowler
the center is fine ron has started a pba exp league during the summer as far as the shot people need to learn how to bowl not every shot is the same if your a true bowler u can bowl on anything but there is to much drama between the pro shop and ron

Comment Date: 4/10/2008 Name: Tired of the Lies
Hey, Money Hard Earned, when did you hear the manager say that he did not support leagues. Never! I am sick of all the garbage people are stating. They are lies. I bowl at AMF Gastonia Lanes all the time. I have never heard anything negative from the manager or any of the staff. I have heard lies from the pro shop and some league bowlers who are just miserable people, and as everyone knows, misery loves company. Well go bowl somewhere else. No one is keeping you there. I asked the manager about the comments about leagues and he showed me 30 new leagues they are starting just this summer. For anyone who reads this site, please don’t believe the drama. Visit the center and see for yourself. It is a great place to bowl. All this bad drama stems from a pro shop who wasn’t professional enough, so AMF kicked them out. And the pro shop even brags that one of the owners got kicked out because he threatened the manager. Nice. I definitely want to shop there. For those of you who love leaving negative comments, get over yourselves, learn to bowl, and shut up!!!

Comment Date: 4/9/2008 Name: frequent bowler
That’s funny that a person who doesn’t want league bowler would create summer leagues. Theres almost 30 leagues to choose from. Each time I come the an associate trys to get me to join the leagues. and I enjoy bowling there as well. I feel as if that is a rumor. I went into the pro shop and all the lady kept talking about was how the manager is runnin the alley down and will I bowl at her center. I feel she has created a lot of the drama there but I don’t want to get into it. I, myself, enjoys the center and will continue to go back

Comment Date: 4/9/2008 Name: Money Hard Earned
I bowl at Amf in Gastonia every week in league The staff is very helpful. Except for the manager. I read he had said he didn’t like league bowlers he made money off of open bowlers. I thought this must be someone with a beef against him. I be danged if 2 weeks into our league he didn’t come out and say those exact words and even went up the league price. Not to get anyone into trouble but his staff does not share his opinion. I emailed AMF about this as this was the house I learned in. I havn’t seen him there during our league since. But gastonias 2 lanes offer their own style Liberty synthetic and Amf real wood. Don’t let management kill your bowling spirit. Just report it.

Comment Date: 4/8/2008 Name: TJ
I agree with anonymous from 3/18/08. I have never seen such hateful regurgitations about a bowling alley. And who is Terry Martin? Is he some PBA pro bowler that I have never heard of residing now somewhere between Gastonia and Hickory. Is he some kind of bowling expert? And why does anyone care what he or she may think. He sounds like a very angry person. Terry opinions are like…, well you know the expression, and apparently everyone on this comment site has one. I have been to all three centers in the area and all have both positives and negatives about them. However, I will tell you this, I will not shop at the pro shop at the Gastonia Lanes center. I went in to shop for a new ball and all I got was overpricing and TMI. Boy, does that lady have a bone to pick. It seems all this venom may have one source. I won’t get into what was said, because it will just feed the bad will train. Listen folks, get over it. The service and center were fine and I actually enjoyed myself. I was helped and everyone was very pleasant. That with the exception of the angry lady in the pro shop. And even she was very informative when she finally got to talking about the product she was selling. If you don’t like this center go somewhere else. And Terry the internet has vast resources of things to do, try some other websites and get some variety or seek some therapy.

Comment Date: 3/30/2008 Name: Terry Martin
For the record, I have no negative or hostile feelings with anyone in this center. I have only given examples that would show that this center is not being run to its full potential. I have posted reviews for all the bowling centers I have visited on this site. Not all of them are postive, but they all deal with facts and not opinions. I have also refrained from making personal attacks against anyone. Plain and simple, I feel the Gastonia AMF needs some changes made in order to acheive the success it is capable of.

Comment Date: 3/23/2008 Name: New Customer
I made a special trip to be there when, according to the posted sign . If your going to operate a pro shop – be a pro – open when you say your going to. When I asked the staff about the pro shop, they said she shows up when she feels like it. After the third time, I went over to Liberty Lanes – spent $200 and will be bowling there from now on.

Comment Date: 3/19/2008 Name: Anonymous
I have just read all of the comments that have been posted at this site and I must say it is all very juvenile. Everyone has their own favorite bowling center and I feel that is the way it is and should be. I do not know what started all this child like behavior but I think it would be beneficial for all parties to stop such negative comments about either center or persons. Go to the center you prefer and stop criticizing other centers. No one forces anyone to patronize any center. Please stop the childishness and get back to trying to improve our bowling games!!!!

Comment Date: 3/18/2008 Name: Anonymous
I an neither a league bowler or a frequent open bowler although i do visit this alley very much. i believe that the comments left on this site are beginning to get out of hand. all you read about is the negative and hostile feelings between certain people in the center. it is childish and uncalled for. grown-ups need to act like grown-ups. maybe then people can enjoy their bowling experience. as for myself, everytime i walk in the door i am greeted by someone with a smile and a nice greeting. i have never had any problems with any of the staff. they are nice and willing to help. this place is about having fun. the fighting offer to stop guys and girls. its time to grow up and put on your adult pants and start acting like it. all the bickering back and forth is ridiculous. there are children watching you. is this the kind of role models you want to be? when you learn to work together i believe your business will thrive.

Comment Date: 3/14/2008 Name: Terry Martin
I beleive several of these comments are written by either a member of the staff or management of the Gastonia center. Perhaps all by the same person. It’s very hard to find credibility in some of the statements made if you have bowled at the Gastonia AMF center.

Comment Date: 3/14/2008 Name: LEAGUE BOWLER
I have to say I’m disoppointed in the way things have gone down in this center! Not that its ever been any better but, I attended a childs birthday party there not to long ago and they put is in the party room! Well the party before us must have had a someone throw up in there, it smelled so bad that that we could hardly enjoy ourselves! I feel like thats kinda unprofessional! The little old lady that helped out was extremly polite but my gosh I thought someone was gonna have to give her a kick just to get her through the name entry! Also i’ve heard that the new manager doesn’t want leagues just open bowlers! Well I was visiting on Wednesday night there with a friend on the Clydes and I counted they have 10 teams that takes up 10 lanes and then for the open bowlers there was 2 lanes occupied ! This was the only people in there 12 lanes out of 40! I was there for almost 3 hours! I hope those open bowlers are keeping your payroll meet Ron! I would hate to know that Mike and Dottie lost their jobs on the count of your {deleted} remarks about league bowlers! You will find out soon enough!

Comment Date: 3/14/2008 Name: SURPRISED
Reply to comment below about the food being good!
Yes I agree their food is good, but I just can’t get past the young guy with the long hair all tucked in his hat! Just as polite as can be , but goodness can’t they were gloves! The handle money and then turn right around and grab a hamburger patty and throw it on the grill! Yuk suggestion it at the Golden Coral across the street at less you can’t see that their nasty

Comment Date: 3/13/2008 Name: DOES IT MATTER
I’ve been bowling in this center for a couple of years! On a league and the sweeper every Saturday night! The new manager is the biggest joke in town! But in his defense its not all his fault, he came in after a manager that was not much better! In the beginning of his service he seemed to care what his customers thought! Over the last year he has proved thats not the case! Yes I think that the pro shop is a major problem,but most real bowlers don’t go in there anyway! The lane conditions are never consistent! He put open bowlers right beside his league bowler! Although there is no law that says you can’t , its just a courtasey(oops) thing! When you go there everyweek an hear so much complaining from your bowlers it very hard to enjoy yourself! Adrain and the machanics do ther best , but my gosh we miss Edgar! When Edgar was there at least we knew the lanes would be dry! I know that the leagues that are here this year will not be back and thats really sad! You know somethings wrong when seniors and church leagues are unhappy!For the record I’m not on either one of them, but news travels fast!
Just someone voiceing thier thoughts! Good luck to anyone who wants to dare trying to bowl ther! And by the way an open bowler is someone who drops in its cold and rainy!Treat your league bowlers better!

Comment Date: 3/11/2008 Name: Terry Martin
I believe several of these reviews are written by the same person, perhaps a member of the staff or management of the Gastonia AMF center. Very hard to find credibility in some of the statements made.

Comment Date: 3/10/2008 Name: Anonymous
The quality of management at AMF-Gastonia Lanes has been compared to the management at Colonial Lanes in Hickory. There is no comparison between the 2 centers that I can see. I have bowled quite a few times at both centers and I find Hickory to be lacking in many areas, especially in the management area.

Comment Date: 3/7/2008 Name: Terry Martin
To: Frequent Bowler…I know no one at either facility, but I have visited both on several ocassions (if you read a previous post I made you will note that I don’t consider EITHER center to be my favorite house). Not only did I notice the difference between Hickory and Gastonia AMF centers, the people in the groups I went with noticed the difference. If you get great customer service at Gastonia, then good for you- I hope they made your experience there a positive one (especially for the price you had to pay to bowl there). All I have done here is relate the experiences I have had and the situations I have encountered that would make me think that the Gastonia AMF center is not being run to its full potential. I am not attacking anyone on a personal level, merely stating facts, that’s why I’m not affraid to list my real name. Maybe someone with some vision will read these reviews and make some positive changes regarding the Gastonia center.

Comment Date: 3/6/2008 Name: frequent bowler
Terry you are funny. Hickoy is the best? Not even the service just isn’t there. They are sow with the food, slow with fixing the lanes, no lane service at all. You must know people the because I sure didn’t get served. Ad you must be part of the ABC clique. The customer service is there. I can’t say for ou but they are fast with the food, I’m always greeted, and I havent had a problem since I been going there. The only problem I experienced was that rumors about how bad Ron is and how he is running the center down(which doesn’t look it to me) from the pro shop. So that is creating unnecessary drama. And them leaving is the best thing. I can only speak from my experience and encounters

Comment Date: 3/4/2008 Name: Terry Martin
Wow, the previous two posts DO NOT describe Gasontia AMF. These comments tend to make me think they are written by either an employee or an employees family member. However, Gastonia AMF is a very poor example of how a bowler center should be run. A prime example of how an AMF center should run would be Colonial Lanes in Hickory. If any of these folks who posted such positive comments about Gastonia would spend some time in Hickory and then return to Gastonia they would understand what I mean. In the past week I have seen the following examples of poor customer service at the Gastonia AMF:
1.The staff manning the food service area openly and loudly complaining that “they need help, they can’t cook, run the bar, and take orders”. Apparently this was an “effort” to get the manager to move labor from the service area to the food service area. This was done plainly in view and listening distance of all the customers in line.
2.Watched as they front desk attendant spent his time talking with female employees at the food service area (and random female customers) while people waited for service at the front desk.
3. Had to return to the food service area to pick up my order (this happened three times in my last three visits). I would not have minded if it was obvious they were too busy to bring it out to my lane, but they don’t even let you know when your order is ready to pick up, which is an inconvenience considering that it seems to take an extended amount of time for them to prepare orders.
3.Observed several members of the staff ambling around like they had no concern for what was going on around them.
4. Listened as the Manager aired what was obviously dirty laundry between himself and the Pro Shop owner/operator in a small tyrade of a speech made during a redpin bowling event.
I am not saying this is a bad group of folks (Ashley is a shining star customer service- wise for them), but in general they lack focus, dedication, and direction.
That all starts with the with the facility Manager.
I am far from an AMF fan, but the difference in service in this AMF center and some of the other AMF centers in the area makes it painfully obvious that some changes should be made in this center, and not just the Pro Shop.

Comment Date: 3/1/2008 Name: Anonymous
I really enjoy this bowling alley. Other alleys make you feel like you have to join a league or be a pro bowler just to bowl there. At this alley you feel like you can just relax and have fun. Thank you for a great time and great service.

Comment Date: 3/1/2008 Name: Anonymous
Best bowling center in the area. Love the staff. I always have a great time.

Comment Date: 2/28/2008 Name: Anonymous
I have been both a league bowler and an open bowler for many years at AMF Gastonia Lanes. I have always been treated very couteously by the
staff at this bowling center. AMF has recently upgraded the machines, ball returns and I have heard that they plan other improvements to the lanes. Any occasion I have had to deal with the
management of this center has always been handled very quickly and in a very friendly manner. I was saddened to read so many negative comments when most all of my experiences at that center have been pleasant and enjoyable.

Comment Date: 2/27/2008 Name: Anonymous
This is the best bowling center I have ever been too. My daughter and I go often, sometimes several times a week. The facility is clean and well maintained. The food is excellent. The staff is amazing. Michael the Assistant Manager is very friendly and really knows his stuff. Becky is wonderful and not only set up our names in teh scoring system for us but set up our lane with rails and lighter weight balls for our child. Anthony was courteous and was very enthusiastic about me joining a league. Ashley has been our lane server many times and is fast in getting us whatever we order. Elisa talked to me about having my birthday party there and was very excited about all they had to offer. I met Sara the party hostess and she was very informative and friendly. Dottie has cooked our food many times and it is always delicious. Russell and Garrett are also great cooks. Tracy spent time with my daughter and played with her. She made us feel like part of one big family. The mechanics that service the machines are fast, effective, and professional, especially Adrian, Robert, and Daniel. They have a new female mechanic who is terrific, her name is Tracy too. We had little to no issues on our lane. When we come at night, Tavian has assisted us and is one of the most professional young men I have ever met. And now Ganndra has returned and she is always a treat. She is also a marvelous cook. This is definitely what a bowling center should be. I can’t wait to join a league here, they always seem to have so much fun.

Comment Date: 2/19/2008 Name: Anonymous
This house has no customer service at all.the new management is worse than before. You hear so many complaints from the league bowlers than before. Some of the staff is very rude and not very helpful at all. Seems to be the only helpful and friendly people in this place comes from the pro shop. And they seem to have brung a lot to the bowling alley. Rumor has it they are leaving, I really hate to see this happen as well as a lot of other people are, AMF will be losing a great addition to it’s house and may even loose some of it’s bowlers because of it.

Comment Date: 2/18/2008 Name: Anonymous
The best thing about this house is the people that own the pro shop. They are friendly, know their business and go above the call of duty to help anyone. The worst thing about this house is the management, Ron has no people skills! He also seems to think this house can run with only open bowlers and would like to see the league bowlers gone. Overall I hate the place since new management came in. But way to go…”A Bowlers Choice Pro Shop”

Comment Date: 2/9/2008 Name: Anonymous
I really like this Alley i go with all my friends every weekend! But yes they are over priced bad, but the workers are all very nice there!

Comment Date: 1/4/2008 Name: Terry Martin
The folks that run the pro shop are very courteous and knowledgeble about what they sell. They are the high-point of the alley, however, as it is way too overpriced to bowl there and, for the money, offers no significant advantages over any other lanes in the area. I would bowl here more if it wasn’t so cost prohibitive, but for the money I will continue to drive to Autumn Lanes in Forest City where the staff is much more courteous.

Comment Date: 5/1/2006 Name: Anonymous
liberty lanes is way better. that person “guess” is pretty dum to say AMF is better than liberty. AMF cost way more, their food is worse, there bowlers are worse and liberty is the dominant house in the area.

Comment Date: 4/4/2006 Name: guess
Lanes have improved a lot over last 6 months. Yes, equipment is old, but there are few problems now. I will agree about needing new manager, but rest of staff is very friendly. As far as avg a lot higher somewhere else, I’ve heard several Liberty bowlers say they were bowling at AMF Gastonia next year because they know they aren’t as good as what there “Liberty” avg is. Can you say “easy shot?” Hit the 5 board and get a strike. Learn to bowl on all condidtions. Not every house will suite your bowling style. I have bowled there many times and prefer a tougher shot. My avg may not be as high bowling somewhere else, but it makes me a better bowler.

Comment Date: 2/15/2006 Name: Anonymous
I visited these lanes on a few occasions. I don’t like this bowling alley. First of all, the lanes couldn’t be in worst shape. Second, when you order food it takes forever and they don’t even call out your number like all the other bowling alleys. All the times I’ve been there the staff has been rude. I would not recommend this bowling alley to anyone.

Comment Date: 12/30/2005 Name: NONE
I bowl here on a league and have so for a couple of years! But I must say the lanes are in terrible shape and that the management staff is lacking! You can make a suggestion and they don’t want to hear! They are trying to get more business! You will not attract any new business if you don’t improve your lane condition. Bowlers from other (better) houses will not come if they average higher somewhere else! If the money you’re taking in each week on leagues and open bowlers is just enough for your payroll, maybe you should get rid of some of those assistant managers that don’t care and put it toward new equipment!
That’s only my opinion! 12/30/05

Comment Date: 6/12/2005 Name: Ned Jarrett
Typical AMF center…bad service, bad food, machines run bad and definately overpriced…..need a new manager too……

Comment Date: 1/1/2005 Name: Anonymous
I have bowled here for 18 years, and after the past 2 years, I will no longer bowl here because of the terrible lane conditions and the staff who dosen’t care about anything but money. They make promises they can’t or won’t keep.

Comment Date: 7/6/2004 Name: Anonymous
This center lacks in many different aspects, beginning with the staff. There is no customer service to speak of from the minute you hit the door. We’ve tried to bowl here on two different occasions, and left disappointed both times. The facility is dirty, has poor lighting and its equipment is dated. Overall, I would not visit this center again.

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