Howell Bowl-E-Drome

Howell Bowl-E-Drome

  Name: Howell Bowl-E-Drome  
  Address: 907 East Grand River Avenue  
  City: Howell  
  State: MI  
  Zip: 48843  
  Phone: (517) 546-0820  
  Hours: Open till Midnight 7 days a week  
  Lanes: 20  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
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Votes:    265
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
Food: Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3Actual Value is 3
Price: Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4Actual Value is 2.4
Fun: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
Overall: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
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Howell Bowl-E-Drome Comments

Comment Date: 12/29/2014 Name: Ron
If it’s any consolation, I’d wager 80% of these comments belong to the mechanic of the place.

Comment Date: 10/3/2013 Name: Goodbye Forever!
It won’t be long and this place will close forever!!!

Comment Date: 7/9/2013 Name: Customer
I’m getting real tired of going in there and having to listen to Jerry yell at employees over nonsense things while we eat fish, I see why it looks like no one wants to work with him, overheard people at bar saying that you can’t believe anything he says, always just blowing smoke out his ass, to the owner, please get new manager, Jerry has to go unless you want no business

Comment Date: 3/2/2013 Name: Jarred
All these comments are bull, i live in Howell and i go there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and i love this place. All this bull about Jerry is not true. Jerry is a nice guy who knows how to run the place and i agree that the food prices are way too high but who cares? If you think it’s such a big deal than don’t buy food, go grab some food after you leave… Howell Bowl-E-Drome is a fantastic place that deserves more respect

Comment Date: 11/3/2012 Name: nick
to the owner, your GM jerry is so rude and does not accept recommendations about anything, your beer and food prices are absolutely ridiculous, its not a gourmet restaurant and the bar is not a nightclub, its a dive with old slow bartenders. Prices are highest around, thats why no one after. Good job jerry, keep it up, no one there soon of your attitude

Comment Date: 4/28/2012 Name: cindy
how can you justify the prices of snack bar food, i mean SNACK BAR food, quality s*cks, never get the same product, boneless wings, $8 for 10, come on, the nuggets at McDonalds are better and you get 20 for $4.99. All the food is way too much. Besides, its not a gourmet resaraunt, its a dirty dive. Need to think again about prices, maybe serve more if less

Comment Date: 4/2/2012 Name: Cindy
I’m just wondering why the waitstaff and bartender can spend all their time on their cell phones texting instead of doing what they are paid to do.

Comment Date: 3/10/2012 Name: Nancy
I took my child bowling here and their creepy butterball of a I think Maintenance man called my son a “Moron” I wont be coming back here again!

Comment Date: 1/30/2012 Name: customer
The other day i was watching High School bowling and when Jerry started yellng at this one boy on the team, no Excuse, if this was my kid and he did this, we would have a lawsuit and the ambulance would have been called for Jerry, I would of beat him badly. NICE GM SKILLS JERRY

Comment Date: 1/23/2012 Name: customer
The snack bar is way over priced for the lack of quality and the amount of food you get, Pizza is way too high, I didn’t know I was eating gold. Beer prices are highest in the county, that’s why bar is empty all the time, always running out of draft beer and liquor, no excuse for this, learn how to stock. Its not hard, liquor does not spoil.

Comment Date: 1/9/2012 Name: greg
Who owns this place, they need to get a look at Jerry and rid of him, has no people skills, especially when drinking and trying to make lude and crude jokes to people. Nice drunk GM.

Comment Date: 1/8/2012 Name: jennifer
nasty rude owner- Dirty kitchen!!! They handle money and food- no gloves no washing! Over priced crap anyway. would NEVER go there if I have a choice- But the league had to play there. 1/6/12

Comment Date: 1/5/2012 Name: greg
The snack bar prices are RIDICULOUSLY HIGH, We are not at at gourmet restaraunt, its just a dive. Jerry was extremely rude to me the other day when i came to bowl in the daytime, when its busy, he comes unglued, if you cant deal with the business and keep cool, get another job. He yelled at my kids and me, NICE WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMER, we decided only to bowl one game, never again their until he isnt there. Why is pizza $18 for large 3 topping, RIDICULOUS, in this economy, thats why no one in there, besides the crew in snackbar looks like the are high or watching tv all the time

Comment Date: 12/30/2011 Name: josh
The restaraunt is nice except when ordering, it takes forever to get and when ordering, they give the impression that you are wasting there time or even if you can find them, oh just look at the table by the tv, you will find terry there, he definitely has an attitude. Bar and lanes have nice people working, Jerry is very rude to us when there and yells all the time at people, nice SKILLS. Jason and Chris friendly, Will bring family all the time if they are at desk, they help us find balls, Need more people like waitstaff and bar staff, Jerry, learn from them

Comment Date: 12/28/2011 Name: Anonymous
Me and my family go here all the time my children are even on a leauge, the staff is nice Jerry (one of the staff) is very social and nice to them. The food seems to take a while to be made, even when they are not busy.they do have bowling balls to use for those who dont own any, but you do have to pay for shoe rental. If your looking to go bowling I would recomend going to the Howell Bowl-E-Drome

Comment Date: 11/22/2011 Name: roland
every time i go ther, prices are raised, and specials disappear. no refills on soda… way to go mr. rosenstien

Comment Date: 11/9/2011 Name: Anonymous
Even the people that bowl here can’t stand it. I know the team you mean and they should be kicked out.

Comment Date: 11/2/2011 Name: Anonymous
Tuesday nite womens league has a team that has the biggest mouths that someone on the staff needs to tell them to act like adults. Yelling at the top of your lungs during bowling is very distraction for the other teams that have to bowl on that league.

Comment Date: 8/22/2011 Name: Shannon
I took my 15 yr old daughter and her friend bowling there on Saturday night (7pm)… having been a bowler FOREVER, I kind of half expected it to be full of drunk morons (like any other place I’ve been to). The lanes were pretty full (of mostly families with kids looking for something fun to do together), but we got on right away. While in the middle of the first game, a VERY drunk “kid” (obviously 21, but sure didn’t act like an adult), was on the verge of getting out of hand… Jerry (the guy behind the counter) came out and escorted the fella right out of the alley, claiming “We don’t play those games here… it’s time for you to leave”. While the kid was being led out the door by his girlfriend (because he couldn’t navigate(or even walk) on his own), I felt like everyone wanted to give Jerry a standing ovation… It’s nice when you see a businessman caring more about his patrons’ experience than about making a buck… I will definitely be back and will no longer have any hesitation about coming on a weekend night. Oh, and by the way… the fries were AWESOME!!!!! Next time we’ll try the pizza.

Comment Date: 1/22/2011 Name: Dan
I live in Howell. Went to Bowl-E-Drome with my 4 girls and Father-in-Law last summer for the first time. It was expensive and the staff was rude, I will never return. I’m taking them all Bowling again today, but not to Howell. Competition is a great thing.

Comment Date: 1/15/2011 Name: bowlers
if you dont like the bowling alley then dont go to it and stop complaining.your only making excuses if you were a real bowler you could bowl on have to ajust its not that hard and if you cant do that then you should quit bowling or stay in your own for the employees,not to fend for anyone, but ‘scarey’ and ‘wont need to dress up’ this says nothing about the walk into a walmarts and see a scarey person there isnt a site you can get on to complain.and jerry is just doing his job, wrong right or indifferent.everyone has a boss they have to answer to.

Comment Date: 12/27/2010 Name: Shayne Baker
I have gone to this bowling alley since i was about six years old. I am 23 now. I have never had a problem with the place what so ever. Some people just need to complain about something.

Comment Date: 10/30/2010 Name: Scary
During Halloween, the staff won’t even need to dress up!!! It reminds me of looking for a date at a family reunion.!!! Glad to see the rude nasty woman is no longer around on our bowling night!!!

Comment Date: 10/22/2010 Name: RE: Jerry must Go
I do not see a problem with Jerry. He does his job and might not be what everyone thinks should be but it’s not an easy job to do. I don’t understand why you need to hide behind anonymous to put your complaints out there. They aren’t real complaints and where do you get Jerry or any other employee would be fired over this website? This is a great Bowling Center and many of us enjoy it. If you have a problem with it then just move on and stop wasting your time degrading the place. Time to grow up!

Comment Date: 10/20/2010 Name: Jerry Must Go
I have bowled at all of the area bowling centers and this center does not even crack the top 5. Poor lane conditions and Jerry is a jerk.

Comment Date: 8/25/2010 Name: Jason
I was in there yesterday and the place was dead. The service was poor, and the bartender was rude.

Comment Date: 8/23/2010 Name: Anonymous
I was very disappointed when I signed my son up for a league in Howell. I was told there would be three kids on a team. When we got there the day the leagues started,there was only one other kid on his team that never showed. there were no other teams formed either. What was that about? No other teams, and only one kid. I will not do leagues there again. I wonder if there were any teams formed this summer and why they could not have put him with another team if there was.

Comment Date: 8/2/2010 Name: Addicted to bowling
I love the bowling ally, Jason is a great guy and a great manager. But honestly Jerry needs to go, He thinks using the N word to his customers is ok and that is def not ok. And the new lady they have working there, well she has no soul I mean I honestly I joke around with her and she just stares at me with no expersion. Everything about the bowling ally is great besides Jerry and the soul less women.

Comment Date: 7/17/2010 Name: Re: Wrong Place
The reason you didn’t see many people there is because it’s summer season. There are nights it is pretty busy. It’s slow for all bowling centers this time of year. Please don’t pass judgment on what you read here. I’ve been there 20 years and always have had a positive experience. The website you want is

Comment Date: 7/15/2010 Name: what’s wrong with this place?
Took my son to bowling alley the other day and no one was there bowling. Can someone tell me why? I have read all the comments and sounds like this is not the place to be. Is this true?

Comment Date: 6/30/2010 Name: Re: Honored
Thank You!!

Comment Date: 6/23/2010 Name: Honored
All of you who have taken your negative sloppy drung attitudes to other bowling places i have this to say: THANK YOU!!! It has been quite nice since you all have taken yourselves away to disturbe others. We have actually enjoyed having a great time w/new people coming in and having a great time. Also one more statement PLEASE DON’T BRING YOUR BAD ATTITUDES WHEN YOU COME BACK. Thank you & y’all have a great Day!

Comment Date: 5/17/2010 Name: All who aren’t happy here
Have any of you spoken to managment about your complaints? The problems can not be solved if management isn’t aware of it. Don’t expect them to read it here.

Comment Date: 5/17/2010 Name: To: Back in Town
Free Booze? How come your the only one who knows about this? Also where are those hookers you talk about? I feel for Striking Lanes to be blessed with your company. Soon as you get cut off you’ll be on that little lap top of yours running the place down. Brighton Bowl kicked you out too?
What is a redneck?

Comment Date: 5/17/2010 Name: Just a bowler with a family.
Sounds like some people just want to write a bad comment about this place. I have been and bowled in all of Livingston counties bowling alleys. I can tell you that Howell is better than most I have seen. Everyone “likes” Jason. The owner put a lot of money in this place and thats a lot more than I CAN SAY FOR THE OTHERS. It is cleaner and as for the restrooms they are the nicest in town. My family have had bad experines at Striking Lanes and they would not take my credit card or a check…Go to the ATM to get cash and pay. Brighton Bowl has turned into a BAR and they have no manager. The Whites are just giving it away. I refuse to go to those places. If there are fights there late night as you say I never saw anything in the paper…sounds like sour grapes to me. I have meet Jerry he seems ok. I know he quit bowling there because of being unable to relax. Jason bowls on Tuesday and Saturdays and is a bigger problem when he drinks than anyone else. I saw hi mand his new “girlfriend’ playing suck face like acouple of dogs in heat. You never hear about that. Overall Howell is better than most but not perfect..WHO IS…

Comment Date: 5/11/2010 Name: Back In Town
Been out of Howell for about five years. Just got back to town and decided to go bowling. Can’t believe this place is still open. What a rat trap. Alot of the rednecks are still there but where else can you go for free booze. Heard about the fights outside and how the management has gone down the toilet. Experiencedmit all in just one night. Take the hookers out of there and get new counter help and bartenders. Only good thing was the pizza. Best bowlers are in Hartland. So, Hartland here I come.

Comment Date: 4/23/2010 Name: No way
I came to the Bowledrome with my family to enjoy a nice time out. Boy! did I get a surprise. The people there are nasty and nothing but a bunch of drunks. I will take my family anywhere but here. I have found that Sunday and Monday nights are the worse. Brighton here I come.

Comment Date: 4/21/2010 Name: Sore head
I like how you allow your customers to get jumped in the parking lot. Over serve those drunkin readnecks!!

Comment Date: 4/7/2010 Name: To not Impressed
I’m sorry you are forming an opinion based on reading this. Your the one losing a fun experience for your family.

Comment Date: 4/4/2010 Name: customer
The Place is great, I have been coming to the place since middle school. Great service and great bowling. Now for all these other numskulls that don’t like the place, guess what there are other place’s you can go and bowl at, so go there and don’t come back!!

Comment Date: 3/26/2010 Name: Not Impressed
I was going to take the family there on Saturday for bowling. Not after reading these comments.

Comment Date: 3/21/2010 Name: Anonymous
I really like Howell Bowl-e-drome, it’s a fun place to take my kids to, and the food is really good. It could be a little bigger, it gets a little crowded when it is busy. Steve at the front desk is one of the nicest people there and very helpful and knowledgeable. The other guy is ok. There are lots of specials during the year and especially during the summer for children.

Comment Date: 3/1/2010 Name: Peopl who hate drome
This is not kids. You need to get a life and open your eyes. Maybe you are part of the meat market. This bowling alley needs to go.

Comment Date: 2/28/2010 Name: Zach Harmon
That nasty woman at the front desk treats high school students like crap!!!

Comment Date: 2/28/2010 Name: Wow!!!
1/2 off pizza night – this week NO Cheese!!! How do you run out of cheese on pizza night!!

Comment Date: 2/17/2010 Name: People who hate the Drome
If you hate the place so much then why are you going out of your way to this site to make bad comments on the place? Sounds like kids to me.

Comment Date: 2/14/2010 Name: Eddy jirasek
i hate the bowl e-drome

Comment Date: 2/12/2010 Name: Thomas
howell bowl-e-drome is disgusting

Comment Date: 2/10/2010 Name: Never Again!
Came in on Monday for the 1/2 pizza, but they ran out of dough to make the pizza. What’s the excuse this time!!

Comment Date: 2/10/2010 Name: Lucky
I am lucky enough to get on a bowling team that does not bowl at the Howell Blow-e-dome. Bowled there for years and got tired of all the bull crap that Jerry puts out and since they hired the “Big GUY”, steve, it really went down hill. Plays favoritism to his buddies and they get waited on before others that are standing there. His “little buddies”. Anyone for Bloated Goat swapping?

Comment Date: 2/9/2010 Name: BVDs
nothing has or ever will change at this hole. be glad you got fired.

Comment Date: 1/24/2010 Name: steve and stacy
wow i see the place has done well since i was fired last year for giving away free left over hot wings on friday nite. life is good in arizona iam sober work 40 hours a week won 20 thousand in the arizona lottery stacy works full time at the casino. so yes life is good i do miss you guys but i see things are the still the same cut throat people.. bob k-hill i miss you come out and see me a the lemon drops on me pal. jason i work at a 4 starr country club in scottsdale. need a job.. charles wow ur still there.. jerry i think iwas the only person that really liked you.come out 2 az and lets play some golf. p.s could you tell everybody that we said hi and life is good thank you for fireing me you helped me reach my life long dream and goals.. my grandmother is pround of me after spending 21 years of my life in person today i look in the mirror and i am proud of the man i have become.. you can all be the man iam stick your thumb in your mouth and blow a set of nuts willpop out if you do it right tom….

Comment Date: 1/12/2010 Name: Interested
Does anyone take the time to read these comments? Maybe someone should. Get your head out of your butt Jerry if you are the one that is suppose to read these. Everyone should leave that place til the owner wakes up and sees why everyone hates it there. THANK GOD it has to go smokeless.

Comment Date: 1/11/2010 Name: FIRE ME TOO
I bowl in Howell on a regular basis. My waiter, his name is Ryan, got fired the other day and all he did was call in sick! I love him but I wouldn’t want him coughing all over my food or drinks… You know? Point is he should not have been fired! Oh, and then I heard today that they fired the blond girl that was new, i don’t know why though.
Hey! If I miss my league one night, are you going to Fire me TOO???!?!?!?!!!! I don’t even work there but I’m shure they’d find a way.

Comment Date: 1/6/2010 Name: …
DUDE! everything at the drome is great, EXCEPT JERRY!!! He is always yelling at people, staff and customers alike… Not sure, but it seems after he told customers that he was getting his fish “floating off the top of lake chemung” and that he could serve everyone “sushi” if it was taking too long for their orders, the fish fry on fridays died down. I actually love the fish fry, but a manager cant tell people that and expect them to come back whether it was a joke or not.
The Larry dude who does all the repairs/renovations around the place needs to put a lid on it too. I overheard him talking with an employee like he knew better because he has done every job there is it seems like??? oh, and he tried waiting on a customer one day? He’s not an employee, he just works for the owner doing fix-ups around the place… (BTW heard a new back bar is coming and some other neat stuff?)
New touchscrreen game at the end of the bar HAS TO GO!!!!! NOW!!!!!! Takes up a bar seat, blinds other customers sitting at the bar. if you r sitting at it playing, or just in the seat, the bartender cant see u nor can u see her. Bad spot for it…
who would put glass top tables in a restaraunt, esp. one that has mostly deep fried food??? they are always dirty durring the week. laminate would wrk just as well and not be dirty. The cleanest I ever see that restaraunt that is really a snack bar is when the two servers clean the place up after friday night fish fry. It seems that they get stuck doing all the work that the kitchen help didn’t feel like doing durring the week and thats not fair to them.
Oh, speaking of the help, if you are going to tell your servers that they can’t have a break during their shift, mabey you should check the labor laws… and they can use their break however they want, leave the building if they want to also…. At least you give them a table to use in the bar for their things. Noone sits in those new booths anyways, really, they dont. It was a waste of money to get those booths. I’d rather sit a a high top. Its a bowling alley/bar, not a diner…
OH!!! and get some better bar stools. Ones with backs would be nice.

Comment Date: 1/2/2010 Name: joe jirasek
jerry and jason is nice coool and jason is funny

Comment Date: 12/23/2009 Name: Anonymous
I can’t believe that people are so negative, maybe there are problems there, but the good definetely outway the bad. I have been in there and watched people just let their kids run wild thru the bowlers area and on the approaches. How rude and disturbing do you think that is! My family has always had fun and the staff has always been helpful and courteous. Their website always has coupons to help save money when going there.

Comment Date: 12/21/2009 Name: The smart one
People need to start speaking up and letting the OWNER know what goes on there and how awful the service is. I will never bowl there again. Hartland and Brighton rocks!!!!!

Comment Date: 12/15/2009 Name: Ben
I would never bring my children back to this place. Striking Lanes in Hartland is the place to go.

Comment Date: 12/10/2009 Name: Suzanne
Steve is nice, Jerry has got to go!!!

Comment Date: 12/5/2009 Name: re: last 2 comments
It’s very obvious that the last 2 comments were from very young people who either got into trouble or are trying to cause trouble. Nobody said you have to go there.

Comment Date: 12/3/2009 Name: BVD’s
Howell Bowledrome is a horrible hangout. Its a great place if you are a drunk or looking for tramps. They are loaded

Comment Date: 11/30/2009 Name: Horrible place to try to have fun
I must admit the Howell Bowledrome is a horrible, smelly place. Besides the smell of toilets and the inconsiderate people, especially the big guy at the counter named Steve,the place is a hole. I heard it is called a left over meat market.

Comment Date: 11/21/2009 Name: joe
bowl e drome is awsome!!

Comment Date: 11/19/2009 Name: Manny Poo
Service was there, I saw it. The kitchen does exist. toilets flush.

Comment Date: 10/7/2009 Name: Brighton Bowler Forever
I must admit I thought about changing bowling alleys from Brighton to Howell. At least until I came in Monday Night and seen the fiasco that goes on there. The men’s leagues are fine except for all the little “girlfriends” or “ex’s” that hang out with the men bowlers. I was told by a person that bowls on Monday men’s league this is what goes on there and some of the teams are fed up with it. I now can see why. They bathrooms are horrible and the display of affection between these poeple, well, let’s just say,”go get a room or leave your ex and let her go home to her husband”. I think I will stay in Brighton and leave the riff-raff to Howell.

Comment Date: 9/7/2009 Name: Anonymous
I love bowling at Howell, but its hard to get food on Monday nights. They usually only have one person working in the kitchen. One night we saw our waiter have to go in the kitchen and cook our food because they were so backed up. Not that its the cook’s fault, they just need another person.
Jason at the counter is great, always talking to customers and willing to help someone with their bowling. PENNY A PIN IS GREAT.

Comment Date: 9/4/2009 Name: Jim R.
Overall a great place to bowl and my kids had a good time. Steve, the counter guy, was very friendly and professional despite my kids exchanging shoes 3 times apiece. The restaurant was great also – in my book, the Friday fish fry is the best in town. However the owner needs to do something about the gray-haired guy (unless he is the owner?). He was very rude to the other staff including my waitress (Cindy or Sandy??? who did an exceptional job!), he picked his crotch every other minute – right in front everyone, plus I’ve watched him flip-off the cooks on more than one occasion. I even have to yell at my kids because they keep referring to him as “Oscar the Grouch”.

Comment Date: 8/23/2009 Name: Joseph family
This summer has been nice here. The new lady at the counter (lisa) is really nice. She actually likes talking to the customers, that other lady was miserable and nasty to my kids. The kids bowl free program was a real good deal this summer. This center seems to have alot different promotions and things to do!! Keep it up!!

Comment Date: 8/13/2009 Name: Anonymous
Call today reserve your spot 2009 Baker’s Double Tournament, Friday, August 21st @ 7PM Sharp, check begins at 5PM, Entries close @6:30PM $50.00 per team any combo of two adults. 1st – $450.0 2nd – $250.00 3rd – 4th – $140.00 5th-8th – $80.00 9th-16th – $50.00 Based on 50 paid teams Bowl 6 games across 12 lanes, top 16 teams qualify for single game elimination matches, optional mystery and high games actural and handicap jackpots, both actual and handicap brackets and King of the Hill. $50.00 Bonus for top qualifier. For more information contact Jason @ 517-546-0820 after 5PM

Comment Date: 8/6/2009 Name: Howell Resident
Well I’ve got three kids ranging in age from 15 to 6 and we’ve really not had a bad experience here, cooks have been especially nice with the kids meals, counter help is quick and they are very accepting of the kids-bowl-free coupons. Not a big alley but it’s always been clean, food is good and although shoe rental is a little pricey we will continue to go.

Comment Date: 7/19/2009 Name: Carol
WOW! I haven’t even tried this lane yet and am amazed at all the negative comments, especially about the employees. Maybe management should give serious thought to these complaints. I’m going to give this place a try because my grandson lives out that way and wants to bowl there. I’ve worked in customer service for 23 years so I know all the pitfalls of dealing in a customer driven business. I’ll comment after I’ve been there.

Comment Date: 7/10/2009 Name: Unfriendly place to bowl
I recently moved to the Howell area and decided to give Howell Bowledrome a try Friday. The food was good and the bartender was nice. I proceeded to alley and a little, old jerk of a guy was moaning about his exwife and pushed me out of his way when I was walking the other way. I must admit I was not in his way. I asked a man who this little old man was and he laughed. Said he wasn’t old just looks like crap. I asked if he was a regular and he said he was at one time then left and when his exwife kicked him out he ended back there. He stated he drinks alot with his first wife and husband and he called it a Mixed Up bunch. He apologized for this little man and I told him well if this is how people are treated I think I will take my business, which has a 4 leagues, elsewhere. Sorry to say but maybe the owner needs to look at the people who are giving the alley a bad name.

Comment Date: 7/4/2009 Name: Anonymous
Jason has a nice butt!

Comment Date: 7/2/2009 Name: Anonymous
The information is on the website if you read the left hand side and it will say open bowl times. Then you click on the day you want to open bowl and if it’s not clear enough for you then call. Shoes I believe are $3.50 but I could be wrong. Bowling prices vary and there are specials.

Comment Date: 6/29/2009 Name: anonymous
How about some information that people can use on your sight like open bowling times, cost for lanes and shoe rental. Forget all the drama about some one’s butt who works there.

Comment Date: 6/24/2009 Name: Anonymous is where you will find the open bowling times as well as other information. Thursday’s are great with $1.99 a game. There are leagues on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights but Thursday you can still bowl during the league. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are good bowling days as well. Hope you find a time that’s good for you.

Comment Date: 6/23/2009 Name: Wanting to learn
I called and every time I call I am told no open bowling only during the day.

Comment Date: 6/20/2009 Name: Re: Wanting to learn
If you want to learn to bowl you can hire an instructor. There is a post board by the Pro shop with people who will teach you. Or you can just keep coming in and practice on your own and then get to know the people who are regulars and they will be more then happy to give you some pointers. Most people start out just open bowling and then join a league. You don’t have to be good to be on a league. It’s fun and your team will help you to improve. Best place to start is the front desk.

Comment Date: 6/18/2009 Name: Wanting to learn
I am wanting to learn to bowl but have no idea where to start. Does anyone have classes or does anyone know where I can learn?

Comment Date: 6/18/2009 Name: Anonymous
Evidentally, you haven’t bowled there long.

Comment Date: 6/16/2009 Name: Anonymous
It’s hard to believe that so many people complain about Howell Bowl-E-Drome. I personally think it’s a great place and the people working there are no different then people working at other establishments. Next time watch other places and you will see for yourself.
There is alot of open bowling in the summer and great deals as well. If you want to bowl then join a league. It’s fun and you don’t have to be good to start. People understand and help new bowlers.
It’s a great place to spend time with family and there are far more people enjoying it then those of you who are complaining.
Older people enjoy bowling as well. Since when did there become an age limit on bowling? I could go on about the comments here but I think I’ll just go bowling.

Comment Date: 5/31/2009 Name: Not interested in Howell Leagues
My husband says that Sammie has a cute butt but Shannon would know better than anyone. Howell Bowl leagues s*ck and they have no time for open bowl. Get real and start thinking about new bowlers. Some people are too old to be bowling or too mentally disturbed. Get a room for some of the bowlers ex’s too.

Comment Date: 5/30/2009 Name: Fed up with this place
When aer the owners of this place going to realize they have horrible people at the counter and bartenders that don’t know when to stop serving drunks. There are some good people that go there to bowl and then there are alot of drunks, couples that need to get a room and nasty mouthy men. I love to watch the teams and some of their teams names are cool. Then you have a couple of teams on Monday summer trios that need to take a second look at themselves. Too bad they didn’t go ahead with the new bowling alley. A different group of people would be ther. Food at Sandbagges is great and Jason, well he’s a hotty. Clean it up Jerry and get rid of Cathy. Alot of boss’s and b**** there.

Comment Date: 3/24/2009 Name: Just a bad bowler
I can’t believe that Cathy behind the counter is still so angry and cranky. You get more than 5 customers in there and she loses it. She needs to work somewhere, where she will be happy. If you ask her a question she snaps at you. I watched her yell at RIch because he didn’t clean a table off quick enough-when the bowlers were still there picking up their stuff. Sandbaggers food is great. Linda is great. Lisa is a wonderful addition to the counter. Jason couldn’t be nicer with the kids, with the leagues, everybody. Get rid of Cathy or give her a time-out. She is going to trip over that big pouty lip of hers. Tell her to be nicer to the high school kids too! How are we going to grow new bowlers when we have to face her when we go there.

Comment Date: 12/14/2008 Name: Anonymous
Very nice Teen and Kid policy. Free games of bowling if they are on a league or High School team. (2 a day on weekdays). Thanks Jerry.

Comment Date: 11/20/2008 Name: JamieLynn
So I would have to say the new counter lady is amazing. Kathy is great too. And Jerry isn’t a DRUNK!

Comment Date: 9/21/2008 Name: Bruce Spencer
Wow!!! It’s really nice coming in to bowl and not have that rude, nasty woman working the lanes. The new lady is nice and actually smiles!!

Comment Date: 7/22/2008 Name: Announcement
Call today reserve your spot 2008 Baker’s Double Tournament, Friday, August 22nd @ 7PM Sharp, check begins at 5PM, Entries close @6:30PM $50.00 per team any combo of two adults. 1st – $450.0 2nd – $250.00 3rd – 4th – $140.00 5th-8th – $80.00 9th-16th – $50.00 Based on 50 paid teams Bowl 6 games across 12 lanes, top 16 teams qualify for single game elimination matches, optional mystery and high games actural and handicap jackpots, both actual and handicap brackets and King of the Hill. $50.00 Bonus for top qualifier. For more information contact Jason @ 517-546-0820 after 5PM

Comment Date: 7/7/2008 Name: Pat Peterson
Upcoming tournament’s at Howell Bowl E Drome
July 18th ALE’S Best 3 out of 4 Games Handicap Tournament: All Bowlers will bowl 4 games across 8 lanes using their best 3 for the tournament and get rid of the BAD game. Paid out is $600 1st place based on 60 paid entries. Cost only $40 per player @ 7pm sharp. USBC sanctioned, handicap 90% from 230 scratch Call today reserve your spot
2008 Baker’s Double Tournament, Friday, August 22nd @ 7PM Sharp, check begins at 5PM, Entries close @6:30PM $50.00 per team any combo of two adults. 1st – $450.0 2nd – $250.00 3rd – 4th – $140.00 5th-8th – $80.00 9th-16th – $50.00 Based on 50 paid teams Bowl 6 games across 12 lanes, top 16 teams qualify for single game elimination matches, optional mystery and high games actural and handicap jackpots, both actual and handicap brackets and King of the Hill. $50.00 Bonus for top qualifier. For more information contact Jason @ 517-546-0820 after 5PM

Comment Date: 4/3/2008 Name: good vs. bad
good:1)this bowling alley is very clean and has been renevated.
2)The opening of sandbaggers there restraunt, they have very good food and staff in here
3)they hold very birthday party deals here for the kids
4)They have very nice area for the arcade games
5)THey have there share of good bowlers EX: Tim Rice and scotty
6) they allow the high school team to practice there for no charge
7)Jason the man who works behind the desk at night is very nice costumers
bad: 1) cathy needs to more to her costumers she has her select few who she will treat nicely, she is very rude to the teenagers and familys who want to have a nice time
2)jerry yes he may be very nice to the kids but sometimes he needs to know when he should stop drinking he makes the place look bad
3)If your ball is damaged they very rarly will reapair damaged unless it is very extent
4) parking and lot the parking lot is very nder kept and very small many times you may have to park in the street
5) if you are in a childrens leugue that allows you to have free games they usaully will argue about use of them

Comment Date: 3/13/2008 Name: Just Little ol’ me
The new restaurant has finally opened. Sandbaggers. Very nicely done inside and the food is wonderful as well. The Friday night all you can eat Fish Fry is a real hit too! If your just coming ot eat and not a bowler you can park by the doors to the restaurant. They are open for lunch and dinner and planning breakfast on weekends as well. Stop in!

Comment Date: 1/28/2008 Name: Michael
If your a lady and are looking for a guy with a mullet, this is the place. After i did six shots, the waitress finally started to look good.

Comment Date: 1/28/2008 Name: Michael
Jerry Richmond, you can’t spell…. Have another!!!

Comment Date: 12/6/2007 Name: Jerry Richmond
I thnak the whloe center is great! I bowl on 6 leages and am probably the best I know. If I were to rate Howell bowledrome I will give it 9 plus one more cause I bowl there– a lot.

Comment Date: 11/25/2007 Name: Bill Johnson
My family and I came in for the first time last week. I first noticed the blue tarp hanging off the side of the building. I thought that was a nice touch. Must be left-over from their halloween decorations. The woman that waited on us was extrememly rude!! We won’t be back after the treatment we received.

Comment Date: 11/6/2007 Name: big daddy
I think everyone there is nice, jason looks a little like fred flintstone, but thats ok, oh and the guy that bowls on mon and tue night Sam, is the greatest iv’e ever seen he should have his arm bronzed, and my wife say’s he has a great butt.

Comment Date: 10/19/2007 Name: old hand
The main reason the center doesn’t have open bowling in the evening is because the leagues fill the house. Leagues are the bread and butter of any house. At one point this house was considered the number 5 bowling center, for revenues, for a 20 lane bowling center IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. It sounds like it could still be that way. That is why the leagues dominate the evenings. The problem isn’t the planning by the staff. The problem is the number of leagues. And, seriously, for a bowling center, that is NOT a problem. Most houses only have one league per night these days. The Bowl-e-drome puts them to shame. They take great pride in the condition of their lanes also. But, most of you are right. Cathy is a Class-A {deleted}. Once I bought a bowling ball there and when I went to throw the box out in one of their large trash cans she said, “Does this look like a garbage dump.” She wanted me to take it back. Forget that.

Comment Date: 10/12/2007 Name: My Family loves it here
I am a open bowler turned league bowler who comes here every week. It is great. My kids got me in to it thru programs that they run. I love it. It is clean, the staff for the most part are helpful. Jason has a God approach to his bowling and sometimes belittles people. Probaly without even knowing he does it. Noboby is better than him. I COME AND BOWL HERE FOR FUN AND RELAXATION NOT POLITICS. Give them a chance maybe things are getting better.

Comment Date: 10/10/2007 Name: mom of 2
I went there and got a coupon and saved money.I looked at the other bowling alleys in the area and their coupon were outdated. I like to bring my family here. Cathy can be a little nasty but I have that everywhere I go. Icame there on night and the guy at the desk was to busy running collecting money for all the baskets he had at the desk to wait on me. We left and can back during the day. They never have lanes at night. The guy at the desk said you should of been here in the summer we had lanes every Saturday. Who wants to bowl then. I love it here much cleanner than the other bowling alleys in the area. Wish they had more lanes at night for open bowling.

Comment Date: 10/10/2007 Name: league bowler
i have read most of the comments from all of these people. Funny how you only speak bad of the people. Bowling here for over 10 years in Howell after bowling in 5 different bowling alleys prior TO COMING HERE SEEMS TO BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT. Most of the staff seems to be ok. Nobody is perfect. I have been all over bowling and can tell you that Howell is much better than most. It seems that they do oil their lanes for tha night league bowlers. Daytimes the lanes seem to hook a lot more. I remember about 5 years ago they oiled the lanes 2 times a day, but the complaints from us daytime bowlers was we could not get our balls to hook and the ladies complained about “what is this oil on my ball”. The main problem I feel at Howell is the lack of open bowling times. Many non-league bowlers want to come at 7pm when the leagues are bowling. I know that there is no open play times during the week and weekends. Leagues are there primary concern. Stop whinning about the lanes and just adjust. If all these other places are so much better why did a league I bowl in at another center in Hartland loose all there league bowlers or as least 8 teams. Brighton is a bar with lanes. The Whites (Brighton Bowl) do not care about us league bowlers. i understand they stole their head mechanic Bob. I feel sorry for the staff at night beceause Tom is only interested in Bowling and shooting pool. I am in business for myself and understand today ecomony I wish them good luck in todays ecocomny.

Comment Date: 9/12/2007 Name: league bowler
To Whom It May Concern:
I’ve been bowling at the Howell Bowl-E-Drome for several years. The updates that are taking place truly look nice. As for space it is still crowded, but it works.
It is great that NO Smoking is being enforced during specific times of the day. I feel that eventually our governor is going to make every public place NO smoking, but only time will tell that one.
As for the staff, most of them are very nice. However, Cathy behind the counter has a MAJOR attitude. She does not seem to like life at all. Seldom do you see her with a smile on her face. When you’re working with customers a smile and good attitude is necessary. Cathy…if you’re reading this you should look into taking classes in customer service to get a few tips. Smile, be courteous to customers, and quit being rude…nobody finds it attractive!

Comment Date: 9/5/2007 Name: Pleased Bowler
I have always liked the service. Jason, who works the counter at night is a really nice with the customers. The bar staff is really nice as well. Even though I have been bowling here for 17 years now, I’m still pleased with how the place is runned.

Comment Date: 8/29/2007 Name: The Truth
As a bowler at thios establisment for many years i know most everyone who works at the Howell Bowl-E-Drome. To get started the place is starting to look very nice. Rich the owner has planed the renavations out very well…Altho it is taken sum time to complete. the new bar staff and the old are very people friendly. Ive had no problems with any of them exsept Terry. When he starts to drink he gets very inconciderent.
Now te the counter people they are horrable exsept for Jaon. He is a very nice personal. I think he should mannage the place. Cathy seems like she is always upset about something. WHEN I GO THERE WHILE SHE IS WORKING IT TAKE ATLEAST 10 minutes to get a lane. She always helps people behine me. I think its rude. Jerry is a drunk he may work good with kid but is horable with adults. He gose aroung grabbing himself and then shakes peoples hands its gross. Overall this facility ill give a 2 star for staff. And a 3.5 starr for the bowling center as a whole.

Comment Date: 8/20/2007 Name: Eric
Alright, so here’s the deal. As a person who bowls here year-round on numerous leagues, I feel that I am as good a “spokesman” as any.
Here’s my problems with the previous posts that I’ve read…not that I’ve read them all. I notice a pattern in most of the “disgruntled” posts. It seems that they are written by people who fit into one of two groups. Either they are 12-15 years old, or they are simply illiterate. Browse through here and you’ll see what I mean. All of the complaints are by people who can’t spell, have no comprehension of punctuation and/or capital letters, and find it completely necassary to swear (albeit with fancy asterisks) to get their point across. Do you really think you, as a possible customer of this establishment, should trust the judgement of such an “authority” on the matter?
Simply put, just like ANY business…to expect to find the ENTIRE staff friendly, smiling and ready to give their kidney for you everyday, is unreasonable. They have their bad days just as we do. Should they, as figureheads go out of their way to put on a good face…sure. But because the person behind the counter doesn’t give you the shoes you like “because they’re SOOOOOOOO cute”, or they don’t notice your “uneasy shifting of your weight because you’re tired of standing and waiting your turn”, don’t come on here with your piss-poor grammar and try to degrade the business.
Bowl-E-Drome is in the process of renovations, and is doing well. New lanes, new ball returns and new bathrooms are already finished. They are in the process of updating the game-room and bar/eating area.
I enjoy the atmosphere at Bowl-E-Drome and over the yaers have become good friends with much of the staff. If you’re looking for a good place to bowl, with a staff who’s friendly…especially to the kids…drop by Bowl-E-Drome. It’s not perfect, but there are worse places in the area…

Comment Date: 8/4/2007 Name: mary
i am shocked, i thought it was just me overreacting,but i too thought the lady behind the counte was so rude to my daughter and granddaughters when we went bowling there a few weeks ago, she first ignored us and then was very unfriendly, we tried to ask questions about leagues and got no real answers, we wont go back, we will go to hartland, they are so much nicer and brighter and cleaner

Comment Date: 7/11/2007 Name: new to Howell
My first visit to Bowl-E- Drome was not very pleasant, the staff was very rude and a mechanic was leaving his shift drunk wouldn’t stop talking to us so we could leave the parking lot.We Never got to bowl the guy behind the counter said there would be no availability for the whole day, we asked when a good time would be to bowl with the kids he said he wouldn’t know, their first impression turned me away indefinately! Maybe they should bring in a whole new crew and someone sober to act as the manager, something needs to change.S*cks bowling would have been something my family could have gotten into.

Comment Date: 6/12/2007 Name: BUtter smakkkk
jerry is a but smakkkkkkkkkkk

Comment Date: 5/28/2007 Name: M
I haven’t bowled at the Bowl-E-Drome in league play for a lot of years, but I am starting a summer league there soon. It seems that there are alot of strong feelings about some of the counter staff/management there and I guess I will see soon. In my opinion, every bowling alley will get a bad review for the lane conditioning from someone. The lanes can’t be freshly oiled at all times, so someone will complain. Even if they are, someone will then think they are too wet. As for the High School team (man I wish they had those 15 years ago!)though I agree that you should have a shot to work with, so what if you don’t? It’s practice and true practice in bowling… scores should be thrown out the window. Practice is a time to work on fundamentals, footwork, timing, release, hitting your target, all of which are unnafected by the lane condition. Though I hear what your saying, make the most of your situation. If you head in to practice every week upset about the lanes, how productive will your session be? And Pash, nothing personal, but everone has their favorite lanes, everyone has their own experiences and everyone who lives here in the good ol’ USA has a right to express their feelings.

Comment Date: 5/19/2007 Name: pash
i think this is the best bowling alley around i never have trouble with them and there lanes feel the most spacious and there selection of bowling ball are great i would never go anywhare else in less there was a leauge going on or somthing else i really dont appriciate all these bad comments about my bowling alley so keep them to a down roar it’s people like you that make it hard for privite buisness owners to strive in michigan and that really dose not help the economy thanks and buh-bye

Comment Date: 5/6/2007 Name: TD
Cathy is a big h..e. she can never work at another bowling ally because with jerry working she kisses butt to him. if it wasnt for jerry she wouldnt have a job. jerry is a drunken a hole that treat eeery body like crap

Comment Date: 4/11/2007 Name: :<
The Howell Bowl E Drome has been in Howell for many, many years. The last 6 yrs. it has really gone down hill. Especially due to a few people who work there. One big person is that Cathy lady that works behind the counter. She is very rude. I even have heard her several times cursing at teenagers. Which is not very professional. She skips over people who have been waiting in line, to go to someone she likes, no matter how long the people been standing there. Another big problem is having Jerry there managing. I can say he works well with kids, but not adults. He’s a loud mouth butthole. When he’s there and not bowling, he’s always drunk, about falling on his face and being loud and obnoxious. He sure doesn’t know how to oil lanes. He needs to let the mecanics who know about these things do it. Let them put patterns down that they know that particular league can bowl with. And the need to oil the lanes for the high school leagues to bowl on. They bowl for the Howell team. But they always have to bowl on non oiled lanes. For the high schoolers bowling on the team for Howell, they sure get treated like crap. Its not fair to them at all. And what happened to giving them dicounts for their practice. And the bowling alley pitching in to help buy them shirts or something. They act like they don’t want to be bothered. And this new construction going on. Looks great, not. It’s a joke. Hope nobody drunk sits on a toilet, because they lean to the back. I can see people falling off and getting hurt, and suing. This place will never get done. Just like the new bowling alley that was supposed to be built. There are a few good people who work there. Like Jason and Jim behind the counter. Linda and Terry behind the bar. The kid cook is always pissed off at the world. And the guy they call Kayhill from the back and tom, they seem to know what they are doing. But as for overall being happy with this bowling alley, I am not. And neither are many many many others in the Howell community, or that bowl at the facility.

Comment Date: 4/11/2007 Name: Brandie
I found it strange that we had to wait about 15 minutes because we didn’t have a reservation to bowl and their were three other groups of 4 waiting to bowl and several lanes open.

Comment Date: 3/30/2007 Name: dns
i think that cathy and jerry are scared if they put oil out or even a desent shot out that 14- 19 year olds are going to be wouping there {deleted} i beat cathy by 50 pins in series even with a {deleted} shot..

Comment Date: 3/30/2007 Name: dns
theres somethings that need to change at howell because 1 there food is over priced 2 you need to start being a little less cheap and start putting some {deleted} oil down for the kids leagues if they get out there and trow a 300 there going to get screwed out of there ring because the lack of oil thats {deleted}…

Comment Date: 3/30/2007 Name: me
i think the service really is horable. cathy will help people behind me in line before she helps me no matter how long ive stood there i think thats bull {deleted}. my family bowls there over five times a week and still we get treated {deleted). i think we should go to a diffrent alley like brighton when they get new lanes. the highschool bowling team should of had more oil on the lanes when they practiced seeings how much the coach had to pay out of his pocket in order for them too bowl in that fasility. i cant wait untill someone who knows wat they are doing opens a bowling alley because bowl-e-drome will be run out of buisness within the first year.

Comment Date: 3/29/2007 Name: me
i think howell s*cks they have a horable shoot and cathy is a b*tch i dont like to deal w/her jason that works nights is the only one that knows how to deal w/people

Comment Date: 3/18/2007 Name: Anonymous
I have to agree that the lady that works the counter during the day can really drive you away to another center. I just make sure if I am going to bowl that I am there at night when she isn’t working so I don’t have to deal with her attitude.

Comment Date: 3/17/2007 Name: Me
I’ve never had a problem with the howell Staff I however will never bowl in brighton until they get equipment that won’t damage your balls.

Comment Date: 2/26/2007 Name: Aaron
i am there every day of the week litterally i cant get enough i the staff is the best arond they socialize with you and take care of whatever you need especially during league play i bowl in 3 leagues there and i could not imagine spending my time anywhere else!!!!!! 300 stars

Comment Date: 1/1/2007 Name: DK
The lady behind the counter makes you feel like you’re a burden of her time. When you ask her question, she rolls her eyes or gives a sigh as though you’re asking too much of her. The lanees were nice. The ally is finally starting to look nicer. Although, with $300,000.00 of improvements, you’d think it would be nicer. This last visit definatley has told me I will be bowling at Striking lanes or Brighton Bowl next time. The person behind the counter was definately a turn off!!

Comment Date: 12/19/2006 Name: Anonymous
lol at going to brighton bowl for nicer service.
service staff has been nothing but friendly to me at howell bowl-e-drome….maybe this other person started something that caused the staff to be upset.

Comment Date: 9/21/2006 Name: anonymous
every time i go in here the counter people are rude. Iv started going to the bowling alley in brighton so i can get some good service.

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