Classic Lanes

Classic Lanes

  Name: Classic Lanes  
  Address: 2145 Avon Industrial Drive  
  City: Rochester Hills  
  State: MI  
  Zip: 48309  
  Phone: (248) 852-9100  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
  Comments: “Bring A Friend and Let’s Just Have Fun”  
How Does Classic Lanes Rate?
Votes:    42
Lanes: Actual Value is 1.8Actual Value is 1.8
Food: Actual Value is 1.7Actual Value is 1.7
Price: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
Fun: Actual Value is 1.8Actual Value is 1.8
Overall: Actual Value is 1.9Actual Value is 1.9
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Classic Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 1/26/2016 Name: LeeAnne
This place is awesome. If you have been here in a while, check it out! Lots of improvements. We had a great time!

Comment Date: 3/10/2010 Name: Chris
I noticed the date on most of these comments goes back more than 2 years. It needs to be noted that Classic now has synthetic lanes so that negates the comments regarding lane conditions. Have to go in and try them for yourself.

Comment Date: 11/20/2007 Name: Steve
I really like bowling in my Thursday Night Men’s league. Nice competition and yes you have to be able to carry, but that is part of the game. If I want to average 220 or better, I would go to an easy house to bowl.

Comment Date: 11/20/2007 Name: Joe
Don’t know who Tom or Chris are but Classic is always clean and it is not that smokey in there. I see they have alot of smoke free times and always have a smoke free set of lanes available.

Comment Date: 11/20/2007 Name: Todd
Nice place, clean and nice atmosphere for an older center. Prices are good and they have specials for everyone so that you don’t have to pay top dollar to have som efun.

Comment Date: 11/20/2007 Name: John
They have many smoke free times which is great to bring in my family to bowl. The people are very happy to help and are nice.

Comment Date: 11/13/2007 Name: Dan T
Nice place to go and have fun. People are friendly and everyone has a good yime here. The lanes are older but they are a Classic honest scoring condition for the competitive bowlers.

Comment Date: 8/16/2006 Name: Tom Shelly
Place smells of smoke like most alleys. The workers are very friendly and the price is way below the other centers. The lane conditions are way below standard, leaves alot of ten pins and is very unpredictable. I would say if you bowl for value go here but if you bowl for competition and for high average go elsewhere.

Comment Date: 8/16/2006 Name: Chris moneymaker
this bowling ally has some history behind it, first of all i remember just a few years ago, comming to the center for my league, where the lanes half the time were never oiled on time, it would take about 30 minutes after the specified starting time just to get started, also the lanes were cheap, left alot of 10 pins and overall id have to give classic lanes a 2, and thats being generous

Comment Date: 8/16/2006 Name: Alex Rimar
This place is “the bad”

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