Apollo Lanes

Apollo Lanes

  Name: Apollo Lanes  
  Address: 29410 Gratiot Avenue  
  City: Roseville  
  State: MI  
  Zip: 48066  
  Phone: (586) 772-2070  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
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Votes:    110
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
Food: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Price: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Fun: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
Overall: Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7Actual Value is 2.7
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Apollo Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 1/11/2007 Name: Anonymous
They still need a new counter person!!!! Keith is still somehow working there. He is the most obnoxious and annoying person to have to deal with when bowling on a league. His constant comments over the PA that has nothing to do with usual counter business, such as paging someone or announcing your lanes are on are annoying and a constant distraction to your bowling. He always has to add his two cents after someone else makes an announcement too. He also has a habit of putting his hand on your shoulder or on your back when talking to you and this tends to make some people uncomfortable. He needs to stay behind the counter where he belongs and just do his job and let the league officers run the league. Keith’s attire seems inappropriate for his position of dealing with the public. He always has on sweat shorts and an overly worn t-shirt(t-shirt doesn’t have lane logo or anything on it). When he has to go on the lanes and bend over for a repair or something, some of us are getting a view we do not wish to see. There should be some kind of dress code.

Comment Date: 8/3/2006 Name: Anonymous
Could be a better place to bowl if the mechanic (Dave) knew how to condition (oil) the lanes properly. The lanes are usually dry to drier making the ball hook out of sight from gutter to gutter. Mechanic seems to be from the “old school” and hasn’t kept up-to-date with the newer oil patterns. STUBBORN! STUBBORN! STUBBORN!

Comment Date: 3/31/2006 Name: Anonymous
The counter person, Keith, is a very annoying person. He thinks all women are stupid by the way he treats them on the womens league, example, he thinks we don’t know how to push a reset button or change a score. He also is discriminatory in chosing who he puts on the open lanes when our league is bowling. It becomes an ethnic situation. It depends on the color of your skin as to whether you get to bowl before 10P.M. He also thinks it’s cute to shut the microphone off when someone is announcing jackpots. Those people worked for those score and they deserve the recognition without childs play. He is the most annoying counter person I have ever dealt with in all my years of bowling.

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