Sherman Bowling Center

Sherman Bowling Center

  Name: Sherman Bowling Center  
  Address: 1531 West Sherman Boulevard  
  City: Muskegon  
  State: MI  
  Zip: 49441  
  Phone: (231) 755-1258  
  Hours: Check Website  
  Lanes: 50  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Restaurant  
  Comments: Fun for the whole family!  
How Does Sherman Bowling Center Rate?
Votes:    98
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Food: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Price: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
Fun: Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7
Overall: Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6Actual Value is 3.6
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Sherman Bowling Center Comments

Comment Date: 7/17/2013 Name: RealPlayer
I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. “It is well to give when asked but it is better to give unasked, through understanding.” by Kahlil Gibran.

Comment Date: 6/28/2013 Name: number book
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Comment Date: 6/10/2012 Name: anoymous
I am so sick about hearing how bad the black people have it in Muskegon. It is what they have made it for themselves. That statememnt is directed towards the ones that b*tch the most and work the least.

Comment Date: 5/6/2011 Name: Dick Gozina
This is the funniest thing on the Internet. You need to consider a reality show featuring Frank

Comment Date: 12/21/2010 Name: james tooee
If people were debating which bowling alley to go to…Northway or Sherman….pretty obvious the decision would be made rather quickly…lol…what ghetto trailer trash talk…lmfao

Comment Date: 2/28/2010 Name: Rick
I haven’t bowled a league at Sherman in many years, but I have spent ALOT of time at the lanes in the last few months. Sherman was the home alley for my daughters school, Mona Shores. The employees were ALWAYS very helpfull and kind to myself and my daughter. I just want to add that it is easy to hide behind a computer and bad mouth owners or other employees or even the establishment and equipment. Some people will intentionally lie on message boards just to discredit a competiting business. What I am saying is take all these comments with a grain of salt. In my personal opinion, Sherman is a great bowling alley and I look forward to many more years of doing business with them.

Comment Date: 10/7/2009 Name: mike
lanes ok,rude mgr.,overpriced food and drink,like northway much better,cleaner,kinder,better

Comment Date: 5/3/2009 Name: scott
Well, it ain’t perfect. It’s a bowling alley. I was able to get my lanes, bowl, eat and drink. Food was good. Service wasn’t bad. Prices were good. I’ll keep going back. I don’t know what all of the fighting is about on here. But it looks like they have cleaned up their act since.

Comment Date: 3/18/2009 Name: max
no service,food s*cks,ignorant managers who would be better off in a psycho ward heavily sedated,cheap imitation of chucky cheese,hookers working the bar,underage drinkers,they dont like black people or women either,overpriced,nice parking lot

Comment Date: 5/13/2008 Name: jessica
i just had a questions about working there i would like to have a job there..
{Deleted Email Address)

Comment Date: 2/23/2008 Name: Anonymous
where are the BOWLING TIMES??? And what is all of this arguing about black people NOT working at the place?? This message board is for those who want to place comments about the quality of the bowling place.

Comment Date: 1/11/2008 Name: the big worm
The lanes were ok, but the service was kinda {deleted}. The ball return is slow and the lanes break down here and there. And I want to know what is up with all the odd colored pins. They need to stick to the normal white pins and stop all of there red pin {deleted}. I can understand the pink pins since there for the breast cancer stuff. But get rid off all the other ones.

Comment Date: 1/9/2008 Name: Steve
Thanks for the life story

Comment Date: 3/27/2007 Name: Jill Pulte
I recently purchased a new computer, and thought that it would be rather fun to check up on my 2 brother’s business web-sites – NEVER did I expect to come across some unkind things being published about my brother, Jim Frey (or my former neighbor of 30 years Zack VanHorn who was basically considered a “Frey”). Who are you people that cast such unkind statements? Coming from a family of 10 children, my father was employed at Northfield part-time nights to support his bowling habit. My brothers were pinchasers through high school and college while achieving diplomas in business. 3 of my brothers purchased Northfield and within 1.5 years Jerry was taken from us and 2 years later, Jeffrey leaving Jim with the family business. He has dedicated his life to being a wonderful father to 6 children, husband, brother, son, friend and businessman. I extremely proud to call him my “big” brother. You people that claim he does not care for elderly people – that is the farthest thing from the truth. I worked part time nights for Jim for 7 years and if an employee at Northfield had a problem, Jim was there to help. Zack, I have known since his birth and never have I witnessed any unkind behavior instead he always makes me laugh. Change doesn’t always bring about things that we want but we are adults and should be able to adjust accordingly just like any good bowler should be able to with the ever changing lane conditions…………

Comment Date: 1/13/2007 Name: Kim G.
I came here simply to just check hours of open bowling and could not believe this bickering I found on a page I “thought” was going to be reviews by people who GO BOWLING at Sherman Bowling Center. Boy was I wrong. It seems to me if the employees have an issue with the place that employs them going to Management, Owners, or even higher up would be the place to address such issues. Not a “review of the bowling alley” website. We must have some very well educated people working in this establishment.
Nevertheless, as an actual person who came into the place to bowl, I will write a short review:
It seems like the place is getting cleaned up a lot and not being so dark and old fashioned. Kudos to that! The new sign updates are catching attention (as I pass by daily). I grew up in Glenside and now own a home in Lakeside and this is the ONLY bowling alley I have ever frequented. I watched my young nieces and nephew bowl last night and everyone had a blast. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working. Not only that; My husband and I had our wedding reception there in October 2005. It was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was very helpful, very nice, and we had a wonderful evening. Thank you SO much. Best of luck to Sherman in the future!

Comment Date: 10/6/2006 Name: White and pround
You are wright their is only one Black person working at Sherman now. But many more Blacks spending their money at Sherman.

Comment Date: 8/12/2006 Name: Black and pround
I was just wondering why there are few blacks who work a the bowling alley it just makes you wonder if it is for whites only lets face the facts this is a white mans world and very few jobs hire afican americans iam sure they except the black mans dollar!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 5/26/2006 Name: John Bartlet t (people care about me too Frank)
Frank, I don’t think Jim would like your persistant character assisination. Also, how can you speculate that people do not care about me. I’m known. Maybe they like me because I don’t spend my time creating numerous websites insulting undeserving people because I am not strong enough to take the blame for my own shortcomings. Or maybe it’s just the name.

Comment Date: 5/22/2006 Name: Frank RE: northfield lanes employee
You are wrong People do care about me. I still have friends here in Muskegon and at Sherman.They know me they dont know you.How can anybody believe comments from a pretend person? Why would anyone care?Comment Date: 5/16/2006 Name: northfield lanes employee
frank has no idea what he is talking about I havent been working at northfield lanes that long and I know that jim is the best boss you can ever have nobody cares what frank says anyhow he “was” a janitor for twenty years.

Comment Date: 5/22/2006 Name: Frank
To: John your not defending Jim or Sherman anymore your just a nobody just wanting to pick on me,put me down.I dont think Jim or Sherman want you to defend them this way. This could make them look bad.

Comment Date: 5/22/2006 Name: John Bartlett
Frank, I haven’t said any bad comments about Sherman Bowling Lanes, just you. I have been hearing great things that Jim has done for many years now and I have every right to defend his character. Agian, you are just passing the blame on to someone else instead of being a man and taking responsibility for your own actions. However, I am flattered you would use my words agianst me. (… ignorant line of reasoning.) Judging from all of your previous comments I can assume you thought those four words would make your appear more intelligent than you actually are. Thanks for the compliment.

Comment Date: 5/22/2006 Name: Frank RE: John Bartlett (My real name)
Why was i fired?What were my own actions?Who are you?People at Sherman know me do they know you?Comment Date: 5/12/2006 Name: John Bartlett (My real name)
Sorry Frank but I am friends with neither Zack or Jim. However, I do respect them as well as their judgements. For you to say that you were fired because Jim simply did not like you is simply an ignorant line of reasoning. You are just passing the blame instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. Lastly, what is going to be the new name for the alley?

Comment Date: 5/19/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
Dick owned Sherman Bowling Center, was president of the Seaway Gun Club, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Bowling Proprietor’s Association, and was a board member of Gentiva Health Services. He was also an honorary member of the Norton Shores Fire Department

Comment Date: 5/19/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
Dick Brirzen was the best Boss you could ever had at Sherman Bowling Center.He was a Great Person for Muskegon too.Check it out.

Comment Date: 5/19/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk a real person
For you people making Anonymous or using fake names i dont think anybody is going to believe Your comments when they dont know who you are.People know who i am all you have do is check at Sherman.Theirs a lot of people still their that know me and some that have known me for years. And do care about me. I have a wright to make Comments about Sherman.You dont.Any body thats wants to know about a real person that worked at Sherman just check out my Sherman web pages or go talk to people at Sherman bowling Center & Catering Service.

Comment Date: 5/19/2006 Name: Anonymous
It probably wouldnt be to smart for a employee to give notice. The employer just might fire the employee and try to stop them from getting another job.

Comment Date: 5/16/2006 Name: Anonymous
Why are employees exspected to give 2 weeks notice? How come employees do not have to give no reason or no notice to let a employee go.

Comment Date: 5/16/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
Why was i fired from Sherman Bowling Center without any warning?

Comment Date: 5/16/2006 Name: Anon.
Employee’s are not expected to give a two week notice, however it is courtious to do so. Employers are not required nor would it be smart to give warning to an employee beacause chances are good they would slack off. (get it now Frank?)

Comment Date: 5/16/2006 Name: Frank
To John for you to say i could not handle my job is a ignorant line of reasoning.How would you know why i was fired? Were you their? Did you see me working? Do you know me? How do you know so much of what is going on at Sherman,i,Zack and jim? I guess you Know everything.

Comment Date: 5/16/2006 Name: northfield lanes employee
frank has no idea what he is talking about I havent been working at northfield lanes that long and I know that jim is the best boss you can ever have nobody cares what frank says anyhow he “was” a janitor for twenty years.

Comment Date: 5/12/2006 Name: John Bartlett (My real name)
Sorry Frank but I am friends with neither Zack or Jim. However, I do respect them as well as their judgements. For you to say that you were fired because Jim simply did not like you is simply an ignorant line of reasoning. You are just passing the blame instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. Lastly, what is going to be the new name for the alley?

Comment Date: 5/11/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
Or John you can go here to make more rotten comments about me :

Comment Date: 5/11/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
To: John Bartlett I am sorry i do addmit i have difficulties with my grammar and Spelling and i have other problems too. But you have even biger problems. You have a poor,rotten atitude.You think it is funny because i lost my job. Well i did not loose my job because i could not handle it. It was because your friend Jim did not like me. And if jim or zack are like you then they are not as great as you said they are. You are not nice so if they have a friend like you they must not be very nice. I need a education. You need a atitude adjustment. I am sure someone will pray for you. Good luck back to you John. PS you want to put me down some more come check out my sites leave your rotten comments their.

Comment Date: 5/10/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
TO: John Bartlett iF that is really your name.Are You a friend of Sherman Bowling Center Manager Zack and owner Jim Frye ? I Know my Grammar and spelling is bad. I could handle my janitoral duties. I never had any complaints From Jim or Zack. I handle my job their for 20 years working for Dick Britzen and his family.Yes i do think their are some people that do care that i lost my job. Probably more people that care about me then you. You know your not even making comments about Sherman Anymore. Your just making bad comments about me.If you just want to asault my Chracter come check out my sites. Their are places their you can make your rood comments.

Comment Date: 5/8/2006 Name: John Bartlett
Sorry Frank, it just amazes me that an adult at your age has such difficulties with grammer as well as simple spelling. I was cracking up while reading all of your complaints about losing your job, its as though you honestly believe people actually care that an old man who could not handle simple janitorial duties lost his job. Good luck Frank.

Comment Date: 5/5/2006 Name: Frank kuzyk
To: John Bartlett i hope you are not good friends with Jim Frye and Zack.The public may think they are like you with your little joke and turn them away from the new Sherman.You are a poor exsample.

Comment Date: 5/2/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
To: John Bartlett Great comment you made their that shows what kind of person you are. Do your friends at Sherman make great comments like that too? What does the public think of your kind words? Thank you.

Comment Date: 4/30/2006 Name: John Bartlett
Hoz tha job search be goin Frank? Y did Frank cross tha road? Cuz he wuz stuck all up in tha chickenz *ss.

Comment Date: 4/27/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
Anybody that Wants to Check out the old Sherman Bowling Center and its people i have a Sherman History web page in the works almost done.Go to the Unoffical web page you will find it their or contact me.

Comment Date: 4/27/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk former Sherman Employee
History of Sherman Bowling Center

Comment Date: 4/27/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
Sorry i spelled your name rong John Bartlett. I made a mistake we are not all perfect like some people think they are.Anyway good luck to the new Sherman or what ever you are going to name it.

Comment Date: 4/26/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk
To John Barlet by the way my job was never a cake walk.I know that for a fact when i walk in one day and seen 4 people doing my job.I known i am not insulting Jim and Zacks Chracter.I just dont agree with everything their doing thats my comments.You sound like you are insulting Sherman employees.I wish luck to the new Sherman but i will miss the old sherman and the kind and generous people their.

Comment Date: 4/25/2006 Name: Frank Kuzyk former employee
I have nothing Bad or good to say about Jim Frye or Zack or the new sherman Lanes.But for you people Who make bad comments about i or other Sherman Employees, or Others, are the ones that are Stupid.And them some of you are cowards.I myself have nothing to be afraid of because i know longer work for Sherman.I dont know for sure how the new Sherman lanes is going to do but i and other sherman people that been around for a while know a little about the business too we are not stupid. WE are not the smartest. But also the bigest,smartest,Business people have failed too.Anyway iam not going to call jim any names or say anything bad about him, but i can not be friendly to him either because he fired me for no reason without no warning.I Know i did good work their for 20 years.I guess i was just a person he just didnt like.Thats ok i forgive him. Well good luck to the New Sherman Lanes and friends. Sincerly Frank Kuzyk former employee

Comment Date: 4/22/2006 Name: John Bartlett
Jim Frye is one of the nicest and most generous people I have ever come across. He is a stand up guy and a successful businessman who is more than qualified to make the neccesary changes at Sherman. Chances are nice that if you do not like him or Zak for that matter than you are just upset that your job is no longer a cakewalk. All these comments insulting his character are clearly made out of ignorance (Frank). And by the way, is it true there might be a name change?

Comment Date: 4/19/2006 Name: Sherman employee- Mike
Due to a high demand, an official Sherman Lanes website is in the works. Look for for it on the net in the next couple months. And I cannot comment at this time about a name change.

Comment Date: 4/17/2006 Name: Sherman Bowler
I’ve heard a couple rumors concerning a name change from Sherman Bowling Center to Northfield Lanes Muskegon. Any validity to that?

Comment Date: 4/12/2006 Name: Mike B*tbuddie
I Love Zack he does a great job of runing our Sherman Bowling center.

Comment Date: 4/4/2006 Name: Zack Gayboy
Jim and Zack do a fine Job of runing Sherman Bowling Center. The guys just love them.

Comment Date: 4/4/2006 Name: Anonymous
Dick Britzen Former Owner of Sherman Bowling Center was a Better Business Man and a better person then Zack or Jim Frye could ever be. And Carolyn Baynes his sister was right beside him. They Knew how to run Sherman for years and they knew how to treat people around Muskegon. You GrandRapids people treat people here in Muskegon like crap. I rather bowl and i am sure a lot of other people rather bowl at Northway. So why dont you just pack up with your rotten attitude and go back to Grandrapids buy a bowling center there stay there.

Comment Date: 4/1/2006 Name: frank s*cks
zak is my hero

Comment Date: 4/1/2006 Name: Northfield Lanes Employee
This is the most assinine group of postings that I have ever read. ALL of you are correct in saying that this is a Muskegon house. We, here in Grand Rapids, have had three bowling alleys run exactly like Sherman was run. They were, and please look these up, The Chez Ami, The Fanatorium, and Michigan Lanes. Fantastic houses. Why don’t all of you who complain about new owners/management come to GR and check these bowling alleys out. P.S. Jim Frey bought Northfield from Marion Ladewig, so IF you think he or his staff doesn’t know bowling, DO YOUR REASEARCH!

Comment Date: 12/24/2005 Name: Anonymous
I dont know about the new owners. I don’t think they give a crap about their old bowlers or their old employees. I think they’re looking for younger people to bowl there and work there. After all they are still young themselves. But beware young Sherman new owners you will be old someday yourself. You better treat your older folks the way you want to be treated when you get that old.

Comment Date: 12/17/2005 Name: Frank Kuzyk Janitor@Sherman
Great comments here about Sherman and the people there. We also seemed to have a pretty good Employees meeting today at Sherman. Everybody seems to be talking. The employer is talking to the employees. Things looking better.

Comment Date: 12/16/2005 Name: Anonymous
The new management really needs to take a step back a look at what they are doing. Yes the bowling center may need some improvements but listen to the current employees. You don’t know everything. ASK PEOPLE WHAT THEY THINK. Don’t try to take over every single aspect of the place. It makes people mad when you act like (even if you do) know more then them. Change is not something that is easily accepted. And it will never be if there is no compromise. No one wants to work with a know it all. Look back and say maybe, I am human and don’t know everything and that’s okay. I don’t have to know everything just because I am in charge. That will gain the respect of your peers and you then and only then will be able to strive to goal. The employees know they aren’t going to get rich even if this place takes off like Disneyland but they do know if the place works well the pay raises will come. The most important thing is that everyone works together to reach a goal. People will only work well if they are treated with respect. You want people to quit talking bad about you then treat everyone with respect and you too will then recieve. Don’t say things about other employees if you don’t want them to talk about you. You need to be their boss not the 1st grade bully.

Comment Date: 12/15/2005 Name: Employee
I totally agree with the last employee’s comment. If you don’t work at Sherman then you really have no right to make your comments about our working conditions. We do have to work there until we find another job. We can’t just quit. There are still some things I like about my job and Sherman Bowling Center. There are things I don’t like about my job and Sherman Bowling Center. But until I find a job I love I will put up with problems at Sherman still have my complaints, good comments, bad comments etc. I will do my work the best I can and do just about anything Jim and Zack want. If you don’t work here at Sherman then quit your job and come work at Sherman then make your comments.

Comment Date: 12/15/2005 Name: An Employee
To whoever Nicole is, quit running your mouth. You don’t work there and you don’t know. We are all happy to have a job, if we weren’t, would we still be there? However, there were a lot of unexpected changes that are proving to be a problem. We have every right to be upset. It’s not our fault the leagues are leaving or people complain about prices and such, we didn’t do it! It’s not like we want the controversy! And if there was a problem with our work ethic, we would be notified. So what, things are different, you get over it. It’s Jim and Zack’s world now and they can do what they want in it. You accept it or you don’t. But you do not point fingers at the entry-level employees because we have a complaint. Someone always does. Mind your business, and get a life.

Comment Date: 12/13/2005 Name: Anonymous
What about the unhappy customers? Teams are quiting, Leagues that are not coming back next year. Regular customers are not very happy. Need to hear from other regular bowlers about Sherman bad or good comments and vote, rate Sherman bowling center. I think they are trying to run this bowling center like the one in Grand Rapids. This bowling center is in Muskegon. Bowlers are differnt in Muskegon so give us our shot back. And let’s hear from you other bowlers.

Comment Date: 12/9/2005 Name: Frank Kuzyk Janitor@Sherman
Zack&Jim.; Just wanted to thank Zack&Jim; 4 giving me hours
Just wanted to Thank Zack and Jim for letting me work on my day off so I will make close to or I will make 40 hours this week. Now they have a clean floor in the small resturant that may pass inspection. Next week I may get 40 hours too. I will be filling in for Mattie Thursday while she goes to the other side on a cater. So I may get a full check next pay peroid. This will help a little may be able to get some food, bills paid and may be able to get the kids some Christmas gifts. I hope some of you other employees can get some hours too before Christmas. Business is starting to pick up a little things are looking a little better. I am still a little hopeful. Roof almost done. I hope the employees, employers and the catering can work together more and make Sherman a better place. Once again I would like to thank Zack, Jim, Sue and all Sherman people Sincerly Frank Kuzyk Janitor@Sherman Bowling Center. P.S, thank you Marlea Kooi, Marty and others for helping me out too.

Comment Date: 12/8/2005 Name: Nicole
Someone posted some of these comments to a Muskegon group I have and I wanted to say that I think you employees complain too much. I had a friend that worked a Sherman for years until right before she passed away and I think you all probally know who that is since she’s not been gone long. Those older employees would have known her. My husband has also done a bit of work for Sherman bowling center and I am familiar with the previous owners. Mainly I just wanted to say that you all sound like a bunch of complaining, whining pansies. You are lucky to even have jobs. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the United States now and all you can think about is yourselves. Things change, people change. If you can’t roll with the changes then maybe you are part of the problem.

Comment Date: 12/1/2005 Name: TO FRANK…
For the love of God, do EVERYONE a favor and quit Sherman. I think you and a lot of other people would be a lot happier.

Comment Date: 11/30/2005 Name: Frank Kuzyk Janitor@Sherman
I talked a little with Jim Frye owner of Sherman Bowling Center. Someone told him about my comments I made here, my groups, my journals, e-mail etc. I admit I did make some comments here good and bad. But I did not make a comment about the tickets. I repeat I did NOT make a comment like the ticket crap comment. I don’t care what you tell Jim but make sure I said it and you know what you are talking about. The ticket comment was made by someone else another employee, customer or other. All comments on this page are not made by me. Some are made by other employees, bowlers, customers, friends, enemys, others etc. I repeat I did not make all comments on this page. Be careful what you say. You might not know what you are talking about, it may not be true. Thanks for reading my comments. Sincerly Frank Kuzyk Janitor@Sherman Bowling Center for 20 years.

Comment Date: 11/22/2005 Name: Anonymous Employee
To Sherman Employers – Please try saving on the Electric bill. Please Turn some lights off. Please turn games off at closing time. You can always turn back on at opening time. Save money on electric bill. Maybe Customers can save on prices. Then more customers come to a cheaper bowling Center. Also maybe you have extra money to give employees more hours so we can make more money. Maybe everyone benefit from this.

Comment Date: 11/18/2005 Name: Anonymous
Suggestions for Sherman Owners: 1st weekend Specials, Saturday & Sunday for Sherman customers. Start with either a hot dog bowl or $1.00 a game ded hours, about 1pm to about 5pm. Weekday Specials Monday-Friday ded hours about 1pm to 5pm 1st week 50 cents a game. Night time bowling or league specials they would probably prefer drink or food specials. Please Sherman owners try some of these Specials out soon or think of your own specials soon but I think everyone would benefit Sherman owners, employees, and the customers. Sincerely Friend of all.

Comment Date: 11/17/2005 Name: Anon
I think that the place has really improved since the new owners took over.

Comment Date: 11/17/2005 Name: Anonymous Employee
I don’t want to complain to much about Sherman. It does have a couple good things happening. I am a little hopeful. But right now I am just having a hard almost impossible time trying to make a living, supporting my family. I am having problems keeping up with my credit payments, my bills, etc. I wish I could at least get close to 40 hours a week. Good things at Sherman. They have a new roof. They’re cleaning house getting rid of old junk. A couple other things. I just wish the Sherman employers would listen to their employees and talk to them act like they care have a heart. I think if Sherman employers would listen to the employees we could make some good suggestions to make them some money so us employees can make some money. I want to work with Sherman but I need to know what they want and everyone needs to talk and listen. I am a little hopeful. I really hope things will work out at Sherman for us employees and the Sherman employers.

Comment Date: 11/17/2005 Name: Anonymous Sherman Employee
It is not just the employees complaining. The customers are complaining too. The leagues are complaining because the bowling center is not as clean as it use to be, the lanes are not being done the way they liked it. Less employees can not serve the customers as good as they use too. The new owners will not listen or talk to the leagues or regular customers too. These customers are use to the old Sherman employees keeping them happy. Most leagues at Sherman are getting tired of the poor service from the Sherman owners talking about leaving. If they leave their goes Sherman owners guaranteed money. Don’t like to complain just ask that the Sherman owners talk to and listen to the regular customers and employees act like you care and have a heart. Sincerly, long time Anonymous employee.

Comment Date: 11/16/2005 Name: Anonymous Employee
Most of Sherman Employess are doing the best they can with the little time we have. But there are a few certain employees that are getting more hours than others and still not doing a lot. Sitting at the counter reading books. Walking around whistling. I am trying to do what the new employers want but they won’t talk to you. They do everything so different. I used to make 40 hours a week or better. Now about 30 hours or less a week. I have a hard time making it to work because I can’t afford to drive. I have walked, rode a bike, etc. That is very hard work it self I live across town past Northway Bowling Center by Glen Oaks apartments. This is the only job I have and I am doing the best I can to make a living off from it, supporting my family. I am a long time 20 years employee at Sherman. The reason Sherman was sold was because the former owner was ready to retire just did not want to run the business anymore. We were told the the new employers were going keep the same employees. They were going to interview each one of us, they did not. They told us to keep doing things the same way we had been doing then shortly after that they changed everything and then started to cut hours. I guess to save on labor cost. But yet they turn every light in the house on with no customers waste electricity, energy and pay more money out to that bill then what they need to. We the employees try to make sugestions to them to bring more business to the bowling center but they don’t seem to care. They won’t listen to us or talk to us. All the Sherman employees ask that the Sherman employers talk to us tell us what they want. Thanks for reading my comment. Sincerely, long time 20 year Anonymous Employee

Comment Date: 11/16/2005 Name:  a friend of sherman employee
Why do you think the establishment was put up for sale ? If your hours are being cut it is because it is necessary. Maybe if you would quit complaining and just do a better job, business would pickup and your hours would increase. Why not try to be part of a solution instead of part of the problem. Knock off the complaining. Remember, you are an “at will” employee. There are no guarantees .

Comment Date: 11/15/2005 Name: John
Anonymous back again Started this #1 just call me John. Anyway about comments for Sherman. Sherman Bowling center needs more weekend Specials like the hot dog bowl. And to advertise these specials by newspaper, road sign, inside advertisement, the web, etc. Advertise on both sides of the road sign same thing. Enough with the sayings on the road sign. The new owners need to keep their bowling leagues there. Treat them right, give them just about anything they want. The bowling leagues are guaranteed money to the bowling center.

Comment Date: 11/13/2005 Name: Anonymous
Why would they change the shot at Sherman? This is not Grand Rapids. Put the shot back like it was.

Comment Date: 11/12/2005 Name: Anonymous
I really think since the new owners came in the bowling alley has gone down hill, the league bowlers are not happy with the lanes the workers are getting their hours cut and it’s not reason to cause it is going to be our busiest time of the year. Maybe if they didn’t stay open till 12:00 even if there’s not any one in there or get all the ticket crap. But I believe they better come around fast otherwise their going to lost a lot of people!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 11/10/2005 Name: Anonymous
I think with the new owners Sherman Bowling Center needs a lot of improvments. The new owners need to take more suggestions from their long time employees and customers. Maybe a sugestion box. A good thing they have done is fixed the roof. A bad thing they are doing is they are not treating most of their employees right by cutting their hours, not talking to them letting them know what is going on. They are not treating their league bowlers or regular customers right. I would like to see people try to reason with them, get together and talk to the new owners try to keep this bowling center going as good or better as the past owners did. Let’s see more comments here too. Thank you much for letting me making my comments here and a big thank you for the people that may read this and make your comments. Sincerely, a regular person that hangs out at Sherman Bowling center.

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