Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl

Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl

  Name: Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl  
  Address: 6322 Kenilworth Avenue  
  City: Riverdale  
  State: MD  
  Zip: 20737  
  Phone: (301) 864-5940  
  Hours: S-Th 9am-11pm Fri-Sat 9am-4am  
  Lanes: 32  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
  Comments: Great weekend “Galactic Bowl” light & sound show; big choice of adult & youth leagues; popular birthday parties; and, other special events.  
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Votes:    69
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1
Food: Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4Actual Value is 3.4
Price: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Fun: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Overall: Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8Actual Value is 3.8
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Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 4/25/2012 Name: League Bowler
I would like to say that I like the bowling alley overall. The problems I see are the rates are pretty high even for league bowlers. I also would like to add that the management has terrible customer service skills. She yells everytime someone asks a question which is ridiculous. I am not sure if Miss Pat was desperate or knows no better but when Tammy quit – that was pretty much a done deal or good customer service skills at Rinaldi’s.

Comment Date: 3/12/2012 Name: Big Bowler
Two things that need to be fixed; for some reason when I bowl mulitiple games at your pre-paid bowling lanes, the system will shut down before I have completed bowling. The attendant Mickey is in need of some major customer service skills training.

Comment Date: 2/10/2012 Name: league bowler
I want to say thank you for repairing the holes in the parking lot Pat . Now please fix your customer service problems. How could you let someone set tammy up like that.

Comment Date: 2/1/2012 Name: league bowler
Not only did Tammy leave but also Berlin.I think that that was a major loss to a staff that already had major customer service issues.And when is the pot hole in the parking lot going to get repaired.Its been over 3 months now. This center is slowly going down hill again .And I cannot believe that Mickey is back at the counter.what is going on are they trying to run customers away.I for one don,t think that I will return next season. very sad situation over there.

Comment Date: 1/23/2012 Name: A bowler for years
How bad news travel so fast. Today I was told that Tammy has quit working at Rinaldi’s. Why I am not sure but I think that was a huge mistake. Tammy will surely be missed and I wish her nd her family all the very best, I would have rather see her there when I come in to bowl. She is very pleasant with me I never have any complaints about her or the staff that works on her shift. I hope no one else decides to quit, if so I am not sure if i willl continue to bowl there… But I am only one person sharing my opinion..

Comment Date: 1/4/2012 Name: tournament bowler
Was here just this past weekend for a tournament. The staff was very friendly & helpful. The only negative comment I can make about the place was that they need to be more attentive of their floors. The actual bowling surface was great however the other tiled floor was very dirty, we had to keep our covers on our shoes because of sticky dirty floors. Other than that…great place with friendly people!

Comment Date: 12/26/2011 Name: league bowler
what kind of website is this put the bad as well as the good on. you are not being fair.
**Note** Someone would have to make a negative comment for it to be posted, so far, looks like comments about this center are positive! B2U Staff**

Comment Date: 11/29/2011 Name: bellringer111
Rinaldi’s Riverdale has been improving right along. Been a league bowler there for 10 years or so–only center around that still pays $300 for a 300 game! Took family group in over the holidays & had a ball with the Galactic Bowl light & sound show. Just got their hard liquor license so am going to try to have my class reunion there in a couple of months. Great place!

Comment Date: 10/20/2011 Name: A regular
IM glad that they added liquor to the bar, however the bar is in a bowling center and not a DC or NY club for the prices that they have and the lack of liquor in the drink. I brought a drink and it was more juice then anything else, if I wanted juice I would have brought it from the snack bar for a much cheaper price.. Im glad to see that Jasmine is back, she is funny and makes ordering food a blast I can eat again in the morning as well as during the week. Jasmine and Ms. T make a good team working together, Ms T doesnt seem to be in a bad mood whenever she is working with Jasmine.. The place stays clean and the rest of the staff is friendly I love coming here even though I think the prices for some things are high..

Comment Date: 10/13/2011 Name: never mine
I love the center its a clean very fun place to hang out. the food is the best , breakfast is awesome and now they even add extras to the bar,so you can get your drink on , i love it great job .

Comment Date: 8/24/2011 Name: *N.G.S*
I came in during the friday night league AND i LVOED IT. Everyone was dancing and having so much fun. The manager Tammy was nice but she seemed a little upset like she needed a break. The snack bar crew was pretty fun but they could of @ least acted like they were hapy even thoguh I know they were hot and tired because the snack bar was so overcrowded with hungry people. I think the Ms. Pat did a great job. Its a little small because of how many people there were but I was VERY pleased. I can’t to come back next summer!

Comment Date: 7/24/2011 Name: retired bowler
The lanes are okay, but that lady by the name of mickey makes the center below average,has no buisness dealing with the public. Needs to find another job.

Comment Date: 7/18/2011 Name: Kenny
I’ve been bowling at Rinaldi’s Riverdale for a few years now and I have always found the place to be clean and mostly what you would expect from a reputable bowling establishment. The lane conditioning seems to be maintained with regularity – even on the weekends – which is probably due to their weekend league play. There never seems to be very many mechanical lane issues…once again credit to the overall lane maintenance and repair commitment of teh house ownership. They have what looks like a very nice full service bar area. I don’t drink so I can’t say to much about it other than MANY people seem to enjoy it and I have never really heard any complaints. The snack bar now is run by a new group, different from Ms. Kim of a few years ago. This group has a few more menu choices and seem to have greater interest in making happy customers. I have always gotten pleasent smiles and genuine concern with regard to the accuracy of my order and the quality of freshness and preparedness of the food. As a result, the snack bar is ALWAYS busy. But no matter how busy, Ms. T always takes the time to make sure my order is the way I like it and is always accomodating no matter how particular my order may be.

Comment Date: 7/12/2011 Name: Razor
I have bowled at Rinaldi’s Riverdal, since the eighties….The Changes that Pat made to the house, was untouchable, beautiful and very costly. I have no problems at all with the staff there…Tammy is so nice and patient and always smiling…Mickey is kool and get things done that need to be done…Snake and his mom, (Tawanna) are so very good at what they do at the snack bar and the bar. I’ve seen people bombard “T” at the snack bar when she’s there alone and she gets things done. I beleive Tawanna is very kind and dedicated to her job.

Comment Date: 6/10/2011 Name: sweet pea
Fun place! Good league house. Lanes run really well–no breakdowns to speak of. Like variety of food. Some people say their food is expensive. Have they checked out the HIGH prices at AMF lately?! ,,,and Rinaldi�s quality is much better. Went to friend’s daughter’s birthday party there a month or so ago–really nice set up, staff was attentive, & little girl’s pic. was put up on flat screen scorer (showed every time she was up to bowl–kids thought that was awesome)! Weekend light & sound show is the best I’ve seen.

Comment Date: 6/7/2011 Name: A real bowler
Rinaldi’s is a very good place to bowl especially compared to the other ghetto alleys in the area. You can actually park your car without it being stolen or broken into. Its hands down the best in the area as far as machine maintenance, they almost never have break downs and if your a league bowler thats very important. Now they even have flat screens, Crofton has them too but their lane conditions are terrible and machines always break down.

Comment Date: 4/23/2011 Name: Kisha
Snake’s mom behind the snackbar is an evil witch at times. If you don’t like dealing with the public than find another job. Their have been times I’ve wanted to get the salads but changed my mind because she is there. I know I’m not the only one but Ms Pat need to address this issue because its money lost. I feel I am very polite but the way she comes off makes me want to come out of character and curse her a** out. Ms. Pat needs to put a lock box on the temperature control brcause it would save her money. Mickey is the one that makes it hot as hell in there because she is always hot and all that does is dry the lanes out even more. Nice establishment but needs a “few” changes.

Comment Date: 4/22/2011 Name: jennifer
i hate this place………….they have rude a** people.the foods is nasty. but the music good.the place is ghetto.

Comment Date: 3/2/2011 Name: League Bowler 914
I’ve bowled at in leagues at Rinaldi’s for the past 10yrs, I’ve bowled in establishments across the country both chain such and AMF and independents such as Rinaldi’s. The bowling alley is quality, your not going to please everyone all of the time but they do the best they can. Its true that the staff has their days, but we all do. The bowling alley is a solid 9 on a 10 scale. The only reason I don’t say a 10 is because the temperature isn’t consistant from night to night and the some of the monitors for the scoring machines need maintenance.

Comment Date: 12/18/2010 Name: Stephanie Calet
My family consists of two granddaughters, 13 and 3, two grown daughters $ active family, and an active pup. We live on the outskirts of Baltimore, but we used to live in Silver Spring, and we bowled at Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl, finally left because the man who owned it let it fall apart. After he passed, his daughter Pat took over, and the difference is so remarkable that you’d have to see it, try it, and you’ll come back. They have everything, the place is immaculate, very attractive, and what always catches me off guard, the restaurant/bar. Our local place charges $8-10 for a small piece of pizza and a soda- and every time, we have to ask for napkins. There’s an obvious effort sometimes to get everyone “bowled” happily, since it’s a going concern, and people sometimes have to wait. A nice perk is the restaurant with good food, and a nice bar. Good place for lunch or supper, esp if you have to wait a bit. (We never waited more than ten minutes, if that). Pat and the staff try to – and mostly are able to – make each customer happy. A couple of the managers can be brusque, depending on what’s being asked of them (you wouldn’t believe the demands and crazy requests I’ve heard) but almost always, they’re right there to help, and they do. As for complaints about the managers, we haven’t had any trouble, and if you do have a short wait, you’ll wonder how they can get so much done – with people staring at them, juggling the phone and walkins, and people who walk in after having a bad day! They even have those neat really comfortable shoes, and that’s a huge plus for someone like me. The first thing I look for in a center are the sounds: people who are happy, even hundreds of them, make this sound that’s hard to describe, but you probably know what I mean……it’s pretty loud, but with a sound along with it that – my husband of all people! said it sounds like a happy purring cat! As in all things in life, you get what you pay for, and Rinaldi’s is remarkable in this day and age. A FAMILY-owned center. Pretty darn good I’d say, with all the high expectations and huge demands put on hard working employees in busy places these days. These folks have been a team for a long time, like I said, a family. Thanks from the Cales to the Rinaldi Team! Keep on, keepin’ on, you’re doing GREAT! Stephanie, Dan, Stevie and Sunny

Comment Date: 9/26/2010 Name: youth league parent
Last year was my daughter 1st year bowling at Rinaldi’s. The experience was great with Lisa, Hazel and Danny. This year my daughter will not bowl because none of them are there to instruct. This year they have some non-bowling parents instructing. The food is great but very expensive. The staff at times can be very rude.

Comment Date: 9/3/2010 Name: league bowler
Center needs a lot of work, especially the lanes they are definately going down. they don,t seem to care about the dirt and gunk that comes back on the bowling balls. they have been told ,over and over but seemsmto fall on deft ears. The heat has at times has been unbearable especially on the lower numbered lanes. I definately will not be bowling there after this year. I can find something more constructive to do with my money.And i havent even got to the staff yet, NEXT WEEK.

Comment Date: 8/14/2010 Name: Katie & Johnnie Holloway
The summer tour that is held at Rinaldi’s is one of the best local tournaments that my husband and I have bowled in. It is well organized and the schedule times for bowling start in a timely manner. Thanks John and Crew

Comment Date: 8/10/2010 Name: Anonymous
hot and humid

Comment Date: 8/10/2010 Name: Bowler
I have been bowling thyer for some time now,and it seems that during the summer months it gets very very hot ,and hummid. almost unbearable. I understand that this year was unusally warm, but this has been going on for years this year only highlights the point. Many league bowlers are really concerned and are talking about not coming back if the management do not seem to want to address this problem. Bowling is getting too expensive to pay for this type of service.Also Why is Mickey back behind the counter. I,m sure She is a Good worker but She is not a people person, put that with the heat and you have a bad enviourment, and WHOS GOING TO SPEND MONEY On THAT. PLease help.

Comment Date: 7/4/2010 Name: darryl chuckie washington
the house is great for the area bowlers, i see there doing a great job there. on a scale of 1 to 10, i give it a 9-1/2. thank you for all you do.

Comment Date: 6/27/2010 Name: takeittothebank!!!!
The center is really a lovely place to visit there is always one person that you can’t stand to be in a place and most of the time she knows who she is and dont care that she chases the customer away with her cusing and rude behavor but lets face it she not going any were the food is good when it cooked right and most of the time the service is great i would go back again

Comment Date: 1/30/2010 Name: BAYCHAOS!
Yes i have been to Rinaldi’s when i was young!! i enjoyed it then and still today i enjoy the lanes and the disco time nd {deleted}…BUT YOUR FOOD PRICES ARE TOOO HIGH I MEAN LET US USE FOOD STAMPS OR SOMETHING!!!!! RAIN CHECK!LMAO THANKS RIVERDALE

Comment Date: 10/29/2009 Name: Regular Joe
The managemnt is extremely rude…. NOT PROFESSIONAL at all.. Lanes are in good shape..They have the most expensive rates in PG COUNTY… There is a woman she is heavy set,darkskin don’t really know her name but she orks there full time she might be a manager, SHE SO RUDE AND HAS A NASTY ATTITUDE..THEY LOST MY BUSINESS BECAUSE OH HER…

Comment Date: 10/24/2009 Name: Coach
Yeah, Rinaldi’s is a pretty decent place to bowl. I’ve been a league bowler there for several years, and the staff knows me. I’ve never had a problem with the staff, but it’s probably ’cause I get along with just about everyone there. I love their computerized score keeping and the low step-up to the lane. It’s MUCH better than Capital Plaza’s bowling alley; they charge an arm and a leg, have antiquated computers, and that first step up is a doozy! Rinaldi’s is a cool place to bowl, if you’re feeling up to some fun. It is what you make it. As the saying goes, “Good luck, and good bowling!” 🙂

Comment Date: 5/8/2009 Name: Use to do league there
Yeah, {Name deleted} can be a B*tch sometimes, I don’t even know how Pat promoted her to a manager. But everyone else is pretty much cool. Its sad to see that they raised the rates on Mrs. Kim, so she not longer owns the restaurant there. Now the food prices are ridiculous. Only because Pat (the owner) charges them an arm and a leg to set up in the bowling alley.
But since they are the only bowling alley that closes after 2am. That’s where I go if I feel the need to bowl.

Comment Date: 4/11/2009 Name: pooh
i love bowling there and its an really fun place to go the cashier is really nice. but there is always this one person who has to be so rude and that is the the lady that cooks the food she is the most rude person i have ever seen i asked for an hambuger she grab the money from me and than my food was not cook right or anything i think that she needs to be fried and she is always rude every time i go there.

Comment Date: 1/25/2009 Name: PRETTY
rinaldi’s is a cool place to bowl but its no different than the next, its all in what you and your crowd make it. it is a little expensive
and if you do not get there early like 8pm you really should just go ahead somewhere else cause
they will be booked.

Comment Date: 9/27/2008 Name: Native Washingtonian
It seems like a bit much to charge $7 per game after 9pm here when other places are charging $5.50. We used to go here all the time back in the day but their prices used to align with the oher places. We will be going to AMF.

Comment Date: 8/12/2008 Name: Cheeky
The manager TAMMY is so rude and unproffesional. She feels as though its not her responsibility as a MANAGER to provide her customers with any info. Customer service s*cks!!!

Comment Date: 3/4/2008 Name: Leroy Hooper
Appreciate the manager and staff at Renaldi’s for their the bowling experience they provide for customers. A clean neat and comfortable
place to enjoy-especially the maryland lottery.

Comment Date: 12/29/2007 Name: Anonymous
The managers at Rinaldi’s are very rude, unprofessional, and have very nasty attitudes

Comment Date: 9/25/2006 Name: Peter Chamberlain
What a great place! We were traveling on the East coast and needed to take a break from our travels and found ourselves at Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl. The people are fabulous and the place was clean and inviting. Wish they would have a place like this in Salem, Oregon!

Comment Date: 3/21/2006 Name: Gregory.Stannard
I would like a listing of the number of 300 games
bowled in this house in the last 18 months, along with the names of the individuals.

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