Mt Greylock Bowl

Mt Greylock Bowl

  Name: Mt Greylock Bowl  
  Address: 41 Roberts Drive  
  City: N Adams  
  State: MA  
  Zip: 01247  
  Phone: (413) 663-3761  
  Hours: 10am to Mid-Night  
  Lanes: 36  
  Lane Type: Wood  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
  Comments: We are a family oriented bowling center with a Pro Shop, Snack Bar and Full Service Lounge.  
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Votes:    173
Lanes: Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4Actual Value is 4.4
Food: Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8
Price: Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8Actual Value is 4.8
Fun: Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6
Overall: Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6Actual Value is 4.6
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Mt Greylock Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 2/7/2010 Name: Memory Lane
I was quite impressed with the cleanliness,food and upkeep of the bowling alley after being there some 40 odd yrs ago. My dad played in many tournaments in the late 50’s to 60’s, and won many trophies. Thank you for keeping the good memories GOING!!!

Comment Date: 3/9/2009 Name: shane raymond
the snack bar is really good and the lanes are the good i have been bowling there for 12 years and still bowling there

Comment Date: 1/9/2009 Name: Cape Cod Kid
I am yet to go to Mt. Greylock Bowling Center. I’ve been a part of bowling for almost eight years and my be attending MCLA. I hope to continue bowling league so please let me know if you guys are worth looking into. My average is about 170 and I’m only getting better. I’ve bowled in states a few times, so far I’ve done pretty well. I got Forth place in 2004 in singles and 13th place in 2007, plus second for teams in 2003. My Email adress is {Sorry, email addressess are not permitted} Please let me know about your center, thanks again

Comment Date: 10/25/2008 Name: Kingpin
To Tournament bowler, if you are really a tournament bowler then you should be able to adjust to or at least have the proper equipment for dry lanes. If you bowled bad there it is easy to place the blame on the center but what would you thought of the place if you shot 300/800 you know what I mean and I have never seen the place before so I have no reason to defend it. I just want a fellow bowler to look at where they are placing the blame and maybe reconsider what they are actually blaming or who they are blaming for their own poor performance there.

Comment Date: 3/30/2008 Name: local supporter
Great family place! Nostalgic snack bar with great cheeseburgers and french fries, goes good with the beer. P.S. To tournament bowler: Flook is not a word.

Comment Date: 2/12/2008 Name: Bowling mama
I have been bowling for many years and have bowled at many different facilities. Some have synthetics, some wood, some combo (synth/wood). I bowled at Mt Greylock in the woman’s states and bowled my best ever. I went back and bowled in the men’s states and bowled very well again. I thought the lanes were well maintained, the facility itself was clean and the people who worked there were very professional and friendly. I also brought my son to Mt. Greylock for a Youth Tournament. It was at least 2 hrs driving to get there, but my experience was very positive in all aspects!!

Comment Date: 1/29/2008 Name: mike soup
Ya my dad kinda owns it so the person who says hes a “league bowler” probably has no idea what hes talkin about, i’ve been bowling there for 13 years and have been to almost everybowling alley in westernmass and its by far the best one, look at kens bowl when they oil it. They let the cord go right over the lane, its messy. Lee lanes flat out tiny and cant hold a league. Cove is nice but the sinthetic lanes are the only good thing about the place besides the food and bennington lanes is to small and with the carpet on the same serface at the approach theres always dust,lint and dirt everywhere

Comment Date: 10/29/2007 Name: Anti-10 pin
Tournament Bowler, I have a some advise for you: DON’T BOWL TENPIN!!! If you live in New England, there is only one type of bowling you should be doing…CANDLEPIN

Comment Date: 5/7/2007 Name: great place
gary great job you and your staff had a very good weekend it was worth the drive

Comment Date: 5/4/2007 Name: little guy
this house is a great place to bowl and have fun,the owner and his staff are great,the house is challenging and consistant always.alaways clean and well kept.i enjoy bowling there it has made a better bowler.

Comment Date: 4/24/2007 Name: Tournament Bowler
Talk about the worst lanes ever. Dry, wooden lanes, where you look at the lane and see bare spots in places.
I figured it was just a flook when the lanes were bone dry, when I took the two and a half hour drive to the center, to practice. Well, it wasn’t, it was the same way when I went back.
And almost half a year later, a friend of mine came back from bowling a tournament there, and she complained of the same thing.
Management should try this new thing called INVESTMENT. Buy synthetic lanes, and actually oil them. You’d be surprised at the increase of bowlers coming in. ..But then again, the nearest bowling center is pretty far isn’t it? So, you think you could get away with screwing everyone over like that?
-I- know two people that won’t be returning to bowl at Mt. Greylock Bowl for ANY reason. Any one else who is a smart bowler, would do the same.

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