Bayou Bowl

Bayou Bowl

  Name: Bayou Bowl  
  Address: 100 Horseshoe Lake Road  
  City: Monroe  
  State: LA  
  Zip: 71203  
  Phone: (318) 325-2062  
  Hours: Open Daily at 9am  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Bayou Bowl Comments

Comment Date: 1/14/2010 Name: mark a from SC.
I agree with Erica ,I love older bowling centers where you score your own game,I used to bowl in 2 of them;both on Navy Bases .One was an AMF house, the other one was a Brunswick house,both were on the small side8-12 lanes.It’s where I started my bowlingsome 30 odd years ago. I’m now in my mid 40s {46},wish there were more bowling centers like this,they challenge you to bowl your best as the lane conditions are REAL,oiled to USBC standards {1}so the lanes are properly maintained, and {2}, so the competiton s are played with the integrity of the game is on a level playing field;everyone has an EQUAL chance to succeed /failin other words you get what your efforts show.Make a commitment to come in and practice every chance you get and seek help with your game,you can’t get help if no one knows you need it.THere’s no perfect bowler as everyone knows,EVEN the pros seek help and go to coaches;especiallly them so they can in turn help someone else.You are always learning there’s NO finish line.

Comment Date: 5/6/2009 Name: Bayou Bowl Webmaster
Thanks everyone for your input. I can assure you we are working to make the Bayou Bowl experience the most enjoyable we possibly can.
We have a ton of new events, specials, and such to allow everyone to truly have a great time.
You can follow these specials at our website as well as our MySpace and Facebook pages, which you can find from our website.
If you would like to communicate with us directly you will find our phone numbers and email addresses on our Contact Us page.

Comment Date: 9/22/2008 Name: Mr. Turford
I read the comment from Mr. Grigson. Mr. Grigson, I do concur with you on some points. I, too, had a party of individuals at Bayou Bowl a few days ago, both young and old. I too had some issues with Ms. Marilyn concerning the use of the lanes. The employees were somewhat considerate but I believe that comes with the age of the employees and as you well know , at times , that can present problems. We didn’t know how to score and also had Marilyn coming down several times and doing nothing. I must tell you this, as we bowled we comtinually ask for help and received none. Then a gentleman, I don’t know his name, came up to us and ask if he could be of any assistance. I ask if he worked there and he said no but if we needed any help please let him know. He would be there awhile. He helped us keep score and helped the kids trememdously. I am amazed the an individual that doesn’t even work there, would take the time to help us. He even got and paid for a drink for my son. That’s who they need working there. As we left and finally had someone check us out, They were outside smoking, all young people, which I’m not complaining just need to be more observant of the customers, I noticed the gentleman, I would guess in his 50’s or so, that helped us, was bowling a few lanes down from us. We watched him for awhile. That guy never threw anything but strikes. A young man came by and I inquired to whom he was. He said he worked at the snack bar and couldn’t remember his name but new he was a real good bowler and always went to tournaments. I told him to be sure and let the management know we thanked him very much for his help. I believe with him or people such as he around that Bayou bowl would be a much better experience. That gentleman , if he reads these, thank you very much for your help. I couldn’t figure out how he made that ball go up the gutter and strike. Oh, he turned around and said he hoped we had a great time. and to come back soon. That was pleasing . Thanks again

Comment Date: 8/6/2008 Name: Corey Grigson
I have always been a fan of Bayou Bowl. Last year we had my daughters 5th birthday party there, and we all had a blast. So this past Saturday, August 2nd 2008. We had her 6th birthday party there, and the outcome couldnt have been worse. The atmosphere was hot, which could not be controlled, and was not the problem. The problem was with one of the workers, Marilyn,(who would not give us her last name). My wife and I were bothered the whole two hours by here, walking around and counting the kids at the party. We paid for 10 children, and where told that 2 year olds did not need to be counted. So we had a total of 12 kids there, 2 were 2 years old. She constanly said we were not claiming all the kids that were there, even after she counted them to be 10. She smarted off to my wife and myself, rolled her eyes at my daughter when she asked if the cookie cake was ready. When we asked her what was wrong, and why we wouldnt be back for another party, she told us that would be a good idea not to come back, and told us that they were so happy to here that. She then continued to walk up talking more and more negative things towards my wife and myself. When the party was almost over we asked for the 10 free passes that came with the package and she refused to give them to us, saying the manager said you cant have them since you had more than 10 bowlers. Needless to say this is when my wife became very upset, and she ended up giving us 14 passes, even though we only asked for the 10 we paid for. We had 2 parents refuse the passes saying they would not be back because of the way she acted and treated us as paying customers. The following monday i contacted the manager and he was shocked to hear about this, and said it was not the first problem he had had with Marilyn, and her attitude towards customers. My daughter and i love to go bowling at Bayou Bowl, and we have always enjoyed ourselves. But needless to say we will not be going back, or have anymore parties there as long as Marilyn is employeed at Bayou Bowl.

Comment Date: 8/3/2008 Name: Stacy Noble
Staff at Bayou Bowl are unprofessional and very rude. Workers seem to go out of their way to be intrusive and antagonistic, and we were treated as if we were troublemakers. The facility is fine, if you don’t mind the lack of air conditioning in the middle of summer. Overall, I do not recommend that anyone go to Bayou Bowl.

Comment Date: 5/30/2008 Name: ERICA ACKEL
I work at Bayou Bowl and yes it might need a little of work but what people have to realizie is that our bowling alley is old fashion its not one of the new up 2 date ones. You can come here and enjoy taking your own score and being able to share it with others.This is the real deal here!!!!

Comment Date: 3/3/2008 Name: Left is Right
Bayou Bowl, as compared to other centers, is comperable to supplying well rounded entertainment as related to bowling. I have been in numerous centers around the U.S. and I have definately seen worse as related to conditions and atmosphere. The staff here does a good job supplying the customer with proper information and assisting with numerous problems acquired in any ficility. As for the scoring conditions of the house, the are adequate in nature. I have heard all types of complaints for numerous bowlers as to lane worthiness. The thing that bothers me most or should I say bothers me least is the ability of a bowler to comment on an establishment not knowing what he or she is talking about. Lane conditions vary. Yes, it is helpful to have a more improved and updated facility to compete in . BUUUUTTTTT, I have heard the same complaints in brand new centers. Bowlers are like weather, ever changing, according to their night. I once bowled in a league and was confronted by a bowler as to the oiliness of the pair in which he was bowling. I asked him what should be done that would help him score better. He proceeded to tell me that the lanes need a better break point so his ball would move to the pocket as a better rate.(What ever that meant). So, the next week, I told him I changed the shot to better accomodate him and to let me know How he scored. Well, needless to say He scored considerably better. He came up to me and thanked me for the much improved scoring condition. I told him if he had anymore problems to let me know. Not only did he never have anymore difficulties, he bowled considerably better for many weeks. So, you see conditions can make a difference. Bayou Bowl does the best they can do to accommodate the bowlers. You can only do so much with what you have to work with. If you could guarantee a 200% increase is activity of bowlers then maybe it would justify the expense needed for lane improvements. I doubt that will happen. By the way the bowler that was upset with the condition was a 190 plus bowler——-at least in that house anyway. And another thing , we never changed a thing from the beginning. It pays to listen to bowlers wheather you change anything or not. It always pays to listen. Keep bowling and remember things are not always greener on the other side of the fence. Learn to adjust. I did. Have a great bowling experience and thank you Bob Wilson.

Comment Date: 6/29/2007 Name: V jones
Texas really needs to find the best talent in Texas because all of the great talent is not playing in the Bayou Bowl Game because Louisana doesn’t have more talent than Texas and we need better Coaches to Coach the game.

Comment Date: 2/28/2007 Name: Matt Griffin
I like Bayou Bowl overall. The lanes need very little work and the atmosphere is great. The food is unexplainable- the Bayou Burger is a taste like no other. I am currently in a league, BBC 3, and I have alot of fun every Wednesday night and I encourage everyone to come bowl.

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