Walt’s Center Bowling Lanes

Walt’s Center Bowling Lanes

  Name: Walt’s Center Bowling Lanes  
  Address: 1809 Monmouth Street  
  City: Newport  
  State: KY  
  Zip: 41071  
  Phone: (859) 431-2464  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Lanes: Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1Actual Value is 4.1
Food: Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9Actual Value is 3.9
Price: Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4Actual Value is 4
Fun: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
Overall: Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2Actual Value is 4.2
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Walt’s Center Bowling Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 5/19/2011 Name: Avid Bowler
The lanes at Walt’s are very well kept. My entire family has bowled there regularly in the past. The staff is helpful, food is great, and the cost is reasonable. My main complaint is that there is smoking permitted, and the elderly lady that works the counter has no problem blowing her cigar smoke in kids faces as they enter the door to bowl in the Youth League. My advice is if the smoking bothers you like it does us, go to SuperBowl Bellewood — they were smart and went smoke free inside!!!

Comment Date: 5/18/2011 Name: CSX Bowlers
Beware CSX bowlers…..C-Bus is in the house this weekend…”Get Your Tickets” to the gun show!!!

Comment Date: 4/16/2011 Name: Sandy Knauer
Wonderful lanes, I love bowling there, the prices are very reasonable. They have many specials and fun events.
Their lanes are in excellent condition and they keep the alley clean and neet.
They have a great little restaurant that has home cooked food and daily specials, I love everything they have.
The associates working there are so nice. I look forward to bowling there and I am sure you will also.
Hitts Pro shop is next door making it easy to get those items you may have left at home or need to get that “perfect game”. They are so friendly, just ask “Josh” he will help find just what you need. They carry an excellent line of bowling items, and are allways ready to offer a tip or two.

Comment Date: 12/5/2010 Name: hatejbhaters
im thinking about having my birthday party there…does anyone think i should

Comment Date: 8/15/2010 Name: Stacie
Just joined Wayne’s World League. Had a great time last night. Everyone is so nice. Can’t wait until next month!!!

Comment Date: 4/5/2010 Name: Russ
Lanes are in great shape and the people are great. Prices are reasonable. Great Pro Shop. See Josh, he will take care of you.

Comment Date: 4/17/2009 Name: anonymous
We miss you Bill lanes are not the same.

Comment Date: 11/20/2008 Name: Anonymous
I enjoy bowling at this bowling alley.. i love the early sunday morning special, i would highly recommend bowling here

Comment Date: 10/22/2008 Name: anonymous
these lanes are very good alot of 300;s shot high 5 to who ever does the lanes.

Comment Date: 8/6/2008 Name: Mgr. Walt’s
High 5’s to the high school bowling teams of
Newport and Newport Central Catholic. Really enjoyed coaching your teams and getting to know
each and every one of you! See you Sept. 2008
for another great season.

Comment Date: 8/6/2008 Name: Mgr. Walt’s
Reply to “don’t worry bout it” Sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience at our bowling center. We start out the day very clean and try to keep it that way throughout the day and night. Some days
are very busy but we still pride ourselves as the cleanest bowling center in the area. I wish you would have stopped by the counter to let them know of the problems you encountered. As far as the lane conditions, if you were here late in the evening, you would natually have had very dry lanes.(No different than every other bowling center) Last season we had over 25 300’s and 8 800’s rolled so we must be doing something right! Please try us again.

Comment Date: 7/26/2008 Name: Tom
These lanes are very well taken care of. Good prices, love Sundays all you can bowl in the morning. Pro shop is awesome. Hitts has been great to me as a customer. Place is clean and this will be one of my regular spots!

Comment Date: 12/16/2007 Name: Anonymous
Love this ally… the food i highly reccamend. get their potato soup. it;s the bomb.. great lanes.. always in good shape.

Comment Date: 12/1/2007 Name: anonymous
i love the lanes ALOT!!!!! but the pro shop S*CKS!!!!! they have never drilled my ball right. dont go there.

Comment Date: 12/1/2007 Name: bart
this place is off the heezay!!!!!!!!! it always has the perfect amount of oil. can’t have a better bowling alley

Comment Date: 11/14/2007 Name: Rad Dominating Dude
Watch out for RD2 this weekend!!! We’re gonna be waxin’ you Darryls with the oil. LIVE THE 10th!!!
Pins848 C.F. C.C.

Comment Date: 9/21/2007 Name: dont worry ’bout it
after reading the commentary on this website i thought i would give walts a chance and was severely disappointed. the shot was horrible, always hitting brooklyn..the facility as a whole was really dirty..the service was good but just wasnt impressed

Comment Date: 1/19/2007 Name: scottcenter
Lanes are always in great shape. The front desk is very helpful and attentive to any lane problems. Automatic scoring. Plus, they have the best pro shop in town. Hitt’s is great for anyone who is interested in making bowling a hobby. Great job!!!!

Comment Date: 10/26/2006 Name: Chaos
This ally is awesome… And i love how im on the Newport High bowling team!!!! GO WALTS

Comment Date: 10/11/2006 Name: TyMo
They’re awesome!

Comment Date: 4/12/2006 Name: Anonymous
These lanes are good, and if you’re not a bowler, but you wanted to go there, they have a great gameroom.

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