Southland Bowling Lanes

Southland Bowling Lanes

  Name: Southland Bowling Lanes  
  Address: 205 Southland Drive  
  City: Lexington  
  State: KY  
  Zip: 40503-1928  
  Phone: (859) 277-5746  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Southland Bowling Lanes Comments
Comment Date: 4/2/2012 Name: Monte Carlo
They just ruined Monte Carlo. The employees are no longer to bowl in it because some round clown that can’t bowl complained about the jackpot. We know who you are round clown.

Comment Date: 2/24/2011 Name: The day manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This lady just closed the bar becuase someone didnt show up for the snack bar…………Really? Hello lady….bowlers drink beer. We are going to take our league to joyland. We have had enough of her. Who cares about the snack bar….work short handed…..and open the bar you clueless hack. This is why you hire bowlers to run a bowling alley…..not idiots.

Comment Date: 1/10/2011 Name: Eileen dover
The daytime manager Eileen is a morron and a b*tch. Always seen being rude to customers. The night time manager the young kid i think his name is Paul is rude as well and is never around. He’s either outside smoking or sitting in the office. Most of the regular counter help and porters are very good to work with. The two female bartenders are great all ways at the window and quick even under preasure. The shot on the lanes is okay during league but don’t go practice there.

Comment Date: 5/13/2010 Name: Anonymous
i dont know about the day time manager but paul the night manager is awsome and freddy is as nice a person ad he could be they realy know how to treat a person right, now last friday i went to bowl and there was a guy named adam i think thats what his name was hes an absolute a** i ask for help and he got mad
but over all this is a great place to bowl

Comment Date: 4/11/2010 Name: big time bowler
the bartenders are awesome. very nice and always make you feel welcome. amanda and barb are a big assets. wish they didnt fire jackie and trish, they were awesome. adam the counter guy kinda smells sometimes but other than that he is a nice guy.

Comment Date: 3/31/2010 Name: big mistake
What happen to jaqui and trish?? they were your best workers and they entertained the cutomers! Get them back or shut it down…your new employees S*CK!!!

Comment Date: 3/8/2010 Name: visitor
worst place ever…….. people are mean. dont want to help and treat kids like crap.. please please do not go there… it will be your worst mistake…. boo southland lanes…..

Comment Date: 2/17/2010 Name: not2BF’dwith
LIARS especially day manager eileen and as for owners pat and danny collins their just as useless as a wart on the elbow they need to sell both centers and invest in being turd farmers couple of brainacs these warts are dont even fathom of going the place is run by tyrants and bullies and liars and hasbeens

Comment Date: 2/5/2010 Name: local bowler
I have been coming to southland for a long time now…and the changes that have been made were definitely the best decision. I love the atmosphere in the bar (barb) is an amazing bar tender and she was very nice to me and my friends and the two girls that work in the snack bar saturday night were so funny and charming and did a fantastic job. WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK AGAIN!

Comment Date: 1/29/2010 Name: Just a visitor
I was there this past weekend to bowl with some friends.. I found almost everyone to be very helpful.(Bar staff not so much) The food was good and the help there was great and funny… Will be back….

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Not a demander!
Just went there with a big party. The lanes kept breaking down and the keypads (to type in names) weren’t working on two of our lanes. We had to switch lanes two times because nothing seemed to work. The second time our game just shut off completely in the middle of the 6th frame and we lost all the scores. We went to the woman named Eileen behind the counter and she had a really bad attitude. When we asked her to start the games but move us to lanes that actually worked, she told me I was “demanding too much.” Being able to play the games we paid for didn’t seem like too much of a demand to me, but apparently that was too much to ask of her. I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: no fun
For me, bowling center should be a fun place to be but this place is not! All the staff here are very mean. They don’t seem to know how to have fun. My kids were told to be quiet because the others can’t bowl while my kids were having a good time! Can you tell me what is up with that? I heard joyland accross town is having their 99 cent games again! I think I will give them a try next…… Will report back with my comments after I bowl there.

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Tried to bowl
Ok this is bad, I’ve bowled here for nearly 10 years and after yesterday, I will never bowl here again. The counter lady need to be fired! She was so rude when my son went and ask for change. She told him to wait in line. When I went to question her, she told me to buzz off, she has “Paying” customers waiting. How can a bowling center be this rude and mean? We will never come back again!

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Brian J.
I just heard about this site. I didnt know there was so much hatred concerning bowling alleys. I went to southland with my two children. I wanted to show them the same excitement I had when I was growing up. We went bowling every week. I was a little embarrassed when the woman at the food counter was rude to my 7 year old for dropping his change. She said others in line had to wait. The (manager?) was rude also and suggested I take my “off spring” elsewhere. I didnt even know we had another place to bowl in our city. I will go there from now on.

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: No birthday for you!
We were there yesterday (1/19/10) to celebrate my niece’s birthday. Terrible customer service skills from everyone there. The lady at the counter was sooo moody and everyone else too. Whenever we had a question they questioned everything we said. It was more like we were bothering them, when in fact we were paying for a service. The place is so old, and we knew it, but we thought at least we would get a good service. Advise everyone not to go there and consider other newer bowling places in the area � Richmond or Nicholasville.

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: won’t do it again, ever!
We made arrangements to have our twelve year old b-day party at Southland. We were told since we only had seven guests there was no need to make a reservation for the party. When we arrived to bowl, we were turned away with a waiting time of one and a half hour wait, and after that leagues started. When I told the manager about us being misdirected she made no attempt to accomodate us in anyway. I only requested one lane and asked if he could squeeze us in. She stated he would lose revenue and yes she did, from us from now on!!!!!!

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Practice bowler
My lane was having some problems and I complained to the desk. The day manager at the desk was not very friendly. i asked for help and then for a refund and she refused. All she would talk about is her bills. I dont know about most people but when i go out, I want to relax and enjoy myself I dont want or need to hear about other peoples problems, I have my own. I only expect to pay a fair price for the games I pay for.

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Father of 3
I went here last weekend with my wife and 3 children. I have to say this place is TERRIBLE and unsafe. Upon entering the parking lot I observed people drinking beer in the parking lot, as well as a group of about 4 or 5 gang bangers smoking on the patio, on the side of the building! When i went to the front desk and talked to front desk and he told me to wait and was very rude, and said “dont you see I have people in line??” Ill call the manager, go bowl”..Security did show up for about 3 minutes and told the gang members to leave, but they were back 5 minutes later. Also theres a bar/lounge inside this place, and I caught a guy in his mid 40’s with coke bottle glasses on staring and drooling over my 10 yr old daughter through the window!! He continued to walk by about 3 or 4 times just oggling her and thats when we decided to leave. If you want a place infested with gang members and pedophiles, southland is the place to go!!

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: new ball drilled.
I have been a league bowler at southland lanes for the past four years. when i first started, the workers were friendly, and i had a great time. when it became under new management, everything went downhill. the day manager has no respect for anyone or anything, and care only about money. the only reason i have stayed is because i love the game and chaparral is the nearest bowling center to me. just recently, i purchased a 253 dollar ball. after only 6 games played with the ball, the return damaged my ball. i am very disatisfied and do not recommend bowling there whatsoever. at least not when the rude manager “Eilene” is working.

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Good Customer, bad service
I really dont like bowling here just because of the fact that the manager is very rude and inconsiderate of her customers that walk in and when people make complaints about the bowling alley or about the lanes etc. she gets all mad and ignores the customers. When you ask for something more than once she says you are demanding too much or i’ll take care of it right now and it doesnt get done. The people at the bowling alley are great but the lanes and the owners are not. I wouldn�t recommend this bowling alley to anyone…

Comment Date: 12/15/2009 Name: Upset Parent
Parents save yourself some money and do your birthday party somewhere else. This manager is terrible )rude).

Comment Date: 11/20/2009 Name: no more BD parties
I had the same experience when I went there to for a party. We were not able to get our lanes until exactly the time the party was going to start. Wouldn’t have been a problem but there where 20 lanes open at the time. We where rushed out as soon as the two hours where up. The lady at the front desk was very unprofessional and treated us like we where doing her a favor for being there. The pizza s*cked and we where charged for extra pitchers of soda. We only got soda when the pizza was served and not any when the kids where bowling. Would have brought in my own drink but told there is no outside food. The parties used to be more fun and the staff was more friendly – a bad experence that will not happen to me again there. I have had 5 parties there in the past and this one stunk. I will let the word get around too.

Comment Date: 11/20/2009 Name: Southland is for the birds
wow. let me start off by saying this is the worst bowling experience ive ever had. The service s*cks, the food is horrendous, the pro shop is the worst ive seen- the crap they sell is poor quality and wont last a week. Not to mention the alley smells like crap and the music they play brings me back to the seventies and i feel like killing myself. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS CRAPSHOOT, spend your money at a better place like Joyland.

Comment Date: 11/20/2009 Name: How rude!
On Friday 11/13/09 I caught the so called “day manager ” on Friday talking to one of the bowlers in a very condescending manner. I think her name is Eilien or Ellen. The young man she was talking too is very nice and may take a little longer to play than others but that is no reason for her to talk down to him. I made a comment and she called me a b*tch. Since when is it ok for someone who is representing the bowling alley to curse at the customers?!! I have been going there for over 13 years and have never encountered anything like that. I know that this person also works in the kitchen area. I think she should be fired and if not then reprimanded. If nothing is done then it will just go to show that the bowling alley does not value their customers, as they should.

Comment Date: 11/19/2009 Name: no more B-day parties 4 us
I recently had a bowling birthday party at the new center and found the place was well kept but the personal attention you used to get is gone. I needed to bring something in special for my son due to his allergies and we where told no outside food. I understand they sell food there but this was an exception. Also the lanes where not available until exactly 4pm when our party started not a second before and we where rushed out right at 6pm. We spent almost $300.00 on the party and we felt like we where just a regular customer spending 25 cents on a video game. Just not the same – the personal touch is gone. All about the big buck and thats it. Won’t have another party there and will tell many more people not to either.

Comment Date: 11/19/2009 Name: a p’d off customer
this is the worst bowling alley in KY. The day mangager, �Eilien� there is clueless when it comes to bolwing equipment and i think the pro shop is awful. Wal mart has better bowling stuff than they do. Southland is a dump. It is absolutley nasty. The place bowls like crap and is horribly maintained. Perhaps the worst part of the place is the service and counter help. They are always in a bad mood, never want to help, and have no clue what they are doing. If you are a fan of fantastic though you may want to visit…..hell no. The food tasted like it just came out of a sewer-TERRIBLE. I will never go to this place again IT STINKS!!!!!!

Comment Date: 11/18/2009 Name: the lizard crew
We bowl on this league and havn�t been able to start on time for the past 4 weeks. We are delayed anywhere between 20-40 minutes. When complaining, the counter helps states that the center manager Eileen told him that because we are not a sanctioned league, we would just have to wait. One of the guy stated that he also bowled on the IBM Bowling league and was getting the same flack. We start late enough already� This is another poor example of center management at southland�
What can be done?

Comment Date: 11/16/2009 Name: eilien ex-manager soon?
This new manager at southland is terrible… what a joke.

Comment Date: 10/27/2009 Name: Birthday Bummer
We had a party for our daughter on Saturday, well it was the worst experience I ever had. First the lady at the desk, “Eilean” was rude. Second they where not ready for us party at 1pm we received our lanes at 1:45pm.Third pizza at the party was cold and looked like it was made in advance and held for us. Fourth manager dumb as nails. And finally when we where done no apology from the ally staff and we paid full price for a lame party, Thanks Southland Lanes for making my daughter look stupid in front of her friends!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 10/27/2009 Name: no more no more no more
The Southland Collin�s Bowl staff is always unfriendly, and never wants to help, they are constantly in bad moods especially the manager Elien. The snack, the few hours a week that its open, is run by idiots who won’t know how to do the job correctly. The food is completely overpriced and is not even satisfying at all to the pallet, the food honestly tastes terrible. As for the bowling balls, every single one is dented and scratched up so bad that it alters the playing experience. The lanes do not seem like they are kept well because a straight roll will drift left or right quite often. Overall, there are much better bowling alleys in the Lexington area. This place gives a “dump”-like feel and I do not plan on returning.

Comment Date: 9/16/2009 Name: chipofftheoldblock
This center is terrible and the day manager is clueless. I asked her about leagues and all she could say is that we are all full and go on line to check other centers.. I have bowled there for years and it is getting worse. It has a different manager every month and the service is horrible. I have waited for service at the front desk during the day on many occasions for up to ten minutes. Good luck at the desk your better off going into the bar for change or even the snack bar, �Eilen� just stands there and looks at you!!!. Oh, that’s right the snack bar is filled with drop outs that have no idea what they are doing. You have to see these kids. They cannot be serious? Don’t even bother trying to get help with a lane break down. The intercoms are hanging off and some are not even there!. Also every lane has one or a couple of broken pins that have been there forever. I also like the broken a/c in the bar all summer. The projection screen in the bar is another Ebay item. The managers are just about as clueless as can be. Even though they have had 5 in the last year none of them could probably score well on a IQ test. I’m just saying I could go to joyland and get more for my money! Bottom line southland is a dump!

Comment Date: 9/16/2009 Name: Akidude
Place is terrible…the new managment is letting the place go to crap…They have and old lady running a center and they lost most of their bowlers….Place is old, food is terrible….bar stinks….THIS PLACE S*CKS….southland as a is TERRIBLE… Shame on collins…terrible terrible terrible…the company is a piece and southland lanes has gone to crap….

Comment Date: 7/23/2009 Name: The Bowler
Here we go again with a new manager that does not have any expeirence great job by ownership Tells Me that danny is not real bright

Comment Date: 5/30/2008 Name: angela
the place is so dirty.It smells way to bad there and the food is overpriced. Now that really does stink. thats why you should go to collins bowling lanes because thats where the fun starts.

Comment Date: 5/30/2008 Name: zoom
the food is way to overpriced and collins bowling is so much better. southland is so dirty and doesnt have alot of arcade games.And that doesnt appeal to alot of people.So lower your food prices and you will get more customers.

Comment Date: 3/28/2006 Name: gdajewelers
Your cafe should post a menu on your web page – Southland Dr. Businesses like to have access for Lunch – Thanks

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