Fort Shafter Bowling Center

Fort Shafter Bowling Center

  Name: Fort Shafter Bowling Center  
  Address: Chamberlain Road, Bldg. 660  
  City: Fort Shafter  
  State: HI  
  Zip: 96859-5000  
  Phone: (808) 438-6733  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
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Fort Shafter Bowling Center Comments

Comment Date: 12/7/2011 Name: Anonymous
This bowling alley is empty during most weekdays especially after a bowling league. I am guessing everyone has a “Phone” so use it to call the alley so you do not waste your precious time. The alley is an all servicing place for fun. Many bowling alleys on this island have closed so other bowling alleys like Fort Shafter are accommodating Bowling Leagues(Amateur to Pro bowlers) who have lost their place to bowl.
For some information:
Bowling hours for the public
Mon Thur 9:00am-9:00pm
Friday 11:00am-12:00am
Saturday 9:00am-12:00am
Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm
I suggest anywhere before 6 PM and after 1145AM for certain days of the week because of leagues. It greatly depends on the size of the league.
This bowling alley is one of the cheaper places to “bowl” at. And I know this because I have bowled in ALL of the bowling alleys that are on this island.
The Strike Zone Snack Bar
Mon-Thur 6:30am-8:30pm
Fri 6:30am-11:00pm
Fri & Sat 9:00am-11:00pm
Sun 9:00am-8:30pm
The food servings are alright, the price is a give or take on a person’s budget, however now the snack bar is adding more variety for specials as long as they do not run out. There is a thing known as having a voice. Speak your mind when you are in line.
If this does not appease you or still have problems, you should really leaves comments for the bowling alley(At the bowling alley) so they can help its customers better in having a good time.

Comment Date: 11/20/2011 Name: Anonymous
I spent as much time as I could there when I was stationed at Ft Shafter, 1971-73. At the time, I believe it was strictly military and their dependents, but then again at that time there were also a lot more bowling centers around in general.

Comment Date: 6/18/2011 Name: Anonymous
Your food service is terrible…..I could hardly understand the servers. The ordering system is bad. I think you should have a numbering system where a number is assigned to each order. When the order is ready, the number is called; thereby eliminating the people waiting at the counters.

Comment Date: 6/18/2011 Name: Anonymous
I recently bowled at Fort Shafter Bowling Center on a Friday night; who is that silly person and girl behind the desk? This is a military installation; not an amusement park. Be more professional…….

Comment Date: 6/1/2011 Name: Jaye
I would like to know if all MWR’s are joined throughout Hawaii. I noticed I can get a tuna sandwich at Hickam Bowling alley for $2.50. The same sandwich costs over #4.00 at Forst Shafter. If they all are joined why isn’t there same pricing for food sales? at any rate 150% over the Hickam price seems a bit high.

Comment Date: 5/22/2011 Name: ANONYMOUS
with the recently changed oiling machine, the condition of the lanes has improved greatly. the synthetic lanes are terrific. the management should be proud of their improvements. now if only the ac worked better; maybe more fans towards the bowler’s area and better lighting. 5/19/2011

Comment Date: 1/13/2011 Name: retiree & dependent living at Ft. Shafter
I would just like to find a time when we can bowl. It seems that they’re always having leagues for people not living here, every night/day of the week. If there were a posted/hard copy of a schedule, it would help, but there isn’t…I’ve asked. So we can write it down or call before we want to bowl. Otherwise, we travel over to Hickam AFB where they have a schedule we can count on. 🙁

Comment Date: 10/29/2010 Name: Army Captain
RE: Comment Date: 10/23/2010 Name: anonymous – Maybe because you’re just an amateur bowler & you don’t know nothing about bowling.

Comment Date: 10/23/2010 Name: anonymous
this is the cheapest bowling center i’ve went why yall is with it…

Comment Date: 8/3/2010 Name: anonymous
some of your mechanics need training on how to oil these new lanes. why do you need to make it so different every day/night. bowlers want to enjoy their scores, not get frustrated. your workers should be performing preventive maintenance instead of talking to people up front.

Comment Date: 1/6/2010 Name: Tiai Matau
What happen to this worker Leenus? He’s so cool, he used to let us bowl for free.

Comment Date: 12/7/2009 Name: S&M;
Well it wouldn’t be a waste of time if people call first!!! That’s the best way to be guaranteed the joy of bowling!!!

Comment Date: 11/5/2009 Name: K. S.
went to bowl yesterday, got a pass & everything, but got told there’s only League Play….waste of time traveling there, was told to come back on saturday or sunday. this place = FAIL

Comment Date: 11/2/2009 Name: Anonymous
The air conditioning is the worst of all the bowling alleys in the state. The board of health or whoever is in charge of the Army recreations should look into the condition of the air conditioning units. The manager is aware of the condition but because its under the Army’s jurisdiction, his hands are tied. Be cautious of the sweat on the approach.

Comment Date: 10/26/2009 Name: Adrienne
Leenus, quit posting negative comments against Fort Shafter bowling center. Don’t blame the management for getting you fired, blame yourself for cheating and stealing behind their backs. You owe them an apology.

Comment Date: 9/8/2009 Name: Anonymous
This place s*cks!!! Every time i go to practice i always see the mech. in the front talking story. During league we always have to move lanes more than once. Whats wrong with the head mech? Does he know what he is doing? The place was running pretty good about a year ago as well as the lane condition. Now when I practice its awful. The Manager Don should be FIRED! I dont think he knows how to run a bowling center. Dont go to this place unless you want your bowling balls damaged.

Comment Date: 9/8/2009 Name: Anonymous
This place s*cks!!! The lanes are bad as well as the workers and the manager. This place is a joke. The head mech. Wade doesn’t even know what he is doing. The manager Don is the worse one out of all of them. Dont even bother to go to this alley, go to Leeward.

Comment Date: 5/31/2009 Name: retiree
The employees are great. The oil pattern as of late has been terrible. Because of all that oil, balls get stuck in the back. They need to hire a person that is knowledgeable on lane conditioning. Also, being that the air conditioner is weak or not working at all; the approach gets very sticky, many times causing the old timers to stumble.

Comment Date: 5/14/2009 Name: Norm Hank Brewster
This place is not a bad place to bowl, You have good service here. The lane are wood, it may not look all the great but, they take care the lanes here. (unlike at K-Bay) I would recommend this place if you want to bowl within Honolulu city.

Comment Date: 5/12/2009 Name: o.b.a. Camp
The lane’s are awesome and thier machines runs great bowled couple 300.Games durring my pratice time,oh!! the food is supper awesome and so are all of the employees that work their.Keep up the good work,oh and get the A/C checked its hot in the ally.

Comment Date: 12/10/2008 Name: Anonymous
Ya i know about that guy richard…hes such a prev. I know hes been checking out my friends at kalani

Comment Date: 7/31/2008 Name: annonymous
when i go there to bowl theres a weird guy thats works there…hes always trying to hit on me. he creeps me out. my friend said his name is richard…

Comment Date: 7/27/2008 Name: anonymous
the cosmic bowling is a lot of fun. it is a great place for families and getting together with friends.

Comment Date: 5/26/2008 Name: Bergen
I just came back from Cosmic Bowling with my family. Everyone had a great time! The music and lights were fun. The pizza was delicious! The kids had fun bowling and playing the video games at the arcade. The AC is great!! I was actually a bit on the cold side. Everyone was really friendly. I recommend this place for families!

Comment Date: 10/11/2006 Name: Caitlin
Fort Shafter is the best place to go bowling but also have a fun time. I bowl there every saturday for junior bowlers. There food is great, i especially love their burgers. They just fixed there air condition so it works great now. Although there bathrooms could do better. They have to women bathroom, one with three stalls and the other with only one. They aren’t that clean but it works with me. I love this bowling center. Prices are great also. Excellent for cosmic bowling birthday parties.

Comment Date: 9/6/2006 Name: JJ300
I havent been here since 1999, and boy this place has changed!!!! They kept the 82-70s,new ac,and I came close to bowling my first 200 game!!!

Comment Date: 5/4/2005 Name: Ryan
I thought the service was horrible. The people at the food counter let anybody cut in line, they take a great deal of time to get around to taking your order, they don’t know how to use their register so that adds to the time you’ll be in line, and then they can’t even take cards at that line so bring cash or you will have to go to another line to have them take your card payment.

Comment Date: 9/26/2004 Name: Anonymous
Good place, but needs better air conditioning.

Comment Date: 9/12/2004 Name: MIKE
Besides the air conditioning problems, everything is all right. I love the food at the Snack Shop, and the two guys at the desk are really cool. Thank you Wade and Lee for everything and letting me run a successful birthday party. The lights during Cosmic are awesome. The other bowling centers have junk lights or very few. Thanks for all you help. I really love bowling and can’t wait to see you guys again.

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