Palm Beach Strike Zone

Palm Beach Strike Zone

  Name: Palm Beach Strike Zone  
  Address: 6591 S Military Trail  
  City: Lake Worth  
  State: FL  
  Zip: 33463  
  Phone: (561) 968-7000  
  Hours: 9 a.m. – 1 a.m.  
  Lanes: 64  
  Lane Type:  
  Pro Shop: No  
  Food: None  
  Comments: Largest Bowling Center in this area! 64 Lanes with a huge open concourse.  
How Does Palm Beach Strike Zone Rate?
Votes:    47
Lanes: Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6Actual Value is 2.6
Food: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
Price: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Fun: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Overall: Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8Actual Value is 2.8
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Palm Beach Strike Zone Comments

Comment Date: 5/10/2012 Name: Anonymous
This place is disgusting. The owner and employees don’t care anything about bowling. They cater to a horrible crowd, there are stabbings happening all the time. I will NEVER bring my children to this place. My children will be going to summer camp, and if there are any planned trips to this hood hangout, I will stay home from work to make sure they are nowhere near this place!

Comment Date: 4/26/2012 Name: Julie
This place had had two stabbing in two years are you kidding and I am supposed to. Ring my kids there? They have a stopper pole and their Facebook page commenters boast gang affiliations and to “bring yo ones”. What to stick I the strippers g string this is disgusting. Is it a nightclub now. Stay away for this horrible place. The staff stinks and they hire olds women who dress like they think they are teenagers. Run away

Comment Date: 3/17/2012 Name: Anonymous
horrible service the lanes are good but the ppl there treat you {deleted}

Comment Date: 1/3/2012 Name: jim and cindy
we went there on sunday night for new years day. the prices are great the music was very good. the place was rocking and everyone was having fun will go back had alot of fun

Comment Date: 11/18/2011 Name: beth ann
just went to strikezone the other night. we had a great time! the staff at the snack bar made sure we got our food on time. It was hot and just the way we like. The wings I would recommended them highly. You ask for hot and get them hot. We did have a couple of ball return problems but the staff corrected the problem promptly and made sure our time was fun. We even won a couple of few free games. We will bring more friends next time.

Comment Date: 11/2/2011 Name: Mona
I had my daughter’s birthday party their last weekend. I want to recommend this place highly. My child and her guests had the best time. All the parents really enjoyed themselves. I didn’t have to lift a finger the hostess did all the work. The food came out on time and my guests were happy. I would recommend Palm Beach Strike Zone.

Comment Date: 11/2/2011 Name: tammie from lake worth
i goto palm beach strike zone every sunday. the guy at the front desk will do ANYTHING FOR ANYONE he is always happy and likes to joke. the place is always busy and my friends and i have alot of fun there are drink specials and food specials. also the price is the best in the county. also plenty of give aways. the staff is very friendly and the place is always clean

Comment Date: 10/28/2011 Name: customer
i bowl there 3-4times a week they are the cheapest around and you have alot of fun. the staff is very friendly and the place is clean and always happy people. just because some of you had bad exsperiences does nt mean that everyone has. gicve them a try

Comment Date: 8/8/2011 Name: Anonymous
I just went to this website. I’m sorry, but how can they say they give out scholarships to the youth league. I know for a fact that they have not given out 1 shcolarship in 2 years. Not to mention the fact that last year the youth league was barely sanctioned. Most of the bowlers had to sanction at other centers or through tournaments they were bowling in. This center does not treat it’s leagues very well, especially the youth!

Comment Date: 8/8/2011 Name: Anonymous
This place is horrible! They have a bad crowd of people that bowlthere, the staff is miserable, and apparently the owner likes to dress like a teenager and hostess children’s parties! Not to mention the pregnant bartender who is always drunk. I will NOT bring my children to this environment. This place would be better off sold!

Comment Date: 4/7/2011 Name: Anna
I sent all W’2 as soon as the centert received them. If any employee did not receive one. They should call the center and Ask for Donna she will happily make you a copy and you can come pick it at any time!

Comment Date: 3/14/2011 Name: Customer
I find it funny they have a website that says they can boast experienced staff. Their staff has NO clue about bowling. Go ask them a real question about bowling or the equiptment and they have no idea what to do. All they are interested in is their cell phones. This place s*cks and the staff is terrible. From what the other bowling centers are saying their HEAD mechanic has Zero backgound in bowling equiptment but is the owners son. Guess this is why their machines are always breaking down!!

Comment Date: 3/6/2011 Name: anonymous
Owner, you are required to make sure that if someone calls and informs you that they did not receive their w-2, YOU are the one that should have re sent another immediatley. The problem is your such a cheap stupid excuse for a human that you don’t know what the federal laws really are. Your didn’t want to spend the 44 cents to remail anyone’s W-2. Your so stupid you didn’t even make sure federal was beeing taken from your employees checks or not. Most of them were wrong. Moron. Check on them next time you jerk. Oh heard your running your business on a corporation that has been dissolved, how is that working out for you. Do you hear the footsteps of the Irs coming??

Comment Date: 3/3/2011 Name: Anonymous
Ariel, you need to grow up. You called, but did not leave a number to reach you after your w-2 was returned for a bad address (that you had given us).

Comment Date: 3/2/2011 Name: owner
all w2s were mailed out on time. if they did not inform us of an address of there new address at the end of the year we are sorry All ex employees that didn’t receive them can call the center and get a copy at any time.

Comment Date: 2/20/2011 Name: Anonymous
Federal law requires employer to get W2’s to employees by Jan 31.

Comment Date: 2/17/2011 Name: Anonymous
The owner of palm beach strike zone will not give me my w2 she is acting like a child worst place in the world grow up ur like 50 years old act like it

Comment Date: 10/5/2010 Name: Angela
When you took away my pay and caused yur neice and nephew to loose their home, you used my salary to improve the center…. BUT
You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a PIG!!

Comment Date: 10/1/2010 Name: Anonymous
chuck sorry u had a really bad experiance at palm beach strike zone we have made several employee changes due to poor customer service hope you will possible come back again

Comment Date: 9/30/2010 Name: Kicked Out
You all who have commented on the fact that Palm Beach Strike Zone is now a ghetto dump and the employees stink can thank ONE person the all mighty ANNA COCO PAPA the owner, since she thought she could run the place better than me, all I read it terrible comments on the place I worked hard to change, but since Im gone she has ruined it. NICE JOB BIG SHOT!

Comment Date: 9/4/2010 Name: cj
this place s*cks!

Comment Date: 8/11/2010 Name: Chuck
This place is a disaster! No one seems to have any answers for anything. The front counter employees hate their jobs and make your experience start off badly. Follow that up with the condition of the place… The lanes are terrible, the place is dirty, there aren’t any bowling balls that fit, the bathrooms are dirty and the employees are too busy playing with each other to be able to help you with the confusing scoring machines. STAY CLEAR OF THIS DUMP! It was a fun, clean, respectable place when it was Don Carter’s, what happened?

Comment Date: 3/8/2010 Name: Stephany
What happened to Palm Beach Strike Zone???? I thought that this was turning into a true family entertainment center, but now it’s ghetto. The family aspect is gone, I was thinking about having my daughters 8th birthday there but now I won’t even come in to bowl with them after what I see going on there. If you care about your kids and what they see and hear don’t go here anymore. How disappointed we are!

Comment Date: 1/22/2010 Name: Kathy
I was in there the other night and one of the employees, who didn’t feel well, was being yelled at the by general manager infront of me. All I wanted to do was buy a beer, I didn’t want to hear how mean this g.m was to the employee. Very uncomfortable for the customers. Not cool.

Comment Date: 1/17/2010 Name: Steve
Was that the one with 9 inch nails? I went in one night and my license just cracked so I taped it together and she wouldn’t serve me a beer, I’m 35. She was rude about it. The place has good pricing but the staff yells at you and the owner, which I didn’t know is no business person. My friends and I now go to Greenacres!

Comment Date: 1/12/2010 Name: David
I have been there many times my friends and I went in on Winter break and something is different the service s*cks, the bartender who is a gremlin looking woman was nasty and it was a bother to serve me a drink, then I find out she was the owner. The place smelled. We will NOT be going back there and the owner is to blame.

Comment Date: 6/12/2009 Name: Angela
We had two calls on these machines for entire two weekends. No one complained about lanes, ect. Obviously you lost and your just upset. My employees are hardly acting like children considering I worked the entire tournament and as the owner I wouldn’t allow it. We prefer you to stay at Verdes’ if that is the only center you can bowl at.

Comment Date: 4/18/2009 Name: Rebekkah
I go bowling here on Wednesday, sunday, and Friday nights. I love it there. The staff is friendly and prices are VERY reasonable. FOOD IS AWESOME!!!!

Comment Date: 3/5/2009 Name: leeann youth bowler
the lanes s*ck theres 2 much oil and there is wood sticking up. i bowled there in the youth county in febuary and i did horrible. all the oil on the lanes made me miss the possible spares and strikes. we had to move to different lanes because the return and pin setters kept messin up. the food is neva cooked rite. the emplyees act like children. so please dont go there go to verdes tropicana bowl

Comment Date: 12/31/2008 Name: jason Falco
I went there with my family 2 weeks ago. I Used to bowl here years ago with friends on friday nights, UNHAPPY by the old service i never came back. I heard about the change over so i decided to go try it again. 1st off the place is actually clean now, and the service is great. They have the best chicken wings i have ever tasted. I deffffff recommend this place (NOW KNOWN AS “PALM BEACH STRIKE ZONE”) to EVERYONE!!!

Comment Date: 12/26/2008 Name: Chris
They are sooooo nice. I was bowling with my cousin and on the way out, our grandma fell and they called an ambulance. It happened 12/26/08. They also renamed to Palm Bbeach Strike Zone. They also have 64 lanes.

Comment Date: 1/3/2007 Name: Private Bowler
Employees all seemed to be barely adult age, and acted as if it was their playground. One employee was playing with what appeared to be a small basketball, missed catching it, with it landing in the pin area. It caused a ball jam on the lane that shared it’s ball return. Presence of management, again, was barely adult age. Carpet is missing from 2004 hurricane damage, and overall appearance was dirty and poorly presented.

Comment Date: 2/20/2006 Name: joseph stude
Computer scoring can be greatly improved. New plastic lanes should be installed, wood is now passed it’s prime.

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