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Spring Hill Lanes

  Name: Spring Hill Lanes  
  Address: 3447 Commercial Way  
  City: Spring Hill  
  State: FL  
  Zip: 34606  
  Phone: (352) 683-7272  
  Hours: M-T 9-11Fri 9-12 Sat 9-1am Sun 9-9  
  Lanes: 44  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
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Spring Hill Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 1/9/2012 Name: Disturbed Patron
I was up there a couple weeks ago and there was a heavy set Mexican man with beady little eyes and a flapping jaw,However i was there with my daughter which is 13 years old and he was harassing her all day telling her he had candy in his pockets and the back of his van was very soft. after i told him to leave my daughter alone he implied that he would love to be in a very kinky DISGUSTING vile three way with me and my 13 year old daughter. I asked him his name he said my Mexican Daddy and he wanted to show me “things”. I think his picture should be on some website showing his pedophile face. As we were walking out he followed me outside and told me the van was in the back and if I was ready to “get it on” i told him I would call the cops and he said “great they will bring the “handcuffs”. I am very disturbed that these people are out their.

Comment Date: 8/26/2011 Name: back door pickup
bob evans back door bobbie : still waitting for the bag how come u havent been to work i all ready paid you for it so ill be back tonight for it.

Comment Date: 7/2/2011 Name: D Fog
ive only lived in hernando county for 5 years but spring hill lanes is the only bowling alley my friends and i go to. im 18 years old. mariner lanes is just dirty and the employees seem to hate working there. employees at spring hill lanes arent really enthusiastic either. worst part about spring hill lanes is that apparently having fun is against the rules. i once went with about 4 or 5 other friends and we got screamed at for standing up while others were bowling. not on the hardwood, but the computer. and then we got yelled at for being too loud even though we were the only group on the left half of the lanes, the closest group was probably 8 or 9 lanes away. we werent cursing or anything just laughing and having a good time. but whatever we have to go there becase mariner lanes s*cks.i also go with my grandparents when they visit, and we have no problems. i guess they assume every teenager in hernando is a troublemaker

Comment Date: 6/16/2011 Name: Anonymous
Joke for sure…that is why we refuse to go there anymore…a bunch of nasty-mouthed young “boys” ruin every league….

Comment Date: 3/31/2011 Name: Where have you been?
Sandbagging? I thought that was a requirement to bowl in leagues now in Hernando and Pasco counties,well, if you want to keep up with the pro shop guy and his followers that is. Im sorry, his teammates. Because of those antics, its infected other bowlers like a virus. I guess if you can beat them, join them, or quit. 🙂 League bowling is a joke. Period.

Comment Date: 3/16/2011 Name: Anonymous
Rumor has it a certain team in the #1 spot has totally sandbagged this season….hmmm anyone want to take a guess?

Comment Date: 1/8/2011 Name: league member
I have been to many bowling alleys in my life. I have to say that I am very impressed with Spring Hill Lanes. Upon entering, the staff usually greets you and is very attentative.
I strongly urge anyone that has never been there to go. It is a very family oriented facility and you won’t find a cleaner bowling alley in the area.

Comment Date: 10/3/2010 Name: Mary Ann
When reviewing this bowling center, I suggest you try it out and not take what is written by folks who can not put a real name to there comment. Owners are pleasant to deal with and keep the place very clean. I am a parent of a youth bowler and there a few times a week. I hope you go and try out Spring Hill Lanes and not read the negativity of those who most likely never have any thing good to say.

Comment Date: 9/23/2010 Name: monica
wow i moved to town a couple weeks ago and i have been bowling league with my fiance for years. we have bowled at many houses and we have put alot of thought into bowling at springhill lanes. Unfortunitaly now we are not interested, these comments are so childish and disrespecful. I would never let my children bowl in one of these leagues due to what i have read today. As far as the food its great and the lanes there ok but you have to expect lanes to be differant with every house!! if anyone knows of a good league my fiance bowls 230 ave. and he a great person hes alot of fun.. again we are new here so if anyone knows of some great leagues i would love the heads u!! thanks

Comment Date: 8/24/2010 Name: Mrs. WakeUpCall
Wow, I come onto this page looking for a good bowling alley to go hang with my friends…and what I find is a bunch of people commenting and whining about a flipping bowling alley. This isn’t Facebook or Myspace…Plus I bet most of you are of the older age(20-50ish), so here’s to to those who this applies. You just got dissed by a 16 year old. GET A LIFE!

Comment Date: 8/16/2010 Name: Barbara
Funfilled FAMILY entertainment . . . Spring Hill Lanes does not get any better. The lanes are in perfect shape. Bright, friendly, clean . . . a wonderful place. Hope to see you there !

Comment Date: 7/14/2010 Name: YOUTH
Spring hill lanes is the best

Comment Date: 7/7/2010 Name: Anonymous
dude if you average 220 @ LEISURE & 150 @ SHL, I hate to tell you, something is seriously wrong with your game

Comment Date: 7/5/2010 Name: Anonymous
this is the crappiest place ive ben in my 3 years of bowling i have a 220 average at leisure and can only get a 150 here this place needs to oil there lanes more

Comment Date: 6/17/2010 Name: Unimportant
4 years of comments and all I hear is dribble. As I see it there are two options, 1 if you dont like it then take your kids out and thats the end of that. Or the 2nd option just shut the whole thing down since everyones turning this into a circle jerk of insults.

Comment Date: 6/12/2010 Name: Anonymous
Hey Robert…glad to hear you are gone…the Martin’s have no idea how disgusting and rude you really are. Do they know how you told ALL of SPring Hill about their personal family issues? How about all the dirty talk to the young “tweens”…your a total perve and you should have been fired a long time ago…you were the source of most rumors and you hurt alot of innocent people…and they lost alot of customers because of your mouth…so GOOD RIDDENS and dont let the door hit you in the behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 5/26/2010 Name: haha
person from 12/13/09 i agree with you 100% but there comes a time when you just cant deal with it anymore, theres a line that was crossed one too many times and once i found a more realiable job, you bet your a** i was out that door asap! 🙂

Comment Date: 4/5/2010 Name: Anonymous
nobody needs to make them look bad….all them crazy people who work their do a good enough job all by themselves….

Comment Date: 3/27/2010 Name: Anonymous
grow up… all of you.. your making SHL look bad

Comment Date: 12/13/2009 Name: Anonymous
what the heck is going on here??? the owners keep losing all their good employees??? the line at the snack bar was way too long yesterday…and the big obnoxious jerk at the front desk is the one who should leave….his nasty and rude comments are borderline offensive..why do they allow him to they know how dirty he talks??? too many young kids around….

Comment Date: 11/15/2009 Name: Anonymous
A child? No. Teenager, yes. Needs to learn self-control and respect. No hatred here….just disgutst. Oh and I was there…sitting one lane away and he deserved to get thrown out.

Comment Date: 10/29/2009 Name: 🙂
Sounds like you just have a problem with this child, hold on, Ill say it again, “CHILD”. To slander a kid by calling him a “spoiled little rich kid”, is no way for a “ADULT” like you to act. As far as for him getting arrested, that has nothing to do with this topic, but I guess Im the one that has the issue here, right? Thanks for not denying anything that I said about Mrs. Winnegar though. 🙂 Have a nice day enjoying your bitter hatred towards a child. Oh, and I was there by the way. Dont know what you saw, but I know what happened. Thanks, bye!

Comment Date: 10/12/2009 Name: RE: 10/03 annoyed youth parent
Re: to Austin Grace…so sorry to disagree..obviously you DID NOT see what he did at the S & J tourney…not only did he kick the ball return in a sissy show of poor sportmanship and yell the “f” word…(which violates all rules) he also changed his bad score for that ball and tried to throw the ball again…..THAT IS WHY HE WAS kicked out. That kid has been acting like a little spoiled rich kid for way too long…also did anyone hear how he was arrested this past weekend for throwing something at a car while joy riding with one of his partners in crime??? Yeah, nice job. Get your facts straight before you comment on something that happend 2 years ago.

Comment Date: 10/7/2009 Name: Anonymous
One way to end it is for Mrs. Winnegar and the entire youth board that is, in effect, APPOINTED to just RESIGN. Once that is done and a new youth board is actually ELECTED BY THE PARENTS OF THE YOUTH MEMBERS, then, I believe most of the issues at SHL would disappear. Unfortunately, the secrecy that takes place within the youth segment also takes place in the adult areana. Hernando County is the only place I’ve ever lived and bowled that has such a secretive society of good old boys running these programs.
As for Mrs. Winnegars comment regarding slander, I am afraid there is a huge difference between accusation of possible wrong doing when every detail is kept so secretive and slander. I would encourage the board to pass new by-laws that require yearly voting by the parents of ALL board members and the immediate removal of what seems to be the extremely controversial Mrs. Winnegar.

Comment Date: 10/3/2009 Name: Annoyed Youth Parent
So, Im just curious. All these issues about Mrs. Winnegar, and yet she still runs the youth program. All I see and hear is how she is a {deleted} and a thief. Well, if you think it can be proven, then prove it. Simple enough, right? I mean, where does the 50 cents for not wearing the shirt go? Why does the scholarship money have to go into her account and not the SMART account? Why does she tell kids they only have 2 years to use their scholarship money when they really have 6? Why does she make you pre bowl before 6pm and not after? What if you cant do it, then what? Oh well? Thats it? What about when Austin Grace bowled her S & J tournament and was in first place after the first squad and decided to bowl the second squad then got disqualified because of a jokingly kick against the ball return. Not only that, the part that upsets me is how can you disqualify someones scores from the first squad that is done and over with? He completed that first squad flawlessly. However, for something he jokingly did in the second block cost him the whole tournament. I was there, I saw what happened. Can anyone tell me who ended up winning that tournament by the way? 😉
My opinion is that she needs to be replaced as youth {deleted}. {deleted political comment} Perhaps if the parents get together as a whole, we can make the difference. When it comes down to it, its all about money. Thats alot of money to lose if the parents decide to pull their kids out of Spring Hill. I dont think the Martins would like that very much. I assure you changes would have to be made. Change is good. It cant be any worse than the current state of affairs. Parents, get together and make a stand. This is about you and especially your kids. What is your choice going to be? Sit and take it or stand up for something. There is other bowling alleys to let your kids bowl at that would not give you any hassle like what you are dealing with currently. Be honest with yourselves. Time to make a stand parents. Do whats right.

Comment Date: 10/2/2009 Name: Outsider
This is in response to anonymous 9/12 about making the NCT team. The tryouts were not only to show how well someone bowls but also their “ATTITUDE” and “RESPECT” for team mates, adults and coaches alike. This was noted in the contracts that were signed. Just feel privileged you made the team at all. There are other students who would have been glad to make the team, alternate or not. If you don’t want to be an alternate quit so someone else has a chance. NCT bowling does not need attitudes and issues to ruin a good thing they have going. By the way would like to congratulate all of the students who made the teams and good luck this year.

Comment Date: 9/27/2009 Name: just some insight
whoever said that we were supposed to get along with everyone we meet? but that doesn’t mean we have to make people’s lives hell. everyone at spring hill lives for drama; they know it, and they have admitted it. but it will never stop. everyone on here has said at one time or another to stop making fun of people and just get along; that’ll never happen. it is sad, yes, but that’s just the way it is. you can’t stop it. also attacking certain individual’s for mistakes they may have made or just because of who they “are”. it’s like the name you were given was a death sentence. why do some people think that they can just invade someone’s privacy and personal life and think they know everything that is going on? when in the long run, you dont know and will never know everything that happened. its really nobody’s business. people who are in relationships expect it to be personal.
and in my opinion, everyone should really just relax with the nct team. it’s not worth arguing over and going on and on and on…no one cares. just let them bowl and have fun. that’s all these kids want is to have fun. parent’s need to let their kids shine on their own. no need to make a fuss because some other kid is doing better than their own. there is always someone who will be a little bit better than you. no one is perfect.

Comment Date: 9/26/2009 Name: Anonymous
OMG what is wrong with you people??? here we go again…..Eric is right..spineless….Brandon is a fine young man. I have never heard him say anything vulgar or disparaging about anyone. But you are correct about Robert..he needs to tone it down, especially when kids are around.

Comment Date: 9/24/2009 Name: PARENT
mrs winnegar has been running the kids program for many years. she is the one that gets all the flack. she can’t please everyone. at one time you could bowl after 6 p.m. but that caused alot of problems. the rule is for everyone so nobody can say one person bowled after 6 and another one could not because there were no lanes. also parents would bowl on friday nights and let thier kids bowl so they wouldn,t have to get up saturday morning. attacking mrs martins was wrong. you not only hurt the person your writing about, but you hurt their family. lets remember kids are reading this.

Comment Date: 9/20/2009 Name: Anonymous
I couldnt agree more. The owners REALLY have to get control of what their employess say and do!!! THe rumors and nasty things that BOTH Robert Brand and Brandon Curley say are disgusting and totally out of control. I have heard their rude and nasty comments for just about everyone that works and bowls there. One of these days someone and is going to get really pissed off and sue them for defamation of charactor and sexual harrassemt!!!!

Comment Date: 9/19/2009 Name: MRS WINNEGAR
to anonymous,talk about backbone. you won’t even put your name to all your lies. nobody has ever had a problem getting thier scholarship funds. if you want your funds to go to the smart program, just ask. but to say i use the money for personal reasons will end you in court for slander. there are four people on all accounts.
audited yearly. i invite you to check the accounts and see for yourself, but that would mean you have to give me your name. your to bitter towards everyone, one just have to read your comments. i really feel sorry for you.

Comment Date: 9/18/2009 Name: RE:9/13
Though I agree with your distaste for Ms. WInegar…the rule for the 6:00pm deadline is because the lineage cost more after that time. Which is all BS because half the time the alley is empty. Why would it hurt them to let a couple kids prebowl…just another example of the witch getting her way.

Comment Date: 9/18/2009 Name: Eric Martins
Hey �Anonymous� like I said before if you got dirt on someone, show your name and give proof to the proper authorities. You say former Youth bowlers have had a difficult time pulling out funds, why have they not said anything on here? I am sure that you will put there name know down from now on since you can�t put yours. Why have I along with 2-3 of my former Yaba buddies had no problem receiving our scholarship money? As far as Maria being a loser�. She has done far more with fewer opportunities than many. Nobody is perfect, but every member of the Martins family is willing to put their name not only behind the business, but also behind comments we make about others. You say its time for ownership to grow a spine, I say its time to look in the mirror.

Comment Date: 9/17/2009 Name: Eric Martins
This comment is aimed at “It’s been awhile.” If you have dirt bad enough that USBC will pull our sanction, say it. Don’t speculate and let people�s imaginations run wild because it�s convenient for your cause. I truly doubt your comment has any merit. As far as the family being “dysfunctional”, “he who has no sins cast the first stone”. If something is important enough to say, then it is important enough to put your name behind it. If you want to discuss the family either put your name behind it, or tell us face to face. The phone number is above and get put through to the office, or ask the desk to give you my personal cell #. I doubt that I will hear from you. Because anyone that leaves no name while attacking individuals is a gutless coward, and talks about others to make up for personal inadequacies.

Comment Date: 9/13/2009 Name: Anonymous
Yeah, I agree there are many employees at SHL that are nothing but two-faced losers. Unfortunatly, it starts at the very top with Maria Martins. She plays the rich, noble, grand-motherly role quite well. She’ll always agree with you when it comes to customer service issues, then turn around and say something completely different to others. For instance, she has repeatly stated that she does not care what time people prebowl as long as lanes are available, which is a big help for single moms like myself who can’t always get our kids to the lanes to prebowl before the 6pm deadline that Commander Winegar puts on the youth. This is a very discriminatory policy that leaves the lanes open to litigation and IS NOT supported by Mrs. Martins unless she is talking to Sue. Why is she so afraid of that woman. I mean who is the owner? Most would think it is Sue Winegar by the way she dictates everything. By the way, has any other parent thought why it is exactly that Sue doesn’t want to turn over the kids’ scholarship money to the USBC for safekeeping? The reason may not be as she indicates, but more because she uses the money personally until needed by the kids…I’ve heard that several kids no longer in the program have had an extremely rough time in receiving the funds due them. Something is fishy. I’ve pulled my kids out of the program and drive them to Pasco now because that program is completely honest and businesslike in their dealings and using the USBC Scholarship program as it is intended…to keep local kingpins from stealing from unknowing children. Shame on you SHL. Perhaps it is time for management/ownership to grow a backbone.

Comment Date: 9/12/2009 Name: Anonymous
I saw her too, she’s hot. I wouldn’t worry about a 300 game. I don’t think she knows that much about bowling. I saw her writing notes the other day during practice. I wonder what she was writing. uh? I’m good looking, I’m hot, I’m very hot, they think I’m hot, the parents here think I’m hot, paris Hilton got nothing on me etc. Can she coach on Saturday mroning too?

Comment Date: 9/12/2009 Name: Anonymous
How can someone make the alternate team w/ NCT and still have better try out games than people that made the team?

Comment Date: 9/7/2009 Name: Anonymous
yeah no kidding…nothing at all has changed at that place. what they need to do is fire some people at the front desk; one comes off as a boy-hungry pedofile and another one is just a plain crazy psycho b*tch. i always like coming to the place but if you ask me, the owners are blind to how their employees act. its all pretty pathetic.

Comment Date: 9/6/2009 Name: Anonymous
Who made the nature coast team? I like the coach 🙂

Comment Date: 9/6/2009 Name: Anonymous
I thought Ditt died in June???? How can he be part of the conspiracy at SHL

Comment Date: 8/30/2009 Name: It’s been awhile.
Things haven’t changed at all at SHL. Some circle of friends running everything there and making the same ridiculous comments here in support of themselves. If everyone knew half the truth about what really goes on, the USBC would pull it’s sanction entirely. The youth program, the men’s association, the Martin’s Family soap opera (what a dysfunctional family). These people clearly condone rules violations almost weekly when it involves their favorite son, Robert, or one of the inner circle members like Ms. Winnegar, Ron Ditt, or Bob Mahr.

Comment Date: 8/7/2009 Name: M.Reyes
I have been taking my family bowling at Spring Hill lanes since 2004. It is a great establishment with a wonderful freindly staff. The owner has even taken the time on multiple occasions to greet my family and ask if everyone was enjoying themselves and if he can get us anything. I could not believe some of the comments on here and never experienced anything like that in all my years of coming here…readers should definately come and see what a great bowling alley it is.

Comment Date: 7/15/2009 Name: RE: SP
Yeah its true NCT has all the bowlers from here…some of them even LIE to go to the school…wonder if the school board is going to catch them too???? ALso, if your school does not have a team the county states that your child can try out for the team at another option to consider.

Comment Date: 6/29/2009 Name: Judy L
Ron Ditt passed away June 27. There will be no service. He tried hard to last though the state tourney but god had other plans. He was a great secretary for the men’s association. We will miss him. God bless.

Comment Date: 6/11/2009 Name: CP2
SPL does have alot of great youth bowlers that will end up in the PBA–and they could quite possibly kick butt. I guess that poster didnt have the chance to come here and see what hangs on our walls—-ALOT of 300 games, 700 and 800 series. Our kids are awesome. As far as the age change—its all about money and politics…just like the NCT team.

Comment Date: 5/13/2009 Name: SP
I think that it is a good thing that they changed the age to 20. It gives the younger kids more of a chance to win the leagues scholarship awards and so on. For the whole NCT thing. Dont complain we cant even get CHS to start one. Its considered a club, not a varsity sport. So you guys are luckly you have one period. But then again everyone that bowls is going to NCT so it wouldn’t even matter. They’d have all the good bowlers in Spring Hill/Brooksville.

Comment Date: 4/5/2009 Name: james
long time patron thank you for th feedback and I will try to make it to a tournment there in the near future. As for the last concerend parent complaing that 20 years old is a youth cut off well that is just silly I’ve been bowling adult leauges and tournies since I was 13 years old. If you are out of highschool you shouldnt be bowling with kids you are a adult. Also trust me you do not have many youth bowlers there that can win on the pba maybe in a pba leauge but not on the tour or even regionals for that matter. You may have one or two that could be good regional players and maybe one that in the future might be good enough to be exempt but but trust me there is no way you have many. That is in no way an insult to your center or youth program I’m sure they are all great but to say your kids are ready for the pba is just insane.

Comment Date: 3/29/2009 Name: a concerned parent
Don’t ya think it’s kind of dumb that they are changing the age of the kids that can bowl on saterday mournings to 20 is a little bit riduclous? They also want to change it to 18 in the near future. It’s not like a kid is going out and getting drunk or causeing mayhem. They are at a place that we should trust, with their friends, doing the thing that they love. Give me a break USBC If you won’t let our kids bowl in this leauge, give them a chance in the PBA, cause I guarantee you that some of these kids we have are just as good, if not better than some of the people on the PBA.
20 is bad enough, but don’t change it to 18.

Comment Date: 3/21/2009 Name: RE: James from longtime patron
Sorry you got such a bad impression. It is true that there are some “bad apples” in this area and some are just plain crazy. But please dont let these select few be a fair representation of the good people that are here in Spring Hill Lanes. We have many youth bowlers that are downright awesome. The adults that run this league are in a “league” of their own. The family who owns this alley works tirelessly to keep it extremely clean and friendly. They do not put up with any crap. They run a great alley and “most” of their employees go out of their way to make sure everything is done right. The things you read on here happend a year or two ago and most of those morons are long gone. So dont give up on us. Come see for yourself

Comment Date: 3/14/2009 Name: james
well I came to this site to see what Spring Hill lanes was all about. I live in Marion county and bowl in ocala and cirtus county. I was thinking of bowling some tournaments there but I think I shall avoid Spring Hill lanes after reading this page. I’ve been bowling for over 20 years and had thought I had seen it all but you Spring Hill bowlers take the cake. I feel sorry for the people that have to work in this center it must be hell having to deal with these people on a daily basis. As for those who said the state championship team s*cked well that is an oximoron and apperantly you are just morons. It is not possible to be a champion and s*ck at the same time. Sorry these kids dont have a team this year that s*cks and whoever caused that should be ashamed of themselves. Anyways you guys have fun down there just dont tear eachother apart.

Comment Date: 2/19/2009 Name: a past bowler of both mariner and shl
It amazes me that some of you on here just continue to keep the feud up between both centers. I was in leagues at Mariner several years ago and a high school bowler of SHL. I found good and bad qualities in both centers. I just think it is a tad ridiculous to go and slander both of these centers. I felt after reading several of these posts that I was stuck in a time warp. GROW UP!!!

Comment Date: 1/1/2009 Name: Anonymous
NCT not having a bowling team this year had nothing to do with money. That was just the excuse that was given. Maybe if one certain person would have not caused so much drama, we could have continued. Now her kids and everyone else has to suffer the consequences. Too bad the kids did deserve to defend their title.

Comment Date: 11/25/2008 Name: NCT Bowling
Isn’t great NCT can spend over $10,000 in fines for a football team but couldn’t afford to sponsor a state championship bowling team. How much could it cost to fund a bowling team 3 maybe 4 thousand dollars??? This is pretty sad. You never saw any of our bowlers getting into any disputes, let alone fights. Pretty sad that even the coach was involved. Come on NCT open your eyes, this was the first state championship team in how many years for all of Hernando County?? These kids deserver a chance. Hope the right people read this. Eric R.I.P. <33

Comment Date: 7/2/2008 Name: JG
Spring Hill youth bowlers need a jr gold qualifier from the league Jr gold is the most prestigious tournament for youth bowlers and the next 2 years it is in indy and we should have the chance to go we have many 175 average bowlers and up…I hope this happens

Comment Date: 6/12/2008 Name: U2Cool
I think Spring Hill lanes is hot on the spot with fun and bowling. I luv their food and have been to it 3 times. It was my first bowling alley in Spring Hill. I had lots of fun on my first trip to it. I dream to be able to not get gutter balls and make a lot of strikes one day. This is da BEST bowling alley in Spring Hill. Visit one day.

Comment Date: 6/4/2008 Name: Robert R Brand
((*im posting this on my own be-1/2*))WOW iv been told of this page for a long time, *ponders* I cant beleave that i never went to see it sooner… I have work’d at springhill lanes starting on Oct, 09, 1999. and bowl’d well for many years @ shl.. Iv work’d with the Martins familly since then, and work’d with Chris M. All I can say is that I saw someone say that Carlos only Oil’s once a day NOT TRUE! He oils at 830 am every day and a second time every day around 430-6pm you are welcome to visit and see.
Iv never work’d a job and seen 100% happy people.
I was once told to try and please 100% is a job set to hit red zone ASAP. The Martins have a very High record of 300’s. Ask Ron DITT. We even had a 82 or 92 year old Sir, Get a 600 series.
And for the great SUE W.. All i can say is that a woman that does all she can do working with the ally and GOING by the rules of USBC. that she is really doing a great job because I work with public and it can be VERY HARD!!!! Iv try to smile 100% and normally ill have a customer say whats so happy, then I think that why be so upset. I happen to LOVE TO WORK WHEN WE HAVE THE SPECIAL KIDS THERE (ARC) tour’s and groups becasue I enjoy to help them, A lot of the customers dont know the USBC RULES and or bowl bad and FIRST THING is lets say HOW BAD EVERY THING IS!!!!!..
I personally know that the Martins put boelers first becasue IT EVEN SAYS THAT ON OUR work schedule To day is WED june 04 I work allmost every day but mondays please come ask me and i will show you at the desk.
If some thing is wrong and i can try to help please ask.
Robert R Brand.
{Email address deleted – Sorry, no personal emails addresses allowed}
-P.s. All are welcome to email me with any Comments or Questions.
I will try to help if I can.

Comment Date: 5/22/2008 Name: Anonymous
I haven’t bowled at Spring Hill in a year, but what I will say is that I always found Carlos and George to be professional in running the lanes, and most of the staff to be friendly and willing to help. As for the Youth programs, both Spring Hill centers have people running them who can be mean and rude on occasion, but the structure of the Spring Hill Lanes program is far superior. I really enjoyed bowling there. As for leaving Spring Hill, I did receive a rude comment directly from an employee, but I do know that many left the lanes because of the tougher lane conditions. This may have been necessary for Spring Hill Lanes’ goal to host large tournaments, but it may have cost some of the serious league bowlers that are the life blood of a bowling establishment. And finally, I realize that there are a lot of people from the New York area living in Spring Hill, but the main reason I did leave this center is that there are a visible faction of older New York men who think they run the place and decide they need to be in everyone’s business. Spring Hill has so much in it’s favor, it really just needs to check a few individuals and it will continue to succeed.

Comment Date: 5/18/2008 Name: Re: sick and tired
First of all you need to learn how to spell and use proper grammer. By the looks of it you are a kid yourself or just plain uneducated. The owners of this alley run a tight ship and do it very professionally. They are never rude or disrespectful to their customers. They keep the alley clean and are constantly making improvments. I do not think you have a clue to what it is like to run a business successfully. I don’t personally know the woman named Sue but I do know the Yaba leagues have done quite well over the years. You seemed to make a point about the kids and how they act? Well what do you expect, they are KIDS. Having children participating in any sporting event is to teach them many life skills. You need to chill out. Spring Hill Lanes is a great alley.

Comment Date: 5/12/2008 Name: sick and tired
spring hill lanes was one of the best bowling alleys i have ever bowled in but this past year their has been alot of attitudes, little children who let their mouths overrun their butts. and as for the owners of the lanes they are losing control of their business. they need to take control and quit trying to make everyone happy and go by usbc rules. and as for susan w. she is a wonderful person and is the one that makes the program work if not for her that program would have folded long ago. you people have no idea the time and effort she puts into the young bowlers.

Comment Date: 4/28/2008 Name: ??????
I think Spring Hill Lanes is clean and the people that work there are sweet.The snack counter can get busy especially on Saturday morning but the people that work there are nice.I see that there are a few new people there and at the snack counter. The new lady is very sweet talking very sweet to us kisa I like her. I think this alley is great

Comment Date: 4/6/2008 Name: Kelly
The lanes are great, the Saturday night bowling is great, the waitress service is lacking. How can you have ONE waitress for 10 lanes of no less than 3 people per lane? Especially when I say a majority of them ordering pitchers, you expect the waitress to carry more than 2 pitchers at a time on that little tray that’s provided to them. Stop being so cheap and get another server!

Comment Date: 1/14/2008 Name: just wondering
Let everyone of the kids know when they can all go and what is the date..

Comment Date: 1/14/2008 Name: Jodi
I have a comment for “the word to the owner” person. What a terrible thing to say about the waitress and the owner. I assume alot of kids resd this looking for possitive feedback and you used it to slander people you don’t even know. Thats not playing nice. Everyone has a past and you have no idea what happened in that persons life to bring them to where they are. Have you ever made a bad decision? I have (more than I care to admit). I know the owners of that lane and I also know they go to great lengths to give thier customers the best they can. I also think thier entitled to have a life to. Its not as easy as it looks to keep things running smoothly and maintain a staff that will cater to the customers. lighten up, and don’t go accusing people of things when you don’t know about it. Isn’t there enough negativity in the world without you adding to it? be nice. In case you didn’t notice, I put my name on this comment.

Comment Date: 1/5/2008 Name: Ooops..
continued from last post,
Winners from Spring Hill Lanes at the High School Singles Championships were:
Jeffery Morgan – 9th Grade – 2nd place. Katie Mac Kay – 12th Grade – 2nd Place Chris Polizzi – 12th Grade – 1st place and overall high score for boys. Great bowling kids. This is an annual event that is open to ALL high school students who are sanctioned USBC bowlers. They DO NOT have to be on a high school team. So mark you calandars for next year!!!!

Comment Date: 1/5/2008 Name: Parent
1st Annual High School Singles Chapionships
Tournament Results.
Spring Hill Lanes was proudly represented in this tournament that was hosted by the University of Central Florida’s bowling team. This was a very well planned and organized event. All of our bowlers that attended should be very proud. Each and every one of them acted very mature and professional. They all got along and were supportive of each other, this also includes the parents. What a wonderful day. Our winners were:

Comment Date: 1/4/2008 Name: word of advice to the owner
This guy needs to wake up and take a better accounting of his employees and their behavior when he isn’t around and he’d better do it before the 2009 Men’s State Tournament. He has one “waitress” that does shots with any guy that winks at her and another one that sits on her butt most of the time and looks like a zombie on the rare occassion when she is actually walking around trying to drum up business…you have to wonder if she isn’t on drugs. Just about anywhere else and these two in particular would have been let go long ago. I hear, however, that at least one of these women are in good with the owners. She has several kids by several men which begs the question, just how well does she know the owner?

Comment Date: 12/22/2007 Name: Anonymous
Congratulations to Zack for taking first place in the S&J; Tournament, Division B. Way to Go!

Comment Date: 12/19/2007 Name: Anonymous
A big high-five to Willy(1st place) and Katie(2nd place) for winning the annual S&J; Tournament. You both bowled great.

Comment Date: 12/4/2007 Name: Parent
My goodness is this what you people resort to? Maybe some of us are just trying to suggest that there are “other” bowlers in this alley aside from the NCT team. Everyone was proud of their accomplishment but it is over. Some encouragement and praise to the younger bowlers is all the poster was refering to. Someday one of the youngsters may end up on that team. Sounds to me this parent is living through their child. True this team worked hard for what 6 weeks? The high school season is very short-lived. Don’t let any of this get to your heads kiddies, life is but a journey, and this CHAMPIONSHIP is just a stop along the way. Need I say more. lol.

Comment Date: 12/3/2007 Name: Pee Wees & Preps???
Are you kidding me? YAY! Lets talk about their 85 games and their 245 series! Woo-Hoo! I cant wait to hear about it! Or a prep bowler, OH BOY! 145 games with a 410 series! GREAT BOWLING!!!! Gimme a break. Who CARES!?!?!?! I DONT AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE!

Comment Date: 12/3/2007 Name: To the disgusted one…
You obviously dont know JACK about bowling. You obviously dont know what kind of accomplishment it is to win a state title in ANYTHING! These kids went through a lot of crap this season and they pulled it together to win states. Are there better teams out there, that could be very possible, but the point is this, THEY ARE THE STATE CHAMPIONS, END OF STORY! Nature Coast, be proud of your title, you earned it, no matter how much idiots want to kick you down and degrade your accomplishment, its still an honor. Bowling IS a sport, and anyone who has half a brain and knows anything about bowling would agree. Congrats to the State Champs! And to the disgusted one, youre just disgusted because you are a hater and hoped they didnt bowl well. Im sure there is a few reasons behind it, but being anonymous shows you are a coward. I dont have to show my name, because Im not tough talking and belittling high school kids. If you dont like what they have done, why dont you tell them, you know, the STATE CHAMPS!

Comment Date: 12/3/2007 Name: Concerned reader
Obviously, maybe you have seen better.. but never a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! Even better it shows that these kids can bowl as a TEAM.. and isn’t that what we are supposed to be teaching our children.. “How to be team players!” So here’s to the NCT bowling team for bring home such a large Title and a matching TROPHY!!!!!

Comment Date: 12/2/2007 Name: pee-wwe’s & preps just as good
doubt it very much, don’t get me wrong the kids are good , but who are you to say enough with the kudos..when the pee-wee’s & preps achieve that level, you are going to want to hear prause for them??

Comment Date: 11/30/2007 Name: parent
it is obvious that the last 2 comments on NCT, are from jealous ,kids or maybe parents that cannot handle, that there kid is not that good,,and if they think that the team is not that good, it means those comments are from losers..they are and always will be

Comment Date: 11/29/2007 Name: Anonymous
Thank Goodness that the high school season is done and over with. Now it is time to mention some of the younger up & coming bowlers who work just as hard and who are just as good. Go pee wee’s and preps!!!

Comment Date: 11/8/2007 Name: disgusted affiliate
everyone seems to make such a big deal out of this nct team when its nothing!! so what, a high school has a bowling team, big whoop! yall need to stop thinking youre the best because ive seen waaaaaaay better!

Comment Date: 11/8/2007 Name: Parent of a Youth Bowler
I think you all need to understand that NCTHS Bowling Team is separate from the Saturday youth bowling. You all seem to be confused, yes there are Spring Hill youth bowlers on the team, but there are Mariner youth bowlers on the team as well. They are a team, High School team. There is no “I” they have achieved a lot, as I’m sure so would the other Saturday youth bowlers. It’s unfortunate that not all High Schools have bowling, but that’s the way it is. You can change it, us parents do have a voice, you seem to use it well on this website. Why not use it at the High School your child goes to. And one more thing… No we do not want a Sanctioned team, FSU had Bowling scouts talking our seniors at the FSHAA Tournament. Need I say more.

Comment Date: 11/8/2007 Name: Mom
Congrats to NCT Boys for bring home the Gold and NCT girls 3rd place win

Comment Date: 11/8/2007 Name: fan
Congratulations to the NCT boys and girls bowling teams. Boys Fisrt place-state champs! Girls – third place. April 21st in the state and Chris in the top 16. Way to go!

Comment Date: 11/7/2007 Name: Anonymous
what achievements? aha!

Comment Date: 11/3/2007 Name: bowling for spring hill
congrats NCT boys for winning districts and girls for placing. special shout out to chris and teresa for individual achievements

Comment Date: 10/29/2007 Name: bowler
Congrats to brnadon and ryan, both shooting great on saturday morning. Eve though they both struggled a little they managed to shoot a 714 and a 688. great bowling guys!

Comment Date: 10/23/2007 Name: Anonymous
In re: to 10/18 Congrats to the NCT team. It’s too bad this is not a sanctioned league.

Comment Date: 10/19/2007 Name: Anonymous
Just wanted to say I saw the presentation on the goverment channel today. Everyone did a nice job. No wonder we won the bid to host the 2009 Florida State Tournament!!!!

Comment Date: 10/18/2007 Name: Anonymous
Congratulations to the Nature Coast Bowling Team on there current sucess. In your traveling to strange lanes to bowl, sometimes it is hard to adjust to the lane conditions, as you are all use to the home lanes. Great job to April Trezise for carrying a 205 average while traveling. Congratulations to Chris and the rest of the boys team on there win and the girls on there 4-0 record. Good luck on the next 2 matches, districts and that states! Again Congratulations!

Comment Date: 10/18/2007 Name: Anonymous
Who the heck is “lawlz”? Practice is very important. That is what makes a good bowler better. I was there the day the young lady bowled and she was just happy in telling the people that she knew what her scores were. Everyone is always excited when they bowl a good game. I read the post and they did mention that is was “just practice”. I say good for her!!!

Comment Date: 10/18/2007 Name: League Bowler
I enjoy bowling at Spring Hill. Everyday the parking lot is packed and it is hard sometimes to get practice time because they are so busy. I heard that the car dealer next door is moving soon. It would be great if they could buy the property and expand the parking lot and add more lanes. That would be wonderful.

Comment Date: 10/17/2007 Name: Anonymous
Anyone who can bowl that good either in practice or in a league should be proud. Good job!

Comment Date: 10/17/2007 Name: lawlz
Thats was a nice 298, to bad we cant see any of that in a actual league. But im sorry, going around to everybody in the alley and boasting about a 298 is was in practice and to be honest it doesnt matter. =)

Comment Date: 10/14/2007 Name: Good Bowling
Another great practice session for Katie M. On Saturday AFTER the league while practicing with coach Bob she bowled a 298, 279, 192. A great 769 series. Too bad it was just practice. Katie currently has a 196 average in the Spring Hill Elite league. Good Bowling Katie!!!

Comment Date: 10/14/2007 Name: Supportive Patron
I have been a long time bowler at Spring Hill Lanes and was alerted to this site by several others. First I would like to say that this alley is run very professionally. The staff and owners go the extra mile to ensure quality service. We recently held a benefit for the Susan G Koman 3-day walk for breast cancer. This was the first bowl-a-thon for this at Spring Hill and there was a great turn-out. I hope next year more people will be involved.

Comment Date: 10/11/2007 Name: SUSAN
Congratulations to Hernando County BA Association for winning the bid to host the Mens State Tournament in 2009.

Comment Date: 10/11/2007 Name: SOMETHING GOOD
Hi-five to April Trezise (age 17) for bowling a 667 series in the youth/adult league. Great bowling. Susan

Comment Date: 10/9/2007 Name: Anonymous
why take your pathetictic time 2 write that mrs.9/20/07

Comment Date: 10/5/2007 Name: Anonymous
spring hill lanes is a great place to bowl and every1 there is friendly. all this b.s. bout bowling im glad 2 c it has stopped at least online. i also feel bad the elite teams the are there because they are all good enough welll most of them atleast. good luck guys i hope state comes back around to you guysit was alot of fun last time it was here.
p.s. if ur initals are s.b. they really should be b.s.

Comment Date: 9/26/2007 Name: Bystander
I feel bad for the Nature Coast team and all people involved that this has to go to the extremes that it has gone to.Its sad that people have to go to such ridiculous extremes as to badmouth people on a message board.High school bowling should not have this kind of hostility, actually anything to do with the kids should not result to this.I do feel bad for the “parties mentioned but not technically named”, because they have enough on their plate.I also feel bad for the N.C. bowling team.Ive been in your shoes, and I really feel sympathy and hope all goes well soon.Good luck to N.C.H.S and all the people involved.Hope everything comes to a good conclusion.

Comment Date: 9/25/2007 Name: Anonymous
it has been 5 days since I typed a response to LOL, if he wants slander he may want to investigate, invasion of privacy.

Comment Date: 9/25/2007 Name: Unbelievable
I cannot believe what I am reading on this forum. All of this because of high school bowling? When I bowled kids leagues, there was NEVER this kind of drama. This really is sad. Ive talked to some of these kids, and they just want to bowl. Whether its 8 or 9 or 20 kids, they just want to bowl and not have all of this drama. Ive heard so many complaints, and it is a joke. This is only making bowling in general in this area look bad. Just let them bowl. No matter what the case is, just let them bowl. Slander, deformation of character and all of that nonsense, who cares. Its petty and childish. Parents should just mind their business and let the kids do what they want to do, keep it fun for them while they have it because it doesnt get fun in the adult leagues, actually it only gets worse. I feel bad for all the kids on the Nature Coast team, and I hope all the problems get straightened out for your benefits.

Comment Date: 9/22/2007 Name: SUSAN
Hi five to Chris Polissi for bowling a 743 series
in the Elite League. Well done

Comment Date: 9/21/2007 Name: Anonymous
to you voice of reason, whoever you are, how rude! you dont even know the boy! who are you to criticize someone you dont even know! you seem very judgemental and you judge a book by its cover. next time i suggest you get to know him, or any other person you decided to criticize for that matter,before you judge them! YOURE pathetic
and one more thing, youre little team is nothing in the eyes of USBC. its not sanctioned and its not that important.

Comment Date: 9/21/2007 Name: had enough
STOP IT you parents bad mouthing kids calling them names. what is wrong with you grow up and get a life. you tell other parents to stay out of it why don’t you. I repeat GET A LIFE

Comment Date: 9/20/2007 Name: Anonymous
LOL, you are a dunce, please steal my ISP addr & put it on the church door, that would be stealing & invasion of privacy, never mine slander,,you are a idiot, you would open up a law suit ,, so please go ahead

Comment Date: 9/20/2007 Name: Shannon Baker
I am writing in regards to the comments dated 9/19/07 and 9/16/07. The “Voice of reason” should be ashamed of themselves. How dare you refer to this child as a “dunce”. We all know who he and his family are. They are a good family with good morales. I believe you are the same person with the comment on 9/16/07 “regarding Nature coast”. In that comment you mentioned about a family member in the hospital…what kind of person are you? This family is going through a very difficult time. Everyone in this league should be nothing but supportive, not rude and insulting. I have sent in my own comments, some of which I probably shoulden’t have. But some of you get me so angry with your petty BS. It is disheartening to see everyone at odds. We all bowl at the same alley, we all should be united. Just what are we representing? We have so many good bowlers. But how do we look to outside world? Susan Winnegar does an abosolutely phennomal job. It is more than just showing up every Saturday morning. I voluntered for two years and enjoyed every minute. I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of a league. I chose not to return this year due to personal family reasons and my very busy work schedule. I enjoy watching my daughter bowl and I now have the opportunity to get to know some of the parents better. Everyone comes to Spring Hill Lanes for the same reason, to bowl or watch their children. Why do we all have to create this atmosphere of dissention? Everyone needs to stop bashing each other and learn to ban together so we can be one of the best groups around? How about it parents and bowlers? Can’t we all be friends or atleast pretend? The reputation of our alley and that of our youth leagues depends upon this. If any of you dislike me or my daughter that is fine, for we are all entitled to our opinions. I am just taking the chance of being “brave” and submitting this post with my “real” name in the hopes that it creats a postive feedback. Thank you for reading this long post.

Comment Date: 9/20/2007 Name: Anonymous
Attention Bowling2u staff: In a comment dated 9-19-07 there was a reference to ISP addresses are not hidden. Is this true? Many people vent here because of the annoynimity.**Note***ISP addresses are displayed, however, we don’t know who is using a particular computer at any given time. There are no names displayed whatsoever! We don’t know who you are unless you give your name (Just like anyone else reading a comment). B2U Staff***

Comment Date: 9/19/2007 Name: Voice of Reason
As far as the Nature Coast team goes, they only have 8, EIGHT on the roster. That doesnt mean that a certain mother should cry her eyes out when her dunce of a boy didnt make the team. They take 8, sorry he couldnt cut it, but thats the way it is. Dont punish the whole team by having them bowl with your son, who they really dont even want to bowl with. Just because this certain parent makes an “extra 50 dollar donation”, and cries like a school girl, doesnt mean that gives you clout to keep your kid on the team.Your son didnt make it.Sorry,s*cks for him,better luck next year.
As far as the coaching,I think the coaches are playing their “roles” to heavily.Some of the kids are good,and they know who and whats best for the team.They bowl with each other all the time, and if they can help each other, then let them.Dont say,leave him alone,we need to work on the “baker game”.Who gives a crap about that. If the child in question isnt throwing the ball worth a crap,what good is he going to be on the baker team. If he can get help from his own peers,you should take pride in that because thats a quality that a lot of your competitors, or most kids that age dont have.Dont take that away from them.They are a team, let them bowl as a team, all EIGHT OF THEM!Not nine, but I guess if your mother cries hard enough, anyone can get their way. Pathetic.

Comment Date: 9/19/2007 Name: LOL
you may have typed your name as annonymous, but you neglected to hide your ISP address. How would you like it if your slander just so happened to show up on the rectory door? we teach our children how to turn the other cheek. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.

Comment Date: 9/16/2007 Name: Parent
Every bowler in the Elite league has worked very hard to be there. Most of these kids spend many hours each week practicing. Instead of getting in trouble. Sure some of them, mine included, can get a little hot headed but it is only because they want to do good for their team. Also, they want and need to earn scholarship money. If you are unhappy about your game then may I suggest you grow up and learn how to improve and leave these kids alone.

Comment Date: 9/16/2007 Name: regarding nature coast
Just because one parent throws a hissey fit, just to get there nkid to bowl on the team is BS,,if they want to file a complaint, let them because all of the parents will stand up for the coaches,Ms, Beech is doing a fine job as well as the others on the coaching staff,the initials of the parent & the child in question is the same, and all the parent is doing is forcing the rest of the students to bowl with there kid , is going to create problems, they need to shut up & let it go, there kid is an ok bowler, but his attitude is lousy,so please take the hint & let it be & let the rest of the team have a good & winning season,, besides certain people should worry about there family being in the hospital

Comment Date: 9/15/2007 Name: Concern Parent
Nature Coast Tech. does not have a home bowling lanes they have 2 Home lanes Spring Hill and Mariner they are equal. We are a school county team and both lanes are in our county. Please leave the school out of you silly game and quit acting like babies. I thought this site was for positive respond not mud slinging. What is wrong with you PARENTS anyhow? Let the children have FUN after all isn’t that what Bowling is all about. Let the coaches handle the problems for both lanes and school. Parents stay out of it…

Comment Date: 9/14/2007 Name: Re:9/04/07
Well said. The “fab four” and their groupies need to go u-kno-where. Just because some of them work at SH Lanes does not give them the right to act like stuck-up snots. I cant believe the Martin’s actually put up with their behaivor. The newest employee has a very nasty mouth. Shamefull.

Comment Date: 9/14/2007 Name: about mitch
Great comment from anonymous about Mitch. If anonymous will go to the Mariner comment site, he will find almost the same thing I wrote.

Comment Date: 9/14/2007 Name: parent of nature coast bowler
Mariner is the home lanes of nature coast,,& as far as whiney babies, those are the parents cause there poor little baby does not bowl & no only the bowlers who are any good should bowl so the team has a winning chance..

Comment Date: 9/14/2007 Name: Youth Bowler
I am one of the higher average bowlers at SHL youth league and I want to know what ive done to offend anyone I have never done anything to get all these things said about me and Want to know who is saying these things and get them out in the open cause me myself and everyone else on my team has done nothing against anyone there beside bowl good if some parents cant handle there child not being the best im sorry I worked hard to be as good as I am.

Comment Date: 9/14/2007 Name: parent of NCTHS bowler
Bowling is a team sport,just like football,baseball basketball and the best should play this is high school not pee wee’s were everyone gets to play and scores don’t count the kids on this team care about the sport and are there to win. if they get the chance to bowl, great but if the team wins that whats important.Its not a popularity contest its the best bowlers who tried out if your child did not make it then get him or her to practice more

Comment Date: 9/14/2007 Name: Anonymous
It is amazing, I have put in 3 comments in the past week that did not agree with the idiot would said the spring hil youth s*ck but those were not printed, gee I wonder who this site actually writes for {*NOTE* – is a private company not affiliated with any bowling center. Comments are reviewed by an actual person prior to posting. We receive thousands of comments per day, sometimes it takes several days to review and post them. Thank you – B2U Staff}

Comment Date: 9/13/2007 Name: Concerned Parent
Spring Hill Lanes is the home alley for the Nature Coast Tech High school team. What a joke, this is more a popularity contest than it is a competitive bowling team. There is no “I” in team!!!! Coach Beech, you need to let all bowlers partcipate, not just the whinney babies.

Comment Date: 9/13/2007 Name: Elite Bowler
In reference to the the last comment, I can understand one thinking that most of the Elite bowlers are stuck-up, for we all know to whom you are refering. Just let me say that there are many bowlers in this league who agree with you. The “upper-crust” bunch has been threatening to leave and go to the “adult” leagues for sometime. Well they got their way for this season. We all cant wait for the PITA’s to leave. Hang in there, not all of the bowlers are jerks.

Comment Date: 9/11/2007 Name: Anonymous
why put any comment the staff is not going tom print it,, they are the one’s who think that the youth s*ck

Comment Date: 9/10/2007 Name: Anonymous
to the Idiot who thinks the youth bowlers s**k here, your kid must be one of those who is not quite that good,so why don’t you drop dead

Comment Date: 9/7/2007 Name: fed up
To whom ever has nothing better to do with their time,if your life is so boring that u have nothing better to do then trash youth bowlers I feel sorry for u.But for your information the youth bowlers at spring hill are all nice kids who like to bowl and it keeps them out of trouble. If some are better than others then that should give them something to strive for.And these kids are not stuck up because they would be the first to help anyone that asked,just because they are passionate about bowling and get loud when their doing well and upset when their not, just like any adult. does.

Comment Date: 9/6/2007 Name: parent
directly to 9/4.. if you got a issue with the so called elite, then you need to get out of spring hill lanes, don’t hate the other kids because your kid is not that good yet,,
have a nice day

Comment Date: 9/4/2007 Name: Anonymous
The bowling attitude of the youth bowling s*cks. Most of the bowlers in the S.H. Elite are stuck up on there selves while the fact is that they would be used to wipe the floors at any other lane. They think that they run the show and if they leave all the others will follow. If your thinking of joining Spring Hill lanes youth league dont your just wasting your time.

Comment Date: 8/21/2007 Name: Anonymous
This bowling center s*cks!! The gameroom the food the employees… what a waste of time and money.

Comment Date: 8/19/2007 Name: uhh.
would you all like some cheese with this whine?

Comment Date: 8/17/2007 Name: Someone Who is Special
I would like to say that I for one like bowling at this center. I just dont understand why some people have to be so mean. Why is everybody complaing about others here? You all say nasty things and then show up for your leagues and act all fake and stuff. As a youth bowler I always look forward to Sat morning. But sometimes it gets annoying. SOme kids act all stuck up and I here them say mean things about other kids. My coach tells me to just ignor there kids but i think he should be telling those jerks to be nice or go home. I dont like to complain cuz then you look like a tatle tail. I hope that this year everyone will try tobe nice. My Mom taught me that if you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything at all. That is what I am going to do.

Comment Date: 8/17/2007 Name: RE: Mr. Bonerfield’s post
Well finally someone with some sort of common sense. You are so right. I am a senior bowler at this center with grandchildren in the youth program. So I see quite a bit, and hear a few things too. The owners of this alley run a tight ship. If they only knew what some of their employees say behind their backs. I wont bother to sling any names but they know who they are. The pro shop could use a good cleaning and the equipment could be a little more up-to-date. I have chosen to use Mariner’s shop because the service is better. I agree about the snack bar, they could add some more healthy items as some of us “Old geezers” are on restricted diets. They also need to do something about all the moisture dripping from the A/C vents. Very bad this year. Don’t bother purchasing the Adventure Island tickets for $30, they expire THIS OCTOBER!! That was a disappointment. My family and I will continue to use this house. Too many good people go there too!!

Comment Date: 8/17/2007 Name: Anonymous
Hey Mitch, GO HOME! Who cares about adequate lanes and how your ball reacts, I don’t! So, go home Mitch, and tell everyone you cant hack it here. 195 average isnt worth a crap to talk about. You being 195 doesnt mean you know what you are talking about when it comes to the lane conditions. As far as the snack bar, go to McDonalds if you dont like the snack bars choices.

Comment Date: 8/14/2007 Name: Mitch Bonnerfield
Wow! I am from out of town and have used this site to comment on other lanes I’ve bowled at. Never have I come across such personal attacks on here. To an outsider, I have to wonder just what types of people are in the bowling community in Spring Hill. None of you are giving a very good impression of either bowling center. These kinds of personal attacks show nothing but trash and lack of conviction. All involved should learn some etiquette. If you have a problem with a particular person, speak to them personally, not in a forum like this. And, maybe, I am not with the times, but why do so many people today think it is appropriate to make snide and terse comments in reply to those who have posted comments here or on any other site? Is it that hard to be original and only post a comment about the center (or topic)? I see this same callousness on other sites, too.
Having come to town to visit a relative, I spent some time at both bowling houses over the course of this week. As for this house, I found the customer service level to be fantastic! All employees were professional, yet good humored. The people at the front desk were especially helpful in answering questions about the lanes, operation of equipment, etc. The prices here were very reasonable. The selection at the snack bar was somewhat limited, but the food was good. They could use some items that are not fried…hot pretzels and pizza, too!
As for the lane conditions, I thought my ball reacted fairly well, although, I needed a few more adjustments than at the other house in Spring Hill to my stance from my home house. These lanes can definitely be challenging as I returned here to bowl a couple more times before leaving town.
I am a 195 average bowler. I am not a power bowler and don’t have a big, hard hook like some, so those bowlers may find the conditions to be different. For my ball, they were challenging but more than adequate.

Comment Date: 8/11/2007 Name: No One Important
All of you people need to stop bickering and picking fights about stupid stuff with one another!! This is all very childish. I can’t believe instead of talking one-on-one with eachother, you people got to bicker and whine over stupid crap on this site! My first time seeing this site and this is all I see is people bickering about spelling errors and how poorly a bowling center is run?? How pathetic!!!

Comment Date: 8/9/2007 Name: Anonymous
This bowling center is the most poorly run center in all of southern Florida. Dont visit! I promise you will be disappointed!

Comment Date: 8/7/2007 Name: Anonymous
to Mr. May,,yes you are correct the overall grammer is bad,, but your overall but kissing is worst,,education for us,, chapstick for your lips,

Comment Date: 8/6/2007 Name: Anonymous
Gee, go figure, a Spring Hill employee, saying that Mariner was falling in dispair, & you have been bowling there for years & your child is in the kids leagues..gee your impartial ????

Comment Date: 8/4/2007 Name: To Kevin May
Hey buddy, nice long post, but all that typing, means nothing. Your opinion isnt going to change anything. Oh, and before you talk about spelling errors, the very first word I saw, in CAPITAL LETTERS happened to be misspelled, thats RIDICULOUS!!!! So, before you criticize spelling errors, you better check yours. Again, your post is too long and isnt going to do any good.

Comment Date: 8/3/2007 Name: Kevin May
Man, I could have a field day here!
First of all, this is one of the MOST REDICULOUS sites I’ve ever visited. Who, in their right mind, would allow comments like these to be posted without forcing the visitor to REGISTER first? Even if someone wants to remain anonymous, they should have to register under a specific pseudonym for them.
As for those who have been posting messages…particularly, the adult posters…do you stop and think that children may be reading this stuff? And we wonder why our children are degenerating year after year into unruly, none respectful, little ruffians. As some have said, if you want to post, have the courage to stand up for your convictions by signing your name. Be an adult by showing your willingness to discuss matters in an adult-like, mature manner without all the mud slinging and name calling! In other words, show some character.
Next, your comments here are supposed to be about the CENTER, not badgering volunteers or specific people. I say shame on Bowling2u for allowing such posts when they specifically state that comments are requested about the center and that each comment will be reviewed by a human. What are these people thinking? I hope they will make some seriously needed changes to this site.
I have bowled primarily at Spring Hill Lanes for nearly 15 years and my son has bowled in the youth program since about age 7. My personal experience was that Mariner Lanes had fallen into disrepair and had employees that needed some major lessons in customer service. However, I did visit Mariner recently for a youth tournament and found that it has started to turn some things around since the new ownership has taken over. I found most employees to be adequate if not better and I definitely found the snack bar to far exceed that at Spring Hill Lanes in variety and other issues. (Sorry, Martins family.) I still think SHL is by far the best house in the county, but Mariner has improved and that is good for all of us.
As I said, my son has also bowled at SHL for about six years. For the most part, the youth program does a great job, particularly if the child is open to learning. They do have several very good coaches (could always use more) and each has their own advice, as any coach in any sport would. Parents and children alike may not always agree with that advice or see how it is important, but being open to it is the best thing any child or parent could do.
As others have commented, I have not always seen eye to eye with the Youth Director, either. But, I respect her for the way she tries to get the children to take responsibility for their actions and language, including apologizing when they�ve offended others…something many parents today refuse to do. My child had issues when he was younger as has many other children, but I believe the director has mostly been fair in her assessments and decisions. Yes, there are times that I think parents (and directors) should just step back and let the kids be kids, but the days of �sticks and stone will break my bones�� seem to be in the past and too many parents today expect the adult in charge to throw the book at anyone who has bullied their precious child in any way. What a tangled web we weave. (Speaking of bullying, most of the prior comments here would fit in so well on that new commercial about cyber-bullying, don�t you think!)
I believe, as a community, every adult is responsible for raising the youth of that community. This was more the norm generations ago, but we would all be well off to learn a lesson or two from our parents and grandparents. Just as we all whine about sports heroes needing to be roll models, every adult should strive to be the same! When our youth see parents behave as some on this website and, apparently, at these youth events, I shudder to think what kind of world we will be living in when these same youth become the leaders of government, industry, and other areas.
It’s hard to comment on some of the specifics here because no one can be sure if the comments are truly from the individual referenced. However, I would say that this IS NOT the forum for any director/owner/employee to be making comments about specific people or events that may still be under investigation.
Finally, under full disclosure, I have been working as a part time employee of Spring Hill Lanes and I am a Director on the Hernando County Bowling Association. I would ask that each of you think about what you are saying prior to writing and remember what this forum is for and who is likely to visit.
One last thing, petty as it may be…I am abhorred by the amount of spelling errors and the lack of grammar and syntax by so many posters. You know you can cut and paste (or copy and paste) to any number of word processors that would allow you to run a spell-check, right? Education, Education, Education�what is becoming of our educational system?

Comment Date: 8/2/2007 Name: Brandon Curley
I hope whoever said ” Brandon’s groupies” wasnt talking about me. Because i dont even know what this argument is about. And why would i have said anything about that. I really dont care what is going on to tell you the truth. I got my scholarships and im going to college this year so i really could care less. Susan keep doing your thing. And Susan herself knows that i would never say something like that. Im sorry to whoever got there facts wrong.

Comment Date: 8/2/2007 Name: dandy andi.
you people need lives.
i just recently bowled at spring hill in a pro-am tournament.
and it was very nice.
didn’t bowl so well but…
you people have way to much time on your hands if all you do is argue of stuff like this.
there are two bowling centers where i live.
and there was never a rivarly like this.
seriously bowling is just a game.
calm down.
and im just a kid.
and i am behaving way better than some of the adults that posted comments before me.
grow up.

Comment Date: 8/1/2007 Name: Another Long Time Patron
Hey one of Brandon’s groupies, WE ALL KNOW he is the one that started this terrible rumor about Susan “diverting” funds from the Smart Program. What proof do any of you have??? Do you even realize that there are THREE names on that account? All THREE have to sign any and all checks. Funds cannot be taken out in cash form. You need to shut your BIG mouth!!!

Comment Date: 8/1/2007 Name: SUSAN WINNEGAR
Anonymous again, doesn’t anyone want to back up what they write. The Scholarship account has been opened since 1993, long before the Smart program. It’s not a personal account. USBC is aware of this. Know your facts before you slander someone. As for john, he did write those quotes and has not apologized. Don’t bother answering unless your want to print your name.

Comment Date: 7/31/2007 Name: Anonymous
Hey Ms. Winnegar, I also know for fact that you were diverting funds, to away from the smart program & into a personal savings account,, we all know the name on the savings account ,, lt ls not yours, but we know who’s it was…any other questions or would you like to insult someone else..

Comment Date: 7/31/2007 Name: Fountain of Knowledge.
My opinion about John Leverock is this…if he wrote it, ok, then he should just apologize for what he did. Any man that can make a mistake and own up to it, should be excused for his actions, depending on the circumstances. Im not saying that a murderer should apologize for their actions and be let off the hook, thats why I said depending on the circumstances. People have their moments of stupidity and doing things without reason. We all have them, however, I think the consequences of certain peoples actions should be punishible to a certain extent. I think what is being demanded by some people of John is a little deeper than whats showing on the surface. There has been bad blood between both centers, and John and SHL as well. Mariner and Spring Hill Lanes have never had a good co-existence with each other for as long as I have been bowling in these centers. As far as this current situation, I just feel as though people are trying to push John out and rid of him because he might be stirring up something in the pot that people may not want him to. Im not sure, but it is an opinion in which we are all entitled too, just like the comments on this page. I just feel the man made an honest mistake and he should have to pay a price, but to the extent of how some people are taking it, I think is a little extreme. I know some of you are going to say that I dont know what Im talking about and my opinions are just that, opinions. However, I do know more than you might think. I think for everyones sake, they should just forget about the “he said, she said” b.s, and just go back to any other tasks at hand. As far as Im concerned, they should block any more post to these pages and delete all past remarks. This is a bad road we are traveling, and Im afraid there is nothing good going to come out of this. For Spring Hills sake, Mariners sake, and to all parties who are involved and names not yet mentioned, stop this where its at because again, nothing good is going to come of this, and its unfortunate. Hopefully the smarter heads will prevail.

Comment Date: 7/31/2007 Name: Pat Brennan
Sue, I would be very surprise if John would bad mouth Spring Hill Lanes or the owners there.. I think he has better things to do than go through all that.
I know there has always been a conflict with both Lanes and why, who knows. I think it is great that we have 3 Centers to be able to bowl at in Hernando, how lucky are we. Its to bad that we can’t get our difference settle.. There is not ONE perfect employee that I know of in this World we all try to do the best we can.
Sue, you know as well as I do that gossip really flies here, and if you think John does not do a good job, then you should keep it to yourself.. I have heard things about you, but I would never never repeat it to know one, I was not around when you were suppose of done it and I would not spread it all over. If I have a problem with you I would let you know..or any one else. Good grief we are all Adults and why be so negative about someone…
I understand John was sitting in for our gals who run our YABA kids, and then he gets kicked out of the lanes… I surely hope Mariner never gets anyone out for giving their opinion, or checking in to something that was brought to his attention.. John has been around a long time as well as you and I admire both of your opinions and I truly wish this would stop, it looks bad on both of the Centers not just one.
I hope this all get settled and we can get back to what we were taught…. FAMILY FUN AND BOWL.
Have a good day

Comment Date: 7/29/2007 Name: Susan Winnegar
Hi Pat, you know me for many years. I’ve always been honest with you. Would it surprize you to know that John Leverock, the general manager of Mariner Lanes is the one that sent in the comments under the name of Carlos and Maria. As you know they are the owners of S. H. Lanes.I know this to be true. There are several people that saw him do it. He is now barred from S H lanes. He should be fired as GM, He just split both centers.

Comment Date: 7/28/2007 Name: Bowler
I just want to say that we thinks SPRING HILL LANES is great. Everyone is so nice and friendly.. My child and myself have been bowling at Spring Hill Lanes for 10 years. The coaches really taught him a lot and they also taught me how to bowl. Hats off to George,Carlos,Mr.& Mrs
Martins,Susan,Clint,ED, Jimmy and all the other coaches for making bowling fun. What would we do without Saturday mornings and Sunday nights bowling. Thanks again Susan for asking us to join the Y.A.B.A. back 10 years ago. Keep up the Good Work!

Comment Date: 7/27/2007 Name: Pat Brennan
There is so much crap going on in our Country that it is really hard for me to read this site..
Everyone that types these negative things about either center should take a break.
My Father owned a Center and other businesses and, I am shocked with all the bad rap you are giving these two centers.
I have bowled a both Centers and I fell very welcome there. the Martins are always there to greet us and let us know they care we are giving them our business, as well as Raffel and John..
I have never walked in either Center without some one saying something.. If not I know that they are ONLY HUMAN, and maybe they might be having a bad day, (like the rest of us have) right??
We all make mistakes and its hard to please everyone, if you have ever owned a business you would understand. Dealing with the people is not easy, no matter how hard you try.
I am so sorry that Spring Hill Centers can not get a long, I think the customers really know how to start trouble and that is to bad..
Why not go in either Centers and bowl and have fun, I do. Yes there are times I think the Lanes are bad or maybe dirty, (at both lanes), but I am sure if you came to my house you might not like the way I take care of it..
I hope you understand where I am coming from with this note, I think BOTH CENTERS try very hard and I wish we could stop all this grabbage about the Centers.
Please if you have something to say that is so bad, sign your name, what is up with that!!!!

Comment Date: 7/26/2007 Name: an amf mechanic
they only oil once a day. so if you think sh is the toughest house around thats why

Comment Date: 7/26/2007 Name: current bowler
Spring hill is a good house, most of the people are friendly..& it is over all a nice place..snack bar is ok the people are nice.. is it perfect no ….no place is,, the issues certain people have with the director of the kids leagues..some of it is justified, but we need to get past it because the director will not change.. so remember,, it is just a game..all bowling houses are the same…one way or the other..

Comment Date: 7/23/2007 Name: a bowler
i am very unhappy with the way SPring hill lanes runs their snack bar. I ordered a drink and fries. I stood there waiting for my fries. She says ” oh ill let you know when they are done.” Then they call your order over the microphone. That is nothing but laziness on their part. At Mariner Lanes i had a young girl bring me my foond . napkins, ketchup the whole deal! Maybe Spring Hill should look at Mariner’s ways and try to pick a few up!

Comment Date: 7/22/2007 Name: Parent
Spring Hill Lanes has always been very nice to us, and our children.

Comment Date: 7/18/2007 Name: Concerned parent
You all have waaaaay too much time on our hands, get a life.

Comment Date: 7/13/2007 Name: Another Parent
I love the last several comments. That is exactly what I have always said. Just let the kids be kids. I have been guilty myself of stepping in but only after watching my son/daughter struggle to maintain some sort composure in the face of a few select parents who are obviously living through their children. Kudos to the smart parents who only visit once in awhile!!!!!! I do not believe anyone could satisfy so many differant types of people at the same time. The director does her job fairly and she does it for the kids. She also has to go home and spend ALOT of time doing all the bookeeping and making sure the scores are correct and chase down all the kids/parents who “forget” to send in important papers. It is a never-ending job. Hats off to her and the women who VOLUNTEER their time every single week.

Comment Date: 7/12/2007 Name: Bowler
to bowlers parent of 7/11 maybe there was a mistake but I heard something while I was bowling…..Well I do agree with you on one that parents put way to much pressure on there kids to beat other kids when it just doesn’t matter that much…

Comment Date: 7/12/2007 Name: A Bowler
i know dozens of people adult and youth who bowl at both houses and thats all they want to do is bowl why does there have to be so much bs some prefer one over the other but still bowl at both so what do you always eat at appleby or do u go to chilis sometimes bowling is a family sport all ages can do it thats what makes it so much fun can’t it be just that

Comment Date: 7/12/2007 Name: Parent
I don’t know where to begin,I don’t believe what I am reading.First and foremost YOUTH league says it all, its for the kids not parents acting like kids(about 7yrs old I would guess).Second I don’t agree with the way the league is managed but I wouldn’t want the job so I can’t complain about that, I do believe that league management has no respect for the children or the parents(but then again after what I have just read I can understand).As for a certain altercation involving some kids, that was handled the wrong way kids were put on the spot and berated and their parents were not present.Afterwards all the kids thought it was stupid all they said was can we bowl,and thats what its all about the kids bowling having a good time and some friendly compation,and except for a few thats what it is. Someone once told me when kids fights(unless physical harm is involved)parents should stay out of it because kids will forget and start playing again and the parents will continue the fight.

Comment Date: 7/11/2007 Name: Bowler Parent
Regaurding the comment from 7/5 about my daughter at states, if you are referring to who I think you are, then you are very wrong. She held her composure and acted dignified and mature. Only one time did she get upset and that was after several bad games and she had to listen to some smart mouth parent make a comment about how she was bowling when THEIR own child was bowling just as crappy with their own bad attitude to boot. I watched several of our bowlers pout and give up. It is sad to see kids who work hard all year and want to do good at states, only to faulter under the stess some of these parents put them under. I always think of where some of you smartie pants will end up five or so years from now.

Comment Date: 7/11/2007 Name: Anonymous
It is people like you & the whiney attitudes of your kids, that ruins states & any other tournaments that the ruler of the lanes so she says gets som many raves about, Yank her out from what I hear that is not to far behind ,, also,, to hopeless,, you must be related to HER !!!

Comment Date: 7/11/2007 Name: Not Carlos or Maria
Whoever sent in these two comments should be ashamed of themselves. We all know Carlos and Maria did not send these in. How stupid and immature you are. You must be a very lonely and bored person to fake submissions. Maybe I should alert them to this. GO Back To Mariner where you belong. LOSER!!!

Comment Date: 7/10/2007 Name: Anonymous
it is not the bowling alleys, it is not the owners, it is 1 person & 1 person only, & her following,maybe you consider it a rude and nasty or cruel, but if you knew what this one person does & is still doing & will continue to do with the kids would be shocked,,with the exception of that 1 person, I am sorry for offending anyone, hopefully you will not find out the hard way that Iam right..thanks for taking the time out to read my rants,,

Comment Date: 7/9/2007 Name: B2U STAFF

Comment Date: 7/8/2007 Name: Another Long Time Patron
I cannot believe some of these comments about Spring Hill Lanes. The Martin’s take great pride in how they run this alley. It is a clean and safe enviroment. We have had to travel to alot of tournaments all over the US and I can honestly say this alley is in our top ten list. I do not know about the youth leagues but if the person complaining about the unfair lane conditions knew how to really bowl, then he/she would know what to do to correct their crappy throw. If you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. My only comment would be for the snack bar to add some new itmes. Same old stuff is getting boring.

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: Anonymous
As to you mother of youth Bowler As you send in your post you think that the “big Bowlers” walk around like we own the place we dont own the place and dont try to I have never start crap with anyone there but people try and start with me just because im a higher avg and confident dont say I act like a child because of it.And you also say that our parents teach us to be conceited..not true but Ive seen your daughter be maybe not conceited but very unsporting at states

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: maria
I couldn’t agree more that their leader of the youth league is killing the kids program.

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: A Youth Bowler
Ok well I think everyone here is being juvenile with this Sue does and ok job not perfect but not horrible I don’t care who agrees with me and who doesn’t but the fact is parents should a not be involed in the affiars of there kids not on stupid teenage bull yes I was there for all the events that happened with people throwing hissyfits and distracting others and its just a waste of time with all this we have lost what its all about FUN and im sorry with all the BS going on I dont have much fun I dont care if people dont like me yes im one of the higher average youth bowlers there but I still want to have fun its not about “hitler” job or my son/daughter is better then yours as long as everyone is haveing fun it should be fine. And yes I am a teenager and feel that EVERYONE is being imature.

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: Couldn’t resist the comment
Boy-O-Boy you people are something else. I bowl 5 nights a week, each in a different center. I have made friends in four different counties thru bowling. My child started at age six at Spring Hill Lanes. It is an extremely well run program. We switched to a Pasco County center for two years. It was OK but not as well run as Spring Hill. You have real coaches at Spring Hill Lanes. You do not have that luxury at any other center, including Mariner Lanes. All you get are glorified baby sitters, not coaches. At any rate, my child returned to Spring Hill Lanes to finish out the youth bowling of 11 years. To the parent with the �Hitler� comment, If you ever have the pleasure of meeting the President of the Youth bowlers, he will probably send you and your child right back to Mariner Lanes, were you rightfully belong. The employees there are as rude as you are, and their coaches don�t coach, you�ll fit right in. I am going to assume the altercation you may have had with Sue (Hitler), YOU WERE PROBABLY WRONG AND SHE WAS RIGHT. She has a tough job keeping that organization running smoothly. She doesn�t need poor sportsmanship coming from parents or bowlers.
For the bowling lanes themselves SHL is the toughest house around, take it from me I bowl in 5 other places. My average there is 10 to 15 pins lower.
The employee comment, as with ANY EMPLOYER if you don�t do things to their liking, they will make your life miserable or fire you. �CUSTOMERS FIRST� IS the policy of the owners of SHL. They can also throw a customer out, and ban them from coming back. Unlike Mariner Lanes the old regime of Eddie Jo, still stands, for some of the employees, they just aren�t that friendly.
Chris M. I am sorry to hear you are still sour about SHL. You need to learn from your experiences and move on.

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: Anonymous
this is to the idiot from 7/5, I agree with the person who thinks Sue is Hilter & as far as Morons go you must be talking about Andrew her son who takes after his mom the real Moron,,

Comment Date: 7/6/2007 Name: carlos
Sue is a big problem here that we hope it is being corrected

Comment Date: 7/5/2007 Name: Anonymous
Who ever is writing this stuff about Hitler grow up Have some respect for your son and his friends. I thought we were suppose to teach our children to love one another.Not to be disrespectful. What is wrong with you? You are putting him right in the middle of your problems and he loves the game of bowling and I am sure you are making it diffcult for him to continue bowling with his friends. So please grow up and stop this stuff.

Comment Date: 7/5/2007 Name: Concern Parent
I am surprise at what I have been reading about the youih program at Spring Hill Lanes. My child has been bowling at Spring Hill Lanes for 10 years and 9 1/2 years he has been in the youth bowlers Thanks to Susan Winnegar. She was at the lanes one day saw my son bowling at the big age of 6 and ask me if I new about the Saturday morning Y.A.B.A. program. They had coaches and and was taught that bowling is FUN. George and Carlos are alway around making sure the customers are happy and everything is safe for our children. What a great place for our children to grow up in. They have learn how to have fun and respect the game and their fellow bowlers and we need to thank Susan Winnegar for as well as the Martins. I don’t know many people who would devote their time and patients to every Saturday for children that are not even their own. I believe Susan started doing this when her children bowled and somehow manage to keep doing it long after they were grown and no longer bowling in the youth group. That is a lot of work and committment that goes on well past just Saturday mornings. HATS OFF TO SUSAN WINNEGAR!!!!

Comment Date: 7/5/2007 Name: Anonymous
Well, nice comment back to me. Thats very mature, you obviously set a good example for your child. He or she hopefully will not be an idiot like you. People like you in my opinion shouldnt breed but thats besides the point. As far as being related to her, no, not even close. Im am in no way, shape, or form in any relation to Mrs. Winnegar. Like I said, Ive bowled in her program and she ran it fine. I can obviously tell though by the way you respond back to people why you guys cant see eye to eye. Your just a moron who think their child is more special than everyone elses and thinks that your little boy or girl deserves the world because its your child. That couldnt be any further from the truth. Youre not going to get your way. If you think you are, then I feel sorry for you. Parents have tried and tried, and coincidentally, they all sound just like you. Unintellegent, narrow minded, and lack any common sense to the real world. Good luck to you and your problem with “Hitler”. Its not going to make any progress, so you might as well pull you and your kid out of Spring Hill Lanes, nobody like trash in their house, and from the sounds of just the little bit you have spoken, you are the trash that makes that place stink. Walk out by lanes 1 and 2, go down the ramp, and go to that big blue dumpster, and make yourself feel right at home. Now, kiss my anatomy. Have a nice day. Ill be waiting for your “intellegent” reply.

Comment Date: 7/2/2007 Name: RULER OF THE LANES
To the parent that thinks I’m Hitler. USBC gives us rules to follow and thats what I’ve done for twenty seven yrs. I know who you are, you left Mariner Lanes because you couldn’t stand that center. Now you didn’t get your way at Spring Hill Lanes. Ive built the youth league up to 42 lanes. I get compliments on their behavior when they go to tournament. I try to teach them all to have respect, something you know nothing about. One more thing, your son is still bowling at Spring Hill Lanes, so I guess he enjoys it. As for you, I’m not here to please you, I’m only here the the youth, if you don’t like it stay out of the lanes.

Comment Date: 7/2/2007 Name: Current Youth Bowler’s Mom & Volunteer!!
My daughter has been a bowler now for over 10 years. We started at Spring Hill lanes when she was 7. After a couple years we moved to Mariner just because it was closer. The three years there were a total waste of time. The coaching was non-existant. At our first State Tournament I was approached by Susan, aka Hitler, (which I do not agree with that ananlogy). She commented on my daughter’s approach and felt that with the proper coaching that she could be great. At that time she has about a 120 average. That fall me moved to Spring Hill Lanes. I will say that first year was kind of hard on my daughter. Most of the kids had been there awhile and really didn’t make her feel very welcome. At several times she just wanted to quit. It was Susan who pulled her aside and gave her nothing but encouragement. It is because of Susan and the wonderfully patient coaches that my daughter now carries a 180 average. After our first year at Spring Hill Lanes Susan asked me if I was interesed in volunteering. I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the whole scheme of how a league runs. I knew nothing going into this and still have more to learn. It saddens me to see some of these comments about her. I too know exactly who wrote such disparraging remarks. I like the “concerned parent” who posted back in April. I couldent have wrote it better myself. You see we were part of that ruckous. I have also witnessed how some of these parents behave and it is shameless. They are teaching their children to be conceited, whiney, babies. All of you have probably guessed by now who I am. And yes my daughter has had her share of so-called “hissy fits”. I am not blind. But I do try to make her work it out. It is unfair that some parents have encouraged their own kids to “Stay away” from her. Shouldent we as parents be teaching our kids to get along. I agree with the April poster, let them be kids. For the few “BIG” bowlers who march aroung like they should own the alley, I say GROW UP. I would like to see any of them and their Mommies and Daddies try and run this league as efficient and professional as Susan does. I have seen first hand the week to week frustration she has to deal with. The people that are complaining all came from Mariner. Funny how you all complain but keep coming back. Why is that? I say if you dont like it go back to Mariner. Save us all the aggravation of dealing with you week to week.

Comment Date: 6/30/2007 Name: former bowler at spring hill
they did not print my last message maybe they will print this one,, Hilter was a Dictator.. do you get the analogy now or do we write it down again for the reading impaired..

Comment Date: 6/29/2007 Name: concerned parent
to the person who likes the ruler of the youth leagues, I did not say she killed anyone, she is killing that league, & yes it is being taken up with Adolph, so since you are probably related to her,you can stop kissing anypart of her anatomy,& watch the show..

Comment Date: 6/28/2007 Name: Former Youth Bowler
As far as the woman in charge of the youth program, it is sad to say that she is the female version of Hitler. That is a horrible analogy. Hitler is responsible for the murder of 6 million jews, and a couple million of others just because they didnt see fit to his fascists beliefs. So to compare her to someone of that stature is ludacris and unexcusable. I do not think that she has murdered anybody and doesnt plan on it either.
I was a youth bowler in that program in 1989 until the late 1990s, and never once had a problem with your supposed “Hitler”. She might be tough, but fair. If she ran such a terrible program, she wouldnt have been doing it for 20+ years in the same facility. Apparently she is doing something right. You should put the shoe on the other foot, and try to have her job and see how you can deal with whiney parents, such as yourself I presume, and see how tolerable you are to being ridiculed and harassed by both the parents and the children. Just because something didnt go your way doesnt make the other person a “Hitler” type character. Again, Im a proud prospect of the SHL YABA program, and Im still affiliated with the program the best I can. If you dont like it, take it up with Hitler, or bowl somewhere else. Simple as that. Stop bad mouthing people and using terrible analogies to describe someone. Stop acting like your child, and take the initiative, be an adult.

Comment Date: 6/27/2007 Name: Current league bowler
Well that last post was pretty informative. I feel the shot as well could be a little better over there.I agree with the fact of the left and right sides being different.I was bowling with a guy the other night and he is left handed.He couldnt get his ball to stop hooking.As far as the right side is concerned, there is so much oil, I think they should check their machine because that cant be an equal shot.Other than the condition, the people and the facility is a nice place and the Martins have done wonders for the place.They are extremely nice people, but they could use a little work on their house shot.Not very fun I must say.

Comment Date: 6/23/2007 Name: Anonymous
As a league bowler, I am NOT HAPPY about the lane conditions that Spring Hill decides to use. This has to be one of the most lopsided house conditions Ive ever seen. I mean, I just love to watch every right handed bowler not get their ball to hook when it gets to the second arrow, however, every lefty can hook it from the first arrow. I would recommend stripping and oiling the lanes more than just once a day and putting out 8 gallons of oil and thinking its ok. I have bowled on the lanes when they were freshly oiled and they are still oily, but MUCH MORE playable. I wish they would acknowledge this instead of saying that its their “lane surface” because thats just not the situation at all. The proof is on the lanes themselves. I would be MORE THAN WILLING to show the difference to whoever would really care over there that could make a difference. I guess as long as they have the cash register opening and closing all day and night, the palm trees, and the mirrored ceilings, its ok. Well, that couldnt be any further from the truth. Take care of your league bowlers before they leave to go else where, where the conditions are better. LEAGUE BOWLERS, BEWARE OF A DEMORALIZING EXPERIENCE BOWLING AT THIS “FINE” ESTABLISHMENT!

Comment Date: 4/12/2007 Name: Long Time Patron
My family has been bowling at Spring Hill Lanes for many years. We recently had an “issue” with some parents regarding the Saturday morning league. It seems that a select few in a certain click were causing dissention between some of the kids. In other words, they egged on their kids to try and distract other bowlers. This went on for some time. I would like to say that the director handled these idiots with complete professionalism. She listened to both sides and took appropriate action. Sometimes I think that these parents act ridiculous and should let the coaches do their job. I watch them every week eyeballing their childs competition and finding ways to be arrogant and distracting. One should not live vicariously through their children. As parents, coaches and volunteers that give so much time to the kids, we should all remember that they are just that, KIDS. We should allow them the opportunity to learn how to compete in a mature and sportsman-like fashion. If any of these “crazy” parents read this, you know who you are. So please, drop your child off and go wonder around Spring Hill for a few hours. You would do all of us a huge favor.

Comment Date: 2/19/2007 Name: jenny sanchez
i love going bowling its such a good sport.i love going to springhill lanes.i been going to springhill lanes since i first moved here.

Comment Date: 1/15/2007 Name: Tamaika
You guys rock i luv spring hill lanes they rock!!!!!:)

Comment Date: 7/23/2006 Name: Andrea
The bowling alley is a nice and friendly place ot be, the atmosphere of the center was awasome! However, if you are looking for a better place to bowl go to Brandon Crossroads Bowlin in brandon, FL!!!

Comment Date: 4/10/2006 Name: Eric M
Although I was not their during the chris moccio incident and continue to have the highest level of respect for his mother and father who are longtime customers and friends of the owners, I must say that SHL is about CUSTOMERS FIRST, not about making the extra buck. It is very unfortunate that a longtime employee and GODFATHER of the managers daughter has turned so sour that he posts a slanderous message on a websight rather than call the family and work out his problems like a responsible “manager” or adult for that matter would.

Comment Date: 4/10/2006 Name: Long time patron
Spring Hill Lanes is a wonderful, clean, family-run bowling center that is customer centric. They manage their center well and are head and shoulders above the competition within a 50 mile radius. Most of their customers are extremely happy with the service that they receive. Chris Moccio was childish and arrogant. If he liked you, he gave you good service. If he didn’t like you, he treated you poorly. Good riddance to him. The center is better off without him. The manner in which he left, and the comments that he made, clearly show that he wasn’t manager material and wasn’t good for the center. I highly recommend that families and individuals alike give Spring Hill Lanes a try. You’ll be very pleased with your experience.

Comment Date: 3/29/2006 Name: Saturday at Spring Hill Lanes
I recently bowled on a Saturday night at Spring Hill Lanes for their Pot O’ Gold night. I must say that I had a great time. The crowd, though small, was fun to be with. Gene, the man with the mic, was at times funny and reminded me of a game show host. I don’t think I can think of the number 21 the same way ever again. The rest of the time was enjoyable. It is too bad that there weren’t more people attending Pot O’ Gold. It really is a nice place to go on a Saturday night.

Comment Date: 3/24/2006 Name: Local bowler
When Chris Moccio worked at Spring Hill Lanes he was energetic and eager for advancement. Unfortunately, he was immature, and he often made derogatory statements about senior bowlers and others, whom he did not consider worthy of his time. Such an attitude made it impossible for him to be promoted. It’s good to read that he is a manager for a center in Denver. Perhaps life has taught him some discipline. As for the comment about the incident with his mother, knowing the Martins family, there must have been more to this story than we’re being told. As for Chris’ attitude when he left, he was absolutely a disgruntled employee, who left with no class.

Comment Date: 3/24/2006 Name: A current customer
I knew Chris Moccio quite well when he worked at Spring Hill Lanes. He was energetic and frequently expressed an interest in being promoted. However, Chris was immature. He frequently spoke disparagingly about customers and, in general, exhibited behavior that precluded his advancement. I understand that he is now an assistant manager for a Brunswick center in the Denver area. Excellent! Perhaps he has had an opportunity to mature. But while he worked at Spring Hill Lanes, he was nothing short of rude to customers whom he felt didn’t merit his time. Perhaps he’s had time to change his attitude. But when he left Spring Hill Lanes, he was nothing short of disgruntled.

Comment Date: 3/8/2006 Name: A bowler at Spring Hill Lanes
I must add that Chris Moccio was a very loyal employee of Spring Hill Lanes. He was not a disgruntled employee, but rather a frustrated one where he was not allowed to advance and be better paid for his knowledge and experience. Chris did learn very much from his time with Spring Hill Lanes and I feel he is very appreciative for the opportunity that was available. He is now working in Denver and is very successful as a responsible manager of one of suburban Denver’s popular bowling centers.

Comment Date: 2/24/2006 Name: Brandy
I’ve been to SpringHill Lanes 3 times since I have moved to Brooksville in 2002 and every time I go with my family or friends we always have a ball they make us feel welcomed. I never had an employee be mean or anything if I had a problem they would fix it.
Brandy 18 from Brooksville

Comment Date: 2/18/2006 Name: Current Customer
It should be noted that regardless whether an employee leaves on a bad note or not, the facts are the facts. The comment was not false and was just a recollection about a bad experience. As someone who knows the situation well, his parents no longer patronize the center because of the way he was mistreated by management and ownership. It should be noted living in Spring Hill that Spring Hill Lanes has grown from a lack of adequate competition. When and if a credible facility opens, we will see how well Spring Hill Lanes continues to perform.

Comment Date: 2/4/2006 Name: ?
The owners of Spring Hill Lanes may treat their customers great, but they do not treat their employees the same way. I’m sure not many customers care how they treat employees but the worse they get treated the worse the service is going to get.

Comment Date: 1/1/2006 Name: A satisfied customer
Regarding the comments made by Chris Moccio on December 2004. It should be noted that Chris is a former disgruntled employee of the center, who left in a huff to work for a cross town rival. Additionally, Chris’ parents continue to patronize the bowling center.

Comment Date: 12/30/2005 Name: nc
Spring Hill Lanes is a great bowling center with friendly employees, great management, and a wonderful atmosphere. As long as I live in the Spring Hill areaa I will continue to bowl at Spring Hill Lanes. Kevin’s pro shop inside Spring Hill Lanes is also the best pro shop I have ever been to and I have been to plenty of pro shops. The staff inside treats everyone as if they were “family” giving them the best drilling they could recieve.

Comment Date: 11/11/2005 Name: Alva L.
Spring Hill Lanes is a good bowling center.
It’s maintained well, clean, the lanes are in good shape. Prices are about standard.
I recommend Kevin’s Pro Shop inside. Kevin is friendly and does a great job of fitting and drilling balls.

Comment Date: 11/1/2005 Name: Livy G.
Hi, and in contrast to the other post, I would like to say that all in all, Spring Hill Lanes is an awesome place and that the manager is very nice, or at least from what I know. They have very good bowling camp for youth and adults. It is a great bowling alley and I recommend it!

Comment Date: 12/27/2004 Name: Chris Moccio
My mom had a bad experience I’d like to share. She’s been a regular customer of Spring Hill Lanes since moving to Spring Hill in 1986. She recently ordered a sandwich from the snack bar that rang up higher then the posted price. She simply questioned the price difference and the owner and manager came over. They did nothing to fix her problem except change the price on the menu board to the higher price. No “I’m Sorry” or refund of the difference. This is NOT good customer service and a sign of how the management & owners put making an extra dollar in front of keeping their customers happy.

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