Sparetime Vernon Lanes

Sparetime Vernon Lanes

  Name: Sparetime Vernon Lanes  
  Address: 408 Talcottville Road  
  City: Vernon Rockville  
  State: CT  
  Zip: 06066  
  Phone: (860) 875-2583  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: None  
How Does Sparetime Vernon Lanes Rate?
Votes:    613
Lanes: Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7Actual Value is 3.7
Food: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
Price: Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1Actual Value is 2.1
Fun: Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9Actual Value is 2.9
Overall: Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2Actual Value is 3.2
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Sparetime Vernon Lanes Comments

Comment Date: 3/6/2011 Name: Logan Burns
I’ve never seen so many red necks under one roof- it was like going to the XL center on monster truck night- not that I would go there.
Wow this town is White Trash x 10.

Comment Date: 2/19/2011 Name: Star
what are the current prices at spare time and how many players can fit in a single lane?

Comment Date: 1/15/2011 Name: Anonymous
I was not happy with my experience tonight. The food ( semi-ok ). The enviroment ( TERRIBLE ). The music was WAY TO LOUD. The entire place was way to crowded. Also, my group was bowling slightly after 6pm and the lights were turned off and it was very distracting to finish up our game. The other chain that I go to for bowling is 100 times better in service, and enviroment then this. They don’t have as many people during prime time frames, the employees respect each of the bowlers and give adaquate time to finish up with little distractions. Also, there is little wait time on even getting 1 bowling lane. There is always good options for lanes to bowl on.
If I were to rate the overall event from 1 to 10 tonight —— I would have to say ” 2 ” TOPS.
If someone was to ask if Sparetime is a good place to go…. I would recommend OTHER spots.
So in summery:
Food: not real good
Service: not real good
Enviroment: TERRIBLE ( to the point of wanting to walk out before finishing )

Comment Date: 6/9/2010 Name: Meaghan
Really pricey! Bad food. The service s*cks! I was OUTRAGED.

Comment Date: 3/14/2010 Name: Anonymous
Biased website – advertise for some but not others **NOTE** Those are Google ads, B2U has nothing to do with it. – B2U Staff**

Comment Date: 3/11/2010 Name: Thats funny
I thought this site DOES NOT advertise for bowling centers…Sure looks like an ad to me.
Does BNE run this site too? **NOTE** does not sell advertising. We list bowling centers across the USA. The ads you see are placed by Google. Bowling2U has no control over the ads. We are not familiar with BNE. – B2U Staff**

Comment Date: 3/8/2010 Name: Now thats class….
First using an internet message board advertising (BNE) spending the big bucks eh.
Bands playing on the lanes while people are bowling?
Earl Anthony must be doing cartwheels by now, BNE is trying to turn bowling from a respected sport into a circus sideshow act, all for the almighty buck.
I would much rather put down my money in a house that looks less pretty, but respects the SPORT of bowling. What a joke !!!

Comment Date: 1/20/2010 Name: Up coming Event…..
Band to appear: KICK, Brian Jarvis, and LICK
Attention music fans!
Join us at Spare Time Vernon this March 20th for a fun filled night of
bowling, bands, and drink specials.
Three bands will be performing on our stage while you bowl next to them. Tickets are available now and must be purchased in advance by calling Sparetime in Vernon. Bowling, shoes, and music will all be included at the $20.00 ticket price per person All lanes will be subject to maximum booking, which is up to eight people on a lane,
so bring your friends!
Tickets will be available the night of the concert for $30.00 per person,
but we recommend
purchasing them ahead of time to due the low quantity available.
Bowling will be limited to the first 200 ticket buyers.
Unfortunately, no one under the age of eighteen will be permitted
Call SpareTime Vernon at 860-875-2583 for tickets.
This event is proudly brought to you by: Spare Time Vernon, Brian Pennington of Kick, and Joe Lee…..

Comment Date: 1/17/2010 Name: GMCO
I’ve bowled there, never a problem, so far. A bit pricey in my opinion. I paid nearly $3.00 for a 10 ounce Gatorade…. or was it 8 ounces? I like Rockville’s Vintage Lanes better. Bowling on real wood lanes is the best. The owner and staff are very helpful and the prices are very reasonable. Stop by and check RVL’s out. You won’t be disappointed.

Comment Date: 10/16/2009 Name: shoop
yea vernon lanes can do anything

Comment Date: 5/30/2009 Name: G
Need a ball plugged and drilled. Is this a good place to have it done.

Comment Date: 11/8/2008 Name: BALLING BOLER
vernon lane (spare time) is one of the best places to go

Comment Date: 11/8/2008 Name: extreme bowling customer
I used to go to extreme bowling on fri and sat night just about every weekend when it was called “Vernon Lanes”. Since it’s become “Spare Time” it’s gone downhill in my opinion. I still go sometimes because it’s very close. The place is decent but certain things that were changed over annoy me. Prices have gone up.. not good. I have experienced rude employees there, but that was awhile back and haven’t really seen it since. The music selection blows because the DJ plays mostly hip hop. The extreme bowling hours used to 10 to 2 for something less than 15 bucks. Now they charge more, start later, and end earlier. Also fri and sat hours are different so everytime I want to go I gotta call because I can never remember what they are. Anyways I still go cause it’s very close… just miss the old days I guess. On a positive note the lanes themselves are exellent and the place is very clean. The food is pretty good too if you get hungry. I think I only ever got chicken strips though.

Comment Date: 9/7/2008 Name: Bowlingmaster
Wow some peope are really snippy on here eh?
Right now they seem to be running a couple of specials. On Friday and Saturday between the hours of 5-8pm, up to 6 people can bowl on one lane for $40, shoes incl. This also includes a pitcher of soda and a pizza.
On Thursdays from 9-close, you can bowl all you want, shoes included and free pizza for $12.
If I remember correctly bowling any other time is $4.25/game and $3 shoe rental. Which is a bit steep in my opinion. I have been to other alleys where it was $3/game and $2 for shoe rental.
The screen graphics were pretty disappointing. A lot of the balls are chipped and scuffed. The staff was borderline rude. But hey I guess everything is going downhill these days.

Comment Date: 8/11/2008 Name: continuous go-er
i have had many parties there…from when it was vernon lanes to even now as spare times. its a great atmosphere, and so much cheaper than the movies. its a great place for me and my other friends to hang out for cheap prices, have fun, eat, and either enjoy or learn how to bowl. its a got a great atmosphere. we all love going there. those who complain about slippery lanes? look at the bigger picture of the place. i recommended people of any age to go there

Comment Date: 5/22/2008 Name: bill johnson
hey corey,,,who cares?so you can get your own food..whats your point?

Comment Date: 4/20/2008 Name: Corey- Patron
I am a sporadic patron at Spare Time for the past few years. I have found that there were problems when the place was under construction and when the computer systems had errors, however common sense would dictate that nothing ever goes according to plan. As for a pro shop on site, when I was younger and bowled in leagues, I found that the pro shop in Vernon Lanes at the time was deplorable, service was terrible, and they screwed up drilling one of my bowling balls, which I had to have it plugged up and redrilled. So those who complain about the lack of a pro-shop, get over it, I know of a few places to go. As for the Arcade and family bowling, guess what, that’s how it is. I don’t mean to be rude, but most of you clearly do not understand business and economics. Arcades make so much money off of little kids, and creating a family atmosphere is the current money making business motto. Leagues are not the be at all end all for bowling ally’s. I’ve been there on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, I do the math in my head, the ally does very well for itself consider 32 lanes multiplied by an average of 3 people per lane (low balling the average), 64 people, it is $1,632 for just the special nights. Clearly they know how to make money, and they are there to stay for awhile so long as they can pull in $5,000 for Thrusday-Saturday with their specials per week. As for the people who work there? Much friendlier than other places. There are many times they could have given me a hard time for switching lanes or moving around a few times, and being a pain in the a** customer, but they didn’t. So I have to give them props all around, only complaint is lack of waitress’s to bring you food, but hey, I can get my own food.

Comment Date: 3/19/2008 Name: bowl today
hey casey,did you forget how to use the telephone.i mean,its real tough to punch in 7 numbers.(real hard)

Comment Date: 3/19/2008 Name: looking for info
Hi i was wondering if anyone knows the specials for spare time?

Comment Date: 3/13/2008 Name: casey shoop
hey i am just wondering if anyone could tell me when night bowling starts and some of the details

Comment Date: 2/2/2008 Name: neba bowler.
if you want prices for certain items,call the bowling center,875-2583.if you got on this site,you can pick up the phone and call yourself.did you forget how to use the phone???beaver??

Comment Date: 1/21/2008 Name: beaver
how much do the shoes cost

Comment Date: 12/27/2007 Name: Semi-satisfied Bowler
Vernon Lanes (Spare Time) definitely has nice lanes as far as I’m concerned. If anybody at Spare Time reads this, the only thing I found annoying was your policy for all night bowling at a set price. I believe it was 17 bucks for bowling all night on a Friday or Saturday maybe, and that’s a good idea, but you should have half the lanes open for other bowlers. I came to play one or two games with my girlfriend, and there were at least 25 lanes open, but we still weren’t allowed to bowl.

Comment Date: 11/28/2007 Name: ex-vernon lanes employee
to paul who says,the lanes aren’t done on the weekends,better get the facts straight.i worked at vernon for a couple years,and the lanes were done on the weekends,(how)?they were done first thing in the morning.due to open play,trying to strip/oil 32 lanes during the day,was impossible.the only time they were done,other thanfor leagues,was for tournaments.if you talked to the head mechanic during the day,he’ll tell you the same thing.if you think it’s easy to clear lanes of open play just to oil lanes,you better get your head examined!!!!!

Comment Date: 8/28/2007 Name: Paul Doucette jr
alright first off the lanes are never oiled on the weekends at night. second they didnt remove the pro shop they still have it and the pro shop guy: dave is only there a few days of the week in the morning. hes mostly at silverlanes pro shop. overall vernon is an easy house and its not so bad just change your shot and whatnot, if you cant find a good mark then stop bowling and stop bitching.

Comment Date: 8/13/2007 Name: Gay Bowler
Eric F, sorry to bust your bubble, but you got that wrong. Gay guys know colors, and rarely do you see one that is not color coordinated. Straight guys on the other hand… So don’t start blaming gay people for your shortcomings
This place isn’t bad really. The only problem I do have are that the lanes can be inconsistent at times from week to week. One week they can be wickedly oiled, the next very dry.

Comment Date: 8/5/2007 Name: Davis
REPEAT!! Welcome to the NEW ERA for bowling centers!! Competitive bowling went down the tubes years ago. Open play is “The Way to Go!” Most centers cater to kids, drunks and rowdies now. That’s where the $$$ are made.

Comment Date: 7/30/2007 Name: LEAGUE bowler…remember us?
Improvements were needed and the looks are good. What have the leagues done to get treated like crap!!! Weren’t leagues the “guaranteed” income and goal for some open bowlers? I like open, galaxy bowl, and the like but I like bowling in my league for fun. I think the house should turn up the game room noise so we can only hear that,…wait they have done that. Maybe we should put open bowlers right next to the league bowlers instead of lane courtesy (wait courtesy is not a word in bowling anymore)…Lets not clean the lanes or set tee area before leagues so that the league bowlers stick an dfall or get hurt and totally thrown off theri game before throwing the 1st practice ball (wait that is already done)…. Maybe we should not care about leagues because we can get more open bowlers in and charge then more money than the league bowlers who needs leagues?…boy spare time s*cks apparently as I have heard New England Bowl s*cks….

Comment Date: 7/17/2007 Name: Davis
Welcome to the “NEW” era of bowling centers. Bowling has become as recreational as a Chuckie Cheese place.

Comment Date: 7/7/2007 Name: Eric F
It seems that they are adding weird colors to all their centers. Could it be that Bowl New Englands interior designer is gay?

Comment Date: 6/15/2007 Name: long time vernon bowler
I have to admit, I was upset when they changed Vernon Lanes to Spare Time. I still love to bowl there, but from the road it looks like they are trying to attract gay people with those rainbow colors on the outside of the building, and the inside is too flamboyant too. I used to bowl in a league when it was called Vernon Lanes and I loved the setup. There were many seats actually down on the lane where bowling shoes were permitted only. Now I see people walk with their regular shoes on the lanes and I know it’s not good for the lanes and can affect someone’s approach while bowling. The bar and gameroom areas are very nice though, and I haven’t tried any food there, prolly never will cuz I’m there to bowl not eat. Overall it’s still a great time, I guess I just miss the good ole days of bowling in leagues with my friends when we were kids. I’m not a fan of it being called “Spare Time” or the use of colors on and in the building though.

Comment Date: 4/20/2007 Name: STV Employee
I have some sad news…Mike is leaving us at the end of April. We have no idea who he is being replaced by. All I know is that I’m very sad to see him go. He was MUCH better than Patti. He was always there when you needed him, whether it was work-related or not. I think he was the best GM I’ve ever had, and I’m very sad to see him go. Anyways, to Serenity’s dad, I’m glad you appreciate and understand how hard we really do work. We do our very best to satisfy customers. And to “Anonymous”, I do not believe that you were turned away because we ran out of shoes. We have plenty of shoes, but probably didn’t have them in the exact right size for you, and/or you refused to wear a pair that did not fit perfect. I have never seen the place run out of shoes, even when we are completely jam-packed with people. Highly doubtful that we ran out of shoes. And finally, to the “Anti-Bowler”, I will very much shout from the rooftops that I AM an employee at STV. I enjoy working there. All my friends work there, and we’re more like a family than just workers. I am NOT embarrassed to say I work there. It’s a job. I am there while I go to school and get an education. And you know what else? We do give great service, ask anyone. And if you think we’re rude to you, think twice, because you were probably rude to us, and took what we said the wrong way. Think about it.

Comment Date: 4/9/2007 Name: Anonymous
I attempted to go bowling this weekend and was turned away because they ran out of bowling shoes. What kind of bowling alley runs out of shoes? I guess this place really does s*ck.

Comment Date: 4/7/2007 Name: Serenitys Dad
I read alot of these comments before going today. I siad…hummm. Here is my take. My daughter Serenity and I attended a Birthday party there for someone she goes to school with (Gina). I thought STV bowling establishment was pretty nice overall. Very clean and the people working there were very nice, very friendly. The pizza was nothing to rave about, but everything else was great I thought, and all of those who attended felt the same way that I talked with. To all the critics, cut these guys some slack. Bowling Lanes, roller skating (Roll-A-Rana), and Drive-in theaters (Mansfield, CT) have a tuff job now, its not like it was years ago, a huge past time..-I think they are all doing a damn good job to keep it hats off to all these folks.Lets give credit where credit is due..Mike G. from Vernon

Comment Date: 3/29/2007 Name: A Concerned Patron (10/6/2005) – John
This is directed to Joe who posted on 2/21/2007… As I read your comments, I hope you can see that my post was back in October of 2005…OVER 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years ago. As of that post that I made, things have gotten a lot better. They removed the GM (Patty) that was there originally when the renevations were being completed and replaced her with Mike. He�s done a super job getting the place in shape and such. Their current staff does an incredible job with the leagues and to all patrons of the place. Things have changed for the better since Mike has joined the staff. If you know me, you know I�m not rude at all. Patty pushed our league into some unfavorable situations with our �signed contract� the year before Bowl New England got there, thus when she pushed me, I pushed back. I protected my league and the members of the league from an unfair �new contract� she wanted us to sign. Once we established our �boundaries�, Patty was easier to work with even though on occasions, she did not care about us. Thus, you are quick to judge someone that you probably don�t even know.
And yes, I have seen too many people trip on the two small steps. Even I have and I don�t drink while I bowl (wanted to make this comment so you don�t �assume� anything). Over the 2 years, we are getting use to it, but, it�s still a hazard. The consideration of the tables… Yes, I might have over estimated the 5 to 10 feet, but they could have moved those tables closest to the lanes back maybe 3 feet without affecting anything thing else in the place, and allow more room for the bowler on the lane and not interfering with anything else. And as to your last comment, yes, I bowl at Vernon Lanes, and as a patron, I am important to them. My family does use the food service, bar and open bowling play. My kids do use the arcade and spend cash in enjoyment.
And your last comment makes absolutely no sense… �pushing people around like you are�… who have I pushed based on my comments? I had made reasonable comments back in 2005 when the place was re-decorated. IMO, some very valid comments. The staff now is very well organized, polite and more than willing to help out. They have come a long way to make the experience there very pleasurable.

Comment Date: 3/14/2007 Name: a bowling alley employee
“Comment Date: 2/8/2007 Name: Anti Bowler
Hey, if you work at a bowling alley i wouldn’t tell to many people. And if you think your service is great. Im glad your not a Doctor because you would give a perscription for contact lenses to a blind person.”
while i dont work at ST:V but at another center in the area, i still do take offense to that comment. if you think working in one is easy try it sometime, especially when its busy and you have to run your rear off to get stuff cleaned for the next group, or better yet you could try the job i have of being a mechanic.

Comment Date: 2/21/2007 Name: Joe
Another comment to the concerned patron who posted in october. If anything, the people that work there are almost waiting on the leagues hand and foot. If anyone was rude to you, or any other league members, it’s more than likely because you started it. I’ve been there and seen the leagues, no where else are the majority of the leauges so incredibly rude, over absolutely nothing! You say you’re waiting for someone to trip and hurt themselves on the steps leading to the lane….it’s TWO very small steps, maybe 3 to 4 inch depth. As for the tables that you say should be moved 5 to 10 feet back. Yes good suggestion, don’t take into consideration that the 5 to 10 feet you would need to move back would cut into walkway for people to get into their lanes. You bowl at Vernon Lanes, you’re not that important, so stop trying to push people around like you are.

Comment Date: 2/21/2007 Name: Joe
To the person who complained about their experience with Vernon Lanes and how their daughter was embarassed. From the looks of your spelling and horrible sentence structure, I think that you’re the last person in any kind of a postion to call ANYONE dumb. Futhermore, if you really did wait that long to get the party going, why didn’t you take the initiative to talk to someone. It’s okay though, sitting on the sidelines doing nothing and then complaining online is a much more adult thing to do.

Comment Date: 2/8/2007 Name: Anti Bowler
Hey, if you work at a bowling alley i wouldn’t tell to many people. And if you think your service is great. Im glad your not a Doctor because you would give a perscription for contact lenses to a blind person.

Comment Date: 2/5/2007 Name: Anonymous
I am an employee at Vernon Lanes, now called Spare Time Vernon. I’ve worked there for over a year, and have come to know most of the regular customers there. I started working there right after they completed all the renovations, so I have no idea what the place looked like beforehand. What I don’t appreciate, is the fact that people get so upset about having a wait time to get a lane, and then moan and complain when they can’t use their free game coupons, when it clearly states on the coupon that the time you’re trying to use it for, we don’t take it. I also get many complaints on how expensive the bowling is. It is $4.25 per person per game. There’s a reason why it’s kind of expensive like that. We have automatic scoring, we try our hardest to keep the place clean and up to working condition for our customers. You have no idea how hard our head mechanic works to keep the place clean and doing general maintenance. I have no idea who was so rude to you at the front desk ma’am, but I know every employee who would and does work at the front desk, and none of them are rude. And for the fact that your party started late, I’m very sorry. Our party hostesses only have half an hour between parties to clean up and set up for the next party. I’m very sorry if you were disgruntled with our performance that day, but when fall and winter seasons come, we’re extremely busy. I do hope you come back again. And, if you have had the time to read this, thank you. Any questions for me? I’ll be glad to answer them. 🙂

Comment Date: 1/28/2007 Name: George
Celebrated our duaghter’s 6th birthday at Spare Time Lanes in Vernon. Had a blast! From the moment we walked in my wife & I were surprised of how nice it looked. The lights, colors and cleanliness stood out. Nice! It was wonderfull to have room at the tables in front of the lanes. The automated scoring and programmed screens were a super bonus. Our party was assigned an attendent who did a fantastic job taking care of our needs from bringing our rental shoes, food/drinks to birthday cake. We are looking forward to comimg back. Nice job guys. Thank you.

Comment Date: 11/7/2006 Name: mitch
Should have your daughter spell for you. Kind of a double-standard when you accuse the Manager as being dumb!

Comment Date: 11/4/2006 Name: Birthday Parent lisa
We had a party for our daughter on saturday,well it was the worst experance i ever had.First the girl at the desk was rude.Second they where not ready for us party at 1pm we received our lanes at 1:45pm.Third pizza at the party was cold and looked like it was made in advance and held for us.Fourth manager dumd as nails.And finaly when we where done no apology from the ally staff and we paid full price for a lame party,Thanks Vernon Lanes for makeing my daughter look stupid in front of her friends!!!!!!!!

Comment Date: 5/9/2006 Name: jim
its nice to have a pro shop, but it never open. they do not have a drill press or even a ball spinner for that matter. I went to get a ball dulled up for league and couldnt because they only can fit the balls and not drill or resurface them. The kid that works during our league on tuesday brings his girlfriend to the pro shop and pays more attention to her than to us bowlers. They dont even have a register in there, what a scam they are running. Please BNE get Andy Foley back in their, you will gain more business than with the current pro shop. Do what is right for us league bowlers and please meet our concerns. I would recommend Litchco’s precision pro shop to all who bowl at vernon and want to get bowling equipment. I went and got help with picking out a ball from Mike. I raised my average 5 pins in 4 weeks so i am ecstatic. Its a drive for us who live around vernon but it will be well worth it. Least Litchco’s is open 12-8 mon-fri and 9-3 on sat where as our shop at vernon is open for 2 hours a day. They dont bring their wives and girlfriends to work so they are always available to help you. Just wanted to express how i feel and i am sure there are more who feel the same. Do what’s right and get us a real pro shop in vernon like we used to have or you will be losing alot of business and with all the renovations i do not think you can afford it.

Comment Date: 3/16/2006 Name: lock
nice to see we have a proshop finally

Comment Date: 1/15/2006 Name: league bowler
Vernon is now much better than Bradley Bowl. The customer service in Vernon is outstanding. Not like Bradley where everyone is worried about themselves.

Comment Date: 11/8/2005 Name: Uncrew
Great comments, but very few hold truth. The bowling industry has come under a fine tooth comb as of late. With a decrease in league membership, many centers must find a way to stay atop, this means many have to turn to alternative revenues of profit, video games, extreme bowling, and catering to anyone who will generate revenue. Laides and Gents, understand that I know how much one loves their bowling centers, a family hang out if one may, but as much as you would love Lake Compounce, without promoting attractions to new youth, those who will bring back bowling to America, some of you may be upset.
As far as pro shop goes, if a pro shop is run correctly, yes, profit can be earned, but 87% of your pro shops are run incorrectly. This is why BNE operates many of their own pro shops. In some cases, it’s not a profit maker, so an arcade may be placed in, but for a Shop like Litchos, where Michael has the amazing ability to work a shop, these shops will remain to stay open. Its not how much the bowler wants the shop, it’s how much the shop wants the bowler, in some cases it’s few.

Comment Date: 11/3/2005 Name: Game guy(no relation to their operator)
Apparently you have you head up your ___. Game rooms when done correctly can generate 10’s of thousands of dollars in revenue for a bowling center. The league bowlers think the bowling center world revolves around you. These centers need to generate money 365 days a year. As a bowler you don’t bowl every day. Think about it. Its not just about you. It’s about the bowling experience.

Comment Date: 10/13/2005 Name: Is the circus in town?
Sorry TRACY, you are in the minority.

Comment Date: 10/13/2005 Name: Another (of many) concerned league bowler
$$$$. . .what’s new? it’s always about the mighty $$$$! Why else would the pro shop and the lockers be removed? 100 lockers @ $20 = $2000 per year, while $20 per day in video games = $7300 per year.
So why did Bowl New England purchase Vernon Lanes and Bradley Bowl anyway? My guess is that because these are (were) the premier lanes in the Hartford area, which have been making good money. What they failed to consider is why these businesses have been profitable. . . because a lot of different types of people enjoy bowling. If kids, teens, ladies, men, seniors, all enjoy bowling, why does management only seem to be catering to youngsters?
Last season I was impressed that management asked league bowlers to fill out a survey asking for there ideas on how to improve the center. After seeing what has been done with the place, leads me to wonder if the responses were even read. What better way to be successful than by finding where there is a need and satisfying that need.
League bowlers always have been and always will be the backbone of any successful bowling center. Many league bowlers have been in the same league for 10 or 20 years for good reason. If you take away the lockers, the pro shop, their favorite bartender, their favorite “adult beverage”, the bar pool tables, the bar music, hire teenagers at minimum wage, and raise prices, what do you get???

Comment Date: 10/6/2005 Name: A Concerned Patron
This bowling center has gone downhill fast in less than a year. I have no problems with the lane conditions, but with everything else.
First, each league is treated differently… There is “waitress service” to only specific leagues and some leagues do not get the same service. Second…they do not cater to their league bowlers at all. There are no lockers at all for the people who bowl in this house only and would like to keep their equipment in lockers instead of lugging around all the time. Third…no pro shop. Thus, to get equipment fixed and to buy new equipment, you can’t. Fourth…what the heck is the arcade area, why so big and is just a big rip-off. They could have used some of the area for a pro shop.
Food is not that bad. But, we are talking about a bowling establishment. This is definitely not an establishment that promotes bowling.
Their manager is not customer focused at all. Leagues will probably move to another establishment to get better service.
And who designed the place? The seating around the bowling area is very poorly designed. The table that is closest to the lanes is just too close and should have been moved back at least another 5 to 10 feet to get more room for the bowler…and the step down? I’m just waiting for someone to get hurt falling down the stairs. As to refreshments, I have seen too many spills on the close table that affect the bowling surface and cause problems with bowlers falling while bowling because of stepping in liquid that falls on the floor.
And to get the machines repaired or get someone to retrieve a ball, where is there a way to call the desk and why does it take too long to get something done (as to retrieving a ball that is stuck, or setting up pins that were knocked down that need to be reset in league play)?
I will close by saying that there better be a concern by someone at [Vernon Lanes] staff to look into why league bowlers are being ignored and treated poorly. These leagues help you survive in the business, lose your league play, lose your business.

Comment Date: 9/21/2005 Name: Susan
It’s funny when a company comes under the gun and tells the customer not to come back if not happy. A quick lesson in buisness: If this was my business I would take every comment anyone gave me and would turn it around. Become proactive Listen and learn then take the steps needed to fix the problems your having. The biggest companies out there don’t sit back and do nothing, and they don’t tell the customer to not come back if unhappy. This is the biggest mistake you can make.

Comment Date: 9/14/2005 Name: TRACY
There is nothing wrong with Vernon lanes and all the rumors state here are completely false. The renovations are almost completely done and it’s starting to look fantastic. If you all have such problems with this particular “center” then bowl elsewhere. They wouldn’t want your business anyway! It’s people who make up stories and complain about everything that aren’t needed. How would you feel if everyone came into YOUR job and complained about every little thing. And made rumors that you’re sleeping with your boss and your co workers JUST because.
You don’t like Vernon Lanes take your business elsewhere.

Comment Date: 9/10/2005 Name: Anonymous
I heard that the main BNE pro shop is at Bradley. It is the only BNE center with a full service shop.

Comment Date: 9/10/2005 Name: me
Vernon can rank as one of the last bowling centers I want to visit. The help at the desk is ridiculous. You go to a bowling alley to have fun and not to have a bad time which you have once you talk to the front desk people. All they seem to care about is what time it is and how much longer they have until they punch out and get the heck out of there. To make the place better but you need a pro shop to help bowlers. Litchco’s Precision Pro Shop in Bradley is the best one around. They are not going to be leaving Bradley anytime soon, but people who bowl at Vernon might not want to travel to get a ball drilled. It’s just the fact of having a pro shop in your center will benefit the center because the bowlers will be happy.

Comment Date: 8/31/2005 Name: Phil MCcrakin
If you want to play in the dirt come to Vernon.

Comment Date: 8/17/2005 Name: Eric F.
The proshop didn’t move to Bradley, the proshop was kicked out of Vernon. And soon the proshop will be kicked out of Bradley.

Comment Date: 8/9/2005 Name: Anonymous
Their pro shop moved to Bradley Bowl after Bowl New England bought it.

Comment Date: 7/18/2005 Name: Jason B.
I was in the bowling center the other day when I asked the manager if she does discounts for children with disabilites. She said there will be no discounts because of the construction going on. She made the comment that she “needs to make the money back lost during construction”. This place should be avoided by all. A business who doesn’t want to help children should not be in business at all.

Comment Date: 5/27/2005 Name: Dr Funk
Why did they remove their proshop?
I guess that just shows that bowling centers are only family fun centers and no longer bowling centers.

Comment Date: 5/3/2005 Name: Anonymous
Bowl New England messed this place up. Check out their web site you can see how much they stink. Web site as bad as the center….

Comment Date: 4/28/2005 Name: lilly
The biggest problem is the District manager is dating the center manager in Vernon. So she gets away with anything she does.

Comment Date: 4/13/2005 Name: hook shot
Say goodby to another league, Center manager she is the worst thing anyone could hire. Snack shack, well eat before you come in. Lanes not oiled on sunday?????

Comment Date: 2/12/2005 Name: Concerned Patron
Ever since Bowl New England has taken over this place is going downhill. Everyone who my family and I became friends with has either left or been “released”. The manager is horrible, the lane conditions are very inconsistant, the snack bar is crap now, the vending machines are either broken or out of food/drink. Leagues are leaving at an alarming rate, overall service s*cks. And sadly no one gives a damn. BNE wants nothing to do with leagues or tournaments, both of which are the core bowlers of any bowling center. The people running this place don’t have the qualifications to even work for McDonalds.

Comment Date: 2/12/2005 Name: Anonymous
Snack bar has poor food, particularly the pizza but what is most disheartening is the poor customer service…poor communication of league starts, both jr. and adult,…always feel like employees don’t want to be bothered if there are constructive suggestions to making experience better…but it’s a clean, bright alley that’s only game in town..having monopoly makes center unafraid of loss of customers.

Comment Date: 1/30/2005 Name: Jordan
Bad lane condition, very slippery, good atmosphere.

Comment Date: 5/18/2004 Name: Joe Parker
Poor lane conditions.
Poor approaches sticky at best.
Lanes did not pass ABC inspection.
Drunk sets the shot for the house.

Comment Date: 4/9/2004 Name: mike
Are your lanes open to public on Fridays?

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